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Rodrigo Rezende

Set country: Brazil

Solteiro, sem filhos, disposto a aprender e ajudar


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Char. I'm an art student currently traveling between new experiences learning as much as I can about myself and gaining new skills on my way.

Zafy Imparato

Set country: Italy

I am 21 years old and I'm a languages student in search of experience and whose main objective is to improve her skills.


Set country: Lithuania

Hi, I’m Zamira. I love travelling and meet new people. Currently, I’m working as an IT specialist in Lithuania. I have two Master degrees in Environmental engineering from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania) and Computerised control of Electrical Technologies from Riga Technical University (Latvia).

Guada Barone

Set country: Argentina

Hola! Un gusto :)
Mi nombre es Guada y tengo 23 años. Soy muy creativa, aprendo rápido, no me molesta el trabajo de mano de obra, al interperie o también con asuntos tecnológicos. En idiomas tengo conocimientos básicos de inglés, además de mi lengua nativa español, pero al ser muy comprensiva y abierta puedo solidificar expresiones en algunas conversaciones si así se requiere. Soy muy amable y dispuesta, siempre esperando que sea recíproco.
Estoy en esta página más que todo para descubrimiento personal, conociendo culturas, distintas personas y sus ideas y hacer buenos momentos.
Para una mejor experiencia para las dos partes deseo un acuerdo equitativo y cálido.
Desde ya muchas gracias :) En caso de contacto puede hacerlo desde mi perfil de facebook Guada Barone... Read more

Matias Ignacio Denna

Set country: Italy

Love to travel! Expert in Hospitality. My goal is to make the guest feel comfortable. A smile is always important. I'm comfortable working with travelers from around the world and learn about new cultures. I'm a lover of nature and I am interested in learning about agriculture and ways of self-sustainability.

Glória Souza

Set country: Brazil

I'm a Brazilian student and I'm 22 years old.

Marianae Olg

Set country: United States

Mexican 27 year old girl, graduated from communication and marketing studies. Actually un USA working at summer camp planning to travel NY city at the end of season , (August 17) looking for a 3-4 weeks volunteer work


Set country: Ghana

I am writing to express my interest as well as my dream in being part of the working team in your reputable establishment. Albert Nifty is my name, 35 years of age, hailing from the central part of Ghana (Cape coast). I am Very goal oriented, hardworking and vigilant in working. I have acquired many and different dynamic working experiences in my previous technical works right after my senior high education from 2006 up to date. It is my passion to meet new people and to exchange cultural values, cultures and languages .

Ana Stasia

Set country: Greece

me yoga sun, loving my shadow and travell trhough greece with my boyfriend right now searching a stay for work and live, love life

Andrea Minguez

Set country: Mexico

Mi nombre es Andrea, tengo 25 años y soy española. He estudiado relaciones laborales y recursos humanos, y después de mis estudios estuve viviendo 3 años en Escocía, donde aprendí inglés y mi mundo se abrió mucho. Definitivamente ha sido una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida. Me considero una persona abierta y con ganas de colaborar en diferentes proyectos. Llevo viajando por Latinoamérica 5 meses y tengo ganas de realizar voluntariado para sumar otra experiencia más en mi viaje.


Set country: Brazil

We like to visit places and interact with people from different cultures. We believe that the exchange of experiences promotes feelings that we keep forever in our lives. We are communicative and like activities that allow us to learn.


Set country: South Africa

I am a 22 years old female who loves dancing and helping others. I am a fast learner and good with children.

Aditya Bhushan

Set country: India

Love to explore the new place and meet new people.

Cibele Zuneda

Set country: Brazil

Sou nascida no Brasil, formada em odontologia ha 5 anos; tenho 32 anos de idade. Moro com minha filha de 3 anos, sou mãe, profissional, dona de casa e aventureira.(Faço guarda compartilhada)
Amo natureza, não tenho medo de insetos ou bichos de qualquer tipo, tenho muita disposição e resistencia física, costumo acordar cedo e dormir de 6h a 8h opr dia.
Gosto de praia, trilhas... sou apaixonada e curiosa pela vida e por todas as formas de manifestação da vida , sejam elas animais, humanas ou vegetais. Sou vegetariana ha 8 anos. Me interesso por ajudar as pessoas e aprender coisas novas.
Empatia, respeito, amor e altruísmo são meu lema.
Meu parceiro segue as mesmas diretrizes


Set country: Gibraltar

This chance, this opportunity, this Experience is going to impact my future decisions and
footsteps going forth, there is no absolute thought / doubt about it.
And I will truly exclaim and plead you this,
I am so very, truly willing to put in 110% Heart, Soul and be Un afraid to experience real
feelings and emotions, and absolutely refrain on pushing things to the side and
compartmentalizing and staying in the classic cliché bubble of comfort because than I
would be disrespecting the honour, I have been gifted on representing what you have worked so hard to achieve on getting too, the place where both you are and where you want be, and
learning and understanding more amongst that, and absolutely Recognizing that.

One has to make them self as what they would... Read more


Set country: United States

I’m a 5’ 3’’ male that is 32 years old. I’m currently looking for new and different. If I would have know that sites like these existed I would have been doing this a long time ago. I’m a very hard worker and love to learn new things. Meeting new and interesting people is something that I’m looking forward to. I am a certified craftsman and craft instructor in carpentry and drywall. But I don’t want to limit my time here to only those two skills. I’m a very quick learner with a can do attitude. My reason for here is I want to become my own kinda man. One could say that I have been resting on my father laurels, and now would like to prove to myself that I can be self sufficient on nobody else’s steam but my own. I value honesty and integrity more than money. Shame... Read more

Quito Barajas

Set country: United States

Quito like the Keto Diet. That's how you pronounce my name. I can't let connections go to waste. They are too precious. I've been working at a fulfillment center, but it is unfulfilling. That's why I'm traveling.

I'm fully vaccinated with Pfizer

Mehrak Amin

Set country: Turkey

I'm a traveler who likes travel to different places and meet new people and learn about their culture. I try to cut some of my expenses by working in the area that i have experties. I have a  bachelor degree in Marketing and a master degree in psychology. I have degree in childcoaching. I have worked in advertising companies as internal manager. I have also worked with children for many years, as private educator, internal manager in children academy,children psychologyst and i love children and enjoy work with them. I worked for painting and costume modeling, and I was a model. My husband is a tour leader  and we have organized different tour packages to destinations in Iran,India (Recreational Tours؛Coordination of meditation courses) and some  in Turkey in which i have d... Read more

Lucía Parrilla

Set country: Spain

Hi! I'm Lucía and I live in a village in the north of Spain. I'm not an expert on farm labours, but I know some practices and have some experience. I'm currently studying at the Santiago de Compostela University and I spend most of my time with books, music, films, my bike and my cat.


Set country: France

Recent drama graduate with a creative mind looking to explore the world as much as possible and help out as much as I can. I love learning about different cultures, languages and meeting people. Resourceful, creative and kind!


Set country: United States

Alex Iuliani

Set country: Italy

22 Years old, History and Literature student, working as a journalist for the University Magazine. I attended a touristic/economic high school, where I graduated in 2018. Languages enthusiast, I can speak italian, english and spanish, and I'm currently studying Arabic. I want to experience life in all its strength and greatness, and I'm willing to learn, work and build memories. I want my future self to thank my present self, because he enjoyed his youth while becoming a man, and, most importantly, because he lived. I worked different jobs, but most importantly I made precious experience working in a Luxury Hotel in Parma, my city, in Italy, where I had the chance to speak different languages, meet many interesting people (Opera directors, CEOs, the Moscow Ballet) and learn that if y... Read more

Mariarosaria Santaniello

Set country: Italy

Hello! I am a sunny and energetic girl who loves to have new experiences. I love to travel and enjoy every adventure to the fullest! You can contact me on

Parker Broadhead

Set country: United States Minor Outlying Islands

My brother and I are visiting Hawaii for a couple weeks and are looking to get a hands on experince of Hawaii while we are here. We love trying new things.

Sheriff M. Soliman

Set country: Egypt

I am Sherif Mohamed Suleiman, I am 18 years old. I can speak English, but I am not fluent, I love cooking and photography

Carla Méndez Barrera

Set country: Spain

Hello, I'm Carla, very pleased to meet you. I'm an international business management graduate, whose looking forward to work as a volunteer in other countries and help as much as I can. :)

Rebecca Campbell

Set country: United Kingdom

Looking for experiences in India, I am open to mosy type of work. Please message me for details.

Leonardo Porcinito

Set country: Brazil

Hello! I'm Leo, 25 yrs-old from São Paulo, Brazil. I love to learn new cultures and study languages. I'm also an actor and musician, so I have a huge connection with art in general. I live life like it was a poetry that writes itself. I've had experiences working as an accountant in a hospital. I'm very extroverted and easygoing, I love talking to people and helping them. You can count on me to organize parties, talking to people, helping tourists and any other activity that involves communication and interaction. I'm also a huge pet lover, I've had many dogs throughout my life so I'm very easy to bond with animals. I'd like to work as a voluntary to expand my connections and also to self-discover. I'm very spiritual and would love to enhance my spirituality by exploring different real... Read more


Set country: United States

Hello to everyone who happens to be reading this. My name is Brianna and I am 22 years old from New York City. I'm just here to enjoy life and assist others. I am a lively person that enjoys trading and just getting out my comfort zone.

Елена Машникова

Set country: Spain

I have an outgoing personality and i get on very well with other people. In addition, i'm kind, patient, but active, attentive, executive, serious, I bring what I started to the end and I learn quickly. I like to travel and discover new countries, traditions and new languages. I speak 6 languages.


Set country: New Zealand

Let me introduce us. :) My name is Michelle and I'm a fun and outgoing person who is currently traveling with my English partner, Mason. We are looking for an adventure and love to get our hands dirty. We both enjoy meeting new people, exploring new areas, and being surrounded by nature and animals. I also enjoy reading, photography, and would love to learn some new skills throughout this journey. Mason is an artistic, fun loving and outgoing guy who loves cooking and creating just about anything. He gets on well with anyone and has been traveling for a few years so is willing to help out with any task and is very adaptable. If you want to know anymore about us please don't hesitate to reach out. We are keen to help out and if you have some additional work available on the property we... Read more

Chloe Crusan

Set country: United States

Hi there! My name is Chloe, I am a recent college graduate, and I am 23 years old. I am from midwest USA, looking to pursue my dream of experiencing the world around me but with a purpose. I may not have much experience yet, but I am very eager and willing to learn new skills with enthusiasm. I am passionate about building relationships with people above all :) I can't wait to meet you!

Yvonne Krajczewski

Set country: Guatemala


my name is Yvonne and I’m 30 years old. Certainly I’m traveling with my partner in Central America. Danny is 33 years old an electrician. In our home country I worked as a social worker. We feel a need to give something back, to help people and animals , to learn about the environment and culture, and of course: I hope to safe some money for our travel :)

Beside our skills as social worker ( I’m educator/ childcare worker too) and Electrician we can help with a lot of things. Especially cooking :) housekeeping, bar keeping crafts… Well always give our best!

Gina Ryan

Set country: United States

Positive, hardworking, talented. Skills/ area of knowledge include, reception, hospitality, cleaning, cooking, automotive, gardening, animal care, fitness and skin care. Interests/ hobbies include, travel, outdoors/ hiking, sustainable living, holistic healing, yoga, meditation and fitness.

D'Arcy Boevey Barrett

Set country: Ireland

Hi there, We are a couple, I am south African/British and my girlfriend is Canadian/Romanian. I have loads of all round skills from farm help to handyman and garden work.