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Minh Vu

Set country: Viet Nam

I'm an English teacher, therapist/coach, entrepreneur and meditator/yogi.

Mɽ Rèyâñsh

Set country: India

I'm Yogesh a hitchhiker or travel Photographer.


Set country: Algeria

Non : redouane khalis Age : 26 Contry : algerie Diplome : univairsitair lecene en communication I need dhis joob


Set country: Spain

Hi! my name is Francesca and I will soon end my working committents and be free to travel after almost a decade of stability. I would like to offer you my experience especially If you need to change your diet and would like a personal chef that can put you in shape and make you feel vibrant through food and a tailored dietary plan as well as teaching you some cooking abilities to make your diet delicious and easy. I am keen on all Art related tasks too, keen to beauty and I am very good as guest relación ( having worked in tourism too)
I have been volunteering for many teaching yoga for children with special needs. I now need to travel, exchange experiences and make new friends.

Neil Coz

Set country: Greece

I am very adventurous and would like to see and travel different countries . I would like to learn different languages and cultures.


Set country: United States

My name is Whitney. Currently, a carpenter, artist, bartender living in Chicago, IL. United states. I'd love to offer my skills and volunteer my time in exchange for a memorable experience, shelter, meals are a plus. Seeking to learn about other cultures and cuisine, make new friends, explore, and, travel. Traveling on a budget (darn school debt. Hah).

Evan Knox

Set country: United States

I am a believer in the result of any work you do be a reflection of who you are, and I welcome any task big or small in my journey. As a veteran and experienced across multiple industries I love to learn, adapt and find others like myself to be a part of the solution and not the problem. I believe in conflict resolution, constructive criticism and positive reinforcement and prefer those who are able to be honest, transparent and willing to correct me when I might make a mistake. I have learned so much so far in this short time here and I'm sure I have additionally things to add to my list of skills, however if a skill is not listed or I just have not learned I ask that you still consider me as a volunteer as I am a quick and capable learner who knows how to listen to instruction, res... Read more

Elaine de Villiers

Set country: South Africa

I am a native English speaker, I also have a basic understanding of many other languages. I completed the TEFL coarse with 96% average. My abilities include teaching Yoga, Martial arts, and English. I love working with animals and children, gardening and building. I am happy to volunteer for accommodation and food. I am available to work immediately or help on any capacity my skills could be of use for. I am currently residing in Phenom penh


Set country: Egypt

I work in school for ayears and I treated with kids and I can care of them and guide them ..I can help and serve and support without aNY complain ,, ican solve any problem ...
I can take care of the elderly...I got some experience

Emmanuel Odedeyi

Set country: Nigeria

Im honest and caring , voluntary work

Mohamed Wasik

Set country: Saudi Arabia

I am just wishing to volunteer in events


Set country: Spain

I have a strong will and I am very hard-working. I am also friendly and I love animals and learning new things.


Set country: Argentina

My name is Kevin, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I joined this network to see if chance arises to have someone host me in exchange for some tasks I could help with. Some of my abilities: cooking (I'm vegan), music (drums, guitar, singing), English and Spanish, computer, some fitness, yoga. I could also help with other random things like house painting, repairing, etc. I'm an easy going person, like to share as well as have my own time and space, like to relax and have fun. I only look for accomodation and food (vegan, please) in exchange for anything we can agree for me giving a hand with. Not necessarily looking for fees, that would depend on the case and could be arranged. If you think we could have nice exchange and time just write to me :)

Ahmed Boulehmi

Set country: Tunisia

Hi Ahmed from Tunisia I want be volunteer and help.

Abhishek Dulani

Set country: India

Graduate in bachelor's mass of media ,love traveling, helping people , diploma in sound engineering.

Joaquin Ortega

Set country: El Salvador

My Name is Joaquin Ortega, I'm 29 years Old, and I’m from El Salvador, let me tell you a little bit more about myself: actually I'm a Management information System Specialist on my Company (Teleperformance), I have almost 3 years of experience working with data (I have knowledge of SQL, EXCEL, ETL Processes, data modeling, Dashboards, Power BI, etc...), I studied 3 years of Industrial industrial engineering and I finished a Bachelor of Business Administration (US Apostille), I'm finishing a specialization of 6 modules (5 weeks each one) in data bases administration and I have received approximately 10 trainings regarding Big Data, (also I have an advanced English level and I am willing to learn german). I'm interested in continue growing and maybe we can help each other to success

Enticonos Alef

Set country: Italy

Hola! I'm Raffaele from Italy. I'm graduated in Geography and now I am working and travelling around mediterranean countries!

Nhana Trodina

Set country: Ghana

Hard works

Maria Pieta

Set country: Malaysia

design student, fluent in english

Franziska von Ha

Set country: Australia

Hey there Hosts :-) My name is Franzie and I will be traveling through Australia with my boyfriend. We will start our journey in April 2020. This will be our best year yet (we hope, haha). Helping others has always been one thing we both love. Being hosted while doing so is a win-win. We are very excited to meet new people, cultures, friends, food, homes, and so on. Since we've started dating (6 years ago) we've been all over the world. We've also hosted people at our in apartment in Germany (Airbnb and couchsurfing) from all over the world (and we still talk to them!!). We feel very pleased to have the opportunity to travel so much. That's why we'd like to also give back in any way we can. Thank you for reading my/our description. We hope to meet you soon. Franzie and Paul Oh, als... Read more

Tafadzwa Kingdom Nhamie

Set country: Zimbabwe

Hardworking Couple


Set country: Philippines

A Licensed Financial Advisor and an ESL teacher who likes to work with people and community.

Amar hidjeb

Set country: Algeria

Am amar, am 25, i am graduating this year , i have a master in zoology and am looking to work abroad next year I will be glad to contact me Thank you


Set country: China

Hello everyone and welcome to my profile! :) My name is Anastasia, but if it is too hard for you to say, you can call me Anya. I'm quite a simple person, who loves travelling, seeing new things, participating in fun local activities and exploring the world. I'm proud to be a "human of the world", not a specific country or area. After 20- 30 years, when I will think about the way I spent most of my life, I want to have something to remember, I want to think that I didn't waste my life, working and saving money only. There are so many great things in the world we have to see :) I'm always looking forward to meeting new people from all over the world and sharing the experience.


Set country: Poland

Hello loves, I'm so happy I've found this place! I've been a traveller and a volunteer for a few years now and I find it a very exciting lifestyle. Flash-packing and partying travels are not really my speed: I prefer to stay longer in a place, get to know the people around me and contribute my time and my energy to another's dream.

I'm a teacher by trade, but now have gathered experience in gardening, painting, working in kitchens and on boats. I've also worked at yoga schools, manned the reception at hotels and trained newly arrived volunteers at a meditation centre.

I'm patient, I learn fast and I take genuine pleasure in helping people, whether it's helping at home, in their business or supporting them through a life transformation.

I would love to hear from y... Read more

Oladapo O. Olusegun

Set country: South Africa

I have been to some few countries years back but I will like to relocate this time with my wife and 2 kids who will be having there first experience out of the country.

Raja Saad

Set country: Pakistan

I am an actor and independent filmmaker. I love to travel a lot.


Set country: United States

College student, exploring the globe one continent at a time.

Enrique O. Echeverría Ruiz

Set country: Mexico

My name is Enrique im looking forward to impact people and places through traveling and volunteering.

Maggie Concannon

Set country: United States

34 y/o professional eyeing a sabbatical at the end of a contract position.