Help save the endangered Skyrian horse

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Help save the endangered Skyrian horse

  • Marker details
  • DescriptionWe are a small non-profit organisation based on the breeding of the endangered (300 worldwide) small-sized Skyrian horse, one of the rarest and most ancient breed of horse in the world. As we receive no help whatsoever from the Greek State or the EU, the whole conservation of the breed depends upon our volunteers' and our own work! The main goal of the organisation is the controlled breeding of the horses so as to avoid in-breeding which within such a small population could have dramatic consequences. The breed has also been the object of several studies in Greece and abroad, particularly to examinate its unique DNA and try to understand where it comes from and why it is so different from other horse breeds on the planet. Another important part of our work is the promotion of the breed at home and abroad, through interviews, documentary movies and online communication. The aim is to find people interested in buying or adopting horses so that we can keep breeding better quality horses every year.
  • LocationGreece

  • Work
  • Type of work Animal care
  • Hours per day Volunteers at the farm help about 4-5 hours per day, 6 days per week. See below for details.
  • Work requirements: Volunteers at the farm help about 4-5 hours a day, 6 days a week. We expect you to be flexible on that, we do not want people who will run away at the end of the shift if there is still help required to do and it takes 10 or 15 minutes. We want to host people who are genuinely interested in the project and really want to help with it. In the Summer, volunteers are separated in two teams, one volunteering in the morning from 9:00 to 13:00 , the other in the afternoon from 16:00 to 20:00 (or 17:00 to 21:00). Volunteers decide together which shift they want to be in for the next day. There is a possibility some volunteers to work two hours in the morning shift and two hours in the afternoon. These working times are subject to change if for example the working horses need to be fed earlier in the morning, so that sometimes one or two volunteers will be asked to do the feeding outside of these hours (they will then have a shorter shift that same day or another).Also volunteers at some stage might do volunteer work outside the farm,for the well being of the island.For example clean beaches or clear a path which people have difficult access.
  • Host's preferences
  • Availability: Send a message to inquire.
  • Duration of stay: 3 weeks at the farm minimum (not counting arrival and departure days)
  • Maximum number of helpers: 30
  • Last minute requests: Okay
  • Host
  • Languages:English, Greek, French
  • Has pets? We have 65 horses and there are several stray cats around.
  • Smokes at home? Yes
  • Accommodation: There is organized camping facilities waiting for you in an olive grove right next to our farm and each volunteer will have their own tent (couples and friends may have to share a tent in the Summer when we have many volunteers), with outdoor showers in the camp and closed toilets available at the tavern a few hundreds meters away. Our last attempt at building compost toilets in the camp wasn't exactly a success so anyone with experience is welcome to help with this :-) The tents have proper mattresses ( camping mats) but you will need to bring your own sleeping bag and/or sheets. (Of course you could bring your tent and mattress)
    Breakfast all the volunteers at camping , lunch all together at the family tavern around at 13.15. and for the dinner we giving a simple sandwich.
  • Additional info
  • Breakfast all the volunteers at camping , lunch all together at the family tavern around at 13.15. and for the dinner we giving a simple sandwich.
    The island of Skyros is very quiet in the Winter but gets very busy in the Summer and the main village is quite lively in the evenings! The southern part of the island is an uninhabited Natura 2000 reserve and there are many hiking paths in the mountains and forests where you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and endemic animals and plants.

    Thank you for your understanding.