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Set country: Germany

I am a 21 year old German, the eldest of 4 brothers. I grew up abroad and studied in English most of my life. I just graduated with a bachelors degree in economics and am looking to improve my French and Spanish before I start my paramedic training in November. My family currently lives in Senegal so I already understand a good bit of French, my Spanish is a bit more rudimentary at the moment. In my free time I like to exercise, play the trumpet (I have been playing for more than 13 years) and dance.


Set country: Jordan

Welcome to my account :) My name is Mohammad, I am 33 years old. I am from Jordan (from the old Palestinian refugees) I hold Jordanian nationality I graduated from University, College of Business Administration, Department of Administrative Sciences, 2011 My hobbies are reading and cooking and travel and more I have some experience with some business :) ********************************************** Iove volunteer work and helping others, because it creates a cooperative human spirit between members of the same society and different societies, and also volunteering is for us and for us, and it stems from the creation of great giving and is considered a noble and beautiful work. I have a great curiosity to learn about other cultures, customs and traditions in countries other than my c... Read more


Set country: United States

Looking for a more diverse lifestyle that allows more freedom from the daily grind. I’ve decided to switch my carrier and go to school for something computer technology related. Though I haven’t decided exactly where In that field I want to be working for room and board seems ideal. I am goal driven, focused and love to learn anything new.

Set country: Tunisia

My name is Zeineb ,im 31 years old ,i studied fine art ceramic ,im a positive person ,i love dogs ,nature ,fresh air ,expressive eyes ,im faithful ,open minded person ,im a funny person but shy in the beginning .


Set country: Portugal

Hi Hosts,

My name is Ralf and I'm a happy hippo from Holland.

I'm a hard worker. I love to be active and to create something. Building a new tree house or cleaning up a garden, it doesn't matter to me because it's both being a part of a creation. At the end of the day it's more important to me to have a good collaboration with fellow hippos.

I can do general technical maintenance, construction work, carpentry, multiple cleaning services, gardening in general and work with animals.
Next to these advantages I have loads of skills out of my professional life to offer. Think about hospitality, online marketing, sales recruitment, business development, kitchen work (I'm a good cook, but not a chef), maybe you can increase my competences.

In a nutshell about m... Read more

Enes Aktaş

Set country: Georgia

hi I'm Enes, but you can call me Alexander Supertramp for short

Unni K. Mydland

Set country: Norway

Mam and teatcher

Elia Tallarini

Set country: Italy

My name is Elia, I have a degree in Economics and currently I'm working for a fabrics shop near Milan. During my free time I like reading books and watching movies specially fantasy, sci-fi and comics (I'm a little nerd). My dream is to open my own martial arts gym one day. I have been practicing vietnamese kungfu for over 10 years but I want to expand my knowledge also in other martial arts. This is also why I love Asia and particularly Vietnam and Thailand and I've been there 2 times already. I like volunteering and I have had experience several times as gymnastics instructor in sailing camp "LNI Centro Nautico Lago delle Nazioni - Ferrara" for kids and teenagers.
What I expect from hippohelp is to meet new people, acquire new skills and learn about other people stories.


Set country: Italy

I am a British / Swiss citizen in my middle years of life, am active, healthy, energetic, love to learn and enjoy the fun things in life. I have a wealth of experience under my belt, both practical around the home, with animals and in the garden as well as cultural and social. I am looking to use this knowledge, learn new things and languages and enjoy travelling. Being a peaceful and easy going person, I wish to manifest such a life style around myself. I am in the process of writing a book. I am looking to be able to help others in their challenges and passions in life and bring success to all. Thank you, Erica


Set country: United Kingdom

Male, married, aged 61. I live in Northern Ireland.
Currently working two jobs: 1) With a food charity, reducing and redistributing (to charities) potential food waste before it goes out of date. 2) Proofreading and editing documents.

matteo colucci

Set country: Italy

Hi everyone! My name is Matteo, I'm 20 and I come from the city of Brindisi, in southern Italy. I suscribed to hippohelp looking for experiences of any kind and new places to visit, I'm really open minded and ougoing, I also love to work with people and learn new things, currently I'm trying to learn german so any kind of help would be appreciated :) At the moment I'm an economics student, I have time for the entire summer break (30july/15 september) to hopefully visit and work with you. I also have some work experience in Hotels as receptionist and barman, but I am really opened to do whatever, from an helper in an hostel to a farm helper or even help with construction and electricity, if you have the patience to teach me. I consider myself an empath, I put real value in the relations... Read more


Set country: Germany

Hi my name ist Anna iam 26 years old. I travel with my boyfriend nico, he ist also 26 years old, we are from the south of Germany nearly Stuttagt. We give up our jobs in Germany and want to travel in al lot of nice playes in this world. In Germany i was social worke an work in a youth welfare office, i want to help childen and familys when they have problems. Nico works in a big company as a mecharonics engineer. So we want so see a lot and want to meet manny friendly people. We love the nature, love hiking and climbing. We look forward to getting to know you an supporting you. Warm greeting Nico and Anna

Enrique Barrera

Set country: Mexico

I want to help, travel, share experiences, meet awesome people who want to make a better world! willing to do any kind of Job for accomodations and food. I'm billingual (English-Spanish) have experience in marketing, social media, designing and many more things jeje

Shree Joshi

Set country: India

Hello, I am Shree, slave of the corporate world. I was scrolling my insta when I came to know about volunteering work exchange program and I thought why not I help the people in need in between helping the masters of corporate world. So, I am here writing about myself even though I have no idea how to present myself in a way that I get some opportunities as I deals with number but still I am trying to figure out how can I be useful to others with my skills but I hope I get some opportunities to see my limit and to support the hosts.

Valerii Lebedenko

Set country: Ukraine

Hi! My name is Valerii and i am learning English. I want to practice it more so one of the ways - to surround myself with native english speakers. Not so important what kind ot work is waiting for me, i am ready to take any work. Thanks!

Joel Costa

Set country: Brazil

I am a very calm, communicative, and productive person. I like to work objectively, meeting deadlines and targets. I am very interested in learning about new cultures and places, as well as the customs and traditions of new locations. New dishes and drinks are always welcome. I am good in the kitchen and know how to make good drinks. Constantly learning new things is essential to me, and going on an exchange is very important for building my learning. I am very eclectic and have the habit of reading, listening to music, doing physical activities and watching series. I enjoy teamwork and interpersonal relationships. Meeting new people is of total interest to me, and activities that allow me to do this will be very important on my trip abroad. In my trajectory as a traveler I have alrea... Read more

Soona Belfaqeeh

Set country: Saudi Arabia

Lover of Earth


Set country: Italy

One time I'm erasmus student and i love the european life.
I'm a good worker, seriusly and educate. I burn in a little farm and i make all time many things for my family house.

Peter DeJesus

Set country: United States

American native and explorer at heart as I've traveled my whole life never living in any one place more then two years. Just relocated from the west coast(LA) Philly born&bred and exploring the upper east coast. Exploring the communication arts of Philosophy and love learning about other cultures. Life long student and kid at heart that loves to explore the art of life.

Matías Berriel

Set country: Spain

I'm an curious traveller, trying to have the best impact in my environment and learning for the nature I met, including its people and their beautiful projects. I've been working in NGOs & business consulting the last few years, but I have also experience in children animation (Hospital's clown, summer camps and Youth centre coordination), catering and client-oriented services. I've been working with horses and in few agricultural projects. Last year I spend few months as a cooker for 30-50 volunteers in an animal sanctuary, most ingredients came for unsaleables provided from regional market and supermarket. Now I'm willing to learn and contribute to projects working on sustainable food production as well as bioconstruction... also open for some nice unexpected ideas.

Manghi Loffredo

Set country: Italy

I'm a 25 years old girl from Sardinia looking for a travel experience in Europe for this summer. I'd love to discover new places and meet new people

Mônica Datsch

Set country: Brazil

Sou casada, pessoa comunicativa ,alegre e alto astral.Amo ajudar e conhecer pessoas novas. Estou aqui pra ter contatos e fazer network,

Bianca Brazolim

Set country: Brazil

Procuro minha primeira experiência como voluntária

Dani Bridgewater

Set country: United States

couple looking for work in exchange for safe housing and opportunities.

Hayley Adams

Set country: United States

For the past couple years I’ve been traveling and doing seasonal work across the US. Currently I’m between jobs and looking for a place to stay while I figure out where to go next! I am happy to help with whatever needed, especially caring for animals !


Set country: United States

This would be such an honor to visit these beautiful places!
I’m 36yrs old, divorced, no kids. I have a dog named Nellie who is my best friend! Where I go, she goes. That is very important! Traveling would be a dream come true and I love the work exchange program!


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi there! My name's Alicja I'm from England and have always loved travelling and meeting new people and if I can help out in the process, all the better. I'm happy doing all kinds of work, whether that's working around animals or in hostel, I'm driven and motivated which translates in the work I do. I've also recently started learning programming which I hope to continue so I can help out with basic IT or website maintenance if needed.


Set country: Algeria

I'm looking for a place to learn trades in the field of farming, permaculture, how to take care of animals (horses, cows, sheep, bees...) make cheese...

_ Recognize plants, animals, fish...

_ How to make objects, take care of a forest, make clothes, build a house out of straw, repair the barn, Behourd, throw arrows, self-defense....ect.

1_ I wish to accumulate 1/2 years of experience.

2_ Become a market gardener.

3_ After 10-20 years of experience, become a Permaculture Designer.

_ Telegram (@Linkokami)
_ WhatsApp (Link FR 91)

_ I like to learn languages, JavaScript, Sport, Game design, Youtube.

_ I have a free account, so I can't send a message!


Set country: Italy

My name is Carla, I am an Italian young, passionate, creative and patient woman and I’m willing to meet new people, learn new languages and cultures and I love teaching languages to children and teens! I’m creative and I love spending time with kids. I’ve had some babysitting experience and I’ve given private English lessons to both young kids and teenagers. I’m very passionate in what I do and I can’t wait to help you! I will cook some Italian specialties if you like! My English level is advanced as stated by Cambridge. I’m studying Translation and Interpretation at University and my two languages are English and Spanish.

Zoë Kahana

Set country: Israel

My name is Zoë , I’m a UK born Israeli, 24, animation student in Jerusalem. >I’m passionate about anything artistic or creative, history, languages, music, film and nature.
I’m hardworking and organized and hope I can work with you!

Rami V Heart

Set country: Germany

Hi, I'm Rami 33 year old vegan/vegetarian Informatiker living in Germany.


Set country: United Kingdom

My name is Lorna, I'm 19 years old from Leeds in the UK. I'm looking to help a host for a week or two at the begining of August so that I can improve my language skills and explore a new place. I study German, Spanish and French at University in Liverpool :)


Set country: Brazil

Olá Meu nome é Matheus Souza e estou em busca do meu eu, decidir viajar com a minha mente e uma mochila, acredito que será uma experiência incrível, sou natural do Acre, mas moro em Boa Vista, tenho 18a e namoro