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Set country: Canada

University educated Guitar teacher and Musician, with strong English language ability. Experience teaching children, Professional cooking experience, driver's license, general maintenance.

Leilani J Salgado

Set country: United States

I have lived in Chicago my whole life and I am looking to get out and explore the world solo for the very first time! My first volunteer experience will be this Nov 2021 at a hostel in San Francisco, Cali working as a content writer for the hostel's blog. If you want to contact me regarding volunteer opportunities/requests please email me at thank you!

Oran Rozansky

Set country: Mexico

Hi! My name is Oran and I would love to help you! I have been travelling for 5 months and have lots of experience working in hotels, catering as a manager and in restaurants. I love meeting new people and even more helping them. But more the everything I love dogs and the beach. I’m willing to do almost everything from helping with food to social media, taking care of dogs or anything you can think off. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Mainara Lilian

Set country: Brazil

Olá, sou Mainara e estarei viajando com o Igor.


Set country: Brazil

Sou comunicativa, adoro conversar/sociabilizar, amo me jogar em novas experiências, trato todos com devido respeito e tenho paixão por viajar e conhecer novas culturas.


Set country: Egypt

I am Mohamed, a 32-year-old from Egypt. I have two years after high school. I worked in several fields, such as electricity and as a laborer sometimes and able to participate and help in anything

Jiéle Passos

Set country: Brazil

Olá, meu nome é Jiéli Passos, tenho 25 anos, sou solteira e proprietária de uma pequena loja de moda íntima. Gosto de desafio, estou sempre disposta a adquirir novas habilidades, tenho facilidade em me comunicar e aprendo rápido. Sou uma pessoa organizada e ágil, gosto de praticidade e tenho facilidade para trabalha em equipe Estou bastante animada para a minha primeira viagem internacional. Sempre foi um sonho conhecer novas culturas, e agora está se tornando realidade. Espero poder trocar boas experiências, contribuir e aprender. Pretendo conhecer novas pessoas, novos lugares e novos idiomas também. É uma aventura pra mim, vou aproveitar muito e colaborar com o máximo que eu puder.


Set country: United States

Hello future hosts! In my other life, I was a working small business owner of medical-legal transcription for more than 35 years, but gave it all up and began traveling the world and volunteering in May 2017, now having been in 26 countries in this time (36 total). This life has suited me well. I have many reviews on two other volunteer sites. Just ask!

I am healthy, self motivated, up for most anything, confident and adventurous. Raised my family as a single mom. My strengths are organization, managing a household with all the daily upkeep for a busy family or single person who needs a hand, care of animals and children. In addition, I have experience with painting/minor repairs in a home, having done upgrading/remodeling in four houses. I like to cook and will be happy to assi... Read more

Tarun Singh

Set country: India

I like traveling with earning. Found this portal. Hope i can some help.


Set country: United States

Excited to get back to traveling and serving humanity. As I emerge from hiatus I am ready to (cautiously) reenter post-pandemic society by contributing to preferably longer term stays.

Auwal Ibrahim

Set country: Nigeria

My name is Auwal Ibrahim from Nigeria I'm 39 years old I'm looking for new people to volunteer my stay

Toti Moragas

Set country: Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

Hello, my name is Toti Moragas, I'm a young engineering student from Barcelona, Spain with lots of passion for traveling, meeting new people and merging with different cultures.


Set country: United States

I am a certified yogi from India who is well versed in animals, children and plants .. [and usually prefer them over adult people haha] I love everything gardening and have been working with horses for 20+ years.. I have also nannied/ been a sleep away horseback riding camp counselor for children of all ages.. excited to cross paths with like minded people on similar journeys :)

Sarah Sunarko

Set country: Canada

Australian and recent Psychology graduate from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I love to travel and make new memories with new people in new places!


Set country: Mexico

Hello! I’m Nico, 30 years old from the U.K. but have been living in Berlin for a year now. I’m currently traveling through Mexico and Central America and am looking for fun places to help out and meet some wonderful new friends.
I’ve been a flight attendant for the past 10 years, which I absolutely love! Usually I work hard in the summer and then take the winter off and go backpacking. Travelling and experiencing new cultures and languages is my passion.

Madeline Pearson

Set country: United States

18 year old female. Willing to do hard work, want to travel and experience new cultures.

Odette Yang

Set country: United States

I am a recent college grad looking for travel/work for a couple months before I start my full time job! I am very active and love working out

Dominik Hlavinka

Set country: Spain

In mid of 2020 I began to travel in camping car through Europe. Moving by bits on country side roads and often camp in natural parks or by little villages. Besides that I visit friends, family members and occassionaly do paid and voluntary jobs. This lifestyle allows me to take my time to be and therefore discover what I enjoy most.


Set country: Brazil

Hello, we are Pryscilla and Kilder! We are brazilians and we love to travel :) I'm a biologist and he's a computer technician, we're both licensed drone pilots too! We love taking pictures and videos of nature here in Brazil (some images are posted on instagram

Marina Angelo

Set country: Brazil

I'm Marina, 25 years old, I have a degree in biomedicine, post graduation in aesthetics, vegetarian. I love traveling and making new friends I love helping others and learning new things.

marcilio lima

Set country: Brazil

My name is Marcílio, I'm 29 years old, I'm Brazilian, and I have a degree in Physical Education. I love traveling and working. I've done volunteer work here in Brazil, where I developed various activities such as tidying up, cleaning, organizing, helping to cook, fix things and hosting people at events. I have also performed other types of activities both in voluntary and paid work such as business administration, organization of events for more than 200 people, leisure activities leader and financial management. I am a calm person, who respects the differences and individualities of people who like to work in a team and have new experiences, I also know how to adapt well to different situations. my hobbies are outdoor sports, dancing and going out with friends. I have as inspira... Read more


Set country: United States

My name is Ashley! I’m from WA state and I’m seeking a healing trip in hopes of sparking new potential in moving forward. A little bit about me: I’m from a small town where I was raised by my mom and dad who became parents at the age of 16. I am family oriented and remain close to my family always. I became a flight attendant and discovered how incredible the world outside my hometown was. My life was forever changed. All of a sudden there was various countries to see, people to meet, and lots of food to try! The interactions with those around me felt genuine and Intriguing in our exchanges and sharing stories. Becoming immersed in new cultures opened my eyes. I am a life long learner and continuously desire more from myself. I’ve lived in Anchorage, Alaska, Big Sky, MT and Kai... Read more


Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm Joanne from Florence. I'm a very motivated woman looking for job opportunities abroad. I would love to make real connections during my experience of course. I have always studied languages and I love traveling as well. I'm proficient in English, native Italian and pretty good at Spanish. I would like to improve them. At the moment I'm unemployed,due to COVID. I'm a self learner, I love learning new things ,that's why I'm very flexible and adaptable with tasks. I'm studying marketing and content creation by myself through online free courses .I'm a very curious person. I try to learn as much as possible. I would love to find an opportunity in those fields but I'm very open to any opportunity. Since I love traveling and I studied languages I would love to work as travel agent or r... Read more

Charlotte Stephens

Set country: Spain

Couple looking for a workstay in beautiful nature.

Henry Miles

Set country: United Kingdom

Teacher and facilitator. Yoga teacher, surf coach, professional medic, cook. I am happy to share my knowledge, time and energy. I love to meet new people and explore new places.