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Set country: Brazil

Sempre que me deparo com esta situação não sei o que dizer. Quem sou eu? Geralmente começo sou Arquiteta. Mas Arquitetura é apenas uma formação/profissão não é quem eu sou. E fazendo uma autoanálise eu posso dizer que sou uma pessoa bem humorada, daquelas que acorda de bom humor, sim sou dessas. Eu também curto rotinas, leitura, conhecer pessoas (eu gosto de gente). Evito conflitos desnecessário, busco a paz. Alguns amigos já me perguntaram se eu faço meditação, yoga, que sou muito zem. Mas nem tudo são mar de rosas. Se tem uma coisa que me tira o bom humor é fome. Isso mesmo, fico mau humorada quando estou com fome, então digo aos meus amigos me alimentem ou sofram com a consequência. Sou disciplinada, autodidata e encaro bem trabalhos diversos.

Farhan Aydid Alif

Set country: Bangladesh

Hello, I am alif From Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am here to help you with hosting in my country also finding hosts for myself to travel around the world and meet new people, learning new cultures, languages, and things is always a deep passion in my heart sometimes I am shy and sometimes super excited. So for now I am into digital nomadism and trying hard to building my career as a graphic designer and digital artist. And as a Graphic Artist, I think traveling is the easiest way to get into nature directly, adopt so many different things, and obviously getting real-life experiences

Magalie Bourdier

Set country: France

Magalie, 35 years old, want to meet people and learn english

Viviana Chuaire

Set country: Colombia

Hey, I'm a professional dancer and I'm going to travel to Europe for the very first time in december. I hope to meet a lot of cool people and places as much as I can.

Marcelo Wanderley

Set country: Brazil

Olá, me chamo Marcelo, sou Brasileiro, tenho 23 anos e estou super interessado em ter uma experiência internacional. Sou um cara que topa tudo, gosto de sentir novas experiências, conhecer novos lugares, novas culturas e também levar um pouco da cultura Brasileira para o mundo. Um dos meus propósitos é fazer do mundo um lugar melhor para se morar, eu tenho isso em mente por que, sempre procuro ver o mundo sempre pelo lado bom, existe muito mal solto por ai, mas eu tenho fé que o bom sempre vence o mal, por isso procuro sempre ajudar quem precisa, com isso podemos mudar o mundo.

Tenho experiências em diversos trabalhos; Tecnologia, Fazenda, Motorista, Trabalhar com pessoas...enfim, sou quase um faz-tudo :).

Hechem Mihoubi

Set country: Tunisia

We're a Tunisian couple, willing to help and exchange with new people. I am a mechanical technician and my wife is an architect. We have a various set of skills and also artistic sense.

Geilson Silva Santos

Set country: Brazil

disponível pra qualquer lugar. 85997308689


Set country: Italy

Hi, My name is Giulia, I am 19 years old and I live in a small town two hours from Venice. I studied English, German and French in high school. How would I describe myself? I am a responsible, very open-minded and helpful girl who adapts very quickly to any situation. I think the most important thing of all is to laugh: I am always ready to say a few jokes to defuse the situation. I hate being sad or angry because I think it is just a big waste of time. My biggest flaw is that I apologise for everything, but I'm working on it! I hope I am the girl you are looking for. I promise I will do my best!

Jennifer Le

Set country: United States

Super fun, energetic, bubbly, and a hard-working girl who enjoys the great outdoors and being active. I'm experienced in the hospitality and entertainment industry. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Marketing at University of Houston. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA pursuing my dreams as a comedian and actress. I work with kids a lot as an entertainer for events and birthday parties as well as a babysitter and martial arts instructor. I'm very well rounded and really love to help people out especially with young children and with the environment. I am learning how to surf, scuba dive, and video producing and hope to make inspirational beautiful content. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures and work ethnic because traveling has chang... Read more


Set country: Pakistan

my name is zain ul hassan . i am 26 years old , i have done electrical engineering but my passion is to travel and learn while serving the humanity


Set country: Lithuania

Hi there, We are a young couple from Baltic countries. Auste is Lithuanian and Daniel is from Latvia and we are uniting the world with love! This year we want to spread our wings and love further, for that reason we are very keen on traveling together, starting with Mexico and continuing on South America! We love nature and we are very interested in this continent, it’s culture, traditions, people and we would like to get to know it. We would like to dedicate our time to help others and make a change in this world. Hopefully having a bright impact afterwards. We are very open, honest and positive people, always looking for adventures and answers. We would love to join hosts and create something meaningful and beautiful togethe. Our plan is to travel around Mexico and later go to Sou... Read more


Set country: Brazil

No additional info provided

Jesus Ramos

Set country: Costa Rica

Hi! I'm a 33 year old philosopher currently traveling Costa Rica. I love languages and meeting new people! I also love nature and animals.


Set country: France

Hello everybody! I'm Marion, french, open minded, friendly and always smiling. I've just graduated from a business school this year after 5 years of international business studies, which gave me a lot of opportunities to travel and live abroad few times, i am ready for new adventures!


Set country: Switzerland

My name is Raphael, I'm 23 years old from Switzerland.
I'm currently working as an automation technician and build automation systems. I have many interests and like to learn new things. Through my side job as a light technician and performing light shows at concerts, I learned to act adequately in every situation. Besides, I'm reliable, can work independently and very ambitious. I like to do physical work in or outside. Also, endurance is a strength of me, if I searching solutions for a problem, for example, repairing faulty devices it needs often very much endurance.

In 2021 I want to explore the world, discover other cultures and get better in English.


Set country: Brazil

Apesar de não ter uma formação de bacharelado sempre fui muito focado em meus estudos livres, sendo assim acabei conseguindo minha formação de bartender e comecei meus estudos em gastronomia que seriam a minha formação. Hoje em dia estudo TTI mas devido a condições financeiras terei de largar, porém pretendo voltar com meus estudos na área em breve.

Ana Paula

Set country: Brazil


Jan Philipp Wäscher

Set country: Germany

Hi! My name is JP and I like to travel. I love to meet new people and having a great time together. I like to do new tasks and enjoy to have exciting experiences. I am a very positive grateful person and I'm always looking for people and situations I can help. If you´re interested, I can report on my life in Germany.

Alexandra Oliveira

Set country: Brazil

Hi, I'm Alexandra Oliveira. I'm looking for work in exchange for housing. I have a degree in environmental engineering, technical training in work safety and an environmental expert, I have a good interpersonal relationship, proactive, with a good sense of urgency, dedicated and always willing to help, but I need to increase my self-confidence.
I have experience in civil construction, my skills with children and seniors, sustainable projects, gardening, reception and organization.
Languages: English and Spanish basic level
My hobbies: Physical activities such as: street running, cycling and crossfit; dance and music lessons; short hiking and extreme sports; go out with family and friends and do some good meditation and stretching.
My expectations are to have a cultural imme... Read more

Harshit Arora

Set country: India

Average mountain enthusiast who loves volunteering.

Ricardo Silva

Set country: Brazil

My name is Ricardo Silva, I'm 33 years old, I'm Brazilian, I have a son 1 year old son and I love my family a lot. I really want to help and learn, I haven't had an opportunity to have an international experience yet. I am a helpful person, educated, peaceful patient and enthusiastic about life.

Everton Tavares

Set country: Brazil

Hi, my name is Everton Tavares. I came through this email to show interest in working as a volunteer. I've done different types of work, with children, seniors and social work for all classes. All social work and volunteer work I did in Brazil were acquired and carried out with time and effort. Volunteer work in several areas added me to having experiences of enormous magnitute.
I have basic English, but I'm improving every day to be able to perform better in the language, I'm sure it will be a great experience, and I'll do my best in everything I need, I really want to be selected by you, I hope May my application be considered favorably, I look forward to returning and being part of you, if you want more information about me, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you very much in a... Read more

Wojtek the bear

Set country: Mexico

Hi Everyone,
I'm Wojciech, funny and possitive lad from Poland. Living my life, chasing the dreams and catching the best moments is what I am currently doing. I am in travels since September 2017,backpacking, hitchhiking, volunteering, couchsurfing etc etc. After passing across both Americas (visited 23 countries there) decided to carry on and came to Asia for a few months and now I'm bsck to Latino América again. I vlog, I doInstagram and I YouTube all my adventures to keep the memories alive.
Passionate about traveling, basketball, rollerblading, frisbee and Caribbean cigars (I puff only occasionally).

John Swanson

Set country: United States

I am an adventure-seeking individual who loves to explore, climb, hike, and enjoy nature! I also like experiencing different cultures and food. I love photography and being active. I recently graduated from university with a degree in Math and Chemistry.


Set country: Poland

I just finished my university (medicine), I would like to go to Norway to practice my Norwegian with some locals while helping around.

Yossi Hadar

Set country: Israel

I'm Yossi, a backpacker, looking for nice volunteering with a community and nice people. Diligent and nice guy

Chiara Raiot

Set country: Italy

Hi! I am Chiara and my background is in social sciences. As soon as I completed my studies, I spent over three years working, volunteering and travelling in Venezuela, Mexico and Central America. Throughout this time, I took part in projects centered on themes such as migration and social exclusion and I started working as a freelance translator. Afterwards, spent few years working as an Italian teacher in the Netherlands.
In 2020, getting stuck in Italy due to covid, I decided to enrol as a part-time student in a Master's programme in Latin American Studies at UCL. I have studied remotely up to now, but I will move to London at the end of September.

Alice Peres

Set country: Brazil

Hi! I'm Alice, an eighteen-year-old trying to go from a Brazilian Journalism student to an Engineering undergraduate in Europe. Until then, I'm open to lots of possibilities. I can speak Portuguese and English fluently, I studied French for several years and I can understand Spanish pretty well. I love nature, animals (yes, even reptiles and farm buddies), and though I don't have formal work experience, I'm a fast learner and extremely proactive. I hope we can get to know each other!

Set country: United States

I am the mother of two graduating teenagers and I am ready to discover what the rest of my life has in store. All I know deeply is that I want to help others. I want to start in the US and work my way into other areas of the world. I am willing to do most anything to help in any way I can.

Pokert und Sarah

Set country: Germany

Hello, we are Sebastian and Sarah from Germany. We want to travel through Southeast Europe for 7 months with our T5 bus "Shreddy" and gain a lot of different experiences during this time.

Swetha Surisetti

Set country: India

I'm Swetha . I graduated in Home Science , currently pursuing Msc interior designing and resource Resource Management
I'm good at working with art projects but flexible to do other works .

Hello !
I'm samvedh .
I'm travel enthusiast who is very good at digital marketing and poster designing .

We are from Andhra Pradesh.