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Hasibul Alam Shuvo

Set country: Bangladesh

I Am Shuvo From Dhaka... I Want To See The World And Learn Along..

Fernandes Fabi

Set country: Brazil

Quero Corresponder de forma positiva e eficaz no desempenho e desenvolvimento das tarefas a mim confiadas, buscando sempre excelentes resultados que envolverão o futuro estratégico da empresa e seu desenvolvimento sustentável em mercados altamente competitivos. Sou Pro ativa e tenho muitos conhecimentos. Hoje sou aposentada, nao por idade, entao, posso fazer voluntariado ou ate mesmo alçar um novo mercado. O importante é ter um proposito na vida, e isso, eu tenho!

Elô de Elody

Set country: Brazil

Sou ativa, gosto de ajudar, organizar e cozinhar! Adoro conhecer novos lugares e pessoas. Amo a natureza, amo comer a fruta do pé! Sou aventureira, gosto de desafios.


Set country: United States

Businessman, Entrepreneur and Freelance Editor in English. SEO; websites, content, photos and enhancements. I work and live 6 months a year in the EU/Schengen. I am from Los Angeles, California, USA
Know how to say 'yes!'
Well organized with strong time-management skills
Creative; advertisements and promotions, business consulting
Great communicator with people of various generations and cultures
Excellent time management planner. Advanced knowledge of digital 35mm cameras, video cameras, sound equipment, musical gear (bass player). Lifetime of computer experience and use; Excel, Word Docs, Act! and WordPress. Divorced, Dad of 2 incredible adult daughters both working in USA.
HippoHelp referrals available.

Nils Heinisch

Set country: Norway

Im a 18 old freshly graduated student and now looking for a place in Norway to spend some time between school and university. I am open for many new people, experiences and especially in Culture as im planning to study Scandinavian Countries next year at University. Im open minded, interested in culture and history and a fast and eager learner. I love working outside and enjoying nature in every aspect whether it is sports or just strolling around. I don't have much experience in working with animals but our family has always been to many Farms (when i was younger) so i would say i have a general understanding of certain things happening on a farm etc. Side Information; i am fully vaccinated so travel should be no Problem although i would like to stay in south Norway.


Set country: Netherlands

Hi there. My name is Zack and I am 24 yo. I've been born in Hungary but raised in the UK since I was 8 yo, and currently based on Amsterdam. Ever since I was a young kid, I've always wanted to discover the world so I decided to move abroad to learn new cultures and languages, specially the hot latino world, where the positive vibes and tasty food always rule. My plan to action is moving on forward to Spain reason why I love the culture and the people. My goal in life is to settle down in an exotic place where the sun is always shining , the food is delicious and I have the feeling I am in a paradise city i can call home. Living every day step by step by the values of honor, resilience and respect. Looking for new opportunities to keep on learning of new skills, meet new interesting... Read more

Adam Bar Zeev

Set country: Portugal

Musician, adventurer and people lover


Set country: Singapore

We are four Singaporean students interested in travelling overseas in May 2022. We are native English speakers and the four of us are easy-going, enthusiastic and open to new experiences! Can't wait to have a cross-cultural experience with you :)

Adryanna Macedo de Matos

Set country: Brazil

My name is Adryanna, I'am 39 years, I like to help in the kitchen, with art and decoration, with social media, as a tour guide or making drinks.


Set country: Spain

I'm just an easy goin gentleman who has decided he wants to experience different countries and cultures and do what I want to do with my life


Set country: Germany

Hi! I'm Kinga and I dream about nomad life. I want to see the world while spreading kindness and help. My main goal is to see each corner of the globe and help all animals on the way (people are also animals! :D).

Adrian Laube

Set country: Germany

Hello everyone and welcome to my profile:) At the start of this essey I wanted to say, that I'm not the best in talking about myself, but I'll try my best. I was born in Poland, but at the age of eight, I moved to my parents, because at this time.they were living in Germany to provide a better future for me and my older brother. And of course that is the place, where I learned to speak the language as good as my mother language, that I also improved to this point, that you can't hear or read a difference incomparassion to people, that were living there their whole lifes. I've finished a Handel&E-Commerce school, beside that I could gain some experience in things like work in the Bank for some months, car dealership, mechanics, catering, I used to be a cook for about a year and t... Read more


Set country: Nepal

My name is Mohan. I am currently exploring places after I dropped out of university. I was in the last year of my Bachelor's degrees education (abroad, in Finland), specializing in Information technology. I'd like to tell you a little bit about my background, interests, and my goals.

I was born in a city in eastern Nepal called "Damak" which is 54 KM far from the West Bengal border of India. I did my schooling in my hometown till grade 10, then after I moved to the capital city "Kathmandu" for my (10+2) degree. After completing a higher secondary degree, I opted to go abroad for my further education in 2015 to Finland. I came back to Nepal in 2020.
I dropped out of the university and now currently doing volunteering in local areas for about a few months and plan to do so abroa... Read more

Wayne Hopkins

Set country: United States

I'm 32, I have always loved travel and used similar sites to spend a year hitchhiking when I was much younger. After the last couple years, I need some serious personal healing and development time, a change of scenery, and a small place to stay while I work hard to earn my keep as well as financially rebuild as much as I'm able.

Lesly Yess

Set country: United States

Hello there, i love traveling and get to know new culture and people to exchange experience and share it, i would like to improve my english also and why not learn a new one, i'm so proud of my country, and i would love to keep traveling and do some job for a place where to stay, i'm a hard working person, loyal, responsable and adaptable,


Set country: United States

Hello! I’m looking for a great opportunity to help out, build skills and experience life! Let’s make everyday count! IG: fattenbliss

Sarah Tasch

Set country: Hungary

My Name is Sarah I am 18 years old. At the moment I am travelling through Europe. I am looking forward to see the world and to get to know new people.


Set country: Spain

Hello my name is Patricia, I am from the US, but currently living in Madrid, Spain
I have been teaching English at a primary school and working as a freelance English teacher, I am 150 hours TEFL certified and I have worked at summer camps, babysitting and also worked in Advertising and Marketing for 3 years, prior to teaching. I also speak fluent Spanish, Portuguese and some French.

As a teacher I have summers off and I would love to have opportunities to keep traveling, so far I have been to 45 countries and would love to see more!

Cody Bollman

Set country: United States

My name is Code Bman
I use that codebman at outlook dot com for my email address and cannot afford a membership at this time. It would be great if you could send me an email so I can communicate. I cannot reach out to anyone but need to find an opportunity quickly. I am staying with family in PA.

Tamir Edut

Set country: United States

Looking to live in exchange for work, will be coming from NY.


Set country: Brazil

I’m a friendly person who aways likes to give my best when I’m doing something, I learn fast…

Udbhav Verma

Set country: India


Dayane Rocha

Set country: Brazil

Pretendo conhecer um pouco mais do mundo e pessoas de uma maneira diferente, levando minhas habilidades.


Set country: Switzerland


Marina Milléo

Set country: Brazil

Olá! Eu sou a Marina e moro na região Sul do Brasil. Aqui trabalho como Professora de Educação Especial. Atuo com alunos com deficiência visual, auditiva e intelectual. Amo viajar, pode ajudar outras pessoas e trocar experiências!

Ana Danddara

Set country: Brazil

Brazilian filmmaker, writer, and singer. Fluent in English and Portuguse. Available to run errands of many kinds, from housekeeping to website design, childcare to performance, etc to etc

Allan Shawa

Set country: Zambia

I possess a bubbly personality that has seen me work in hospitality. I have an extremely creative mind as evidenced by my numerous publications on international platforms as well as an unrelenting spirit as I have four years volunteer experience under my belt.


Set country: Germany

Hi what's up? I'm a very easy going person that loves to have all kinds of encounters. I'm currently looking for a place where I can enjoy nature and learn about other forms of living, farming and working with my hands in general.

Алексей Раздобаров

Set country: Germany

Hi, I'm Alex, Male, 28 years old from Ukraine


Set country: Italy

Hi, my name is Raffaela, I was born in Italy, I like to travel and meet new people and situations.
I have 2 children aged 27 and 20.
I love being with children, I create and lead playful-creative workshops for children, I am a biodance facilitator, I paint, I write poetry, I am co-creator of solidarity economy networks.
I know the world of the Internet and programs like word, excel, pics art, fotor quite well.
I would like to know different realities from mine where respect, trust and sharing with affection are the pillars of relationships.

Dario Pasto

Set country: Italy

Hello, my name it s Dario, I m 28 years old and I m Italian, I really like to travel and do news experience around the word.


Set country: United States

Hello, my name is Larie. I love to learn. My goal is to travel while also helping others. I really want to learn how to farm and grow food and also to live in nature. My hobbies, are singing, dancing, painting, reading, practicing holistic studies and learning about skin and body heath/skincare. I feel this will give the opportunity to grow and learn and flourish. I hope to be a helping hand and to meet you all soon.

Venugopal Doosa

Set country: India

Software Professional Travelling while working


Set country: France

Hello and Greetings !!

I am an international student in Orléans from India, living in France since January 2020. I am interested to learn about different cultures, languages, histories, etc. I am available to be in a work exchange environment, to spend time in a new land, learn new things, and meet new people. Cheers !

Ginevra Locatelli

Set country: Spain

Hi! I'm a 31yo italian girl, I love traveling and I'm always on the go. Right now i'm trying to cool down and find my own balance after a full year working in a fast-pace digital marketing job, I'm now looking for good vibes and reconnect with myself and others.