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Surender Naganulu

Set country: India

Surender Hyderabad, telangana india I love to travel and help the travellers in my city.

Yassine Gomorra

Set country: Morocco

I love to work and help people all the time and discover new culture and meet new people and tradition.


Set country: Morocco

Bonjour je m'appelle Mohsen 25 ans célibataire et mon passe-temps voyage et cuisine

Niall Harty

Set country: Japan

Hard-working, Mature, Travelled 23-year-old Irish Male looking for good opportunities to meet people and gain experience while travelling.

Xénia Raynaud

Set country: United States

Travelling across the globe for quite some time, I'm a curious brain and often described as fiting the warrior connotation of my name !

Ĺàmýa Mòhàmed

Set country: Egypt

Name: Lamia Mohamed Naguib
Age: 26 years
Marital status: Married
Egyptian nationality
Occupation Housewife I have two children
I want volunteer work to help children and the elderly


Set country: United States

Hi my name is Grace and i am looking for my next adventure. I love art, traveling, meeting new people, and being outside. I'm looking to broaden my horizons and immerse myself in new cultures. I am open minded, positive and easy going. I can't wait for whats next!

Less Ismore

Set country: Italy

Hi everybody! I'm Elena and i'm 26. I'm here cause i love traveling and meeting new people and new cultures! I like traveling in a group, with friends, but i like also solo travel. I love the nightlife but sometimes i also need moments of extreme relax. I like so much the work exchange philosophy that i can't not try this!!

Charlotte McKenzie

Set country: Canada

I am a writer and artist. I'm friendly, easygoing and hard working. I come from a family of avid gardeners and grew up learning about horticulture and the land. I love physical work, being outside and working on the land. I also have plenty of experience in hospitality; I am a bartender, server, and barista. I am passionate about people and simple, organic living. Would love to work on a community oriented farm or creative project.

Salah Eddine Chtioui

Set country: Morocco

Amo il volontariato

Anouarovic Meka

Set country: Morocco

my name js anouar i'm 23 years old i like to travel alone to meet new peaple and loocking for jobs

Corinne Gatti

Set country: Spain

Hello! we are Martin (23 years) and Corinne (19 years). We have been a cheerful and carefree couple for more than three years. We live in northern Italy but we are always traveling for new experiences, unique adventures and to learn about the life and culture of the world around us. Martin loves surfing and is a lifeguard. Corinne is a volunteer on the Italian red cross. We are two people who adapt very easily to any lifestyle and learn very quickly any type of activity to be performed. We hope to be able to start new adventures as soon as possible and learn from those who will host us! Martin is a surf teacher and Corinne is a windsurfing teacher. We love photography and learning new things!

Elizaveta Smolnikova

Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! I'm 27 years old, living in Russia, doing usually things, want to change something in my life. I want to be a volunteer - help other and be able to travel around the world as long as I can remember, but I couldn't because I didn't feel comfortable with my English. I'd made big efforts with my studies loan and English skills to make my dream come true, so now I'm ready to adventure, whether it be help with garden or family members or helping with eco-projects, working in hostel and so on.


Set country: United Kingdom

I believe that the only possible reason for our being here is to serve in some form or another but that the form is not always readily found or recognized. And I've noticed that those who refuse to serve often wind up as slaves. Hildegard Knef

Vansh Sharma

Set country: India

Hi, I am Vansh. I am a commerce graduate and like to reach more places, meet new people and explore more cultures. My purpose in life is to keep learning and never settling. I don't want to live a monotonous life (home to work and vice versa). I want to do great in life but not the way everybody want to do it. "Travelling keeps me going", there I said it.


Set country: Australia

working holiday in Australia


Set country: United States

Hi there! My names Rey, and I’m fresh from the beach towns of California. I really like laid back warm people, parents who play pranks on their kids and and always finding the time to take a break and appreciate what you’ve got around you. I grew up with my grandma on a 5 acre plot. We had a pond, chickens, water foul, and a small garden. I can help with anything if instructed and I enjoy earning trust to really get to know your way of life.


Set country: Russian Federation

My goal is to travel, get to know new people, share experience and help them out. I am open minded, curious and calm person.


Set country: Cameroon

I am a muulti task helper, social and somebody like to exchange. My will is to come and help you at the same time share my culture with you.

Andres Galvez Hernandez

Set country: France

Hey there! I am a 20 years old guy coming from Guatemala (Central America). I am currently taking a gap year before I finish my Business and Economics degree. A few of the things I love and deeply enjoy are sports (specially swimming), nature, animals and music (mostly playing the piano)....but the main reason why I seek to travel is because I love meeting new people, new cultures and getting out of my comfort zone, because that's when you learn the most.


Set country: Thailand

Hey! My name is Yerous I'm 21 originally from Israel. I decided to dedicate the next couple of months in my life to interesting and meaningful experiences. Therefore I'll be more than glad to contribute with whatever help you need and be fed by the knowledge, culture, and experiences you can give.

Reza B.Azad

Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

My name is Reza Bakhtiari Azad. I'm from Iran. I have a degree in history (MA). I like to travel, read book and listen to music. I've changed some jobs such as teacher, bookseller, stockman and I like all them. I like to experience new challenges. I respect to other cultures and people. I'm looking forward to meet my new friends. See you soon

Azadeh Bakhtiari

Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hello, My name is Azadeh. I'm from Iran. I'm Clinical Psychologist. I'm sociable and friendly. I'm always interested to experience new places and cultures. I like travel, people, animals and plants. I believe into freedom and respect to other cultures.


Set country: Turkey

Hi,I hope all of you guys doing well. It's so simple, I'm here to help and see new people around the world with new cultures.

Nonso Onyejemezi

Set country: Nigeria

Hello, I'm Nonso from Nigeria. I'm a writer, health and lifestyle blogger. I love travelling even I haven't had the opportunity to travel outside the shores of my country. I'm excited to be here

Joel Walcott

Set country: Turkey

Hello, my name is Joel. I am from Panama. Been hoping around the world since I was 17. When I travel I like to meet new people learn about their culture, food, language, and other things. I am willing to help and do anything you need me to do.

Simona Di Giorgio

Set country: Italy

Welcome to my profile. I'm Simona and here I describe myself. I have a lot of interests and passions and my favourite are: nature and sport. So, I practice many sports in contact with nature, as hiking, running, mountain bike and kayak. I have never tried to go skiing, for this reason I'd like to practice this sport in the future. I love cooking and eating (also drinking some good wine or beer). I'm a precise, reliable and punctual person. I am person with a good "problem solving" thanks to my creativity. Then, I like to travel, to know new cutures and new friends. My dream is to have a farm, a little farm, where can grow a lot vegetebles and fruits. I'd like to have some animals for friends. My animals are going never be food! I'm vegetarian and I hate eating animals. I belive that ev... Read more

Paulina Szczęsna

Set country: Poland

I am Paulina, I was born and raised in Poland but I see myself as a world citizen :)
I finishes Culture Studies and Physical Theatre School.
I am an actress, perforomer, theatre coach.
Life is a permanent surprise for me
World is permamently exciting.
That's why I travel and do art


Set country: Italy

Hello my name is Simon, i'm from Italy and i'm 25! I'm new on this platform but i and my girlfriend Liz (25 too) are volounteers on workaway! We love travel as much as we can...usually i never travel without she because is my half. However we will be very helpful, we are positive, funny and tidy guys! So let's make this new experience and meet new friend all over the world!!!! Bye bye!

Romina F. Fantauzzi

Set country: Italy

Not currently travelling.

Janet Smit

Set country: Netherlands

Hi, I work in Amsterdam as a photo-videographer and do design as well.
Me and my husband love to travel in Asia.
And have seen a lot already.

Valeria Macc

Set country: Italy

We are a couple willing to travel and work in the month f November since we will be off from work. We will be working in Sudtirol starting from December and would like to stay in a german speaking country to be able to practise a bit of the language. We are both well-travelled person, open-minded and very responsible as well. We are looking forward to this experience.

Muhammad Ekhsan

Set country: Singapore

Hi guys! Ekhsan here.

I have just completed my national service a couple of months back. I am still figuring out what i want to do in life so i thought why not i volunteer!>.< I can give back to the world while meeting new people and learning about their culture at the same time! Will be happy to help those who want to practise basic english! Eventhough i don't have a tefl/bachelor's degree cert, i can speak english reasonably well. My highest qualification is diploma(if you need to know lol).

Hope i can help your organisation/center/family in some ways.

I am from Singapore and can share about my country too. :)

You guys can contact me at my for a faster reply. I am not so active here. Cheers:)

Juan Manuel Monroe Vásquez

Set country: Philippines

I am Juan Manuel from Peru. I can speak spanish, english and some chinese. I am student in chinese languages and IT. I love to travel around Asia, and i can cook delicious peruvian dishes :D