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Rita Paz

Set country: Portugal

Love arts , méditation , yoga, ciclyng, gardening, interested on learning more about eco constructions By doing. Can also help on cleaning and cooking, vegetarian .


Set country: United Kingdom

Single 37 passionate about travel motorcycle Asian food and traditions

Venera Kurbanova

Set country: Russian Federation

My name is Venera. I'm 28 and looking forward to have new experience and reload my life. I'd love to learn new language and know more about other culture :)

CoOl Stelling

Set country: Greece

We are Corinna (social worker) and Olaf (mechanical engineer). We like travelling and meeting people from all around the world. In the second half of 2020 we will go on a 6 months trip to get new experiences and inspirations for our lifes. The idea is to let the journey develop while we are travelling. Therefore we do not have a fixed route. On the other hand we are flexible to be at your place at any time you want based on your schedules. It is not only the route that shall develop spontaniously, also it is our intension to dive into the places and to experience the atmospheres that are surrounding us. We are excited to see what lies ahead of us, especially in such strange Covid 19 times. Despite of the current uncertainties, we are looking forward to have a lot of new impres... Read more

Megan Irving

Set country: United States

Hello, for now this intro will be simple. My name is Megan and I’ve been traveling most of my life. When not overseas I stay in Northern California where I have experience in various volunteer communities along the coast. With big plans, I’m taking a break from studying to follow my true passions. Helping others, Traveling, Self-Love

Ali Mohammed Abdellah

Set country: Egypt

Leave a fingerprint in this world. This is my message in life
Its me ali, from Egypt, 30 y, veterinarian.
I am fond of traveling around the world and explore more, cultures exchange is something special and inspirational.
I love reading to know more and more. Helping people is a gift to keep up, I believe that we all need help, need each other.


Set country: Kazakhstan

Hi, my name is Sabina and I am 21 years old. I live in Kazakhstan. Now I am studying at the university and I am engaged in volunteering. Since childhood, I have been studying German, now I am learning English and Turkish. In 2019, she lived in Germany for a year. I love to travel and develop. I love helping people and I love children very much. I hope I can make this world a better place.


Set country: Nigeria

Adventurer, learner & all round fun guy

Khadija Chniny

Set country: Italy

Hello there! My name is Khadija and I'm a young university student girl looking for adventures to discover new cultures and experiences. I'm currently studying Social innovation, communication and new technologies, and as a side hustle I learned how to manage various social media platforms to acquire more visibility, so I'm available to help you with that! I love being with children, make them laugh, play with them and teach them new things that may help them in the future. I'm a very open-minded, creative, motivated and willing to help out girl. I'm specifically looking for a 2 week summer volunteering experience, as this is the only time of the year I can travel :)


Set country: France

I’m a mature Americans woman who has been living in France for many years. An animal lover, writer, and photographer, with extensive experience in teaching English, I’ve been hosting cultural exchange travelers for 6 years in Paris, and am now looking to be a guest as well as a host.

Charity DeMay

Set country: United States

Hello - I’m Charity. I’ve been traveling since I was young and the wanderlust has never let up. I’ve been all over the US and national parks are frequently on my to-do. I love the concept of work trading and only wish I would have found it sooner in life!

Philippe Vieira Afonso

Set country: Brazil

Sou brasileiro, mas sinto que meu lugar é o mundo! Está na hora de ganhá-lo. Quero conhecer cada canto, cada cultura, cada sabor e todas as pessoas! Mas viajar também não é só diversão, é também trabalho, então busco aprender novos ofícios, desenvolver minhas habilidades e aprender novas também! Sou bem descontraído, de fácil convivência, vibração positiva e leve com a vida, disposto a aprender e a trabalhar.

Morgan Himel

Set country: Canada

Natural leader, eager to assist in nature and animal care and/ or hospitality


Set country: Brazil

Looking for new experiences before I start University!


Set country: United States

Hi! My name is Maggie and I am a 19-year-old looking for my first adventure outside of the United States. I am currently in college studying Spanish and Business but wanted to spend one of my last free summers getting to immerse myself in the culture of another. I was born in New Jersey, but a military scholarship (Army ROTC) took me to a school in Texas. I share this so you know that I am eager and creative, but also disciplined and diligent. I would love to talk to you over whatever video platform you so choose to get to know each other before finalizing plans.
I am ecstatic to get to know you.

Rozita Sawada Shin

Set country: Malaysia

Hello there!

I’m Rozita from Malaysia, i love nature and countryside. My previous working experience was as finance and business controller in Automotive & Manufacturing Industries. I decided to left my job and travel the world! I love horse, but still keep learning all about it (never end). I’m a cat person.

When i was studying in Tokyo, I worked part-time at one of the famous hostel chain in Japan. I cleaned the rooms, shower, toilet, kitchen, and once a month cleaned the toilet exhaust fan. After living in Japan for 3 years, I get used with Japan cleaning method (I bet you know Japan is cleanest country in the world), so I've no problem to help doing cleaning or any task as return. I practice halal meal and no pork an alcohol. No worries, you don’t need to cater ... Read more

Melania Zanforlin

Set country: Russian Federation

I'm a 22-year-old girl from Italy. I'm currently attending a Bachelor in Environmental Engineering in Milan. At the same time, I'm self-studying Russian since March 2020. I think my level is already pretty high and therefore I would deeply enjoy putting into practice my Russian skills. That's why I'm looking for a volunteering experience in Russia. My English level is quite high, too (I did CPE certification in 2020), and I would be pleased to help you with English.

Janay Araujo

Set country: Brazil

my name is janay, i like animals, helping others, i want to make friends with people from all over the world and travel

Jana Rojas

Set country: Brazil

Hi my name is Jana, I'm from Santa Catarina in Brazil. I'm here for opportunities to learn more about organic agriculture and non-violent animal care (meaning not killing for eating). I've already worked as a vegetarian cook, recepcionist, photographer, english teacher and I can also help with cleaning and stuff.


Set country: Denmark

Hi! :)
Im Lola and im 18 years old, i was born in Spain and im currently studying and working abroad in Denmark.
I really enjoy traveling and helping for a bigger cause.
Im looking for a 2 week volunteering for this summer, unfortunately its the only time i am allowed to travel.
Im open minded, positive and really really motivated.
Hope hearing from you!

Sunita Sharma

Set country: India

Searching for host


Set country: United States

Looking for a place for me and my boyfriend! We would like to travel and be able to live somewhere close with walking distances so we can start our lives here too !

Jaxmine La'Shay Wilbourn

Set country: United States

Seeking out to travel to some places and help the hosts with their work for free stay during the spring and summer of 2021. A friendly, clean, extrovert and organized cat lover.

Baš Ha

Set country: United Kingdom

I am ideally looking to get away and learn new building and healing methods. I believe in alternative medicine and that Gaia together with our own body and mind have all that is needed for our healing. I am also interested in learning how to build eco and in bio farming.

Sarah Benayoun Richard

Set country: France

I’m Sarah, 18. I am looking for a job to discover new experience and people !


Set country: United States

Excited to work & travel!


Set country: Australia

Locitician, Fossicker. Love animals and consciously living humans of all ages. Looking to travel, grow my skills, business, meet new people and find my path

Claudio Cavallaro

Set country: Italy

Hi! We’re Claudio & Valentina travelling in Colombia from February 20th to March 14th! We’re keen to discover your beautiful country and ready to offer our skills in a work exchange program. We’re motivated and thoughtful. Hasta pronto! ¡Hola! ¡Somos Claudio y Valentina viajando a Colombia del 20 de febrero al 14 de marzo! Tenemos muchas ganas de descubrir su hermoso país y estamos listos para ofrecer nuestras habilidades en un programa de intercambio de trabajo. Estamos motivados y pensados. Hasta pronto!

Malinda I.

Set country: United States

Life is about exploring and building connections. We meet people all over the world but we get to know them in intimate atmospheres. My name is Malinda and I'm here to assist you in your travel experience and stay. Let's make memories today.

Renan Félix

Set country: Brazil

Hi! I am a beginner in work exchange and dream of knowing the world and having experiences that will help me to change my world and those around me a little. I love sports, weeds, animals and I live mainly with what comes from the land. I soon fit into the group of vegetarians. I practice climbing and I really want to climb different walls around the world. I love to communicate, play an instrument, practice activities in general.

Janick Oriti

Set country: South Africa

Hi there, my name is Janick I’m 24 Swiss Italian living at this point in time in South Africa. I love to travel meet new people and help people create businesses. I love to meet new people and learn from others. I’m able to help people through my knowledge of improving oneself I would want to travel to experience more to teach people online about it as well.


Set country: United States

I am a older Afro[African] American man that loves learning and travel and exchanging knowledge and even labor around the world for learning and growing in this very short life.

Damini Pal

Set country: India

I am Damini Pal, I love nature and like to explore new places. I like to travel and this is the beginning of my volunteering journey. I want see world from new perspectives.


Set country: Spain

Hi! My name is Tamara Ramos, I am 30 years old and I am graduated in administration with an emphasis in Foreign Trade. I am a determined, communicative and adventurous woman looking for a network! I'm good with animals, with organization of environments, I can cook, I can prepare dinks ...