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Badis Saidani

Set country: United States

Hi my name is Badis. I am working as a software developer and finishing masters in Computer Science in Distance education. I love traveling and exploring the world. I am currently in the US in the Midwest. I would like to go to warmer place where i can volunteer, make new friends and learn more about the US. You can reach me out on

Nathan Bash

Set country: United States

Hola! Me llamo Nathan. Ingles es mi languaje primer. Quiero viajar por Mexico y otros paises para aprender bien El Español. Tengo 35 años. He hecho varios tipos de trabajo en mi vida, inluyendo trabajo en granja, restauran, fabrica, un poco de renovacion de casa. Soy buen trabajado y me llevo bien con los demas.

Agnieszka Jasińska

Set country: Poland

I am happy and energetic person looking for a quiet place preferably in the natural environment where I could help out with any work and enjoy local food and culture. Hard-working and do not mind getting dirty. I have also slept in the woods and used to spending the bigger part of holidays in the woods in a tent since I was very little. A saw or an axe are not new to me. Physically capable. Good knowledge of English, Spanish and French. Worked as a tour leader and in some travel agencies. Also as a coordinator.

Paula Szatkowska

Set country: Poland

Hi everyone! What can I say about myself.. I consider myself as a very open minded person, so I'd be happy to learn about other cultures and traditions. I'm social, I love meeting new people and sharing with them life experience. I work hard and I will be honest and respectfull for my host. I learn fast, so I'm not afraid of any work. I'm really excited and happy to help!

Sol Leyshon

Set country: Mexico

A solo traveller in Central and South America travelling for at least 9 months. Life begins when you exit your comfort zone. I have volunteered before in Thailand and Vietnam. I thoroughly enjoyed both experiences and am very eager to volunteer again in Mexico and eventually Colombia. I am a hard working, dedicated individual but I am also easy going and friendly. I love to read, write and hike. I am fascinated by history, architecture and wildlife. This interest led me to complete a degree in Classics at Durham University. I'm very social and love meeting new people. I'm learning Spanish, but I'm looking for any opportunity to improve.

Maria Helena Angélico

Set country: Portugal

We are Zé and Maria, we live together for 2 years. We are very interested in new cultures and we do like to help everyone we can, hoping that some day we will be the ones getting help the same way we did. We have one 11 years old dog and one baby chameleon they're our babies, so we love all types of animals. We don't have any social media because we like to live real life and not spending our time posting to other people watch. For me, Zé, it will be my fist time going out of Portugal and im very anxious and excited about it, and im going with my girlfriend who is used to it, but never on this kind of mutual helping trip so she is very excited too. We are smokers and we enjoy smoking during the night time near a good landscape. UPDATE: We are living in Holland now, trying to organize... Read more


Set country: France

Hello, my name is Laurie and i'm 27 years old. I want to develop my english and help people. I love animals and nature. My hobbies : horse riding, video games, travel, photography.
I have a two-year technical degree : Executive Assistant.

Miguel Santos

Set country: Portugal

I'm a young portuguese man looking to travel and get to know new and different places and grow with the responsability that comes with having a job. I have never had a job before, so I don't have many specialized skilled but I'm willing to learn.


Set country: Israel

Too tierd for this right now. Will fill this later

Verena Schmid

Set country: Germany

i recently finished my studies (media studies/science) and would love to do something good and help you at your farm, harvest, garden etc. I love travelling, cooking & baking, doing some sport. I am interested in photography, I like the nature, the sea and animals :) I am a very helpful and kind person who is interested in learning new things and in your culture and life :) For now I would preferably work at the olive or wine harvest. I would love to learn how to make olive oil, wine, cheese or any other delicious (italian) food :)


Set country: Mexico

A little bit about me: Hey workaway hosts! I’m just a girl from a small town with a big dream. I come from the mountains in Idaho in the USA and all I’ve ever wanted to do is travel the world. This comes from being stuck in Idaho growing up. I love camping and skiing and all things outdoors but there is so much more to be experienced elsewhere. I’d say I’m somewhat of an experienced traveler. When I was 18 I took my first job abroad as an Au Pair in Valencia, Spain. It was a real leap considering I had never traveled by myself. I was there for 3 months and had the opportunity to visit other countries on the weekends. After that, I was hooked on being a solo traveler. I have since been to 6 countries and for about a year I had a job that moved me around to 4 different states so... Read more


Set country: Brazil

Amo viajar e estou muito disposta a ajudar as pessoas!!

Graziano & Ursula & Jamila

Set country: Portugal

We, Graziano & Ursula, are a mature Italian/Austrian married couple with a 18 y. old daughter, Jamila. Since about 30 years we follow the macrobiotic philosophy and nutrition. We are nature and animal lovers. We have been living since over 20 years in a motorhome, most of the time in Portugal. Our motorhome use to be a mobile restaurant: for over 10 years we cooked on music festivals in Spain and Portugal and for schools, seminar centres, birthdays, parties etc

Lady Meritt

Set country: Brazil

We are a couple who want to have new experiences around the world and contribute to people's lives. We want to be immersed in the language and develop skills. We have been married for 8 years and we are Christians.


Set country: Poland

Born 1986. I'm a traveler and a "creative" type of person. I have solid work opportunities back in Poland: my family runs a company, I have many friends in film/photography business, in tourism and in media, but I prefer to live on the road in the search of peace of mind and inspiration. I have recently, thanks to Hippohelp, stayed 2+ months in South Korea and it was some of the best experiences ever. I love Chinese culture, read many books about China, watched number of films, lived 7 months in Shenzhen+Hong Kong and 1 year in Guangzhou, traveled around most Chinese provinces, and learned Mandarin a bit. I know Chinese history and geography more than an average Westerner, and consider myself a specialist on Middle Kingdom's food culture. Apart from English, I'm fluent in Polish, quite ... Read more

Him Maringz

Set country: South Africa

I love traveling


Set country: Germany

Hi, i am Jenny and loveto see the world! If you need helping hands i am willing to do that.

Karimme Arzate

Set country: Mexico


Lourdes Bononato

Set country: Spain

Im a 22 year old spanish student searching for a place to work with horses, gardening , and improve my french or italian. I also speak fluent english and im good with animals and cooking. Im a singer, so I can provide entertainment at night. I have a couple friends That will love to come over with me and do the same thing. I currently Study literature and languages at university in madrid. I really love horses, exchanging cultures and nature. Im not a lazy person, I can help a lot :)


Set country: United States


Set country: Spain

Hello! I am Eva, 18 years old and currently living at home in Scotland. I deferred out of the University of Glasgow last year because of the pandemic. My plan was to get out and see the world last year but sadly because of Covid-19 my plans were cancelled, which means I’ve been stuck at home for the last year. I am on work away because I want to get out an explore the world a bit more, embrace different cultures and hopefully make a few lifelong friends along the way! I would say I am an outgoing and friendly person or would at least like to think I am! I love anything outdoors whether it be hiking, swimming or appreciating nature. I also love everything film, TV and music and of course travelling! Environmental causes are something I am quite passionate about; in the past I have stay... Read more

Flavia Cruz

Set country: Brazil

Hello, everyone! I'm a single mom traveler with my 7 year old son. We are used to traveling together and seeing the world since he was 2. This time we want a long experience in a specific place so that he has a better experience.
We're very easygoing, respectful and cheerful and always willing to help. We love children and helping elders.
I have a degree in communication and advertising with a postgraduate degree in marketing and have worked with digital marketing for the last few years with content production and social media. I would love to help with any service of that kind as well. I also have experience with teaching, volunteering in hospitals, gardening and I love cooking and learning new things and new cultures.
My English is advanced but looking to make it as native as... Read more

Valérian Gaudeau

Set country: France

I’m a wandering computer scientist who just spent a year and a half living as a volunteer in an agricultural community in Luberon, France, and did 3 months wwoofing a few years ago. I’m looking for new experiences and encounters, wherever wind and curiosity carries me.

Zouhair Elbaljani

Set country: Morocco

hi my name is zouhair elbaljani i'm 26 years old i'm activetes personne

Iramaia Conceição Pereira

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Iramaia Conceição Pereira natural de Brasil moro na cidade de Minas Gerais.
Tenho 27 anos Solteira, estou em busca de novas experiências
Quero mostrar minha habilidades em serviço voluntário que já fiz em minha cidade local em qualquer serviço a mim destinado.
Quero agregar de alguma forma e fazer a diferença na vida das pessoas ao meu redor.
Sei atuar em serviços de hotéis, fazendas, cuidar de crianças entre outras atividades.
Se escolhida for é com grande prazer que irei fazer parte dessa nova experiência que quero adquirir em minha vida.


Set country: Brazil

Hello. I'm Luiz, 31 years old. I live in south of Brasil and I'm looking foward to know a piece of the world.

Antonio Salvador

Set country: Ireland

Tenho 54 anos, adoro trabalhar e viajar, ao dispor para ajudar.


Set country: United States

Hello! I love exploring new places and learning more about different cultures! I have been taking mandarin classes for sometime now and doing research on History or China, and Taiwan. I would love to experience life in China or Taiwan and learn from locals. I'm a hard worker with a positive attitude and a lot of different skills that I think can be helpful in many ways! I would love to help you out with your project or business!


Set country: Brazil

Olá pessoal ! !
sou Miguel da França estamos viajando pelo Brasil com minha esposa Samanta que é Mineira
estamos procurando descobrir novas profissões, lugares e pessoas :)

Esperamos conhecê-lo em breve !!
Abraço (^。^)

Valeria Auletta

Set country: Italy

My main interests are sustainability and self sufficiency. I've volunteered in organic farms both in Northern Ireland and Sardinia and would love to help out with any organic farming, permaculture projects you may have.
Due to the travel restrictions related to the global pandemic, I'm only looking for opportunities within Europe at the moment. Learn more about me by visiting my website linked below and feel free to get in touch


Set country: France

I am a student from Italy doing a gap year. In this time of change I want to do things which help us, the nature, the planet. I am interested in gardening, learning new things. I like cooking and food, any animal (including spiders), working outside, reading a good book. I have some experiences with wwoofing/ volunteering, permaculture gardening horses and horseriding, playing the piano, working in the vineyard. I am looking for a place where I can help and learing and also can share my skills and experiences!

Krishna Chowdary

Set country: India

Hello, I am krishna 26yr old, a Doctor by profession. Loves travelling and helping. You can connect to me on facebook to have a chat, i am available with same name and profile pic in FB. Krishna chowdary