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Phelipe Costa

Set country: Brazil

quero trabalhar e aprender muito


Set country: Morocco

hi , i am a biology student and i'm 22 years old , an energetic guy . athletic


Set country: Italy

I'm an 18yo girl who has just finished high school. Befort starting university in October, I would like to have an experience in another country, so that I can test myself. For this reason, I am willing to meet people nd help them in order to practice and improve another language.

Menna Mahmoud Saad

Set country: Egypt

Hi my name is menna i love traveling, Unfortunately i'm living in a small town which not helping with my dreams I love volunteering too, meeting a lot of different people and sharing our lives, culture, stories and learn new stuff, By listing and seeing others it made me grow up as i'm olny 17 now, But as a 17 years old girl who is thinking about how to be a real influencer to help people, I know i might seems like a fancy dream but i know i can do it, To do this i need to travel to leave the small town for a little bit so i can when i back again be ready for helping, Now it's your turn to help me achieving this i would love to be your guest

Donna Capps

Set country: United States

Im a quiet peaceful woman in need of a cooking gardening house work in exchange for rent and food I prefer long term

Hagar Mohamed

Set country: Egypt

Hello I am a hajar from Egypt specifically from Giza, I study at the Faculty of Commerce Cairo University, I love to travel and i wish to go to many countries, and I love to learn new languages and meet friends from all the countries of the world and participate with them in voluntary work.

Mariana P

Set country: United States

Hi! I’m Mariana. I’m outgoing and enjoy meeting new people. I would love to learn more about other countries and cultures while helping in any way possible. I’d like to improve on my skills as well as learn new ones, I’m a fast learner!

Alcide John Rooby

Set country: Haiti

Alcide John Rooby


Set country: Morocco

Charge de clientele


Set country: Australia

Hi there, my name is Rita from Liverpool, England. I consider myself to be a fun, hard working, trust worthy and enthusiastic person. I have travelled extensively over the years volunteering and working teaching English in various countries. I love to travel, meet new people and learn about different cultures. I was due to fly back to England but due to Corona Virus my flight has been cancelled. Very happy to be 'stuck' in such an amazing country though :-) If my profile suits and you need help, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you, cheers, Rita

Meryem Bouhou

Set country: Turkey

27 years old energetic lady Passionate of photography, cooking, travelling, good at story telling.

Kamiah Jensen

Set country: United States

My name is Kamiah, I'm 19 and currently live in California, USA. I have always wanted to see more of whats out there and experience as much as possible. Too many people grow up, live, and pass away in a relatively close distance, with out really ever seeing so much of what the world has to offer. I never want to look back and feel regret and that "I should have" feeling. I am blessed with this opportunity to be able to see the world so I sure won't let it pass me up.

Mehdi Medi Broklin

Set country: Morocco

My name is Mahdi, I love helping poor people, animals and making friends all over the world

Yassine Berdai

Set country: Morocco

I am an adventurous hard working compassionate person. I am willing to do any type of work that is needed of me as long as it doesn’t farming. I am very open and easy to talk to, but I’m also aware of boundaries and will most likely only be present when needed or asked to help.


Set country: United States

I am an adventurous hard working compassionate woman who loves being with animals and in nature. My previous jobs consisted of caring for children with special needs, and taking care of house pets. However I am willing to do any type of work that is needed of me as long as it doesn’t involve solving mathematical equations:) I am very open and easy to talk to, but I’m also aware of boundaries and will most likely only be present when needed or asked to help.

Kreesan Raguu

Set country: Malaysia

I'm soul searching with passion. Trying to find meaning in life & answering the question of what else or how else can I contribute to either my life or someone else's. I want to leave a meaningful life while watching the clouds pass by on my free time.


Set country: Guinea

Hi everyone, I'm Charles an open person. I've been learning some languages by the fact that I would like to know about other cultures. I'm mostly interested helping people. In addition I'm specialized in Mathematics hoping to study in engineering subjects later. So I think it great to do some extra-activities. Maybe I'll do something great somewhere.


Set country: United States

Hi! My name is Rian, and I’m from West Michigan. I speak English and Spanish and have had the opportunity to travel throughout the Americas in recent years. I have experience in woodworking, landscaping, painting, etc, but mostly I’m just looking to meet new people and create good memories and relationships!

Nanouche Arg

Set country: Algeria

Hello freinds, My name is Argoub narimene i am 29 women i come from algeria, i have a bachelor degree in law and also i am a senior technician in international trade, i have an advanced level in french and arabic and a Intermediate level in English, five years ago I started working as an HR agent, I evolved to become a social correspondent and this is my current position, I love helpe pepole and participate toi make the World a better place also I am a very curious person who likes to discover new things about new cultures and also to get out of my comfort zone, I want to have an international volunteer experience because it will allow me to improve my English and why not learn language and evlove as person my interests are travel I also love hiking in the middle of nature and outdoo... Read more

Mrinmoy kr dad

Set country: India

Ever ready to explore, learn and to help


Set country: Jamaica

i'm shamario campbell i from jamaica and i love helping others that needed helps or not needed but i still them all.


Set country: India

Looking forward to help people and Volunteer, visit new places and learn new culture. I'm 33 years from India and fit to do any work to support.


Set country: United States

Hello My Name is Therese and I own a software startup company that is in the beginning stages, and I am completely funding it with my own money. So I can’t afford rent right now, but I am very skilled and well-rounded. I love to help people and have been helping people all my life Including the elderly, disabled, sick, and kids. I also love to travel and learn new skills.

Maria Das Graças

Set country: Brazil

Buscando novas experiências.

Ivy Contreras

Set country: United States



Set country: United States

My names Evan, Im 21, I am a quick learner.

Sandra Chelli

Set country: Tunisia

Loving Nature, gardening and farming, my will is to protect mother nature and taking care of the animals during my Life journey. Music and songwriting are my vocation. I'm so curious about discovering other lands and different people that's teach me a lot. Hope to meet many of you in futur times

Juliane Ferreira

Set country: Portugal

My name is Juliane, I'm 27 years old, I'm single, childless, Brazilian and I live in Portugal for two years. I am already legal, I am looking for accommodation in exchange for my job, I am a cook and I am available to help with whatever is necessary.

Ahmed Hemdan

Set country: Egypt

Ahmed 30 year old


Set country: Italy

Ciao and hello everyone!


A long term low cost solo traveller&volunteer.

My interests:
personal development
sustainable ways of living
human rights
alternative medicine
art (photography, music, poetry, painting, theatre & film)

I also enjoy wandering&wondering, daydreaming, sleeping (and napping), relaxing, going to music festivals, being in nature and with animals, second hand shopping