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Set country: United Kingdom


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! My name is Charlie, I am 18, studying A-levels and I am living in Nottingham, England with my family. I finish my A-levels this year (2021) in June and aim to go to university to study cyber security, but want to have a year abroad in between. A gap year from September 2021 to March 2022. I am particularly interested in Japan as I like the culture and have been actively learning Japanese. My interests are science, sport, computer gaming and movies. I like to think I am a social friendly person and easy to get on with.


Set country: Nigeria

My name is Aminu Idris, I Love to travel and volunteer my skills to help give something back to the world and learn new skills as I travel


Set country: India

Im 24 and architect graduate, who's pursuing a career in cine-industry as an Art-director from India. I'm motivated to discover, explore and learn new ways of living and share experiences and cultural values. As working in creative field I have been to many places n meet many wonderful people. Im an empathetic person, very intuitive, and being creative has always allowed my intuition to reveal new possibilities and very passionate about life. I consider myself as flexible and versatile person, always curious and eager to learn and develop new skills. Im great with kids and love animals, I'm kind hearted and great listener. Can't wait to hear from u. N have a great life ahead.. (If you are not able to contact me or getting any response, pls do dm me on Instagram account name: revanthp... Read more

Devisha Textiles

Set country: India

I love to travel to mountains. I am a good speaker and can host a gathering very nicely. I am good cook to and love serving people

Zahra Mohamed

Set country: Egypt

Elzahraa hussin Mohamed . 22 years old . Student in the last year of university , Cairo university to be specific , department of history . Studied in Geothe Institut in Cairo . Level B1 in German . Member of Egyptian Archaeologists Union .

Set country: United States

Hi my name is Alexandra and I am a full time college student studying biology in Florida. I am looking to travel and gain all of the valuable real life experience that I can! Because I am a student, I am mainly available to travel 1-3 months during the summer.


Set country: Egypt

I am 19 years old My nam is giovanni I want to help the hosts who needs some help

Josie de Jesus

Set country: Brazil

I am a language lover, I enjoy meet new people and help them as much as possible. I am looking for opportunities to develop new skills and to learn new things.


Set country: Korea, Republic of

In Korea 11/2020 - 9/2021 H1 visa Kakao ID: jezsylva Hello! My name is Sylva and I am an artist and game developer who recently finished a degree in multimedia art. Now after my studies I want to explore different cultures and broaden my horizons so I can later incorporate a wiser mindset and understanding of the world into my works and become a better person. My interests are sustainable living and animal rights, including the biggest part - veganism. Seeing positive change motivates me. I also love gaming and art, of course! Other interests are watching series and anime, walking, light exercise and food.


Set country: Italy

Hi! My name is Betta, i'm a travel addicted, currently based in Italy working as a hula hoop teacher (yes, i said Hula hoop!!!).
Thanks to my working experiences abroad and my travels ( i 'm a backpacker) i can english,spanish, german and of course italian! I would love to share my circus competences with other travellers and work with amazing people!


Set country: United Kingdom

I have volunteered with Youth Hostel Association, National Trust, Waterways Recovery, on a farm in Dorset, hotel in Edinburgh and most lately on a farm in Essex. I am well organized and I love being outdoors working. It gives me a sense of wellbeing and connection

Dustin Jones

Set country: United States

44 male looking for new opportunities, wanting to learn new things. I love helping and meeting new people.


Set country: Egypt

egyptian vet student

Naoki Eguia Imhoff

Set country: France

I'm a young woman who's fascinated by this world. All I want is to discover more, help others and learn new cultures and languages. I have been traveling the world for almost 2 years when Covid19 hit Europe, and I decided to go back and spend some time with my family. Since then I have been trying to find ways to travel safely. I know we are living in a very unstable world right now and I think some acts of kindness would be very well appreciated. Thats why I want to offer my help here. I am open to do lots of different tasks, I don't complain much but what I am most interested in, is to learn new things. And maybe I can teach you some things too, who knows?
I speak French, German and English fluently and I'm trying to learn some Italian and Japanese!


Set country: Cameroon

Hi there I am in Africa and I am willing to offer my free services to you.I am highly energetic, patient and self-motivated.But in my country before visa is issued for volunteer work, I would need an invitation letter from the host with other documents from the host family for the embassy to verify the if the offer is genuine. Thanking you for your time and consideration.

Gabriel Omeni

Set country: Nigeria

I Am a traveler and would love to relocate. Smart and hard working


Set country: United Kingdom

I'm Bethany, a university student from London! I have a passion for travelling and exploring the world. My favourite city that I have visited so far is Seoul and I would love to go back there as soon as possible!


Set country: Italy

Hola! Me llamo Elena, tengo 25 años y soy italiana. El año pasado fue a España y visité Valencia, hice un projecto de intercambio y me quedé mas o menos un año. Ahora estoy viviendo en Italia con mi familia, pero me gustaría viajar y hacer otras experiencias!

Aline araujo

Set country: Brazil

Tenho interesse em ajudar , ainda não tenho nenhuma experiência para contar, mas quero mudar isso , dedicando a uma causa maior !

Lucio Mauro Carvalho Pinto

Set country: Brazil

Im from Brazil. I was 49 years old. Single, I like animals and be patience. And I like to travel of course.


Set country: Nigeria

My name is Michael Omeni, I’m a Nigerian, I’m 29years old, currrently working in a travel firm. I speak three languages which are English,Yoruba, and igbo. I’m from the family of six children and I’m the last born.


Set country: United Arab Emirates

My name is Khaled, from Syria, I live as my wife and a little girl, aged years, in the UAE. I left my country because of the war and I cannot return. I hope to find a friend or family who can help me move to live with them. I have experience in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, construction. My wife is a teacher .WhatsApp 00971508689578


Set country: Brazil

Hello, I am Giannbernni Farrinelli. I'm after work in exchange for housing, I'm an environmental engineer and I know how to do various manual services. Besides, I am a very communicative, supportive, and participative person. Therefore, I am always willing to learn something and teach as well.


Set country: Spain

Aussie guy, artist & photographer, skilled in gardening, set building, maintenance, fixing stuff, making stuff and general help, former restaurant manager and all round multi skilled event production professional, can turn my hand to anything and am looking for a fun project to get stuck into during my remaining time in Spain. Ideally in Northern Spain/|Catalonia and close to Barcelona or Tarragona. I am quiet, clean and keep to myself.


Set country: Spain

Somos una pareja, nuestros nombres son Omar y Eva, 26 y 44 años. Buscamos fincas, casas rurales, o cualquier alojamiento a cambio de nuestros servicios de limpieza, restauración, jardinería, cuidado de animales y plantas, cocina (italiana/internacional). Nos gusta el arte, la música, la buena compañía y viajar conociendo nuevos lugares, personas, culturas.


Set country: Spain

Hola, I'm Catharin from Germany and recently finished my Erasmus semester in Granada. As I don't have to be back in Germany until the first of March, I plan on visiting Spain for a bit. In addition to that I would love to do something significant with my time like helping the environment, animals or children. I would describe myself as a responsible, trustworthy and hard working person that is very friendly. I speak English, German and Spanish.

Maíra Rodrigues

Set country: Brazil

I'm a Dance Teacher and Journalist looking for new experiences. Love to talk and help people and to know people and places.


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi. my name is Elena. I'm 36 years old. I really want to participate in projects with my daughter Varya. My daughter is a member of a volunteer organization. I want to help her meet interesting people. Visit different places and do good deeds. I would be very grateful for the invitation. +79120108501 (Russian phone number) instagram: lenasidorova162

Ceyhun Özsoylu

Set country: Turkey

I'm Ceyhun.

Gra Rosa

Set country: Brazil

I am a playwriter, actress and teacher with more than 20 years of experience and work with training of children and young people in Brazil, through performance and visual arts. In Brazil, as in Africa, we have a lot of poverty, serious social imbalances and enviromental problems and since 1993 we started our journey with artistic projects with vulnerable populations, with rural and indigenous populations and with a strong relationship with the environment. So we have extensive experience in living in the wilderness and with conditions far removed from the comforts of civilization. And Brazil also has an important peculiarity in relation to developed nations, an extremely vibrant popular culture, very well known worldwide, and which brings us very close to Africa. Brazil was the country... Read more

Franciele Lopes

Set country: Brazil

Alma livre com desejo enorme de aprendizado.


Set country: United States

Hi I’m Ronald I’m looking to travel different places and meet new people while helping you with things you need done. I’m very hardworking and reliable


Set country: Korea, Republic of

Hello! My name is Vickie, and I'm currently a working holiday visa holder from the USA. I'm in South Korea for my gap year before I enter university. I'm taking this opportunity to try living independently, as well as gain some experience in various jobs. I've been able to travel to a few countries already, but this is my first time on a long-term trip alone. I'm an adaptable and hard worker, and I'm always open to learning new things. I'm excited to be part of the community :)


Set country: United States

Looking to experience the world and try new things to grow and expand myself mentally, physically, and spiritually, I am open to new experiences! I have a love for the environment so I would enjoy gardening or working outside on a farm or near the water. I also have a lot of work experience in kitchens so I love to cook and am good at cleaning. As a very organized yet go with the flow person, I get along with many people!