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\( ̄▽ ̄)( ̄▽ ̄)/ You can call Alexandr and Vladislav. We are now living in Russian Federation, were fascinated by Japan culture from our childhood and wanted to travel there. Our knowlege of English language on intermediate level and constantly improving. Working with people of different nationalities is our pleasure. We're friendly, easy-going, and social. We are easy to learn and hardworking persons (´。• ω •。`).Many times we took part in volontaire activities in our home town.

Milad Yalda

Dear future host, My name is Milad, 28 years old, currently live in Sweden. I'm such a life and culture lover, I would love to build some beautiful connections and improve my Spanish during my stay. So I'm here looking for some lovely people or families that I can stay with and help around for two weeks to one month within the period from July to October 2019 (I'm flexible with the length, it can be arranged base on your demands). I'm always open to learn new skills if needed. I would love to help around and get involved, and I'll respect and appreciate different life styles. I'm flexible with different daily tasks and timetable, we can always find a way to make things just a little bit better! I'm also quite good in photography and IT stuff. I'm generally a nice, warm-hearted, reliabl... Read more

Patrick Freund

Hello there, my Girlfriend and me come from Germany over there we sold everything we owned. With two backpacks and the closest things we need we decided to take a life as lost explorers. We want to make new experiences, talk to different kind of people and see how others create their life. My Girlfriend is a Yoga Teacher you can learn from or teach with. I love sports, literature and can handle wood and glass. Both of us are interested in learning new languages and dive into other cultures. Maybe we can help you right now and share a bit of lifetime :-D It would be a pleasure :-)

Ana Stasia

me yoga sun, loving my shadow and travell trhough greece with my boyfriend right now searching a stay for work and live, love life


Hi! I'm mohamed from egypt (38). I've been working in IT department for 10 years now and I'm working and leaving in UAE life behind to start knowing the world. My hobby is music ,swimming animals lover and a,very easy going hard for a long time without hassles. I like to learn new things with a friendly group and exchange cultures, languages ​​and experiences in traveling. I love to exercise every morning and sleep early and wake up early Looking forward to help with you!

Sheikh Imtiaz Hossain

hi am Sheikh Imtiaz hossain from Banglades. am 26 years old. i have finished my LL.B honours Course. i like to travelling.