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Numéro Privé

im mouhssine from morocco i have 32years lovely personne single never hade mlaried before

Dan Robs

My name is Daniel, i am feom the UK. I'm a landscape gardener in my home country. I have plenty of experience in construction. I also have experience in groundskeeping and maintenance.
My native language is English. I am also musician. I play guitar and bass guitar. I'm also a big animal lover. I've had pets all my life ranging from cats and dogs to parrots,fish and lizards.


I study in South Korea. I love traveling, playing guitar and children

Ariadne Sauer

Hello!! I'm Ariadne, student of Architecture in Brazil, São Paulo. One of the most important things about me is that I love helping people! During my graduation, I was a member of a University Volunteer Center that aims to help local institutions. I worked hard with children and with communication with partners. I also participated in the TETO NGO, in the constuction of emergency housing for underprivileged communities in Brazil. In addition, I was a member of AIESEC, where I was able to contribute in the experience of exchanges for voluntary work of social projects. All these experiences make me realize how I love new experiences and helping people. Now I want to live this in other countries too, with other culture and languages! I also would like to improve my English, to have flu... Read more

Alejandro Parreño

My name is Alejandro , I am a recent graduate from Architecture. Im social , passionate, fun, responsable and kind .I want to learn from all over the world and get so many different experiences as much as possible. I like to travel , help and learn.