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Sofi Voronina

positive traveller with a bag and proffesional psyhologist.

Bela Blau

Buenos Dias a todos!
Travelling South America, i would like to take part in local projects and help where i can (very interested in environmental protection, eco building, and sustainable agriculture). I escaped what others consider an office job, but i did work as handyman before and can work hard with both my head and hands. Very keen to find a bunch of people with motivation to build a on a project to come back to in the future.
I am now in Chile and do not plan to leave before June. If you read this in April 2019, please write me :-)

Hany Mourad

I am Hany Mourad 28 years old from Egypt, i work at exporting fresh fruits and vegetable from Egypt to the whole world. I am interested to know about different cultures and make new friends.


I am someone who has moved and actively volunteered to volunteer in charitable work outside the country for an interview and a meal He has experience in maintenance of mechanical machines, construction industry, welding and all home accessories, furniture and dyeing. I very much like the field of planting and planting .: gmail. : . Wattsapp .. 00212602331005

Abd lkader mofarij

Hey Im abd lkader from moroco im 17 years old if you need a help send me an email Thanks

Timothy Jonathan

Hi, I'm Timmy from Jakarta, Indonesia. Am 17 and active in my high school outdoor recreational club, ELPALA, that teaches students the basic skills of navigation, mountaineering, rafting, rock climbing, single rope technique, search & rescue, first aid, and, more importantly, to respect nature, local culture and the environment. In August 2018 together with four other members of ELPALA, I climbed Mount Elbrus, Russia, which is one of the world's Seven Summits. I had also climbed several mountains in Java. Am a quick learner, easy going, hard working, responsible person and team player. Would love to see the world and take on new challenges.