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Set country: Taiwan, Province of China

I would like to do something different.

Flaviu Dobrean

Set country: Romania

We ar a young couple who want to know new places and meet new people.


Set country: Canada

We're super active, love being in the outdoors, biking, hiking, paddling and the people we meet along the way. Looking to travel and help out with food prep, cooking, cleaning, sales, marketing, computer work, gardening, and whatever you might need a hand with. We're laid back, yet not afraid of work and getting the job done. Ideally we'd like to help out, improve our Spanish and explore the area near you. We will be relying on public transportation, while traveling in Chile and Argentina over the next 3 months.

Giorgio Tidei

Set country: Italy

I’m a 24-year-old Italian with a degree in electronic music. I have had a lot of different jobs in my life; from cleaning toilettes to recording professional artists in a recording studio. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and on the other side, to be in touch with people of different cultures and behaviors. I would define myself as humble, respectful, flexible and reliable person. I can clean up, tidy up, cook (remember..I’m Italian!!) and do whatever it takes to maintain and set up a place for your purposes, and in regards to what I still can’t do, I’m right here willing to learn. I enjoy working outdoors as I enjoy nature. I believe that respect for each other and communication are the base for every good relationship. So, I demand these two in the same way I pay attenti... Read more

Jenel Young

Set country: United States

Hello! I am a creative entrepreneur from New York! I also am a college student looking for a place in Seoul!

Tsahi Ben Avraham

Set country: Israel

Hallo, I'm 43 years old from Israel. I want to feel the life in farm and agriculture and weeling to help and learn.

Barros DaSilva

Set country: France

Hey everyone, I am new here and i am really happy to find this plataform. I would love to experience some kind of overborder work. I use to be a recepcionist at a clinic. But i really learn quick, i am clean and polite and love kids and animals. I am Portuguese, and i speak English and Spanish also. And really want to learn either Italian, French or German till the end of the year. So please give a thought and considere me.

Mohamed Jaffal

Set country: Morocco

Im young person and my size 1.70m and I want to travel to help anyone and every where in any time Im here... Im stronger and smarter I can do anything...

Shannon Smith

Set country: Iceland

Hi, I'm a 19 year old Australian girl currently on a gap year. I want to own my own farm one day, so while I am traveling the world I want to stay and learn from as many farms as possible.

Borhan Boulandier

Set country: Taiwan, Province of China

Hi! 'm Borhan, half malay and half spanish. I've lived in spain for most of my life, but moved to Malaysia 5 years ago. I worked in the city but soon got sick of it and eventually found my place in a tiny island, working with tourists and locals at a humble restaurant/campsite/bar. When I'm not there you can find me wandering around Malaysia and Asia I love nature and the beach/jungle. All kind of outdoor activities, wild camping, diving, boxing, hitchhiking, trekking (especially long distances) I love to talk with people all over the world, happy to help other people, learn -understand various cultures, learn languages,I am fascinated by politics, history and economics. I love movies and books. What are some of your favorites? A simple person, with simple wants. I have no trouble st... Read more


Set country: Turkey


Set country: Mexico

Somos Nicolás y Sofía, de Córdoba Argentina y estamos viajando por América.

Seb Krimi

Set country: Not set

I'm single. And I'm looking for someones to help in a different stuff in Asia & Oceania. Good english, motivated and mostly positive attitude and equal-mood. I have a musical radio station 24/7 in France (who plays all over the world). In France I was a manager, seller and buyer in Multimedia, music & cinema store. Also, DJ of profession (Since I'm kid, and not like a simple hobby) Actually I made a (big) world trip. Asia first, Oceania soon. I traveling alone and everyday all day I see and enjoy this world and diverses experiences, sometimes music teacher in school asian classes in different countries or explain my world trip in front of classe room. Some links : Insta : @shareworldspots In addition: ht... Read more


Set country: India

Happy mood always and talk on interesting stuffs love to explore life and nature and I’m interested in travel and earn


Set country: Sri Lanka

Hello, I'm reliable, polite, honest, attentive, optimistic, full of energy with also a good sense of humor. I have a 3+ worked experience in the Travel and Tourism industry, You know that means Reliable, Flexible and working hard.I'm here to look for opportunities for up to 2 years of Work or volunteer. Please ask any questions you have. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Vega Slyra

Set country: Viet Nam

My name is Dao Quang Khai, 24 years old. I come from Vietnam. I have just finished bachelor degree in physics in Russian. I am interested in voluntary work especially about environmental. I hope that I can bring as many benefits as posible to my community in Vietanm.


Set country: Albania

I love to explore new cultures, new countries of the world and to give me contribution.

Carmen Romero

Set country: Spain

Hello everyone! We're two friends searching for new experiences abroad.
What really matters to us is to know new cultures, countries, and also improve our english level.
We're looking forward to working together in this new 'workaway' experience.

If you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact to us!


Jean De Dieu Gnago

Set country: Côte d'Ivoire

Jeune étudiant africain passionné de voyage et de découverte.

Bridget Peck

Set country: United States

Hi! I spent the last year traveling through another website. I would like to continue enriching the world as it enriches me!

Erin Hart

Set country: Italy

Hello, my name is Erin Hart! I am a student from the United States studying abroad in Florence. I have had the opportunity to travel to many amazing countries but I would like to spend one of my weekends volunteering in order to gain a more cultural experience while I am abroad. This would also be an amazing opportunity to become friends with those I stay with and to help them where it is needed. I am an eager and motivated worker looking to work on a farm, vineyard, or other farming related facilities. Unfortunately my availability is limited due to my busy school schedule, so I am currently only looking for to volunteer from October 24th to the 28th!

Sally Elkhamisy

Set country: Egypt

sally Elkamisy , assistant lecturer of oncology , Mansoura university , faculty of medicine ,31 year , want to help people around the world , very good in English ,single


Set country: India

Young, Energetic, always ready to travel anywhere.

Gaetano Lomoro

Set country: Italy

Available in manual work at home or away, interested in practicing the local language and learning about the local culture

Lisann-Julie Simon

Set country: Germany

I'm going into a year or more of travelling in south america. I graduated from highschool this year. Excited to learn new things about life and the world.

Zurich Tyga Kimani

Set country: Ghana

Looking forward to meet someone outside here searching for a for work. I am love to explore new things meet new people and learn new culture


Set country: Egypt

Diploma in Industrial Technician - Established Marine - Department of Building and Construction
I love to learn languages

Eduardo Luis Cianca

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Eduardo Cianca,tenho 40 anos, solteiro,sem filhos, alegre, simpático, bem humorado, responsável no trabalho e pontual, já trabalhei nos ramos de saúde, educação,construção civil,mecanica e informática (como hobbie),todos como gestor de estoque (almoxarifado),nos momentos de lazer gosto de estar em casa,com os amigos,viajar se possível, moro com meus pais e irmã em casa própria, busco novas aventuras em culturas diferentes da que conheço (Brasil) para interagir e adquirir novos conhecimentos, ajudar e ser ajudado.

Joe Martram

Set country: Mexico

Hello everyone - Hola a todos !
My name's Jose Maria [ Joe ], I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and raised in between Brazil, Spain and Mexico. I lived in the USA for 20 years working in different areas like Management, Retail, Sales, etc
I am an ex-musician, Art lover, eager traveler who would like to find a workaway kinda job with nice and high EQ visionaries >
I love nature and all living creatures..... I love people who love and respect this planet earth as much as I do >