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Seb Ben

Set country: Guatemala

Hi, welcome on my profil ! I'm french and I travel since 5 years ago now into 38 different countries Good english, motivated but mostly a positive attitude and equal-mood. I have my own musical radio station who runs 24/7 (on the web so that plays worldwide). -- In France, I was manager, seller and buyer in multimedia, music and books shop during 10 years and 25 years of experience in sales. Also, I'm DJ of profession (Since I'm kid and not like a simple hobby). -- Actually, I do a (big) world trip and I was lucky to reach 12 different schools : Taiwan, Vietnam (2), India (2), Nepal, Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala, Indonesia etc... -- I traveling alone and everyday all day I see and enjoy this world and diverses experiences, sometimes impressive... Comfortable with kids, I love create ... Read more

Aparna Kompella

Set country: India

I am a single-mother traveling with my 3, years old son.

Jesse Groen

Set country: Chile

I'm looking for social and work experiences. Finding out how other people go on in their daily life. And learn a thing of 2 of them. I'm eager to learn and learn fast. I would describe myself as an easy going friendly and calm guy


Set country: United States

Hello! My name is Earle Weaver, I am 20 years old until May 21, and I am an ex wrestler/football player. I am considerably famous in my city, some parts of Oakland County and known, loved and trusted by a-lot of people around the world. The reason for this is because my picture is on the Wall Of Fame and personal year book page of my previous highschool for becoming an all state wrestler, posed with an iconic picture. I also started doing social media which gained me even more recognition. Two years out of highschool, I am now aware that there is nothing out here for me in Michigan to achieve my dreams of making money in the movie industry and also being surrounded by people who want to do what I do. My main reason for wanting to do work in exchange for living is because I was born in t... Read more

Juliana Liana

Set country: Argentina

My work is with medicinal plants, I make cosmetical and medicine products. Also I work doing shiatsu, a terapeutical masage. Since 3 years ago I´m studing at the university gardening and organic production of vegetables.


Set country: Egypt

Hi my name is wind (legal name is mohanad) I'm a 19 year old Egyptian, One of my biggest goals currently is to travel to Canada. Living in Egypt, there is simply not much nature here. I love to explore nature and volunteer in farm/house work as well, I learn very quickly and am willing to do all kinds of different tasks. I'm also a web developer and all around "technology guy" and I'd be more than happy to help with anything related to that, free of charge of course.

Set country: Germany

Hi Guys. My name is Carlos Santos, I'm 24 years old and I live in Berlin. I was born in Germany and am a German citizen, however my maternal grandmother is originally from Turkey. I studied and am currently working part-time in Berlin. I would like to improve my own foreign language skills and gain new experiences - and am looking for the right opportunity to do so.


Set country: India

Mahima here .I have worked as a teacher. Currently I am doing masters in Microbiology. I am also a traveller. I love to dance ,sing , do creative art, do diy , watch movies , go shopping, go cafe jumping , love travelling ,love making videos , love to meet new people, lover of knowledge. I am an astrophile freak, also I am a workaholic I love to work. My favorite past time is eating momos. My favorite sport is Badminton and swimming. I also love watching TV series . My favorite TV series is Friends, Peaky blinders and Bombay Begums. I love travelling and exploring around, exchanging my travel stories , talking about all the different places that are yet to be explored and about life . It is only this year that i started solo travelling and have covered Mumbai, Lonavala,Goa, and few part... Read more

Matheus Mol

Set country: Brazil

Hallo! Ich heiße Matheus, bin 25 und lebe gerade in Brasilien. Hier habe ich zwei freiwillige Arbeit gemacht bei Worldpackers, die erste war sehr schön, habe auf einem Pilzenbauernhof dem Host geholfen und die zweite war in einem Hostel neben dem Strand. In beiden Fällen habe ich viel Spaß gehabt und könnte mich sehr gut entwickeln, besonders meine Sprachkenntnisse. Ja! Seit ein paar Jahren kann ich Deutsch und genau deswegen bewerbe ich mich um eine freiwillige Erfahrung in Deutschland. Wenn Sie Interesse an einem Gespräch mit mir haben, sagen Sie bitte bescheid, ich würde darauf freuen. Vielen Dank

Richard Bevington

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! I am from London. I am very interested in volunteering ( I have many skills, cleaning, construction,admin, computer data entry, housekeeping, labour.. I want to leave the UK in Jan/Feb. I am 38 years old, and I love to meet new people


Set country: Indonesia

Hi I am female, single and have done many travels. I am looking forward to have opportunities to have some part time work in language and tourism fields or other that is related to my experiences (please see in kills section).


Set country: Egypt

Heyyoo My name's Lobna and there's nothing I love more than traveling and sports. I'm a very social person by nature and I like trying new things. I'm always up for any adventure and I'm really hoping to try new experiences, meet new people, and share amazing memories. I've lived in Egypt for 15 years, in Bangladesh for 3 and I'm currently studying psychology and business in Egypt. Psychology has always been an interest of mine because I've always been fascinated by how the mind works and how we think, react, and process. I've traveled to over 23 countries and had two amazing volunteering experiences abroad. I play American football and some track and field, any volunteering opportunity I get, I take it. I've always loved organizing and planning events and I'm excited to be trying new ... Read more


Set country: Greece

Hi I am an MBA student from India, presently in Greece and one who is crazy for travelling. Further very fluent in english (IELTS 8) and ready to offer any king of help/supports.

Mahmoud Tayel

Set country: Egypt

مرحبا اسمي محمود عمري ١٩ عاما . احب السفر والعمل والمشاركة


Set country: Ireland

Hi everyone, I'm an Early Years Educator willing to relocate to Japan! I graduated in Italian Literature at the University of Bologna, and I then moved to Ireland to work with children, where I still live. I have a huge interest in Pedagogy, moreover in Montessori and Reggio Emilia's approaches. I love nature, doing art and crafts and literature. I've always been travelling alone and I'm always ready to discover new places and cultures!

Petr Pervyj

Set country: Germany

Hello! I'm Ilja (male)), 41y., Educator/Translator-Dolmetcher. I love nature, animals, hard work on fresh air and good people :) My spoken languages are german, russian and english (quite fluent:) I am physically fit and ready to do heavy stuff as well.


Set country: Viet Nam

I am a youtuber and budget traveller, I would love to stay with you and work for my stay and food there Thank you


Set country: United States

I’m Samantha :) Currently unattached living in Phoenix Arizona. I eat mainly plant based. I live by faith and love, and to serve others. I’m an artist at heart and am pursuing my art career in many ways. Free spirit. Deep thinker/analyzer. Eager to learn and grow


Set country: Egypt

My dream iş traveling,and i love learning more about cultures


Set country: Spain

Hi I'm Renz and I'm just new here. I'm not sure how this works but I'm always curious anyway. I like being able to help in any way to anyone. In fact, that has been a long term goal of mine, to share and provide things for the less unfortunate people. I'm a fast learner so pretty much I could really be handy. I'm silent and all ears mostly. I love food and travels. Learn new languages and other cultures. I love sports. I'm open minded and versatile. Nothing so much about me. All I'm sure of is I wanna travel maybe at least europe finding places where I can be useful or somewhere with people I can share everything I could.


Set country: Turkey

Hi there! I'm a freelance writter traveling around the world now . I Have been to 20+ countries and areas alone from Finland to Mexico. It's interesting to meet different people from all over the world and experience different lifestyle. I'm open minded and easy going. Here are some of my skills: 1.I’m good at writing,have written articles(in Chinese) to many brands, such as Gucci,Ralph Lauren ,CHAUMET,GUESS ,NET-A-PORTER,adidas,BVLGARI,Thomas Cook,etc.I also write short video for many companies and brands,such as Panasonic and many Chinese Advertising agency. For myself, I write poems and novels.My own blog is alive from time to time. 2. I am attentive, conscientious and responsible, and willing to try new things. If you want to try Chinese food, I can also be a good ch... Read more


Set country: Canada

Young, curious, creative and an animal loving individual. I currently live in the city so looking for an opportunity to step away.


Set country: Portugal

Hi there, Maria here, a solo traveler searching for new adventures,friends and improving myself. I am a Portuguese and English speaker with a good Spanish too. I´d love to learn new skills and improve the ones that I already got.


Set country: Sweden

Hello there, my name is Ignacio, I'm 29 years old, I'm from Chile and my profession is being an English Teacher. I have been traveling for more than a year now and volunteering has been an amazing experience for me. I really enjoy meeting new people and helping out, while I get to know more about the culture, developing new skills, and just enjoying this experience. I see myself as an outgoing person who likes to work and help in any way I can meanwhile I get to know new people and have a good time. I'm always interested in learning something, so I'm always invested wherever I go.


Set country: United States

hello! my name is jonathan im traveling europe but dont like traditional tourism. looking to find some places to work and experience italian life as i work remotely


Set country: United States

Passionate traveller and compassionate human being looking to volunteer and help the community, learn and explore different cultures. Life is short, live and laugh before it ends!


Set country: United States

Hello! Our names are Emily (purple hat) and Maddie (black hat). We are two friends hoping to travel and immerse ourselves in different cultures. We are outgoing and fun-loving Americans who also work hard when needed. We can’t wait to travel, learn, explore, and give back to communities!

Nathália Sorage

Set country: Ireland

I’m cool


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi. My name is Sofa, I am 18 years old and I'd like to be a volunteer. I am good with almost any type of volunteering but I am good at working with animals and kids. I help my brothers to sit, play, take care of my nephews and a niece. Kids and animals love me! We have good relationships!! I am kind and open to any opportunity!