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Pedro Nunes

We are a couple of artists from Portugal. I am Pedro (20yo Male), a Classical Music Composer, and my girlfriend is Catarina (21yo Female), a Digital and Concept Artist. We just want to see the world while doing what we love, but we'll do almost any job so that we can travel. We are both experienced in waitering, both of us have worked with kids, Pedro was a music teacher for a while, and we both love farming and gardening (although Catarina is much more experienced). Pedro has also worked at a bar, serving dinks, making cocktails, and doing karaoke. We are both very hard workers and we have a passion for travel, and food, so if you could tell us traditional foods from your country and city, we would apreciate it. Thank you very much!!

Toni Y Molt Mes

We are a couple travelling by bike across South America willing to have great adventures and know people.

Peter Allton

Early 50s male from Cheltenham Glos. Have spent 4 years working on an organic gardens and caravan park.In Lancashire.

Chung-Han Yang

I am Han from Taiwan. I am a freelance writer, lecturer, journalist, and tour guide. I invite foreign travelers to visit rural schools in Taiwan, arrange non-tourist schedule for them, and I also write their stories to share with the others. Before I start traveling abroad, I have spend two years traveling around my homeland, Taiwan. I tried to collect stories, knowledge, and bit skills from my homeland, and I want to travel around the world by sharing what I know, in the mean time I can also learn from the world. I would like to teach chinese, or cook Taiwanese food, and I would also like to learn other languages or recipes.


Hello, My name is Paulina Harwell and I am from Dallas, TX, USA. I’m 18 years old, but will be 19 at the time of the stay. I’m trying to travel the world next summer on my summer break from college. I’m looking to travel through Europe May, June, or July of 2019. I’d enjoy working at a hostel, with children, cleaning, and any other more sociable work. I’m very friendly, love talking to people, and helping people. I don’t have many skills farming, gardening, or cooking. I can’t wait for this amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life!

Tawny Short

I'm an adventurous kind hearted person looking to expand my knowledge, help out, and enjoy different ways of life. As an active person and lover of sports who has faced medical challenges in the past, I understand the importance of living a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle and want to get the most out of life while I can and inspire others to do the same. Canadian born and raised and excited to create new experiences, build friendships, and try something new.


Hello, I'm Gustavo, a calm and polite 26 year old Brazilian who wishes to expand my life experiences by going abroad. I pay little mind to heavy work as I consider it part of a good experience, what would be of the good times without the bad ones, right?


Hi! I'm a recent graduate from UC Berkeley majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy. I'm incredibly interested in global health and learning how populations around the world internalize information.