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Zerish Firdous

Set country: India

Hi, i am Zerish. A 24 year old. I am indian. I have done my bachelor's in forensic science.
Travelling makes me happy and i would love to visit places and make new friends.

Rita Paz

Set country: Portugal

Love arts , méditation , yoga, ciclyng, gardening, interested on learning more about eco constructions By doing. Can also help on cleaning and cooking, vegetarian .


Set country: Russian Federation

hi! :)


Set country: Italy

52years old, Italian.
I speak Italian, Spanish and English.
I'm a professional photographer, videomaker, webmaster and Silkscreen printing.
Also I worked a lot in theaters, concerts, clubs, big parties to build scenographies, to mount sound and lights.
I like animals better than people and I cook very well.
I'm a open mind person, I love alternative lifestyle, to travel meet new people and know new cultures.
Do not contact me if you are a racist, gender-phobic, sexist, ethnophobic person.

Giampaolo Coruzzi

Set country: Italy

I’m a pretty relaxed easy going person, I enjoy making new friends and hanging out.. I love working and learning new skills, I'm mechanically minded and good in fixing things. I love cooking and learning new dishes to cook. I have been volunteering for many years all around the world and I also worked with children. I’ve been brought up in a hard working family so I understand and respect work and responsibilities come first.


Set country: Norway

My name is Annika and I am 19 years old. I am currently residing in Narvik, but am looking to change locations as soon as possible.
I like to work outdoors and appreciate the norwegian nature therefore very much. Working with animals is always a pleasure as I have some on my own back in austria (my dog Diego and my two cats Gloria and Ferdinand)
One reason I decided on traveling to Norway was besides the beautiful landscapes, the sustainable way of living that is presented in the norwegian culture.I believe in fairly and organically produced goods and support this way of living as well in Austria as I am planning to do in Norway.
Also my Grandma says it's great.


Set country: Turkey

My name is Ekin Selen Yalmanli and I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I am a 4th year architecture student.


Set country: Sri Lanka

I am an accounting graduate from Sri Lanka who loves the country sides very much. I love to live a simple and humble life in a beautiful village doing farming.

Isabelle Blouet

Set country: France

I'm a sociable person. I am interested in cultural exchanges, history, teaching, art, museum, tourism. I'm good with children. I was an au pair in the usa (quite a while a go) and I'm still in touch with the American family I stayed with. I like helping people with whatever needs to be done when I stay somewhere.

Giulia Pulcini

Set country: Italy

Hi! I'm Giulia, a 22-year-old girl who is sunny, determined, and has a great desire to learn new things. I adapt easily to situations and I can not wait to live with you this magical adventure. I study languages at the University of Milan and I would like to improve my German.


Set country: Italy

Hi, my name is Raffaela, I was born in Italy, I like to travel and meet new people and situations.
I have 2 children aged 27 and 20.
I love being with children, I create and lead playful-creative workshops for children, I am a biodance facilitator, I paint, I write poetry, I am co-creator of solidarity economy networks.
I know the world of the Internet and programs like word, excel, pics art, fotor quite well.
I would like to know different realities from mine where respect, trust and sharing with affection are the pillars of relationships.


Set country: Bahrain

Welcome! I'm Isa and I'm from Bahrain.

I have good knowledge of computer and technology in general and general maintenance.
I love charitable works. I have been involved in a charitable organization for two years, which helps needy families. I would like to work in maintenance and technology workshops to learn . I am interested in agricultural life and I hope to get the opportunity to experience and learn. I strongly desire to get to know the customs and traditions of peoples and get to know their cultures closely, and so on. I am passionate about treating everyone with respect and believe that everyone deserves compassion, love and kindness.

Héctor Aranda

Set country: Mexico

I'm a human being that is very interested in life, for me is a mystery and a fascination. I love art and culture I believe in them as a way to change and reconect with our profound human nature. I studied law school but decided that I wanted to use all my knowledge and energy supporting artists and showing the beautifull things we can do as humans to society.

Alade Isreal

Set country: Nigeria

I'm an open minded and quick to learn.I love to learn new culture & way of life.I speak and write English fluently and also play & teach the saxophone at full of enthusiasm, drink socially.


Set country: India

Life is full of opportunities.... So try to make your life beautiful by helping others

Matilde A

Set country: Italy

Hello everyone! :) I am Matilde from Bologna, Italy!
I am looking for an friendly companionship to share love for art, culture, cinema, nature and animals. I would like to occupy my spare time in a useful way, helping others and learning new skills. I wish to improve my English, but also to learn new languages (maybe Spanish or French). I am very enthusiastic to meet new people and learn about other cultures and points of view.


Set country: France

I'm from eastern France, close to Switzerland. I'm a very curious person, I love books, travels and chocolate I come to Portugal in July and August to live a cultural experience and to learn the language. I seek a very local experience. I would like to help at a hostel

Salma Al-badry

Set country: Egypt

i am Salma Albadry Egyptian girl interested in traveling , volunteer work can work an help people in works i can do


Set country: United States

Greetings from Montana! My name is Mason Hutchinson, and I am a recent University graduate (studied Psychology). I grew up in a rural area most of my life and am well accustomed to living in the countryside. I have experience going to new places by myself. I've lived in Athens, Greece, and have also traveled to El Salvador, Uganda, Macedonia, Albania, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, and The Netherlands all on my own. I am Salmon fishing in the Bristol Bay of Alaska June 22nd-July 26th this summer, and would really like to do a work exchange experience after my time there is done. I'm a clean person and love to help out where possible. During those dates, my phone number will be 907.439.5786. You can text at any time and call during some points. I'd love to talk with you and see w... Read more

Chari Matador-Rollano

Set country: Spain

Programmer digital nomad, enjoying travel

Ju Lie

Set country: Italy

Hi :)


Set country: Kazakhstan

Дарья, 19 лет. Программист.

Amy Fei

Set country: United States

Looking for some fun opportunities to meet locals and other travelers while on an extended trip to Seoul, South Korea

Ewa Gruszczyńska

Set country: Poland

Hi! I'm Ewa, 33 years old (almost :p). I'm traveling with my daughter Elena (14). We're both vegetarians and easy going people, drama free :D I'm a preschool teacher and piercing artist, also a sculptor. Elena is also great in art, but mostly just a cool kid. We're deeply connected with nature, compassionate and passionate :)


Set country: Brazil

My name is Girlane I'm 22 years old I'm from Brazil I speak basic English, I have a high school education, I have skills in cleaning, organizing and taking care of children, I'm communicative, I like to help, I wait for your contact

Carolyn Difalco

Set country: United Kingdom

Mature student studying community development, free to expand my knowledge and help others over the summer period. Mother of two grown young adults, with a keen interest in intentional communities, earthship, con building, permaculture and social injustice.


Set country: United States

Im Flynn and looking to work and travel in the process. I love working with animals, kids, and in nature. Unfortunately i cannot travel outside of the US right now (i dont have my passport yet). Im a very hard and passionate worker and can’t wait to get traveling! Looking for work in exchange for free stay. Email me at


Set country: Italy

I am searching an experience to improve my english. I have no expectations, i want just to work and meet new people. I want doing some new adventures and talks a lot of english. I can speak english in a conversational way.

Gabriele Ovi

Set country: Italy

I am a post-graduated student at the Asian Languages Department of Venice University. For 5 years I studied Japanese language and culture both at the university both during exchange periods in Japan. I am looking for a working experience in Japan which can make me improve my interrelational skills with Japanese people!

Liam Eóin Foley

Set country: United States

Hello, my name is Liam. My partner Morgan and I are looking for places to live in return for work. We are both hard workers, great cooks, and we love people. We need clean air and not a lot of problems.


Set country: United Kingdom

22-year-old Business Administration graduate ready to travel the world, immersing myself in different cultures, learn new languages; I am keen on Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin, and making friends along the way.

I am very adaptable and I enjoy hard work. Whether that is manual labour or working on a computer I am quick and easy to learn and pick up new things.

I would love a host that is patient and organised And can provide tips for travel as I plan to be outside my home town in the UK for at least a year starting March 2022.

Lucy Eichenauer

Set country: United States

Hola! Soy Lucy, de los EE.UU., y estoy buscando un voluntariado o trabajo por todo el verano en Barcelona. Espero veros pronto!

Thamires Daniele

Set country: Brazil

Sou Thamires Daniele, tenho 25, anos, sou formada em enfermagem. Gosto muito de viajar, e tenho um sonho de conhecer o mundo todo.

Paul Simbion

Set country: Italy

Ciao a tutti. Sono Paul, un messicano residente a Italia. la storia di perchè ho bisogno di alloggio fino al 30 Junio penso sarà più facile raccontarla in persona, anche perche non sono troppo bravo scrivendo ancora. So fare di tutto e quello che non so fare, lo imparo. L'ùnica cosa che non sono bravissimo faccendo, è cucinare (tra l'altro faccio tutto piccante). Parlo inglese, spagnolo e sto imparando l'italiano. ho fatto l'insegnante d'inglese. Spero qualcuno mi possa aiutare! :3