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Set country: Korea, Republic of

Hello here. I'm Anne from France. I'm 31 years old. I'm in South Korea with a Working Holiday Visa (H1) for 1 year and achieved 2 years travelling in New-Zealand and Taiwan. I already lived in South Korea 10 years ago as an exchange student in Hankuk University of Foreign studies. My korean is beginner but willing to speak korean and improve myself. I did a looot of volunteering since my 20's : hostel, wwoofing, youth people, clean-up beach, etc. i'm open to everything.

Ryo Anomalys

Set country: Italy

Pura Vida! I'm Ryo Anomalys (the name I choose for my soul), a guy of Italian origin, a traveling musician and juggler with a degree in ethno-archaeology! I want to know and learn as much as possible in different work experiences and assimilate everything you can teach me; I also want to experience the incredible vastness of the realities of life that fill the planet. I am a versatile and open-minded person with a proudly punk look and a great love for nature, art, and smiles! I hope we have a great time together!


Set country: Italy

Siamo Valentina e Armand. Ci piace viaggiare, lavorare, ci piacciono gli animali e il lavoro in strutture ricettive.


Set country: United States

My name is Julia and I am looking to travel and assist a host. I hope to learn so much and be a great help


Set country: Norway

Hello! I am a university student from Washington DC currently on a gap year. I worked as an au pair in Madrid for 3 months and am now looking to explore more of Europe and meeting new people. I love exploring new places and being outside. In my free time, I mountain bike, hike, run, and ski. I also love to bake (my favorite things to make are brioche and macarons). I'm very eager to learn new skills and try new things (most recently ceramics) :)

Renan Tardelli

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Renan, tenho 27 anos, sou ator formado em teatro, gosto muito de lidar com o público, ja fui recepcionista de hospital e atendente e vendedor em lojas, gostaria de trabalhar em um hostel porque acho a conexão com outras pessoas, culturas e idiomas enriquecedor, quero muito aprimorar minha independência e num ambiente mais comodo para o aprimoramento mental individual. Falo inglês e espanhol, tenho boa conversação em ambas.


Set country: United States

My name is Jordan williams im African American an Caucasian. My purpose in life is to help. An make a difference an work hard for those who need a helping hand. I am committed to whatever work is needed to help others.


Set country: United Kingdom


my name is Davide, I am 32 years old from the amazing Sardinia in Italy. In my normal life I am teacher in public high school and professional educator with different types of users (refugees, teens, families in difficulties,...) in social field

I have the passion of backpacking travels, and experienced these exchanging help for accommodation for around one year in 2019 (farms, hostels and B&B, painting, gardening, manual works,...)

my actual goal is to improve my English

Isaac Watts

Set country: United States

21 year old business student who wants to help out while my school is online. Hablo con fluidez el español también.


Set country: Italy

I am Iranian and I am a part time student at Milan university in Italy. I have free time and i like experience workaway and help other people. I am hardworking person with a honest personality. I have a plan to study medicine in Milan university next year.

Ria Antwnopoulou

Set country: Greece

Love to travel and explore new places.


Set country: United States

Hi there! My name is Katie McGraw, I'm a junior in college currently living near Chicago, IL in the United States. I'm studying Graphic Design and Marketing and love the chance to get to use my creativity towards projects. I currently work as a tennis instructor and as a freelance graphic designer.


Set country: France

Hello everyone! My name is Sylvie-Claudia (Sylvie is enough) and I am a twenty-three years old girl who live in France, more precisely in the North of the country in a little city called Lille. I am an International Business School student and I need to go abroad in the aim to improve my language skills and get work experience in an intercultural dimension. Even if it’s the main reason, I have others aims of traveling such as get a good experience in a different country by interacting with people, exploring nature, eating new food and trying new things. I also want to learn about different ways of life and philosophies from people I’ll meet and make new friends around the world. I am shy at first but very friendly, creative and talkative as well as pretty laid back and go with the f... Read more


Set country: United States

I’m a 41yo war veteran who is financially stable but doesn’t want to be isolated from the world. I can pay to travel, and I’m relatively handy.


Set country: United States

Hello! I would describe myself as a naturally bubbly, friendly and driven person with a passion for being part of creating a more sustainable future, art, and traveling! I love to paint, draw and pretty much get creative in any way I can. I have four years experience working in customer service (retail and restaurant), two years experience babysitting, a year’s experience doing art commission work, and a bit of experience with organic and biodynamic farming. I am interested in work exchange in Hawaii for several reasons. I want to embark on a new journey in my life, meet new people, be challenged in new exciting ways, have a life-changing experience, take an opportunity for self-discovery, learn more about sustainable and self-sufficient living, further my experience in organic far... Read more

Bruno Colla

Set country: Brazil

I'm friendly, cool and simpatic person who loves help each other, and learn new things with everyone who cross my life.

Jordan Love

Set country: United States

Hello! :D My name's Jordan or Oliver, whichever you prefer. I'm an 18 year old disabled Enby folk who wants to travel the world, and for now, the US. On my journey I want to become independent, take risks (like talking to strangers. Gasp!), make friends, have new experiences, and spread awareness and teach people about different ways of life! :) I'm open to questions and discussions about being LGBTQ+, low income, disabled, anything at all either good intentions. Even more so, I'd love to learn about you! I'm a good listener and very sympathetic if you have anything on your mind. I hope that in joining this program and working with you, we can have meaningful exchanges whenever we interact, learn from each other daily, and I can make your day a little bit better! <3

Asix Ay

Set country: Not set

My name is Abdeljalil, I'm 21 years old, from Algeria, recently graduated from college. One of my dreams is to travel and explore the world, meet new people, and have friends all around the globe. I'm a minimalist, I'm fond of personal development and calisthenics. I'm adventurous and I don't mind getting my hands dirty, so help me, help you!

Venus Ray

Set country: Canada

We are an energetic couple looking for ways to learn about and to help with regenerative permaculture eco projects. We are interested in community and sustainable living. We lead an organic natural healthy lifestyle, practice yoga and meditation and love literature dance and music. We love nature, all outdoor activities, herbs, and cooking. We are both really good chefs.

Elina Johanna Hejdström

Set country: Sweden



Set country: United States

26 y/o (F) + 26 y/o (M), married

Kim Anna

Set country: Russian Federation

My name is Anna, I am from Russia and now study in Germany. I am getting ready to go to university. It is the great opportunity, but I would like to learn more about that world I live in. So I want to take a break and try something new, something that I have never did before. I am sure, that it will be exciting journey and not only helps others, but also let me gain new knowledge and experience.

Bia Borges

Set country: Brazil

Gosto da vida, adoro viver experiências novas, conhecer novas linguas e culturas! Sou super tranquila com tudo e adoro aprender novas tarefas, sinto prazer em ajudar.


Set country: Sweden

I’m Linn from Sweden. I am a adventurous, curious and happy person who loves to travel and meet people from different cultures and exchange experiences. In previous volunteer work I have been doing vegan cooking, reception and cleaning rooms.

Sarah Vey

Set country: United States

I am a recent college graduate from Philadelphia who wants to see the world

Sabrina Viana

Set country: Brazil

I'm a 15 year old girl who learns really fast and look forward to meet new cultures helping as much as I can.

Emily Haest

Set country: Belgium

My name is Emily, I am a 28 year old architect. Living a vegan lifestyle, interested in bio-ecological and sustainable building and running trail runs and marathons in my spare time.


Set country: Brazil

Hi! I'm traveling without a place to stay. So It would be great if I could stay at your place. I can help with anything, and I learn fast. :)

Lucas Ramirez

Set country: United States

My name is Lucas and I am studying in Europe in 2020. My semester does not start until mid march, and am looking to work from January - March. I am originally from California and have been many places including Belize, Mexico, Honduras, Australia, and the Yukon in Canada. This is my first time exploring Europe and I am very excited.
I've worked in restaurants, bars, desk jobs, country club, and have lots of experience with people.

Devin Anderson

Set country: United States

Single male who loves to travel help with all tasks mowing etc

mohamed elwardani

Set country: Egypt

hellp man


Set country: United States

Hi, I am Nicole from Germany. I am an actress, writer, director and producer. I spent the last two years in LA studying acting and I am looking for a change of scenery. I also worked at a Hostel for the last two years and before that 8 years as an IT project manager in Germany. I can teach Improv, Acting, German, English and basics in Spanish. I am great at organizing. I can help with Computers, Websites, Office work, Social Media, Gardinging, taking care of animals, etc. I love to be outside in nature especially the ocean but I also love the mountains. I love animals and would like to spend time taking care of them, especially horses. I like meditating, Kirtan and am interested in energy healing and Yoga. I also love traveling and getting to know new people and different cultures. I am... Read more

Carlos Rodriguez

Set country: Colombia

Hello, I am from Colombia, with knowledge in maintenance and other things, I would love to help you in your tasks and get to know a different culture

Kawanna de Oliveira

Set country: Brazil

Roteirista, redatora e filmmaker.