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Naomi Samantha

Set country: Kenya

I am a kenyan photographer with a great love for travel, art and adventure. I am looking to visit several countries, offer whatever service i am able to while i get to experience different cultures and sight see the world.

Gaia Sottimano

Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm Gaia! I come from a small town in the north of Italy. I love travelling, I always welcome every opportunity to visit and discover new places and cultures. Last summer I volunteered for a month in a charity shop in Edinburgh (UK) and i ended up living there! I'm currently studying phyisics at University. I'm a very courios, energetic and open minded person. I like travelling solo but often go on holiday with my friends or my family. I've been all over Europe in the past years and I'm ready for new experiences!

Amina Almukhanova

Set country: Kazakhstan

Hi, my name is Amina and I travel with my family: my husband Daulet and my little daughter Aruzhan (1,5 years old). We are from Kazakhstan. I’m a photographer and my husband is Videographer. We are very open-minded, friendly and creative.

Samantha Chisvo

Set country: Zimbabwe

Hello there. I am a young 20 year old Zimbabwean. I am an art creative on my gap year. I have had a crazy love for traveling and haven't had the chance to do so yet. Hoping to visit as many places as i can while socializing and building friendships with strangers from all over the world. I am currently working for a Cafe a few days a week aswell as running my own online Thrifting business. I am hoping to find more artists from all over the world so i can shadow them and also absorb their culture. Really looking forward to my first trip. I would love to get to know any hosts !

अभिषेक आर्य

Set country: India

I am travelling lover. Love to travel across the world.

Magdalena Reithmeier

Set country: Germany

Hi, my name is Magdalena and I am 23 years old, from Germany (Bavaria). I love to travel, meet new people and learn more about other cultures. I'm an open-minded and extrovert person (and I also consider myself funny!). I'm studying French and English to become a teacher (you might have already noticed that I love languages and other cultures!) and this is the reason why I think that working in a foreign country could be a great opportunity! I have already worked as an assistant teacher for German in Corisca for half a year. I also love to play soccer, sing and dance.

Manar Feodali

Set country: Morocco


Mackenzie Christman

Set country: United States

Hi! My name is Mackenzie Christman. I'm 21 years old and currently living in Wisconsin in the United States and finishing my last year of college. I will be graduating in May of 2020 with a degree in Political Science and Journalism, with a minor in German. I love running, writing, traveling and cooking breakfast food. I've traveled to Europe a couple of times and, more recently, paid a visit to Japan. I'm looking to have some more exciting adventures after graduation and am eager to keep seeing the world/meet new people! I would consider myself to be an adventurous, open-minded, kind person who is easy to get along with.


Set country: Thailand

Experienced Customer Service Representative with a demonstrated history of working in the wholesale industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Computer Repair, Social Media Management, Sales, Organizational Leadership, and Management. Strong collaborative and tenacious professional. Researched for a year, evaluated my savings, sold all my belongings back home and moved to Chiang Mai. Originally thought to teach English online, earned my TEFL, after a week, decided I would try something else. Using the rest of my time to discover a niche and launch my own online business. Initially I thought about drop shipping. However I am moving more towards utilizing my technical skills instead. Careers such as web development ReactJS, Python data scientist, copy writing (website improvement, not articles ... Read more


Set country: Nigeria

My name is Tunji, I’m currently a Tax administrator, Political Scientist, Computer Engineer and IT/Software Developer. I'm humbly taking a gap year looking to travel and have cool experiences all over the world. I have many interests, always eager to help and discover new things.

Toader Peter Valentin

Set country: Thailand

We are a married couple I'm form Romania and my other half is from England We have plenty of experience in many many fields Contact us for more info


Set country: Portugal

Hi Im Maria and I love adventures and new experiences.Helping people and learning is what im looking for. I speak Portuguese and would love to improve my english skills while I meet new friends.


Set country: Not set

Passionate techno Entrepreneur and alarm guy!

Arpit Dhir

Set country: India

Planning to work and travel the world

Tamzyn Payle Baatjes

Set country: Malawi

I am currently living in Lilongwe Malawi but I am from South Africa. I am looking for a volunteer work. I have experience in performing arts primarily dance and singing. I also have admin experience. I love to work with young people.


Set country: India

I'm solo traveller from india.

Ella Perkins

Set country: Indonesia

Hoping to volunteer in the new year. Am willing to learn a whole host of new skills


Set country: India

Iam a gypsy traveler. I like travel. Like nature and culture. Contact me any help

Lalita Kakarala

Set country: India

I’m a college student, interested in art, sports and meeting new people.

Sébastien Clermont

Set country: India

I am a photographer and filmmaker currently backpacking in South Asia! Looking to offer my skills in exchange for a place to stay. Also a certified yoga teacher.

Sydney Barovsky

Set country: United States

I am an avid traveler, between jobs and housing right now and would love the opportunity to travel a little while I am completing online coursework.

Alyssa Herren

Set country: United States

Oi m8s, I am a fun, loving person seeking a better living situation as I've been travelling in my car for almost a year now around the US. I am in CA right now and am hoping to find something local. I got dreams of hosting events and running multiple successful businesses online. I am learning about social media marketing and want to continue to expand in that area. I love Earth and being outside (woods, mountains, beach, lakes, rivers, deserts, anything), and I'm hoping to really help out weather it's a specific thing you need, or general tasks. I could be with my friend Neeraja, who is a very kind, light, and fun being. He is creative as well and open to similar work as me. I'll let you know in chats if that is the case.

Josna Sebastian

Set country: Germany

Hey there, I am 24ys old, basically from India, but currently doing my masters in Germany. I wish to volunteer work along with travelling and learning a culture ofsome other country but for me, I couldn't find something, either because I didn't speak the required local language or the Visa requirements or the time. I could actually do volunteer work in Europe. Hence, I really hope I could find something here.

Narken Wecksell

Set country: Algeria

I am autonomous, while being able to work as a team. - My personality makes that I can contain my emotions, stand back and remain calm in difficult situations - Logic and analysis, & sharing my acquired knowledge.


Set country: Egypt

I am living in Egypt . I love travel , I visited a few cities from my country such as Alex, luxour , Aswan, sharm el sheikh ,hurghada , and I Enjoyed with volunteering - I Lead and Participate at Know Initiative ( raising self -awareness and social for the age group 12 to 17 Years old- Funded by The Swedish International development cooperation Agency – SIDA 2013). - Volunteer at Special Olympics Egypt 2014 - Bowling Referee at Egyptian Bowling Federation from 2014 - I won the leadership Award from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency –SIDA2013.


Set country: Brazil

Olá, sou o Fernando, brasileiro casado com minha esposa, a Camila. tenho 35 anos e Camila 34. não temos filhos até o momento rsrs... sou universitário e Camila professora da educação infantil. temos muita vontade de viajar o mundo e conhecer novas culturas e pessoas. ah também gostamos muito de ajudar pessoas. esperamos poder viver ainda uma grande aventura em nossas vidas.

Ana P

Set country: United Kingdom

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot reply to any messages or invites because I am not a paying member of Hippohelp. Hi. I am good at all kinds of things and derive most satisfaction not from the work itself but from feeling like I'm truly being helpful.

I have great references available and use work exchange programmes like hippohelp to keep busy volunteering between helping people in crisis.

I have been involved in a diverse range of volunteer work over the years, with roles ranging from reading support for children fairly new to school to companionship for the elderly; from dishes to waitressing; from conference preparations to help-desk attendant; basically anywhere I feel I am being helpful gets me inspired.

Eliezer Aguiar

Set country: Brazil

Olá meu nome e Eliezer tenho 27 anos atualmente estou viajando pelo Brasil tenho experiência com marcenaria elétrica residencial e também na aria de construção tenho cursos de enfermagem E de mergulho gostaria de viaja por um ano pelo os países da América do sul em uma viagem cem data de volta

Chelle Riley

Set country: Nepal

CURRENT MISSION To enjoy life no matter what! ABOUT ME I have been travelling and working abroad for over 8 years now, I am very sociable and love to meet new people, experience different cultures and most of all share and swap life enriching stories from all over the world! I am an extrovert but I am good at reading situations and if you need a bit of space I won't be offended, I'm happy to entertain myself! Overall I am a very positive person who feels incredibly lucky to be travelling this epic planet!! I’m a vegetarian so I don’t eat meat or fish, but I don’t have a problem with others eating it, I just choose not to :)

Swetha Surisetti

Set country: India

Hello! I'm Swetha . I graduated in Home Science and planning to do my masters in Interior Design. I'm good at working with art projects but flexible to do other works too . I'm friendly and like to listen non-fiction stories on culture and people . I like spending time with children and interacting with new people. I'm a committed soul and he is Samvedh . He owns a start up named Treksome which works treking eastern ghats . we like spending time close to nature and exploring its beauty. We are from Andhra Pradesh.

Lucia Intiluü

Set country: Spain

I am a traveller trying to discover amazing places and cultures around the world. I love art in general, but I have a big passion on music and jewellery also! I am discovering myself and trying to grow as a person everyday.