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Set country: Sudan

An English Teacher with 4 years of experience. Organization:capable in scheduling, managing communication and working with team, Result- oriented hard working, able to work under tough situation, and prioritization. Optimistic, patient, and Open minded


Set country: Sudan

An English Teacher with 4 years of experience. Organization:capable in scheduling, managing communication and working with team, Result- oriented hard working, able to work under tough situation, and prioritization. Optimistic, patient, and Open minded


Set country: Morocco

I am an open minded, very enthusiastic, active, patient, hard working, friendly, responsible and a quick learner. I love providing help with the ability to perform lots of tasks perfectly. I can work either individually or within a group. I'm an English teacher ( ESL ) in Morocco, I worked also as an Arabic teacher. I will be glad to get the opportunity to help you and get the chance to know about different cultures and share mine too. The most important thing is to build a life long friendships.

Emily Teitsworth

Set country: United States

My name is Emily and I've traveled to ten countries, all solo. I love experiencing new cultures and cuisine. I'm a shy extrovert (as soon as I'm comfortable, I talk a lot) and I'm a writer. I use travel as inspiration for my poetry and short stories. I'm not super fit but I really like hiking and kayaking. I'm also an artist, anime fan, and lover of all things fantasy! I just want to experience and learn new things while helping others.

Taylor Scheel

Set country: United States

just a young guy looking to see some different places and help folks who need it out.

Gergő Juhász

Set country: United Kingdom

My name is Gergo, I am from Hungary but currently living in the UK. At home I was working in HR, now I am working as a housekeeper and occasionally as a waiter. One of my passions is travelling, I really like disovering new countries and meeting with new adventures. I have been many countries in Europe and a litle bit in Asia and Middle America. My other passion is hiking, I always try to grab the chance to go out into the nature in my free time. Now I am looking for my first volunteer experience, so I hope we meet soon :)

Kaushal Kümãr

Set country: India

My name is kaushal kumar I belong to gurgaon haryana in india

Andres melo

Set country: Aruba

I am a very enthusiastic, active, happy, patient, responsible person, I love to play with children, I am athletic. I love animals and plants, I live in Aruba since 2007, I work for the Cocacola company, I carry out the quality control position, and operator of waste water plant. I have knowledge about composting, planting and transplanting plants. I am also an airbnb super host since 2016 and thank God I am still a super host for 3 consecutive years achieving the super host medal so for me living with other people is not a problem on the contrary I love the idea, i dont have kids but i have 7 nephews who i love them and they love me


Set country: Russian Federation

Хочу путешествовать .Готов помогать людям за возможность бесплатного проживания и питания в другой стране.


Set country: Ghana

I am a fun and open-minded traveler. Currently I am volunteering as an English teacher in a secondary school in Ghana but I would like to continue discovering other countries after my staying at the school.

Natalia Madison

Set country: United States

Once the coronavirus is over, I want to travel and make up for all my trips that were cancelled or cut short. My planned destinations before all of this happened were (Croatia, Morocco, Slovenia, Italy, Ireland, and Albania).

Uju Metuh

Set country: Nigeria

I am a Nigerian female Lawyer working as a State Counsel in Anambra State, my home state in Nigeria. I specialize in Legal Writing and I am the Director of Legal Drafting in the Ministry of Justice. However, I want to take a year's leave to travel and see other places since I have never left my country in all my life.

Physically, I am tall, fair, slender and ordinary looking with normal short black hair mostly worn in braids or short weave-on.

I am 54 years old and single but look much younger than my age. I am also quite healthy.

I am highly domesticated, can perform lots of tasks perfectly and always happy working both at home and in the office.

I am really excited with the programs offered by hippohelp and I am really interested in participating.


Set country: Georgia

Greetings from an experienced elementary and secondary school teacher from Canada. I’ve taught both children and adults in Thailand, South Korea, and Canada, in all age groups from 6 to 60. I have extensive experience in managing, supervising, and evaluating students in English, math, science, and social studies classes.

In addition to teaching, I have experience in developing curricula and a wide variety of teaching materials, as well as managing other teachers as a First Grade head teacher in a Korean elementary school.

Furthermore, I have extensive international experience, with over fifteen years living and working in the Asia-Pacific region.

I am also certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, in Canada. I look forward to working with new students and t... Read more

Carolin Kopecny

Set country: Australia

I’m a really motivated and positive woman from Germany who looks for helping of animal care, gardening or cleaning, or other things I can do. I want to explore different nations and to meet nice people all over the world.
I just started my world trip. if anyone would like to get help, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to hear from you!!


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi. my name is Elena. I'm 36 years old. I really want to participate in projects with my daughter Varya. My daughter is a member of a volunteer organization. I want to help her meet interesting people. Visit different places and do good deeds. I would be very grateful for the invitation. +79120108501 (Russian phone number) instagram: lenasidorova162


Set country: Turkey

Hi! I am Melissa 24, Living İstanbul I am Traveller as much as possible I am graphic designer also learning 2D animation Living a cat and many of dogs before I am survivor

Serena Abram

Set country: Italy

We are an enthusiastic couple from Italy who loves travelling, getting in touch with people from all around the world and learn new skills.


Set country: Australia

Hi there,

I am located at the moment in the Brisbane area.

I am french so I really like cooking but also I am a painter from trade. Yes, I can renovate a house.

I really like art and creation. I draw and paint too.
I really like spending as much time as I can outside in the garden get my hands muddy.
I really like all animals. I ride horses when I was young for over 10 years. And don't really mind getting sweaty, muddy and dusty (the real-life mate).

Start of 2020 I was looking for a job but regarding some family issues followed by COVID 19, my professional life is on hold at the moment. Which I can use in my advantage to go back in nature and help people in exchange for food and accommodation while the situation gets better. In exchange for food and a... Read more


Set country: United States

Hi my name is Daysianae I’m 19 years old and I’m from US for as long as I can remember I always wanted to visit the world and learn so much from different cultures

Тамара Хурцидзе

Set country: Ukraine

Sociology student from Ukraine, interested in people, cultures, eager to get new experience.


Set country: Poland

Hi, I'm Ewa.
I'm searching for some adventure and work experience until I start University in October and I thought I'd try this. I'm not afraid of hard work and at the same time eager to travel around the world. I'm so into mountain climbing, spending time in the bosom of nature, cycling, art, books and learning new things.

Yash Monu

Set country: India


Saad Boujellal

Set country: Morocco

I am passionate about being in the position to help others, especially when I can utilize my skills to make a difference in the life of others.

Lydia Td

Set country: Morocco

28 years old girl . After years of depression I'm looking for hope and happiness in New experience..

Jennifer Cat

Set country: Korea, Republic of

I am a native German speaker and fluent in English due to my university studies and work experience in England and Australia. With facing almost 2 years of study now, my Korean language skill is at an intermediate level. I am outgoing, people-focused and ver social person.

Cecilia Pando Elizalde

Set country: Australia


Rst Kim

Set country: United States

Peaceful traveler/helper ready to assist in bringing your vision to life. For nearly 3 years I've been WWOOFing, (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms), bartering farm/garden help in exchange for housing & meals. Formerly a journalist, I'm able to assist with administrative tasks as well. My love, however, is nature, animals and growing food & flowers. Currently, I'm ending a stay in which I've built hugelkultur garden beds for my host, helping get her spring garden underway. Pics available!

Adnan Elmoràdy

Set country: Morocco

Hello, my name is Adnan, 23 years old, holds a baccalaureate. I work in one of the aluminum installation shops and study in the same field of work.


Set country: Ghana


Ioana Ionescu

Set country: Romania


أبو عبد الرحمان اللواتي

Set country: Tunisia

je suis un technicien supérieur je travaille dans le domaine d automobile ma femme est une enseignante d éducation physique elle est coache de gymnastique pour les enfants et l'aérobique nous avaons un enfant de trois ans on aime bien voyager et travaillée

Frederick Dokyi

Set country: Ghana

Serving God and Doing what is right

Kennedy Somerset

Set country: United States

Hello! Welcome to Kennedy! I have made the hopefully life-altering decision to leave behind my stagnant life and follow my passion for travel. This plan is both very exciting and extremely scary, but the thought of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new challenges head-on is motivating me to take this leap.

A family member introduced me to HippoHelp, knowing that I was looking for ways to be more than just a tourist, finding ways to interact and contribute while experiencing new places. I have had the opportunity to travel a little (Europe, New Zealand, Belize, North America) but taking short vacations (Americans don't get much time off), just always left me wanting to hop right back on the plane.

I currently have resided in the Pacific Northwest of... Read more

Wiebke Be-Fo

Set country: Sweden

Hey! My name is Wiebke and I love to explore new places and meet new people! I grew up on a farm and like to be outside and active. Preferably I like to work and live with a team or a family. My character is rather relaxed and easy-going and I am very curious to get to know you! :) See you soon!