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Joel Harper

Hi there, My name is Joel. But I'm no stranger to hard work, I love to work outdoors. I love to do outdoors work, I love making things, building things, planting and growing things. My backgound is tech - website design, content writing, optimisation and the like. But I'd like to get away form the computer a bit (though I dont mind doing some work for you if you need IT help and support, I just dont want to do this 24-7.


We are a couple from Canada looking to take time off from our jobs to travel (and work while we do so). Alex is a College Professor in equine management and Marcus is a biologist with a not-for-profit conservation organization. Marcus is also an Italian citizen (but has never visited).


Am a jovial, hardworking,honest ,down to earth,love challenges and social guy

Pedro Barsotti Fernandes

Hello, im Pedro, 20 I born in Santos- Brasil Now im living in Netherlands and planning a trip to go to turkey whithou t money, just doing work exchange. I like to listen music, To write, do poetry, and do sports. I also have some experience by waiter, barmen. And taking care of plants.