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Hello! My name is Griffen. I am 20 years old. I was born in California, and currently go to college at the University of Pittsburgh. I have always dreamed of traveling to Europe but have never been able to. I found out about Hippohelp and i am excited to utilize it this summer! I am a very hard worker and can not wait to explore! Thank you in advance to any hosts. Cant wait to see Italy!

Bra Him

Hello everyone, I am Ibrahim from Algeria, 25 years old, I love to learn the traditions and customs of the world, as well as the cultures of the world, and share them with people I love to travel, to establish relationships with them and try to be a good volunteer and put my impression in this world.

Simona Marconi

Go abroad to learn and speak English and live new experiences.

Wesley van G

Keen on discoveing USA! We are a New Zealabd couple keen on exploring.

Abdullah Abo Mishaal

Enthusiastic and love to learn more

Jaijea K

Solo traveller who loves art. Musician by profession .Born and brought up in Kerala ,Interested in meeting creative minds.Ready to work at any circumstances and finish the task responsibly.


Hello! Nice to meet you! My name is Lyes from Algeria.37 years old.I am in Algeria now.I am an open-minded, faithful, kind-hearted, very sympathetic, responsible, lively, energetic and romantic guy. I believe life is good when shared.i like the Cinema, theater and all that is connected with the art of performance. I like traveling, books, music and nature. Regarding sports: I jog regularly, do yoga.I can help you as a volunteer.I love helping people with their business.I would be happy to stay with you and to learn new skills.I would love to continue with my dream of exploring and enjoying this world, discovering new cultures, making new good friends from all over the world that we will keep in our hearts forever and getting to know eachother better and grow in this process. But I need ... Read more