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Ashleigh Brown

I am a young female seeking to travel through Asia for a couple months, possibly more. I am an online student so I can study anywhere. I admire the way of living and love of simplicity represented in many Asian countries.

Rafiul Haldar

Very helpful and hard-working I am planning on backpacking around Europe starting March 2019. I have no time limit and intend to work as I go. I am very friendly and easy going. I can work on my own as well as part of a team. I can put my hand to anything if showed what to do. Very enthusiastic and can get on with anyone. I love working with animals and outdoors. I would like to earn money as I travel also. As this will be my life now I will have some money saved but I will need to save as I go. I will work whatever hours are required and more for accomodation and food. If there is any additional work or any work in the local pubs or hotels just so I can earn a little something, that would be great. I don't expect much as all I need is food and travel money.


College student, exploring the globe one continent at a time.

Chi En

After 2 intense and amazing years of working and volunteering, also backpacking Japan, and 6 months just relaxing in Europe, Im back on the road again! Destination: SE Asia!
Planning to snoop around as a classic Ana so far - backpacking, CSing, HHing if possible, hammocking where it is possible, volunteering here and there and possibly being mindblown most of the time.

Im kind of tired of being on my own all the time and since the language barrier and the lack of common knowledge about each of these countries plays an important role when it comes to the experience, Id love a random like-minded person to join me as a travel buddy and sweat and starve and complain about mosquitoes with me.

BTW, Ive majored in comparative cultural studies and have 3 years of ESL teaching, ... Read more

Lewis Hogben

Hi guys, I'm Lewis. I'm currently taking a gap year before I start studying to be a Parimary School Teacher in September. I was born in Liverpool and when I was 2 years old my father and my sister moved to live in the Marseille in the South of France. I learned to speak both French and English and when I was 5 years old I moved back to the UK to start my full time education in Liverpool. Whilst living in Liverpool I learned to play the violin and piano to an advanced level as well as learning to teach music in the community amongst professional musicians and like minded people. I love to travel and explore the world whilst learning new languages. Being able to communicate in the first language of countries is one of the most rewarding achievements and experiences that is worth it's... Read more


Hello, my name is Veronika. I'm 18 years old and live in Moscow, Russia. I've finished school and decided to take a gap year to think about my future plans. I can speak English almost freely. Recently I've been thinking a lot about getting new experience abroad, and I think volunteering is a great way to expand my own boundaries and help other people. I'm willing to work with people in a way that will result in a positive outcome for both sides.


Welcome all I am Osman Mouloug from Algeria. I am 24 years old. I study at university. I love traveling, discovering new cultures, getting to know new people and practicing volunteering in new countries. I can also host people in my house.