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Set country: United Kingdom

I am a hard working individual with a passion for animal welfare and eco sustainability. I come from a sales background but i am looking to get away for the office for a while and make a worthwhile contribution somewhere around the world. I am also proficient in English, Maths and the sciences with experience working with younger children.

Marley Duerst

Set country: United States

I am looking for a stay within the month of September for around 1-2 weeks. I am moving to Spain to teach English in October and love languages, cultures, and traveling. I just graduated from the University of Michigan.

Elandra Murphy

Set country: United States

I am always willing to help and am very friendly!

Michle Tuttle

Set country: Ukraine

I am an artist, a poet, 191cm tall, and love to eat homemade natural food. I enjoy working in the outdoors, shopping, and running errands for people. I have lived in Europe for 5 years.


Set country: Spain

Dana: I am finishing my degree in Economics, I took esthetician courses, I have technological skills (computer, tablets, smartphones, etc.), as well as intelligent use of social networks. The characteristics of my personality are mainly characterized by: perfectionist, very energetic, very sincerity, very clear and concise, high resolution, very respectful and self-sufficient, I enjoy cooking and housework (order, cleaning, etc.) .

Marcos Agustín Pellacani

Set country: New Zealand

Hello! Im Marcos, 28 years old from Argentina.
I have been living in New Zealand since March 2016. I want to help in Africa in 20XX.


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi, my name is Sofia! My heart hints me I was born to explore the world and meet new amazing people)
I'm glad to be very helpful to you instead of your hospitality!)
My Instagram: smiling_sun__

Carlota Morán

Set country: Italy

Hi!! I'm Carlota. I'm a 22 year old student from Madrid. Right now I am about to finish my Erasmus in Siena, Italy, and I would love to spend some time helping in a farm somewhere before going back to the big city. About me: I'm quite talkative, love animals (specially cats and horses) and I eat any kind of food, love to try new things and I don't have any allergie or restriction, but I was a vegetarian for a year and a half so I have not problem addapting to the diet of my hosts. I love traveling of course and finding out about different cultures. I speak Spanish, English and Italian, French I am still learning :D. I think there's not much more to say for now. I may seem like a city girl but I am keen to work in the nature. If you would like to give me a spot on your farm this summ... Read more

Maria Sanchez

Set country: United Kingdom

I am Maria and would define myself as enthusiastic, outgoing and good at connecting people. I grew up and studied Architecture in Spain and moved to the UK seven years ago. I have been mainly working as an architect since then, while I was involved in other projects. Willing to redirect my career, I started an MSc Green Building at CAT last September. I am totally in love with their philosophy. It is providing me with a good set of skills related to construction and a broader and systemic way of approaching sustainability. At the moment, I am trying to find some volunteering work to have a better understanding of nature and enhance my connection with it. I am especially interested in construction materials and growing food. Both food and shelter are essential needs that create a deep c... Read more


Set country: United States

Half Chilean, Half Colombian, last name is Africano, born and raised in USA .... Growing up I was always asked "what are you?" I think this question impacted me much more than I realized .... I went to Chile for three weeks in 2002 .... Three weeks turned into 20 years and six continents (including Antarctica; haven't been to Oceania) as I did not return and quickly learned that there is no 'returning' ... I traded a predictable life in the Matrix for an Explorer's Nomadic life and became sucked into the curiosity of learning how Humans Be all over the planet. I have spent a lot of time among a variety of cultures (I include animals and plants), sparred on by my curiosity of Resilience, the things we all share, the basic needs we all have in common, the values particular to certain peop... Read more

Gabriele Campadello

Set country: Italy

I'm a 26 Italian student. I'm graduated in Agricultural science and I'd like to improve my English skills. I'm outgoing and a good worker but I also know how to have fun.

Mahmoud A. Youssef

Set country: Egypt

genetic engineer - writer with some photographing skills, flowery soul surrounded by black t-shirt, owns a skateboard, black laptop and swiss army watch.


Set country: United States

Hi! My name is Brittany and I a new adventurer looking to embark on my new journey. I am an entrepreneur with skills is product photography, graphic design, content creation, yoga instruction, cooking and gardening. I am looking forward to interacting with new friendly faces and contributing to a self sustaining community as well as enjoy vegas along the way. I have dreams of starting my own community so this would be a great opportunity to see the inner workings! Anyway, I'm very excited and ready to meet you all!


Set country: United Kingdom


This is May Chan was at Longley Organic Farm, Tasmania on farming and office management since Jan 2, 2020 for 3 months as a voluntary worker.

I am interested in the Welsh One Planet Programme and would like to be a volunteer worker in your place in return for free accommodation and food.

Glad to heard from you soon. Call me at +44 7311262022 or email me at


Moku Toku

Set country: India

HEY! DEAR HOST FAMILY This is Mukul from india and its an honour to be a help to you. i am a 20 year old young boy looking for an opportunity. I just did my graduation in BA(hons) GERMAN from AMITY UNIVERSITY with a grade point of 8 (CGPA). Apart from studies i have also played professional football and i am also the sports captain of my university. i have always believed that there is nothing that you can not achieve, if you work hard enough you'll get there eventually. **why you should choose me as your Aupair?** i love being around kids. i can comfort them pretty well. being an Aupair you have lots of responsibilities and i have been very responsible my whole life. i can take care of everything from their homework to even if it comes to cook food i can do that too. also being an at... Read more

Tobia Alessi

Set country: Italy

Hi everyone!
I'm Tobia, I'm 25 and I'm from Venice (Italy). I graduated some months ago in mechanical engineering and now I'm taking some month to travel in europe. I love to travel and help people, after the high school I pass a month in Ecuador to help people building a house for the community. I speak Italian, English and spanish and I'm very good with hand-works and DIY-works. I also have a big vegetable garden in my house, so I'm very good in gardening too. I love sports! I just made a bikepacking travel around Italy, I'm a basketball player and I love kayaking.

If you need help contact me, bye!


Set country: South Africa

I'm a global citizen

Miss Rhonda

Set country: United States

I live in the Idaho panhandle. I usually work in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, but have also worked in California, Illinois and Indiana.


Set country: India

Hello! My name is Taabish. I'm 18 years old and I'm planning on moving back to the US on my own. I was born and raised in America and I'm in India since the past few years. I easily get along with mostly anyone and hope on making new friends at my new location! You will not regret having me
Don't Drink
Don't Smoke

American Citizen, so no Visa issues.


Set country: Qatar

My name is Mustapha, i'm Tunisian and i live and work in Maldives. Travelling is my passion always, and i've been to many countries around the World in the previous 5 years. I'd like to try new experience through hippohelp, meet new people, make new friends and enjoy helping them. I'm very friendly, honest, open and always available to help. I love nature, animals, electronic music and doing gym and outdoor sports.


Set country: United States

Investigating HippoHelp to see what it is about!

Federico Villa

Set country: Italy

A student that wants to do life changing experiences


Set country: Italy

32 year old Italian Graphic Design who love Nature and Animals. Very important for me is the respect of all people and nature.

Sari Roemer

Set country: Switzerland

After years of moving from country to country working as a nanny, dreaming of the wide world, I have finally decided to give up on the idea of making money until I'm old and have no energy left. As soon as possible I would like to leave everything behind and start a new life. An active life, where I can give back to the environment that we have for so long been exploiting. I am determined to learn new skills along the way, and to find my heading in life.

Virginie Bréon

Set country: France

My name is Virginie and I am dynamic, curious, invested in everything I do.

I am a French woman who wants to improve her English but also and above all to help. Turning to others is the very essence of life.

I'm smiling and easy going. I would be very happy if you have animals because I love them... but if you don't have one that's not a problem at all. I wrote this for people with pets to tell them that living with their four-legged friends wouldn't bother me. :-)

Now, I just wait to embark on a new adventure.


Set country: United States

I'm an American business owner who's transitioning into new chapters in life. I've recently volunteered at some wellness retreats, and have thoroughly enjoyed everything from cooking, cleaning and caring for guests, to using my native technical computer and audio/video skills to solve problems.


Set country: United States

Howdy ya'll! Name is Enola! I am the salt of the earth kind of gal, I also describe myself as a Jill of all trades, I was raised on land, clearing land, working on a nursery during the summers, barrel racing, to 12+ years of admin experience in the medical field, I am also wildlife first aid certified. I am currently traveling the US, heading to a goat farm in New Mexico, to a couple of wineries in Texas to a Icelandic Horse Farm in Washington-- gaining experience and meeting like minded people. I enjoy and look for honest work, I am determined, loyal, honest and prompt. If you are willing to teach, I am willing to learn, I am tech savvy and have my wits about me.

Mira Malak

Set country: Egypt

An anthropologist who live to travel and experience a whole new lifestyles and cultures.

Pamela Roderick

Set country: United States

I am retired and free to travel. I worked for local government for 35 yrs in the Behavioral Health field. I managed teams of 35-65 employees, providing training, coaching, mentoring and supervision. I also raised 7 children, 5 bio , a niece and a grandson. I am interested in traveling, art, reading, internet and enjoy watercolor as a hobby. I enjoy people and learning about other cultures.

Veronica Lamanna

Set country: Not set

Michele Sessini

Set country: Italy

Hard worker and growth seeker. Always curios about the world and ready for help for whatever is necessary.

John Hendrikx

Set country: Germany

Female student, outgoing, friendly