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Kelly Brown

Looking to volunteer for a week in Central America while travelling

Grzegorz Borucki

Hello, I'm a Spanish language teacher~. During the school year I work with teenagers . This year and next one we're doing an Erasmus+ project "Dare to undertake". I think the today teacher's role is to guide students, cooperate with them.

I've travelled to many countries all over the world (Argentina, Brazil, Panama, India, Iran, Japan, Spain, Turkey and many places in Europe)

like literature, theatre and cinema. My favourite artists and works: Kate Bush, The Smiths, Blue Niles, Jaques Brel, Bill Evans, Legiao Urbana( whenever I listen to their songs, I feel it's about me). Vargas Llosa, Anton Chekhov, Camus, Bret Easton Ellis, Jeffrey Eugenides. Antonioni, Almodovar, Cassavetes, "Manneken Pis", "Cría Cuervos", "Billy Elliot", "Lucky man", "Piano Teacher", "Opera Pr... Read more

Károly Bukovszki

I am a 43 y.o. mechanical engineer from Hungary. Living with a wonderful wife and 3 fantastic kids. A very lucky and happy man. After 20 years of engineering work my life goes through some changes. Lost my job in December, and than lost my dear mother in January. I am taking a kind of gap-year (well deserved), to reconsider my career and life options, to recreate and vitalize myself, and to learn, make friends and enjoy life without a 9-to-5 office job. My fantastic wife supports me to get away for some 5-6 weeks, and she takes on herself all the work (and burden) of raising our kids, keeping our home in shape, and all the rest. Just to provide me some peace of mind, and adventure. This is totally priceless. My plan is to work about 4 weeks in New Zealand, and than travel 1 or 2 more, ... Read more

Prem Kumud

Namaste! My name is Prem Kumud, you can call me Kumud, I'm from Taiwan; a beautiful island between China and Japan, I'm very good at adapt different environment, I'm have positive atitude and joyful energy, I started to travel since 2018 of Jan., I went to India for 80 days, I'm enjoy to meet new friends and experience the local life style, I love nature and animals, ofcouse I'm a vegetarian!! I love our mother earth! My personal talent is painting and creation my own style artworks, If have chance, I would love to give your place a new look! ( maybe is paint on the walls, drawing with kids...etc), I can speak Mandarin and English, I also can teach some Mandarin!! also I'm very good at physical labor! This is my first time to use hippohelp when travel, I'm very exciting to meet you a... Read more


My name is Alexander Poroshin. I live in Moscow. I studied Political Science in Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Currently I am working in the field of economic research. I can help with different tasks including picking up fruits, cutting grass, pruning, cooking, cleaning and others. I am really interesting in travelling, visiting new countries, making new friends, getting experience in facing new cultures, view fascinating landscapes, learning new practices of ordinary life, enjoing national spirit. In my life I like to be engaged in different types of social activities.

Kasia Grabolus

Hi there! My name is Kasia and I am from Poland. I work as an English teacher but in June I will finish my job so I have decided to work abroad. Last year I did some voluntary job at school as an English teacher in Peru. I miss that so much that's why I can't wait to begin my next adventure. I am fluent in Polish, English, Russian and I learn Spanish. I have got a partner, his name is Tomas, he also will finish his job so we have decided to travel together! He is good at manual jobs, he works as a scaffolder in Netherlands. We are super cool and easy going, Like others, we work, plan, save and make travel happen.

Alessandro Peretti

Hi, my name is Alessandro, I am 27 years old and I am italian.I studied law at university, I am currently doing an internship at the Tribunal of Torino. I love travelling and learning languages. I have had already a wonderful experience of volunteering in a hostel in Portugal in august 2017. I was handling reception duties, check ins/outs, welcoming guests. It was a great experience which let me discover a beautiful country and learn something about tourism field. I am looking forward to doing something like that again, meeting peolple from all over the world while helping in some hostels and enjoying an awsome country.