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Amber Oosterwechel

Set country: Thailand

Currently travelling around South East Asia and excited for some new challanges and adventures

Chirag Shing

Set country: India

Hello my name is Chirag and I'm video editor and content creator. I'm interested in travel in exchange for work. I'm more interested in permaculture and natural building. I also love to paint walls.My contact number is 8264813906. Please inform me if I can be any helpful to you.


Set country: Spain

Hey I’m Paula :) I’m a 20 years old student from Barcelona who’s excited about travelling and meeting new people. I’m a really hard working person who’s open to live new experiences.

Małgorzata Wołoszynowska

Set country: Poland

I am 36 years old and come from Poland. I currently work as a civil servant and before that I worked in a chemical laboratory for many years. I am interested in broadly understood agriculture, ecology and everything related to caring for the environment. I devote a lot of time to exploring this subject, because my dream is to have an agritourism farm in the ecology trend. I love nature and I love spending time in nature. Therefore, I prefer to travel to places away from the city center, where I can rest and recharge my batteries. For several years I have also been a volunteer for the elderly, and recently also for children. Such help gives me great joy and satisfaction. I also enjoy cooking for other people and spending time in the kitchen. For many years I have been leading a healthy l... Read more


Set country: Morocco

Hey there!
In March 22 I graduated in geology in Milan (Italy), and almost instantly left for some backpacking and traveling around, rather than starting some dull suicidal office job career (also, full disclosure, I don't want to exploit and rape the earth with my university degree). I believe the time we have been allotted is not that much after all, so I'd say I'm kind of concerned with how and where I spend it.. so far I'm into hiking, climbing, table tennis, yoga, books, camping, meditation, sports and many more things I don't know I like yet. In the last period I've been backpacking a bit aimlessly (isn't it an aim, after all, to be aimless?), volunteering and doing work-exchanges around.
Among the other things, I'm trying to leave a place a bit better than how I found it, ... Read more

Crab Feeder

Set country: United States

Baltimore Traveler looking to tour new places and eventually relocate using exchange program benefits.

Andressa Silva

Set country: Brazil

Sou um auxiliar de educação infantil prestes a entrar de férias, com 25 anos e uma sede de viver tudo que venho adiando todos esses anos.


Set country: United Kingdom

Curious woman with great love for woodland, off grid & growing food.

Kelen Silva

Set country: Brazil

Hello my name is Kelen, I'm 34 years old and I'm a single mother, I have a beautiful 05 year old daughter, we intend to do exchanges and meet new people, new cultures, have new experiences and help with my skills.

Lu Mallett

Set country: United States

Hi! This is Ben and Lu :) we have traveled much and love adventuring :) we are from Vermont. We enjoy hiking and swimming and are currently learning to surf.


Set country: France

Hi we are a family of four, me and my husband and our two children who are 12 and 5. Oh and our dog Flex. We are travelling in our converted van through the spring. We travelled already three months last year with workaways and we are looking for the same thing this year. My husband is a carpenter and wood builder and i am a primary teacher and i love to sing. We are looking for places where we can meet new people, be helpful outdoors and where our children can be with other children. Thankyou!


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! My name is Kian, I am 18 and from the UK and I'm currently doing a gap year. I truly believe this year is the freest I will ever be and I want to maximise its use. I love and have a passion for traveling and meeting new people, helping people, and leaving an impact that goes beyond me. My main goal in life is to become free and go to every corner of this world, this is the place to do this. I will be a reliant and consistent helper and truly want to engage in new cultures and communities.

Wienke Van Bouchaute

Set country: Belgium

i'm wienke


Set country: Germany

Hi! My name is Georgia and I currently live in Germany. My family is originally from Scotland, but we moved to Germany, when I was very young. Growing up bilingual helped me develop a love for languages and different cultures. Aside from that, I love reading and writing - basically anything creative. I also love going to the cinema, doing sport, learning new things & spending time with friends. My friends and family would describe me as a very happy person and someone, who works well under pressure. I moved a lot as a child, so I‘m able to adapt quite well to different situations. I also like to think of myself as a friendly person and I love meeting new people. I‘ve just finished school, so I can’t wait to explore the world a little bit, gain some experience and make a lot of gr... Read more

Louise Brss

Set country: France

I am looking for a job between January and August, with experience in hotel work, catering service, babysitting, work in a departmental library and I can give lessons. I learn quickly, know several languages and know how to make myself useful :)

Olly Maccarthy

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi there, I am a recent graduate looking to help out hosts and experience new things and cultures! I am hard working, personable and up for a challenge!

Akhil Prasad

Set country: France

Master's student looking for a temporary home away from home during christmas and new year's!


Set country: Uganda

Creativity and modest expectations design a world that's thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing. Graphics guy |Portrait artist |Illustrator |3D artist | volunteer Using technology to transmit fantastic ideas, works include typography and brand design, logo design, illustrations, powerful graphite portraits of hope. Specializing in digital design,Kavuma Conrad is an independent graphic designer based in Kampala, Uganda . Using vibrant colors to stir the senses, much of his work has an abstract, dream-like quality to it. "I love to play around with words, colors, shapes, and styles to make all the aspects play together like music."


Set country: United States

Healthy, creative, independent, single female seeks to exchange work for temporary housing. Helpful, adept with learning and diy

Momoxey Morris

Set country: United States

Hi I am Moesha. I want to travel and learn about the world we live in and create positive healthy friendships. I hope we can learn together. I love Japan and want to travel worldwide. I want to learn about other lifestyles and food and culture. So that way when I become a teacher I can teach the truth and share my experience. I hope to have my own english cafe and english bookstores to help those who want to learn English. I have other things I want to do too. Like learn about nature, how to garden, other forms of careers. I love knowledge. I want to use the skills I have and help the different hosts I travel to and grow together.


Set country: Spain

After working as a therapist for seven years I fell in love with travelling and volunteering. Passionate about people, making a positive impact and creating a better world. I'm eagerly looking forward to getting to know you, exchanging perspectives and discovering how we can be of mutual benefit to each other. Savour the day!

Art Brown

Set country: United States

A loyal, honest, dependable lover of life.


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi! I don't speak English well, but I am ready to help you in any job! I am ready to learn how to work. My country is in a bad situation right now, and I will be ready to work for you, in return for a roof over my head.. I would be grateful if someone notices me. I'm scared.

Gary Horton

Set country: United States

I'm 40 years old I know farm work I know a lot of different things mechanical I'm a entrepreneur of a lot of different things I'm just not happy and I'm looking for a better life and make myself happy again and I'm traveling with me and my two beautiful dogs have a blessed day

Lynn Lin

Set country: Bolivia, Plurinational State of

About me: Hi, I'm Lynn. I am born in China and came to USA when I was 14 years old. I'm honest and hardworking person. Love nomadic life! I hope through this platform, to challenge myself with courage and open heart to varies of different experiences, so that I can learn and understand different ways of life in order to develop my own. I'm especially interesting in learning about off-grid living and animal care, but really hope to find varies of different experience here, to learn and to growth :) Some notable experiences of my traveling are: - 18 days trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal - Hitchhiking in China - Sole cycled 10 days from Baton Rouge, LA to Houston, TX - Volunteering 2 months with a disaster relief organization rebuild houses in southern USA - Sole travel & sleep ... Read more

Mathis Rey

Set country: Switzerland

English student at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. I am studying to become a French, English and History teacher. French native speaker looking to help a host in an English speaking country for 12 weeks.

Jakaria Tuhin

Set country: Bangladesh

I am Development Professional

Casal Viajante

Set country: Brazil

We are an adventurous couple, looking to meet new people and cultures, as well as improve our English. We are willing to help and contribute as needed. We are cheerful and seek to take life lightly and peacefully, we like to take risks in search of new experiences.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hey! I’m Rachel and I’m 21, from Scotland. I currently study French, Spanish and Chinese at The Open University and would love to improve my language skills whilst travelling seeing the world! I love snowboarding, cycling and learning new skills. I am very enthusiastic about languages and always love to share my passion with other people by helping them learn new words and phrases. Currently, I work as both a receptionist and a teaching assistant and I love both but I would love to explore new places!