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Maged Joseph

Set country: Egypt

I'm kirlos Ibrahim 28 years , I'm working in agriculture and beekeeping also this is my favourite hobby ,all my life in a rural life

Rachel Halder

Set country: Canada

First big trip, wanna visit hawaii and have fun with my bff


Set country: Italy

Hello everyone! I am an Italian girl who loves nature, animals and travel. I would like to live an experience able to introduce me to new people and places. but above all I would like to find a place in the middle of nature where I can feel at home and where I can lend a hand in everything you need to do. I am a girl with a great desire to get busy and help others, and I am curious to learn many things. I know how to adapt very well to the place where I am and to the people around me.

Melda ghasemy

Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

من در رشته هنر تحصیل کردم و عاشق فرهنگ و هنر مردم دنیا هستم.طبیعت،حیوانات و بچه ها رو خیلی دوست دارم .سفر باعث میشه حس،بهتری از زندگی داشته باشم

Vitor Armond

Set country: Brazil

Olá, somos o casal Armond. Vitor e kellen, ambos com 24 anos de idade, estamos em busca de novas aventuras, para desenvolvermos novas habilidades e poder ensinar o que sabemos, gostamos de ajudar as pessoas, adoramos conversar, e temos muita facilidade com tecnologia, contamos também com grande interesse em estar desenvolvendo habilidades com a natureza, temos interesse em crescer nos âmbitos profissionais e pessoas. Somo um casal que está disposto a agregar ao vosso meio, temos imensa vontade de aprender novas culturas, é lhe dar com novas pessoas, aprender uma nova linguagem, pois nós acreditamos que conhecimento é como bagagem, quanto mais aprendemos nós tornamos seres melhores, para agregar o próximo.

Kevin Persaud

Set country: United States

Hello, my name is Kevin. I am a 28 year old college educated electrician hailing from NYC. I have a wide variety of skill sets, such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing and basically anything hands on. I am also good with computers and cameras! I own lots of camera gear personally. I can drive stick shift, and comfortable on motorcycles also. I’m an easy person to talk to and take instruction well. Thanks for reading!

Nelyy Cavalcante

Set country: Brazil

Solteira, 52 anos. Pedagoga.

Gizel Ribeiro

Set country: Brazil

I'm a very friendly and open minded person, I love meeting people from other cultures, exploring local costumes and gastronomy.. I've lived in London It's cosmopolitan atmosphere, I've made some good friends from all over the world there. Now I want to explore the Latin America before sailing back to the old world.
Actively looking for new career opportunities and life changing experiences.


Set country: Russian Federation

Usual hitchhiking traveler from Moscow region. Extreme travelling is what i like and have a little experience, usually my budget is around 120$ per month. cant live having 11month of work and only 1 for travels, thats why im here. I hitchhiked all over Russia, from Russia to Spain, over Israel and Turkey Would like to help with almost anything, love animals.

SUNIL New Delhi

Set country: India

Single from New Delhi INDIA Love traveling helping meeting out of the box exciting people around the world love cooking music parting into interior designing consultant my home open for travellers just keepit clean like yr own home

Jonathan Aziz

Set country: Egypt

i am jonathan 27 years egyptian i volunteered before in south sudan i would like to repeat that in other countries i work as a civil engineer in my country

Allie Diaz

Set country: United States

Taking a year off college to travel with my partner and meet new people from different places! I majored in cultural anthropology and intend to meet people from all walks of life and walk in their shoes the best I can. My partner is handy and is good with general labor, I have an extensive history in retail and administrative assisting. We’d love to assist in anyway we can.


Set country: Brazil

My name is Valdirene, degree in Logistics . I have experiência as administrative assistant, customer service. I'm from Brazil, live in São Paulo. Am 41 years old. I love Meeting new places, people and Learn about new culture. Here in Brazil I worked as volunteer in NGO Oncoamigo and I think was a the better things that I did in my life. Can help people is pleasure and also a learned for me. I would like to have a opportunity to do a volunteer abroad and learn more about the life and feel I can help somehow.


Set country: Mexico

Hello! I am a native bilingual Spanish/English traveler looking for volunteering opportunities in a hostel. I have previous experience in the hospitality industry and are eager to lean more about your team.

Candace Crumly

Set country: United States

I am looking for rent exchange of work at this moment to get back on my feet. I have great work history. This would be a great opportunity for me. I am a female 39 years old. I have worked full time for past 20 years. I am single and doing this alone. I am not traveling I am a resident of phoenix. i am looking for work exchange of board or place to stay

Brady AngelOS

Set country: United States

HI My name is Brady & I'm an young man eager to travel and volunteer across the world! There is so much to experience in life and such little time. I'm looking forward to seeing as much as i can before i can't! <3

Allan Dean

Set country: Spain

Im am a jack of all trades, can turn my hand to most thing, looking for a community for a few months to start and take it from there. I dont drink or smokie, but each to there own.

Emilia Stocklassa

Set country: Sweden

My name is Emilia, I'm 23 years old from Stockholm/Sweden. I am an easy-going, hard working and open minded person who loves to meet and interact with different people and cultures. I have done two previous working holidays, one more houskeeping and the other more of an acitivity/social host but also cooking, cleaning and nightshifts. I loved it and am now looking for more opportunities around the world. I love being close to the sea and the sun, I especially enjoy cooking, music and physical acitivites. I'm always excited to learn new skills and value respect, communication, transparency.

Marcia 3020

Set country: Brazil

Me chamo Marcia, moro no Brasil, tenho 53 anos, apesar de dizerem que não aparento. Gostaria de fazer intercâmbio cultural, conhecer lugares, pessoas, fazer amigos, trocar experiências, ajudar no que possível. Acredito que seja enriquecedor está troca.

Dayane da Silva

Set country: Brazil

Hello My name is Dayane, I'm 33 years old and I'm looking for knowledge, learning new languages, making new friends, and I hope to have the best experience possible as an exchange student.

Jheison Huttinger

Set country: Brazil

My name is Jheison, and i am a new traveler looking for new experiences in around the world, i want to learn how many languages i can. I come from Brazil of a small city called Jaciara in Mato Grosso state, i'm 21 years old, here i work with sales in a steel store for 3 years, but i always help my coworkers on yours tasks. I studied until the high school, studiyng english by myself, i don't consider me fluent, but i learn somenthing new every day. I want to do my part for make the world a better place to live.

Andi Müla

Set country: Germany

Hi, I'm Andreas. I grew up in Munich, Germany doing a lot of sports like skiing, climbing & windsurfing.
Just finished studying product design and now looking to design things :)
I love being outside, constructing things and learnt to use a lot of machines and techniques and am always eager to learn new ones.

Michelle Bitencourt

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Michelle, tenho 42 anos, sou Brasileira, casada com Paulo 45 anos e não temos filhos. Procuramos oportunidades para voluntariado em casal. Somos responsáveis, nos adaptamos facilmente, tenho algumas experiências em trabalho voluntário com crianças em orfanatos idosos em asilos e cozinheira em igrejas. Profissionalmente atuei como professora, psicopedagoga, corretora de imóveis, cabeleireira, auxiliar de recursos humanos, caixa, estoquista e recepcionista. Meu esposo tem experiência como técnico em administração, liderança em equipe, soldador, mecânico de suspensão, tesoureiro, pintor, pedreiro e motorista. Amamos natureza. Estamos dispostos a viver novas experiências. Esperamos que nossa candidatura seja favorável, estamos ansiosos para fazermos parte d... Read more

Justin Bergemann

Set country: South Africa

We're Justin & Gen. Best friends and a newly wed couple who are from South Africa.
We love learning about life whilst being in nature, traveling, movement & having good conversations.
We've taught English in China, coached movement in Bangkok and done other ocean and nature related things as well.


Set country: Brazil

Me chamo Jhonicleia, tenho 25 anos, sou formada em Contabilidade mas não trabalho área, atualmente sou assistente financeiro, mãe e um menino de 1 ano e 5 meses. Sou muito determinada com meus objetivos, gosto de trabalhar em equipe, estou sempre disposta a ajudar e gosto muito de aprender coisas novas, conhecer pessoas fazer novas amizades e ensinar também.
Estou planejando minha primeira viagem internacional, estou muito empolgada, meu filho vai me acompanhar nessa aventura, espero aprender muito e ter boas histórias para contar.

Eric kudjo kwao

Set country: Ghana

Yanne Luna

Set country: Brazil

Olá, eu sou Yanne Luna, tenho 34 anos, sou engenheira civil, solteira, sem filhos e residente na cidade de Parnamirim, estado do Rio Grande do Norte, região nordeste do Brasil. Estou planejando viajar à Europa em 2022 e nessa ocasião adoraria me voluntariar em projetos que eu possa contribuir positivamente e que, formando uma troca mútua, possam me enriquecer pessoal, emocional e profissionalmente.

Amo animais, gosto de fazer amizades e estou sempre pronta para encarar os desafios propostos pela vida.

Para contatos:

Lėa Bijaoui

Set country: France

Hey ! Looking to stay for a few months and help in a surf camp or hostel to have some time to learn surfing and learn Portuguese. I can speak French, Ensglish, some spanish, I'm into DIY repairs and can handle bookings and other things online :) I'm a social worker in small ngos, a scuba diver instructor and an ecologist


Set country: United States

Hi! My name is Tess. I am 20 years old, and am currently studying art history and psychology. I am great at household chores, babysitting (children and pets!!), organization and cleaning, etc. There are many other tasks I am happy to help with as well, but some obscure tasks may need to be taught to me quickly first. I am mostly traveling for art history purposes, hoping to use the home i’m helping at as a base camp to drive to museums from. I have always and currently call the central valley of California home. :)

Emuna Fallach

Set country: Israel

Im currently a college student and a bartender in Israel :) Im a responsible, fast learner, high energy and fun person. looking for a volunteering opportunity in Europe only with accomandation feel free to contact me through whatsapp +972522334440

Ian Duncan

Set country: Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

I'm a solo traveler. I lived in Vietnam for two years teaching English until recently. Before Vietnam, I worked at an Ecuadorian wildlife refuge in the Amazon rainforest. I graduated college in 2018 with a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and worked as a soil and water scientist in America. While attending school, I worked as a contractor's assistant for one year. I would have to say my passions are animals and learning - I know, it sounds cheesy. I always believe in leaving it as you found it and giving more than you take. I'm always happy to answer any question; I like to be an open book.

Sander Braeken

Set country: Belgium

My name is Sander Braeken and I'm a 26-year old guy from Belgium. I grew up in a small village in Belgium but I quickly grew bored of it because I'm really adventerous. My dream is to see as much of the world as possible and to meet lots of people during my journey. While I'm at a new place I would also like to meet the local people, because I think it'll help me to better understand the culture. Diving into an unknown culture has always been a good and interesting experience for me. For now my best experiences have been my Erasmus studying abroad in Cyprus and an archaeology internship in Turkey. A little bit about myself: I like sports (especially football) and I love all sorts of animals. I have a bachelor degree in archaeology and I'm overall interested in history, geography and ... Read more

Mohit Khanna

Set country: India

I'm a Web Developer (IT/Computers) from India, with music and computers as my mode of entertainment. I also watch Twitch, Youtube and Haystack for my entertainment. I've travelled to lots of countries in my life, and hope to settle abroad soon.

Abed Ahmadiniya

Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

I am currently working in agricultural tourism and I am interested in working on farms in different countries

Benedetta Scalzotto

Set country: Italy

I'm a 23 italian girl, i'm studying environmental engineering so i'm very interested in all the work about ecofriendly projects! I also love staying in contact with nature and animals. I hope to meet other beautiful people, visit new places, work hard for something i belive in and also know myself through this experience.


Set country: Portugal

We are Cristela and Mercedes, friends for a long time looking for an escape from our boring routines. we know that the world is not a bad place at all and that out there we can find good people who need help and that we can help in exchange not only for accommodation, but also shared experiences and stories to tell and teachings to give, because there are a lot we can learn from people if we give ourselves the opportunity to listen to them.

Jesse Bosman

Set country: Italy

Hi! We're Jesse and Tippy and we're traveling with our campervan through Europe. See our polarsteps: We're both social people, love to meet new people but are also relaxed and calm. We are sportive and like adventure. With a rabbit, cat and dog at home we are real animal lovers, we love all kind of animals! (Jesse has an obession with cows and donkeys :) )


Set country: Sweden

Hi! I'm Adrian, an enthusiastic French guy travelling in Nordic countries. I'm aiming to discover Northerners' way of life, wild territories and local towns and villages. One of my big interests right now is also to deepen my relationships and experiences with animals. I'm currently working with sled dogs near Luleå, and I plan to work with reindeers and horses. Joining cultural events would also be a very nice way to be part of local life. These are a whole that I'm ready to discover with all my passion and energy!