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Allen gifford

Set country: Tanzania, United Republic of



Set country: Canada

I am excited about this new journey. I love to work and learn new things so what better way to do it than this.
I want to soak up all the knowledge you have. I want to share and learn about your life, culture and language albeit for just a few weeks at a time.
I have a variety of skills. I can help you with building, renovating, landscaping or gardening, cleaning, organizing etc.
I have worked in construction, been to university, owned and operated my own businesses.
I have a husband and I raised 4 Children. I also love nature and animals.
I speak, read and write French and English; I am learning Spanish and hoping to add Italian and Greek to that repertoire.
I am a mature female (47 years). Not afraid of getting dirty to get the job done. What I don't kn... Read more

Aminadabe Santos

Set country: Brazil

Gostaria e alerfeifoar emu inglês ,amo aprender novas culturas e fazer novas amizades , bem como compartilhar conhecimento, litora assídua, gosto de natureza e animais , ouvir música e andar de bike .


Set country: Portugal

Prazer, Laysla Fernanda! Uma mulher brasileira forte, destemida, pronta para ajudar e cumprir com meu propósito! Amo animais, crianças, meu hobby é cozinhar e dançar.


Set country: Italy

Hi, my name is Raffaela, I was born in Italy, I like to travel and meet new people and situations.
I have 2 children aged 27 and 20.
I love being with children, I create and lead playful-creative workshops for children, I am a biodance facilitator, I paint, I write poetry, I am co-creator of solidarity economy networks.
I know the world of the Internet and programs like word, excel, pics art, fotor quite well.
I would like to know different realities from mine where respect, trust and sharing with affection are the pillars of relationships.


Set country: Portugal

Hello, Bonjour, Buenos dias, Bom dia, Buongiorno,

I am a Transformational & Self Realization life Coach, Self Discovery & Synchronicity Therapist and a Reiki & Seikeim Master and Teacher.
I am passionate about foreign cultures, Traveling, Human Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Neuroplasticity, Ancient wisdom, Energy work, Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Nutrition, Evolutionary and Alternative Holistic therapies.
I am looking to meet individuals from other countries and share authentic life experiences.
I believe that interdependent living is a healthy and healing way of living in the world.
I am very curious, flexible and open-minded.
I am always looking for new challenges and adventures to experience and help my self- exploration to deepen personal growth and self-develop... Read more

Mena El Kafory

Set country: Egypt

بكالريوس نظم ومعلومات


Set country: Brazil

I'm Vanessa - 34 years old from Sao Paulo - Brazil. I'm looking for amazing experience abroad in order to help and learn plenty of things. Actually I'm available and ready to travel.

Eléa Venturelli

Set country: France

Hi there! I'm Eléa, a 20 years old french student in foreign languages. I would love travelling around the world discovering new cultures, habits, professions and most of all improving my english level. It would be such a pleasure to share what I know with you and help you in any task. If you want to know more about me, don't hesitate and send me a message :)

Felipe Almeida

Set country: Brazil

Felipe Almeida is what they call me, I am a respectful guy, with a lot of passion for travel and getting to know new cultures and places. I love to collaborate with tasks that can help to exchange and energy, knowledge and learning. I am a life coach and I have a passion for supporting people on their internal knowledge journey, the path is discovery! I believe that nowhere is far when you want to arrive. So I invite you to give us an opportunity to evolve in this life and to grow in generosity, knowledge and fraternity. wishes for a universe of peace Felipe Almeida é como me chamam, sou um cara respeitoso, com muita paixão por viagens e conhecer novas culturas e lugares. Amo colaborar com tarefas que possam ajudar a trocar e energia, conhecimento e aprendizado. Sou Coach de vida e... Read more

Sofía Fda Hernandez Martinez

Set country: Mexico

I am a 20 year old girl searching for a growing experience.

Şükran Aze Ateş

Set country: Turkey

My name is Aze. I am from Turkey. I've recently started studying Latin language and literature but I only can speak English and Turkish. I love animals/nature and know about them a little bit of average. I also love the arts and have something to do with almost any kind of it. As well as all those I have some Model United Nations conference experiences.

Tazoh Allen Giress N

Set country: Cameroon

Young dynamic man willing to see the world

Shireen Miller

Set country: South Africa

I currently work in a sector that provides high quality play-based early learning to children in impoverished communities. The first five years of Early childhood development (ECD) are critical for the development of a child’s brain and providing this opportunity before formal schooling, children will have an advantage of acquiring the skills needed to succeed in school, employment and in life. I completed a TESOL course in 2008 and since then applied the skill in numerous environments including volunteering at orphanages in Johannesburg, English teacher in India and English summer school in Turkey. I am blessed with excellent health and a positive attitude. I am curious, have an adventurous spirit and very ready for my next life phase which is seeking volunteer opportunities to tea... Read more

Tej K Singh

Set country: United Arab Emirates

I am a single 60 years professional retired as VP operations, gym fit ...

Kaela Hamilton

Set country: United States

Hello! NYC Broadway Technicians out of work due to CoVid. Trying to make the most of it and Volunteer/Travel while waiting for “normal” work to come back. Previous life revolved around running a Circus, and Kayak Guiding in Alaska. Always looking for a new adventure! Sucker for large dogs.

Maria Emilia Salinas Theler

Set country: Chile

I am an enthusiastic person who wants to discovered new places and people from differents cultures. I love learn new stuff, so I can say that I will like to work in almost everything. I alredady traveled for myself and I loved the experience of meet new people from all around the world! Also, I love write, and travel is always a good form to get inspirated. I consider myself as an independent, positive and open mind, values that I always try to improve as well as my english.

Pierre Lemaitre

Set country: France

Hi ! My name is Pierre and I have 22 years old. I of France (northern France). I love travel and to help people in their projects. I love the nature, the animals, the arts old like new, the sport .. I'm student during the year, but in summer I'm animator with the children. I invent games and stories and I share my knowledge with them. I would like to discover a new culture and help people in their daily lives. I want to get out of my comfort and discover the world. I have three cats, two dogs, fish, lizards, chickens. I love looking after animals. I am at your disposal if you have any questions. :)

Paula Rutherford

Set country: Argentina

I have taken a sabbatical year (2020) from my work as a project manager in the UK and started my travels in South America with a open plan. I hope to spend lots of time outdoors, learn new skills and experience a different way of living in addition to visiting beautiful places. I would really like the opportunity to contribute to projects that help to improve the local environment and sustainability and promote wellbeing. From the early part of my trip, I am developing a new interest in marine conservation. In my fee time I enjoy yoga, gardening and dance (salsa and bachata) and I am currently learning Spanish.


Set country: Germany

My Name is Nell


Set country: United States

My name is Nicolas Silveira. I'm a recent highschool graduate pursuing an opportunity for professional growth. As a passionate individual with a strong will to work, I am confident that I would prove to be an excellent volunteer. Looking for a long term volunteering project in the Southern California region during the Autumn and Winter seasons of 2020.

If you wish to contact me my cell service is spotty. Text, email, Skype, etc. work better for me. Full professional resume and volunteering history available on request.

Liime Naga

Set country: Singapore

I am Limetoli, 25 years from India. I have done master's in economics. I would love to see new place, connect with people and learn lifesyles & culture.

Silke Neumann

Set country: Bulgaria

We are a ever-smiling happy couple, travelling around the world. Our trip is "open end" because we want to take enough time at every place we visiti to digg deeper into local life, culture and daily life than people on a shorter itinerary normally do.

People say we are a bit crazy because we rode our motorbikes in deepest winter up to Nordkap, the northermost point of Europe. Well, it was cold (-37°C), but not that crazy. We'll tell you more when you meet us! :-)

Looking forewards to seeing you and listen to your stories!

Gastón Bragagnolo

Set country: Argentina

Viajo a Europa y al sur de Argentina. Tengo conocimiento de inglés.

Øussãmæ El Mdn

Set country: Morocco

I love volunteering and I am fortunate enough to find this site that provides this opportunity. I also want to get to know new people and cultures through this experience.


Set country: Algeria

I'm looking for a place to learn trades in the field of farming, permaculture, how to take care of animals (horses, cows, sheep, bees, ...) make cheese, ...

I prefer that it is in Europe: Andorra, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, UK.


Set country: United Kingdom

I am Marilla, a 26-year-old girl from Finland. I studied textiles, clothing, craft design and pedagogy at the University of Helsinki and graduated in January 2020. For many years I have wanted to improve my English and learn it properly, so I decided to move to UK in February, and I hope I can stay here this whole year. I went to Isles of Scilly to work in a vineyard and I am still here but looking for a different place to go for autumn/winter.

I am interested in British culture, language and nature. I love especially the sea, and I hope I can be near the coastline. I like countryside and peaceful places. I love animals. Horses and dolphins are my favourites. I like reading, running, cycling and to wander in nature. I think it’s very important to protect the environment
As a... Read more


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello, My name is Nicola, I'm 38 years old. I was born and raised in London UK and am from a mixed heritage background. I have travelled to quite a few destinations but my heart yearns to spend more time in each country and immerse myself in the culture and traditional of each destination. I have worked in retail, property, beauty and hospitality industries and have a wealth of knowledge and experience I would like to share.


Set country: Egypt

how can i help you ?

Jaqueline Margarida

Set country: Brazil

Hello, thank you for reading my description.
I'm Jaqueline (but you can call me Jackie!), 29 years-old and I'm from Brazil.
I am looking for a volunteering opportunity to meet wonderful people and places; and also, to improve my English skills.
Here's what I can do for you: I like to cook cakes and desserts, I love candies; but I can cook other meals, I like cooking very much. I can help you with cleaning, laundry, taking care of the kids and pets. I know nothing about gardening, but I would like to learn if you have patience to teach me. I have organisation and administrative skills.
I am an educated girl, curious, proactive and positive person. I have an open-minded and I am available to live the great experiences that a voluntary exchange has to offer. On the other hand, ... Read more