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Set country: Turkey

Dear host, Please take some time in reading our message, we really appreciate it. We are a couple on a bicycle journey to Jerusalem. We started in London july last year (2020),we have arrived to Istanbul and we are looking for a place to exchange our work for food and if possible accommodation. We have to wait here for about 2 months to organise the rest of the trip, to help lovely people and to wait for a passport renewal (which will take about 1 and a half months) We have much Experiance in all fields of work. My wife used to run a cleaning company in London and I was a builder/carpenter. We have Experiance in many fields of work, ranging from hotel staff, cooks, olive pickers, grape pickers, building work, painting, cleaning etc... We are a fit hardworking couple looking to give a ... Read more


Set country: Italy

Hello everyone! I'm Bianca from Verona, Italy! So now i'm here but I no longer feel at home so i'd like to exploring new places and getting to know new souls from all over the world! I will start my trip from the Canary Islands because i need more warmth in my life :) I'm 26 and i was born in Romania, but i have lived in Verona from the age of 6! I studied art at school but I have been working in tourism for 6 years. Obviously my hobbies are painting and drawing, renovating objects, etc. in short, I can do any creative work! I always have a thousand ideas! I love animals! I come from a family that had a farm, so I know a lot of jobs concerning animals and the environment around them. You don't have to worry, I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and do heavy work! I'm polite, open m... Read more


Set country: South Africa

Hi, I'm Shana.
I love kids, animals and traveling

I do childcare, petcare, home cleaning and assisting.

Giovani Rodrigues

Set country: Brazil

Olá, sou Giovani. Cozinheiro, confeiteiro e estudante de teatro, moro em São Paulo e considero minha maior riqueza a minha simplicidade, meu sorriso e minha facilidade de lhe dar com as pessoas por ser muito flexível e antenado em diversos tipos de assuntos. Adoro conhecer gente nova! Alem disso, sou um amante da natureza! Rios, lagos, mar cachoeira, floresta, trilha, picos... Tudo isso me encanta! mas não dispenso uma festinha com amigos, quando convém.


Set country: United States

Almost your favorite 23 year old producer. I recently graduated from college and want to spend the year moving around to catch a vibe in new places and figure out where I should be next.


Set country: Egypt

I have a-lot of experience with international company all over the world in mechanical install-ion and troubleshooting i can give back to the community

Mathieu Boumalosaurus

Set country: Mexico

I'm from Belgium, I work as a comedy writer and I do stand up. I'm really interested in meditation, consciousness and all that confusing stuff! I'm actually thinking of teaching meditation. I did a lot of hitchhiking, some wild camping and quite a bit of couchsurfing. I'm generally quite good with people and very social; I'd say that's my best asset. I briefly worked as a hostel receptionist in Paris and as a barista in Montreal. I worked a few days as a fruit picker somewhere in Quebec and as a fruit picker somewhere in Norway (not the same fruit though!). I'm learning Spanish, and I'm bilingual French / English.


Set country: Nigeria

I'm an aspiring musician, I am super multi-talented that I could fit into any job description.. I make sure to stay level headed when there is workload and I always want to be a wow in all my accomplishments.

Claudio Longo

Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm Claudio. I was a Chef in Italy and I was unhappy. Then, 6 years ago I changed my life traveling. Since then I lived in many places around the world and did many experiences to change and get to know myself and find new passions: New Zealand, Nepal, Norway, Spain, India, Australia, Vietnam etc. Living around the world, my life changed when I started writing about my experiences in the world. I've written 3 books about my adventures, started a travel blog and a motivational travel podcast. Right now I would love to be able to find new inspiration, meet new people and be able to tell us our stories. I am a clean and precise person, open to dialogue and pleasant in comparison. ***SPANISH*** Hola, soy Claudio. Yo era cocinero en Italia y no ero una persona feliz. Luego, hace ... Read more

Nitel Shaneeiiz

Set country: Kenya

I'm a well driven lady that enjoys cooking and visiting different cultures to learn more about the world


Set country: India

I'm a 22 year old IT Engineering graduate from Pune. I'm looking forward to help hosts and have a great experience learning and teaching each other. Looking forward to a beautiful adventure!

Joyce wanja

Set country: Kenya

Hi my name is Joyce I'm 22 years old. I pursue hospitality management in college .I love travelling and exploring new places. My friends say I'm a kind and bubbly person.I'm also very handy when it comes to work.

Abdou Abdallah

Set country: Egypt

Saad Bnj

Set country: Belgium

Hellow !

My name is Saad But don't worry, I am Happy ^^
I am a Belgian Guy who have Morrocan roots.
I love diversity and discover other cultures, it helps to forge a good personality.
I like making jokes, telling stories and listen to what people have to say !
I am a great learner, I love to learn from everyone's experiences.

I have a little Osmo Pocket, which allows me to keep good memories of all experience I have.

I share the values of sharing, tolerance and equality.

I can speak French, English (to perfect), Arabic and I have notions in Spanish and Dutch.

Glory ibe

Set country: Nigeria

I’m a young girl of 24, I’m a professional chef, very business minded, outgoing and good with kids. Always ready to learn and a homey person, I love peace and quiet and quite adaptable to new environment.


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

I'm teacher. I like to travel to other countries. I like to communicate with other cultures

Julio Saura Rivas

Set country: Ireland

I'm a 35 years old Spanish guy living in Limerick since for 5 months. I'm an environmentalist with a Bachelor's degree in Science, in Environmental Science. As well as having two years of experience in ground maintenance and garden keeping, I have three years of experience in environmental research. I graduated from Universidad de Malaga in Spain, I have participated in several innovative projects. I am currently living in Limerick and looking to use the knowledge gained so far in my career and working experience to obtain an active role as a volunteer or worker and also I want to improve my English (Upper intermediate level). In the course of my studies, volunteering and working experience, I learned a great deal about plants and trees, ground maintenance and the operation of small gar... Read more


Set country: Kenya

Hello am Sheila from Kenya and love to travel and work at same time would love to start travelling different destinations.

Queen Bibi

Set country: South Africa

I would love to travel myself and help my hosts

Cleiton Belchior

Set country: Brazil

I am 39 years old, single, looking for new experiences, different cultures, different contexts than usual. I have knowledge in several areas and can contribute effectively, maintenance in general, electrical, electronics, computers, internet, social networks, architectural design and others.


Set country: Netherlands

My name is Richard. I'm 39 years of age, but my curiosity about life has kept me traveling through life rather lightly. Just a few attachments and things I own. I hold a master's degree in business and occasionally take on projects to make ends meet, but since 2017 my main focus has been on spirituality – cultivating the ability to let go of conceptual thinking. I get by in society, but I prefer to spend most of my time outside the seriousness most people live by. I'm not very interested in careers, regular family life or politics and media. My interest for self-discovery, letting go of old stories and tension, and spending time playfully with others is relentless though! :-) My main talent is to create an overview, either in a project, writing or life. But I also truly enjoy to ma... Read more


Set country: Portugal

my name is Ryan.
i am 34 and from the UK.
i have worked in the construction industry for the last 15 years.
i can turn my hand to many things BUT plumbing and electrics are NOT my skills.
i also hold a (level 4 national certificate) in horticulture.
so i have some basic knowledge of taking care of veggie patches , gardening and garden maintenance.
personally. i am huge animal lover. so working around animals will be more of a pleasure than a chore....
i am currently traveling around Europe. and taking the time to enjoy life and giving back a little. by volunteering where i can.


Set country: Kenya

I'm Roselyne but you can call me Rosa,from kenya..I'm 20 &I love making new friends &family...

Anne-Sophie Louison

Set country: Mauritius

Hi, we are a couple from Mauritius island looking for an adventure! We don't want to settle down just yet because we have been dreaming of traveling the world for a long time now!

K-neda Pris

Set country: Croatia

To begin with I want to say that I am passionate about traveling and feeling that I take every moment of my life. Before serving in Croatia trip for 7 years in some Latin American countries. I usually worked in different tourist places such as Barman, kitchen assistant and DJ. I love music and art in general. I am a fan of nature and I like to be part of activities and projects that have focus on protection and care. I have the desire to learn every day and always try to give the best of me in each place where I have the opportunity to share.