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Fabrizio Orsola

Set country: Italy

HI, i'm Fabrizio. I'm class '93, born and raised in Rome but travelling around the world since i was 18. At the beginning i used to travel just for pleasure, now i do it also for work since i'm a filmmaker and every once in a while i get involved in some travel and nature documentaries and "stuff". I'm really passionate about nature, as i spend lots of time in the countryside of Sabina where my family owns some lands. We produce olive oil and run a small farmhouse, so i'm also at ease with farm works, which i allways try to develope more. I'm a friendly and enthusiastic person, but i also know the value of silence and privacy when needed.


Set country: India

I am a BTech student currently studying in my 3rd year. I am looking forward to volunteer for digital marketing in Himachal for my summers. I have a decent experience in digital marketing and would love to help people of it.

Valeria Auletta

Set country: Italy

My main interests are sustainability and self sufficiency. I've volunteered in organic farms both in Northern Ireland and Sardinia and would love to help out with any organic farming, permaculture projects you may have.
Due to the travel restrictions related to the global pandemic, I'm only looking for opportunities within southern Europe at the moment.

Nicola Alfarano

Set country: Italy

Hi I'm Nicola, I like to know new cultures in a more authentic way. I can lend myself to any job, in an amateur way, as I am an accountant. I have had various experiences in workaway and other volunteering. I am very sociable, I like to know cultures and people to deal with. I love to cook.

Ana Paola Martinez

Set country: Mexico

Hello! My name is Ana Paola, I'm 25 and I like to travel while I work. I loooove meeting new people, and having a good time. I always seek learning new things in the places that I'm travelling. Dummy salsa dancer. Love cats and reading.

Tanguy Burgaud

Set country: France

Bonjour moi c'est Tanguy je suis français j'ai 25 ans je peux vous aidez a effectuer différentes tâches quitte a apprendre Je parle Français et Espagnol Hola me llamo Tanguy soy frances tengo 25 años puedo ayudarte para hacer muchas cosas, para cocinar , para aprender hablo Frances y español y quiero aprender ingles tambien


Set country: Germany

Hello, I am a native English-speaker with a lot of diverse work experience. In addition to being highly creative, I can assist you in your home or office with a wide variety of tasks (e.g., support for your business needs, administrative support, help with management of a bed & breakfast, managing holiday apartments, general help around the house or office, art projects, manuscripts, house sitting, pet care, housekeeping, help with children (ages 4 - 16), basic English language tutoring, senior care, shopping and general errands).

Availability: Minimum 3 months

I am interested in work exchange in: Germany, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands.

Leroy-Winston Scott

Set country: Italy

Hi there! My name is Leroy and I have been lucky enough to travel to over 35 countries in the past seven years including: Mexico, Thailand, Croatia, Timor-Leste, Nepal, and many more. I have had many jobs in that time which include: outdoor education specialist, rock climbing instructor, hiking guide, summer camps, designing websites, writing content for websites, volunteering at hostels, and for the last 3 years, my main job has been SEO. I'm fluent in English & German and love meeting new people and having new experiences. I currently work online 20 hours a week (09:00 - 14:00 Mon - Fri), and I am looking to find other work for the rest of the time (late afternoon and evenings would be perfect). I also have a lot of hobbies like longboarding, mountain biking, DJing, reading, bas... Read more


Set country: India

Nik Bedeeone

Set country: United States

38 female mature and hard working.

Andrea Amado Lain

Set country: Spain

I'm a Spanish game designer who wants to travel all around the world and learn about different cultures. I'm a curious and artistic person, I love to play the piano, write, learn languages, read, photography...
Always happy to learn something new and teach what I know.

Don't hesitate to send me a message ^-^

Tanisha Bishop

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! I'm Tanisha. I currently work in the hospitality in the UK. I've been looking to expand my range of skills, help out and also see the world! I'd put myself as a confident, charismatic, social, and hard working individual. I absolutely thrive under pressure! No task is too hard, and I'm more than willing to give anything a try. Just want to travel, work and learn as much as possible!

Mohamed Khames

Set country: Egypt

Welcome. My name is mohamed Khamis, 27 years old. I love to travel around the world to as many places as possible, meet new people and expand my career.
I love to travel the world. I want to learn the culture and language of the entire country.
I want to see the world.
Thank you so much
world tour

Valeria Lattanzio

Set country: Italy


Mikka Bonnaire

Set country: United States

I’m a music teacher, art model, oboist, vegetarian that loves to travel and meet people from different cultures.


Set country: Portugal

I´m an art student and scout with 20 years, really smiley and outgoing. I absolutely love animals, especially wildlife, I love camping and everything that has to do with nature. looking forward to getting into new adventures to get me more involved with the world and other living beings that habit in it <3 my backpack is always ready :)


Set country: Portugal

I am a curious visual arts student, happy and very passionate about nature and wildlife. I am very active in volunteer projects and I am currently looking for new experiences while travelling. I am ready to pack my bags and get in new projects that will put me to the test as a person and that will really make a difference in the world. I aspire to challenge myself by helping those who really need it.


Set country: Croatia

Hello ! My name is Oriane, I am Erasmus student in Croatia, and willing to keep traveling across the Balkan. I am extremelly interested in sustainable development, and love to take care of nature and animals. Most of all, I enjoy to meet new people and exchange knowledge and skills. For me, travel is before anything else a human experience. If you are looking for a traveller to help you with your farm, children, house, or anything else, feel free to contact me !

Giacomo Gaggiassi

Set country: Italy

Samara Rodrigues

Set country: Brazil

hello, my name is Samara and my fiance is called Mateus, we want to get to know new cultures, new people, and have new opportunities, to be able to explore a little of the world, currently I work in pharmacy, I do everything a little while attending, seeing medicines, clean, I work at the cashier too, I am decided in everything I do, I try to do my job in the best possible way. I Mateus work as a travel assistant, I really like my job, and I always stand out, I get along with my co-workers, I am very communicative and I always make new friends.

Isaac Abraham

Set country: United States

I am 35 years old, I am a writer, videographer, radio DJ, landscaper, detailed cleaner, and painter. I love volunteering and I'd like to see the world.

Galatea Bianchini

Set country: Italy

Hi! I am Galatea, 23 years old from Rome, student at university. I am friendly and easy going, and also an hard worker. I would love to find a project for the next summer to travel and in the meantime help others and share my skills and enthusiasm. I worked with tourists for years, so I know how to manage booking on websites, check-in, and check-out, clean the spaces and make them feel comfortable in order to offer them an unforgettable experience and obtain 5/5 stars! Something else about me, I like to practice and learn languages, cooking, Italian dishes in particular, and I love animals and children (I have been baby sitter). Last but not least, I love to make new experiences, learn new things, new cultures, and making friends. Hope to see you soon ;)

Keke Wang

Set country: Albania

Hi everyone, my name is Keke and I am from china. I am a former volleyball player and I attended my college in the states in Kinesiology major. If you are interested with some fitness and conditioning training or weight loss diet, I can certainly help. I like to keep myself active during my traveling or long staying. I’m a gym person and I like to eat clean and healthy but not all the time. I am a very easygoing, open minded, and love to learn new things and sharing time with people. I’m grateful for my traveling life and my health, my physical capable body. It’s a simple and easy way to live but not many people can afford to life their live like mine. To live everyday count! Cheers!


Set country: United Arab Emirates

My name is Khaled, from Syria, I live as my wife and a little girl, aged years, in the UAE. I left my country because of the war and I cannot return. I hope to find a friend or family who can help me move to live with them. I have experience in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, construction. My wife is a teacher .WhatsApp 00971508689578

Nanouche Arg

Set country: Algeria

Joyce wanja

Set country: Kenya

Hi my name is Joyce I'm 22 years old. I pursue hospitality management in college .I love travelling and exploring new places. My friends say I'm a kind and bubbly person.I'm also very handy when it comes to work.


Set country: Spain

I'm interested in learning about other cultures and other languages. Outgoing and friendly. I like mutual collaboration with other people, active and team player.

. Serious and responsible person you can trust I am open to questions, so, go ahead!


Set country: Greece

Dear Madam, Sir,

My name is Adriana Zapata, I am 29 years old, I am from Colombia, I am an English teacher but, I decided to explore a little bit Europe and I made a cultural exchange in France as an au pair.

I am very interested to do this volunteer because, I am passionate about foreign languages, different cultures, human relations and having lived in different countries, I would like to obtain a new personal experience related at the same time with the cultural and professional learning. With a taste for communication, teaching and pedagogy, I aspire to put my skills to work for your establishment.

I consider myself a very intelligent person not just in academic matters, but also in the intellectual part. People say that I am an outgoing and very open-minded... Read more

Magda Przepiórka

Set country: Poland

I'm Magda! A 25 years old girl from Poland. Nowadays I study (film studies) and work as a copywriter but looking for some change in my life. My biggest love is nature and travels around the world. I adore to meet new people from different countries and to share our cultures with each other. Recently I've started to learn a spanish language so I really, really would like to go more times to Canarian Islands or some places in Spain. I can't stop thinking about going to Australia, New Zealand or Mexico too :D

I’m passionate about anything around culture or creative, sport (especially enduro), languages, film (classic and indie movies; history of cinema), writing and nature.

Enoque azevedo Torres

Set country: Brazil

A young man of 18 years starting his career, I have a lot of determination, I want to help in everything possible, as well as to be helped, if possible I like to live and talk with wise people who have good experiences to tell me, so that I also learn, I have no addiction or health problems / psychologist / spiritist, I believe in God, and I am willing to try new paths with good and different people, which I may take with me for a lifetime, I am very interested in learning English completely, I study more but I'm not so good, I speak Portuguese, but I also like English a lot.


Set country: France

I am a 29 years old French national in a quest to find an alternative way of life that is both sustainable and self-sufficient. I feel I have spent too much time as a sedentary person, and I would now like to do more physical work. I thought hippohelp could help me best find that path while traveling, challenging my knowledge, habits and prejudices I may have. I studied biology, but also Japanese which I now speak fluently. I am currently learning computer programming and I want to try to extend my hobby in photography toward filmmaking. In the past, I have worked in a cultural association, in restaurants, and also as a translator. I would be very happy to share any of my skills! During my free time, I will be traveling your region with my bike, learn your local language, and do some ... Read more

Simone Florio

Set country: Italy

Hello. Simone Florio here from Rome/ Italy. Nice to meet you: i'm 25 years old and my greatest passion is fitness. i'm graduated with distinction in Sport Science and Physical Activity from the Università Tor Vergata in Rome . Then i've completed a Master’s Degree in “Biomechanics 4.0" from the Università San Raffaele, a postgraduate degree that helped me to complete my education in Sport Science and Sport Rehabilitation. i currently work as Head Personal trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach for a important Fitness Rome center and for some athletes on the italian national team of modern pentathlon. I am easygoing guy, love my work and i'm always seeking to earn new knowlodge. For this reason I am interested to get an international experience to improve my technical english... Read more

Omar Khattab

Set country: Egypt

hey, i'm 17 years old teenager interested in football (soccer) and i want to play football in international way in europe, and i want to make alot of friends, i can help in studying biology and english and in babysitting and pet care for my staying at home and food