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Suwaidou Touray

Set country: Gambia

Young and energetic, ready to take on any challenge. My passion is children and elderly care.

Toanchina Miruna

Set country: Romania

Romanian Entrepreneur!

Mom'd Franks

Set country: Morocco

I am a hardworking person and I love to work and I can help. I want to acquire new skills, create new knowledge and develop my personality

Zain Ali

Set country: Pakistan

My Name is zain iahtiaq from pakistan. im 22 year old. I like traveling. i like to help peoples free.

Guadalupe Espinosa

Set country: Mexico

im a very curious person, i love to discover new things. i like long conversations like the ones you can feel like time stops and you can connect with the other person. i love cooking, specially desserts :) since i was a child i have been practice some sports due to my hyperactivity haha like swiming, waterpolo, tae kwon do, folclore dance, gymnastics, rafting etc. but now i prefer to cook new recipies than to do sports.

Franco Ghirardelli

Set country: Japan

Looking for new adventures and experiences!

Glauco Azevedo

Set country: Brazil

Hello! I'm Brazilian and I'm looking to meet new people and adventures! I face all kinds of work. I am outgoing and dedicated in everything I do, I am married and have two children, but I am taking time out for myself for the first time in my life! I hope to connect with different cultures around the world!

Samuel Brancher

Set country: Brazil

Procurando um sentido para a minha vida

Andrey Che

Set country: India

Hello to everybody! I am vegetarian, in love with India and travelling in general. Looking for new freinds and interesting places

Dominik Hlavinka

Set country: Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

Hello there. I enjoy to travel slow and stay longer at one place. I found hiking walk and volunteering as a way to meet people, discover country and discover myself. Check my photos and feel free to ask anything what you need to know.

Channi Maree Sidebottom

Set country: Australia

Hello, I am travelling to Vietnam in June and would love to help and volunteer where I can! I would ideally love to volunteer to help animals but open to all roles. Thankyou


Set country: New Zealand

Hello there :) My name is Sophie, I am born and raised in the wonderful land of Aotearoa (New Zealand) with a love for culture and to serve fellow people. I love to learn new skills as I believe the more knowledge we can learn, the more people we can help. I am an international Flight attendant serving and meeting all types of different cultures. I have a passion to learn to live off the land and become sustainable and self sufficient. I am a fast learner, respectful and I like to wear a smile :D


Set country: United States

Hello friends! My name is Gia and I am an enthusiastic student in the school of life! I live in Colorado, USA, and am currently attending college in pursuit of a degree in Social Work and Organizational Leadership. I am passionate about helping others and bringing our unique knowledge, experiences, and gifts together in order to create a more conscious, peaceful, loving planet. In addition to taking classes, I am an administrator in a health and wellness clinic. It is such a positive and uplifting experience to be in a work environment that is dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing and growth of each individual towards their personal goals. I have travelled internationally multiple times, and have had the blessing of being able to tour the United States and see many unique and wonderfu... Read more

Dave Ring

Set country: United States

Simple man who is looking to lead an alternative lifestyle. I practice meditation daily and have spent nearly a decade in Asia.

Theresa Mai

Set country: Germany

Hello there, my name is Theresa, I'm 24 years old and live in Germany. I love to take take of animals and participate in art projects. I'm a responsible, cheerful person and I'd like to gain a lot of cultural experience through my work abroad =).

Barbara Ścibor-Rylska

Set country: Not set

Hello! My name is Barbara, I'm 26 and I'm from Poland. I am currently based in London and have lived, studied and worked in the UK and France for the last 8 years.

I am currently on a journey to find my purpose and place in the world. I am a spiritual person and I always try to better myself and learn. I love music, I'm currently learning to play drums and I'm planning to go to a music school next year. I also enjoy sports, dance, reading (mostly psychology, spirituality and self-development), learning foreign languages and living abroad. I speak fluent French, English and Polish.

Canavaro Barzani

Set country: Iraq

My name is Shafan from Syria, I am 19 years old, currently residing in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. I am fluent in three Kurdish, Arabic and English languages. I love to travel and love to meet new people and new cultures. I love to help others and take care of me, the elderly and children and help them. I love helping others.

Claire Jung-Sook Millet

Set country: Australia

Hi! My name is Claire, I'm a yoga and health enthousiast who came to Australia with a working holiday visa, to discover thw country and meet new people, but also to attend a massage course at the sunshine coast ^^ that starts mid april. I would love to do a new experience during rhe month of march before my class starts !


Set country: Egypt

Im a student in electromechanical departement engineering an im willing to help in any position especially in animal help

Дарья Даринская

Set country: Russian Federation

Hi, everyone! My name is Dasha. I'm 32. I'm from Moscow. I'm a multimedia designer, an elearning developer and an independent film director. I'm a kind, friendly, open-hearted and honest person. I like cleanliness and tidiness. I'm hardworking and always ready to help. My friends say I'm funny and have a good sense of humour. I adore travelling and getting a new experience in life.

Roopal Hingar

Set country: India

I am a very good marketer, be it online or offline. A good team manager.

Julio César Rojas Julio Colmillo

Set country: Brazil

Jornalist, lover of sports, photography, travel and making friends.


Set country: Poland

Hello loves, I'm so happy I've found this place! I've been a traveller and a volunteer for a few years now and I find it a very exciting lifestyle. Flash-packing and party travels are not really my speed: I prefer to stay longer in a place, get to know the people around me and contribute my time and my energy to another's dream.

I'm a teacher by trade, but now have gathered experience in gardening, painting, working in kitchens and on boats. I've also worked at yoga schools, manned the reception at hotels and trained newly arrived volunteers at a meditation centre.

I'm patient, I learn fast and I take genuine pleasure in helping people, whether it's helping at home, in their business or supporting them through a life transformation.

I would love to hear from you.... Read more


Set country: Egypt

My name is gehan. I am 44
Looking forward to learnmore about other cultures.,languages.,and make new friends

Deborah Ferraz

Set country: Brazil

Sou Deborah, disposta e de bom coração. Estou apta a ajudar e aprender.


Set country: United Kingdom

# Long term projects are the most welcome (minimum 2 months). Present location - England

This seems to be a good alternative way, to get to know the local inhabitants, special places and local traditions, once that I'm seeking out a new lifestyle abroad.

Combining volunteering with some extra work, amongst the local residents, got to be rewarding for everybody on the long run. Artisans, communities, organisations, business owners, etc, looking for someone versatile, reliable or just an extra set of hands, are welcome to drop me a line.

• I had the privilege to stay over a certified fully organic farm where I did a wide variety of daily chores. -Welsh borders
• I stayed for around 3 months over a cottage at the Herts council where I took the role of caretaker... Read more

Martina Šimić

Set country: Serbia

I'm Martina from Serbia. I'm about to finish Faculty of Pharmacy, but I'm still not ready to pursue my career in the field. I'd like to spend some time travelling and let my soul wander freely. I've already visited places, but way more to go. I have lots of experience in teaching and tutoring languages (English and German). I adore animals and nature. I tend to restrain myself from any kind of luxury that hurts our planet and try to live low (to zero) waste life.

Niga Niga

Set country: Algeria

صالحي عبد الرؤوف عمري 22سنة من الجزاءر مقيم في تركيا