Hippohelp Work Exchange - Work, travel and live with the locals, all for free!

Work and travel

Hippohelp is a free platform connecting travellers with hosts. Hosts create volunteer opportunities across the globe where travellers can work in exchange for food and accommodation. Join our fantastic community today!

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Work, travel and live with the locals

All for free!

Hippohelp is a free map-based work exchange platform connecting hosts from all over the world with travellers who are happy to work in exchange for free food and accommodation.

Hippohelp is all about cultural exchange, making new friends and enabling alternative ways of living.

Need some help with those projects that never gets done, or are you eager to travel the world? Then join us today!

Step One

Check the map

Check the map for hostmarkers.

Step Two

Choose marker

Check the details of a marker.

Step Three

Send request

If it's something for you, send a request.

Step Four


Pack the bags and visit your new host!

More on the work exchange idea


Our travelling members are open minded people interested in cultural exchange and saving on their expenses while working and travelling around the world.

They are willing to do a few hours of free work per day while living and eating for free. After travelling the world they will have a whole new set of skills, and let's not even start speaking of all the new memories.

The typical visit at a host can be anywhere from a few days to several months.


Hosts from all over the globe are getting free help on their projects, while the same time meeting interesting personalities from the comfort of their own home.

Hosts on our platform post all kinds of exciting volunteer opportunities, spanning from a few weeks to several months, or even on an ongoing basis. Some examples might include eco-building, childcare, language learning, gardening, web design or general help around the farm.

Why use Hippohelp?

Why work and travel with Hippohelp

Free for both hosts and travellers

Hippohelp is free for all members, it doesn't matter if you travel alone or in pairs. Just make sure that your host benefits from the exchange as much as you do. So provide honest work and try to not be too shy!

Plan your trip with our map-based interface

It couldn't be any easier! Plan your route in advance by contacting hosts who fit your travelling plans. Simply drag the map to an interesting area, check for markers representing volunteer opportunities and send a request. You can also save markers as favourites and come back to them later.

Let others know about you

Place a travelling marker on the map, with details about you and the dates you plan on going to a particular place. A great way of hooking up with hosts or other travellers.

Become a part of the community

Make a difference in other people's lives and be more than a tourist.

Know who you're visiting

Check what other people have to say about the host you plan on visiting, check photos of their home, or take a look at their Facebook profile. It's all only a click away from their public profile.

Make a personal list of hosts

Many of the hosts using our platform offer recurring jobs. Once you've left a host save them as a favourite and revisit them later!

More information for hippohelpers can be found here!

Why host with Hippohelp

Free + Free =

Can it get any better? Using Hippohelp you will reach enthusiastic travellers with a wide range of skills who all work for free in exchange for food and shelter. The platform is also free to use. It does not matter if you need help with learning English, or help with the horses, you will most likely find the perfect match here. Just make sure to socialise a bit with your helpers and you'll soon have new friends from across the globe!

Make your needs known

Just place a marker on the map specifying what you need help with together with some basic information about your arrangements and you're done! All travellers interested in going to your area will see your marker and details.

Find travellers in your area

Travellers can also place markers on the map with information on what tasks they are willing to do and how long they will be staying. This gives you a great opportunity to reach out to volunteers who might be interested in your project.

Like travelling, but without the travelling

Meeting new people from places far away is usually something associated with travelling. But it doesn't have to be! Meet people from all over the globe to exchange stories with, all from the comfort of your own home. Meeting people from far away will also give you a reason to revisit your own town!

Get some fresh views and ideas on your projects

Travellers are generally open minded people with a lot of ideas and experiences. Use this opportunity to get some input on your new eco-project from the volunteers, while at the same time improving your second language. The possibilities are endless.

More information for hippohosts can be found here!

Leopold and Hippohelp

Hi! I'm Leopold, the creator of Hippohelp. I got the Hippohelp idea when developing a small piece of land with my wife in Guilin, China.

Since Guilin is a popular spot for backpackers I figured that some of them might want to help us out, in exchange for free food and accommodation in return. I looked up websites that could help us with finding travellers, but since I found that they were either too outdated, too expensive, or too complicated I decided to create a free and modern alternative myself.

My goal with Hippohelp is to spread the work exchange idea, and making more people discover alternative ways of living. In a world that is getting more and more hostile towards foreign cultures and people I also want to use Hippohelp as a way of promoting cultural exchange.

You can also read more about Leopold and the story behind Hippohelp here!

PS: Hippohelp launched in May 2017, so the platform is still relatively new. If you want to help our growing community then click here to share Hippohelp on Facebook!