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Ghazi Jendoubi

Set country: Tunisia

My sabbatical year begins next month and I m looking for volunteering to travel and discover

Nina Pirin

Set country: Croatia

Hello! My name is Nina and I come from Croatia, Europe. It might sound as a cliché here, but ever since I was little I was fascinated by different countries and cultures. I joined Hippohelp community because I'm looking for opportunities to meet the world. I enjoy travelling not only as a way of taking a break from the familiarity of everyday life, but as a way of learning new things and experiences. I hope I will be able to meet you as a host during my travels.

Cheef Mohamed Ismail

Set country: Egypt

، لقد قمت بالعديد من أنواع العمل اليومي طوال حياتي. وإذا كان هذا شيئًا جديدًا بالنسبة لي ، أعتقد أنني سوف أتكيف سريعًا ، لأنني دائمًا ما أحببته وتحفزني على تعلم أشياء جديدة.
انا حاليا اعمل شيف تجهيزات بسلسلة مطاعم

Chavo RS

Set country: Spain

Hi, I'm Salva! I am willing to help you and live with you a wonderful experience. I am a calm, clean and hardworking boy, although when it is time to have fun there I will be. I am willing to do any kind of work as long as the deal is friendly. I like to be friendly and enjoy the company.
I would also like learn English, to visit the area on my own, do sports and go sightseeing in nearby cities.
I can also teach you some Spanish if you wish!

I believe that I am qualified for any type of work, I have done many types of daily work throughout my life. And if it were something new for me, I think I will adapt quickly, because I always like it and it motivates me to learn new things.
I studied high school and then oppositions.
I am currently a pool lifeguard in Ibiza.
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Set country: Thailand

I am a college student who loves running, reading, and listening to various genres of music. During my first semester of college, I enrolled in a Chinese class. While taking this class, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with people from various countries in Asia. I am taking a year-long trip across various countries in Asia to see the places I heard so much about. My goal is to learn about the cultural differences between the U.S. and the other countries.


Set country: Philippines

Hi I am Reggielen and Im from the Philippines. A TEFL certified and I am also a Registered Nurse.

After i passed the board examination for nursing I worked as a Social Welfare Assistant in the department of social welfare and development, (pantawid pamilyang pilipino program) a government program that promotes and alleviates the well being of the poorest of the poor families in the Philippines.

Now I want to experience more wherein I can further help other people by teaching english and help some nursing care while exploring different cultures.

Naïm Abbas

Set country: France



Jon Larsen

Set country: United States

I am looking to take a semester off of the University to explore the world more.

Es-sadik Sebbar

Set country: Morocco

aimer être en plein air de bonnes compétences sociales bonne connaissance de l’anglais flexible sur les horaires

El Haj Ait Mbarek

Set country: Morocco

Titif from marrakech city open minded and peaceful welcome in Marrakech to discover new things new cultures

Annika Christina

Set country: Germany

Hello there! My name is Annika, as for now I am 24 years old and live and study in Bochum, Germany. I worked part time as a waitress now, but since I will start my exam-training next year in april, I don´t work at the moment. My interest are reading books (fantasy mostly, but I love a good thriller from time to time), art (I can´t draw well, but recently discovered pour painting as a way to make a mess and still get a nice result in the end) and music (I used to play guitar, the ukulele and piano, but didn´t really had a lot of time for it, so I´m a bit rusty). I´m a big family person, love dogs beyond any other animal and like to be outside. I´m also a huntress, but completely open to a vegan lifestyle as well. After highschool I went to America for a year, where I worked as an ... Read more


Set country: Mexico

I am a recent graduate for International Business, a very extrovert and outspoken person that is willing to help and work, I am fluent in Spanish and English, I know Italian and a tiny bit of German. I am a fast learner and a very friendly person

Paul Kazemi

Set country: Turkey

Hi. I'm a native English speaker and have taught ESL courses in Germany. Also a licensed boat captain and PADI scuba instructor. German trained carpenter (Zimmermann) as well as experienced restaurant and bar manager. How can I help you? :)

Daniel Slv

Set country: Brazil

Sono soltanto un giovane brasiliano in cerca di conoscere e vivere altre realtà... mi piace la possibilità di cambiare lavoro in diverse aree per un esperienza integralmente italiana.

Sharadha Ayyapan

Set country: India

Very enthusiastic travel loving person just to admire the nature’s beauty all over the world. Just to experience the reality of it and to feel it but not via virtuality.

Ahmed Naai

Set country: Maldives

Looking to expand my horizons

Maggie Dalton

Set country: United States

Hello - Looking to travel June 2020 - December 2020 with my husband Tyler.

Sadek ghilani

Set country: Algeria

أنا شخص إيجابي ومنفتح على الحضارات.احب ممارسةالرياضة وتبادل الثقفات ة

Abderezak Boulben

Set country: Morocco

I am from morocco and i am interested in traveling ana helping people around the world

Elad Yosef

Set country: Switzerland

Hello I am elad 25 years old from Israel originally but been traveling for the last 4 years currently in Switzerland ihave experience in many different types of work in hospitality (cook waiter bartender and other positions) labor ( I am a licensed electrician in Israel and a cetefide cement finisher in Canada and hold minor experience in carpentry tayiling drywall and painting) I have plenty off experience living with people open minded social and respectful I can share my couch surfing account for references

Kim Grimmett

Set country: Portugal

Hello! We are Reed and Kim. Christopher goes by his middle name Reed. We have been together for almost 4 years and have realized that for us our lives are better when we contribute by sharing our experience and skills. We are both creative, adventurous, hardworking, good with animals and together have a lot of experience in a variety of things. We stay young and active with yoga, cycling, hiking, gardening and working with our hands as well as our minds. We love nature, getting our hands dirty, aren't afraid of work and enjoy volunteering. We began traveling about 2 years ago and have been to 29 countries so far. We both love culture, learning new things, meeting new people and really getting to know the places we go. We have been very fortunate to be able to see so many amazing places... Read more

Miew Mieux

Set country: United States

Multi-talented traveler

Mandlenkosi Ncube

Set country: South Africa

44 year Black male, interested in travelling, meeting people, seeing new places, learning other cultures, seeing different world from the one I know and grew up in.

Yasine El Khattat

Set country: Morocco

Am a scout boy i love helping people and discovering the world


Set country: Canada

working on my TEFL ... lots of hands on labour work. Excited to travel and have conversations with locals that you don't normally get to have on a 5star cruise.

Hamza Zaouadi

Set country: Morocco

Hamza zaouadi i have 22 year i love travelle and help people

Tata Shalamberidze

Set country: Canada

A researcher practised in Western sciences and in love with an Eastern philosophy. Finally decided to quit the work not serving my interests any more and eager to explore the world, help people in need and be the part of a more conscious community worldwide.

Ayelén Jaramillo

Set country: Mexico

Holi Hola, mi nombre es Ayelen, soy de Argentina y desde siempre soñé con conocer el mundo y hace más de cuatro años que me dedico a vivir de esta pasión tan grande que es viajar. Soy artista circense, hago un poquito de música para divertirme, me gusta dibujar y hacer collages, me apasiona mucho todo lo que tenga que ver con el arte y crear. Es por eso que también me gusta muchísimo cocinar y crear diferentes y nuevas comidas veganas. Tengo mucha experiencia en cuidado de niños, también de mesera en bares, recepción en hoteles, un poco de experiencia en bioconstruccion, experiencia en cocina y cualquier trabajo en el rubro artístico. Me gusta sacar fotos aunque ahora no tengo cámara y he estudiado un poco de producción audiovisual así que también tengo algo de expe... Read more

Ênio Ribeiro

Set country: Brazil

Olá, amigos ao redor do mundo! Sou um cara legal que curte muito coisas/experiências novas e eu vejo que meu objetivo de vida é viajar o mundo, o máximo que eu puder e conhecer o máximo de pessoas e culturas possíveis para enfim poder dizer que vivi. Gosto muito de ajudar e sou bastante compreensível, cordial, paciente e extrovertido (nas horas certas), estou disposto a mudanças e a novas regras, então, se estiver precisando de uma ajuda, conta comigo!

Fadel Tarek

Set country: Morocco

Hi I'm alive i can help you to move on