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Andrea Gobbi

Set country: Italy

I'm a fun, friendly, enthusiastic, hard-working Italian guy looking for a great experience

Charlon Muscat

Set country: Malta

Hello! My name is Charlon and together with my girlfriend Charlotte, we’ve decided not to follow life’s standard and ordinary path in exchange for travel. Lifestyle changes and constantly living on a tight budget is not an easy task. All of this is forgotten as soon as getting on that huge bird 30,000 feet in the air. We've got an online blog,, where we share our travel tips and experiences with others. Next milestone is September 2020 when we leave our island and start travelling full-time. We intend to use this platform to connect with hosts and find opportunities around the globe!

CoOl Stelling

Set country: Germany

Hello! We are Corinna (social worker) and Olaf (mechanical engineer). We like travelling and meeting people from all around the world. In the second half of 2020 we will go on a 6 months trip to get new experiences and inspirations for our lifes. The idea is to let the journey develop while we are travelling. Therefore we do not have a fixed route. On the other hand we are flexible to be at your place at any time you want based on your schedules. It is not only the route that shall develop spontaniously, also it is our intension to dive into the places and to experience the atmospheres that are surrounding us. We are excited to see what lies ahead of us, especially in such strange Covid 19 times. Despite of the current uncertainties, we are looking forward to have a lot of new impressio... Read more


Set country: Zambia

My Names are Diana Chizyuka, and my gift is to give care to others, am really confident because I take it as a talent, I a disabled young brother and through him I discovered my gift. Thank you


Set country: Not set

I am a 25 year old trying to see as much world as I can! While in school I made it a priority to travel when I could, but now I'm looking to do a longer stint abroad and I'm happy to help and get to know others along the way.


Set country: Italy

i'm Erica, an enthusiastic and young teacher that wanna help people and explore new places and different culture during the summer around the Europe (Which country? Obv where I can go due to COVID-19 limitations). I love walking into the nature and stay with my animals (cat and dog). I am available to stay with children all the day long or help you in gardening or farming stuff. When I was 15 years old, I used to ride with english style riding, but honestly I need a bit review.
Hope to see you soon

Bahia Mahir

Set country: Morocco

Female aged of 21 y.o morrocan

Jane Ang

Set country: Singapore

I am looking for organic farms to volunteer at. I love to travel and looking at Asia.

Pilar Jorquera

Set country: Italy

Hello! My name is Pilar. I'm 21 years old. I am from Argentina, but I currently live in Italy as a European citizen. I really like learning new languages. I speak Spanish, English, and a little Italian. I want to know different cultures, people, countries. I also improve my skills through new work experiences, whether individual or group. I'm willing to learn new things, to help and give my best forever. This is why I want to travel.

Biniyam Worku

Set country: Ethiopia

My name is biniyam worku. I am from Ethiopia which is found in east africa; And also the capital city of africa . Well travelling and observing the beautiful natures of the mother earth's gifts starting from the people's to the culture and mesmerising gifts of nature is my one and only dream since I was a child. Currently I graduated and being born in one of the poorest countries makes it difficult to make my dreams come true which is obviously travelling.. I am a civil engineer I can speak English and amharic which is the language of Ethiopians.

Hossam Moataz

Set country: Egypt

Student in pharmcy

Elandra Murphy

Set country: United States

I am always willing to help and am very friendly!


Set country: United Kingdom

I am an adventurous and passionate traveler born in Patagonia.

After graduating from Social Service I had the opportunity to travel to Asia where I lived for 4 years.

there I had the opportunity to live a community lifestyle with values ​​based on

I have lived in Spain and I also have the experience of having cooperated in a community in the south of France . I had the fortune of Lived in the wonderful Emerald Isle where I went to study English for a few years.

My last visited countries have been Turkey and Portugal.

I am also a professional masseur, an activity that I carry out mostly in my stay in Asia with a very good review from my clients from all around world.
I have experience being a cleaner, housekeeper, childminder, ... Read more

Vincent Sundgren

Set country: Sweden

I'm an energetic, happy and humble 24 year old man by the name of Vincent. To travel, connect with people, have fun, serve, be in nature and eat fruits are activities I deeply enjoy.

Victor Flip Chizawu

Set country: Zambia

I am A Zambian by nationality. Aged 23. I am also a student of Law at the University of Lusaka who's focus and drive is skewed towards helping people. My name's are Victor Munung'a Chizawu

Auz Epitome

Set country: United States

Hello! Need a hard worker? A comedic and caring one, you say? Down to earth, and understanding? Well look no further! My name is Auz and I am super adaptable and can live simply. I can perform an array of tasks, and learn quickly, those I cannot. I love animals and babes, I will get in the garden or under the house. I enjoy cleaning more so than the next and I always speak my mind with honesty. I am a great listener and can follow rules. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Have a wonderful day! I'm sorry, I do not have a passport at this time.

Yulia Saiapina

Set country: Ukraine

Hello! I am Yulia, I travel with my daughter Maria. We try to be active and helpful. I am concerned about recycling. I will be grateful , if you choose us.

Kaila Stone

Set country: Japan

Hello! My name is Kaila and I have been living and working overseas since I was 21 years old. I have lived in Japan, Hong Kong, and China! I have always loved to travel and I have been to over 20 countries. I recently got married and now live full-time in Tokyo Japan.


Set country: France

Hello, I am a nice Vietnamese girl who can speak English, French, Vietnamese, and a little Chinese and Japanese. I'd like to travel in exchange for helping with language skills or some light work like vegan cooking for a family.

Qadri Junaid

Set country: Poland

looking forward to help and get experience and know about culture

Lola Zumdick

Set country: Germany

We are Lola and Elisabeth and we are currently doing our Bachelor's in Psychology at the University of Twente. Part of our study is, to go abroad for approx. 3 months and do volunteering work! We would be happy to do this at any non-profit organisation.


Set country: Germany

Hey there, I am Daria and just finished my Bachelor's in European Studies. I have lived in several countries as well as I have worked in different circumstances (kindergarten, schools, language clubs, ice cream shop, logistics, festivals etc.). I am eager to help and even happier to meet peope from different places and get into some exchange about different poits of view. I speak German, English, good Russian and basic French and Italian. The friend I am traveling with, Franzi, has basically the same background and just finished her studies, like me. Additionally, she speaks Spanish fluently. I am looking forward to meeting you soon!