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Elisabetta Signore

Set country: Italy

Hi everyone! We are Elisabetta and Francesco, we are a couple and we really enjoy travel and know new people and culture! This is why we would love to have the opportunities to help hosts around the world and to be in contact with people of new countries :)


Set country: Nigeria

Hi my real name is Henrietta ,I am a hardworking girl,fun to be with, interesting personality,adventurous etc currently I'm married so we will be traveling as a couple.


Set country: Indonesia

I'm an artist and maker looking to connect with projects where I can develop my knowledge of permaculture, conservation and self reliance whislt working with my hands and contributing to our growth. As someone who constantly moves (I've lived in the UK, Japan, Australia, Italy, Spain, India, and spent shorter times in many other places), it's important for me to have my hands in the earth to feel connected to the place where I am. My dream is to own a patch of land somewhere, even better as part of a community, where I grow my own food and tend to the land. So I've been accumulating skills and experience with these sorts of projects as I move. I have a mix of skills- experienced with organic gardening and permaculture, basic carpentry skills, as well as a penchant for DIY and tinkerin... Read more

Joy Tong

Set country: Not set

Hi, my name is Joy Tong. I work as a teacher and of late, I have been travelling every June and December. I am looking for a different kind of travelling experience. One that puts me in contact with locals and allows me to contribute some effort in exchange for some learning. I can commit for a month but I look forward to making it a long term repeated visit if it works out fine.

Hunter Warrick

Set country: United States

I'm 19 years old, a hard worker, very respectful, and clean.

Santi Casacchia

Set country: Mexico

Hello! My name is Santiago. I'm from Elortondo - Santa Fe - Argentina. I'm 33 years old and I'm disposed to help and work in everything and everywhere. I'm a happy person, very sociable and respectfull and humbless. I've got lot of love to share, good listener, peacefull and good partner.

Val Fortes Prado

Set country: Brazil

Gosto de viajar. Sou ecológica. Multiartista. Espiritualista. Escritora. Cozinho bem. Alimentos integrais e vegetarianos.

Tara van Zyl

Set country: Italy

Hi! My name is Tara and I am a South - African living in Italy. I am a 20-year-old female who loves travelling and find myself working very hard to achieve my goals. I am an adventurous person who never sticks in my comfort zone. It is important to me to become the best version of myself and it brings me a lot of fulfilment to contribute to the lives around me. After high school, I travelled to the Nederlands and worked as a full-time Aupair for a family of five. Within this period I cooked, cleaned and took care of two-year-old twins and a three-year-old. This experience enabled me to develop skills and learn much more about myself. Therefore I went back to South Africa, Stellenbosch where I studied Bachelor of Humanities. Due to covid, I didn't experience the university life I hoped ... Read more

Helio Oliveira

Set country: Brazil

What motivates us is the desire to learn (we believe that this is one of the main reasons that made us want to know new cultures). When we think about the world... we see more than just countries, people from different cultures, but that we can have new opportunities, expand our knowledge and develop our skills. Our goal is cultural enrichment and learning, whether in knowledge, true friendships, loving people more, and above all, living the best way possible. Traveling is more than discovering new places, it means new experiences, entering another culture and getting to know the best of people, in addition to being able to appreciate the beauties of our world.


Set country: United Kingdom

My name is Sofiane, I'm 38 . I love to travel and meet new people from different cultures and countries. In the first months of 2022 I've been in Ireland where I had the chance to improve my English and understand I'd like to study and learn some other languages in the future. I'm looking for a place where to live and work even for a short time since I'd love to wide my social and linguistic horizons


Set country: Serbia

I am almost in my final year of high school,and before attending university,it would be an honor to help those in need.Either working with children,helping with organization and cleaning,I'm open to it all!I am truly open to any offers and am not giving up quickly.My family has a farm so I enjoy taking care of animals and helping around.Since everyone considers me a child still,my ideal achievement is absolute independency.Languages are my passion and one of my greatest skills is challenging myself all the time.I would love to learn something new from my future host and receive new abilities.

Rafaela Lopes

Set country: Brazil

Sou pró-ativa e tenho experiência trabalhando em bares e restaurantes. Trabalho bem em equipe e com o atendimento ao público. Também sei algumas receitas salgadas, mas a minha maior experiência é com os pratos doces.

Marina Adamoli

Set country: Italy

Hello, I'm Marina. I'm 22 and from Italy. I'm a pianist and I planned a trip to Japan this summer, but as it still hasn't opened its borders to tourism, I'm looking for a way to come to Japan with a working visa. I already have plane tickets, arriving July 14th and leaving September 30th. I'm very sociable and open to do different works. I'd love to have a couple of free days to climb Fujisan!

Julia Żurawiecka

Set country: Poland

Hey! My name is Julia. I am 18 yo and I am from Poland. I'm interested in meeting new people, challenges, and traveling. Gained experience I want to use in my future studies. I want to combine sociology, history, and international law. I feel like an outgoing and easy-to-communicate person, not scared of any work.


Set country: United States

Hi there! We are a forever couple from Minnesota (Savanna) and Arizona (Zach) that genuinely enjoy being outdoors, socializing, learning, and spreading mindfulness, and helping others become aware of their potential. We are lovers of nature: plants, animals, hiking, etc. We strive to make the earth a better place for all beings! Traveling and gaining experience is a priority of ours so we are stoked for our next adventure! Eager to connect. :)

Selina Fischer

Set country: Switzerland

Hi there My name is Selina (31), I was born, live and work in Switzerland. In between I like to travel, although I haven't gone too far during the past two years because of Corona. And, quelle surprise, I discovered that Switzerland was just as beautiful and visiting the French part was like being far from home (there are cultural differences and of course the language...totally different).

I'm working for the Swiss Farmers Union and I am very passionate about environmental aspects of agriculture. Unfortunately, I didn't grow up on a farm but after my studies in environmental sciences I spent almost 1 year working at a pig farm (piglet rearing) and some months at a dairy farm (organic farming). Because of this background, I prefer farmstays during which I can help out and learn ... Read more


Set country: Italy

It's Enrico Assirelli here! loving life!
Im 28 and im living in italy at the moment working as second Officer on Super Yachts 50m> (private and charter) started as deckhand.
before that i used to work in a farm for 4 years.
i work 6 monthh a year on super yachts and im looking to travel the most i can the rest of the year helping people all aroud the world.
I am a very sunny, lively and social guy, very willing to work and learn. I'm a very ambitious, bold and learning very quickly. I'm able to perform independently on-board washing operations, even at high altitude.
Able to detect and estimate ship points during the navigation and bring them back to the nautical chart. Able to carry out mooring and unmooring maneuvers also with the use of various winches and boll... Read more


Set country: United Kingdom

46 year old female who enjoys physical work both indoors and outside. Learning new skills and meeting new people is a benefit to my travelling and seeing the world. 20 years employed in the education sector.


Set country: Brazil

My name is Valdirene Oliveira, degree in Logistics . I have experiência as administrative assistant, customer service. I'm from Brazil, live in São Paulo. I love Meeting new places, people and Learn about new cultures. Here in Brazil I worked as volunteer in NGO Oncoamigo and I think was a the better things that I did in my life. Can help people is pleasure and also a learned for me.I would like to have a opportunity to do a volunteer abroad and learn more about the life. I like to work in a team, share knowledge. I can help with the organization of the house, help in the kitchen, bar, garden. I am open to new experiences.
I wish to improve my English and German, to be fluente. I will stay so happy in have this opportunity in my life, lear new things.

Nikolas G.

Set country: United Kingdom

Hello! My name is Nikolas and I am looking to do volunteer work from the 16th of May till the 29th of May 2022, somewhere close to London. I have a lot of experience in painting, flat/houses, window frames and metal staircases. I am very reliable, easygoing and have a nice sense of humor. I have been doing volunteer work in exchange for accommodation and meals since July 2021 and can provide references if you request.

Karina Ramires

Set country: Brazil

Tenho 18 anos, e procuro lugares e experiência.

lucineide silva souza

Set country: Brazil

Hello good evening, my name is Neide 42 years old, I am brunette with curly hair, I work as a pharmacy clerk, I have technical course in logistics and nursing. I like changes to acquire knowledge for my growth, meet new cultures and learn new languages would love to give me an opportunity, I love working in teams, an immersion into another country will be wonderful.
I am dynamic, happy and dedicated.
Since now I thank each host that read and give me this opportunity to know your culture and make this exchange of experience.

Christy Ruiz

Set country: United States

I was born with Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy which caused me to have weak muscles and trouble speaking clearly.

Rose Gray

Set country: Australia

I am planning to travel later this year after September. I'm in very early stages of planning so I don't know where I'll be on the mainland yet. I'm looking to see what is out there and use this to make a plan.


Set country: United States

Hello! If you are seeking an honest and reliable person to help you, I am the one. I am relocating to the Big Island for work, and my schedule is normal business hours M-F. That leaves plenty of time on weekends and evenings for me to help you! I would love to establish a helpful relationship with you.

Lee Parsons

Set country: United Kingdom

I am a 34 year old man looking to get away from home and from the ordinary. I am a genuine, kind, loyal and big hearted individual, who gets on with everyone.... I am from England and I live near Liverpool. I understand some but I am not fully fluent in French, German, Italian and Dutch.... I will always work hard and give 100% in everything I do.

Caroline Erny

Set country: France

Hello, I am a receptionist in hotel industry. Backpackers between two job. Easy going, open mind, flexible, multitask and good (sunshine) personnality. I am coming to Barcelona to improve my spanish. Love hostels ans its vibes as guest or as volunteer.


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi everyone!
I am Viktor, 34 y.o. from Russia
I looking for an opportunity to move in France for while, maybe summer maybe longer.
I need place to stay and therefore i will only glad to help you with your daily work

I already was volunteering in project for nonprofit organization in USA for a year and for the same nonprofit NGO in Germany for a three weeks. It was a greatest time I’ve ever had honestly. Because I’ve got a lot of friends from all parts of the world (with who we still keep in touch btw) and from France too of course. I’ve got a incredible experience from opportunity to live and work abroad.
Volunteering is a perfect chance to find "your place". And is always a legal way.
From my last outside volunteering is gone already a bit more then three ... Read more


Set country: United States

Hello if I friend you please message me! I have purchased multiple memberships on other platforms and can’t purchase another one. My number is (410) 206-3485 and my email is


Set country: United States

Hi, my name is Auz:) Tom in Wilkes County, if you see this please email me ( I'd like to be a helper! I am in Cary, NC and have no drivers license or passport. If you're looking for a property caretaker, you've found your squirrel;) feel free to message me! I hope you have the best day.

Isabella Margarita Marchesini Castillo

Set country: Spain

Hi! I'm a journalist who wants to travel the world with her boyfriend. I consider myself as an open minded, positive and hard working person. I'm looking forward to getting to know new people, as well as different cultures. I'm a chilean woman that grew up in Spain. Cian, my boyfriend, is an irish man o grew up in Spain. He's also a journalist interested in documentaries and photography. He's very hard working and open minded person.

Paula Kich

Set country: Brazil

Meu é Paula, tenho 31 anos e sou do Rio Grande do Sul, procuro lugar para ficar onde eu possa acrescentar e que me beneficie com moradia. Já trabalhei como gerente de pousada, recepcionista, tenho bastante experiência na área, porém aceito ajudar como um todo.