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Set country: Brazil

My name is Victor, I'm from Brazil and I'm 23 years old. I'm production engineer but travel abroad was always my dream. So here I am, searching for some opportunities to do an volunteering work or a work exchange.

Adriana Lemos

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi there! My name is Adriana, I’m from Porto (Portugal), living in the UK since 2018. I am currently looking for a learning experience/cultural exchange both in France and Italy! Practicing both languages would be phenomenal! I’ve worked in hotels and restaurants between the ages of 18-25, so you may want to use that experience to your advantage in whatever business you are running. Since moving to the UK, I’ve worked as an Au Pair and a retail assistant. I’m more than happy to help you with anything you need from house maintenance to dog walking. Cooking and gardening are not my strengths but I would definitely help!! I’m very willing to learn new things and engage in new experiences and tasks, so no worries there whatsoever!

Simon Hoffman

Set country: United States

Howdy ! My name is Simon, and I am a recent college graduate from Chapman University in Southern California with a degree in Community Education and Advocacy. I am looking to spend my first chunk of time post-grad living and working with the land and my natural setting as I try to experience more of the world and understand what my drives are and where I will fit into the cosmic collage. I grew up in a small valley in central Vermont; I have loads of experience landscaping, gardening, harvesting, working with children, and I have a deep love for the outdoors. I am an active young guy, I am handy, and I am hardworking. The things I love most are creative expression, shared experiences, and runnin around barefoot in the woods. I believe that I will be of great help and a pleasure to have ... Read more

Ema Mikulic

Set country: Bosnia and Herzegovina



Set country: Italy

24 yo, italian student, always travelling. I speak many languages fluently and I've just started speaking Portugese after an erasmus experience. I'm looking for a cool experience to have in these months since I'm done with my studies!

Swetha Surisetti

Set country: India

I'm Swetha . I graduated in Home Science , currently pursuing Msc interior designing and resource Resource Management
I'm good at working with art projects but flexible to do other works .

Hello !
I'm samvedh .
I'm travel enthusiast who is very good at digital marketing and poster designing .

We are from Andhra Pradesh.


Set country: France

My name is Don, I am a french student.
I am 23 y.o, finishing my engineering studies and pursuing soon my studies,
I am looking for a deep breath, and I want to help. I travelled several times in Asia, for short holidays, for exchange program (1 semester), backpacking. I also visited many countries in Europe, mostly big cities. But, I developed a passion for mountains and nature during my trip in South-Korea. I was hiking almost every week-ends alone or with a bunch of friends. I make good makeshift buildings with woods ;)

Ishtar Kroonenberg

Set country: Netherlands

I am a 58 year old woman who loves to travel. I sailed Europe and the canary islands as a charter captain for a lot of years, but had to stop due to family reasons. I am an very actif person, get along with almost everybody, and like to see the positive site of things. I love nature, animals, sun and the sea.


Set country: Spain

I have a strong will and I am very hard-working. I am also friendly and I love animals and learning new things.

Melissa Hawthorne

Set country: United States

Hello world! I am Melissa. I live i Utah and am 47. I want to see as much of the world as I can before I get too I do not have a lot of experience; what I do have is a willing spirit and lots of love for everyone!

Tylah Winston

Set country: United Kingdom

Hello. My name is Tylah Winston. I am 23 years old from the north west of England. I am looking for a new adventure. I love travelling & seeing new things. I am a very dedicated & hardworker. I’m very trustworthy & reliable also. I’ve done my fair bit of travelling in the last 2 years. From working in Magaluf, Spain to Volunteering for 3 months in Uganda where I learn a ton of new skills & also working in the capital of Indonesia Jakarta & visiting Thailand. I have lots of experience in bar work, promoting, ticket selling & that kind of stuff. I also work in telesales (with admin experience also) So any office work I’ll be perfect for. But I am a quick learner & love learning new things. So I’m definitely up for any new challenges. I am looking for volunteer work that offers fre... Read more


Set country: Ghana

I am a technical University graduate. I majored in science laboratory.I am from Ghana west Africa and live in the city of Accra. With the love for assistance I tried to join this site. I have lived all my life with different kinds of people. From family relations to others and even friends. These periods gave me some privelage to capture activities right from home to the environment.
These activities includes house chores such as cleaning, scrubbing,washing,cooking,drying and even weeding. To the environment, I became a good farmer, painter, and a good sales person,even running minor and major errands. I loved to share ideas as well as learn what I've never been taught before. I'm full of energy hence involved in almost every activities that could take place in the neighborhood.... Read more


Set country: Greece

Sunny disposition, open mind and easy going but also serious and responsible.

Hannah Chingarande

Set country: Australia

Hey! My name is Hannah! I have spent a year in Australia and want to travel even more! I’m originally from the USA am excited to come back and travel within my country.

Inês Duarte

Set country: Ireland

Hi there, my name is Inês and I live in Cork for about 4 years. I work in a college helping students with accommodation or visa requests. I am easy going, open minded and always eager to learn and help. I love nature, hiking and all kind of art. I am looking forward to live this experience, help and learn new things. Thanks and take care.

Kristine Barnett

Set country: United States

I am a 54 year old woman who has always dreamed of traveling overseas. I am currently a caregiver for my mother who is terminally ill and once she transitions I want to follow that dream. My children are grown so now is the time. I am interested in other cultures and want to immerse myself by working and living with the locals.


Set country: Algeria

Hello I'm Yamina I'm 18 Really I want to join here with u I promise I will do the best to help others Peace


Set country: Bangladesh

Hello I am Md. Illais Ahmed I am a successful businessman I like to travel and I like to volunteer more I want to travel I want to see people I want to mix with people I want to help people.

On In

Set country: Brazil

quiero conocer personas interesantes, participar de proyectos que repeten a las personas y al planeta


Set country: United States

* We are currently looking for work stays starting August 2020 around Oregon *️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ *** We have a dog *** We are from Fresno, California. We have been married for three years. We have a well behaved service dog in training named Kyra. We are looking to experience and learn as much as we can. We believe a lot is wasted in America and we are looking to reduce our foot print to nothing. In this world a day job just doesn’t cut it. So, we are traveling from place to place, meeting wonderful people, helping and being helped. We have participated in sixteen work trades in the past four years. We have been to: CA, OR, WA, AZ, CO, NC, TN, VA, and HI. We adore animals and appreciate eggs, milk and meat they give us. We think their lives should b... Read more

Wendy Grace Ward

Set country: United States

A fun free spirited individual that likes to travel .

Aušra Astra

Set country: Lithuania

Hi, I am 46 years old lady who would like to prepare to study PhD studies and I would like to practice my English.


Set country: Morocco

Hello dear host family I'll i can say I'm hard worker. Love work in garden and farms because i live in one . Adore animals Will not let you down


Set country: United States

Hello, my name is Ethan Dalton, and I am a recent college graduate from the United States. I have an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Geology. I love the Earth and all of its beautiful creatures. My life goal is to simply travel, meet diverse people, and above all, try and experience as much as possible. I am a hard worker, I worked in a lumberyard to pay for my schooling during the day and washed dishes and cleaned tables in a restaurant at night. I would love for the opportunity to help wherever I can and learn as much as I can about new areas.

Đông Lê

Set country: France

Bonjour, Je suis étudiant cherche un job d'été entre 15/07 et fin aout