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Abd lkader mofarij

Hey Im abd lkader from moroco im 17 years old if you need a help send me an email Thanks

Timothy Jonathan

Hi, I'm Timmy from Jakarta, Indonesia. Am 17 and active in my high school outdoor recreational club, ELPALA, that teaches students the basic skills of navigation, mountaineering, rafting, rock climbing, single rope technique, search & rescue, first aid, and, more importantly, to respect nature, local culture and the environment. In August 2018 together with four other members of ELPALA, I climbed Mount Elbrus, Russia, which is one of the world's Seven Summits. I had also climbed several mountains in Java. Am a quick learner, easy going, hard working, responsible person and team player. Would love to see the world and take on new challenges.

Loubna Mrc

Hi there, I’m Loubna, I am 22 years old and I’m French. I have a master degree in international management trilingual. I’m fun, I like sharing with people, be connected with the world, talking about humanity, nutrition, sport. I’m open minded. It will be a pleasure to talk with you ! :)

Mostafa Elbarsi

Hello all, I'm Mostafa from Cairo Egypt, I did my BA in Tourism Guidance, my MA in Museum studies and Ancient cultures and working nowadays as a teacher, looking for a new challenge to be done in this summer vacation. I'm interested in meeting new people, introduce people to my culture and to be introduced to different cultures. Open minded, free spirit and loving nature.

Palavicini Eduardo

Friendly and committed

Дарья Муриева

Hello! My name is Daria. I am from Russia. I really love world and travel around the world. I already was helping to people in my city when i had a time. It was volonteer's work. It's really interesting and inspire me to help more and more. So i would like to try to travel and help in another country, becouse i can know a new culture and see many people. I think it must be unforgettable experience. I visited 3 countries as a traveller. I hope i can visit more. I can speak in English and Russian. Now i am learning Korean.


Greetings from an experienced elementary and secondary school teacher from Canada. I’ve taught both children and adults in Thailand, South Korea, and Canada, in all age groups from 6 to 60. I have extensive experience in managing, supervising, and evaluating students in English, math, science, and social studies classes.

In addition to teaching, I have experience in developing curricula and a wide variety of teaching materials, as well as managing other teachers as a First Grade head teacher in a Korean elementary school.

Furthermore, I have extensive international experience, with over fifteen years living and working in the Asia-Pacific region.

I am also certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, in Canada. I look forward to working with new students and t... Read more