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Set country: United States

My name is Yanilka
I am a Reiki Master, dancer and writer and I travel around the globe in my 40L backpack. I think it's important to travel in a way where you get to meet the locals, learn about the culture of each country & have lots of language exchange while at the same time lend a helping hand.

I travel mainly for exploration but also this is a journey that is filled with many learning opportunities. Plus I get to deepen the connection with others, the environment & myself.

I'm easy going and very free spirited. Pretty much go with flow of life and whatever my heart feels and believe it has taken me to see amazing places and meet incredible people.

I enjoy teaching others about my beautiful islands (Puerto Rico) food and culture.

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Evans Igwe

Set country: Nigeria

I am a nice guy with great skills in facility management .

Jonáš Volný

Set country: Czech Republic


My name is Jonas. I'm a native Czech speaker, who can also speak English and Japanese.

I love art, design and photography! I'm currently working towards getting my master's degree in Japanese studies back in Czech republic. I'm communicative, hard working person, who loves learning, teaching and having fun.

I'd like to work at place, that will let me speak with people from different cultures. I've a short experience of working at an exhibition, where I was guiding customers as well as conversating with them in Japanese, English and Czech. I really enjoyed it, so I could do reception work and improve my skills. However, I'm also not afraid of manual work.

I'm eager to meet and learn from you.

Thank you, have a nice day,



Set country: Tunisia

I am Sameh 22 years old and live in Tunisia (North Africa). I am excited to have this experience
This is a dream for me, and you are the hero in this story because you helped me achieve my dream
I'm a shy person, I love the sea, animals, nature, I love football,
   I love everything that needs effort even if it is stressful. You should trust me if I trust you.
I'm from a middle family but I can help with other things for no fee. I just want to be part of the family.
And I can stay a long time I have no problem.

Marielle Lefebvre

Set country: Spain

we are two girl travelling, we just wanna go in real household and meet new people,we are really open minded and we are hard worker. we can adapt in any kind of life style


Set country: Croatia

Hi There! My name is Sampo, I'm from Finland. I have lived and worked many years abroad. I decided to change my life and quit my boring 9 to 5 office job in Munich. On this website I hope to meet interesting people and find various work tasks, which help me to find out for my self, what I want to do in life. I'm a honest, straight forward and friendly guy. Helping people makes me happy and fulfilled.


Set country: United Kingdom

My name is Jorge, from Madrid, Spain. I have been travelling through different countries and different projects, and found experiences full of moments, to enjoy, share and learn from people and places.
I appreciate the chance to carry on learning how to live in contact with, and from Nature. That´s why with some gaps in between, my journey keeps going.
I don´t know the finish, in the meanwhile definitely worthwhile, an experience that imprint life with enthusiasm.


Set country: Spain

I think one of the hardest things to do, is to write about yourself, and sum up all of who you are in a few words. But I guess if I really tried, if I looked deep down into my soul, all the parts of me stem from one driving force, which is this- Every morning, I wanna wake up and know that whatever I'm doing in my life makes a difference, and contributes to making the world a better place, or sometimes just one person's world. So, I build my life, my character and the people in it, around that. At the moment my job is ticking that box, I'm a teacher, supporting children with learning difficulties through their education. In the past it has been the numerous charity and voluntary works I've been involved with overseas while travelling, both of which I'm fiercely passionate about. The unf... Read more


Set country: Spain

I'm interested in learning about other cultures and other languages. I believe that on this website is offered the most suitable way to be able to carry it out. I like mutual collaboration with other people. I'm a retired Spanish teacher. I'm strong and thin and I like to get fit. On the other hand I'm a Friendly, outgoing, active and team player.


Set country: Italy

Hello! My name is Lucas Rudy. I'm an American living in Italy and I just graduated high school in June 2019. I'm taking the fall semester off to work and travel before beginning my university career in January. I was born in Italy to American parents and I've lived in four countries. I'm an avid traveler and I've been to over twenty countries, including China, where I participated in the Yale University Young Global Scholars program in 2017.

I'm looking forward to working with you all!

mag ku

Set country: Spain

Full time traveller and world explorer :)


Set country: Portugal

# Mid-long term projects are the most welcome (minimum a month). Totally free from now on.

This seems to be a good alternative way, to get to know the local inhabitants, special places and local traditions, once that I'm seeking out for a new lifestyle abroad.

Combining volunteering with some extra work, amongst the local residents, got to be rewarding for everybody on the long run. Artisans, communities, organizations, business owners, etc, looking for someone versatile, reliable or just an extra set of hands, are welcome to drop me a line.

Kamel Lotfi Bouhafsa

Set country: Algeria

I m Noureddine from Algeria.l have 42 years. I m single. I want to travel and to explore Europe and to help others as volunteer. And to have new friends.

Enes Akil Akbalık

Set country: Turkey

We are happy married couple Betül and Enes. We do love travelling. We travel all over our country thats why want to describe world. And while describing meet and help people.

Enrica Enrica

Set country: Australia

I’m Enrica and I travel with my boyfriend Mirko. A couple from Italy, we are helpful and sincer people and happy to offer our help and also we can cook for you Italian cuisine

Prassant Thamil Mani

Set country: Singapore

I am 20 years old this year and have just finished my diploma, would love to travel abit before starting my 2 years mandatory National Service to the Singapore Armed Forces.


Set country: United States


Set country: Algeria

kadri noureddine ,Photographer and holder of a Bachelor degree,22 years old I have a lot of posts in festivals and movies


Set country: Canada

Hi, I am Jonathan. I have for a long time wished to visit Japan to learn and experience first hand the Japanese lifestyle. Through past experiences of helping/volunteering I find there is no better way in achieving such experience. I enjoy meeting new people, learning about new cultures and traditions.


Set country: Germany

I'm Linda, 25 years old, music lover, daydreamer. I currently live in Marburg where I study Psychology but in my free time I try to explore other places as much as possible. I am very interested in foreign countries, their culture and their people. I enjoy being exposed to different opinions, meeting people who see the world differently then I do. That's why I love to travel, and I would like to do some volunteer work while travelling, where I can learn new things, do some useful and meaningful and meet local people and therefore really get to know the country I am in.


Set country: Morocco

My name is hassan i am from Morocco , i am 21years old i live in taroudant city ; i study english department in university i speak english and arabic also little in french but may be enough for dating; My mother tongue is Amazigh, but these languages I speak only i learned . i does not have my mom and mu dad . they are died i live only with my brother but i am so happy with my brothers And also I have a range of hobbies, including cooking and drawing and swimming as well as I love acquaintance with new people and these things that made me be a social person and I like reading and benefit from others around the world I love volunteer work because our religion is the one who helps us to cooperate and help People .please reply me about volunteer work and thanks .wit... Read more

Abdulaziz Mohammed

Set country: Indonesia

I'm studying in the second year of Bachelor degree marketing major. I'm adrenaline addict, easy-going guy who love to speak with people from all over the world. I like diving, nature, sports and play games. Helping people is my goal, I'm open minded for any thing please if you have any question just ask.


Set country: Korea, Republic of

Ahoy! My name is Mingyu, from south korea I have been traveling around the world since December 2018. First Introducing myself, I like travel, cooking, movie. In the beginning, I can appear to be a quiet person. but I can be enjoy with people and like to Listening and share experience. I was office worker in Korea. My duties included marketing, customer service, sales and event progress. I want to make my work enjoyable and join in making the world more beautiful. If you accept me as a family or friend, I will try to be a respectful and enjoyable.

Kirill Hayvoronsky

Set country: Belarus

Ladies and gentlemen thank you very much for viewing my page here. My name is Kirill and I hope that you'll find my profile interesting and maybe you'll realize that you were looking for someone like me.

Now let me begin by telling some short info about myself. First, I'd like to claim that I'm 28 y/o; and finally I'd like to finish off by saying that nobody is perfect and no one is good at everything, so am I, but I'm trying.

- male, 28 y/o
- athlete (American Football)
- very confident and little bit funny
- easygoing and ready to work hard
- available 9/1/2019 -11/1/2019