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Imani Miasha

Set country: United States

Imani t, Brooklyn born Atalnta raised. Animal loving 25 year old, in love with food and open to new experiences.

Pokert und Sarah

Set country: Hungary

Hello, we are Sebastian and Sarah from Germany. We want to travel through Southeast Europe for 7 months with our T5 bus "Shreddy" and gain a lot of different experiences during this time.

Eran Shachar

Set country: Peru

I’m 22 years old from Israel, I’m travelling for couple of months in South America, before that I volunteered in USA in summer camp as a lifeguard and as a sport specialist. I love sport, music and party a lot, and generally just have good and chill time :)

Helena Hoisel

Set country: Brazil

Hello, everybody! My name is Helena. I’m a 34 years old artist from Brasil. I am graduate at Social Communications and I worked on this for 12 years (2008-2020), mainly as Social Media freelancer. In 2018 I figured out something else that made my eyes shine: drawing letters. So, step by step, I changed my career and became a Lettering artist. That’s my main job now and I love it! I’m completely in love with anything about art, by the way. Nowadays, what I like the most is to do artistic paintings in walls (muralism).
My dream of life always was traveling around the world, but now I have a purpose: show my art to the world! I wanna leave my mark in several countries, while I volunteer, improve my English skills and help people.
In despite that, I am totally opened to learn ot... Read more

Mostafa Elsharief

Set country: Egypt

Friendly trustworthy person who enjoys new working methods , with excellent communication skills, Presentable, willing to help others, Able to work well within a team and on his own initiative, Able to follow instructions, excellent timekeeping and work under stress, enjoy finding solutions, working on development plans and highly adaptable to new working environments.


Set country: Brazil

Sou Marcelo uma pessoa tranquila, simpatico e educado. Tenho total compromisso e responsabilidade com o serviço, entendo como funciona o voluntariado. Dedicação ao trabalho, estou flexivel quanto as tarefas, não importa a função irei realizar. Estou aberto as datas e horarios. Tenho habilidades que podem ser uteis em sua comunidade ou empresa.


Set country: Croatia

Easy going and chill personality

Ida Valentino

Set country: Italy

Hello! My name is Ida and I’m 25. I’m from Naples (Italy) and I live in Rome. I just finished my study, I graduated in Developemental Psychology, so now I want take a break to discover new places and people. I’m shy at first, but I really enjoy knowing and spending time with people to learn new things. My English is not perfect, so I would like to improve it, and I also speak a little bit of Spanish. I travelled a lot around Europe, but I’ve never been outside of it, so this experience could be a great opportunity for me! I would like to meet new people from all over the world to know their cultures and way of life. I consider myself a hard worker, I had two jobs while I’m studying: I worked as waitress and also as hostess for the cruise port and many congresses. I love childr... Read more


Set country: Italy

I am looking for work experience abroad. I would like to know new cultures and get into them. I just finished my studies in public relations and business communication at the Iulm University of Milan. In recent years I also had various work experiences in different sectors, during which i tried to absorb the maximum of information from human and business contexts. I had experience as a salesperson and customer relations care, i had the opportunity to participate in the preparation of the social balance of a cooperative and i am currently in charge of copywriting and social media management for a start-up of young entrepreneurs in the watch sector. I was lucky enough to gain experience in the world of agriculture and in general i am practical in many manual jobs. I am ready to make all m... Read more

Cinthia Lima

Set country: Brazil

Temos muito interesse em trabalhar em outros países para poder conhecer outras culturas e para podermos crescer profissionalmente e espiritualmente falando, viajar e trabalhar são coisas que fazem parte da gente.

Romane Messerly

Set country: Mexico

Hi mi name is Romane, I'm from France and I'm currently living in Mexico. :)


Set country: Cameroon

Hi there I am Mary and live in Cameroon. I am willing to offer my free services to you.I am highly energetic, patient and self-motivated.I am happy to meet my future host.Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Set country: Australia

Eco-friendly travellers, passionate about animal welfare, ecosystems and sustainability. We embrace simple living and appreciate being inmersed in new cultures, language and lifestyles


Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Elton, sou uma pessoa que tem conhecimento em muitas áreas, sou soldador, ferramenteiro, se um pouco de carpintaria, elétrica, mecânica, e estou atrás de uma oportunidade de ir com esposa e filho atrás de uma nova experiência! Espero encontra quem me ajude e também quem eu possa ajudar.

Patricia Fernández Perea

Set country: Spain

I'm a Spanish 20 years old girl, I love to travel, meet new people, make friends...and I would like to improve my English speaking skills. I used to work as a radiographer technician at a hospital in Barcelona. My favorite destination is Ireland or UK.


Set country: United States

Hello there, my names is Tia. I am an 18 year old volunteer from southern Mississippi, USA. I am interested in spending a few months volunteering in a new place and offering my services in exchange for temporary housing and help learning new skills and knowledge. Help with travel expenses would be nice but completely optional. I am skilled in stick and MIG welding, interior painting, caulking, and cleaning. My hobbies include yoga, reading, painting, writing, and doing puzzles. I would like to learn more about gardening, looking after animals, cooking, and other cultures. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Adam Pressler

Set country: Spain

Travelling couple looking to reduce our costs and help some people out at the same time. Ideally looking for a fun project with great people, where we can learn new skills and/or teach others from our experiences, in a beautiful area that we can explore in our free time.


Set country: Bulgaria

Humm...what to say...sometimes is better just to meet the person but okay i'll tell you how i define myself!

I consider myself being fun!I love making jokes and laugh! I'm dynamic and easy going! I love hiking, socializing, meeting other people and discovering new cultures!

I 'm a curious person so i'm always willing to learn : new skills or new languages!

I love eating and therefore cooking!! So count on me for a good meal and a good time!

I can be useful in many things such as building and fixing things !I m good with a shovel, pickaxe etc...a little bit of brickwork! I can lift heavy things .I can do laundry, iron, sew and cook (i think i've already mentioned it ^^ ) !I can also take care of children (as i was a summer camp director/organizer).

Th... Read more


Set country: India

Iam, Jithinkrishnan, from India, Kerala
I have one year experience in volunteering in different places, Goa, Amritsar, and Dharamshala.

Nap Nap

Set country: Chile

Hello, I'm Noel Cabrera, a student and freelance artist who loves to travel since young.

Dora Savu

Set country: United Kingdom

Couple of two twenty y.o. Romanian students in the United Kingdom

Letícia Karla

Set country: Brazil

Olá estou a procura de novas experiências, sou casada e tenho um Cachorro dachshund porte pequeno, (muito alegre e educado). Um certo dia eu e meu marido vimos que estávamos cansados da vida normal que estávamos levando, então resolvemos alugar nossa casa, vender nossos moveis e cair na estrada se aventurar, estamos em buscar de ajudar as pessoas e receber ajuda, buscamos aprender outras culturas, outros idiomas, outros meios de vida no geral.

Manoj S

Set country: India

Hi there

Kylie Kwon

Set country: United States

Just looking at the moment

Luiz Eduardo Lopes

Set country: Brazil

I live in Brazil and am looking to immigrate to Spain with a work visa. I'm looking for an employer who is willing to legally and formally hire me with full hours and full pay like any other employee. They would have to be willing to deal with the necessary procedures to grant me the work visa using the legal and necessary means of Spain, and I here using the Brazilian ones. In case I can't find someone willing to do that, I would love to do the voluntary exchange then. Detail: I'm planning to go in January 2022.

Badis Saidani

Set country: United States

Hi my name is Badis. I am working as a software developer and finishing masters in Computer Science in Distance education. I love traveling and exploring the world. I am currently in the US in the Midwest. I would like to go to warmer place where i can volunteer, make new friends and learn more about the US. You can reach me out on


Set country: United Kingdom

Willing to work hard. I take pride in the work I do and welcome the opportunity to learn new skills and share the ones I have. Have several years experience, working as part of a team and as an individual. Work very well within a routine, but am also able to be flexible and adaptable. Have a good sense of humour and a mature outlook. I enjoy being around Cats, dogs and horses, have my own transport and many interests and hobbies.


Set country: Italy

Hi everybody! Please to meet you, I' m Kathleen :D I was born, 25 years ago, in the south of Italy from Filipino parents. I'm a sunny person, fascinated by different cultures and travel addicted. With my laptop i promote different realities of Culture and Art using graphic design, cultural and web marketing. My mission is to develop social, ecological and innovitative projects used and enjoyed by all. Democratize Art <3

Joanna Dziadziewicz

Set country: Poland

Hi, I am a biotechnologist and an artist. I love nature, people and animals. I would like to share my happiness and knowledge about natural medicine, art desing and I would like to learn more about other cultures and live in different places.


Set country: United States

Nadia Khan

Set country: India

Hi! I am Nadia and I am college student studying online. I could be anywhere in the world and study as long as there is WiFi. This is why I have decided to travel while completing my studies.


Set country: Canada

Hello! My names Brianne and my husbands name is James. We are from Canada currently enrolled in school. We have both agreed theres more to life than paying bills and staying in one city. We are strong believers that travelling and getting to know other cultures, backgrounds, travelling outside your comfort is another form of education. We are highly interested in travelling and lending our helping hands and knowledge in exchange for accommodations. We are compassionate, laid back, and animal lovers. We love the outdoors, we do a lot of hiking, walking, kayaking, going to the gym, eating wings every Wing Wednesday. Also we have adopted a cat in 2018 who was about to be euthanized, luckily we saved her! She's been our child since and has the biggest sweetheart personality out there. Very ... Read more