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Set country: Spain

Hello! I'm Marc, I have just graduated from High School and after spending 13 years studying at a British school I want to travel to faraway places and get acquainted with new people from all over the world before starting university. I have always been fascinated by Physics, computers and electronics and I have an ability to think logically and learn new concepts fast. Nevertheless I still like manual work as I find it is very satisfactory to take a step back after doing hard work and contemplating your achievement.

Stephanie Zanko

Set country: Poland

Loving horses dogs loving animals

Błã Ňķø

Set country: Morocco

I am Youssef from Morocco. I am 24, I am still studying and want to continue my studies in another country and help people protesting

Agustin Diaz

Set country: Poland

I am looking for a travel partner to start an adventure helping others and getting to know new cultures and amazing places the World has to offer! Insta: agusdiaz93

Ariel Lisboa Lopes

Set country: Brazil

Brasileiros, Sergipanos!

Set country: Egypt

i live work

Niki Whitmore

Set country: United States

Looking for energy exchange program where I can be of service while furthering my schooling goals in a co-op type situation.

Nichole Whitten

Set country: United States

I'm Nichole, 21, and my best friend Erinn is 22. We have had a whirlwind of plans change this year and decided that we would start our travelling sooner than we thought. So here we are! We would like to travel out of country once the borders open up but for now we are hopping through states. Looking to travel to new places, meet new people, learn about other cultures, and gain a better perspective on life.
We are quick learners and are always up for a new challenge. Very outgoing personalities and love exchanging stories with others. Looking forward to meeting you! Check out our travel blog :)

Erinn Freeman

Set country: United States

Hi! My name is Erinn and I am traveling with my best friend Nichole. We both are willing to working and want to learn new things.

Carlos Eduardo Nogarolli Gatti

Set country: Brazil

Hello! i looking for LONG DATE accommodation to go through a process of recognition of Italian citizenship by blood, and for that I look for accommodation in the north of Italy, in the Bolzano region. I definitely work hard from the beginning of the morning until the beginning of the night in almost all my days, so I think I would be able to make an exchange that I consider fair between my workforce for accommodation, while I await the recognition of citizenship by the city.


Set country: Nigeria

My name is Gbenga Adeyemi I was a store keeper in Mathias Primary School Igede Ekiti.I also spent 10 years as Farm Manager at POGA Farms Igede Ekiti Ekiti State Nigeria.I am experienced in farm equipment operation and repair.I love cows and I am experienced with piggery as well.I want to learn more about farming and how it is been done elsewhere.I love farm life and love to cook good African dishes.I like to learn other cultures and meet other farmers from around the world.i like adventures.

Tamara Zagarra

Set country: Argentina

hi, i'm tamara i'm a teacher of French foreign language and Spanish. I have extensive experience working with adults and adolescents. i'm a yoga teacher also. i love have contac with new cultures and travels.

Karolina Nowak

Set country: Poland

I am Karolla :-) My life is a constant change, as I change my life in order to live my life to the fullest. I am very flexible person. I can do physical job, as well as office job. I am used to different intercultural environments. Hope to see you all on my way!


Set country: United States

Hello- I am a healthcare worker, looking to travel on my time off. Miguel is a veteran. We look forward to meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures along the way! We are very well-rounded and have experience with quite a few areas, so would love to help you in any way we can. We are both very friendly, clean, and happy to have discussions or joke with others. We love any one with a sense of humor!


Set country: Poland

Hi, my name is Anna and I'm from Poland (Cracow). I'm 19 years old. I'm easy going and open-minded person. I love animals and nature. Traveling is my passion - I've been to 30 countries yet. This year I decided to change the way of learning - I've chosen homeschooling education :)

I'm also hosting people in Krakow for free. Check my CouchSurfing profile for more info :)
Also check my CV - you can find it in my IMAGES :)

I'm interested in:
- animal care (horses especially)
- maintaining hostels
- languages exchanges (i can speak English fluently and some Italian)
- photography

I took part in 10 Erasmus Plus Project. The topic were about:
- permaculture
- photography
- healthy eating
- unemp... Read more


Set country: Qatar

My name is Mustapha, i'm Tunisian and i live and work in Maldives. Travelling is my passion always, and i've been to many countries around the World in the previous 5 years. I'd like to try new experience through hippohelp, meet new people, make new friends and enjoy helping them. I'm very friendly, honest, open and always available to help. I love nature, animals, electronic music and doing gym and outdoor sports.

Vishal Sharma

Set country: India

I’m from India,I’m a Yoga practitioner and teaching as well,I can cook and design clothes as well,I can help people to teach yogic science ,I’m strengthening humans physically,mentally,emotionally and pranic energy through yoga ,I can also teach some of Indian food, Namaste

Nizar Brichni

Set country: Tunisia

Ambitious, dynamic, helpful, ...

Robson Mendes

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Robson Mendes. Tenho 34 anos. Já fiz vários voluntariados. Amo o que faço. Criei uma motivação em auxiliar as pessoas, como uma forma de amor ao próximo. Trago comigo uma frase do filósofo Aristóteles. " Se a gente pensar que quer sempre o mais, teremos sempre o menos. O homem só fracassa quando desiste de tentar. Todos os dias me levanto para vencer." Sucesso!

Matt Canton

Set country: United States

Hello, my name is Matthew Canton. To say the least, I have gotten the travel bug as of late. To this point, I have visited South Korea, Japan, Thailand, as well as many places across the United States. I plan to continue this trend by using a work exchange program. I'm really excited to see what this has to offer.


Set country: United States

Hello! I am a recently graduated student looking for opportunities for work-stays in the US. I am currently living in the South East and ideally searching for a place in the West/Mountain region (as I am eager to get back to the Rockies), but I am willing to consider traveling elsewhere, if my host is the right match! My interests include: reading, science, running, art, language learning, and forests. I would love to work with a host with an established dairy farm and/or apiary, as I am interested in learning more about these fields (and cheese-making has become a recent hobby-interest of mine)! Though I have little legitimate construction experience, I am comfortable with power tools and know my way around a wood/metal shop.


Set country: France

We are Kevin and Sylvie, we have been living and working together for the past five years in creative play, community arts, circus, carnival and performance, particularly with bicycles.

We have left Bristol by bicycle with the intention of living and working along the cycle routes of Europe.

In the summer we will be looking for the occasional work away opportunities.
For the winter month we would like to find longer stay opportunities, between two to six months.

Both of us have always had the dream to be bicycle nomads for a while, working and living with our bikes.

In the warmer months we try and earn our way by performing our show, running storytelling workshops and taking people out on theatrical bike rides.

We have ... Read more

Salomé Nolrach

Set country: France

I am Salome, a young woman of 25 years looking for experiences, discoveries and meetings. I would like to deepen my English through a job or a trip and that is why I am on HippoHelp. I know the plants, I make my vegetable garden. Community life knows me and I like to learn with others. I am athletic, enduring and vegetarian! it is not contradictory! :P look forward to the future!

Abiyyu Rais

Set country: Indonesia

Hii, I'm abiyuu rais 18th years old from indonesia, now i really want to spend my gap year times for travel, work and learn more about new cultures all over the world.

Asha Haney

Set country: United States

Me asha 18 and my boyfriend darius 20 are currently forced to move out of family place and really need somewhere safe and chill to stay in exchange we can help out around from time from time we would like to get a job and save to get on our feet .

Giulia Delarissa

Set country: Brazil

I have just finished technical high school in informatics at IFMS, I have experiences with maintenance of computers, photo and video edition. I aim to graduate in the IT area after spending some time doing some volunteer works around the world. I speak English fluently and Spanish intermediate. Love learning new things or tools everyday. If I do not know how to do something, I will learn it.

Ivan Ilin

Set country: Russian Federation

Hi! I am Ivan, 27 y.o. I come from the frozen country named Russia where bears are drinking vodka on the streets :)
Now let's get serious: I am looking for a nice place to stay in/near Halle/Salle (or even more generally - in that region) in the autumn 2020 or/and winter 2021. Multiple times (2-3) if possible, every stay is supposed to be for 1 or 2 weeks. Or 1 big stay around 1-2 months. I haven't decided yet. I can do every type of non-qualified job such as cleaning, digging, painting, feeding animals etc. I am ready to work 8-9 hours per day 3-4 days per week. That means that I'd like to have some free days that I'll be spending in the University. I'm a doctoral student in Philosophy and Theology and I need to work on my thesis. I need to spend some time in Germany in order to be... Read more


Set country: Algeria

Hello beautiful hippos! My name is chaima a 20 years old university student, specialist in hydrocarbons and industrial electricity spent the majority of my life travelling, exploring my county and gaining new knowledge which helped expending my vision to life . A social activist , Responsible of internal relationships in Future designer club , the treasurer of El dijsr club ,a member in a student community VENEA,UGEL , the ambassodor of GO plateform and many more clubs/organisations where we attended and organized many events made us proud of each other and tested every believe we had . Such events where a fertile soil to learn, grow and gain more skills to step out of our comfort zone . and because of that i Learned many skils such as HTML,CSS,Public speaking, Working i... Read more

Jumar Yu Jumoc

Set country: Philippines

Hello, I am graduate of 4 year Automotive Technology in a Jesuit Institution but most of my years in college are spent on volunterism and student involvement. I'm here because I want to figure out if where am I really suit for. To work or to volunteer or maybe to do both. Hopefully I can make an impact for others and to those in greater need. Further more I am a person who is open for learning and does not blackout for labor. Thank you, hope you are doing fine.

Ivo Kovacevic

Set country: Croatia


Kumar Girijesh

Set country: India

I am kumar Girijesh Tripathy aka Kumar. I'm 23 years old. Currently in my last year of graduation in BBALLB and a diploma in International law and Diplomacy