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Marine Hernandez

Set country: France

My name is Marine and i live in France in countryside in a little farm with horses, donkey, pigs, alpaca. I want to satisfy my personal need for adventure, visiting countries I never expected to see and having experiences I never thought I would have. I want to grow up and discover the world by learning about differents cultures. I am a very dynamic person who likes to take care of animals and do things with his hands. I like to party, meet people, share a little bit of their life I like to listen to music and go to festivals I love thrills and photography I forgot to say that I love gastronomy and discover local dishes I am very motivated to live this adventure and these unforgettable experiences ! ☻

Michael Comben

Set country: United Kingdom

ex. shop assistant.


Set country: Brazil

I'm an English teacher, father and world traveller. I am a communicative person and I feel very comfortable around foreigners. I have excellent communication skills acquired through volunteer work, living with people of several nationalities, in academic environment and in many exchanges programs (USA, England, Japan). I've visited many countries (Chile, Argentina {Patagonia}, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, England, Spain, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Brazil, Portugal). I learn new functions quickly and easily adapt to any work environment. I have fluent English (C2), intermediate Japanese and basic knowledge of German, Spanish.


Set country: Japan

Hello! I'm a hard worker and an excellent (Have an international license) driver, especially in the snow. Native English speaker, basic to intermediate Japanese. I spent some time working at a vegan restaurant so some cooking and kitchen skills as well as bartending. I worked construction when I was younger. Mostly drywall but also some roofing and general labor work as well. I used to snowboard competitively and also trained and competed in Kyokushin Karate. These days I mostly do yoga, surf and run a Solar company here in Honolulu, HI. Solar design and sales are my forte. Message me if you have any questions!

Trudy Fynn

Set country: Ghana

Hi I'm Trudy . I'm 19 and I'm looking forward to experiencing a new culture.

Deborah Hill

Set country: Indonesia

I am a female traveller from the UK. I teach Yoga and am a qualified fitness instructor and massage therapist. I hold a TESOL qualification and am willing to do any kind of work helping communities and swapping new skills.

شعبان المصرى

Set country: Egypt

الاسم كامل٠٠ شعبان صابر عباس مراد من مصر محافظة الإسكندرية متعلم ومعي دبلوم صناعي فوق المتوسط متزوج وعندي طفلين بنت وولد العمر 36عام الديانة مسلم وعندي شركة حاليا في مجال إلكترونيات وصيانة الاب توب وكمبيوتر وسوفت ومجال النت والتسويق إلكتروني والأوراق كاملة


Set country: Japan

Hello. I am Doms, an English teacher and a go-getter ninja living in Japan. Ikigai is the Japanese word for 'sense of being'. I believe that my ikigai is art. I apply it to everything I do as I believe that a whisk of creativity makes things fun and of better quality. Winning a global photography award using a mobile phone, and clinching a storybook illustration award using MS Office Word, resourcefulness is also something I always offer on the table when it comes to getting things done. I would love to share my skills in: 1. photography 2. poster design 3. creative writing 4. cooking 5. painting and cartooning 6. interior design and domestic works 7. basic repair work 8. English language teaching 9. dancing and performance arts Working together works! I am looking forward to meetin... Read more


Set country: Ireland

I'm Aodhán and I'm 23 years old (my name is pronounced as Aidan lol). I love to travel, experience new things, meet new people and their cultures. I love animals and would love to have the opportunity to work with any. I'm a very open minded person and don't mind being out of my comfort zone.

Kennedy Somerset

Set country: United States

Hello! Welcome to Kennedy! I have made the hopefully life-altering decision to leave behind my stagnant life and follow my passion for travel. This plan is both very exciting and extremely scary, but the thought of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new challenges head-on is motivating me to take this leap. A family member introduced me to HippoHelp, knowing that I was looking for ways to be more than just a tourist, finding ways to interact and contribute while experiencing new places. I have had the opportunity to travel a little (Europe, New Zealand, Belize, North America) but taking short vacations (Americans don't get much time off), just always left me wanting to hop right back on the plane. I currently have resided in the Pacific Northwest of the USA for... Read more

Sydney Hanken

Set country: United States

My name is Sydney. I’m 20 years old and live in Iowa. I am a very social person. Love meeting new people and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I’m an adventure seeker wanting to add more to my resume. Hard worker and very committed to the task at hand.

Natalia Bąba

Set country: Poland

Hello, My name is Natalia and I'm ambitious girl after school graduation from Poland. I'm really curious of the world and i want get to know new cultures and meet new people. I'm taking a gap year before I start studying and in this time I'm planning to travel a lot and improve my language skills. I would like to undertake a one journey with my 3 friends in September and working with something connected with horses. I can do any other household chores and help with childcare.

Kimberly Cobb

Set country: United States

American traveler who loves volunteering! yo hablo un poquito español, parlo più italiano, and I'm good with picking up new languages (reading and writing- the speaking comes later!) I'm a filmmaker, great with animals, and I want to start traveling more. At home, I do accent reduction classes and language tutoring. I love to cook.

Hailey Enger

Set country: United States

Hello! My partner and I are both 18 and recently graduated. We've dream of travel, experiencing new culture, and giving a helping hand to those in need for as long as I can remember. I consider myself to be a very friendly, and warm hearted girl and would love to get out into the world. I've worked a variety of jobs from retail, fast food, babysitting, and pet-sitting. I've also helped paint and redecorate houses of friends of mine! I love trying new things and meeting interesting people. I honestly feel that traveling and helping people are my two biggest passions! A little more about myself is that I'm from a big, warm family with four siblings and about six or seven nieces and nephews. I love to get together, sing, dance, and play games. I'm also a cat mom of two lovely fur babies wh... Read more

Nikoli Na

Set country: Mexico

An outgoing person, who loves having people around. Usually I organise a lot of hiking trips, weekends in nature, parties on lakes, bike trips to waterfalls and do on. I like doing many activities and make people happy too. Used to work in the humanitarian field, but quit my job in Germany to travel. Will eventually go back to Berlin in July. Studies public relations and journslism and also worked in social media and community managment. Obviously I love to travel and explore places and exchanging experienced with people on the way.

Mohammed Kaludi

Set country: India

A lost wanderer

Happy Losi

Set country: Ukraine

Меня зовут Катя, мне 24 года. Я активный человек. Люблю спорт(футбол), читать и путешествия, животных и природу.


Set country: Not set

Cheers, I'm Peter and I come from Poland.
I've been growing increasingly dissatisfied with the monotony and shallowness of the city life, and so I have decided to venture forth into the unknown.
My goal is to experience the best and worst life has to offer, to learn and evolve, understand and appreciate all the different fragments, that make life into what it is.

I was raised half in city, half in the country, so I know my way around most things and I adapt fast. Whether you need me to do some physical labor or work that requires people skills, I'm up for the job.

I also want to earn some money so I can continue my adventure. If there are opportunities to work some extra hours to earn a little, then I'd be more than happy to do so.

Ricardo Cáceres Villar

Set country: Chile

We're Loreto and Ricardo. We're from Chile and now we're in New Zealand, our trip starts here and our goal is to learn a lot. Our interests are cultures, languages, nutrition, meditation, yoga, nature conservation, animals, building, etc. We have so much energy to share!

Ouail Asmiyen

Set country: Morocco

Hey there, I'm Ouail 22years old from Morocco I'd like to help anyone if I could without any benefits.... Just be open with others and smile back

Stephanie Fallas Sandi

Set country: Costa Rica

Hello from Costa Rica, I'm Stephanie, 28 years old!

Sean Madigan

Set country: New Zealand

Planning on staying in the South Island for most of the summer, til late March at the very latest.

I have used help x so far and I am looking forward to more stays. I have worked 3 months on a beef cattle farm in Australia, mainly mustering on a bike, quad or ATV. Also driving a tractor and various other odd jobs. I have been in construction labouring in the UK and AUS for a number of years and have some forklift experience. I have also held several cleaning jobs in my time and am also a keen cook.

I am very excited to be outdoors and do work that I wouldn't normally get to experience back in the UK and learn some new skills along the way. I have no issues with early starts, hard work and I have my own vehicle.

Daniella Taylor

Set country: United States

Easy going and hard working

Charrise Bonheur

Set country: United States

Im a musician and creative who enjoys traveling and making a positive impact. I have experience in social media marketing and communications, teaching children, and customer service. I’ve also done two work exchange finishing up one in Maui. I’m from Michigan and currently in Hawaii looking for work in or near Oahu

Lisa-Maria Lux

Set country: Austria

Hi there,

my name is Lisa-Maria. I am 18 years old and currently going to school in Innsbruck, a city in western Austria. I will graduate in June 2020 and I am excited to travel the world afterwards.

I am a quite organised person and prefer to plan my future. As I am very interested in economics and politics I want to study International Economics at the University of Innsbruck, starting in September 2021. However it is also important to me to enjoy the time between school and my upcoming studies. I would love to spend time with new people from different countries, to get to know new cultures and probably improve my language skills. My mother tongue is German, but I am also confident speaking English and I am learning French in school (but Frensch can be improved really!)... Read more

Monique Farias

Set country: Brazil

Me and my boyfriend are looking for work in Exchange of a place to stay


Set country: Algeria

Hello all I am fetah from Algeria 22 years I love learning the languages of the world as well as the cultures of the world and exchange it with the people's I like to travel make relationships, and try to be a good volunteer and put my impression in this world.

Rostand Maghen

Set country: Cameroon

SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER WHO LOVE ECOLOGICAL TRAVEL Dear Sir / Madam I am graduated #FIRST_CLASS, with a Professional Master Degree in Marketing and Sales from Montpellier Management (University of Montpelier in France) and a Master in Business Administration from IAE (University of Poitiers in France). Justifying about #FIFTEEN_YEARS of professional experience in #MARKETING_SALES in the agribusiness and technology sectors, I am a Sales and Marketing Manager who love ecological travel. Please, review profile so I am available and ready to make great experiences. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards