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Tove Christensen

Why I became interested in volunteering really bloomed this summer. When I was interrailing through Europe this summer with two friends I really learned so much about how different we all live, and all the different reasons why. The month of staying in amazing hostels all over Europe made me really curious of volunteering at hostels myself. A lot of the people we met at the hostels were amazing travelers and locals who we felt put their heart and soul into their hostels and the community. That made me wish a few times I could stay longer in the different places.

Since I graduated high school in the summer of 2017 I been working as a personal assistant/companion. It has taught me so much about always thinking a few steps ahead, so I always can predict when I’m needed. But also... Read more


My Name is Raya, and I have discovered after a vacation to Zanzibar that my true joy comes from experiencing other cultures. So I'm committing now to a volunteering jobs abroad and experiencing life in different continents.

Gabriela Sánchez Áak

Somos una pareja (mexicana y francés) que disfrutamos de viajar y conocer nueva gente, y por supuesto, aprender nuevas actividades. Soy Gabriela, mexicana, antropóloga, adoro la diversidad cultural y las diferentes características alimenticias de cada lugar que visitamos. Rom, francés, ambientalista.
Disfrutamos muchísimo de hacer caminatas, la playa, el sol, comer delicioso y buenas cervezas.

Sarah Adams

I am a recent college graduate excited to try new things. I am an extremely quick learner with a diverse background.


Hello, thank you for reading my profile! Please feel free to contact me for more information (direct email at I am a 34 years old French man, born and raised in the country side, and I have been working as a computer scientist in five different countries over the past 10 years. I speak French, English, Spanish and German. My set of applied skills, out of the IT domain, is mostly oriented towards farming including soil preparation, planting, weeding, irrigation systems, harvesting, as well as some products transformation. I am looking forward to learning new skill sets.