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Sailor Gerry Whelzo

Set country: Ireland

Athletic and Arty Irish fella with a lot of experience in many things and a long term goal of exploring many countries to hopefully find one that resonates so strong with me one day and will perhaps become my permanent home. As much as I love Ireland I want to see what else is out there, not just for a holiday or a visit, but live and build a life. So my time spent with you isn't just a long affordable holiday, it is potentially a life changing experience! (and may lead to my immigration!)

Jaclyn Lanae

Set country: United States

I am a 40-year-old author, magazine editor, and freelance writer. Over the past three years my appetite for travel has grown ever more insatiable with each trip. Now I am seeking to create a more perennially nomadic life, ever deepening my connection to - and understanding of - myself, by listening to, and experiencing other perspectives.

Abdalla Khudair

Set country: Egypt

An Egyptian -26- guy who graduated as a civil engineer but have other interests particularly in Business, Writing and teaching Egyptian Arabic for non-Arab. I've worked in Engineering, in a restaurant, in transcribing for Google, and in video editing for
My family has a farm. we live in countryside. Definitely I love travelling and meet new people. I feel more comfortable and happy when I deal and share with people from other religions and cultures.

Marta Oliva Perelló

Set country: Spain

My ñame os Marta, i'm an easy going person

Pierre Doucet

Set country: France

Hello, We are two 21 year old French students with the wish to go to Ireland to improve our level in English. The location and the missions proposed in your announcement would be a good opportunity to improve our English skills. Along our various past professional experiences, our tutors have always been satisfied with our knowledge and know-how. We will for sure be persevering and diligent in the tasks you will entrust to us. For more information we are available to all contacts. Pierre Sébilo, Pierre Doucet.


Set country: United States

We are a married couple who love traveling and adventure. In a unique time of life where we're old enough to be empty nesters but young enough to fully enjoy the time with one another. Lots of life experience to contribute but a passion to discover more. After RVing across America, Jeeping through Mexico, backpacking around the world and getting a taste of boat life, we're super excited to see what's next! We have lots of life and professional skills we are happy to share and use to help others and aren't afraid of hard work or new things. We are more than happy to answer any questions or give more info, as we consider ourselves a pretty open book!

Charlie Batten

Set country: France

Hi, I'm Charlie. I used to be a construction labourer and have volunteered at a couple of places with woof. I always enjoy traveling to new places and meeting new people, and I'm keen to work hard and learn new things.

I'd like to make memories wherever I go.

Whilst volunteering I have been lucky enough to do a variety of things, some of it might be useful to you;
I have helped out with horses, bees, sheep, and off-grid earth-bag construction. I have done some dry stone walling, made apple juice, used a lathe and painted rooms. But I'm not good at painting. I can do the other things ok.

Claudia Giotto Gonzalez

Set country: Australia

Hello! We are Claudia and Charlie (24 years old) plannig to move to Byron Bay soon. We´ve living in Sydney since last year and we´ve decided to change to a beautiful place. We are looking for a paid job, we have experience in gardening, babysitting, cleaning and also in house renovations. We are very easy-going and willing to start a new experience and meet new people.

Debora Angelo

Set country: Brazil

Hello, everyone! My name is Debora, i'm Brazilian and I live in São Paulo with my family. I'm about to finish my graduate Pedagogy course by december 2020 and i'd like to have an opportunity to stay with someone who would be comfortable in helping me to improve my English while I can help with the day to day tasks, just like I already do here at home. I chose to study Pedagogy because I really like kids and I believe that thru education we can make a better world to everybody that's why I'll be happy to have the little humans around and help you with them if you need it :) I think it's important to mention that I also love dogs and cats and I don't have a specific diet. Besides the part of meeting and helping new people and cultures, I'm looking for this kind of volunteer experience... Read more

Ibrahim Mahmoud

Set country: Egypt

My name is Ibrahim Mahmoud. I am a student at Faculty of Arts English department. I have always been passionate about my volunteer work and about helping others. I had a lot of volunteering experiences either in or outside my country. I am completely sure that my experience will benefit your home or work.
I am a passionate individual, I believe that I will learn new skills and seek new experiences through being a part of this great opportunities. I am confident that my experience in this field will fit your qualifications be useful for your work or home.

Chris Cunliffe

Set country: United Kingdom

Solo traveller and tourism professional looking to use my marketing, customer service and writing skills to help out tourism businesses.


Set country: United States

Hi! I'm an American filmmaker with a C1 level in French and experience tutoring English as a Foreign Language to students between 3-25. I also have a bit of volunteer farming and hostel work under my belt, and can play the ukulele (should you ever need someone to do that, haha).

Pastor Lawrence Ihans

Set country: Gambia

I am a train children missionary , i am focusing in reaching the world children , by any method eg sport , English language teaching , Art etc
I am also a good trainer of trainers coming to children and family matters
I am also the founder of Child Concern International , which is now officially register in Gambia and Poland
Our goal is also to reaching the world children through prayer
We have an yearly program tittle LEAVING NO CHILD BEHIND

Muhammad Abdelmoneam

Set country: Egypt

Iam Muhammad from Egypt, iam studying in Engineering faculty, a speak 4 languages (Arabic, English, Russia and basic German),

Anderson Oliveira

Set country: Brazil

Olá, meu nome é Anderson. tenho 24 anos. Moro no Brasil. Sei quase nada do idioma inglês. estou a procura de ganhar experiência no idioma e experiência no exterior, a fim de ganhar conhecimento e crescer na vida. gosto de tudo certinho. sou bem organizado e educado. e não tenho preguiça. boto a mão na massa sempre que necessário sem exitar. sei cozinhar algumas comidas tenho experiencias na área da construção. estou em busca de conhecimento e ganhar a vida com Deus permite. gosto de coisa simples, gente simpática, de dar boas risadas e de sempre poder ajudar ao próximo. espero te agradar e conseguir buscar conhecimento, aprendizado e experiências boas que busco. Agradeço desde já.

Ivan Patrone

Set country: Argentina

Hi! I'm Ivan from Argentina, and I'm travelling with m girlfriend, Yenny, who is from Venezuela. We are a 35 years old couple who likes to meet other people and lear about their culture. We'd like to travel arround the world, working and volunteering.


Set country: Italy

I'm Eduardo a 22 years old guy from Milan (Italy); when I discovered this site was a sort of revolution for me, it's exactly was I was looking for!!! Indeed I'm a very curious person that wishes to meet and know as new peoples as possibles, live new experiences, understand and live in new cultures. I love to travel and I really adapt to any condition, my passion are sports and I practice many of them since I was a child during all the year. I'm a very easy and chilled person that enjoy meeting and spend time with new people. I'm a student of medicine, I'll start the fifth year in Autumn 2020; I'm also a part time worker for a group of guys that help other students to pass the test of medicine, it's name is TestBusters. All the classes and all the exams from the first year are in engli... Read more


Set country: Tanzania, United Republic of

I am twenty six now. A Tanzanian citizen from Tanga region. I have just completed my university studies where I did a bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Social sciences from the Uganda Martyrs University in Uganda. Moreover, I have been a candidate of a religious society of the Missionaries of Africa ( White Fathers). While with them, I have been involved in several community based activities to uplift the lives of those in need. I have specifically worked with the children, the elderly and disabled people. Basing on these, I have an urge to offer my service to the community especially to the neglected groups in the society.


Set country: Norway

I am a young and enthusiastic guy who is on his way to explore everything out of his comfort zone and open for any kind of work there is. I am keen on meeting new people and exploring new and helping wherever I can :)


Set country: United Kingdom

Improve english

Glaucia Souza

Set country: Brazil

Eu sou uma pessoa muito aventureiro e gosto da liberdade, essa experiência será um ótimo projeto na minha vida e me ajudar no meu conhecimento pessoal. Conhecer culturas, países, idiomas e pessoas diferentes é uma coisa que todos deveriam tentar pelo menos uma vez na vida.

Milene Gonçalves

Set country: Brazil

Sou uma menina tenho 17 anos,tenho 1,57m de altura,cabelos castanhos e olhos castanhos,peso 52kg,e sou simpatica e amo conversar,gosto de animais,amo ajudar as pessoas,explorar novos lugares,de aventuras.


Set country: Germany

I enjoy being useful and meeting new people, so here I am :) I live and work in Frankfurt, and I am not a smoker.

Julia Jacomete

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Julia, tenho 21 anos e sou interior de Minas Gerais, Brasil.

Anderson Silva

Set country: Brazil

Olá, meu nome é Anderson sou brasileiro moro em São Paulo, moro a 2 anos sozinho em minha cidade e nesse tempo morando só, fiz um curso básico de inglês onde tive interesse em aprender mais da língua e pra mim não tem forma melhor de aprender do que vivenciar.


Set country: Italy

Hi! My name is Mehalah and I have just moved back to Europe after living in New Zealand and studying in England. I am a young and very hardworking girl with a strong passion for travel and adventure. I speak English and French fluently.I am currently sailing around the med so my location changes everyday but I am generally based between Monaco and England. I have restaurant and front of house experience and I am very willing to learn. I am fun and get along with anyone! Hope to be in touch :)

Iliana Antonia

Set country: Greece

Hello ! I love to help people. I love animals,nature and volunteering! Happy to help


Set country: United States

Hi! We are a friendly middle age couple looking for our next chapter. We are currently in Hudson Valley, NY. We have been air bnbing for a bit, safely distancing from elderly parents, and trying to figure out where we want to land (buy, rent, build, snowbird etc). Tom's a carpenter, a math wiz with a head for business, a history buff and has an amazing way with elders. I am an ex waitress, museum interpreter and product promoter. Tom managed his parents property for years. My strengths are promoting, marketing, hospitality organizing, writing, typing, working with kids and cleaning. I'm not much for garden work, but I'm a mean powerwasher/painter. Tom enjoys mowing. We both love kids, animals, great conversation, music, travel and playing boardgames/cards. I love all arts, especially th... Read more

Sano Maya

Set country: India

I am hospitality graduate and love cooking and makeing people feed this pandemic took away my work but i learnt that helping others must be the reason to be on this earth

Matthaios Kapetanakis

Set country: Greece

Bonjour ! Je suis Grec au procès de partir à Montréal pour mon doctorat, je suis mes leçons à distance et je voudrais vivre en France et peut-être faire un documentaire parmi les autres tâches.