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Florian Girard

Set country: France

I want to be an active tourist when I travel for vacation. Then used to look for living as the locals, helping them to be accomodated and share their daily routine.

Anjalli Sainiee

Set country: India

I am a single woman who wants to travel.i would like to tend ,teach children look after pets etc mostly,gardening

Luis Cajigas

Set country: Turkey

My name is Luis, Originally from Colombia and on my mid-20's; I fluently speak English and Spanish. An artist by training, I have been working on the service industry for the last 4 years, looking forward to meet new people and expand my own horizons.

Priscilla Bignardi

Set country: Brazil

I am Priscilla from Brazil. I am specialized in teaching languages to children and adults as well as training teachers. I am currently working from home in online environment for few hours a day which allows me to be anywhere in the world. I am well educated and well traveled. I can speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, some French and some Italian. I am willing to help out. I'm very friendly and get along well with people of different ages, backgrounds and culture. :)

Yama Niyama

Set country: India

Hi, I am a yogi, musician, shaman, blogger, multimendia-artist (=Allrounder) from Germany who wants to travel India and the world. I left my old life behind in Germany, and I am now following my Dharma wherever it may take me, ready to serve and deserve.
Educational wise I am a trained Singer/Music- and Sports-teacher. I deeply engage in auto didactic studies, and I am always willing to learn. I am an honest person willing to meet new people. I am very fit, willing to engage with tasks ahead if they fit into my belief system (nonviolence, animal respect, in harmony with nature etc.) Whatever I do, I do wholeheartedly.
I am a passionate person who likes to laugh and who is courages, committed and open minded.

I am always following my heart and I am ready to serve with my t... Read more

Liya Malkova

Set country: Germany

It's so hard to describe yourself.. But let's try anyways, I think I'm quite shy when I meet people the first time but that normaly fades away in the first hours :)
Besides that I'd describe myself as a crazy, spontaneous yet reliable person.


Set country: Romania

Im traveling around this world exploring fascinating mother earth and connecting with loving intelligent beings to experience the magic of life. Plus I would be glad to do my part to you all by sharing yoga lifestyle which is union with+in to self realize and balance our energy being that are made of the body, intellect, emotions, memories, feelings and egos as well union with+out by being self responsible of our own thoughts, emotions and actions towards other beings including the mother earth and her natural inhabitants.

In the past I had experienced enslavement to corporations. I decided to quit being a slave to the system and instead bend the system to work for me. I have lived around this world without owning money since 2012,,,Im not traveling for free but my travel is an e... Read more


Set country: Hungary

Dear Host, My name is Eva, I graduated as a child psychologist and was working in my profession for 10 years in Hungary. I enjoyed working with children, however, I gradually realised that I was always looking for more time and more opportunities to travel. Finally, I decided to dedicate my life to travel. The last two years were the most beautiful and most exciting part of my life because I could work as a tour guide and when I was not on tour, I was teaching English for children and youngsters. Now, of course, everything has changed for everybody who loves to travel. I honestly hope that this time next year I will work again as a tour guide but in the meantime, I would be glad if I could see the world while making myself useful and helping others. I regard myself as an outgoing, flexi... Read more

Vera Calado

Set country: Portugal

Yellow! Vera, from Portugal. We have 3 eyes. 2 to watch 1 to see. And 1 heart to know.

Alice Robinson

Set country: United Kingdom

Will fill in later


Set country: Georgia

Greetings from an experienced elementary and secondary school teacher from Canada. I’ve taught both children and adults in Thailand, South Korea, and Canada, in all age groups from 6 to 60. I have extensive experience in managing, supervising, and evaluating students in English, math, science, and social studies classes.

In addition to teaching, I have experience in developing curricula and a wide variety of teaching materials, as well as managing other teachers as a First Grade head teacher in a Korean elementary school.

Furthermore, I have extensive international experience, with over fifteen years living and working in the Asia-Pacific region.

I am also certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, in Canada. I look forward to working with new students and t... Read more


Set country: France

We have a lot of experience having helped homeowners, tour companies cafes/restaurants and hostels in Los Angeles and Paris. That includes: desk reception, helping tourists/hosts; various tasks such as light maintenance, some gardening, housesitting, and petsitting. We are motivated and would like to work with organic farms, and learn how to grow our own food, permaculture etc.
Here are some infos about us: We are Dee and Joseph founders of DISKO Hawaiian and Nights touring the world since 2010. Kids , We have sustainable and artistic activities like making 3D pop up. For the older adults with Alzheimer, arthritis, or any other condition stress, etc..., we have an exclusive world class content: A Live Baroque Guitar & Soft Percussions JAM THERAPY with multiple healing benefits.


Set country: India

Hi I love to travel to all different places on earth and interaction with new like minded people by who just believe in exchanging joyfully peaceful happy laugh moments hungry for love not for just Money my mobile number is 9928285929

Andrea Silva

Set country: Ireland

I am a 42 y-o Brazilian living in Ireland since 2015. I took some time off to learn about other cultures and lives.


Set country: India

Amazing traveler enjoyable at any moment with magic


Set country: India

A wanderer in the making
Over the last year, I have started to travel and realised its the only thing that makes me happy. Helping People, doing odd jobs, volunteering makes the travel experience worthwhile. Although I am new to the Travel and volunteer thingy but I am as determined as anyone else. I love kids, farms, green landscapes and villages. I would love to help you with whatever you want.


Set country: Australia

Happy traveler looking to volunteer for a few weeks somewhere in Thailand. I'm keen to work with my hands and get down to earth somewhere peaceful and quiet before heading back to America. Also not opposed to having a few drinks and a laugh in the evening.


Set country: Turkey

I am a U.S. citizen and a greater helper whether it be reception, English teaching, or keeping up with social media....Im good at it all and enjoy helping and when I am I'm helping I am at my best. I'm looking to make a difference in whatever or wherever God leads me. Would like to be in India preferred.

Çağla Aygün

Set country: Turkey

I am a 22 year old woman Çağla. I am studing Medicine . This year i will be in Berlin for Erasmus . I am easy going and calm . I have been educating childrrn and adulds since i started to univercity. I am giving private tutors in Maths, Englisch, Physics and German . I am a tranie Doctor , therefore i have medical knowledge . I am a cat owner , i can also take care of your pet. I am an animal lover. I can cook well and I love cleaning . I am an easy going , kind and a calm woman

Nikki Waldron

Set country: United States

I am quiet shy a bit of a loner. Been through alot in the past. I want to find a purpose or a chance in New places and to clear my mind from the chaos and people and finally do something and be happy for once.

Kyle Dickens

Set country: United States

Hello! I'm currently taking a gap semester from my biology degree at Rice University due to COVID-19. I love art, cooking, building, and gardening. My work experience spans from ecological field research, to landscape architecture and teaching painting classes. I pick up skills quickly, graduated at the top of my class in high school and have a near perfect GPA at a top tier university. Despite this, I honestly prefer getting dirty and doing manual labor. I'm looking for new experiences, to meet new people, to work hard, and fill the next few months with something exciting. Most importantly, I would love to come help you out!

Adi Uliel

Set country: Greece

We are two girls travelling and searching to meet nice people.we love to dance ,talk, yoga, meditation, joggling, and simply have fun!

Tata Shalamberidze

Set country: Canada

A researcher practised in Western sciences and in love with an Eastern philosophy. Finally decided to quit the work not serving my interests any more and eager to explore the world, help people in need and be the part of a more conscious community worldwide.

Nathalie Amato

Set country: France

Je m'appelle Nathalie, je suis une kinésithérapeute italienne qui actuellement vit en France, j'ai 37 ans et je me suis mise depuis quelques mois à étudier l'anglais. Je trouve cette idée de pouvoir voyager et en même temps être complètement immergé dans la vie dans un autre pays très cool. J'ai hâte de commencer !