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Sebastián Cajas

Set country: Belgium

Hi, I'm Sebastian! I've been living in a metropolis for the most of my life, half of it spent either on sea or up in the mountains, doing sports like hiking, trekking or reading in the mountains; my way of staying connected with nature. As my age progressed, it became more difficult for me to be indifferent to all the damage we're causing to the environment while living in cities, performing our "duty" to consume and be another gear to the economic system. In search of an alternative way of living that is based on sharing and producing, I decided to quit my job; I want to look back at my life with pride, knowing I contributed to leaving the world a better place than I found it, instead of just watching mostly forward to my lunch hour, the unique moment when I allow a few of my passio... Read more

Carlo Anselmi

Set country: Italy

Hi everybody,i'm Carlo from Italy,but i may say i'm from the world. Since i was very young my passion was travel and discover the world and,if it possible,give my help to those one less fortunate than me or just simply to those ones who need some kind of help. So finished my school,i moved to live and work in Spain,Barcelona,for 9 years,place where i learn speak Spanish.After this i start understand that my life is travel,in particular in Asia that i really love,so i started travel and working as volunteer. So i stayed 2 years volunteering in a hotel/guesthouse in Camboya,Siem Reap,than one year in India, in Jaisalmer always helping in a guesthouse,than in Bali, and than 4 years i volunteering in Malaysia,first year i stayed in Penang,working in a guesthouse and than in Langkawi. So,so ... Read more

Alejandra Jimeno

Set country: Spain

Hi! Im a third year Law and International relations student from Madrid. One of my passions in life is travelling so I try to do something different every summer. For the last couple years I have spent my summers volunteering on international cooperation programs in countries such as India or Kenya. Last summer I had my first working experience in Paris as an intern in an apartament rental enterprise. I came across this place and found the idea behind it very interesting!


Set country: South Africa

Friendly and curious French girl, I love to explore our planet, one step at a time - I am a slow traveller and I do my best to leave only footprints on Earth and bubbles underwater. Since I’m always challenging myself, one of my aims is to do a Transatlantic crossing in the upcoming years. I am a scuba instructor so chances are high that you find me close to the ocean, and if not, I’ll still share my passion for this very healthy addiction, trying to convince you to give it a try if you are stressed about it. And if there is the ocean but no scuba tank, you'll still find me in the ocean... freediving ! I love a good chat with fellows from around the world as well as local people, cooking a good meal (and talking about food!) and spending the night stargazing. I also enjoy a go... Read more

Liliosa Wilson

Set country: Nigeria

Name is Liliosa am an art marketer love helping others

Flava Blenda

Set country: Kenya

Am Flava Blenda I love travelling and learning am 21 years old am a high school diploma holder and am interested in new cultures and new experiences am very flexible and hardworking

Melanie Foster

Set country: United States

I am fifty year old animal lover, I have experienced many things in life, but I never traveled and I would like to experience new places while I still can. I lost my daughter to suicide and my husband to cancer, so at this point I think that life is a gift that can be incredible and full of love. I have great work references and references that can verify that I am a wonderful animal care giver as well as very clean and smart.


Set country: United States

Hi, my name's Ellie! I'm a COVID-conscious young professional from Chicago, taking a break from corporate life in order to reconnect with myself and the world. I'm a frequent traveller, very active and independent, and practice yoga regularly. I love music and animals, and I'm passionate about social justice and sustainability. I'm thoughtful and empathetic, a hard worker, and always seeking to challenge and stretch myself. I'm currently volunteering at a sanctuary for farmed animals on the Big Island of Hawaii, working alongside other work traders and local volunteers. Prior to this, I was focused full time on election work in Georgia, where I'm from originally. I'm mature, detail oriented, very clean, comfortable with shared living spaces, enjoy working outdoors, love teaching and m... Read more

Diana Loq

Set country: Russian Federation

hello everyone) My name is Diana. I love to travel and meet new people.. I am currently studying English. have an education: film and TV director Now I study remotely at the Faculty of production and advertising. understand good movies, music, food and wine. My main job is as a photographer and video operator. I will be happy to make you amazing photos. I love people and animals, I love children. I am ready to help around the house and in the garden, take care of the animals and spend time with the children. Write to me, I will be glad to meet you.

Bhasker Pradeep

Set country: India

Hi there, my name is Bhasker pradeep from India, (Southern part, Visakhapatnam city ). I'm very much interested to travel around. While surfing on net found this website and seems interesting. I'm very cool and simple person. Love to explore new places, cultures abd meet new people. You can reach me on WhatsApp eight 9 eight 2 eight eight 3 eight eight eight.

Precious Igbute

Set country: Nigeria

I'm Precious from Nigeria, i love discovering new places and experiencing new lifes

Mariana Nunes

Set country: Brazil

Brasileira, 23 anos em busca de trabalho voluntário no Brasil, de preferência na região sudeste. Trabalho como ajudante de cozinha e faxineira


Set country: United States

Heyyyy!!!! My name is Ashley! I’ve skyways wanted to travel. I’ve been a few places but that was years ago.
I feel it in my spirit and on my heart to begin a new life. A life filled with laughter, change, new experiences, new faces, while unlocking my potential!
I want to live a life of creativity. For what feels like all my life, I have lived for everyone else and now it’s time I love for me! So here I am!

Mamkhize Lele Masinyane

Set country: South Africa

I like exploring new things and I'm open minded

Azadeh Bakhtiari

Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hello, My name is Azadeh. I'm from Iran. I'm Clinical Psychologist. I'm sociable and friendly. I'm always interested to experience new places and cultures. I like travel, people, animals and plants. I believe into freedom and respect to other cultures.


Set country: Italy

Hello! I'm an 20-year old italian student who loves travelling and meeting new people from all over the world. I have lots of hobbies such as drawing, painting, meditation, yoga and reading. I'm a hard worker and have no problem getting my hands dirty.

Romely Cañonazo

Set country: Philippines

Dear host family, First of all, I would like to thank you that you take the time to read my letter. With this letter I would like to bring you closer to my life. I will try as best as possible to describe my life here, my wishes and dreams, my friends and family and of course myself. Actually I am an au pair, and I am looking for a family who needs an au pair. I cam stay for 1-2 years in your family. If you are wondering what is an au pair you can google it. To give you brief meaning, an "au pair" is a CULTURAL EXCHANGE. An au pair is a helper from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family. Typically, au pairs take on a share of the family's responsibility for childcare as well as some housework, and receive a MONETARY ALLOWANCE (you can search how much and it... Read more


Set country: Nigeria

Hi my real name is Henrietta ,I am a hardworking girl,fun to be with, interesting personality,adventurous etc


Set country: South Africa

Hi. My name is Ayafika I'm from South Africa, A very nice and out going person. It has always been my dream to travel around the world, but it's difficult to do so because of the expenses.

Cristian Daniel Avalos

Set country: Argentina

Hago Cicloturismo soy electricista y cuento con las herramientas básicas ,también llevo una guitarra criolla con repertorio personal de música latinoamericana.

Claudia Valla

Set country: Italy

We are Italian couple with a travel passion.


Set country: United States

Traveling hard worker looking for new adventures and experience new cultures

Matteus Batista

Set country: Brazil

Humoured and ready. I am a 25 year old Brazilian guy who seeks to visit all continents before 40. I'm a flight attendant in Brazil, however Covid has caused some trouble for airline companies and now I'm available (aka unemployed) for unknown period of time. So I am looking for possibilities to achieve that mentioned life goal, as far as Covid chaos let me. I also consider myself a natural helper and I love learning to live the best life from all different cultures and backgrounds.

Gabrielly Lorrainy

Set country: Brazil


King Zee

Set country: South Africa

I'm 172cm tall, dark skinned with a great positive personality

Sora Aizawa

Set country: United States

to be finished


Set country: United States

Hi, my name is Sofia I would love to travel and see something new I live in the desert, AZ, I love the beach. I cook clean, I’m always open to new things. I would love to learn how to surf or grow plants.

Saeed jamshidi

Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

love to travel and experience new things


Set country: United Kingdom

I consider myself a flexible and versatile person, I feel the impulse and motivation to discover and learn new ways of living and sharing experiences such as adventure activities in the middle of nature and yoga-meditation, since I love sport and I am interested in all topics related to wellness therapies and to participate in sustainable-environmental and creative-artistic projects.


Set country: Kenya

Ready to explore the world.

Babalwa Mda

Set country: South Africa

I'm a humble, open minded individual who is optimistic about life. I love the outdoors just as much as I love being indoors. I'm a flexible person who adapts well to any given situation or place. Reason for taking interest in this is to forfill my dream of traveling and learn different cultures, religions, just basically different lifestyles.


Set country: United Kingdom

I am Elsa Spanish, I have worked in companies as an administrative and coordinator of training projects. I like the customer service and helping in the last years I have done a volunteer service helping Kindergarden doing swimming classes for children and babies. I would very much like to help at a reception.