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I have been an elementary teacher for the past 13 years. Now I want the world to teach me. I am an open minded, free thinker with a big heart who loves all human and living beings. I love culture, foods, history, science and learning. I am a very social being and absolutely love talking to people and learning about them and sharing my own stories. I am a hard worker, very neat and tidy and respectful of others. I would love to help out a host who in return is kind, empathetic, friendly, respectful and welcomes me as a friend who can teach me about their culture and introduce me to their wonderful country and people. Also, I can not cook so I will be excited and grateful if a host can offer meals, which I of course would help in clean up or whatever else is needed but I would work har... Read more

Bertel Laurlund

Hello, I'm a solo traveler looking to learn as much as I can from northamerica, I been travelling the states for more than a month and now I'm looking to settle a couple of weeks in quiet places to help others and keep travelling. I have an engineering degree and I'm taking some time off to travel.


Postponed my college experience for a year to impulsively pack my bags and hit the road, which resulted in three-month trip all around Europe.
What does the future hold?


Hello all I am fetah from Algeria 22 years I love learning the languages of the world as well as the cultures of the world and exchange it with the people's I like to travel make relationships, and try to be a good volunteer and put my impression in this world.

Frankie Westwood

I speak fluent English and Chinese. I also know a little bit of Spanish, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean.
I do photography in my spare time and love writing and blogging.
I enjoy being with the crowds and talking to people. I would love to take on reception, cleaning, breakfast preparing, pub crawls , event planning and other responsibilities.


First Build the Van Than travel Europe and the Rest of the World