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Marie Simcikova

Set country: Spain


Kennedy Somerset

Set country: United States

Hello! Welcome to Kennedy! I have made the hopefully life-altering decision to leave behind my stagnant life and follow my passion for travel. This plan is both very exciting and extremely scary, but the thought of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new challenges head-on is motivating me to take this leap.

A family member introduced me to HippoHelp, knowing that I was looking for ways to be more than just a tourist, finding ways to interact and contribute while experiencing new places. I have had the opportunity to travel a little (Europe, New Zealand, Belize, North America) but taking short vacations (Americans don't get much time off), just always left me wanting to hop right back on the plane.

I currently have resided in the Pacific Northwest of... Read more


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi there! You can call me Sasha and as you may guess I keen on exploring our planet. I had been working as a manager in my country of origin for 5 long years. Last year I quit my job and went wild. Jk:) I brought myself to Philippines where stayed for six months and it was awesome and totally different life I was so happy to experience. Looking forward to putting this on a regular basis, travel, make friends and keep good memories.


Set country: United States

Originally from California, with a background in Private Wealth Investment Management, I have spent the past 3 years mostly in Costa Rica. I have done workaways volunteering in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas after surviving hurricanes Irma, Maria and Dorian for post hurricane clean up and development of new EcoProyecto's. I have experience in managing hostels in Costa Rica as well as extensive experience in property management during my career in California. During my career I was fortunate to gain experience in website development, SEO, Google analytics and algorithms, fiduciary trust Accounting, business development, all phases of construction for both new and stabilized projects.
I am honest, hard working, reliable, compassionate and dedicated. I am truly blessed to have had the opp... Read more

Nicole Tibbe

Set country: United States

I am seeking an alternative living style. I don't want to be stuck in corporate America trying to survive. I don't want strings trying me to any one place in the USA so a work exchange program or temporary/contract job would be ideal for me. I have good work experience and an education but am very much a simplistic person or nomad at heart. Think of the book/movie Into the Wild except I'm not going to throw away my passport/identity or go to the extremes he did. I'm a writer and seak a simple lifestyle where I can pull my weight/earn my stay and then go sit outside and hike, write, and be in nature.

Fatma El Sekeely

Set country: Egypt

I am 24 years old girl. i am welling to travel anywhere and everywhere helping sharing experiences and culture. I am an English teacher and i have another job as International customer service. I love art i paint oil paintings. I am also good with planting and hand works. I have a good taste in music. I love animals. I speak basically 3 languages; Arabic is my mother-tongue, i speak English fluently, and Yo hablo Español !


Set country: United States

I have been an elementary teacher for the past 13 years. Now I want the world to teach me.
I am an open minded, free thinker with a big heart who loves all human and living beings. I love culture, foods, history, science and learning. I am a very social being and absolutely love talking to people and learning about them and sharing my own stories.
I am a hard worker, very neat and tidy and respectful of others.
I would love to help out a host who in return is kind, empathetic, friendly, respectful and welcomes me as a friend who can teach me about their culture and introduce me to their wonderful country and people.
Also, I can not cook so I will be excited and grateful if a host can offer meals, which I of course would help in clean up or whatever else is needed but I wo... Read more


Set country: Egypt

Exploring for experiences, art, music, nature, people, and cultures.
opened and looking forward learning different new activities and join new opportunities.


Set country: Germany

My name is Julia and I love travelling and learning about other cultures. I would like to help other people and experience life from a different perspective. I am not very picky about the destination or the type of work, I am open to anything.

Beatriz Bibas

Set country: Portugal

Hello! I'm a bubbly girl from Lisbon who is very keen on exploring the world, learn about different cultures and grow as a human being.

Patrick De Oliveira

Set country: Brazil

Hello, I'm Patrick, a 23 year old Brazilian guy, student of publicity and advertising. And I love to meet new cultures and people, and exchange experiences with them. I work in a construction company, and I love what I do, especially when I have to treat people well, that goes for both the professional and the personal. I'm super responsible about everything I do, so people trust me to handle difficult tasks almost every time. this year I will take a few months to travel and improve my English, and I see it as a good opportunity to be able to exchange my skills and willpower to help people from this platform to get a partnership to help each other. I play and watch football among other sports too, besides loving animals, playing with children. Lastly, I am always very grateful to... Read more

Anton Brondum Reeh

Set country: Denmark

My name is Anton Brøndum Reeh, I am 18 years old and finished my high school diploma at Birkerød Gymnasium in Denmark . I am on my first sabbatical year and have been spending my time working and travelling. While studying I had had various study jobs. I've worked at multiple supermarkets doing many different roles. I also worked at Copenhagen airport as an Organiser for the SAS lounge. I finished my volunteer work in Vietnam as an English teacher recently and am eager to find more volunteer work to do while I'm travelling. I have also organised Model UN at Birkerød Gymnasium, an international conference with participation of young people from all over the world. It required a lot of overview and good coordination skills. In my spare time I play football and go to fitness training.... Read more

Оксана Григорьева

Set country: Russian Federation

Я очень люблю путешествовать, общаться, узнавать и учиться новому. А также делиться своими знаниями с другими людьми и помогать им.

Luca Cocchi

Set country: Italy

Siamo una coppia italiana ci chiamiamo luca e lidia ci piace un sacco viaggiare e cerchiamo nuovi stimoli e nuove esperienze per riempire la nostra sete di sapere, siamo socievoli e simpatici, molto adattabili a tutto


Set country: United Kingdom

I am a freelance writer with the blessed freedom to live and work where I choose. I am currently a Help X volunteer at a lovely home in Birmingham, England. The home is an Airbnb property, so my duties include checking in/out guests, cleaning, maintenance, cooking for the home owner, I also undertake general work for the owner as per a personal assistant and take care of and walk the family dog.

Karen Clga

Set country: Mexico

I’m from the north of Mexico (:
I’m an easy going and open minded person
I love to travel as much as I can and learn about other cultures and meet people!


Set country: Jamaica

Hey, I'm Kar, I am a Jamaica based individually currently assistant nurse at a public hospital. I am striving to be an avid traveler, and hope my travels will take me all around the world. As a volunteer,I am very clean and respectfully of the homes I inhabit and the residents who live there. I'm up for hard work, grabbing dinner and hanging out with host and others when possible. If you would like to know more shoot me a message! I can't wait to meet you.


Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! I`m active person, who like kids. Also, I like hiking and reading.


Set country: Côte d'Ivoire

bonjour je m'appelle Juslin né le 08/10/2002 en côte d'ivoire, je suis en classe de première et je suis passionné du voyage et aussi j'aimerais allé terminer mes études supérieures en Europe, j'adore tout le monde et j'aime beaucoup le football


Set country: Portugal

Hey! I'm Marcio and looking for a volunteer job. I love to cook, meet people and talk about everything. I would like to offer my hands and We can create together lovely things and change experiences. I consider myself a person who is passionate for life, respect all diferences, perseverant and a good mood. I always take care of my mind / body, keeping positively thoughts and force it to overcome challenges. I worked in a public school teaching history object for 7 years, teaching educational workshops and development social activities in a non-governmental organization with social vulnerability population both jobs in São Paulo – Brazil. I had lived in Dublin for 3 years, worked as Au pair and chef cook before moving to Lisbon. I have been living in Portugal for 2 years and work... Read more

Lea Maria Schuler

Set country: Germany

I will finish my bachelor's degree in May and in the summer I am looking for a way to brush up on my French, which I haven't been able to use since my school days. I enjoy good weather, delicious food and working in the fresh air. I enjoy cooking very much. I also grew up with gardening, even though I don't have any special skills there. I also have some experience with children. I would be very happy to spend my summer in France. :) I speak english and german, a few words of Turkish, even fewer words of Arabic and I'm really looking forward to improving my French.

Helmi Shepard

Set country: Viet Nam

I am staying in Hanoi (already have accommodation and meals), but have too much time on my hands. Would like to volunteer in any capacity doing just about anything, although I'm 52 and out of shape, so I wouldn't be a lot of help with anything requiring lots of heavy lifting or climbing stairs. Available for 2-4 weeks as I am waiting for Chinese work visa. I have lots of experience with kids and teaching ESL. I speak French, Spanish, a little Chinese. No Vietnamese.

Caner Azman

Set country: Germany

Hey Universe :)
My name is Caner I love traveling, nature, cooking and food. I like meeting people from different places to share experiences. I'm social, friendly, and open minded person.


Set country: Germany

I'm a 19 year old girl from Germany. My parents own a farm with cows and fields, so I know about animals, gardening or in general farmwork quite well

Bella Dina

Set country: Indonesia

Hey my name is Bella and i currently work as a content creator. But im lookinfing for opportunity to work abroad. I also do Yoga and meditation for hobbies :)

Elena Rojo Salas

Set country: Spain

Hello! My name is Elena. I'm from a little spanish city called Cáceres, but I study Italian Philology in Salamanca. I'm a really energetic and active person and I'm looking forward to do something different this summer 2020, so working in Italy could help me improve and also enjoy the experience there!

Lucia Bettoni

Set country: Italy

In the last three years I have had the chance to travel and study abroad; thanks to these opportunities, I improved my open-mindedness and conversational skills. I have played volleyball for nine years, maturing a teamwork ability. My passions include: cinema, music, comics, astronomy, curiosities, logic riddles.


Set country: Poland

NOTE: Due to fact, that I have some problems with hippohelp mailbox- please message me via Instagram: Hello everyone,

I'm working as a quality engineer and I manage my free time to travel as much as possible. My passion is to learn new cultures, visit new places and meet new people. I believe that every person can have a big impact on other people and on enviroment, that's why helping with enviromental projects is a big plus to me. I love to learn about science, new technologies, I love stargazing and on the other hand I'm a big fan of art (painting & scluptures), architecture and classical music.
I can help with photography& editing, gardening, cleaning, cooking. I'm great with people and animals, so I can be customer service and wo... Read more

Jeanne Ashunchia

Set country: Cameroon

i am a female cameroonian 29 years old ready to travel experience different cultures.


Set country: United States

Our family is traveling the world! We are a family of five, Ray (Dad), Kelly (Mom), Betsy (8), Emily (6); and our son Avery (5). We are interested in making global friends and learning about new cultures. We are also interested in teaching our children the value of WORK. Kelly homeschools the children, while Ray helps when not working. We love anything to do with kids, animals, and different cultures/alternative lifestyles.

Zhuo Ying

Set country: Malaysia

Nursing student who is passionate and interested in learning the ropes to wildlife, marine life or any type of eco conservation related stuff. :)

Fadi Nassar

Set country: Oman

cant talk about me :)

Mohamed shehata

Set country: Egypt

My name is Mohamed. I live in Egypt. I am an organized person. I love work. I can do any work assigned to it. I can learn things in a short period. I love photography. I like to make friends and visit many countries. Learn about their culture and I want, through volunteer work, to improve my language.