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Lua & Ailen

Set country: Spain

We are two very intelligent sisters, self-sufficient, energetic, quiet, very nice and friendly, with a lot of experience in diversity of things: land, plants (ornamental and medicinal), animals, home, customer service, hostelry, kids, elderly, young people, bioconstruction, crafts, painting, drawing, music (all artistic expression is really good for us, we have grown up surrounded by art and nature) and many other things. We are open to questions, so, go ahead! Ailén is Naturopath, and Lua Educator Child.

Emily Goodwin

Set country: Greece

Honest Reliable Clean Quiet

Tranquille Ben Abdulilah

Set country: Morocco

اريد السفر و تطوع و مساعدة في العمل المزارع و المقاهي و المطاعم و النوادل

Rom Va

Set country: France

➢ Stock Manager – LAITA(France- 2018-2019) Driver (Forklift Driver And Tractor sometime), Stock Movement, Inventory, Order, Call (English/French), Emails.

➢ Automatique Palette Operator - Stock Management, Inventory, Phone Call and Chat Support (French/English)- SAVEOL (France - 2017-2018)

➢ Greenhouse Worker - SAVEOL Cooperative (France - 2016-2017)- Harvesting, Leaf Removal, Lowering Plants

Dean Donofrio

Set country: United States

My name is Dean Donofrio. I am a casting producer for a new documentary series on a major network about American families who are planning to move off the grid, anywhere in the world. It's an inspirational show designed to showcase the positive aspects of survivalist living, with a Swiss Family Robinson feel. A camera crew will spend some time with 5 different families as they build their home -- to document their process and the joy they feel making their dream come true -- then leave them alone to enjoy their solitude! If this sounds like something you're interested in, email me here or at I'd love to hear more about your family and plans. If the network loves you, they may be able to assist in some way to get it done faster. Dean Donofrio Aberrantcreative.c... Read more

Sebastián Schpeir

Set country: Mexico

Somos una pareja joven con ganas de aprender, ayudar, conocer lugares y culturas nuevas.

Nomadic Healing Artist

Set country: Costa Rica

Available to work hostel receptions or to be a full-time live-in house sitter/pet sitter in PANAMA from Saturday 7th September 2019.

My name is Evelyn and I am a 41 year old vegan artist and nomad.

I left The UK to pursue a holistic lifestyle and to get some SUN! Costa Rica has provided SUN and then some!

After a year in José my soul was screaming for nature and so I headed to Puerto Viejo and have been here since Jan 2019.

Puerto Viejo has provided me with a nice mix of high temperatures, sunny days as well as amazing beaches and jungles for walking.<

As a vegan I love cooking delicious plant based meals and sharing them with people. Many guests and volunteers at the various hostels I have volunteered at have enjoyed my tasty vegan soups and stews!<... Read more


Set country: Italy

Hi I’m Stefano, I’m from Lucca and I’m a quiet guy but when it comes to be a party I’m the soul of the group. I really love to engage myself to let other people be cozy and to have fun.


Set country: Spain

I have a strong will and I am very hard-working. I am also friendly and I love animals and learning new things.

Eevee Marston

Set country: Mexico

Hi, I'm Ivan I'm from Mexico and I love art and design , I like to travel to encounter new inspiration and beautiful conceptions , during my trips I like to make friends and learn everything I can, I can't get enough knowledge! If you are reading this I'm looking forward to meet and share our passions and life stories :)

Alexandra Sangion

Set country: Brazil

Aloha! I am 46; traveling with my lovely 6 yr old daughter Looking for work exchange for about one to two months in Italy to get our citizenship We enjoy nature; all animals, being outdoors, exercising, crafts and art. I speak fluent english and portuguese; learning italiano! I work with organizing and decorating weddings; and can help with wahtever is needed like cleaning; cooking; teaching english; housesitting; dog and catsitting; gardening; working on farms; paintings; painting furniture; hosting guests; etc


Set country: Italy

I'm a 30 smiling and polite italian man, with the desire to travel all around the world and learn as much as I can. I like to build deep relationships and share as much it's possible.


Set country: Spain

Hi! My name is Alvaro! I'm a 25 year old Spaniard who is looking forward to discover new cultures! I have Law degree, TEFL Certificate as an english teacher and speak French and Spanish fluently. I am also a certified life guard! I am also a flamenco percussionist, I play the cajon (percussion instrument) an love to share my passion for this music style. I am a good worker and a patient traveller and I have grown accustomed to discomfort! Hope to travell and meet wonderful hosts soon! Cheers!!


Set country: Spain

Hi my name is Artem, I am a traveler and a volunteer. Now I am in Spain, Barcelona. I want to get acquainted with your culture and. In my home town, I have a family house in which I like to work, construction, and a garden. I also love to cook, and I want to increase this skill. I know 4 languages, learn Spanish.


Set country: Canada

Hello! My name is Taiga, from Japan. I'm 21 years old, and university student now.
But I'm absent from my university this year and I came to Canada as a working-holiday and I'm getting a Private Pilot License in Victoria while working.
After I finish this, I want to have a great experience in winter until my VISA expires. And my hobby is playing the flute, taking photos with my camera, and skiing. Nice to meet you, and thank you for reading!

Mohammrd Mostafi

Set country: Morocco

Participer au développement de l humanité éducation cuisine travaux quotidien

Ghazi Jendoubi

Set country: Tunisia

Hi I m looking for long term escape in nature

Mathieu Beaudin

Set country: Canada

Programmer Analyst Travelling The World.

Martina Palladino

Set country: Portugal


Margaux Thirion

Set country: Not set

Hi there ! I am a 23 years old french girl. I just finished my sociology studies and am now taking a year off to discover Scotland. I am also seeking to discover new ways of living, away from the city. I have a lot of professional experience as I have worked in many shops, and coffee places, and also baby sitted lots of children. I am passionate with history and am currently into scottish history wich i just started discovering but find quite fascinating. I also love literature and music, and of course sociology and politics wich were my area of studies. I love cooking and taking long walks, especially by the sea. And i am very eager to meet new people and exchange with them. Cheers ! :)


Set country: Romania

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. We are Alexandra and Vlad, a young couple from Romania. As an open minded duo, with a strong desire to travel, we like to try new things and taste new challenges. We are focused on using our time with purpose and aim to be productive every second.

In May 2019 we decided to quit our jobs, pack up our stuff and leave Bucharest to explore the world. In September 2019 the adventure will start with Thailand, at the moment targeting 3 countries and 7 cities.

Now we are looking forward to find the next country, where we would like to experience more of the local culture. In return, we will strive to make good use of our skills, help businesses and communities, learn from you and, why not, try to make the world a bit better.

Our passions... Read more


Set country: United States

Growing up all I knew is that I wanted to help others and travel. When it came down to decide for a college major I liked too many, but I always LOVED to travel and meet new people! So I decided to take a year off before college and help others while traveling before I settle down into one place.

Samuel Reyes

Set country: Croatia

I am a mexican global traveler, want to exchange work for bed and food.


Set country: Algeria

Hey I'm Abdelmalek. An individual with a lot of enthusiasm toward all forms of beneficial experience and knowledge. I am intrigued by lots of things in life as long as they are of depth and contribute to my growth. I also have an interest in meeting new people, exchanging experiences and also learning new languages. I possess a set of skills that you can invest in, especially when it comes to teaching or transmitting information, and I always look forward to learn more.

Gundars Mednis

Set country: France

I am a 36 y.o. guy from Latvia (Lettonie, Lettland), I am interested in nature, freedom; people; travel, biodanza, spirituality. And I really want to see the country side of France.

Gunders Mednis

Set country: Latvia

I am a 36 y.o. guy from Latvia (Lettonie, Lettland), I am interested in nature, freedom; people; travel, biodanza, spirituality. And I really want to see the country side of France.

ragesh velayudhan

Set country: Oman

Frederico Braamcamp

Set country: Portugal

I'm just a young adult who want's to make life the best of it

Liubov Pankiv

Set country: Ukraine

HI! I am Liuba)


Set country: Taiwan, Province of China

Magda Cortes

Set country: Mexico

Curious girl looking to learn and explore wants to be of use and make some memories.


Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! My name is Igor
I am planning a trip to Spain. I want to leave as soon as possible, the period of my trip is August - October (inclusive).
I would like a stay of at least two weeks. If necessary, this period can be extended by agreement.

I am 43 years old, I was born in Moldova, but grew up and live in Russia.
I work as a manager in a construction company that is engaged in the installation of windows, doors and other construction works.
I want to share my knowledge in construction.

I also have an interest in working in agriculture. A few years ago, my parents had a country house and sometimes I helped them look after the garden. I have some experience in harvesting and other agricultural work.

There are no reviews in my profile because I work... Read more

Tarik Belrhandour

Set country: Morocco

Lovely and open mind still single i like help people that i will get nice smiles from then ( my happiness)


Set country: Algeria

Hello my name is oussama ben
From algeria
23 years old
Bachelor degree economic science
Speak Arabic and English, little French
Hard worker / work anything / good person


Set country: United States

I am fun loving and love to laugh and hear your story. I am from Michigan, USA. (The mitten state) I am creative and love to paint and draw. I was in Italy 30 yrs ago for college credit and look forward to coming back for a visit!


Set country: United Kingdom

A young-at-heart traveller wanting to explore areas of the UK I'm not familiar with.
Very flexible and easy going with a good work ethic, happy to work with others or to work alone.
I'm often decribed as "outgoing and very practical", I enjoy trying new things and learning new skills (apart from creating artwork and playing music - I admit defeat with those !).
Most of this year has been spent walking / cycling around Devon, or touring further afield - and visiting live music whenever I get the chance. I also discovered that I enjoy working in a busy hostel, which was a new experience.


Set country: United Arab Emirates

I am a very outgoing person who has exposure working with the patriotic Koreans of South Korea ,dubious Thai's of Thailand and the global community of UAE. I also possess excellent customer service skills as well as impressive interpersonal ability