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Juan Cassio Braga Batista

Set country: Brazil

Soy una persona muy positiva, divertida y tranquila. Intento tomar la vida a la ligera. Puedo decir que la organización y la atención al detalle son algunas de mis marcas registradas. Me apasiona la música, los deportes (especialmente el fútbol) y conocer nuevas culturas. También me encanta aprender nuevos idiomas, y casi todo lo que sé sobre inglés y español lo aprendí de forma autodidacta. Tengo muchas ganas de aprender cosas nuevas y compartir experiencias de la vida. Estoy motivado para poder ayudar y mejorar, aunque sea un poco, la calidad de vida de las personas que me rodean. Veo el mundo como el patio trasero de mi hogar, y creo que nuestro hogar es donde nuestros corazones permanecen en paz y en sintonía con el medio ambiente. Tengo la intención de adquirir más y m... Read more

Ruairidh MacDonald

Set country: Viet Nam

Hi, we're an Aussie guy and Vietnamese girl!


Set country: Argentina

I am an Argentinian national travelling around the world. I love meeting new people and knowing about other cultures. I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese and can understand some German, Japanese and French. I enjoy learning very much, so new experiences and tasks out of my comfort zone are very appealing to me. I am a vegetarian and am interested in conscious nutrition, animals and environment care and sustainability. I always look for improvements, on myself and the things I do or see. As I worked in Finance and Accounting, I have great analytical skills but looking to enhance other skills such as hospitality, customer, marketing and commercial, among others.


Set country: Brazil

I’m Josefine from Sweden and I’m currently traveling in South America!

Edwin Arce II

Set country: Japan

We are a couple from America (New York and California) that have spent the better part of the last 3 years living and working Japan. We're eager to head back to Europe to explore, help out, and work on our writing. We're fairly quiet, polite, and tidy. We enjoy music, cooking, reading, and spending time outdoors.

Aviram Giri

Set country: Nepal

Not studied much. Only up to 11th. I dropped out of high school. I love to travel i want to work and travel. I want to visit every country in this world. A little help would be appreciated

Magali García

Set country: Viet Nam

Hello! My name is Magali, but people usually call me Maggie. :)
I'm 26 years old, from Argentina, but currently living in Barcelona. I’m a fun and happy person, really outgoing and open-minded.

I love reading and listening to music; I've also been doing yoga for a couple of years now which I always recommend to everyone (YOU SHOULD TRY IT); I've always been a big enthusiast of photography and astronomy, and above all I enjoy just being surrounded and in touch with nature, in all of its forms.
Nature has always been a big YES for me. My father used to make me sit me through countless Natgeo documentaries on wildlife and the universe when I was kid. Everything from rain-forests to black holes. I think he is the reason I love nature and the night sky so much now. My mom, on ... Read more

okello emmanuel

Set country: Uganda

PERSONAL STATEMENT My name is Okello Emmanuel and I am 26 years old. I was born in northern Uganda in a village called Unyama about 7 miles from present day Gulu district. I was born into a family of 5. I was born during a period when northern Uganda was submerged in the LRA –Ugandan government conflict and my family was not spared at all. The first time the conflict touched my family was when my paternal aunt was abducted by the rebels and led in to the bush to be slaughtered, they beat her with the intention of killing her accusing her of hiding government information. Her lips were cut and she was left to die. She was found half dead the following morning and taken to Lacor hospital for treatment. Till now she cannot eat well since the lips have been cut off. In the year 2001 wh... Read more


Set country: Ukraine

We are a couple from Ukraine, we have two beautiful children...and we want to see something new in life, the children have grown up, and now we can travel
My email -

Oriana Halverson

Set country: United States

Looking to dive into unique experiences!

Bonnie Lecat

Set country: United States

I am an artist from the United States, interested in meeting new people and traveling the world. I enjoy cooking, eating, gardening, exploring, yoga, hiking, children, and animals.

Artur Basyrov

Set country: Philippines

Travel and help hosts, fitness enthusiast.
creative, hard-working, helpful, adaptive, good physical condition, tactful & caring

Emily McLaren

Set country: Australia

I’m Emily! I’m doing a second solo adventure around the globe and would love to be doing things wildlife related! I plan to come in June/ July but can be a little flexible with dates! Looking forward to it

Dom Hakim Ayala

Set country: Puerto Rico

I live in Puerto rico, I want to volunteer abroad

Isis Torres

Set country: Mexico

hello my name is isis i am 24 years old, i am a veterinary medicine student .. i like to travel, read, my favorite author is lovecraft, i like science

Federica Federica

Set country: Spain

We are Federica & Salah, two friends looking for opportunities in Barcelona. We both attended University of Roma (Italy), where we meet each other. Federica studied languages such as Chinese and Hindi, and Salah has a Bachelor's degree in Managment and a Master degree in economic sciences. He speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and some French, and Federica speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish and some basic Chinese. We both are very reflexive, responsible, understanding and with a good sense of adaptation. We both have great qualities for positions such as receptionist, customer care, info desk, shopping, cooking, bartender, house keeping and many more. We had different experiences abroad such as USA, France, China... We have many stories to exchange, hope to see you soon !! S... Read more

Julien Otumba

Set country: France

Hello Im Julien, I have just finished my studies in computer science and I would like to go abroad to improve my English.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello, we are Gemma and Christopher looking for a long term placement of 1 year or more helping on a smallholding in return for accommodation and food allowance (with possibly a little pocket money if you have enough work available). We are quiet and reliable with a little experience of house & pet sitting, domestic cleaning, dog walking (& previous dog & cat ownership), love gardening and growing things, can help with your website, selling produce at farmers markets, making deliveries, taking the kids to school, mucking out animals, helping around the house etc

Olualaye Ostar Crew

Set country: Nigeria

My name is Olumide Onawole, known as Olu-voice, I am one of Nigeria musician, I have been in this music career, for good 9 years with a good music and a good voice, but no video this make me think a lot how my ddream is going to come tur, my career need help, because I don't do bad for getting rich, God help my career.

Kendra McNabb

Set country: United States

Hi, my name is Kendra; my partner Adam and I are moving south to the Raeford, NC area to start a life together, and pursue our dreams of becoming a professional skydiving team and 2-way world competitors. We are looking for a place to get our heads above water. We have both been very hard workers our whole life, and are willing to do or learn to do almost any job to earn our stay.

Alejandra Jimeno

Set country: Spain

Hi! Im a third year Law and International relations student from Madrid. One of my passions in life is travelling so I try to do something different every summer. For the last couple years I have spent my summers volunteering on international cooperation programs in countries such as India or Kenya. Last summer I had my first working experience in Paris as an intern in an apartament rental enterprise. I came across this place and found the idea behind it very interesting!

Ayush Gupta

Set country: India

I love to travel the world. I love the things which is creative. More Important i like to share the knowledge to others

Indira Barbolova

Set country: Kazakhstan

I am a moody and energetic person. I want to help us

Violin Chella

Set country: United States

I have been traveling in North CA & Oregon past years, would like to get to know the LA area, get into the entertainment industry, and root.Need nature and high vibes around me!I work in Movement, Healing & Visual Arts!


Set country: Germany

Hello, I am a native English-speaker with a lot of diverse work experience. In addition to being highly creative, I can assist you in your home or office with a wide variety of tasks (e.g., support for your business needs, administrative support, help with management of a bed & breakfast, managing holiday apartments, general help around the house or office, art projects, manuscripts, house sitting, pet care, housekeeping, help with children (ages 4 - 16), basic English language tutoring, senior care, shopping and general errands).

Availability: Minimum 3 months

I am interested in work exchange in: Germany, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands.


Set country: Ireland

Hello! I'm an Irish naturopath and herbalist based in Cork, Ireland. I'm passionate about helping people restore their health using natural remedies and much of my life revolves around this! I am also an avid dog lover and enjoy hiking, natural remedy making, surfing, camping and generally anything that involves being outdoors. I do my best to live as consciously as possible, would consider myself a flexitarian (mostly vegan but not not strict about it) and am pretty much drug and alcohol free (I have a few drinks when the occasion calls for it!).

Audrey Morrow

Set country: United States

I am an architecture student in Atlanta, GA trying to get hands on experience and get my hands dirty. I would garden, build/paint, tend to a farm, and would love for an opportunity to travel.


Set country: France

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Marianna. Je suis russe, mais je vis en France depuis un an. J'étudie le français et cherche un hôte pour le travail et pour la communication. Je suis professeur de langue russe. Mais j'ai grandi dans un village et je me suis habitué à différents types de travail.

Ana Cristina Araújo

Set country: Brazil

I'm Ana Cristina, I'm 27 years old, I'm looking for my first experience abroad, I'm a hard working person, organized, patient, work well in groups...


Set country: India

Hi! I'm Borhan, half malay and half spanish. I've lived in spain for most of my life, but moved to Malaysia 5 years ago. I worked in the city but soon got sick of it and eventually found my place in a tiny island, working with tourists and locals at a humble restaurant/campsite/bar. When I'm not there you can find me wandering around Malaysia and Asia I love nature and the beach/jungle. All kind of outdoor activities, wild camping, diving, boxing, hitchhiking, trekking (especially long distances) I love to talk with people all over the world, happy to help other people, learn -understand various cultures, learn languages,I am fascinated by politics, history and economics. I love movies and books. What are some of your favorites? A simple person, with simple wants. I have no trouble s... Read more

Brenda Lucca

Set country: Australia

After a 6 years career in Business Administration in my home country, Argentina, I have been working in wine service and sales in London for the last 2 years. Driving for my passion for wine has brought me to Australia where I am now looking for an opportunity to follow my ambition of getting into wine production and develop my career in direction to Organic, Biodynamic and Low Intervention wines. I’m ready for the hard work, cleaning the cellar, helping to assist in the vineyard pruning, picking grapes and all the task required to make great wine. Also, I would be happy doing other activities you need for the winery as gardening, hosting people, painting. I aim to have an experience in wine production to learn more about wine from the cellar to have a better understanding of the fa... Read more