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Mustapha Saadouni

I'm a beginner in photography and I like discovering new places as to make new works I'm an active member in two associations

Carrie-ann Kloss

If you want to contact me, please call or text me at 646-966-0879. You can still message me on here but I'm not around Wi-Fi and I'm trying to conserve my data. I'm currently at work exchange situation in southern California. I've been there since 11/15/18. I'm able to travel at this time. I don't mind where my next destination is as long as I can get to where you are via Amtrak, greyhound, and or perhaps a ride from an Amtrak or greyhound station.

Previously, I was in a work exchange situation in a NYC apartment for 5 years recently (not through helpx; it was somebody I knew in NYC since 2007.) My duties have been cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, and grocery shopping. While in NYC, I've been volunteering for the Coalition for the Homeless on and off since March 2007.

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Hello, I'm Alessandro, a musician from Italy! I love nature, animals, adventures and breaking daily routine! I work in a radio as sound engineer, director and composer.

Although my biggest dream is to become a music composer, I decided to begin exploring the world without a time limit, working, travelling, learning from new people and trying to widen my worldview.

I'm open to any kind of experience, in fact I didn't plan anything about my trip except for the first destination: Perth, Australia.


Hi Im Maria and I love adventures and new experiences.Helping people and learning is what im looking for. I speak Portuguese and would love to improve my english while I meet new friends.


Hello! My name is Stella, I want to discover the world and work and in that way get closer to the culture and country. I am also the sister of the creator of Hippohelp and now I want to try it while I'm travelling:)


hello friends my name is mohamed but you can call me MOMO it is easy ;) i have 28 years old from morocco,i have diploma en electricity since 5 years ago im very enthusiastic to join in this site and share with you a lot of things;) I love adventure and meeting new people and so am really open to anything! It's always nice to help people on the way too :') I am also very passionate about the environment and animals, and looking after them!


Hi, we're couple from siberia. We're tired of our little cold town and dreaming about live someplace for a few years. We're kind, friendly, outgoing and young. We can help each other and have fun. CuLtUraL ExChANge))))