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Francivaldo Fernades

Set country: Brazil

Tenho 40 anos trabalho na área de alimentação e atendimento só público facilidade de aprender, conhecer novas culturas

Julian Suarez Guayasamin

Set country: Italy

Hi! I am an international student currently living in Italy. I have just finished my bachelor's in Architecture and will start the master's programme this fall. I am interested in arts, history, languages, physics, and natural sciences. Basically, I enjoy learning about everything!


Set country: United Kingdom

46 year old female who enjoys physical work both indoors and outside. Learning new skills and meeting new people is a benefit to my travelling and seeing the world. 20 years employed in the education sector.


Set country: China

Hello, My name is Alisha.Nice to meet you . I am a sports-loving, lively and cheerful person . My major in college is related to art, I also took a double major in architecture, so I am very good at painting. I have worked as an illustrator in a medical device company for almost 2 years.If you need paint anything,i can do it. before that,I worked as a construction assistant for three years, so I can basically do some construction work well, i also animal favor, once helped my friends take care of cats and dogs. I'm certified as a babysitter, and if you're looking for someone to take care of your baby, I can do it great. I can also cook a lot of traditional Chinese food. we are two strong girls(friend).


Set country: India



Set country: Spain

I'm interested in learning about other cultures and other languages. Outgoing and friendly. I like mutual collaboration with other people, active and team player.

. Serious and responsible person you can trust I am open to questions, so, go ahead!

Vansh Sharma

Set country: India

Hey, my name is vansh sharma I’m from india I want to become a traveler


Set country: Brazil

hello my name is herika, i'm brazilian, my cousin Maria Josemere and I really want to travel the world, meet new cultures and extraordinary people and still have the great opportunity to practice other languages, so I'm very interested in helping you with your routine tasks in exchange for housing, food and a small allowance. I'm not afraid of work and I'm willing to help with whatever it takes. thanks for the opportunity.


Set country: Brazil

Hi, welcome to my profile, here is Deydson, a happy Brazilian living in Bacabal, BRA. I am 32 years old and I am a Biology teacher. The things I like to do the most are travelling, meeting people, music, playing football and going to the gym. As a volunteer I can help with cooking, organizing events, welcoming guests, cleaning and anything else you need, I work hard and have a great learning curve. I'm looking forward for this. If you have any questions about myself, please let me know. Kind regards.

Giada Sirianni

Set country: Italy

Hi there! I'm Giada, 24 years old from Italy. Deeply fashionated by sustainability I'm actually an energy engineering student.


Set country: India

As I am a person who inspires people, I love to travel and meet strangers. As being Indian I have Indian religious knowledge. I love to help and build new skills. Thank you,

Ayman Abo EL Fetouh

Set country: Egypt

Iam a person who loves to travel, travel, learn about new cultures, and help others

Jéssica Stateri

Set country: Brazil

Hello, new to the platform, what motivated me to participate is the desire to learn languages, know places and other cultures, I am married and mother of two children, one is 8 years old and the other is 5 years old, I am an art teacher, curious about design digital, I love all kinds of animals, I have two cats and two fish. I love nature. I can contribute by taking care of animals, painting services, gardening, cleaning, housework, I am anxious, excited, I learn fast, I want to exchange experiences and knowledge. Interested in going: End of September/2022 and November/2022 My english is basic.


Set country: Germany

Hello there,
my Name is Michael, i am 23 years old and i was born and raised in Germany by a loving Portugese family. I just finished my bachelors degree in biomedical engineering at the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen. Before i continue my academical carrer on October 2022, i would like to do a work and travel tour around Europes south coast, starting from Tübingen, Germany.
My plan is to finish my journey in Porto, Portugal on the beginning of September 2022, as my cousin will have a wedding then.
My hobbies are meeting friends, playing video games and the guitar, cooking, crafting and sports.

Aman Singh

Set country: India

Hey I have some experience like Gardening, photography, socia...etc

Ester Nascimento

Set country: Brazil

Hi! My name is Ester, I'm from the city of Parintins-AM Brazil, I'm looking for new experiences abroad to work as a volunteer, I like challenges I'm dedicated in what I do and responsible, my work experiences have always been with sales, I have knowledge in customer service to the public. I am committed and always give my best in a professional way.

Anna Nass

Set country: Germany

Welcome to my profile =) My name is Anna and I´m 31 years old. In the last 10 years I was travelling for a while and I had a normal 7-to-5 job. At the moment I´m back in germany since 2019, so it´s really time to go away again ;) I´m a socialworker and I love what I do, but the system of society where we live makes it hard to do the job in the right way. It´s easy for me to go openhearted to other people, always with a smile in my face and nice words on my lips. In my freetime I love to oragnize festivals or campings to connect different people with each other. I love to create a place, where everybody can bei himself and feel free to really be it. I like to try new things and I think hippohelp can help to realize this. Maybe you are the right host to give me a new experience?


Set country: United Kingdom

Curious woman who love the company of travelling folk. Now ready to explore some more!

Zoe Kotros

Set country: Australia

Hi, my name is Zoe. I won’t write my life history here but I would like to tell you a bit about myself in the hope that you offer to host me.
I am a school teacher and have been teaching for over 10 years. I love it! I love working with young people and helping them to find their way in the world. I believe education is really important and can transform peoples lives.
I love travelling! I love learning about and experiencing new cultures. I believe the best way to do this is to be involved in and live the lifestyle of the local community. For the past two years I have been living and teaching in a very remote and poor Aboriginal community in the Australian outback. I was lucky enough to be taught about and experience local cultural customs. I loved teaching kids English but als... Read more

Kelly Maia Rodrigues

Set country: Brazil

I love nature and travelling. The two things together drive me.

Ben Lee

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi, My name is Ben, I'm 33, and I'm here to make a major change in the direction of my life. I was brought up in the countryside for the most part, most of my formative years were spent in rural France renovating barns and derelict buildings with my parents where I learned to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades in a limited capacity since I was still fairly young, but I learned a little about a lot so I developed a good foundation to build and learn from. After that I moved to Spain and lived there for a few years then ended up back in England. Since then I've been living in a city, working hard and saving what I can to be able to get back to rural/off-grid living. However, losing my shop/business (I had my own shop for years doing all manners of gadget repair and sales, from mobile phones... Read more


Set country: Poland

Не надокучатиму)

Sachin Singh

Set country: India

Hi I am Sachin Singh and I am a artist based on Baroda Gujarat and I want to travel to the world

Manuel Ferreyra

Set country: Argentina

Hi there! We are Manuel and Carolina from Argentina And Uruguay. Our journey began separately when we started travelling around the world back in 2017 and then our paths have crossed in New Zealand where we met. Since then we have been travelling and sharing our lives together. One year and a half in New Zealand, almost three in Australia and more than a year in Southeast Asia, dozens of experiences of all kind and hundreds of people met, made us realise that this is going to be our way of life for at least many more years. Even though we never used Hippohelp before, we did use other platforms like Workaway, Couchsurfing, etc. and we have many references to share :) We would be glad to share a bit of ourselves with you!


Set country: Gibraltar

This chance, this opportunity, this Experience is going to impact my future decisions and
footsteps going forth, there is no absolute thought / doubt about it.
And I will truly exclaim and plead you this,
I am so very, truly willing to put in 110% Heart, Soul and be Un afraid to experience real
feelings and emotions, and absolutely refrain on pushing things to the side and
compartmentalizing and staying in the classic cliché bubble of comfort because than I
would be disrespecting the honour, I have been gifted on representing what you have worked so hard to achieve on getting too, the place where both you are and where you want be, and
learning and understanding more amongst that, and absolutely Recognizing that.

One has to make them self as what they would... Read more


Set country: Italy

Hello readers! My name is Amor originally from Philipphines and i'm staying in Milan.I love to travel, eat and explore new things, and experience ideas. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have some question's. Ciao

Lorenzo Guarcello

Set country: Hungary

Hello! I am Lorenzo, an Italian 22 yo guy, ready to have experiences and travel around the world! I have been a manager in a big company for 2 years and specialized in marketing and sales, so all the commercial part of a business. I consider myself a digital nomad because I love to invest 1 h a day in my own coaching business. I love physical work also, I always had a great connection with my body and I like to keep it active during the day. I don't have the membership so please contact me on Instagram (@lorenzo_guarcello) or on email at

Mari Posa

Set country: Australia


Olivier de Smid

Set country: Mexico

I'm a kind and respectful traveler looking to experience cultures and meet people. I hope I can teach people the way they enhance me. I enjoy making people feel at home and look forward to helping hosts!


Set country: Italy

In December 2012 I moved to Lisbon. With creativity, marketing, experience and technical skills, I realized my aspirations, dealing myself with corporate communication. In the Lusitana capital I carried out support activities for prestigious international customers. Passing from the banking sector, to the fashion, to e-commerce companies, with passion and dedication I performed service to world-renowned companies, reaching the dream of a lifetime: writing by profession. I had the possibility to create templates with which I not only supported the client, but I exalted the qualities of the company as a copywriter would do. In Greece I returned to give service via telephone and I can say that I really like the communication channel. With my professional tones, my articulate language, my ... Read more


Set country: Germany

Hi! My name is Georgia and I currently live in Germany. My family is originally from Scotland, but we moved to Germany, when I was very young. Growing up bilingual helped me develop a love for languages and different cultures. Aside from that, I love reading and writing - basically anything creative. I also love going to the cinema, doing sport, learning new things & spending time with friends. My friends and family would describe me as a very happy person and someone, who works well under pressure. I moved a lot as a child, so I‘m able to adapt quite well to different situations. I also like to think of myself as a friendly person and I love meeting new people. I‘ve just finished school, so I can’t wait to explore the world a little bit, gain some experience and make a lot of gr... Read more

Rahul Bogi

Set country: India

Hi, I am Rahul Bogi coming from India, I am a Startup Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer, I Worked with Google in Google Ads managing 160 to 370 accounts per quarter and have a startup workshop experience with Google. I help businesses grow, find the best possible ways to achieve their goals, help them scale and create customer base for the businesses.


Set country: Morocco

Hi, I'm Sara, 18, a student pursuing a marketing degree for a self-paced online college, and I'm looking to help and volunteer! I went to an American school and I was a board member for ASF Interact where we raised funds by hosting events and using those funds to support the underprivileged and our environment in Morocco.

Jazzmine Phillips

Set country: United Kingdom

Quick learner, friendly, tolerant and hard working.