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Faith Rainer

Set country: United States

Hi! I’m 19 years old, looking to travel and experience as well as appreciate other cultures. Growing up my parents has too many kids to ever travel outside the US, but it’s been my biggest goal to see the world. I worked nonstop with two serving jobs for two years and I’m currently interning at a real estate agency. I’m hardworking and fast learning. My parents own a renovation company so I am experienced in painting and assisting. I’ve also kept up with my own garden for almost a year now and want to learn more! I’m a friendly face who would love to speak with you:) I’m very social, I LOVE animals as well as the beauty of Mother Nature! I’m here to do what you need me to and to leave a positive experience for the both of us!

Zaak Ãriæ

Set country: Morocco

Energetic guy like to travel and work and see others culture

Vanessa Angulo

Set country: Peru

Hi! I'm Vanessa, a 21 yo peruvian college student who would love to travel. I'm currently studying Audiovisual communications, and I work as an English and Music teacher. I'm fluent in Spanish, English and French, and I have lots of energy and will to help!


Set country: Greece

Hi! I'm Fanis! A photographer from Greece looking for ways to travel the world!

Set country: France

Hi there, I am travelling since mid August through France and Spain after having finished my master degree in mechanical engineering. Right now I am very much into yoga and meditation and ready to share my practice and my knowledge. It helps me being creative. I love making funny stuff out of wood and I am curious learning new things. I would describe myself as calm and slow, but hard-working.


Set country: United Kingdom

I believe that the only possible reason for our being here is to serve in some form or another but that the form is not always readily found or recognized. Hildegard Knef

Ahmed Shaban

Set country: Egypt

Dear Sir/ madam, In fact, learning something new (like a language, or perhaps getting a training or studying ) is good for the brain, and will make it more resistant to developing dementia. No matter how old you are your brain will adapt to new environments and creates new neuropathways. Meaning that you are never too old or late to learn, Our mind will evolve because of our various experiences, relationships, readings or plain thinking. We can go from believing to not believing, the opposite being also true. That's why I believe that it is never too late to learn, and there are many reasons which push me to continue learning: I know what I want, I have better time management, I am more disciplined; look at what I have accomplished so far in life whether it has been graduation, ... Read more


Set country: Morocco

a traveler painter :) ^^

Kyara Siehr

Set country: Iceland

Hello!My name is Kyara and I´m living in Germany with my family. I have 4 younger siblings, so I am good with children. I love to be in the nature. My dream would be to have my own farm in the middle of nowhere, so I´m currently looking for gaining experiences. I would love to work on a cow or sheep farm. My interest for nearly every animal is huge. Doing a gap year is a chance for me to see different cultures, to meet new people and lerning new working methods. I´m really open minded for different cultures and I like to listen to fairy tales or personal stories. Currently I´m in Iceland on a farm. I gained experiences here with milking cows and catching sheep. I hope you know me a little better now.
Best Wishes

Carmel Cadena

Set country: United States

Im a artist great at cleaning and organizing also a good personal assistant

Issam ouahmane

Set country: Morocco

My name is issam from Morocco i was study to be a chef and now Am working in Burgerking restaurant my dream is traveling all the world to make a new friends and know some traditional things about food colter that’s it i guess hahah

Sailor Gerry Whelzo

Set country: Ireland

Athletic and Arty Irish fella with a lot of experience in many things and a long term goal of exploring many countries to hopefully find one that resonates so strong with me one day and will perhaps become my permanent home. As much as I love Ireland I want to see what else is out there, not just for a holiday or a visit, but live and build a life. So my time spent with you isn't just a long affordable holiday, it is potentially a life changing experience! (and may lead to my immigration!)


Set country: Slovakia

I like to travel, discover new places, people, adventures, trips, all kind of sports and just enjoing the moment. I also love to live outdoor, hike and work with horses. I am interested in the alternative ways of living.


Set country: United States

Laid back hippie soul w/ a mad case of wanderlust just enjoying the journey of life.To check out locations I've never been to, meet and help out cool peeps from all over, immerse myself in local customs, take part in different projects and acquire new skills by the end of my adventure then move on to the next one.Life's one big game, man. How you wanna play it is all up to you.


Set country: Norway

I am 29, male, currently living in Norway - born and raised in Croatia.Fire spinner.Sat Nam.

Annie Denise Conforti

Set country: Italy

I'm a young woman of 44 years old ,very sociable .I'd like to be a voolontear to improve my English and to have news experience

Ujala Chandani

Set country: India


Sara Herrero

Set country: Spain

I am an elementary Education teacher originally from Spain. I have been teaching in internationally the last 5 years and enjoying this opportunity to see the world. I am bilingual in Spanish and English and I am a beginner learner of French.
I am looking forward to practicing my French. I love traveling and learning about other people's culture. In my free time, I practice Yoga and go hiking. I also enjoy cooking and sharing a good meal with my friends.
I have volunteered in different educational and social programs, for example, with ethnic minorities in Spain, or in an ecological school in Chiang Rai (Thailand). There, I volunteered teaching English and helping in the organization of eco-agriculture, sports and crafts.

Mohamed Kasem

Set country: Egypt

I am a 40-year-old Egyptian young man. I love to travel and help others. I am not a smoker and I am good at a lot of plant and animal works such as planting and caring for the field and garden. I like sitting and helping the elderly and various household work. I have a university degree and I work mainly as an accountant I like calm and I love nature

Maria Eduarda Reis

Set country: Brazil

Olá, estou a procura de algo que possa acrescentar na minha entediante vida. Sou uma pessoa muito animada e curiosa, esse tipo de troca é simplesmente feito pra quem eu sou. Estou completamente viciada em procurar lugares que possam precisar da minha ajuda e estarei muito feliz caso eu possa lhe ajudar.


Set country: United States

Eager to learn new things, help others, make new friends.


Set country: France

We are Kevin and Sylvie, we have been living and working together for the past five years in creative play, community arts, circus, carnival and performance, particularly with bicycles.

We have left Bristol by bicycle with the intention of living and working along the cycle routes of Europe.

In the summer we will be looking for the occasional work away opportunities.
For the winter month we would like to find longer stay opportunities, between two to six months.

Both of us have always had the dream to be bicycle nomads for a while, working and living with our bikes.

In the warmer months we try and earn our way by performing our show, running storytelling workshops and taking people out on theatrical bike rides.

We have ... Read more


Set country: Germany

Hello there,
I'm a creative person (at least that's what my friends say) currently stuck in my bed, because all my courses are online. (I study French and Math in Heidelberg). All this time not being able to leave my town because of Corona and my bed because of my online courses got me thinking I should set out to just change my daily life for a short while, to experience something new and hopefully exciting and inspiring, so when I come back, I can enjoy lying in my bed again. I really like nature, I don't feel good on a day where I haven't been outside just to take some fresh air and I appreciate change, especially looking back at experiences that differ from my daily life. I am looking forward to getting to know new lifestyles through traveling and living with people from a diffe... Read more


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! My name is Lucy and I am from Oxford in England. I am currently on my gap year looking to work and travel the world before I start studying Biology at university in England in September 2021. In my gap year the things I would really like to do the most are gain work experience, learn French and visit Australia. However with the current Covid situation I know that I will be lucky to have any travel opportunities I can feasibly do! I am a fast learner and thrive off of spending my time around positive, like-minded people. I look forward to experiencing life in a new corner of the world whilst learning a new skill or language!

Isabel Botelho

Set country: Brazil

Tenho planos para um ano sabático, onde vou conhecer lugares e pessoas! sou disposta a aprender sempre sou técnica em enfermagem técnica em agropecuária e sou cozinheira

Katunga Jay

Set country: South Africa

Hello, My name is Nakatunga Simpasa. I am Christian. I have a Bsc in Biotechnology and a TEFL certificate. I have a month of full time teaching experience as an ESL online teacher.I volunteer part-time online as an ESL lesson plan or content creator as well as an Online ESL instructor. I am interested in being able to travel while using my skills to help others.

Said Lamseouji

Set country: Morocco