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Charlie Batten

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Charlie. I used to be a construction labourer and have volunteered at a couple of places with woof. I always enjoy traveling to new places and meeting new people, and I'm keen to work hard and learn new things.

I'd like to make memories wherever I go. Whilst volunteering I have been lucky enough to do a variety of things, some of it might be useful to you; I have helped out with horses, bees, sheep, and off-grid earth-bag construction. I have done some dry stone walling, made apple juice, used a lathe and painted rooms. But I'm not good at painting. I can do the other things ok.


Set country: Czech Republic

Hi my name is Charles and looking to meet people, travel and exchange my skills and talents to assist others. I was a special education teacher for years and now looking for adventures. I'm honest, reliable, clean and happy.


Set country: Kenya

Being brought up in country side am good at farm project,hardworking and honest self motivated. No task hard for me


Set country: Tanzania, United Republic of

My name is Sara, Am 25years old animal lover and I love outdoors activities.

Lu Cáceres Aráoz

Set country: Greece

Argentinian couple traveling around Greece for the summer season.

Wena Bey

Set country: Philippines

Hello! My name is Rowena. My friends call me Wena :) I am an adventurous type of person. I love to travel particularly in the Philippines since we have 1,641 islands. I also travel to Asia like Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Japan. I am also a licensed diver. The Philippines has amazing biodiversity underwater. It feels so great to experience and see it.

Πτερόεσσα Αλουκίτη

Set country: Greece

Young individual, loving cultures (both present and past), after learning sounds and languages, making lifelong friends, searching for new skills and hidden selves.

People tend to like me cause I am kind to all, I listen, I am an animal/life lover, I like sharing, I crave learning.


Set country: New Zealand

Hi, there

I'm an Italian flower child travelling overland around the world. I love being outdoors, farming and enyoing the Nature!


Set country: Not set

Hello, I'm Palu from Poland and I've been traveling and volunteering in dozens of countries. I have a Master Degree in Geography, so a lot of theoretical knowledge about the world, but the most I learnt about this Planet was through traveling and meeting real people. I volunteered as a receptionist for one year in Chile, as a bartender in Panama and Guatemala and as a gardener in French Polynesia. So, now I'm looking for another experience!

Rūta Stakionytė

Set country: Lithuania

Hello, I'm Rūta. I am an open-minded person, always ready for new travels and adventures. I was studying and doing internship abroad, but never really worked there for money, so I am really open for this opportunity. I can work with children, in a bar, restaurant, farm, with animals and etc.

Chyann Morgan

Set country: Canada

Hello! My name is Chyann. I have previous experience with teaching english abroad (TEFL certified), cooking, cleaning, landscaping, gardening, animal care and childcare as well as many years spent working in customer service, hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars. However I am also eager to learn new skills and broaden my horizons further! My passions are traveling, nature and love of animals with a desire to live every day to the fullest. I believe a Hippohelp placement would be a great opportunity to help out a wonderful cause, meet new people and learn about a new country, culture and language. I am very down to earth, hardworking and eager to learn and experience new lifestyles and activities. I am a quick learner and very flexible with any task that may be needed of me and w... Read more

ديانا كاستيلو

Set country: Philippines

An individual to travel and see the beauty of the word . To meet people is my greatest adventure.


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hello every body. We are so happy for joining in Hippohelp. We want to explore new places with new people. Finding about other countries and cultures could be exciting for us. We like making a new world next together.

Ajay Nair

Set country: Latvia

Enthusiaistic and joyful person by heart. I love travelling meeting new people, learning new languages. as i am a fast learner i can undestand new languages and communicate within a weeks time. Photography and hiking being my hobbies. Lastly i love food..

Sritej Velaga

Set country: United States

Hi! My name is Sritej and I am interested in travel & live opportunities where we can help each other. I am friendly and easy going person who appreciates mindfulness, being outdoors, love nature and all living things. I love practicing yoga, cooking, playing my bass guitar and dancing. I can offer help wherever necessary, I have woofed before and possess amateur level farming skills but I am a quick learner can learn thing with a little guidance. No task is too small and big! I enjoy being part of a community and can be quite social.

Æmma Ross

Set country: Denmark

I'm a 19-year-old girl who loves to explore the world. I would like to visit some different countries when I have holidays from my school
I'm very social and you always find me with a big smile.
I'm willing to help with most things

I am very active and I enjoy experiencing nature


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello everyone! My name is Silberio. But I go by Simon normally. I'm going to be doing some essential travel in the UK and would love to have some experiences helping others and meeting new people. I'm very friendly and approachable. So please ask any questions you like and I will do my best to answer.


Set country: France

I'm a goofy, smiley girl, who loves to travel and exchange good energy with others. Always curious to explore new places and try out new things. Creative in the kitchen, happy if surrounded by music, good at giving massages.Gratitude is important! I appreciate all the things Mother Nature is giving us day. Prefer to be a minimalist than to own tons of stuff.

Sarah Ray

Set country: United States

looking to help & experience new things along the way


Set country: Spain

I'm interested in learning about other cultures and other languages. Outgoing and friendly. I like mutual collaboration with other people, active and team player.

I am open to questions, so, go ahead!


Set country: Netherlands

Hei, my name is Juniper
I am a fulltime Norway entusiast, especially the artict, jeg elsker Saltfjellet <3 busy learning norwegian now.
love camping/mountaineering, being in the woods in general, lumbering/environmental care, taking care of animals/herds. Recently I build my own porch and like to think I'm pretty good at carpentry
Over time looking for a long time volunteerresidency, planning on emigrating to Norway within a year, this seems a lot more manageable when already in fylken to find/meet locals and or a tiny plot of land.

Thorondor King Eagle

Set country: Oman

Humble God fearing Hard working

Mercy A Balami

Set country: Nigeria

My name is Mercy Balami am 32 Years old from Nigeria I studied Human Resources as my major at Trinity University of Asia Philippines. I work as a teacher/Administrator with a private school here in Nigeria (Aja ultra Modern school) and have rendered voluntary services in my community.

Francesco Savigni

Set country: Italy

I'm an Italian young man who just got a master degree in Food and Science Technology. I am a very curious person and I'm not afraid to meet new people and learn new jobs, especially the ones related to agriculture, food processing and cooking. I speak English fluently.


Set country: Uganda

Am called Odongo James Okoth by names and a Ugandan by Nationality.I am ahumble,hardworking and God Christian who loves extending my hand to other people(volunteer). Am agraduate who is flexible , team player and approachable.

Matias Aguirre

Set country: Argentina

mi nombre es aguirre matias soy argentino , me considero una persona leal,educada,divertida y por sobre todo muy extricto laboralmente respeto mucho mis horas de trabajo doy el maximo siempre, quiero adquirir la experiencia de viajar conocer lugares , cultura y porque no plata tambien . soy nuevo en esto pero leyendo me intereso bastante espero que puedo encontrar algun interesado en mis descripciones para poder viajar y brindarle mis ganas y esfuerzo

Laura Sauerborn

Set country: United Kingdom

I have experienced life in a few different shades of colour, going back and forth between small town living and life in London, to spending years on a ranch in Texas, and have most recently survived the experience of living in Malta, a small purgatory meeting right between first world and third world. What these past 2 decades have taught me, is that I am happiest when connected with nature, being productive with my time, and adding new skills to my tool belt to assist me on this journey called life. I'm not sure what else you would demand to know about me from a profile description, but rest assured I am easy going, eager to learn and fit enough to work hard as is required. I am very curious and open, so love good company, but also relish my solitude. Quite resilient and adaptive by n... Read more

Benedetta Scalzotto

Set country: Italy

I'm a 23 italian girl, i'm studying environmental engineering so i'm very interested in all the work about ecofriendly projects! I also love staying in contact with nature and animals. I hope to meet other beautiful people, visit new places, work hard for something i belive in and also know myself through this experience.

Bruna Barros

Set country: Brazil

I'm searching for an opportunity to change my life. I'm graduated in Culinary School.


Set country: Belgium

Hello, I’m Andrew. I’m middle aged and that’s rather evident. This time last year my life was very different. I sold my business, left an unhappy marriage and gave up alcohol. My great emancipation I like to call it. Now I’m emigrating to the US as my fiancé is American but while I’m waiting for my visa (which is going to take a long time), I want to meet new people and learn new skills. I really want to achieve something from this little chapter in my life and this is the best way to do just that. I had a used car business and have worked as a actor. I’m looking forward to the adventures ahead and I’m especially looking forward to meeting and becoming friends with some remarkable people. Best Wishes Andrew

Shyntia Sousa

Set country: Brazil

Sou professora e amo viajar! Amo conhecer culturas diferentes...