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Set country: Algeria

hello my name is mounir i'm 27 years old, i have a master degrees in macromolecular chemistry currently i work in cosmetic field it's a very interested domain, now i want to take a break and travel in different countries and try new experiences I consider myself hardworking, flexible, and responsible, i am a really enthusiastic, curious and talkative person, that likes to help out and make a difference, i like to learn about history and food from differnet countrys so i always wanted to meet new people from defferent cultures i am good at teaching and i can dealing well with children (learning languages, drawing....), also i loved spending time with the animals then i´m an open- minded person and open to fulfill various tasks Thank you and looking forward to meeting you

Gricel Mallach Barouille

Set country: Spain

Hola! Mi nombre es Gricél. Soy bióloga y profesora. Busco estar rodeada de la naturaleza.
Siempre me he dedicado a la agricultura ecológica, y forestal. También a los animales; he tenido caballos, ovejas, gallinas, patos, etc, etc, etc.
Me interesa mucho la permacultura y la biodinámica.
Me gustan mucho los niños y niñas.
He trabajado mucho en artesanía reciclada.
Y sé muchas cosas más!

Prashant Sen

Set country: India

Hi! I am prashant Sen from India, I have travelled to the most beautiful place in India, I'm 24 y, please visit my Instagram profile @iampraxx

Mian Hamza Marghoob

Set country: United States

- Every place I travel, whenever I find something about the culture that is unique that I really like, I will adopt a part of their culture into my own lifestyle. I want to experience life with locals

Sam Chen

Set country: China

Male , 44, Love Mother Nature, outdoor activities, environmental sensibility. Animal, culture experiences


Set country: United Kingdom

I'm from Hertfordshire and attended Permaculture Design Course in Devon March/April 2019. While looking around for land to start my own sustainable living project, I would like to learn along the way by volunteering at other projects. I sometimes travel with Filipe, from Portugal, also attended PDC and has his own sustainable living land project in Portugal. We both would like to learn as much as possible, meet interesting human beings, learn, live and grow.

Annamária Sáli

Set country: Hungary

Hi! My name is Annamaria, I'm from a small Hungarian town. Currently I'm studying social work and working at a multinational company. I want to try something new this summer and I think hippohelp is a good possibility fot that. I love travelling, in the last 6 years I visited 18 countries. My grandparents have a huge farm with animals, so I'm familiar with this kind of work and I really enjoy it it. I love to meet new people and discover new cultures. Im a free spirit who loves people and life.


Set country: United States

Energetic and enthusiastic recent college graduate. Looking for places to volunteer at between Summer 2020-Summer 2021 Would ideally stay between one month and three months at placement.


Set country: United Kingdom

I am 32 years old. I have experience with driving and operating plant equipment, gardening and landscaping.
I used to be a healthcare assistant in the NHS, so I have good knowledge of first aid and staying calm in difficult situations. I also have a degree in Hospitality Management, with a good knowledge of cooking generally.

Ankith Arujith

Set country: India

Am a solo traveler, am interested in mingling with the native environment and help people to make a better living


Set country: India

My name is abdulatef I love to help the others even with single word cuze it may chang something so please do ur best to let other feel good and better


Set country: Egypt

Hi my name's Mohamed I'm new here and I basically answered all the questions down here so I don't know what to write :D)) ,if you wanna know more about me just ask. :d))

Vorya Pazira

Set country: Italy

An ecotourist willing to discover different cultures and lifestyles.

Lucianus Mykel

Set country: United Kingdom

Willing and able traveller looking to meet new people, explore the world and give a helping hand wherever I can! :)


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Thank you for reading my profile carefully.
My name is Shaghayegh and my wife Reza. We live in Iran.
We have never had any travel abroad
But we love to travel and live a healthy and simple life
We are happy to help you in the gardening (organic) picking fruits - weeds - cooking and cleaning the house - Take care of your child_ dog watches - weddings etc.

We always want to learn new things

Ania Moj

Set country: Australia

Love animals, cheerful, keen learner, active, not scared of hard work

Anand Srinivas Devanathan

Set country: India

I am a good motivator, and a TESOL teacher, a HR person willing to work and learn in Different environments and learn culture


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

I'm interested in learning English and help to another person in his/her works properly

Nick Dodge

Set country: United States

Hi there! My name is Nick and I am a 32 year old who loves to experience new things and meet great people! I have worked in a lot of different jobs including some construction. I spent 2 of the last 3 years living in Northern Europe, and am back in the states now and looking to continue the adventure. A little about me:
I am extremely positive. I love life and am very outgoing. I love people and love to learn what makes them tick.
I am a musician who sings and also plays the Mandolin and the Harmonica.
My favorite music is Grateful Dead, however I like a lot of different things across many genres. but I just cant seem to get over the tone of Jerry Garcia's guitar.
I love learning and am a big reader.
I am a yogi and can teach you some things about yoga/instruct.

Sarah McLeod

Set country: Thailand

Hi, My name is Sarah. I am 29 years old and come from Australia. I am an English teacher in Thailand. I am a hard worker and looking to gain some new experiences.

Spencer Campbell

Set country: Rwanda


Nic Wilson

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi my name is Nic and I'm from Melbourne Australia. I have recently moved to the UK to be closer to some family and some travel. This is my first time being a solo traveller, and using this App.I heard it can be very helpful and lead to great opportunity and friendships. I am very easy going and open minded. Love to learn new about new cultures, history and different perspectives on the world. I am hoping to get a lot out of this trip and I hope to meet beautiful people along the way! I am passionate about food and music, and staying fit and healthy. I meet great like minded People through these hobbies and Continue to do so.

Asia Colonna

Set country: Italy

Hi! I'm Asia
I am a positive and flexible person who loves to stay in contact with people and learn new things!
In love with languages, cultures, art, environment and healthy food.
Respect, tolerance and adaptability are my main principles.

Mostafa Elbasha

Set country: Egypt

I am a pharmacy student looking for travelling to England.

Maddalena La Ferla

Set country: Italy

Love for nature


Set country: Germany

I believe that the only possible reason for our being here is to serve in some form or another.. And I've noticed that those who refuse to serve often wind up as slaves. Hildegard Knef

Ioana Croitoru

Set country: Romania

I'm a curious mind, always opened for new experiences. Travelling is something really close to my heart. I made a promise to myself that I will start travelling more often, a lot more spontaneously. I am currently studying sociology in Bucharest, Romania. Prior to that I was living and studying in London. I've always been in love with the world, I've had the chance to see many places, but, this time, I want to give back to the community as well through my travels. This is the reason why I joined this website. I'm curios to see where this experience will take me next! I will be travelling with my boyfriend Jean who is from Brazil. He is a kind and beautiful soul that loves travelling and helping others as much as I do.


Set country: Egypt

Name is.. Zizo
20 y
From cario

Ahmed Badr

Set country: Egypt

Hello it's me Ahmed Badr, it will be pleasure if i can help someone doing a unique job and he want to show it to the world by making a short video about that i can help with that Video making it's my work and passion since three years now i did a lot of work i can send some of them of course I'm looking forward to meet great people

Aidan Wright

Set country: Japan

Friendly, outgoing, hardworking, active, team player.

Vaschni Emma Savain

Set country: United States

Greetings! My name is Vaschni. Oddly my name is of Hebrew origin, but I'm not Jewish! Haha! I'm a first-generation American currently living in the sunny state of Florida. I'm transitioning from traditional employment to digital nomad. I would LOVE the opportunity and privilege to experience days-in-the-life around the world. I am an extremely clean person and very down to earth. I do not do well with drama nor contentiousness. I hope we can be a great match and look forward to the memories to come! Cheers! :-D