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Sailor Gerry Whelzo

Set country: Ireland

Athletic and Arty Irish fella with a lot of experience in many things and a long term goal of exploring many countries to hopefully find one that resonates so strong with me one day and will perhaps become my permanent home. As much as I love Ireland I want to see what else is out there, not just for a holiday or a visit, but live and build a life. So my time spent with you isn't just a long affordable holiday, it is potentially a life changing experience! (and may lead to my immigration!)

Gisela Carina

Set country: Argentina

Mi nombre es gisela, trabajo como docente hice intercambios culturales en Brasil en un Hostel donde fue una experiencia increible, tambien recibi una estudiante Autralina la cual queria mejorar su español. Estoy convencida que viajar conocer otras culturas aprender constantemente de otras personas nos hace ser mas tolerantes y tener mejores actitudes ante la vida.


Set country: Portugal

I quit my work as a mechanical engineer more than two years ago, where I was told that money and competitiveness are the main targets of the company. Instead the most motivating aspect for my work is, that it is benefitial for the mindful cooperation of humans with the nature. Now I'm enjoying the simple life, travelling in my campervan through south europe. After doing rock climbing for several months I'm now searching for more experiences in communities and to learn about different concepts how to live and work peacefully together with other beings and the nature.


Set country: Germany

Hello everybody,

my name is Ina, I'm 26 years old and I am from germany.
At the end of march i will finish my studies at university and would like to work and travel for three months afterwards. I am curious about foreign countries and new cultures. I am open to all types of work, but mostly I like to work with animals because I grew up with dogs and horses and i love nature and wilderness.


Set country: Denmark

Hi, I'm Joe! I grew up in Michigan and Florida, USA, but have most recently lived in Denmark and Turkey. I enjoy learning and teaching, drawing and making things, riding, hiking, climbing, cooking and exploring. I work freelance as an educator and artist, but would like to spend a few months this spring doing something different.

Kristina Strasser

Set country: Mexico

I'm originally from Austria, had been living in California for three years and have lived in Mexico for a year now. I like the idea to travel and meeting local people. I've always worked for NGOs when travelling and wanted to try now to travel via Hippomatch! I hope to have an amazing experience when staying with you!

Dennis Philip

Set country: India

Flexitarian Foodie Traveler. To work where my education and experience contribute to the growth of the community and people to enquire the highest level of the professionalism in what so ever I do. Entrepreneur in E commerce, Meat Processing, Pest Control company.


Set country: Ukraine

In the university has participated in international research projects. I have experience in a big team, as well as experience working with children. Communicable, responsible approach to the implementation of tasks and projects, organization, attentiveness, comprehensively developed. ______EDUCATION_____ 2002-2014 High School School number 37 Graduated with honors and a gold medal 2014-2018 Bachelor’s Degree "Kharkiv Aviation Institute", NAU "KhAI" B.Sc. Computer systems and networks. Computer engineering. GPA: 4,5 out of 5 2018-2019 Master’s Degree "Kharkiv Aviation Institute", NAU "KhAI" M.Sc. Computer systems and networks. Programming mobile applications and Internet things. Computer engineering. GPA: 5 out of 5. ____WORK EXPERIONS____ Asistent Lecture "Kharkiv Aviation Inst... Read more

mustafa kilani

Set country: Algeria

i'm kilani i'm 23 years old i am student studying the petroleum engineering , i live in Algeria ,ghardaia city one of my most hobbies and interests is travelling so i'm looking for every opportunity to travel abroad and discover the world and the other cultures and why not hosting travelers in the future when finish my studies


Set country: Sri Lanka

I'm Antonia, from a rural town in Wales in the UK, and currently travelling in Sri Lanka until around end of February. I want to connect with the world through love and kindness, and so would love to travel more meaningfully and immerse with the community through volunteering. I'm particularly interested in environmental sustainability, animal welfare and helping to teaching English. Yet I'm also open to other types of help and experiences :)

Bogdan Dvorovyi

Set country: Russian Federation

Student, artist, athlete that wants to get more positive vibes through communication with wonderful people ...


Set country: France

Hi i'm Thomas ! I'm a 23 years old French guy who live in Paris. I'm open to the world, enjoy to discover new culture and to discuss new way of seeing the life. I studied History at university and worked at different touristic place, as Museum of Louvre or Paris airport. I finished a 6 months trip as a backpacker in South-East Asia few month ago and i'm now ready for my next adventure ! I subsribed on this website to find a good experience and another way to travel. Learn the culture of where I go with local people and meet new friends. I like Europe, visited several town but i want to enjoy my youth by discorvering the rest of the world and others cultures. I love Italia because it's a wonderful country with an intersting history, good cuisine and its where my grandparents come from. W... Read more


Set country: India

I'm a fun loving, versatile, dynamic guy with great sense of humour who loves to travel a lot. I'm very much interested in knowing different people, traditions and their culture. I'm open for new challenges. I'm well educated and flexible guy.

Roberto Carrà

Set country: Italy

I'm taking a pause from office-life in Milan, after 12 years of:
Website Developer (WordPress based), Product Design, Brainstorming, Visual Strategies, Advertising campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Graphic User Interfaces, UI Kit, UX Studies, Mobile App Design, Video Production, Photographer, and so much more.

Now, I'm so ready to bring my expertises to you, but I didn't want to be defined by my hard skills only.
I'm also a very good cook (Italian cuisine mostly), music selector, massager, house keeper, pet sitter, handyman, street photographer and I also can do some man haircut and pet grooming.

I'm an ex amatorial basketball player, soccer player, softball player, boxer apprentice. Actually, I love sports in general.

My goal here, is not to go around to vis... Read more

Sandesh Rane

Set country: India

Hi...I am a professional chef who after working for 18 years would still want to explore new culture and new cuisines. I am very fun loving person with a very positive attitude always


Set country: United States

I am looking to explore the world, specifically desiring to learn about sustainability, building, and the lifestyle of other cultures. I tend to be a bit quiet when you first meet me but I love to get outdoors and do things.

Desmond Van de Pol

Set country: Netherlands

Hi! I'm Desmond from the Netherlands, currently 20 years old. I am studying a bachelor of sustainable Tourism at Wageningen University of which I am now attending the 2nd year. Next year I'd like to do a minor in Terrestrial Ecosystems and therefore it is needless to say that I am very much fond of nature. I love the outdoors and happily engage in sports, gardening, and horticulture. Furthermore, I am very creative and I like drawing, painting, etc. I would love to work on some sustainable projects in my time off to expand my networks for my career as well as gain skills in my field of interest and of course make new experiences and meet amazing people.

Maira Zoe

Set country: Germany

young curious girl (musician & physicist) who needs to get to know the world while trying to make it a better place and help others with manpower... I like maaaaany things and I also have very versatile skills, so please contact me :-)

Brandon Cassidy

Set country: United States

Geologist and traveler.

Edith Khanz

Set country: Uganda

I am a hard-working, god-fearing and fun person. I am a fast learner, like making friends n love adventure.


Set country: Kenya

Hi, am a happy and open minded person I love to travel and meet new people.. I can help with anything and everything my hands are able to, always ready to learn new things and deferent cultures.

Martha Messer-Bennetts

Set country: United Kingdom

My friend and I are looking to travel and work after we finish collage in England

Eloïse Cailleaud

Set country: France

I am a young French woman. I have a Master II in History of Art. I love contemporary art, I like nature. I want to discover an other country, other culture and other people. I would like to improve my English too

Aminul Islam

Set country: Bangladesh

Wanna meet new people & learn new culture!!!

Farhana Sultan

Set country: India

I am Farhana Sultan. I want to travel the world to experience the world from different perspective. i want to explore new things.


Set country: Malaysia

Hello, my name is Arjan Singh and I’m a father of 2 teenagers. Wife is also an avid traveller however she will join me in the near future once our 2 boys are pretty much on their own. I'm a retired master mariner with accomplished managerial and problem-solving skills. Travelled to many countries around the world during my sailing days although must admit the trips in a foreign land was always short due to brief port stays. No hangup in doing labour intensive tasks and being a mariner we are quite well known for "jack of all trades master of none" skills. Looking to share experience and also seeking new life experience. Life is all about making a positive difference..........


Set country: Cameroon

Hi, I'm a calm and easy going person. Highly energetic,hardworking and patient. I like sports, dancing and cooking.Thank you for viewing my profile.

Marilyn Márquez Nafarrate

Set country: Mexico

Hello! My name is Marilyn, I'm 20 years old and I study biotechnology engineering. I plan to travel with my brother Carlos, who is 18 years old and just graduated high school. Both my brother and I are mexicans, so we speak spanish, we are also fluent in english and I speak some french. We both like dogs and kids, and are willing to help with cooking and house chores

Mauro Parlanti

Set country: Italy

I am Mauro, 23 years old. I am engineering student and I would like to try an experience abroad to know people and different cultures.

Kevon G Fernandez

Set country: Trinidad and Tobago

Hello, I am a simple quiet guy who would love to travel and share new experience and culture, traveling the world Haas been a passion of life to the fullest and sharing smiles.

Gjen Linberge Madula

Set country: Switzerland

I am 21 years of age from the Phillippines and currently studying but wanted to travel for work this summer for my vacation

Laura Yanguas

Set country: Argentina

Hola. Mi nombre es Laura, soy guia de turismo. He trabajado como guia en Buenos Aires y acompañando grupos por Argentina. Hace 4 años que vivo en Calafate y trabajo como guia en el Parque Nacional los Glaciares Soy una mujer independiente, responsable, y con ganas de seguir conociendo el mundo! Habló Español (nativo), frances (fluido), portugués (intermedio) inglés (intermedio)


Set country: United States

I have been an elementary teacher for the past 13 years. Now I want the world to teach me.
I am an open minded, free thinker with a big heart who loves all human and living beings. I love culture, foods, history, science and learning. I am a very social being and absolutely love talking to people and learning about them and sharing my own stories.
I am a hard worker, very neat and tidy and respectful of others.
I would love to help out a host who in return is kind, empathetic, friendly, respectful and welcomes me as a friend who can teach me about their culture and introduce me to their wonderful country and people.
Also, I can not cook so I will be excited and grateful if a host can offer meals, which I of course would help in clean up or whatever else is needed but I wo... Read more


Set country: Spain

I have a strong will and I am very hard-working. I am also friendly and I love animals and learning new things.

Mashka Machka

Set country: Ukraine

Hey, I'm Maria. I'll be happy to be useful in all the ways I can be. I love growing groceries, work in the garden, learn and teach languages, take care of animals. I'd like to travel more and meet people, get known with new cultures, help with what I can))

Susan Seido

Set country: Not set

Vrushali Kurane

Set country: India

I am vrushali from India, Pune.I am certified fashion designer as well as yoga trainer .Curently working with a fashion Institute as a Faculty.