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Becky Angell

Female traveller, general DIY skills, plus admin.

Flávia Claro

My name is Flavia, Born in São Paulo, I am a very easy going person , but getting ed increasingly impatient to live in the big city with traffic jams , polution, working in closed offices where you can not see if your day and not take advantage of the night , all these things made ​​me think a lot and I decided to take some time to look for some inner peace in a place where I can be more connected with nature and the environment. I love the beach, fields and mountains I am passionate about pets I closed the activities in the company where I worked and now want to live new experiences, to connect with another lifestyle, meet people from many different places and cultures. I am very useful , reliable and am willing to help in any kind of work.

Jill Friedman

not sure where or when I can travel again. just checking this out.

Ashleigh Sivwright

23 year old Australian female