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Hello , i'm Latifa and I joined to this website because I'm interested to do volunteering works such as helping the families in their daily jobs and try to do my best to be helpful person .

Ilia Dihno

Hey guys.
My name is Ilia, 25 years old from Israel.

I have to admit, writing an internet profile is somewhat new to me, and not very intuitive. I guess I would like to present myself as true as possible, in these few sentences...

Anyways - I'm a simple guy, raised in Israel to a russian immigrant family. I speak English, Russian and Hebrew fluently. As of now, I am meeting the world of travel once again, after having a short-but-meaningful stint in the Hebrew University faculty of Law (Jerusalem). I am leaving my studies after 3 semesters, understanding that this is not the rightful place for me - and what could be a better manner of self-pursuit than hitting the road, exposing yourself to what life has to offer? Nothing, in my book.

I consider myself a hard wo... Read more


Hi ! I'm lyna i like to travel and discover new cultures , meeting new people from different back grounds , religions ,and mentalities . I love adventures and trying new things .

Libia Raquel Gomes

Professora de informática


27 year old writer and dog mom. Looking to travel and learn and have new experiences.



My name is Sabina, a 23-year-old nursing graduate. I love nature, good books and TV series. Recently, after graduation I have discovered a great desire to travel, explore the world and learn about other cultures from locals perspective. I would like to learn new things and hear different stories of people from around the world.

I hope to enjoy and share an amazing time, conversations and stories with you.


Hello everyone! I am Alice, 23, and I am going to be exploring Australia for the next year. I am a recent graduate wanting to experience as many different opportunities as I can. Having lived in Britain my entire life (born in Cambridge, but studying in Edinburgh for the last four years) I am excited to travel the world, meeting new people and exploring new cultures. I studied History of Art at university, and am looking for every opportunity to expand my knowledge not only of the various art styles from around the world, but also the various cultures that produced them. I love being part of a community, and have a lot of experience working in a wide range of groups: I organised a Canadian exchange in the summer of 2017; I have been a Scout leader since 2009; I was a Rainbow leader... Read more

Daria Chicherova

We are Dasha and Pasha from Russia. We are eager to travel around the world, to help people and to make new friends. We are hard-working, open-minded, well-rounded and optimistic people.