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Annabell Mölla

Hi my Name is Annabell

Erica Sundrop

My name is Erica, i'm a 26 year old traveller from Australia. I have been moving nomadically around Europe since July 2018, visiting friends and experiencing new countries and cultures. I live through my creative soul with hobbies that include photography, videography, jewellery making, sewing, volunteering, drawing, reading, gardening, yoga, music and parties. I manage my own upcycled jewellery business where i make jewellery from recycled materials and sell to a customer base online, it's what I love to do and supports my nomadic lifestyle. Since last summer i have travelled through Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, London, Israel, Romania and now back in Portugal.


We are Kevin and Sylvie, we have been living and working together for the past five years in creative play, community arts, circus, carnival and performance, particularly with bicycles.

We have left Bristol by bicycle with the intention of living and working along the cycle routes of Europe.

In the summer we will be looking for the occasional work away opportunities.
For the winter month we would like to find longer stay opportunities, between two to six months.

Both of us have always had the dream to be bicycle nomads for a while, working and living with our bikes.

In the warmer months we try and earn our way by performing our show, running storytelling workshops and taking people out on theatrical bike rides.

We have ... Read more

Mrisho Chogohe

Welcome friends who would like to visit Tanzani.


Hi! We are twins and we are both Care Assistant. We love to work with people and animals. We are willing to learn new skills and we hope to be a help to our host. We are learning English and we would like to learn English from our host.


My name is Harry, people call me Donny... It's a long story, I won't bore you with the details. I'll keep this short and sweet, I am planning on hitting the road and travelling.. I don't necessarily have a set plan and I'm working with a budget so staying with people and helping out works extremely well for me. I have worked in various jobs over the years. Customer facing roles to maintenance and building, I think they call it jack of all master of none. So if you have space and I could come and help you in anyway that would be amazing. Lots of love, Harry