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Joey Keenan

Set country: United States

hard workers


Set country: France

Hi My name is Clémence. I'm from France and I'll finish my study in the next months. So I plan to get some fresh air far from France to discover new cultures, new amazing people, to share experiencesand to do some outside and manual activities. I live in the countryside in the East of France next to Switzerland, so I can enjoy easily the nature. What I love? - Doing outdoor activities such as muntain hiking and windsurfing - Doing some manual activities such as wood construction, woodturning, painting and gardening Which countries I already traveled: - Germany, Norway, Italy and Spain - Sri Lanka (as a farm volunteer), Senegal and Egypt


Set country: United States

My names Christina Fairbanks!
I’m from Michigan USA.
I’m 27 years old!
I am a very calm and relaxed person! I love to bring light and laughter to everyone around me! I am a very hard worker! I’m a workaholic actually! I work two serving jobs. My main job is bartending which I enjoy to the fullest! I have not expanded or branched out on new adventures and I am pass due on doing so! I want to travel and learn new and positive skills and habits! I want to be a naturopathic doctor eventually! I’m looking to gain knowledge the holistic way! Along with permaculture skills I would like a grasp on as well
Life is about experience!!!!
I I need to experience new people places and things! Let’s Journey on!!!


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! My name is Chloe, I am 25 years old and very well travelled- I have visited 50 countries so far! I love animals, adventure and trying new activities. I am also a keen sailor! When I travel, I love to immerse myself in the local culture, tasting the cuisine and learning about different religions. I am positive with a can do attitude, I work hard and play hard! I am now looking for a new volunteering opportunity, preferably with animals but I am open to anything :)

Drammeh Junior Ebrima

Set country: Gambia

am youth volunteer, my dream is to travel and volunteer to more than 30 countries..i have been to feel on volunteer work, so am hoping to find a host

Jessica Grover

Set country: United States

Hi There ! I’m a fitness trainer , dance instructor, caregiver and traveler currently living in New York . I work hard and love to experience different cultures . I look forward to connecting with you !

Perananda Sivalingam S

Set country: India

I'm planning for a travel startup. So, like to know cultures and traditions of different regions.


Set country: Liberia

I am dedicated, focus and a team player, willing to learn New Ideas and also work under pressure.

Rita Namugabi

Set country: Uganda

Middle aged female of a Ugandan nationality available, passionate, optmistic, free spirited, adventurous, open minded, ethuisiastic and willing

Mariana Cardoso

Set country: Portugal

I'm Mariana, I'm 20, about to finish my bachelor degree and I want to have good traveling oportunities, where I feel more in touch with the culture of the places I choose to visit!

Hadi Abou Chacra

Set country: Netherlands

Pharmacist with 6 years working experience in primary health care in lebanon. Last work: medical coordinator in a well known lebanese NGO


Set country: Brazil

Bachelor in International Relations.

Lucy Großhans

Set country: Germany

my name is Lucy, I'm 20 years old and from the South of Germany.
In March 2018 I graduated my A-level and my further plans are to travel as much as possible and to see every corner of the world.
I love to work in the nature, with people and especially with children.
I'm giving private tuition for students in English for about two years now.
But I'm also open for any other kind of work.
Furthermore, I play piano and guitar and in my freetime I'm often playing football.
In addition, I sometimes write articles for the local newspaper.
I look forward to any type of inquiry :) .

Alexander & Olga

Set country: Not set

Hello, dear Hosts!
Please give us a chance to be helpful to you and to know your personality closer!
We are searching for lovely place to stay and work in.
Who are we? We both have the opportunity to work and earn money remotely. Alexander works as a freelance engineer and I am a private teacher. Job does not take all our time, so we want to help people, do some different outdoor work, communicate and socialize.


Set country: United States

I am a spirited, independent and responsible professional that would be the perfect candidate to help you with your house, pets, kids and errands as needed.

I'm looking to broaden my horizons, live and immerse myself in different cultures while helping people with miscellaneous tasks. I used to care for my own condo in Boston and had a Bengal cat. Before that, I have helped to care for my host family's dog(schnauzer). One of my work places had a fish tank and I changed the water and cleaned the tank for the fishes weekly as well. I love working with my hands and being active.

I also have experience caring for babies and toddlers and can take care of young ones. Let me know how I can help!

Andrea Gobbi

Set country: Italy

I'm a fun, friendly, enthusiastic, hard-working Italian guy looking for a great experience

Izumi Bérat

Set country: Portugal

Looking for a place to stay during confinement


Set country: France

Hello you !

I'm Aurelien, a french young man, I'm here to meet new people, discover new cultures and ways of life. I have an intermediate level in English.

I got a computer scientist training, and I work as a IT specialist in the French Police. In my opinion, the best part in my work is to help others, to talk with them. I always learn something from a chat with someone.

I would love to help you with any task, I am good at getting used to new kind of work, so feel free to teach me what you want me to do for you.
I'm looking forward to meeting you, feel free to send me a message !
See you soon.


Set country: United States

Hey my name is Shane and I am looking for people to learn from. I am a traveler and in search of work that will get me in the dirt. I love farming, building, and tending to animals. I hope I can help you with the projects that will make your house a home.

Noemi Giustacchini

Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm Noemi, from Bologna, Italy. I'm 21 years old. I'm a student, I'm going to graduating at university this october in International Cooperation and Development. I want to try new experience, I want to travel in a different way, I want to knew different ways of live. I'm quiet and kind.

Nahel Aouane

Set country: Canada

Hello, My Name is Nahel Aouane, my goal is not only to help local communities all across South East Asia the best way I possibly can but also share with that beautiful Asian Culture, a culture that I am very close to. I pray everyday, Yoga, meditation, I've done the vipassana meditation for a couple weeks in a bouddhist monastery north of chiang mai last year, I really love this culture. Volunteering is part of who I am, we regularIy organise meal prep for the poor here in Montreal, I used to help in Morroco everry summer since i'm 13 to restore the beaches and rebuilding shcools. This is why I am willing to exchange my time and my expertise for a place to stay a meal a day. If you have any questions I would love to chat. Thanks, Nahel

Ruhul Amin

Set country: Bangladesh

I'm Ruhulamin from Dhaka in bangladesh.

Liv Salerno-DeWald

Set country: United States

My partner Brie and I (as well as our two well behaved cats) are looking for an affordable way to go back to school for graduate programs. We both need to be in Pittsburgh and would love to find a live in situation where we could live for free or a very low cost in exchange for our services to help an individual or family. Since we will both be in full time programs, we're looking for something creative to do in order to live rent free or for a low cost and still be useful to whoever we're living with.


Set country: Qatar

My name is Mustapha, i'm Tunisian and i live and work in Doha Qatar. Travelling is my passion always, and i've been to many countries around the World in the previous 4 years. I'd like to try new experience through hippohelp, meet new people, make new friends and enjoy helping them. I'm very friendly, honest, open and always available to help. I love nature, animals, electronic music and doing gym and outdoor sports.

Asia Colonna

Set country: Italy

Hi! I'm Asia
I'm freelance copywriter/web writer. I work for many magazines online and blogs, I love this job since writing is my passion. I am a positive and flexible person who loves to stay in contact with people and learn new things!
In love with languages, cultures, art, writing, reading, music, environment and healthy food.
Respect, tolerance and adaptability are my main principles.


Set country: India

I am an Indian professional, working with a leading airline for over 8.5 years. I want to take a break from the corporate life and travel for a while however while doing so I want to keep learning and enhance my skills in different areas.

I am an eager learner, friendly, hospitable, respectful towards all communities.

I would love for hosts to give me a chance and experience things.

Nicoletta Waldron

Set country: United States

I am a 30 year old female with a almost 5 year old .I am a smoker (who will not be joining me) looking for adventure and want to experience new places and people.
I am shy and quiet at first but can be outgoing and is open minded

Aldin Michael Adjahie Scott

Set country: Sierra Leone

I believe in helping others.i'm an easy going individual.i love traveling and exploring new places and learning new cultures. I can work in the most harsh conditions and always open to learn new things.

Sara Heyerly

Set country: United States

Hello! I am a single 28 year old independent who is interested in experiencing living in another part of the world for a couple of months. I am friendly, caring, and easy to get along with. Willing to be a helping hand in exchange for a place to lay my head at night. I have experience in caring for others (young and old), housekeeping, waitressing/serving, personal assistance, farm work, home maintenance, gardening, etc. You name it. Excited to partner with others in a warm and welcoming environment! I enjoy being active and being outside, working independently as well as with others. I find that I am able to make friends easily, wherever I am.

Tshido Runya Mlambo-Mahleko

Set country: Zimbabwe

I am a fun loving lady interested in learning new cultures and visiting places, I love animals, children and would love to try out anything that could teach me something new in life.