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Set country: Czech Republic

I am a senior high school student hoping to explore the world! I am excited to help in exchange for food and accommodation.

Fabio Petrosino

Set country: Italy

good morning everyone. I am a young graduate with the aim of learning the English language to be able to work in a research laboratory in the future. I don't have much experience with children but I am a very nice guy and attentive to the needs of others. write me for more information

Maurizio Rocca

Set country: Italy

I'm a musician, 52 years old, from Lake Como, Italy. I love to travel alone or with friends. I traveled by bicycle, on foot, by boat. I have already worked in a hostel for a month with Workaway. It was in Kalampaka, Greece, in 2019. I can speak italian and english and I'm learning greek, too. I'm a good cook. I love the islands and the sea. I have an old diving license, but I haven't dived for 30 years, because I prefer freediving.

Daniel Rodríguez Alonso

Set country: Spain

Chico español viajando en bici por Latinoamérica. Además de la bici, me encanta la montaña y el buceo. Hablo inglés fluido, además de italiano y portugués. Aunque estudié una carrera, siempre me ha gustado viajar, y por eso hago todo tipo de trabajos, desde trabajar en hostels y restaurantes hasta guía de buceo (divemaster). El voluntariado es la forma perfecta de conocer gente y cultura local, que al fin y al cabo es para lo que yo viajo.


Set country: Brazil

Olá Meu nome é Matheus Souza e estou em busca do meu eu, decidir viajar com a minha mente e uma mochila, acredito que será uma experiência incrível, sou natural do Acre, mas moro em Boa Vista, tenho 18a e namoro


Set country: United Kingdom

He'll My email address is, I'm 38 single male resident of United Kingdom citizenship EU. Wondering about volunteering opportunity which is available, I'm experienced with various of work category. I'm honestly and responsible, speak good English and poor Spanish. Planing summer 2022 travel to USA probably for long, wondering could could find a host which provide reference for application visa J-1 , I will response for all fees included with complete documents. My mobile WhatsApp number: +447883106387 Thank you


Set country: United States

Hi my name is Jen Anderson. I'm from Oregon USA. I am a warm, friendly, respectful woman looking to travel and give back. I grew up around construction so I have many housework skills. I'm extremely clean and organized and enjoy organizing and helping with projects. My heart is sensitive to kids and animals. I love all of them. I would like to help with an animal sanctuary/rescue at some point. I absolutely love gardening and being outdoors. I'm happy pulling weeds, manicuring trees and bushes. I have over 20 house plants. I spent 12 years in the restaurant business, 6 years in real estate and the past 11 years helping people renew and repair their largest organ. My career is a skin care specialist. I work at a very nice spa as the lead Esthetician and trainer. I am a woman of all tr... Read more


Set country: Italy

My name is Marco, I'm 21 and I'm from Italy. I love to travel and meet new people from different cultures and countries. In the first months of 2022 I've been in Ireland where I had the chance to improve my English and understand I'd like to study and learn some other languages in the future. I'm looking for a place where to live and work even for a short time since I'd love to wide my social and linguistic horizons before joining the university in September.

Graziano & Ursula & Jamila

Set country: Portugal

We, Graziano & Ursula, are a mature Italian/Austrian married couple with a 18 y. old daughter, Jamila. Since about 30 years we follow the macrobiotic philosophy and nutrition. We are nature and animal lovers. We have been living since over 20 years in a motorhome, most of the time in Portugal. Our motorhome use to be a mobile restaurant: for over 10 years we cooked on music festivals in Spain and Portugal and for schools, seminar centres, birthdays, parties etc

Anna Blom

Set country: Sweden

Mother 44 and son 20. Traveling europe both are lic tcm acupuncturist and willing to give treatments and diagnosis. Live nature, animals and meeting like-minded people.

Ariel Luiz Andreola

Set country: Brazil

I'm a law bachelor, studying account remotely, open minded searching for trading experience and ideas, I can help with electric, garden, painting, maintenance in change by a place and internet to study. I no drink alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Im ok to vegan meals, easy to adapt. I like tech and will study to be a Dev :)


Set country: United States

I am a musician who’s had plenty success and now I’m on my journey to gain something more then material things. I love nature and want to be in tune with it again. I love landscaping and cooking meals for family and friends I also am a internet guru when it comes to marketing etc. I feel this is my chance to live the life I want and it’s took me to reach age of 32 to finally say I’m going to live..

Julio Saura Rivas

Set country: Spain

I'm a 38 years old Spanish guy currently living in Málaga, but I pretend work abroad a few months away from home because I'm improving my english, soft skills and I would like to get some extra background. I'm an environmentalist with a Bachelor's degree in Science, in Environmental Science. As well as having two years of experience in ground maintenance and garden keeping, I have three years of experience in environmental research. I graduated from Universidad de Malaga in Spain, I have participated in several innovative projects. I lived in Limerick, IE, during 9 months, 3 months in Canada (during winter) and 2 months in EEUU. I'm looking to use the knowledge gained so far in my career and working experience to obtain an active role as a volunteer or worker and also I want to improve... Read more

Jill Gee

Set country: United States

Would love to help with animals.

Vanilson Oliveira da Camara

Set country: Brazil

Olá, sou jogador de futebol amador, pratico esportes deste os 6 anos de idade, atualmente moro no Brasil e estou a procura de novas experiências, conhecer novas culturas, pessoas e idiomas, sou bastante extrovertido e amigável


Set country: Taiwan, Province of China

hey I'm Tsai, u can also called me Andrew. I'm a college student from Taiwan. I really want to explore the world in my summer vacation. I think actually I am not that outgoing ( maybe I look like tho ), but I am easy to hang out and work together for sure. I like to watch many kinds of movie, and listen different sorts of music, so we can talk about that and share our favorite ones!

Paz Andrew Parrish

Set country: United Kingdom


Desirèe Lo Bartolo

Set country: Italy

Siamo Desiree Angelo marito e moglie compagni di viaggio innamorati del mondo lavoriamo nel settore turistico come host di b&b ma siamo anche molto creativi ci piace creare mobili quadri e tanto altro per la casa utilizzando materiale di riciclo


Set country: Australia

am motivated by the idea of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and challenging myself this year. 2022 is my gap year and it's the year I've given myself to grow my independence and learn and do as many new things as possible! I can't wait to see the world and meet new people! I'm also motivated by the opportunity to learn a new skill - during my adventures as a Workawayer I would love to learn all sorts of new skills, such as reception or administrative skills, gardening, bartending and making drinks, learning to cook different cuisines, or anything else from learning to play instruments to learning to surf. I am a bit of a language lover - I absolutely love learning new languages and I really hope I get the chance to practise any new language overseas because I find language learn... Read more

Matias Caceres

Set country: Argentina

My name is Matias, an Argentinian who wants to meet new people and discover their culture traveling the world and having enriching experiences.


Set country: Portugal

Offering Skilled Volunteering only (no pay), ideally in Building/Construction Dates are flexible, but 3m max, will volunteer only in the UK, to reconfirm my settled status. A little upfront about me, and then what I am looking for. Me: - David, healthy & fit, and focused on all-around health - 54 who looks and feels and works! like 34 (really) - Related Experience: Natural materials construction, building biology, moisture mgmt, electricals, architectural design, detailing (siting, crowning, drainage, foundation, formwork, wall openings, insulation, electricals, plumbing, moisture mgmt, fire spread and smoke spread, ventilation, window/skylight flashing, lighting, passive solar & energy efficiency, green roof, grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, dehydrating or aerobic composting... Read more


Set country: United States

Hello, Our name is Nicolas and Lauren we are both 25 years old and have a great interest in learning more about homesteading, cooking, gardening, and construction work to take along with us on our journey. A little about us.. Lauren, I am an all around creative person who loves all forms of art but specifically painting, making jewelry, and collaging. I am a generally clean/tidy person with a great attention to detail as it is needed in the work that I do. Considering myself a spiritual person I also practice yoga, sound healing, divination, and crystal healing through past life work. Looking forward to learning more about how to garden as well as some building techniques to add under my belt. Nicolas aka Nicky, I am a willing worker/helper great with gardening and cooking as these a... Read more

Xiao Jiang

Set country: United States

Singer, Musician, Teacher, Traveller

Настя Петренко

Set country: Switzerland

Hey there! I am from Ukraine, Kyiv. Based in Zurich. I am an open, sociable, charismatic and positive person. In any field of activity, I show diligence and eagerness. I am a people's person and full of talents.


Set country: Sweden

I am a woman, 65 years old, and just retired from my work - but I am still going strong and want to help and work with my hands. I have recently, in June, been away for one month volunteering in a monastery in Italy. Helping with gardening, in the guesthouse, renovating furniture etc. It was a very good and nice experience. I travel by car and have my dog, a Labrador, with me.
I have an university education in archeology ethnology history and an other in theology.
I like doing trials and I like new experiences. I am interested in ecological and sustainable productions. I like to meet new people. Yeah that’s a little bit of me.


Set country: Spain

Hello Dear Hosts!

I am Markus from Austria, traveling and living in Europe. I would describe myself as a calm, open and humorous person, who can work quite efficient when necessary.

I like the mixture of traveling alone (in summer mainly walking/trekking/cycling/camping/long term nature retreats) and staying at places with inspiring people for a while where I can give a helping hand. In between I do some seasonal work to earn a bit of money for my daily expenses. This is basically what I am doing with passion and what makes me happy for the last 5 years after quitting my self-employed job as a Media-Designer in Berlin / Germany.

A very important part in life became a daily meditation and contemplation practice.

Some more dry but maybe significant informatio... Read more

Edoardo Guglielmo

Set country: Italy

Hi! I'm Edoardo, an 18 years old italian student that lives in Rome, likes nature, open spaces and adores all animals and would like to see what the countryside has to offer. A slight annoyance can sometimes be my height, as I may not fit comfortably in every bed, but give me a chair to put in front of the bed and I'll be just fine. I have achieved Cambridge FCE (level b2 exam with a C1 score), so there shouldn't be any problems understanding the language, I also speak fairly fluently but I want to improve even more by speaking with you. As far as my experience with farms in general go, my grandma lives in a small farm in Puglia with some chickens and a big field, and when I visit her I occasionally help with small chores, like picking up the eggs, or remove weeds from the olives, so I'... Read more

Dayane Fernandes

Set country: Brazil

My name is Dayane, I'm 24 years old and I have a degree in Civil Engineering. I currently live with my parents and three dogs. I have always worked and helped with things here at home, so I have experience in both domestic and technical work.
I always dreamed of traveling abroad and having an experience with another culture. My best friend Luana and I have been looking to make this trip since high school and we really want to live this exchange of experience with our hosts and be able to help in everything we can. Traveling for me means living a life fulfillment, knowing something new, a new place, knowing yourself. Traveling means creating new stories and new memories.


Set country: Russian Federation

My name is Yulia and all my life I have been working a lot. It used to be my passion. But at the same time I have another passion: to travel, meet new people, broaden my horizons and gain new experience.
I have completed a huge project at my job and now I am planning to have some time off. So, I guess it’s a good time to combine doing what I am fond of: working and travelling :)
I am very reliable, honest and responsible. All tasks I am entrusted with may be considered as completed to the best advantage.
I have a good experience in travelling all around the word but I like the idea of getting acquainted with new people, helping them and making friends, therefore, I am pleased to join this nice community of happy volunteers.
I love this life and it always repays... Read more

Mavi Rescina

Set country: Italy

Hi everyone, I'm Mavi (My real name is Maria Vittoria!). I'm 24 and I come from Bari, in Puglia, South of Italy.

In the next months I want to travel around the world to improve my english, see new places and meet new people and cultures. I'm an open-minded and happy person and I'm looking for adventures friends and any kind of housing opportunities. My only request is to have a stable internet connection in order to work from home for only 3 hours in the morning, from 6 a.m to 9 a.m. (GMT+2, Rome).

to introduce myself, I like arts, music, cinema, yoga, to sing and play guitar, to paint and handicraft, countryside and flowers, the sea, to sleep in a tent or in the nature, joyful and smiling people, to be helpful for someone :)


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

I am an Iranian 60 year old male cultural English tour guide and having experience in carpentry, construction ,repairing buildings ,painting ,drawings,and would like to travel and work in countries nearby my country like Turkey ,Armenia ,Georgia etc.


Set country: Argentina

Hello! I'm a woman from Buenos Aires, Argentina! I speak Spanish, English and I'm currently studying Japanese!