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Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! My name is Alena. I study ecology in university, this year I graduate. My main purpose is to see the world outside my country. I want to learn new things, meet new people and see the beauty of our Mother Nature.

Jhenyfer Ferreira

Set country: Brazil

Dear host, I want to be a part of something significant during my brief stint in a new country. I love meeting people, learning from them, communicating and sharing. I am willing to help in whatever is necessary.


Set country: Albania

Businessman, Entrepreneur and Freelance Editor in English and SEO; websites, content, photos and enhancements. I work and live 6 months a year in Prague, Czech Republic. I am from Los Angeles, California, USA
Know how to say 'yes!'
Well organized with strong time-management skills
Creative; advertisements and promotions, business consulting
Great communicator with people of various generations and cultures
Excellent time management planner. Advanced knowledge of digital 35mm cameras, video cameras, sound equipment, musical gear. Lifetime of computer experience and use; Excel, Word Docs, Act! and Wordpress and others. Divorced, Dad of 2 incredible adult daughters.
HippoHelp referrals available.

Michelle Yeary

Set country: United States

My husband and I are traveling and learning different ways of life in different areas and want to have fun learning experiences.


Set country: United States

Hello! I am Lexi, a college student in Milwaukee, and I am looking for a change of scenery! I am fully vaccinated and ready to branch out into different parts of the country! I am experienced in caretaking, I am a certified nursing assistant, as well I have previous experience in service and hospitality!

Sailor Gerry Whelzo

Set country: Ireland

Athletic and Arty Irish fella with a lot of experience in many things and a long term goal of exploring many countries to hopefully find one that resonates so strong with me one day and will perhaps become my permanent home. As much as I love Ireland I want to see what else is out there, not just for a holiday or a visit, but live and build a life. So my time spent with you isn't just a long affordable holiday, it is potentially a life changing experience! (and may lead to my immigration!)

Julia Bezborodova

Set country: Russian Federation

You can contact me via email


Set country: Brazil

Adventurer, I like to know places and new experiences.

Barbri Winner

Set country: Algeria

i like to help

Erin High

Set country: United Kingdom

I’m a vegan animal lover who loves nature and aspires to live completely sustainably in the future :)


Set country: United Kingdom

Currently a first year university student in the United Kingdom wanting to explore in the summers between studying! Happy to do pretty much all jobs that aren’t specialist.


Set country: Nigeria

I'm Gift Owel,I'm 19years old I'm black in complesion I want to really work for accommodation cause I don't have a house
Please help me

Yassine Bouchta

Set country: Morocco

i am a univeristy student in last year graduated , i study English , i like travel meet neww people , discover new places , new clutures , share my culture with other i am vedio maker and editor , i hope i can help anyn one here

Mark Van Bebber

Set country: Turkey

Left motorcycle Uruguay, waiting for things to open, want something to do... I'm retired volunteer firefighter/emt, i do well in emergencys. I have remodeled and built many homes, mostly designed and managed. I'm not a great carpenter but im handy. I don't drink or smoke, in excellent health and friendly to be around.

Garvit Patel

Set country: Spain

I am working as language and culture assistant in a secondary school in cadiz. I know spanish and English.


Set country: South Africa

Hey, I'm a 19 year old female from South Africa. I'm currently taking a gap year & I wish to utilize this time by being productive by traveling, learning about different cultures and certainly broadening my horizons. I've always lived in my hometown & honestly I could use a change of scenery.

Nathalia Laverde

Set country: United States

We are a very loving and happy pair of freinds looking to help out and also enjoy a vacation. We love to travel and are looking to be able to go to every country before we turn 30!

Natasha Rezende

Set country: Korea, Republic of

my name is Natasha I'm 22 years old and living in Busan I really want to experience volunteer works have a lot free time during the day and wanted to help in some way and get some acquaintances Email


Set country: Brazil

Hi! My name is Gilberto, but my friends call me Beto. I am 33 years old and I live in Curitiba, Brazil. I love travel but the traditional vaccations had not offered the opportunity of meeting real people and feel the essence of a place. I am looking for experiences to add to my background, that turns up my better version. I am not affraid of hard working. Actually, I had my First job when I was 14. I can help cleaning, organizing, making little repairs, painting, taking care of Animals, gardenning, and I also can help with computers (not hardware, Just software). I Will be available on 2022 because I need, at First, to improve my english. Hope to see you soon! Best regards!


Set country: Egypt

Welcome, I love volunteer work and the exchange of experiences and cultures. I would like if this work was in my field, which is agricultural quality, transactions that do not need to be harvested, or in agriculture and agricultural production. Contact me
What's app : 00201127735822
Call : 00201010141532
: 00201010914062 E-mail

Adhithya Kuttan Valiyathottathil

Set country: India

Just looking forward to travel


Set country: Egypt

Muslim, Egyptian girl in my thirties, working as an English teacher, would like to travel, see the world and learn new things.


Set country: Italy

Hi everyone! I'm Silvia, a 25 italian girl. I'll be in Canary Islands in three weeks looking for a summer job. This is my first time there, but i'm used to live with roommates in Italy (because of study) and I've alrealdy worked in these years, so I'm really flexible, responsible and self-assured.


Set country: United States


Set country: India

Hello! My name is Taabish. I'm 18 years old and I'm planning on moving to Los Angeles on my own. I was born and raised in the US and I'm in India since the past few years. I easily get along with mostly anyone and hope on making new friends there! You will not regret having me
Don't Drink
Don't Smoke

American Citizen, so no Visa issues.


Set country: Spain

Hello, I am a 22 year old social-work student from Mannheim, Germany. Currently I am doing my Erasmus in Madrid. I would describe myself as open-minded and I am always looking for new experiences, new places and new interesting people. I worked in many different areas, e.g. in a foster home, as a caretaker for disabled people or in restaurants. However I grew up in a house in a small village with my parents who always needed a helping hand, so physical work isn´t something new for me and I have some experience in constructing huts, handling tools and general manual labor. I am always motivated to learn something new and I promise I will try to help as good as I can :) I also would describe myself as very communicative person, I love company and spending time in groups. Generally I a... Read more


Set country: Austria

Hi, my name is Leni. I am 27 years old. Before I start working, I want to have a new experience and go abroad for a month. On the one hand for me and my personal development and on the other hand because I want to improve my English.


Set country: Egypt

My name is Mohamed, from Egypt, a student in law school I love the work that I help others with, this experience is the first for me in my life, so I loved the experience and the participation in what really serves others and helps them in something I read a lot about the opinion of the volunteers who participated in the aid before me, and this is also something that increased my enthusiasm even more


Set country: United States

I will be backpacking through Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia later this year (if Covid allows it) and would like to be immersed in the culture and learn as much as possible from this journey. I am very friendly, love to meet new people, help others and enjoy life! it is my first time traveling to that side of the globe and my plan is to stay for 4 or 5 months (hopefully more). I would like to connect with people who are doing the same or have contacts for work exchange.

Pa Bü

Set country: Germany

Hi, my name is Patrick, 30 years old (I know, I look younger :D), I love the nature and I'm very interested in other cultures.