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Set country: Sudan

My name is ibrahim I'm 23 Fresh graduated looking for an adventure before entring the workers live Peacefull , hellpfull and love to chill I want to improve my english durning this adventure


Set country: United States

Looking to travel and explore new cultures and areas! meet new people and more

Jonáš Volný

Set country: Czech Republic


My name is Jonas. I'm a native Czech speaker, who can also speak English and Japanese.

I love art, design and photography! I'm currently working towards getting my master's degree in Japanese studies back in Czech republic. I'm communicative, hard working person, who loves learning, teaching and having fun.

I'd like to work at place, that will let me speak with people from different cultures. I've a short experience of working at an exhibition, where I was guiding customers as well as conversating with them in Japanese, English and Czech. I really enjoyed it, so I could do reception work and improve my skills. However, I'm also not afraid of manual work.

I'm eager to meet and learn from you.

Thank you, have a nice day,


Hannah Leonard

Set country: United States

I just recently graduated college and I want to spend sometime traveling abroad. English is my only language (unless you count programming languages). I’m willing to work hard and get to know new people!


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi :)

luis felix

Set country: Colombia

I live in Colombia Barranquilla city, 27 years old, I am looking to know USA and Canada for several months, experience as an electrician and bricklayer, 10 months, one year experience in the office, motorcycle riding, I speak English and Spanish.

Lakhdar Bouhenni

Set country: Algeria

Hi, i'm Lakhdar from Algeria and i have 21 years, i'm searching for volunteering works aroud the world to helping the others, to making new friends, to travling around the world and discovering new cultures, i like also helping the nature and animals ! i never tried a volunteering works so i'm very enthusiastic to do it !

Georgina Cosgrave

Set country: Peru

Currently travelling around South America, keen to spend some time with a local family or business in Mendoza region


Set country: Morocco

My name is hassan i am from Morocco , i am 21years old i live in taroudant city ; i study english department in university i speak english and arabic also little in french but may be enough for dating; My mother tongue is Amazigh, but these languages I speak only i learned . i does not have my mom and mu dad . they are died i live only with my brother but i am so happy with my brothers And also I have a range of hobbies, including cooking and drawing and swimming as well as I love acquaintance with new people and these things that made me be a social person and I like reading and benefit from others around the world I love volunteer work because our religion is the one who helps us to cooperate and help People .please reply me about volunteer work and thanks .wit... Read more

Klaudia Gasińska

Set country: Poland

Hi! We are couple who want to travel all over the world and work at the same time. We are 20 and 22 years. We are conscience, hardworking, energetic and helpful. Our biggest dream is to get to know the whole world and different cultures. We are open at any job - in Poland we work in office and speak fluent English. We can work as a waiters, help with house chores, learn children English or do some jobs in hotel or restaurants. We will gladly consider any suggestions. Klaudia and Tomek:)

Youcef Aiker

Set country: Algeria

Hello, I'm Youcef from Algeria, Tlemcen. I've 24 years old. I like help others, traveling, Exchange of cultures، Cooking، Etc.

Abhishek Patil

Set country: India

I am travelling to USA for the first time. Prefer to find a good & humble host

Vanessa Yeo

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! I am Vanessa Yeo, a final year Malaysian medical student studying in the UK. I love travelling, and have visited many cities in Europe during the last few years of living in the UK. I've also travelled to Australia, the US, and around South-East Asia.

Alya Romanenko

Set country: Moldova, Republic of

We are easy-going, down to earth people, met each other in the summer of 2017 in Chisinau, both searching adventures and simple life) So far, we have been hitchhiking and volunteering at the festivals seedcamps, workcamps and hostels. One day, we would love to escape the city life and re-connect with the nature, experience living off grid in a remote place, growing eating and preserving our own food. We would love to discover and learn from others and life in communities and may be settle down one day) Hugs and hope to meet you! Alea & Rost

Анастасия Палагутина

Set country: Kazakhstan

just a couple of good people with beautiful souls


Set country: Israel

Hi! I'm mother of an amazing boy, 3,7 years old. We both are very matey and lovers nature persons! Today we are homeless and it's good chance to travel and meet new people.

Sophia Shanti

Set country: Germany

I am a nature loving (animals included) artist traveling through Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Currently I am based in Berlin, Germany, but would love to explore more of europe and connect with like minded people. My partner (36) is from Russia and we often travel together. He is very fit and able to do more strenuous work, such as building stuff, and yard work. I love helping out in ways such as gardening, herbal medicine preparation, childcare, cooking, and any form of art projects ( this is my portfolio : ) Together we enjoy a simple life style that is open to communication, respect, and sharing skills, ideas, and dreams.

Evans Igwe

Set country: Nigeria

I am a nice guy with great skills in facility management .

Bhumi Yadav

Set country: India

Girl who loves to travel. But got no money.


Set country: India

I'm a photographer and an aspiring filmmaker based in Bombay. I love to indulge in various forms of art and experience and learn from different cultures. That not only gives me perspective but also lets me be more of a help to the world and explore my creativity completely. Coming together and learning from one another is extremely important for me and that's what I hope to do.

omar Mohammed

Set country: Egypt

hey this is Omar I'm 27 years old I'm Egyptian I'm a waiter worked for several restaurants before and i worked as receptionist also looking for a long term job

Manon Jarzeniack

Set country: Belgium

Hi everyone ! My name is Manon, I'm 23 and I'm from Belgium. My first language is French. I've already lived abroad (2 years in Ireland as an aupair). I have a degree in primary school teaching and a CAE Cambridge certificate (C1 level in English). Having a well developed wanderlust, I'd like to see more of the world. And right now, learning Spanish is top of my list. I recently found myself interested in tourism and I'd like to develop skills that would move me towards my long term goal of being a tourist guide. I'm currently taking a MOOC in tourism management with the University of Queensland, Australia. (Warning!!! The style of writing in the next paragraph is very formal. She is much more casual and light hearted in her spoken expression. For example, when I proofread this f... Read more

Fatma Mustafa

Set country: Egypt

I am a girl who loves to be around people , outgoing & friendly. I work in the medical field so i always been keen to help others & this is just a way to do so in a non medical way. Iam a hard worker & can get easily along with everyone & can cope with any circumstances as long as there is respect & appreciation in return.


Set country: Morocco

Okay .


Set country: Algeria

I am Marzalgad Alaeddine from Algeria 24 years old with a master's degree in economics

Julia Piekutowska

Set country: Spain

Hiii I want to work and travel I think that is the best form to know new countries and them people I dont know do increible thing but i like always learn some new I kwon clean and cook I spend a lot off time with animals in a farm i love it And other works i can learn fast


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hi, I'm Amin. I'm 36 and I living in Iran, Mashhad. I'm Computer Programmer and I doing volunteer work from 6 years age in Iranian Red Crescent Society (RCS) and other volunteer group. I'm road accident saver and first aid trainer in RCS. I and my friends started a new volunteer work from 3 year age around of Mashhad in ... and also We opened a library from 1.5 years ago in a Shotorak(شترک). Shotorak is a small village near to Mashhad.

Megan Daniel

Set country: United States

Hello! My name is Megan, I am 22 years old and recently graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.A. in Psychology & Addiction Studies. I have a passion for traveling the world and experiencing other cultures and can think of no better way of doing so than providing a helping hand for local families and/or farms! I have a Working Holiday Authorization from Ireland and will be moving there in October. I have not yet booked a flight as I am waiting to coordinate with my host for the most convenient accommodation for us both, so arrival dates are flexible! I can't wait to get to know you!

Aziliz LN

Set country: France

We are two friends travelling together for 6 months trough Southeast Asia and we would like to make of this trip a great learning experience, we would like to share and help on the road. For that, we are ready to volonteer from here and here during 7 to 10 days. We are looking forward to hearing from you !

Tim Altieri

Set country: China

Hello, My name is Timothy. For the past year I have been living in China and teaching here. Now I would like to travel more of Asia and offer my help to those who need it. I am a musician who can offer teaching guitar to hosts or other helpers. I also love cooking and can offer meals. I would love to help out. Please let me know if you need it! Timothy.


Set country: Korea, Republic of

Ahoy! My name is Mingyu, from south korea I have been traveling around the world since December 2018. First Introducing myself, I like travel, cooking, movie. In the beginning, I can appear to be a quiet person. but I can be enjoy with people and like to Listening and share experience. I was office worker in Korea. My duties included marketing, customer service, sales and event progress. I want to make my work enjoyable and join in making the world more beautiful. If you accept me as a family or friend, I will try to be a respectful and enjoyable.


Set country: Spain

I think one of the hardest things to do, is to write about yourself, and sum up all of who you are in a few words. But I guess if I really tried, if I looked deep down into my soul, all the parts of me stem from one driving force, which is this- Every morning, I wanna wake up and know that whatever I'm doing in my life makes a difference, and contributes to making the world a better place, or sometimes just one person's world. So, I build my life, my character and the people in it, around that. At the moment my job is ticking that box, I'm a teacher, supporting children with learning difficulties through their education. In the past it has been the numerous charity and voluntary works I've been involved with overseas while travelling, both of which I'm fiercely passionate about. The unf... Read more

Abdulaziz Mohammed

Set country: Indonesia

I'm studying in the second year of Bachelor degree marketing major. I'm adrenaline addict, easy-going guy who love to speak with people from all over the world. I like diving, nature, sports and play games. Helping people is my goal, I'm open minded for any thing please if you have any question just ask.