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I have been running a home services business in Nashville and am now ready to explore the world and meet great people. I have done volunteer English teaching and hope to do more but am open to various kinds of activities that are good for communities and the environment.


I'm Andreas, 50years old, Italian.
I speak Italian, Spanish and English.
I'm a professional photographer, videomaker, webmaster and Silkscreen printing.
Also I worked a lot in theaters, concerts, clubs, big parties to build scenographies, to mount sound and lights.
I love animals and I cook very well.
I'm a open mind person, I love alternative lifestyle, to travel meet new people and know new cultures.
Please do not contact me if you are a racist, homophobic, sexist, ethnophobic person.
Thank you and have you nice days .

Candy Tan

A person who is up for a challenge to try new things and always curious to know more.

Tanner Glenn

Starting work at a tech firm in NYC in August, so looking to travel and help hosts in June and July! Recent graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.


Hello. My name is Ana and I am from Thailand. I am traveling through South America with my boyfriend and we are keen to learn the local ways of living off the ground and natural buildings. I am a freelance translator who is hardworking, open minded, and a quick learner. Let me help you with your project.

Arnau Brustenga

Hi I'm Arnau and I'm from Spain! I'm traveling around canada and I'm looking for some place where I can stay and help at the same time that I learn and grow as a human beings.

Môl Kã

I'm Tunisian girl I'm 25years old Study web development and marketing I love travelling I'm friendly and sociable


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