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Mikhail Mamrukov

My name is Misha, Im from Russia. Right now I am kind of stuck on way and cant figure out what I want to do. Thats why I want to travel around the world,meet people and help them. May be in my travel I will find myself. I am able to do any kind of physical labour. I think in my age it is good idea to travel and my energy with those who in need.


Hello hello everyone My name is Alpesh Trivedi.


Hi! I'm a college student studying computer science with a passion for helping people and experiencing new cultures. I love travelling, neuroscience, and playing the piano. I enjoy working hard, learning new things, and I am always eager to see more of the world around me.


I'm a father and teacher, and wish I could always be those things in that order. In off hours, of which there are few, I am a songwriter and news junkie, passionate about media literacy, the environment, and my liberal but reasonable politics. You can hear (and soon buy!) my songs online...but I think I'll need you to ask in person because I am not sure about listing websites here. I live in Bavaria, Germany, and teach English Language and Literature to students from all over the world. My wife is German and my two sons, Germerican, as they say. I travel to the States 2-3 times a year to see my elderly dad north of Chicago, and my family and I take various trips around Europe, often on bicycles.

My newest projects are volunteering with microfinance nonprofit (helping peo... Read more

Jesse Steinmetz

Energetic and enthusiastic guy looking to see the world, soak up local culture and be productive while doing it. I'm a fast learner and am not afraid to get my hands dirty.

Aline Corrêa

Hi there looking forward for an adventure.

Déa Oestilofica

sono Dea, brasileira.meu livello di lingua italiana e médio.vim in Europa com.filha 7 anni.

Paige Charlotte

Hi, my name is Paige and I am a 24 year old teacher from the south of England. During the school break, I am looking to explore Europe and am looking to exchange childcare/English teaching services for accommodation.