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Set country: South Africa

Blessed be the hands that give and they shall receive.


Set country: Egypt

My name is Mahmoud, from Egypt the city of Pharaohs and Pyramids and I believe that traveling and connecting with new people is what makes life worthwhile, so having the opportunity to meet people from around the world and be of help to them all while seeing a new corner of the globe would be extraordinary. In my opinion experience is the best teacher any of us can hope to learn from, so I try as much as I can to find new and exciting opportunities that will help me grow as an individual. I've always been a motivated person who works hard and enjoys helping and learning from others.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi everyone My names Daniel and I’ve decided to go on an adventure. I came across this site and seemed a perfect way to travel and meet new people while helping at the same time. I’m 36 years old and am a trained chef. I have experience in farming and general maintenance. I can paint, plaster, woodwork and most odd jobs. I’m a friendly guy who after years in kitchens needs to see some of the world and enjoy some freedom. If you are looking for help with building renovations or farming or anything you may feel I’m interested in then please drop me a message. Look forward to hearing from you all. Cheers Dan


Set country: Italy

Hi dear world! My name is Lia, I am currently living in the beautiful sicilian island! I am a passionate yoga pratictioner and on the new year I'm going to take a second certification while keeping on learning and studying with great enthusiasm! I am here to share yoga and a healthy lifestyle with you! I taught italian and english in the past, worked for an ONG and two refugee camps, travelled little bit also using platforms like this one and experienced lots of time with people of different nationalities! I love art and I often use to draw and paint as a self therapy and expression. To meet people and travel is what I love most, to share with others is the salt of life! and to come back home tastes even more sweet! I am a good creative cook, I adore nature and take care of plants and a... Read more


Set country: Costa Rica

20 year old bilingual female looking to expand my own knowledge and help wherever I can. I grew up on a self-sufficient ranch in Costa Rica and would love to help out somewhere with a similar love and admiration for nature. Experience in teaching English and Spanish as a second language and years of farm work experience as well. Looking to volunteer my time in exchange for room and board. Very friendly and talkative. No pets and no slacking!

Марина Копалина

Set country: Russian Federation

Привет, меня зовут Марина, мне 20 лет, я живу в России. В данный момент нахожусь на последнем году обучения в медицинском колледже, на специальности медсестра. Плохое знание иностранных языков, с помощью погружения в другую культуру хочу научиться понимать иностранные языки.

Hachicha Ayman

Set country: Tunisia

i am hchicha ayman ,21 years old, an IT student i practice english and french and arabic i.i always search new experience and motivated to be a good traveler.

Billie Morelli

Set country: Not set

Apoman Abella

Set country: United States

Hello everyone! I'm new to Hippohelp but not new to work travel exchange. My hobbies include abstract painting, reading and hiking. Anywhere I can be creative and enjoy nature is a win for me. I look for host that are down to earth and willing to learn from each other. Traveling to me is the freedom to explore get lost and learn about ones self. Hope to chat soon :)

Fernando Komida

Set country: Brazil

I'm Fernando José Medeiro, Brazilian, professor of geography and volunteer. I would like to increase my knowledge about the cultures of the world and help people. I intend to be a better person and a professor with more knowledge

Sailor Gerry Whelzo

Set country: Ireland

Athletic and Arty Irish fella with a lot of experience in many things and a long term goal of exploring many countries to hopefully find one that resonates so strong with me one day and will perhaps become my permanent home. As much as I love Ireland I want to see what else is out there, not just for a holiday or a visit, but live and build a life. So my time spent with you isn't just a long affordable holiday, it is potentially a life changing experience! (and may lead to my immigration!)

Katie Hawkins

Set country: United States

Just checking things out ☺️


Set country: Canada

Hi! I studied music for 5 years in high school (secondaire in Québec). Then I went also studied music in college (cegep) for a year, then I decided to go on an adventure and to visit the world. I'm just getting started and looking forward to learn from the real world

Bruna Matsubara

Set country: Brazil

Trying to find myself

Yordan Tai Chi

Set country: Spain

Tai Chi and Dogs lover

Jeff Casanova

Set country: Colombia

Hola, mí nombre es Andrés Restrepo, soy un músico Colombiano de 28 años, residente en Bogota, con el deseo de hacer el programa de intercambio!

Deborah Guanais

Set country: Brazil

Sou Deborah, tenho 52 anos, sou divorciada, tenho experiência em organização, administração, gerenciamento.Estou disponível para trabalhos como limpeza, cozinha, decoração, arrumação, recepção.
Meu inglês é básico.


Set country: Germany

my name is Aiman. I'm 24 years old . i currently live in Berlin . i did study interior design for two years . I'll start my new training during this year . looking to travel as much as I can any time I get the chance to do so, to understand and know different people , history and cultures.i also love to help others and understanding why people act the way the act and why the world is the way it's. i would like to work and experience anything that comes across my way .


Set country: United Kingdom

My name is Tara, I'm an 18 year old from the Scottish highlands. I am outgoing and enjoy working around lots of other people, however I'm still very capable of working independently if required. I have experience working in the hospitality industry, as a take-away assistant in the local chippy and housekeeper/cleaner for a self-catering apartment and B&B in my village. I have also worked as a domestic assistant in a nursing home. I love to travel and spent 2 months volunteering at yoga retreat guesthouse in the Austrian alps. In the coming months I am looking for volunteering opportunities in the UK or abroad, particularly in hostels/guesthouses. I'd love to share my personality and skills with my host, and music too if I have access to a piano :)


Set country: Italy

Hello! My name is Andrea and I am a young Italian graphic designer looking for new adventures to enhance my culture and skills. I am a sunny boy, full of energy and with a great desire to travel to discover the world and all its faces. I decided to start this path with workaway because the place where I live is now tight, I want to take advantage of this opportunity to grow inwardly as a person, help others with what I can, put myself in play and learn new things. I don’t have a destination in mind yet, I’m open to opportunities both in Italy and abroad!


Set country: United States

Motivated and determined to strive forward to make things a reality. Being an entrepreneur, starting at an early age, eas intrigued to solve problems and question what most dont. As a xurrent and successful buisness owner in the contruction field, specializing in HVAC/R and possess various certs including electrical, plumbing, tech services. I like to travel and work to help others. With my skills and teach as well...and ofcourse, be able to learn and take in from all.


Set country: Turkey

Hello. Im a university student at Turkey. I love animals. And ı have some experiances about turism and waitress. ı study İtalian Language and literature. Write me from e-mail I cannot talk with you from here because ım not a premium user. soo help me about that. Thank youuu

Emerson Diniz

Set country: Brazil

Hi ! My name is Emerson and I just want to know second war points historical like Auschwitz, Anne Frank's house and Normandy beach.


Set country: Spain

I have a strong will and I am very hard-working. I am also friendly and I love animals and learning new things.

Jana Rojas

Set country: Brazil

Hi my name is Jana, I'm from Santa Catarina in Brazil. I'm here for opportunities to learn more about organic agriculture and non-violent animal care (meaning not killing for eating). I've already worked as a vegetarian cook, recepcionist, photographer, english teacher and I can also help with cleaning and stuff.

Don Warren

Set country: United States

Just looking to meet new people, see new places, and expand culture.

Lucia Intiluü

Set country: Spain

I am a traveller trying to discover amazing places and cultures around the world. I love art in general, but I have a big passion on music and jewellery also! I am discovering myself and trying to grow as a person everyday.

Marco Montori

Set country: Italy

born in 1991, im an italian photographer. i love outdoor sports, snowboarding, surfing, nature and of course photography. i have a good feeling with all "open air" works.

Francisco Jorgan

Set country: Portugal

Hello! I live in Portugal long time and came to study and i want to visit some places in Portugal and Spain, my focus is to live new experiences, meet different peoples and do new projects.

I have experience hotel, hostel, farm and can work with cleaning, gardening, planting, building, painting, caring for animals, pruning grass, general maintenance and i can used chainsaw, brush cutter and others tools. Have knowledge about website development on Wordpress and Joomla systems.

My native language is portuguese but i speak english and spanish.

Have my personal documents as passaport, accident insurance and health insurance, document of professional activities and others.

I am hard working person and responsible, i like learn and can work on your project and mad... Read more

Ellen Beernink

Set country: United States

We're a hardworking couple curious about intentional communities. Turner is skilled at demolition, roofing, and building. He also had experience in plumbing and farm work. Ellen is an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, herbalist, and animal lover.


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

I’m iranian traveler (backpacker)
My name is masoud from damavand town.

Müşviq İsgəndərov

Set country: Azerbaijan

i am really willing to help


Set country: Tanzania, United Republic of

Am a jovial, hardworking,honest ,down to earth,love challenges and social guy


Set country: United States

I'm 44 years old and love to travel.... Looking for kindred souls to teach and learn from... I travel with my dog Daisy.... She is a Chawinnie and she is potty trained and respectful.... Looking forward to our next adventure!

Andi Müla

Set country: Germany

Hi, I'm Andreas. I grew up in Munich, Germany doing a lot of sports like skiing, climbing & windsurfing.
Just finished studying product design and now looking to design things :) I love being outside, constructing things and learnt to use a lot of machines and techniques and am always eager to learn new ones.


Set country: Italy


Hi! :) I can help you on : Teaching english(certified TEFL)/italian/spanish, Hospitality/Tourism,Cooking,reception,online marketing/website/community management,Sales. Italian,Experienced traveller,hotellerie 18+ years international experience as professional chef,restaurant manager,food& beverage director. I also worked on no-profit projects on opening a school-restaurant managed by disabled in Guadalajara Mexico.Single,fun, trustworthy,I love animals and kids ,capoeira Angola, meditation. Lived in Switzerland,Canada, Colombia,México,Kuwait. Native Italian, Fluent English and Spanish, Intermediate French and Portuguese (quite rusty), Beginner Mandarin and Spanish braille . Currently studying X. Looking for a hotel/hostel/language school host , minimum stay 2 mo... Read more

Sebastián Schpeir

Set country: Argentina

Hola buenas!! Mi nombre es Sebastian, me recibí de Contador Público en el 2016 y desde allí, comencé a viajar por el mundo. Actualmente me encuentro en mi ciudad natal Santa Fe, Argentina y estoy buscando hacer un voluntariado en algún lugar donde me reciban y poder seguir viajando de esta manera que es lo que me mantiene vivo y me hace feliz.
Puedo ofrecer mi buena energía, predisposición, proactividad y ganas, para realizar casi cualquier tipo de trabajo.
A lo largo del tiempo, he trabajado mucho en atención al cliente, como por ejemplo en bares, restaurantes, vendiendo comidas, etc.
En cuanto a idiomas, manejo un Portugués avanzado e Inglés intermedio.
Espero que podamos coincidir momentos y conocernos.
Saludos y gracias!