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Karen Sant'Anna

Set country: Brazil

Hi, my name is Karen and I'm 26 years old I'm looking for new experiences and excited to get to know different cultures and be able to contribute with my skills and knowledge. I am a determined, committed person and I like to be always available for whatever it takes. My dream is to travel the world. And I believe this is the first step towards a promising future full of achievements.

Diego Barbosa

Set country: Brazil

Fun and active person

Auz Epitome

Set country: United States

Hello! Need a hard worker? A comedic and caring one, you say? Down to earth, and understanding? Well look no further! My name is Auz and I am super adaptable and can live simply. I can perform an array of tasks, and learn quickly, those I cannot. I love animals and babes, I will get in the garden or under the house. I enjoy cleaning more so than the next and I always speak my mind with honesty. I am a great listener and can follow rules. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Have a wonderful day! I'm sorry, I do not have a passport at this time.

Miriam Conrado

Set country: Brazil

My name is Miriam conrado , I'm 31 years old , I would love to become a Volunteer , because helping People is what makes me Good.
My goal is to help others, also learn. I am a Responsible , communicative person , I like to Know People , I like to work in different fields and what I do not know I run after to learn . I learned that we should not give up on our dreams, even if it seems impossible to our eyes, because the one who runs after one day the door opens..


Set country: France

My name is Alexander. I am 35 years old, a psychotherapist. I'm traveling at the moment.

Charlotte Reid

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! I'm Charlie, I'm 22 and am looking to spend a week-ish somewhere this August. Currently in Edinburgh but making my way down to Exeter for my last year of medical school. I'm very enthusiastic, hard working and keen to get stuck in. I've worked before as a barista, nanny, retail, call centre and a vaccinator. Having lived in three countries and 20 houses, I'm keen to try new things and meet new people.


Set country: Mexico

I'm a man in my early thirties. I'm a native English speaker and I'm learning Spanish. I love to travel and I've visited about thirty countries. I've mostly worked customer service jobs. I'm interested in topics like philosophy and politics


Set country: Egypt

Welcome, I love volunteer work and the exchange of experiences and cultures. I would like if this work was in my field, which is agricultural quality, transactions that do not need to be harvested, or in agriculture and agricultural production. Contact me
What's app : 00201127735822
Call : 00201010141532
: 00201010914062 E-mail


Set country: Germany

Hi! after this corona pandemic I really want to see more of the world. It showed me how short life can be and that I want to live life to the fullest. That I want to experience so much more things. I am open minded and curios about cultures and customs. I already saw a lot of the world and I am really thankful for that but still there is so much I have not seen. So my goal is (hopefully at the end of 2021) to stay longer and learn more about a place, to get more local and not to be only a tourist for 2 weeks and hopefully learn a new language. Of course I want to meet new friends and have a lot of fun.

Andrés Coca

Set country: Mexico

Hello, I'm Andrés, an adventurer, I love to travel, meet new people and have new experiences. I'll be happy to help you in your activities. I like to do hiking and cycling and any kind of adventure.


Set country: United States

36 Year old male from southern California.


Set country: Brazil

Hallo! I am a Brazilian living and studying in Leipzig. I have some experience with permaculture from having stayed at communities and from doing a Permaculture Design course back in Brazil, so I would love to get to know some communities working with this in Germany.


Set country: India

I am Prashant, I'm an open minded, caring and inquisitive person✨ I am new to hippohelp or you can say the whole workaway thing but i am super excited to learn new things from new people and experiences! I am very good with computer and networking and can help you troubleshoot things. I am also a digital marketing expert, can build websites and know little bit photoshop as well. I love to be in nature and I'm looking forward to traveling and living in different ways. I enjoy art, music, i am so much into adventure sports, its just didn't got much chance. I am really keen to learn swimming and some musical intrument. I am an Indian, I can speak a english, hindi, punjabi. my main goals are to connect with people and expierences feel a sense of community try living more in tune with nat... Read more

Rishiraj Das

Set country: Germany

I am an engineer working in Berlin. Would like to travel and stay at a agricultural farm to learn basics and ways of farming.


Set country: Switzerland

i’m a female, 52 years old & non smoking.
my heart beats for animals, travelling & different cultures.
i like to be in nature and with people.
i‘m openminded and curious to learn new things.
my goal is: to make a difference together, experience freedom & sharing respect.


Set country: Algeria

I’m a student in process engineering, I’m searching for an opportunity in volunteering, a true passion for me .

Ffiona Mari Rowland

Set country: United Kingdom

Hello! We are Dushi and Ffiona, a thirty something couple taking a 4 month career sabbatical to travel and spend more time in nature. Dushi is a doctor and I am a psychologist, we both have been living in London for the past few years. We are looking to help out on a farm, nature reserve or community organisation for between one and three months. Dushi is particularly keen to get gardening, help with land maintenance etc. I can help with that as well and/or can also help with teaching English and leading group activities and/or running theatre workshops. I have done all of these things in the past. We also both love animals and can help look after them. We are new to this kind of volunteering but ready to learn fast. We are both regular cooks and happy to help out in the kitchen. In... Read more


Set country: Italy

not available to travel at this time Hi,
I am a person with great work experience.
I started working when I was only 15 years old
As assistant bricklayer, then over the years I learned to painting, electrical repair, a bit of carpentry. I can use chainsaw, strimmer, Electric tools.
.father and grandfather are from farming families, my father always had a garden to be cultivated for the family, and I help him since I was a child, I like the contact with the ground, to see the plants growing and almost a miracle.
I like to cook.
Do not scare the hard work, I'm not a smoker.
I'm serious, precise, careful.
Unfortunately I do not speak English very well.
so for me, and that can go a great and a enjoy to know and improve my English.
I speak French, and Spanish.(... Read more

Ali Norouzi

Set country: Turkey

Living in Istanbul, working as a freelancer . About me : Easy going, calm, creative.
I'm practicing Russian language. My English is fluent, Persian is my mother toung, and i have been living in different countries for about 4 years now .


Set country: Netherlands


i like to travel and explore the world because i want to see more of this beautiful world, find maybe a nice spot to life and try to create worldpeace while I`m at it! And learn as much as possible offcourse...

I like sports, music, nature, travelling, languages, conversations, phylosophy/spirituality, riding my (motor)bikes. I am just very interested in general.

I do not like to fix another person's poor work. Also I don't like to help somewhere where hygiene is poor or where people think it's ok to eat from the pot or double-dipp their food in a shared food!

My skills are foto/video, DIY, Garden, cooking, cleaning, driving vehicles, take care of children and animals, bar and restaurant experience and what not. I am not willing to work... Read more

Jonas Jensen

Set country: Germany

Hey, my name is Jonas.
I'm looking for a place for September where I can do something new. I'm studying economics and computer science and I'm currently on vacation.
I've done almost every job before and I have no problem getting my hands dirty.
I would love to do some manual work somewhere in nature and live healthy for a month.
All I need is someone to pick me up from the airport and provide me with food and a bed.

Max Bobic

Set country: Italy

Max Bobic 19 years old Looking for work and lodging in exchange for my services and experience

Andressa Paranhos

Set country: Brazil

Film student, graduating at the end of 2021. Looking for some voluntary work opportunities that can help me grow my career

Thomas Victor

Set country: Brazil

Hey there, my name is Victor and I'm from Brazil. I'm trying to get used with this app, do you can help me?

James Dolan

Set country: United States

Biomedical engineering student studying at The College of New Jersey looking for work experience that will allow me to travel. Wanting and willing to learn new skills. Really only available during my summer and winter breaks but I hope to make the most of those times.

Nicola Alfarano

Set country: Italy

Hi I'm Nicola, I like to know new cultures in a more authentic way. I can lend myself to any job, in an amateur way, as I am an accountant. I have had various experiences in workaway and other volunteering. I am very sociable, I like to know cultures and people to deal with. I love to cook.


Set country: Germany

Hey, I'm looking to finance a holiday


Set country: Lithuania

Hi, I’m Zamira. I love travelling and meet new people. Currently, I’m working as an IT specialist in Lithuania. I have two Master degrees in Environmental engineering from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania) and Computerised control of Electrical Technologies from Riga Technical University (Latvia).

Carlos Botelho Marques

Set country: Spain

Hello, My name is Carlos 21, from Portugal. Im currently travelling with my van looking for new experiences.


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi everybody! I'm Nadia. I am 48 years old and I am from Russia. I have good health, I have no allergic reactions. Spoken language - English, Russian. Work on the care of animals and plants is preferable. I have no special requirements for the conditions of accommodation and food. By profession , i'm a ceramist technologist.


Set country: Italy

Hello, Khim here! Born and raised in the Philippines, moved to Malta in 2016, and just completed my bachelor's in business last year (2020). At the moment I'm in the North of Italy wrapping up my gap year volunteering experience with a youth organisation. Friends and family would describe as adaptable. I'm able to adjust to new conditions and new people fairly easily. Travelling is something I enjoy and yearn, I've solo travelled a number of countries when I turned 18, and have worked in the summer and at times during an academic year to fund for the trips. Apart from that, making short videos (mostly for instagram) is an interest I've recently found myself doing a lot. Volunteering also is not foreign to me. I've involved myself in plenty of volunteering experience in the Philip... Read more


Set country: Brazil

I am very communicative , happy with life , I love cooking , animals and nature , I like to know new things

Eduarda Flores

Set country: Brazil

Tenho 18 anos e sou gaúcha, mas moro em SC há 8 anos. Gosto muito de decoração e talvez eu faça faculdade de moda. Me considero alguém bem alto astral, costumo ser divertida, amo conhece pessoas e me conectar.