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Mícheal Ó Leathlobhair

Set country: Ireland

Hi I am Micheal! I am a 27 year old from Co. Galway, Ireland.(The European Capital of culture) I hope to join the world of work exchange & back pack travel for the first time starting April 22. Hope to begin with Europe and learn a few languages as I go along throughout the summer! Happy to help with whatever tasks you guys may have!

Никита Кузнецов

Set country: India

Hello! I am IT-developer, live in my own house in a village, so has experience in work in a garden, with planting and care of trees and vegetables and also some basic carpenter work. My wife is a sertified yoga-teacher, tour-guide, has experience in work with children, photography, text-writing and cooking vegetarian meals. Now we are travelling in Asia, discovering new countries and sights, working in different fields and geting new experiences with joy and pleasure.

Enma Hernandez Gallego

Set country: Spain

Hey! We are two 22 year old girls wanting to travel and work away. We graduated in tourism and are very passionate about learning new cultures.

Fla Amorim

Set country: Brazil

Hello, id like to work with kids, nanny or au pair, like Sales woman, turism..


Set country: Brazil

My name is Adriano Fragata dos Santos, I'm Brazilian and I'm 40 years old. I started this year with a brand new ideal in my life, the last two years haven´t been easy to anyone and I found myself kind of lost but also with the need of doing something good for others, such as to participate in new projects in order to go deep inside of myself to disclosure the reason of my existence in this planet. I Know times are changing. It´s time we all reach out for something new, that means me too. There´s much to learn and so much to see.

I want to rest, I need to get exhausted, I must to find answers and even more questions. I'm looking for new references and to remember who I truly am, I just need a chance, without having to pay too much for it – I need you!

By the way, I c... Read more

Mabel Balabanian Costa Coutinho

Set country: Brazil

I am a friendly, reliable and pleasant person. I love to travel, discover new cultures, cuisines, meet and help people. I like nature, animals, plants, mountains and the sea. I seek self-knowledge, spiritual development and practice languages. I hope to contribute my skills and learn new things.


Set country: United States

I just traveled South America for a year August 2020-2021 and arrived back to the USA to get a new passport and save up some funds. I have experience with general maintenance, landscaping, and running digital social media including blogging for some of my hosts in South America that I worked with. On the side I do daytrading on a stock market app called WeBull.

Veronica Lamanna

Set country: Not set

Set country: Canada

I am a 22-year-old male from Canada looking to explore Europe in 2022 as I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Ryerson University. I am eager to explore the world and learn about other cultures and lifestyles in an immersive environment. I am a very social person that loves to interact with others and exchange in meaningful ways. I have a consistently positive attitude and am always motivated to learn more and offer my assistance. I am enthusiastic about the possibility of living with a family in Europe and helping in any capacity I can while taking in the new culture and language in the meantime.

Adrian Rodriguez

Set country: Spain

I am a photographer from Costa Rica based in Spain. I am looking for opportunities where I can help while creating a stronger portfolio


Set country: France

Hi! I'm Hannah, and I am getting ready to travel to the United States. I grew up on an island off the coast of France, in a bilingual family (French mother, American father). Like my parents and three siblings, I've always loved to travel and discover new things. Currently, as I take a year or two off from school, I am planning to go to the U.S. to perfect my English and especially to get to know American culture first-hand. I tend to start out shy whenever I find myself in a new situation... but once I've had time to get my bearings, I really enjoy spending time with new people and discovering new places and landscapes. In the same way, partying with a lot of people and loud music isn't my thing; I prefer quieter moments, where I can get to know people by sharing one-on-one. I hav... Read more


Set country: United States

I'm really interested in learning how to do things, in this period of my life I started to learn our history as human beings in relationship to our food Once I made sourdough bread for the first time, it changed my life I'm interested in learning how to build things, how to work with animals, milking cows, goats, sheep, etc How to ride horses Hunting, fishing, ow to be self sufficient, self sustainable, etc Always learning more about our history, looking forward to continuing that process

Laith Al-hazaimeh

Set country: Jordan

My name is Laith. I'm 22 years old. I'm adaptable, honest and hard-working person. I didn't have the chance to travel because I was busy getting my bachelor degree in English language and literature. I want in this period starting a new life by travelling around the world and meeting a new friends.

Marlies Stokman

Set country: Netherlands

I am a student from the Netherlands, who loves being active and visiting new places. That is why I am on this website; to explore, exchange knowledge, and meet new people. Some strengths of mine are my readiness to learn, knowledge of nutrition, creativity, and speaking multiple languages (fluent in Dutch and English, basic in French and German). My practical mindset and enthusiasm can hopefully be put to good use here!

Jose Thiago Silva

Set country: Brazil

Hi!!! my name is Thiago I am 30 years old and my dream is to travel to different places to learn about new languages ​​and culture. I am looking for opportunity to work and learn.


Set country: Brazil

hello my name Cristina, I'm always willing and happy, I'm looking for an opportunity to be part of this team, communicative and active, I like to learn new things. I adapt easily and I try to be helpful. I work very well as a team.


Set country: Germany

Hello, my name is Anna and I am very excited about working abroad with native people. In my life I want to discover as many places on this world as possible and be able to call them my home.
In my opinion the best way to achieve that goal is to live and work with natives and get to know them as well as possible.
I also want to share my values and skills around the world and help where I can, to make this planet a better place.
I would love to get to know you! :)

Alice Lippe

Set country: Brazil

I have just recently graduated from college and I'm hoping to see the most of the world that I can. Through college I worked at restaurants with costumer service and I would be happy to help with guest service, but I'm also looking foward to new experiences in different areas. I'm a film school graduate and a film enthusiast. I get along well with others and I hope to meet new people and make new friendships.

Léa Gr

Set country: United Kingdom

My name is Léa and I'm 20 years old. I'm french and currently doing an Erasmus year at the University of Edinburgh. I love travelling and meeting new people.

Adriano Fragata

Set country: Brazil

My name is Adriano Fragata dos Santos, I'm Brazilian and I'm 40 years old. I started this year with a new ideal in my life, the last two years haven´t been easy and I found myself kind of lost but with the need of doing good for others, participating in new projects, diving inside myself and finding the reason for my existence on this planet. I want to rest, I need to get exhausted, I must to find answers and more questions. I'm looking for new references and to remember who I am truly, I just need a chance, without having to pay too much for it – I need you! By the way, I consider myself a person with compassionate and caring nature, flexible, adaptable and approachable. I have always had the desire to make people feel comfortable. I have always been respectful and sensitive to ... Read more

Jonas Mareels

Set country: Belgium

Young graduating student that wants to do some volunteering and have some real world experience before starting a career somewhere.

Juju Lima

Set country: Brazil

Hello, we are mother and son, seekink to knoe new ways. Our names are Victor 22 years old and Juscilene 39 years old. We hope to find our hosts to help with whatever you need.


Set country: Montenegro

Montenegrin student in Italy looking for a place to stay in exchange for help;)

Paula Lima

Set country: Brazil

Oi, meu nome é Ana Paula e o do meu parceiro é Kaio, somos brasileiros, e adoramos novas experiência e oportunidades de fazermos novos laços de amizades.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello! London based, travel addict, looking for opportunities to see new places, meet new people and do a bit of work at the same time. Have done similar trips to Australia, New Zealand, Barbados and Portugal using the Helpex website. Enjoy seeing new places through the perspective of a local instead of just being a tourist. Love the sun on my back whether that's in the mountains on on the coast. Living in London, I tend to prefer quieter, more remote locations for work breaks. As I get older I appreciate the less hectic attitude of rural life. I'm a Gardener first and foremost but can also use a saw and hammer when needed. I'm OK in the kitchen, nothing Cordon Bleu and tend to eat lots of veggies and fish, no meat or dairy if possible. Love animals, especially dogs and have been runnin... Read more

Keira Akord

Set country: Spain

Hi! I'm currently on Erasmus in Catalonia and I'd love to do a 1-2 weeks voluntary project in another part of Spain, preferably before February.


Set country: United States

Hello. Namaste. My given name is Pedro but my friends call me spirit. Im a musician, dancer, artists, I love meditation, yoga, martial arts, gardening, animals, paintball, airsoft, swimming, flying, and creativity. My mission is to raise awareness and help our economies evolve. Work exchanges are a good step for me and a good option because it allows me to focus on my own projects, without sacrificing too much of my energy or time in certain jobs...nothing against jobs though. As an aspiring entrepreneur, new experiences are valuable to me and help me grow.

Thiago Brum

Set country: Brazil

Sou um cara que gosto de viajar, conhecer pessoas, estar em contato com a natureza e com animais. Gosto de fazer trabalhos manuais, sou bastante ativo e animado.

Sâmela Patrícia

Set country: Brazil

Hi, my name is Sâmela. I love adventure, people and nature. Volunteering is very important to me as I have been helping with volunteer services since my college days, where studied attracts me a lot to meet people with different personalities, their culture and ways of thinking. Learning and sharing experiences are always welcome to me. I'm a cheerful and enthusiastic person. I always make friends wherever I go. I love traveling and at the moment I want to learn from other cultures, languages, people and experiences. ___________________________________________________ Hi, my name is Sâmia. I'm psychologist and I love connecting with people. I want to know new repertoires. I am a calm and flexible person, always open to conversation and I couldn't help but say that I love... Read more


Set country: Spain

Young couple who loves to help and is interested to meet new people. I am 27 years old, Bulgarian girl and my boyfriend is also 27 years old half Italian/half Greek.

Graziano & Ursula & Jamila

Set country: Portugal

We, Graziano & Ursula, are a mature Italian/Austrian married couple with a 18 y. old daughter, Jamila. Since about 30 years we follow the macrobiotic philosophy and nutrition. We are nature and animal lovers. We have been living since over 20 years in a motorhome, most of the time in Portugal. Our motorhome use to be a mobile restaurant: for over 10 years we cooked on music festivals in Spain and Portugal and for schools, seminar centres, birthdays, parties etc


Set country: United States

Hello, my name is Kristh M. I am a teacher in Houston, Texas and have the summers off, I thought it would be awesome if I could help others around the world. Since I have so much free time I thought what a great opportunity it would be to travel and also help others. I work with Special Needs kids have been doing it for the past 4 years and prior to that I worked at a grocery store as a cashier that was 7yrs of working customer service, I love getting to know others and explore. I have 2 dogs that I love and come from an average family! I am 25 will be 26 in July!