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Set country: Nigeria

Hi my real name is Henrietta ,I am a hardworking girl,fun to be with, interesting personality,adventurous etc


Set country: United Kingdom

I have always wanted to travel across the globe, growing up in a township with so much culture made be to be interested in travelling but never had the opportunity like this. I even went to go study hospitality but did not graduate because of funds. I have 6 years experience in customer services from telephonically and face to face. I work well with people and love learning about history, culture and definitely the fashion and FOOD. This opportunity will be a dream come true for me. Thank you for going through my profile. Stay safe. Regards Amukelani Ngobeni


Set country: South Africa

Hi. My name is Ayafika I'm from South Africa, A very nice and out going person. It has always been my dream to travel around the world, but it's difficult to do so because of the expenses.

Cristian Daniel Avalos

Set country: Argentina

Hago Cicloturismo soy electricista y cuento con las herramientas básicas ,también llevo una guitarra criolla con repertorio personal de música latinoamericana.

Claudia Valla

Set country: Italy

We are Italian couple with a travel passion.


Set country: United States

Traveling hard worker looking for new adventures and experience new cultures

Matteus Batista

Set country: Brazil

Humoured and ready. I am a 25 year old Brazilian guy who seeks to visit all continents before 40. I'm a flight attendant in Brazil, however Covid has caused some trouble for airline companies and now I'm available (aka unemployed) for unknown period of time. So I am looking for possibilities to achieve that mentioned life goal, as far as Covid chaos let me. I also consider myself a natural helper and I love learning to live the best life from all different cultures and backgrounds.

Gabrielly Lorrainy

Set country: Brazil


King Zee

Set country: South Africa

I'm 172cm tall, dark skinned with a great positive personality

Sora Aizawa

Set country: United States

to be finished


Set country: United States

Hi, my name is Sofia I would love to travel and see something new I live in the desert, AZ, I love the beach. I cook clean, I’m always open to new things. I would love to learn how to surf or grow plants.

Saeed jamshidi

Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

love to travel and experience new things


Set country: United Kingdom

I consider myself a flexible and versatile person, I feel the impulse and motivation to discover and learn new ways of living and sharing experiences such as adventure activities in the middle of nature and yoga-meditation, since I love sport and I am interested in all topics related to wellness therapies and to participate in sustainable-environmental and creative-artistic projects.


Set country: Kenya

Ready to explore the world.

Babalwa Mda

Set country: South Africa

I'm a humble, open minded individual who is optimistic about life. I love the outdoors just as much as I love being indoors. I'm a flexible person who adapts well to any given situation or place. Reason for taking interest in this is to forfill my dream of traveling and learn different cultures, religions, just basically different lifestyles.


Set country: United Kingdom

I am Elsa Spanish, I have worked in companies as an administrative and coordinator of training projects. I like the customer service and helping in the last years I have done a volunteer service helping Kindergarden doing swimming classes for children and babies. I would very much like to help at a reception.

Shahedia Nembhard

Set country: Belize

I am 26 yes old no children currently working as a caregiver
I am out going nd love to explore and learn about new countries a d people

Keiona Robinson

Set country: United States

Hi my name is Keiona Robinson and I would love to travel and tell all of my friends and family about my experience. I would also like to take pickers and videos telling others that would like to travel about my experience and my opinion on where I travel and things I would recommend them to do, see or try in the area they are traveling.

Constance M

Set country: Dominican Republic

Adventurous and hard working


Set country: United States

I love to experience new things and to learn new things, This would be a great opportunity for me to do so.


Set country: Ireland

21year old student looking to travel the world


Set country: United States

Im 21 years old, and the oldest of 6. Im am an adventurer and Life enthusiast ! My Hobbies consist of , photography , hiking , traveling , producing , singing , and trying new foods! My ultimate Goal is to be a photographer for national geographic ! I want to be a travel photographer or what one would call , a nomad. What makes me unique is my ability to connect people of different diversities, my ability to use laughter as medicine, and my ability to express esoteric knowledge easily.

Laura Kochan

Set country: United States

Please let us introduce ourselves! We are a soon to be retired couple with a lovely home in Colorado. We have raised two beautiful children on 5 acres of fun. At one point we had three horses, a mini-donkey, 2 dogs, three cats, two hamsters and a partridge in a pear tree! Our daughter participated in 4-H with her horse and our son rode dirt bikes in the pasture. Our point – we love animals, know how to take of them and are available to jump into your world. Even if you don’t have animals, we are homeowners ourselves and will treat your home with respect. We have great work ethic and are not afraid of much! Mark and I have carved out a few years to do nothing but travel and see the world. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We truly look forward to ... Read more

Nilza Mell

Set country: Brazil

Divorciada 51 an8s Psicologa Cuidadora infantil

Taieja Cook

Set country: United States

Entrepreneur. Foodie. Plant based diet and I love hiking and farming. Just looking for more adventure and less American life.


Set country: South Africa

We are a South African couple that recently got married , I am 25years of age and he is 26 I am a chef by profession and my husband is a school teacher we love traveling and and learning new cultures and also teaching people about our South African culture we are very well mannered and above all very humble and we would love to explore the world

Linda K

Set country: South Africa

I'm Linda Kevin Mkhumbuza 24 year old Male from South Africa, I'm a former Tourism student student and I love travel

Romely Cañonazo

Set country: Philippines

My name is Romely Cañonazo, I’m 23 years old and I’m from the family-oriented country Philippines. To go abroad as an volunteer/helper/Au-Pair has been a wish of mine for several years now. Moreover, travel/working abroad also is some kind of a journey to discover, find myself and for me to grow and develop more about myself. Finally, responsible for myself, I want to discover and not giving up in reaching my dream because I know there are lots possibilities out there waiting for me


Set country: Canada

City girl meets the world of permaculture, nature, simplicity & sustainable living: which has rocked my world. I would love to live more sustainably, simply, in a community, growing organic food, building a strawbale home, off grid, harvesting rainwater etc. I have been exploring community; travelling & volunteering hands-on with several projects. Following my heart's call and choosing my experiences as they present themselves. Each being a huge gift, stepping stone in the unfolding & awakening of my true self and to be of heart centered service to others. A lover of life and its many mysteries I know the power and the value of a smile.

If I were to describe myself in a few words; amiable -- calm -- dependable -- flexible -- observant -- sincere. I have experience living in a mor... Read more

Iman Nahabwe

Set country: Saudi Arabia

My name is Nahabwe immaculate from UgandaUganda-Africa and 25 years