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Mike Oughtibridge

Set country: South Africa


Carolyn Difalco

Set country: United Kingdom

Mature student studying social work, free to expand my knowledge and help others over the summer period. Mother of two grown young adults, with a keen interest in permaculture and social injustice.

Oksana Serbina

Set country: Russian Federation

Hi everybody)
We are a couple and travelers. We want to meet new people, discover another culture, and help others.
We are friendly, open-minded, like to learn new skills. We in love with forest, tourism, nature, architect.
Now we started to learn German and want more practice.


Set country: Malaysia

Hello! My name is Bec and I'm from Italy/UK with a Singaporean background. I live in the beautiful Italian Alps but left home at 21 yo to explore as more as possibile and especially learn about different ways of living and approaching life. I'm an animal lover, an open minded and friendly traveler, a good listener and sometimes a chatterbox! I like to get my hands dirty and work hard for people that really deserve it and I can easly adapt to different lifestyles! I hope we can meet soon!

Дилдора Джалилова

Set country: Uzbekistan

Can provide hose for travellers to Uzbekistan.Always love traveling.Everthing new attracts me

Marwen Vlado

Set country: Tunisia

I am an open minded, very enthusiastic, active, patient, hard working, friendly, responsible and a quick learner. I love providing help with the ability to perform lots of tasks perfectly. I can work either individually or within a group. I will be glad to get the opportunity to help you and get the chance to know about different cultures and share mine too. The most important thing is to build a life long friendships.


Set country: United States

Hello! We are Cynthia & Pedro. We are starting a van life adventure from Miami to the whole world. We have decided to leave the "normal" city lifestyle to go discover other cultures, places and specially people working for an ethical-sustainable humanity. Cynthia: I was born in Nicaragua and raised in Miami. I love dancing and teaching. For the last five years I have being the manager on an afterschool and teaching salsa. Pedro: I was born in Spain and move to France and later to Miami. I love developing business projects, designing and building living spaces. We are starting this great experience under the motto Good Vibes and expect meeting lots of nice people, share good moments, create great memories and help each other and our planet.


Set country: Germany

Hello :) My name is Matthias, i'm 25 years old and search for work in a foreign Country for 4-8 weeks. I live in the black forest (germany) in Neukirch-Furtwangen. (The hometown of the popular black forest cuckoo clock :D) I love sport, animals, food and to meet nice people. I'm a passionate fitnesstrainer and work in a turning shop, i have experience in farmwork, (like chop wood and driving a tractor) in housekeeping and in the Kitchen ( i worked for 4 months as a Kitchen assistant). And i have experience as a Fitnesstrainer and in martial arts. If you like my profile description and we finally meet us you will see that i am a hard worker and a very friendly person :) my english is not the best but i learn everyday!.. hope to see you soon, have a nice day :) :) best wishes, Matthias

André Marques Foschiera

Set country: Portugal

Nice Brazilian and organized guy who likes the beach, outside activities, learning, teaching and helping others out.

Jacobo Andres Kanelos

Set country: Turkey

Hi, I'm Jake. I'm originally from Chicago, but I live in Istanbul where I teach English at a uni. I just finished my classes and I'm looking to get out of the city for the next two months and do some volunteer work in agriculture or whatever most likely in the Southwest of Turkey or Greece. I have a lot of manual labor experience and I like to stay active. I love the outdoors and and have done several bike tours plus I love to hike. I also play guitar and bass and occasionally DJ here in Istanbul. I'm also into photography and art. Would be great to learn about any available opportunities and even set up a video call to further discuss details.


Set country: Italy

sunny person. great work experience. plumber. Electrician. animal lover. gardener. stays of at least one month

Leon Iván Omar Guerrero

Set country: Hong Kong

Spiritual Traveler

Philosopher, nutritionist, Meditator, musician, builder and Nature lover.

Liew Shi Ping

Set country: Singapore

Hello! I am an open-minded and curious Singaporean females aged 21, looking to travel/backpack on a budget! We hope to experience living on a farm and definitely welcome any types of farm work!

Aline Barros Souza

Set country: Brazil

Comunicativa prestativa

Júlia Forgiarini

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Júlia, sou estudante de medicina veterinária, tenho 22 anos. Sou muito comunicativa, amigável e disposta a ajudar no que for necessário. Busco aprender sobre outras culturas e se possível ensinar um pouco da minha também.


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hi guys, im Fate, 26 and dont know what i want to be when i grow up. Im studying for a master degree in interior architecture. I have no idea whats going on. I love meeting new people and make new friends. Maybe i can find myself. Im an INFJ and i know that people are more complicated than a lable. Im a little shy but when i break the ice i would be interesting. I promise. My whole life i was just like that joke which said: introverts dont make friends, they get adopted by extroverts, im trying my best to change it. I love memes and i have a huge source of them btw. Its not appropriate to tell it myself but im friendly, and i try my best to be a real good person. I love children and i have a good relation with elderly. I was always a listener and i love to listen to the new st... Read more

Pablo Scobar

Set country: Tunisia

I am Mohamed from Tunisia, I am 38 years old single and enjoy helping others

El Ka

Set country: Netherlands

hi im Lars, you can find more info about me on my


Set country: Algeria

I am a young amateur who loves travel and volunteer work, and I strive to visit many countries by offering opportunities on such platforms

Altea Vanni

Set country: Italy

Hi! I'm Altea, a young student of Psychology, I've studied arts too. I'm passionate about meeting people and sharing stories, support and joyful moments. I've always travelled but always felt too much tourist and not enough conscious of the moment i was experiencing, so I'd love to feel a different way of travelling, hoping to share precious times.

Irène Grandi

Set country: Italy

Hello, I’m Irene and I’m 21 y/o. You cam found me on Facebook as Irene Grandi, contact me if you would like to host me. I finished my school courses many months ago and I’m going to find out new experiences which will give me personal growth and money for my future studies.
I’m an ambitious girl, I’m a dynamic person, I’m so organized.
I love so much desserts, animals and the sky.


Set country: United States

I’m an enthusiastic, hard worker and love to meet new people.

Paula Noya

Set country: Spain

I am paula from spain

Hebe Kurzeja

Set country: United Kingdom

Me (Hebe), and my partner (Zak) are both recent UK university graduates (Economics and PPE respectfully ), and are looking for some exciting and meaningful work during our travels. I am currently working in Consultancy and am passionate about Development Economics (my degree specialism), cooking and working with vulnerable individuals. Zak has previously worked as a UX researcher and is interested in neuroscience, website/app design and photography.


Set country: Brazil

My name is Robson, I'm 34, single but I've a son, he doesn't live with me. I looking for challenges, new things, new friends, new experiences, I'm be able to do a lot of things that will be necessary.


Set country: Czech Republic

We are a couple - Klara and Pavel. We both like nature, mountains, forests, sea and we both like traveling. This summer 2019 we would like to get to know one of our dream countries. Not only nature but also culture and people. For that reason, we think that this volunteering is a great opportunity. We would like to work on a farm, because of our love for animals and enjoy to be outside. And Klara hopes to have the opportunity to learn more about the care of horses and improve her riding skills.