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Nadi Holland

Set country: Malaysia

Centre for refugee children academic and life skills

Abby Dangerfield

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! I’m Abby and I have just graduated from Newcastle University after studying History and Archaeology for 3 years. I’m now taking a year out to travel and gain work experience before returning to postgraduate study.


Set country: Algeria

I am a young amateur who loves travel and volunteer work, and I strive to visit many countries by offering opportunities on such platforms

Risandra Araujo

Set country: Brazil

Alegre, divertida e sempre habilitada a ajudar e trabalhar.

Eva Wesselink

Set country: Netherlands

Hi, I am Eva, 23 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I've already travelled a bit, and just finished my studies in England (Film Design), however, I feel there is too much more to explore before I commit to a job and tie myself down. I hope to be able to find a lovely host family that I can help out, and learn more about new cultures and ways of living. I'm fluent in Dutch and English, and have experience working on farms and horse stables.


Set country: Korea, Republic of

Hello! My name is Bec and I'm from Italy/UK with a Singaporean background. I live in the beautiful Italian Alps but left home at 21 yo to explore as more as possibile and especially learn about different ways of living and approaching life. I'm an animal lover, an open minded and friendly traveler, a good listener and sometimes a chatterbox! I like to get my hands dirty and work hard for people that really deserve it and I can easly adapt to different lifestyles! I hope we can meet soon!


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi, My name is Sian. I am an 18 year old student finishing college this summer.
My original plans were to work internationally in the USA as a Camp Counsellor, before coming home to advance my career plans and join the Royal Air force early next year. However due to the current world situation, my camp was understandably cancelled so I'm looking for a new adventure to plan on committing to for once restrictions ease.

Since I was little, I've always been a lover for the outdoors and still go on a yearly camping trip now. I am super adventurous and I am always looking for a new challenge or goal to reach. My favourite hobbies in this moment are English-style horse riding (primarily showjumping and eventing but I am also looking at horseback archery in the near future!), photogra... Read more

Heather Stroud

Set country: United States

hello! my name is heather. i am a 22 year old woman from the united states. i fell in love with traveling and meeting new people three years ago and am always looking for the next lovely life experience. it is a dream to live on this world and i am so excited to see it all


Set country: Viet Nam

My name is Rosa Allouche, I am fromParis, France but I lived for 13 years in USA. I am currently teaching English in HCMC and it has been a very fufilling experience. I would like to continue traveling while participating to different volunteer programs.

Brittany Mena

Set country: Argentina

i'm currently a teenager (a girl) of 17 years old. i'm trying to learn more about work exchanges because i'm planning to move to the USA next year or in 2022, and starting with one work exchange is probably going to help me know more about the country, people, culture,etc. i'm a really nice and positive person who is open to learning new skills and meeting new people. i'm a really sympathetic and empathetic person, so i can't be surronded by (for example) lgbtphobic or misogynistic people, i believe that we need to be kinder people and help the ones who feel alone. i love music and photography, those two things make me really happy. i hope that this description helps you to know more about me!


Set country: Morocco

Hey there! My name is AHMED and I'm an 36 years old from a small town in morocco. Since I haven't seen a lot of the world yet I would love to change this by traveling to various places and get to know the local lifestyles, nature, food, languages and especially people.


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hi. Im Fate, 26 from Iran. Im new to travels world and i hope to visit different cities. Its not appropriate to say it myself but im friendly. I love to meet new people and make new friends.

Shireen Miller

Set country: South Africa

I currently work in a sector that provides high quality play-based early learning to children in impoverished communities. The first five years of Early childhood development (ECD) are critical for the development of a child’s brain and providing this opportunity before formal schooling, children will have an advantage of acquiring the skills needed to succeed in school, employment and in life. I completed a TESOL course in 2008 and since then applied the skill in numerous environments including volunteering at orphanages in Johannesburg, English teacher in India and English summer school in Turkey. I am blessed with excellent health and a positive attitude. I am curious, have an adventurous spirit and very ready for my next life phase which is seeking volunteer opportunities to tea... Read more

Sayf Ez

Set country: Tunisia



Set country: France

Hello, I am a nice Vietnamese girl who can speak English, French, Vietnamese, and a little Chinese and Japanese. I'd like to travel in exchange for helping with language skills or some light work like vegan cooking for a family.

Phaem Ko

Set country: Singapore

Hi I am Phaem from Singapore-Thailand! I am excited to adventure and explore different parts of the world, experiencing different cultures while giving back to the earth and community! I love to meet new people and also share my knowledge to help others better :) I love Fitness and Sports, Cooking and Arts but I am willing to learn and try out other new skills to better myself as a whole individual.

Mario Affatato

Set country: Italy

Sono un ragazzo a cui piace darsi da fare , so fare molte cose in quanto anche a casa mia aiutò molto.

Mick Bruhn

Set country: Australia

Michael Bruhn 23 years old I would like to spend 2-3 months volunteering in Jakarta or nearby.

Matthew 'toykid' Cauchi

Set country: Malta

32 year old Maltese guy, travelling with wife. loves cooking and photography, and can help with mostly all odd jobs.

Camille Vallières

Set country: Canada

Hi, my name is Camille and I am from Quebec, Canada. I am actually looking to move to British Columbia and find work in a beautiful environment, where I could work outside and meet wonderful people. I am super open-minded and I want to learn new skills, such as farming, herbalism, taking care of horses, or else. I am physically fit and ready to work! I am also vegan and love anything&everything around spirituality, connection to mother earth and more. Mahalo :)

Tanja Sobko

Set country: Hong Kong

Hi hi, I have been doing teaching and doing research at the Universities since over 20 y ago (Food, Environment and Health) and I work with Nature programmes for kids. I wish to help and learn how to make apple cider. I know a lot about food and am handy and fun in general. I used to have my own summer house when I lived in Sweden and can work with everything agricultural:) I also bake bread, make jams and am a happy and positive person. I can travel anywhere! Much love to all

Guilherme Aragão

Set country: Spain

I'm an ecologist who loves the sea and being close to it. Passionate for surf and nature! I'm currently living in Spain doing a PhD in marine sciences. Despite this, I have had many work experiences in different places, I have owned a bar in São Paulo (giant city in Brazil), managed small hotels on paradisiacal beaches and also had my years as a water sports photographer and video maker, last but not least some companies and NGOs. Anyway, during my time in Spain I intend to meet nice people and places and I will be happy to work and help good people in their business with my skills. I'm easy going and i like to think im a good company to all times, at least it's what my friends says jajaja, and luck of me there's a bunch of them in my life :))) Just a little bit important things more..... Read more


Set country: Spain

19 y. old girl with strong desire to develop myself further as a person. I love to help and I´ve got great teaching skills. I´m currently studying Psychology in Madrid. I play in a band where I put into play my role as a vocalist and a drummer + also play the guitar sometimes. I´m a pretty fast, patient learner, open to anything that can contribute to my development. My partner will not always be the same person, but I can ensure that they will be great helpers and skilled people :)


Set country: Australia

Hi there. My name is Jenny, I'm originally from Holywood, just outside Belfast, in N.Ireland, and consider myself personable, trustworthy and enthusiastic. I have travelled extensively and lived in numerous countries including NZ, China, America and India, with Australia being the most recent (I moved here in the middle of March). I love learning about new cultures, meeting people from different backgrounds and experiencing new adventures (navigating Australia during a global pandemic is certainly this!). I enjoy socialising with friends and making new ones, as well as playing sport such as hockey and tennis and doing yoga and cooking. I am keen see as much of Oz as possible and I am generally flexible with dates. I am an eager learner and I am keen to acquire new skills if the opppor... Read more

Brienna Carter

Set country: United States

Directionless college student curious about the world and all its possibilities.

Tanya Butusova

Set country: Russian Federation


Tarun Gurjar

Set country: India

I wanna do some work freely.


Set country: Lithuania

I am 19 yo High School graduate who is willing to help you as well as have an amazing experience in a foreigh country. I hope to exchange experience and get to know other cultures as well as meet interesting people.

Jafar Hejazi

Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

I am an Iranian artist who wants to have new experiences, connections, friends all around the world. It could be a great time for me to be with you! as there are always things to discover