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Marcio Dutra Campos

Set country: Brazil

Sou brasileiro, tenho habilidade em serviços gerais como limpeza, manutenção, lida com animais e contato com pessoas. Busco conhecer novas culturas e pessoas, sou dedicado e bem humorado.


Set country: Egypt

My Name is Ahmed Atef Neamatalla .. i'm 26 years old i'm a single a Lawyer and Graphic Design My WhatsApp Number : +201012505833

Goni Cúculo

Set country: Argentina



Set country: Italy

Hey, I'm Giulia and I'm Italian. I'm 19 and I want to make a new experience. I think that working far from home will help me growing up and improving a language. I love travelling and learning new things. I'm attending university "global law and transnational studies" and in high school, I studied English and Spanish ( I have got a B2 level of both ). I've already been an Aupair in 2019: I went to Zaragoza and I stayed there for 2 months and a half. I can't wait to meet new people and wonderful places! Don't hesitate to contact me!

Vladimir Vui Vẻ

Set country: Russian Federation

Hi, I'm Bob!

I'm an ESL teacher with experience in teaching abroad. My main passion is helping people (especially children) succeed in their lives. I love travelling and enjoy studying different languages and different cultures. I recently started my own blog (a YouTube channel) so the filmmaking has become my hobby.

MaPi Devilliers

Set country: France

Mi nombre es Marie-Pierre, puedes llamarme MaPi, tengo 51. Ahora vivo en Ariege (Pirineos) con mi compañero y su hija, junto a la ciudad de Foix. Me fui de Toulouse hace cuatro año. Aprecio realmente la calidad de vida que encontramos aquí: sobre todo la proximidad a la naturaleza y el dinamismo de las alternativas. He hecho una formación de profesor de Natha-yoga en tres años en la escuela Chotika de Toulouse. Natha Yoga es el origen del Hatha yoga, pranayama es muy importante. Desde enero he iniciado un nuevo ciclo de profundización de las tradiciones Nathas. Un sabroso camino de transformación positiva. Tengo una práctica diaria y poco a poco empecé a enseñar. Me gusta mucho participar en experiencias colectivas y solidarias que tienen sentido para mí. Humanista, ecologist... Read more


Set country: Egypt

Hello there, I'm a friendly, clean and tidy person, I learn quickly, so rest assured that I will be able to help you, I speak English and Arabic fluently and I can have a decent conversation in German,


Set country: Finland

I am Marilla, a 27-year-old girl from Finland. I studied textiles, clothing, craft design and pedagogy at the University of Helsinki and graduated in January 2020. For many years I have wanted to improve my English and learn it properly. I lived in the UK for 10 months in 2020. Now I am back in Finland and not looking for a place abroad. But maybe again in the future, who knows. I am interested in British an Irish culture, language and nature. I love especially the sea. I like countryside and peaceful places. I love animals. Horses and dolphins are my favourites. I like reading, running, cycling and to wander in nature. I think it’s very important to protect the environment
As a person I am empathic, responsible, considerate, calm and I get along with other people well. I don’t... Read more

Alison Macallister

Set country: South Africa

Conservationist, guide people person looking to travel and help out with wildlife and conservation efforts or in the hospitality/ ecotourism industry. Experience i. Tourism, research, cobservation management, environmental eductaion, guiding, horse riding and more


Set country: Germany

I am currently working as a volunteer in Dudley, UK in a Youth and Community Centre. Originally I come form Germany and cam to UK to get to know the English culture and meet many new people. I am planing to do work exchanges in my vacations from the Community Centre, so I can get to know more of the UK and share my culture and ideals with many people. I want to travel with my three housemates who come from Turky, Germany and Romania and volunteer with me.

Himansu Sekhar

Set country: India

Hello, I have never worked as a volunteer before but I heard from people that it feels great when you do it. I want to experience that feeling by working for someone. Being a curious person I love to travel alot and always get excited when I meet new people.

Роман Дорофеев

Set country: Russian Federation

Hi there! My name is Roman Dorofeyev, I am a student from Russia. My specialization is law, but I will be happy to change type of activity and broaden my horizons. I am looking for inspiration, new places and nice people who want to change the world in a better way. I hope my professional skills and physical assistance will help your projects develop.


Set country: Iraq

hello friends I'm Raheem 20 from Iraqi Kurdistan. and I'm planning on travel US and Canada for the next two years. and to have fun building and solving problems with my host family. my hobbies are soccer, swimming, long walks.


Set country: Italy

Dear host, my name is Valentina and I'm 22. I was born in Colombia but I live in Italy since the age of 3 . I'm quiete organized and very responsible. I would like to be your traveller as it is a perfect opportunity to visit a fantastic place, stay with someone that lives in a different country to the one I was born and to the one where I am currently living and learn about the culture and the habits. Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile. Looking forward to hearing from you, Valentina

Leandro Dias

Set country: Russian Federation

I´m a calm person, comunicating, fun, worker and respecter.
I was professional handball player, so i love sports, nature, and for played in brazilian national team handball, i visited many countries in europe, so I really enjoy learn about the history of places and people, learn about the cultures, interact and share nice moments with people.

Ludovica Paesano

Set country: Italy

I am 21 curious girl, I am a medicine student and I am willing to work in a friendly environment this summer, for a maximum stay of 3 weeks. I would also like to work in contact with nature.

Gabriel Ramos

Set country: Brazil

I'm 19 and currently studying journalism in Unibra (Brazilian University Center). I'm a hard working and a very communicative person, who loves other cultures and wants to learn about them.


Set country: India

I am a travel enthusiastic and photography loving boy.. want to travel and see the world and meet people they way they are. Meditator at Isha yoga center and member of our local ngo.


Set country: Netherlands

Hi, I’m Ming. I am 17 years old at the moment and I am in my final year of high school. This year I have a long summer break. Therefore I would love to explore the world more. I, myself live in the Netherlands, so I speak Dutch, English and a little bit of French. Now, let’s talk about my hobbies. Something I really like is playing the flute. It started when I was since I have been 7 years old and I stuck with it ever since. Another passion of mine is horse riding. I have a big love for animals, especially for dogs, cats and horses and I hope I can share this with others this summer :)

Marischa Jambrovic

Set country: Ecuador

Hola, mi nombre es Marischa, ahora estoy trabajo en un hostal en el bar. Mis experiencias son en bares y hospitalidad en todo el mundo. Mi espanol es bueno; aprender eso basicamente solo por mis viajes del Sud America. Tengo un certificate de Bartender en una escula se llama European Bartender School en Sydney en Australia y un curso de Manager en Western Australia. I speak English fluently as well as German and Spanish. Hablo ingles, aleman y espanol. I've been travelling for 4 years now and worked in many bars before. Viajo hasta 4 anos en todo el mundo y tengo mucho experiencia. I send you my CV as well as Certificates seperatly. Voy a enviar mis certificates seperado. I'd love hearing from you soon. Best regards Marischa Jambrovic PS: En Montanita yo trabajaste en Social Media... Read more

Taha Arhilass

Set country: Not set


Set country: Italy

Hi, I’m Giacomo, 28 years old and living near Monza. I’m looking for a host who accept people to stay for long period and who likes to host young people, I’d like to be part of a community and develop strong relationship with the host. I want to help with jobs and I can do it in the morning and in the afternoon.

Nichole Nosecchi

Set country: United States

Our names are Nichole, Vanda, and Galina. We would like to travel and find a project that we can participate in as individuals and/or as a family.

Connor Berning

Set country: Algeria


Wioletta Jankowska

Set country: Poland

My name is Wioletta Jankowska, but to make it easier you can call me Viola. I am horse lover and horse ridier since I was a child, but about 5 years ago, when I found trainer who's using only halter and rope to work with horses I got a blast. I was spending all my free time developing my skills in natural horsemanship methods, working from gound, riding without a bit. It's amazing way to understand a horse and find common language. This kind of work makes horse relaxed and calm so you could be great, respectfull partners.

Kesia Avelar Carvalho Santos

Set country: Brazil

Olá, eu sou a Kesia, como você está hoje? Eu tenho 21 anos e atualmente sou Doula, Terapeuta, Fotógrafa e Gestora de Marketing em uma empresa da saúde. Já visitei vários lugares no Brasil, desde o frio de Gramado até o calor de Tocantins, mas hoje moro em Ribeirão Preto -SP. A minha vida/paixão é viajar, estar na estrada vivendo e aprendendo com os desafios, conhecendo pessoas e lugares. E nesse fluxo da minha vida eu optei em me inscrever nesse site para facilitar a comunicação entre eu e a pessoa que talvez possa ser você, onde me hospedarei, para que eu realiza o meu mochilão sem data de volta. Eu sei cozinhar, cantar, dançar, fazer as pessoas rirem, ajudar com afazeres de casa... só não sei contar piadas rs. Mas sou uma ótima pessoa. É isso! Gratidão.

Clemence Thibaud

Set country: United States

Hi! I would love to help you improve your hostel. I love to socialize and help people. I'm a big people person, I have a lot of energy and happiness. Being part of a small community, contribute, and making sure everyone is happy, is something that I enjoy a lot doing. I treat every place as my own, so I'm always aware of what I can do to contribute to making it better and I enjoy doing it.

Nilma Alves Pedrosa

Set country: Brazil

Sou muito calma e alegre. Adoro partilhar e receber conhecimento. Sou doutora em Língua portuguesa, redatora e produtora de vídeos publicitários. Acredito na leitura como movimento de escuta de culturas em tessituras de letras e imagens. Sou contadora de histórias e também artista plástica. Mas a minha essência está em ser.


Set country: United States

Mom of 1 teen from Central KY. Looking for opportunities to help others, and venture in or outside of KY.

Charlotte Scott

Set country: Spain

We are an English couple, we speak English, Catalan and Spanish. We would like to learn more about permaculture and how to farm more fairly for the land and the environment. We are open-minded people, we are interested in jobs of all kinds (Caring for homes, animals, restoring natural sites, creating mini-homes such as camper vans, wood / dirt cabins ...) if you ask us, surely we want to help with your project / task..


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! I’m Martha, Im 19 years old and currently studying law and Spanish at the university of leeds! I am an intermediate Spanish speaker, and absolutely love Spanish culture - hence why I would love to help out Spanish hosts!!!

Tarcísio Filho

Set country: Brazil

Quero te ajudar e conhecer novos lugares.

Danielle Ryndak

Set country: United States

hello I want to travel


Set country: Italy

Ciao sono Diego, Amo tutto quello che riguarda il benessere: Yoga, fitness, natura e in ultimo da buon italiano il buon cibo. Ho lavorato come massaggiatore, informatico e tanti altri lavoretti. Cerco la possibilità di imparare meglio il mio inglese elementare e conoscere posti nuovi. Il mio motto? La vita è meravigliosa, ma se non viaggi non ti meravigli :)

Rocco Giulio Zafarana

Set country: Italy

Hi everyone who is reading! My name is Giulio, I'm 20 years old and I am from Italy. I consider my self an open minded guy, who loves to travel, meet and bond with new people and learn from different cultures. If you're intrested in learning italian language, or you just want to know somenthing about italian culture, I'd be more then happy to share. I am fluent in english and I'm good with Spanish. Don't esitate to contact me!

Flávia Iwata

Set country: Brazil

Hello! My name is Flavia, I am 24 years old, I am from Brazil. I have been working as a Language Teacher, English and Portuguese, for 6 years. + Bachelor degree in Social Sciences + Language Studies student + TEFL/TESOL certification + Experience with kids + English, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese speaker


Set country: France

I want to discover different cultures and societies. As my kids are both growns up, I'm free to do so.
I'm found of my french mother tongue and I love to make people discover how language and society and history and way of thinking are related.
I'm open to meet and help quiet people who want to live in peace and harmony, related to language teaching or not. I would like to help with gardening as I love it so much, to help taking care of animals and potentially to help with developing projects.
I'd rather prefer to be a long term helper. I usually don't plan the duration of my stay, staying somewhere as long as it suits everybody involved. It can be weeks or months.
Right now, I'm in a Workaway spot in the south of France, taking care of the garden. I'm currently looking for ... Read more


Set country: United Kingdom

I’m looking to travel in the coming year but at a cost. I’d be willing to work or volunteer as long as it covers my accommodation. I’m hands on, practical and always willing to learn.


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Civil engineer Travel lover Nature lover Content producer


Set country: Netherlands

EFL teacher TEFL cerified with teaching experience in Thailand is looking for a challenging teaching and spiritual experience in Asia, for example Interests people, cultures, nature, spiritual, eco farming, writing


Set country: Turkey

I did Modern Greek Studies at the university. I gave private lessons. I work as a consultant now.