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Set country: Spain

I am a passionate native Spanish speaker who loves travelling, meeting new people and making friends


Set country: Germany

Hello:) I am a 18 year old girl from Germany and am about to graduate this summer. I would love to see something of the world afterwards.

MiCarol Michelle Caroline Tavares

Set country: Brazil

Hi! I'm Caroline, I'm 42 years old and I love to travel, I always travel, my husband Sandoval, 47 years old and our daughter Mariana, 2 years old. We are Brazilian, we have been married for 9 years, we are very calm, organized and we don't like busy and noisy places. When we travel, our aim is to experience the locals like natives, learn all about the local day to day, try new experiences.


Set country: Nigeria

Hi my real name is Henrietta ,I am a hardworking girl,fun to be with, interesting personality,adventurous etc currently I'm married so we will be traveling as a couple.

Shadya Martinez

Set country: Panama

Looking to exchange work as a form of travel


Set country: United States

Hello, to everyone viewing my account my name is aaliyah. I am African American, I am 18 years old. My passion has always been to travel and gain knowledge from helping, and volunteering. Even though I am 18 years I am the most hard-working young woman. I hope to learn and give back to the community whenever possible. Although I am African American I hope that when you are reviewing my account that you won't racially discriminate against me for being different.

Jucemara Aguiar

Set country: Brazil

Olá, posso ajudar na limpeza, organização. Eu aprendo rápido e posso ajudar. Sou uma jovem com vontade de explorar o mundo conhecendo lugares e culturas diferentes, sou formada em Administração de Empresas e atualmente estou prestes a concluir minha segunda graduação. Aceito propostas de trabalho esporádicos.


Set country: United States

I have spent the two and a half years studying Independently in the Nova Independent study program.Through Nova, I feel I have grown wiser, learning many skills along the way, I am a seamstress and I have a hand at woodworking. I can write, garden, take care of livestock, and do household chores. I will always be an active participant in maintaining the household. I am very interested in this opportunity. I want a place I can call my home, and to grow in a community of my peers! I found the homeway program online. I would like to know if we could set up an interview sometime over the next few weeks. I am looking into this for a room and board program for next year I look forward to hearing more from you, thank you so much for your time. It is appreciated.


Set country: Israel

I'm Yasmin, I'm 21 years old from Israel, currently planning my first solo travel and intrested in volunteering while doing so. I'm very passionate about travelling and seeing new places, and so want to help in saving the enviroment. I also love meeting new people. I'm a hardworker and would be happy to assist in a variety of tasks.

Devanshi Bhatia

Set country: India

A professional biker and a national cricketer working a corporate job. My love for mountains and peace is immense! Seeking opportunities to travel and meet like-minded people and learn plethora of cultures :)


Set country: Costa Rica

Hey there... I am Susanna probably not the typical „ hippohelper“ but as a Best Ager young-minded, curious and fit remained. Happy to meet many exciting people with joke, spirit and heart, to whom conscious and mindful living and traveling means just as much. Once again I want to leave comfort zones and routine to have new experiences and evolve. Looking forward to meeting you.


Set country: Italy

HI,I am an 18 years old Italian boy who would like to gain new experiences in various sectors and above all in new countries. I have no experience with this type of work but willing to work hard and be inclined to learn as much as possible from this experience. I'm here to change my lifestyle and have new experiences. MY STORY I was born and raised in Palermo, the capital of Sicily. I grew up playing basketball and doing lots of sports but I am also very passionate about reading, music and all kinds of art.


Set country: United States

Hello my name is Veronica! I’m from Los Angeles,CA. I’m looking for a host to help volunteer and learn about Hawaii

Muhammad Syukhri Shafee

Set country: Malaysia

I am happy go lucky. I like to experiences new things and make a friends with all people around the world. I love travel and love to learn new things. I can speak several language and hopefully it will help the host.


Set country: India

Hi, I am Niruma Maharjan, a qualified Chartered Accountant working in the field of finance, accounts, investment & deal structuring for more than 7 years now. Even though my professional field is far from my actual interests, the work that I do keeps me grinding and hustling. Apart from my work, I'm always up for an adventure. Adventure and thrilling activities are what I am passionate about which is why I would always like to challenge myself physically and mentally. I remember doing bungee diving when I was just a teenager. I did my first solo trip 5000 meters above sea level in the Himalayas of Nepal in my early twenties. I have done many solo backing trips and have always amazed myself because I've always pushed myself ahead of what I thought I could do initially. Volunteering is ... Read more

Lucas Fstl

Set country: Mexico

Hi, I'm Luc, recently arrived in Mexico in order to travel for a few months. I'm very interested in seeing as much of Mexico as possible, learning about its culture, meeting locals... I'm fluent in French and English, and can have a basic conversation in spanish. But I'm eager to learn and become fluent as well :)

Valéria Cunha

Set country: Brazil

Eu sempre quis visitar outros lugares, e poder viver essa experiência e ainda ajudar outras pessoas, é ainda melhor.

Gladys Li

Set country: Singapore

Hi! My dream is to travel the world and meet new people and experience new things. Hope to learn more from you!


Set country: United States

Hi! I’m Ivy and I am traveling the world to learn and grow and to make friends everywhere! I love exploring, enjoying and feeling at peace with everything. I’m a solo female explorer.

Nawather Sahlii

Set country: Tunisia

I am working from home for few hours a day and looking for new adventures. I have been in my shell for a while and then I stumbled across this community, so I wanted to give it a go!

Ibrahim A Monam

Set country: Egypt

ليسانس حقوق


Set country: Belgium

Hi! My name is Audrée, 27 yo and I love traveling.


Set country: Portugal

Looking for an adventure! I'd love to help around the house and in costumer service. I'm also handy in gardening and many other needed chores.

Rashmi Singh

Set country: United Kingdom

Heyy, I am a third year student at the university of Glasgow in the UK. I have been travelling for a while now and I can positively say its one of my favourite things to do. I love the confidence solo travelling gives me and its nice to take a break from your daily life and go and meet others from different corners of the world. I very recently heard about this platform and would love to try it out.

Travis Bouie

Set country: United States

Hello! My name is Travis. One of my biggest aspirations is to travel the world. As much of it as possible. For the past seven years I've traveled all over the united states. Most of the time just my van and I. To fund the travel, I work at festivals. Renaissance festivals. Each one lasts roughly every weekend for two months. When one is over I hop in my van and travel to the next one. I don a costume and basically act ridiculous for a living. This January I have some time off, so I've decided to try out some work exchange type stuff. My goal is to find a place where I can help someone out, learn new things, and focus on myself. For a while now I've wanted to dedicate some time to my spiritual practice. Things like meditation and qigong. I think the first month of the new year will be ... Read more


Set country: Brazil

My name is Melqui, I'm Brazilian, 25 years old in search of new challenges, around the world, I love history and culture. I am looking for opportunities to help and be helped.


Set country: Ukraine

Hi, my name is Natalya and I am 20 years old. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I am an explorer and daredevil. I always want to try and learn new things and also improve my English so I become fluent. I am looking to travel Europe/USA and help hosts with whatever they want. I am willing to try anything. Please message me!


Set country: Morocco

Hey everybody! here to discover new cultures and meet great ppl
let's enjoy

Darina Semjanova

Set country: Japan

We are two. I and my husband. We are seniors and we are able to help with cooking, gardening, help with children and the anothee activity. We speak English and Slovak/Czek.