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Below is a list of all active travellers. Travellers with the most recent log-in date show up here first. If you are a traveller you'll need to set a profile description and photo to appear here.

Chrisântemo Chris

I am a traveler by nature and in 2015 I left my country to start an inner journey. I set out in search of a new life, new people, new experiences and, most importantly, a new and better version of myself. I have a young spirit and love to be in touch with nature. I spent my childhood in my grandparents' farm where I was always riding horses, swimming in rivers and climbing mountains. I guess that's why I have a great interest in natural and holistic therapies, because I believe in the healing power of our mind and also the elements of nature. Since I traveled on my own for the first time I was sure that it's the best way to know more about yourself, meet new people and have a better understanding about the environment you are. Inspiring people and being inspired by them is the thing I ... Read more


I like travelling a lot,so would like discover and explore as many countries all around the world as possible. Love meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

Jarryd Pezzillo

Hello, my name is Jarryd, i am 21 and from New Jersey. I am currently backpacking through Europe and looking for a nice community to be a part of and lend my energy to. I went to school for glassblowing and enjoy art as well as working with my hands. I am also decent at wood working and metal working. Really just looking for nice open people to spend my time with and share knowledge with.

Hi there :)
My name is Sonia and I like travelling and exploring new places, cultures and people - that's why I'm here I guess. I'm a freelance language teacher from the Czech Republic. Now, most of my students are adults however before that I spent 6 months teaching kids and teens in Kyrgyzstan and another 6 months in Vietnam. I'm rather organized, neat, friendly, responsible person (sometimes I think too much :D). Even though I'm a teacher I still enjoy being a student myself and want to learn new things. I like changes and new experiences - it can be a challenge but that's what keeps us alive, right? ;) If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. (I'm new here, not sure how it works...)
P.S.: I love taking photos and editing them, walking, listening to music... Read more


Hi! I'm Joanne, 32 years old Filipina. A positive, happy go lucky person and love to laugh a lot. Working as an ESL Teacher and currently studying Japanese language. I also worked as a Recruitment Officer. Teaching is my passion and sometimes eating as well LOL! I like to make new friends anywhere and experience different cultures. Always looking for something to explore more and discover the hidden beauty of our world. Travel and volunteer would be a great match and it's on my bucket list.


Hi! I am Romina, a digital nomad based out of Buenos Aires who enjoys promoting cultural understanding and multiculturalism. Besides working as a consultant and marketer I am an InterNations ambassador in Buenos Aires and I organize networking events for expats and travelers in my city. Remote Work gives us the possibility to explore new worlds and realities. So why not make the most out of it? I interested in a mid-long term home exchange (at least 3 or 4 weeks) anywhere in the world. If you are interested in experiencing Buenos Aires to the fullest, contact me!