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Set country: Nigeria

I want a host I can help ,with computer and I'm also young and industrious as well I can fit into any thing when trained in it

Poon Chong Ming

Set country: Singapore



Set country: Germany

Hey everybody, in September this year we are trying to get away from Germany and start an adventure on our own :) We travelled before together f.e. around Scandinavia. Since we are a great team, we have to do it again. Me (Leonie) used Couchsurfing in the past year lots but we decided to contribute our time and maybe skills to a great project while traveling. Mulenga used to travel around Australia, Sambia and Southafrica in 2016 while working and he pretty much enjoyed it. Since we both finished our studies this year, this is now the perfect time for us to try something new.

Daniel Santos

Set country: Brazil

Olá pessoal, meu nome é Daniel Santos e sou estudante de psicologia. Procuro todos os tipos de lugares, estou a procura de conhecer, aprender e descobrir formas de viver. Meu objetivo e estudar e investigar culturas e percepções acerca da realidade que cerca o indivíduo.

José Israel Mencía

Set country: Dominican Republic

Hi there, my name is Israel and I’m looking for new adventures and experiences, I haven't been out of home for too much but i think now is a great moment to discover new places and in the meantime help others.

Assaf Doron

Set country: Israel

A nice guy looking for a great international adventure

Tiziana Nobile

Set country: Italy

I'm 36 years old, I'm graduate in Accademy of fine arts of Reggio Calabria and I love photography and graphic art. I'm aible ti painting. I love cooking and gardending and making bricolage.


Set country: United States

Hey there, my name is Joshua Justice and I’m looking for a different pace in life. I haven’t ventured much out of Jacksonville Florida due to family but I’m finally ready to go out of my comfort zone. I’m an animal lover that doesn’t mind cleaning up after them as well. Nature is beautiful and my eyes can’t get enough of it! I’d love to help out in any way possible preferably with animals. Is it working if you love helping?

Seba Bolaños

Set country: Colombia

Soy una persona atenta muy comprometida con lo que hago soy una persona muy sociable me gusta escuchar a las personas poder ayudarlas en lo que necesiten, también me gusta el campo,el arte una diversidad de cosas que he aprendido y me gustaría seguir haciéndolo.

Dana Romanyshyn

Set country: Italy

Hi! My name is Dana. I am 22 years old Ukrainian who is currently living in Milan. I am a curious personality and a constant traveler. I was raised in a very creative family that is why I love vintage furniture and jazz music. I left my hometown at the age of 16 to start my studies in Poland. Since then I was living in different cities in Poland, France and Italy. I was working in international environments in small local companies and teaching languages online. I love art and photography. I speak 6 languages and I believe that meeting new people, making friends all over the world makes me very open-minded person. I am passionate about fashion and wine knowledge. Therefore, I value a lot nature, that is why I am trying to live sustainable way of life and care about the environment.

Agnieszka Chytła

Set country: Poland

Looking for new adventure :)

Adi Bakshi Hashmi

Set country: France

Alright, this is a totally new adventure i am about to embark on after friends told me i should keep traveling and create unforgettable memories. My name is Aadil (Adi), 31 year old, an entrepreneur i have been working since university on establishing my company in Paris and barcelona. now that i have handed over my company to a manager i am planning on continuing exploring the world meeting new people and culture. being an entrepreneur is a very lonely part sometimes and the interaction with other people is something i have been missing out on. i believe that this 2020 gave me a huge lesson on taking a step forward in life and enjoying the things that my heart tells me to do so. i have travelled in many countries, dubai, france, uk, east europe, spain, thailand, pakistan and man... Read more

Ruben van Belle

Set country: Belgium

Hello, I'm Ruben, 24 years old from Belgium and looking for an 'adventure' abroad. I am a very open-minded guy who loves learning new things and sharing it with others. My goal in life is to make it a better place for everyone by making people smile, making people curious, letting people feel that they are alive

Ibrahim sadauki

Set country: Nigeria

I simply like and love travel and connecting with people around the globe.

Ronja Helene Ingberg Espeholt

Set country: Denmark

Hello, my name is Ronja. I'm from Denmark, and I love different cultures. I went to an English school, and I am fluent in English. I would like to study Human rights or veterinary medicine. I am a very happy person, and good at listning.


Set country: Germany

Hello, I am a native English-speaker with a lot of diverse work experience. In addition to being highly creative, I can assist you in your home or office with a wide variety of tasks (e.g., support for your business needs, administrative support, help with management of a bed & breakfast, managing holiday apartments, general help around the house or office, art projects, manuscripts, house sitting, pet care, housekeeping, help with children (ages 4 - 16), basic English language tutoring, senior care, shopping and general errands).

Availability: Minimum 3 months

I am interested in work exchange in: Germany, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands.


Set country: Germany

I'm a student from Germany, looking to move to Scotland before 31 Dec in order to be able to apply for the pre-settled status. Currently I am working as a logistics helper at Heidelberg Castle, so I'm used to hard work. :) I also have experiences in retail, animal care, and freelance works (writing, illustration). I speak German and English, and am learning Japanese and Russian. I'm a quiet, easygoing person. I also like to take pictures and to write.

Mohamed El-bshbeshy

Set country: Egypt

My name is Mohamed from Egypt. I am 23 years old. I am a great football player and now I work as a football coach to teach young children the basics and skills of football. I am ready to travel to anywhere in the world and ready to work in my field and my job or any other job until I find my job and complete my dream of being a player Football and a great coach


Set country: Brazil

Hello everyone! I am Vanessa. I looking forward know others countries and cultures. I like a lot to speak in differentes languages and to visit places. I graduated in Public Administration and I'm working for the state governament in the local where I live. So, I'm searching new things to do and also to learn new skills for myself and my profession too. My english level is intermediate, I speak a little Spanish too.

Ametha Draper

Set country: Argentina

My Friend and travel mate Carla, and I are both third year students at the National University of Cuyo Mendoza . (Bachelor degree in English Language & culture- Teacher}, we are looking forward to gaining field experience in places where our skills and potentials would be needed as well as appreciated, and to enhance our knowledge about local cultures during the process. We are team players and open to any positive challenge..


Set country: United States

I'm just an 18 year old kid who wants to travel and see different things, and help some people out while I'm at it. I know how to weld, cook, clean, garden, and I have basic computer knowledge


Set country: Philippines

Hi, I'm Nash! I liked to experience new things and do labor at the same time because i feel it is the best way to learn in life. Que sera sera, whatever will be will be!

Jessica M Pfeufer

Set country: United States

I am working on my 3rd career.. I love to travel, entertain friends and family and above all I love to cook! I am in the process of an on line course for Health and life coaching and would love to further my love for others by volunteering and learning about the retreat, natural way of living

Cássia Martins

Set country: Portugal

I am a brazilian living the past 3 years in Portugal after work in a cruise ship for 5 months. I also lived in USA for 3 years. I have experience working in receptions in hotels and country club, and as waitress. I am very easy going person and very dedicated to the work. Very honest and trustfull.


Set country: United States

I just want to gain experience, learn about different cultures & live my life to the fullest! I am a pretty mellow person. I get along well with others & I love to help out with just about anything!


Set country: Italy

Heey I am Shurman and I am 33 years old, I been working for the last 7 years in the hospitality industry as housekeeping and Host

Jake Thomson

Set country: United States

Hi! First things first, is it okay if I bring a really cool dog, named Gretta? She’s super duper sweet and we’re kind of a packaged deal :D We’re both really nice, well-mannered, and I clean up after the both of us, always.


Set country: Mexico

Hola! Soy Leandro, tengo 31 y soy estudiante de trombón. Me encanta viajar, compartir y conocer personas a través de la música. Me gusta cocinar, mirar películas y jugar al ajedrez, tambien disfruto de actividades y deportes al aire libre. He viajado por Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brasil, Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador, actualmente por México y espero seguir viajando!

Sudhakar Doopaguntla

Set country: India

I am an Indian


Set country: Thailand

I am a college student who loves running, reading, and listening to various genres of music. During my first semester of college, I enrolled in a Chinese class. While taking this class, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with people from various countries in Asia. I am taking a year-long trip across various countries in Asia to see the places I heard so much about. My goal is to learn about the cultural differences between the U.S. and the other countries.

Rewan Hamed

Set country: Egypt


Fer Salgado

Set country: Indonesia

I want to volunteer to teach yoga (I am studying for yoga teacher here in Bali) or teaching Spanish, or do art (I have experience of two years as artist). I can help in anything related with eco projects etc. :)

Julia Bogusław

Set country: Poland

Hi . I am 22 years old. I just finished a circus school in Poland. But I feel unfortunetly my family house and big cities is not place for me. At the same time- Everyday I dream about life with animals and nautre. I think that It's my destiny and the way to happiness, its my deep life truth :) Let's check it!

I dont afraid hard physicalsical work. I do strength and stamina trainings. My specialization in circus school was German Wheel - it's like twice, steel acrobat circle. It's still my dream is shape my mental and physucial body - by work about animals is possible :)

I don't practice alcohol, smoke, drugs,coffe. Only Sun :)

I am resourceful , responsible person. Respect your time , and opinion of various things :)
Sometimes i am quiet and sometimes soc... Read more


Set country: United States

I am a fun loving, culture seeking guy who loves to travel and connect with others. I enjoy meeting others, learning new skills and learning more and more about myself everyday. Meditation and spiritual activities are my favorite. I love listening to music. Diversity is what I seek in all that I do. I want to learn the whole spectrum of everything that I engage in. I seek the deepest experience of all that I do. I’m a generally easy going person. I love food, music and eclectic entertainment! too!