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Athmane Boudissa

Set country: Algeria

I am Athmane, I am 29 years old, I am a Sport advisor in the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Algeria, and at the same time I am a PhD student of Political Science.

Kirsty McQuarrie

Set country: Thailand

29 year old from Scotland looking to immerse myself in a new culture and meet new people. Would love to volunteer in any sort of active way, be it on a farm or conservation project. I'll be in Thailand from the start of December so ideally would be able to help out for a few weeks before Christmas. Let me know if there's anything you would like to know about me and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

Marwen Zahmoul

Set country: Tunisia

I am 26 years old I work as an aluminum carpenter.I love to travel and know other cultures.I love nature and agriculture and the seas I want to experience volunteering in any field


Set country: Nigeria

I'm Lawal Ademola, a Male graduate. Studied crop production with. experience in management. Worked as construction site manager, poultry farm manager and also as magazine editor.

Mehdi Hadjaoui

Set country: Morocco

ELMEHDI EL HADJAOUI I have been involved with several voluntary associations in my country. Among the things I have been doing is encouraging children to study. Helping the poor and needy.Attention to the environment and cleanliness of the neighborhood


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi!) My name is Tanchik, I am Russian girl with a lot of love to the world!)
I have visited about 25 countries already and got the experience of living in 5 of them. I speak fluent English and used to speak Spanish (going to get back to it soon)).
Right now I am working as an online tutor of Russian for foreign people around the world.
I love nature and animals and never been afraid of getting dirty)) Don't have much experience of doing such job, but would like to)
In December going to Costa-Rica for 3 months. Will be more than happy to get involved in help exchange experience.
So please contact me, I'll be here))

Gracie Morgan

Set country: Tanzania, United Republic of

I am willing to help

Huyen Bee

Set country: Viet Nam

Hi I'm Huyen. I'm very simple. I always want to help everyone around me. I feel so guilty when i can't help them. Helping people will make my day better and happier.

Donae Sasha Peyper

Set country: South Africa

Family of 4, a natural approach to life and self sustainability, homeschooled kids with an eager nack to learn and experience.

Zita Balas

Set country: Japan


Bola Peters

Set country: Nigeria

My name is olarinde peter. I love to relate with people from different cultural backgrounds. Hardworking and love to help others.


Set country: Spain

I'm on my gap year after finishing with faculty of medicine and want to spend last four months (from November to the end of February) in Spain. Till 19th of November I'm attending an eco project in Valencia, after that I'm free and willing to help with anything connected with nature, animals, languages, hospitality, media and so on. I believe in connecting and sharing knowledge and ideas. I'm interested in ecology, sustainability, learning languages, photography, making amateur movies, organising events. I love camping, adventures and unusual coincidences. I'm organised, responsible, clean and reliable. You can contact me on my e-mail or send me your contact information - I'm not a premium user and can't answer you here.


Set country: Nigeria

I am a born again child of God, loving and caring. I love people especially children and love to teach. I can teach English language. I love to travel and help out in many way I can by God's grace. I am single and not married.

Valentin Valentin

Set country: Argentina

World traveller, surfer nomad, healthy lifestyle enthusiast, art oriented, connected with nature.

Rachel Yaseen

Set country: Indonesia

Hello. I am Rachel, a 49 year old full time gypsy adventurer, a citizen of the world, meditator, cyclist, trekker, chef, scuba diver, yogi, mother, blogger and vlogger. Through blogs, vlogs, and public speaking, I hope to motivate, inspire, and possibly assist others to pursue their own adventures. My passion is the journey to self discovery through meditation and adventure. Three years ago I gave away nearly all of my belongings (except a bicycle and two small boxes) to live a nomadic lifestyle. It has been a magical, spontaneous, beautiful journey that has taken me around the world. Through cycling, trekking, and hitchhiking, I am able to go off the beaten path. Delving into the unknown is not always comfortable—but it is incredibly rewarding. This spring I finished the first pa... Read more

Livia Emily

Set country: Brazil

Sou estudante de psicologia, tenho 21 anos e amo animais!


Set country: Canada

City girl meets the world of permaculture, nature, simplicity & sustainable living: which has rocked my world. I would love to live more sustainably, simply, in a community, growing organic food, building a strawbale home, off grid, harvesting rainwater etc. I have been exploring community; travelling & volunteering hands-on with several projects. Following my heart's call and choosing my experiences as they present themselves. Each being a huge gift, stepping stone in the unfolding & awakening of my true self and to be of heart centered service to others. A lover of life and its many mysteries I know the power and the value of a smile. If I were to describe myself in a few words; amiable -- calm -- dependable -- flexible -- observant -- sincere. I have experience living in a more rust... Read more

Irfan Khan

Set country: India

Hello I'm ready to travel anywhere In the world

Ajayi Paul

Set country: Nigeria

Am Paul ajayi by name a civil servant working under Ogun state government.

Albert Figueroa Flores

Set country: Philippines

Hello This is Albert. I am a 4th Year student of Far eastern University taking Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. I would like to travel while helping myself to enhance more my skills interms of being hospitable

Alessandro Kessler

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Alessandro, tenho 24 anos. me formei em Arquitetura e Urbanismo e trabalho como arquiteto aqui em Cascavel - Brasil. Nasci no interior, ajudei meus pais no trabalho do campo, fui garçom, auxiliar de decoração, promoter, auxiliar de fotografia, entre outros. Sou apaixonado por viagens e conhecer novas pessoas. Adoro novas culturas e modos de vida. Apaixonado por praia e trilha.


Set country: Spain

Hello! Enthusiastic and diligent, I like to do practical things and improve times and ways of working. Being an industrial engineer, optimization is in my visual field. Quiet, quiet companion, also fun, I love nature and contemplate the world. My english is in progress. Affiliated to the music, bikes, cars and art.


Set country: Spain

Hello!! My name is Diana. I'm very into living a meaningful life, full of learning and experiencing. I'd love to travel back to Asia and learn more about the culture and the language. I'm fluent in Japanese, but would love to strengthen it and learn Korean. I'm a hard-worker and very passionate about learning. Would love to live and work with a friendly host family who I could also become friends with :)