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Toni Calder

I am a fully qualified chef and am currently studying reiki and herbal medicine. I love to work in the garden but am very flexible with tasks I can do.

Shiny Sky

Hi.. I living in Switzerland since 2000 I like to travel and experience new things.. like other culture, peoples, language etc. Living in a new country is going to be fun and exciting.

Jan MalĂ˝

I am 24 years old male who wants to work and travel. I'm currently in Czech Republic and I plan to work somewhere starting in September for two months, maybe more. Anywhere in Europe. I've worked in a school garden in New York. It was an organic garden that was often used for teaching. We grew many types of vegetables and many varieties of them. I was helping with anything that was required: weeding, planting, repairing etc. I've worked in New Zealand mostly as a fruit picker but I've done some thinning and pruning as well. I have other skills that might be handy. I've done electrical work and basic manual work at home. I want to learn new things and I think I learn quickly. I'd like to find work on an animal farm or a vegetable garden/orchard. Ideally both. I'd love to have the chance... Read more

John Pint

I am an English teacher with many years of experience teaching all over the world. I also write a weekly column for The Guadalajara Reporter and have published books for students and teachers of English as well as for people interested in the beautiful outdoor sites of western Mexico. I also have a lot of experience exploring caves, especially in Saudi Arabia.

Bee Dee

American guy (US Citizen) willing to roll up sleeves and work hard to cultivate new skills and friendships via roads less traveled. Native English speaker, college graduate, workhorse, carnivore, occasional drinker, non-smoker. LOVE: mountains, water, wildlife, REAL food (fresh produce and wild game), hiking, camping, mountain climbing, carpentry/building, shooting/archery, cooking, reading/research/learning. SEEKING: primal sustenance lifestyle i.e. nomadic/hunter-gatherer/off-the-grid living experiences...

Nathan Swartz

I'm a dad. I've got kids. They've got a gorgeous mama. On the road full-time since 2008.

Mars Patrone

I've been thinking about adopting a more healthy and "green" lifestyle for a little while. I recently quit my job (as a translator/proofreader) and will now start a trip to learn about self-sufficiency, permaculture etc. And what better way to do so than by helping people who already live like that! :) It's also a good way to discover new cultures, practice languages and travel.