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Olivier de Smid

Set country: Mexico

I'm a kind and respectful traveler looking to experience cultures and meet people. I hope I can teach people the way they enhance me. I enjoy making people feel at home and look forward to helping hosts!

Ester Nascimento

Set country: Brazil

Olá! Meu nome é Ester sou da cidade de Parintins-AM Brasil, sou dedicada no que faço e responsável possuo conhecimento em atendimento ao público, tenho capacidade de me comunicar eficientemente em um ambiente de equipe, gosto de aprender novas habilidades e busco novas experiências em uma área de voluntariado.


Set country: Germany

Hello there,
my Name is Michael, i am 23 years old and i was born and raised in Germany by a loving Portugese family. I just finished my bachelors degree in biomedical engineering at the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen. Before i continue my academical carrer on October 2022, i would like to do a work and travel tour around Europes south coast, starting from Tübingen, Germany.
My plan is to finish my journey in Porto, Portugal on the beginning of September 2022, as my cousin will have a wedding then.
My hobbies are meeting friends, playing video games and the guitar, cooking, crafting and sports.


Set country: Italy

In December 2012 I moved to Lisbon. With creativity, marketing, experience and technical skills, I realized my aspirations, dealing myself with corporate communication. In the Lusitana capital I carried out support activities for prestigious international customers. Passing from the banking sector, to the fashion, to e-commerce companies, with passion and dedication I performed service to world-renowned companies, reaching the dream of a lifetime: writing by profession. I had the possibility to create templates with which I not only supported the client, but I exalted the qualities of the company as a copywriter would do. In Greece I returned to give service via telephone and I can say that I really like the communication channel. With my professional tones, my articulate language, my ... Read more


Set country: Germany

Hi! My name is Georgia and I currently live in Germany. My family is originally from Scotland, but we moved to Germany, when I was very young. Growing up bilingual helped me develop a love for languages and different cultures. Aside from that, I love reading and writing - basically anything creative. I also love going to the cinema, doing sport, learning new things & spending time with friends. My friends and family would describe me as a very happy person and someone, who works well under pressure. I moved a lot as a child, so I‘m able to adapt quite well to different situations. I also like to think of myself as a friendly person and I love meeting new people. I‘ve just finished school, so I can’t wait to explore the world a little bit, gain some experience and make a lot of gr... Read more

Rahul Bogi

Set country: India

Hi, I am Rahul Bogi coming from India, I am a Startup Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer, I Worked with Google in Google Ads managing 160 to 370 accounts per quarter and have a startup workshop experience with Google. I help businesses grow, find the best possible ways to achieve their goals, help them scale and create customer base for the businesses.


Set country: Morocco

Hi, I'm Sara, 18, a student pursuing a marketing degree for a self-paced online college, and I'm looking to help and volunteer! I went to an American school and I was a board member for ASF Interact where we raised funds by hosting events and using those funds to support the underprivileged and our environment in Morocco.

Jazzmine Phillips

Set country: United Kingdom

Quick learner, friendly, tolerant and hard working.

Erika Varis Doggett

Set country: United States

I’m a quiet data scientist/researcher who likes to travel, especially to take advantage of adjacent conferences and other work travel.

Mikaela Ohanlon

Set country: Portugal

Hey I’m Mikaela I’m 22 and I’m from Ireland. Me and my boyfriend Jake (27) are currently travelling around Portugal and maybe Spain next! We love it here and have been volunteering along the way. Jake is a chef and I have worked in kitchens and serving customers. We’re both really social and love to meet new people! We’re hardworking but also love to party sometimes :)


Set country: Montenegro

Hello everyone! I am Angela from Montenegro, girl who likes traveling, learning new languages and meeting new interesting people. I speak English, Russian, a little bit German and little bit Spanish:) Looking forward for meeting new friends and having a lot of nice moments togethet:)


Set country: India

I am a software engineer and looking for some volunteer work to teach English & Computer.

Ankit Singh

Set country: Taiwan, Province of China


Set country: Not set

I'm a retired IT professional with experience in many aspects of technology. I'm fluent in Spanish and English (and some Korean). I have my Master's degree in IT management.
I'm very personable and have yet to find someone I haven't been able to get along with. I love exploring other cultures, and it's primarily why I'm here in country.


Set country: United States

Hello, my name is Winter and I am Wisconsin, USA. I joined this site out of curiosity, as I find the opportunity to work hard and see beautiful areas in exchange a fascinating concept! I'm 23 years old, and I currently attend film school at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. I've been working since I was 14 years old, and I have worked lots of different jobs in my life! In my free time I enjoy working on my films, writing stories, reading, drawing, watching films, seeing live music, walking out in nature, swimming, etc.

Monika Zięcina

Set country: Poland

Hi, my name is Monika. I am free to travel and explore the world from September till April and I would love to spend this time exploring the world and learning new skills. I am most happy being surrounded by nature and animals, horses especially.

Rachel Schonbaum

Set country: United States

Hi! I'm a recent graduate looking to travel and meet new people / gain new experiences before starting work. I love animals, the outdoors, and almost anything to do with being active and getting to use my hands. I would say I'm a quick learner and can be highly independent.


Set country: Czech Republic

Hi! My name is Alisa, and I'm a 15 year old student living in Prague. I am a passionate artist, animal lover, and cook. I love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures and environments. I have experience working with kids, cooking, doing housework,and I'm already ready to learn more.


Set country: Mexico

Learning, sharing and connecting

Jade Pellenz

Set country: Brazil

I love helping other people and animals, I'm looking for self-knowledge because by improving myself I can improve the world. I also enjoy Longboarding, gardening and mindfulness


Set country: Belgium

We are Elien & Niels!


Set country: Romania

21 year old gal from Florida, traveling the world solo! Willing to work for free accommodation!


Set country: United Kingdom

Meu nome é Laura Galiotto, tenho 20 anos, sou estudante de fisioterapia, tenho formação técnica em administração, informática, tenho curso de inglês, então possuo conhecimento no inglês intermediário. Tenho experiência em limpeza de casa, cuidados com crianças tanto nas tarefas da escola quanto em ajudas complementares das demais tarefas, e uma ótima experiência com atendimento ao público. Sou uma pessoa muito simpática, e de sorriso fácil, me dou bem em qualquer lugar, sei fazer amigos com facilidade, e quando se trata de entregar um trabalho bem feito, procuro sempre entregar o melhor resultado.
Sou uma pessoa fácil de lidar, organizada, limpa, sei cozinhar, sei ajudar nas tarefas que forem solicitadas, e o melhor, sei respeitar o ambiente e o espaço das outras ... Read more


Set country: Brazil

I am Brenda, I am 25 years old and currently work making sweets, I have two children, Kevin and Mirella, I would very much like to have an international experience so that I can have more credibility in my professional sector.


Set country: Brazil

My main area of expertise is in education, but I have had different professional experiences. I took care of my maternal grandmother till she was 90. During that time I took a course to understand better how to help her. I also worked as a caregiver for an elderly woman and as a babysitter during a university exchange program in Lisbon. I like clean and organized environments,


Set country: France

Bonjour, mon prénom est Pascal. dynamique, sportif non fumeur, bricoleur, multitaches.
Mon parcours professionnel de plus de 35 ans m'a permis de voyager précedement.
Mes motivations sont :
- rencontrer, travailler, partager.
- la découverte de pays
- l'amélioration de mon anglais


Set country: France

Hello! My Name is Soren, I am 22 and currently in search of a job away from the stressful city that is Paris. I would say that I am kind of a well-rounded worker, having experiences in sales, restaurants and foreman-type jobs (I started to work since I was have to do so, so since I was 16). On top of that, I have a degree in Law and Political Science, so I would consider myself educated. I also speak French and English fluently, and have good notions of Italian and German. I am eager to work hard, and to discover other cultures as well. I think I would be a great fit to any team!


Set country: Brazil

Olá, sou uma pessoa disposta e determinada em busca de novas experiência e crescimento pessoal. Quero muito aprender e me tornar fluente em outros idiomas. Sou uma pessoa simples e respeitável, lido bem com regras, animais, atividades e tarefas a mim determinadas. Tenho o ensino superior acadêmico incompleto na área da medicina veterinária, ao qual também busco estar próximo desta área em que lide com animais. Há mais de 10 anos e atualmente trabalho em diversas áreas do mercado como freelancer (trabalhos temporários), tendo então experiência como hostess, recepcionista, cerimonial, bar, caixa, bartender dentre outras funções exercidas. Também já trabalhei em setores administrativos e manutenção de infraestrutura, além claro de estágios em clinica e hospitais veter... Read more

Alicia Clarke

Set country: United Kingdom

I am a 24 year old looking to do something exciting and out of my comfort zone whilst in-between jobs living in London. I have worked in hospitality for a number of years and enjoy working alongside and getting to know new people. I am up for anything and super friendly.

Anacronia Estelar

Set country: Brazil

Hi! I'm Estefane, my surname is Estelar and I'm 28 years old. I live in São Paulo, Brazil and I do an internship with environmental monitoring from 9 am to 4 pm in home office. I'm preparing for an internacional master's degree in Geography, my area. I know every neighborhood in this city, that's why I can introduce tourists to the best (and worst) of the city. I would like to live in the hostel and work as a receptionist or tour guide because I really need to improve my english. I can offer 20 hours of work per week. I have experience as teacher, costumer service, doing workshops, bike courier and cooker.


Set country: United States

Hi. I’m Aza. New to this site. Trustworthy, reliable, respectful and easy-going. I love meeting new people, making new connections, and traveling the world. Thanks for considering me for your exchange!


Set country: United States

18 and ambitious!


Set country: Greece

Hey! We are Katerina and Giorgos, we live in Greece and we are trying to travel as much as we can! We will be happy to help any host


Set country: Tunisia

I'm Nesrine from Tunisia . I am very friendly and easy going. I can work on my own as well as part of a team. I can put my hand to anything if showed what to do. Very enthusiastic and can get on with anyone. I can teach you English and French and Arabic. I would like to earn money as I travel also. I will work whatever hours are required and more for accomodation and food. If there is any additional work or any work in the local pubs or hotels just so I can earn a little something, that would be great. I don't expect much as all I need is food and travel money.

Irene Facoetti

Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm Irene Facoetti, an Italian girl of 26y/o from a little green valley in province of Bergamo.
I'm a photo retoucher and for this month of August I’m searching an opportunity to have an experience where I can expand my knowledges, but that also leaves me the time to work for myself if needed (in August most of companies with which I work are closed, but it's possible that they need me to work for few hours, few days. Of course, I'll work also for you! I have a good sense of responsibility :) ).

In past I did different kind of works, like clerk, dishwasher, clean lady, waitress, photographer and promoter.
I have a very good feeling with nature.

Valeria Costa

Set country: Italy

Hey, i'm an enthusiastic, solar, italian girl who loves physics, sports, music, books, adventures... I want a life in close contact with nature.


Set country: Egypt

Hello I'm emad Christian Egyptian 32 years old guy who likes to improve his life and be always better and help others too to be better so it will be my pleasure to help you and get help from you too :)


Set country: United States

Hello! If you are seeking an honest and reliable person to help you, I am the one. I am relocating for work, and my schedule is normal business hours M-F. That leaves plenty of time on weekends and evenings for me to help you! I would love to establish a helpful relationship with you.

Anton Chursin

Set country: Montenegro

I have been a drilling engineer lots of years. I really love my profession and am very happy with the results achieved. I had great prospects and high goals, but unfortunately, I was forced to leave my country due to being under pressure from the police after my protest against the war and the political course of the country. It was a sharp turn in my life. And why not try to change it even more?