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Niga Niga

Set country: Algeria

صالحي عبد الرؤوف عمري 22سنة من الجزاءر مقيم في تركيا

Cece Wang

Set country: Cambodia

I’m a shy and honest. I love nature, culture and animal. And I would love to do my best to help the hosts. Also want to make friends with wonderful people. Learn from everyone I met.

Magdalena Sobieszek

Set country: South Africa

Hi there looking for volunteering opportunities in Africa. Help in animal sanctuaries and wildlife.

Annisa Bunga

Set country: Indonesia

medocal doctor, looking for a volunteering program

Алина Джунайдова

Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! I'm Alina, I live in Moscow, Russia. Now I have pause in my work life and I would like to have experience of volunteer work and living in other countries, practice my language skills and meet new people. I think it's a good chance to exchange experience with hosts and other project participants.

Alia Bennouna

Set country: Thailand

Hello! We are a couple of 30 years old traveling longtern through Asia and South America. We are very curious and proactive. We love cooking and sharing with people around. We speak english, french, spanish and arabic fluently. We are open to new experiences.


Set country: France

My name is Chloé, I'm 20 and I'm currently studying packaging engineering at ESIReims. I am looking for a exchange from June to August in a english speaking country. I like to travel and I’m always open to new adventures. While traveling, I would like to meet and create relationships and improve my English

مجاهد ال سليمان

Set country: Sudan

انا مجاهد مصطفي سليمان من دوله السودان بعد الثورة السودانية قررت ان اخرج في مهام تطوعية لتبادل الثقافي و اكتساب الخبرات ان اخبار العالم عن السودان و المساعدة الاخرين

Jialing Huang

Set country: Netherlands

Hello! I am Jialing Huang, a 19 year old girl from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After graduating high school, I went to Beijing for one year, to study Mandarin and learn more about Chinese culture. I am really interested in learning languages and new cultures.

Victoria Sukhareva

Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! My name is Victoria I live in Russia. I work in post production film company (I actually love movies and books, and storytelling) and lead a healthy lifestyle: I do sports and yoga, care about the environment and eat vegan food.

Parameswaran Nachiappan

Set country: Malaysia

i am seeking to do marine conservation volunteer work. i have an Advanced Open Water Certification from PADI. i have done similar work in TRACC before.

Ricky Kwee

Set country: Australia

I'm a 22 years old Indonesian, currently in Sydney.


Set country: Germany

We have worked on many home renovations/remodels, historic restorations and hurricane/flood recoveries in America and USVI. We appreciate history, architecture, music and languages. We want to travel more and be productive at the same time! We embrace change and enjoy learning new things everyday.

Kim Gale

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi all, i'm a fit person in my middle yrs. I love dancing...especially salsa, meeting people, gardening, being creative...esp up-cycling. Travel, animals, sewing, being outdoors. I am a very practical person and don't mind getting my hands dirty.I like helping people. I live in the UK.

MaPi Devilliers

Set country: France

Mi nombre es Marie-Pierre, puedes llamarme MaPi, tengo 51. Ahora vivo en Ariege (Pirineos) con mi compañero y su hija, junto a la ciudad de Foix. Me fui de Toulouse hace cuatro año. Aprecio realmente la calidad de vida que encontramos aquí: sobre todo la proximidad a la naturaleza y el dinamismo de las alternativas. He hecho una formación de profesor de Natha-yoga en tres años en la escuela Chotika de Toulouse. Natha Yoga es el origen del Hatha yoga, pranayama es muy importante. Desde enero he iniciado un nuevo ciclo de profundización de las tradiciones Nathas. Un sabroso camino de transformación positiva. Tengo una práctica diaria y poco a poco empecé a enseñar. Me gusta mucho participar en experiencias colectivas y solidarias que tienen sentido para mí. Humanista, ecologist... Read more

Ro Nii

Set country: Germany

Hey my name is Ronja, I am 20 years old and I live in Germany. I finished school last year and traveld through Thailand for a month. Now I am back in Germany but have still time left before I go to university this autumn. For this time I am loking for a host in the UK . I am really interested in Britain and to improve my english skills of cause :). I would describe myself as a polite,open-minded and kind person,who is often ironic. I love books and sometimes I am talking too much about them.


Set country: Morocco

مرحبا،اسمي زهيركتير ،عمري26سنة، مساعد وصديق جيد و شريك في أي مشروع


Set country: India

I am a traveller .. till now i went to Nepal, Singapore , Malaysia and dubai. I love making new friends and helping them. I can teach English and do any adminstrative work ..I done engineering and working in marketing field.

Karmatex Henry

Set country: Egypt

I have great experience in the administration field, cooking, teaching, training others, helping old people, etcc

Karima chamaa

Set country: Not set

I am a girl in my twenties enjoy the benefits of voluntry work I have taken parts in several workcamps in my country Morocco with associations my profession is at nursery field I have got patience and outgoing personality

Gmax Roiz

Set country: Costa Rica

Hola soy un músico viajero que comparte su canto y artesanías en los diferentes sitos a los que viajo, es mi preferencia hacer viajes de playa y me gusta mucho la montaña, todo lugar donde pueda cantar con mi guitarra y hacer conciertos estaré feliz de desenvolverme allí

Katie Magz

Set country: United States

We are Kate and Abe and we're a traveling couple who love adventure. We met one another while working in door to door sales and have been together nearly 4 years. We have excellent communication skills and love to meet new people but are willing to do any task we are qualified for if it means sustaining our passion of seeing new places. We work extremely hard and take pride in a job well done. Most people consider us a double threat when working together as we are a perfect compliment to one another. This will be immediately evident upon putting us to work, should we be your next work exchange!

Abdelhamid Afergaouch

Set country: Morocco

My name is abdelhamid afergaouch I'm 23 years old and I would like to express my interest in applying to be one of the volunteers. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a volunteerm,as a young man full of positive energy i hope that you will contact me to join your association to exploit my vitality and my creative ideas which contributed to the development of your project and also I want to develop myself and my skills in the volantaria field and finally to do something good for peoples who deserves the help.

Graziele Fernandes Costa

Set country: Brazil

Brasileira, solteira, 27 anos, Turismóloga e Agente de Viagens, possuo alguns cursos voltados a área da administração, amo escrever e desenhar, a sou apaixonada por trocas culturais, dito isto gostaria de ter a oportunidade de acrescentar meus serviços e compartilhar experiências com meu anfitrião.


Set country: Morocco

Hello guys
My nam's Said,i'm teacher in primery school,i teach arabic languge in small vilage,60 kms from my city.
We want realy to have a good generation,open minded,respectful and helpful that's why we want to do the best for theme.
By languges,we can contact and comunicate and also understund other Poeple from all over the world and chare a life together.
Iwant to be a positive in this world,so i can teach arabic language to anyone,i'm interested about nature, i like to put my hand on the works with cleaning it,i have pation for gardenning wild nature and beaches,i'm profesionel swimming,i'm interested about animals,so i can work in farmer or help animals,i like to put my hand to repare the old building. Me and you,we have energy to do something together for this amazing ... Read more

Anna Gonzo Fedel

Set country: Italy

I’m Anna, an Italian student. Looking for intercultural experiences!

FaTiima RF

Set country: Morocco

I am Fatima from Morocco and I'm 22 years old. I'm a university student and I'm studying Biology.
The feeling of being vulnerable and helpful is so amazing and blessing, and I'm here to try it.
I'm an open minded person and I love learning new things every day.

Subhajit Sikder

Set country: India

I am Subhajit i am from Kolkata India I am very friendly person and i love to travel

Fares G BeatBox

Set country: Egypt

I love helping people and iam interested in learning new things and many ather things

Carïnë Rock

Set country: Rwanda


Abdu Abderrahman Nejjari

Set country: Italy

Hi I am an University student who loves travelling and meeting new people. I speak different language. Staying and helping is a great experience to learn new skills and enjoy your time. Looking forward to seeing you