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I am Lukas from Dortmund, Germany. I just came from Laos and arrived in northern Thailand where i would like to work on a farm for some days up to one week maximum. It would be lovely for me to experience the farm work. I can also assist with jobs like cooking or going to market etc. Im am very curious about culture and learning how to cook Thai food. I am 26 years old and I am from Dortmund. I am currently enrolled as a graduate student in mechanical engineering. So i could also assist you with technical knowledge. It will take me one more year to finish my studies. What I love about travelling is seeking the unknown and meeting new people and learning from their culture. I usually combine my travels with a lot of hiking or other activities to keep my body fit. But after going from ho... Read more

Tom Oyas

I am half french / Japanese who grew up in New Caledonia before graduating from and industrial production engineering school in France. After few years of professional experience dealing with logistics issues, I spent the first 6 month of 2018 sailing in Brittany to become a sailing instructor and the last 6 month in Asia to practice rock climbing, my passion =) I am traveling with my beloved (old) guitar whatever the weather and the place... Which is quite challenging for her but anyway, she doesn't have any choice. I will be available in the South island around Queenstown from March without any limit but the working holiday visa. Willing to do almost every jobs including mechanics, farming, building, gathering, taking care of children, gardening etc. Hard work is fun when it's... Read more

Xena Fury

Hey there, we are Sandra, spanish, 32, and Guillaume, french, 33. We are looking for a change in our life and we are experienced travellers with all kinds of skills. We are both fit (no smoking, no drugs) and animal lovers. We like hiking and discovering new places, cooking, being outdoors.
Sandra is teacher, massage therapist, entertainer, loves dancing and cycling, being in the sun. She also likes painting.
Guillaume is rope access technician, likes rock climbing and motorcycling. He is vegetarian (but not the "trying to convince you" type).
We already travelled a lot together and did some workaway during a 9 moths trip around Northern and Central America.

Bara Gregoire

Aloha , my name is Bara and I currently live in Hawaii. I love going on adventures, meeting new people , volunteering and learning new skills. I’m very easy to talk to and excel in Customer Service and cleaning . Highly independent, responsible and thoughtful individual. I would love to help with your projects !

Maria Beatrice Cattini

I am Beatrice!
I want to work and speak English as well.
I am looking for June-Sept. 2019 summer job in Ireland and UK.
I am a reliable person who want to help and discover a new world. I like doing sports, staying out door and reading.

sofia souto

My name is Sofia and I'm from Madeira Island, Portugal. I'm 24 years old and had just got my law degree. I have done voluntary work abroad before and I realise it's something I am passionate about. So when I heard about Hippohelp I decided to give it a go. I am eager to learn new skills, discover new places, and different cultures and help as much as I can.


We (Leandra 26 and Anouk 27) are teo Swiss girls and have known each other for over ten years now. Having finished uni recently we thought it the perfect opportunity to leave everything behind and go explore a new country together. We are both avid travellers and love discovering new places. We also love getting to know a place better by staying a little longer and the best way of doing so is through volunteering :) We both volunteered on a ranch in Canada together and work pretty well as a team. Anouk has also worked in a hostel in Scotland for over six month and Leandra did some volunteering on galapagos a couple of years back. We are both fluent in English and German. Leandra’s Spanish and French are also really good whereas Anouk is learning Spanish at the moment and can get by wi... Read more

Saskia Luck

My name is Saskia, I’m 25 years old and live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 2016 I have worked for a cruise yacht as a waitress/butler. Beside that I joined leading the tours ashore during the day. I have worked 2 contracts with a duration of 4 months in the Seychelles and the Adriatic coast. I work hard and also like to observe. I'm eager to learn and love listening to people's stories, I want to enjoy life in every possible way. I like pets and children, but I don't have any myself. After working fulltime shore based , I miss the freedom of going anywhere and meeting different nationalities. I'm ready to travel and make a new life experience!