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Set country: Portugal

Brazilian 19 year old student :)

Sandra Dietz

Set country: Mexico

We are a couple , both 53 years with our 15-year old son. We can help in and around house, garden, with animals, on a ship etc. We speak german and english. We love children and older people and are open for offers...Right now we are in Purerto Morelos.

Leandro Dos Santos Ricardo

Set country: Brazil

I have a degree in sociology and nursing in Brazil. I would like to do voluntary exchange. I study German to be a nurse in Germany and I already participate in an international program that takes nurses to Germany. But I would like to go to the country right now to train more in the language and become more proficient. But I would also like to improve my knowledge of English. I'm not married and I don't have children. I like manual work. I am reliable, dedicated and enjoy working. For more information I prefer to be contacted, please, by facebook, whatsapp or instagram. Ich habe einen Abschluss in Soziologie und Krankenpflege in Brasilien. Ich möchte einen freiwilligen Austausch machen. Ich studiere Deutsch als Krankenschwester in Deutschland und nehme bereits an einem internationalen... Read more


Set country: Nigeria

I'm Abu Yunusa, 37 years old . I'm humble and responsible hard working man , I wish to put in my best in working in any organization.


Set country: Italy

Buon di a tutti mi chiamo Francesco ho 27 anni, in poche parole sto cercando attraverso lo scambio viaggio lavoro nuove opportunità per crescere me stesso, sono un ragazzo semplice con la voglia di imparare e fare nuove esperienze, per il piacere di vivere


Set country: United States

Hi, my name is Stephen and I am looking for work trying new things and want to experience island life.

Shell Hamilton

Set country: United States

Myself, my 28 year old son, and our 2 small dogs looking for work exchange with gardening available. I can garden and cook vegan whole foods plant based gourmet meals. My son is awesome with computers, data entry, and fixing things like cell phones or computers and setting them up. He can also help me in the garden, but he has physical limitations.


Set country: United States

We have worked on many home renovations/remodels, historic restorations and hurricane/flood recoveries in America and USVI. We appreciate history, architecture, music and languages. We want to travel more and be productive at the same time! We embrace change and enjoy learning new things everyday.

Berhe Denis Ruth

Set country: Kyrgyzstan

Hello! We are a family of 5: Denis (33), Ruth (26), Ilja (7), Miro (5) & Raii (9months). Since some years we have been in many different places ( south Europe, Sicily, Ethiopia) living in communities and relearning a natural way of life. We are interested in permaculture practices and most of all we live humanbeings ;) We are hopefull aswell as determined to contribute our part in making our planet the healthy paradise it can be.


Set country: Nigeria

Hi my real name is Henrietta ,I am a hardworking girl,fun to be with, interesting personality,adventurous etc currently I'm married so we will be traveling as a couple.


Set country: United States

Healthy 70 year old male who loves to hike, swim and meet new people and explore local life in this wonderful One World or ours.
Multitude of skill sets from a life time of diverse work experiences.
Peace Corps Volunteer - Taught business, mechanics and carpentry as well assisted with construction of school.
Cook - cafe, restaurant, ski resort and truck stop. Also spent time as dish washer, waiter and bus boy. Actually ran a team of horses and chuck wagon in Yellow Stone park.
Youth counselor and House Parent - assisting adjudicated, neglected and runaway youth. Scuba Instructor - PADI Master Dive Instructor (Hawaii - Solomon Islands).
Numerous construction trades as labor and superintendent with focus on civil construction - utilities, drainage and structural. Also co... Read more


Set country: France

My name is Marine, I'm 26 and I'm French. I would like to live an experience abroad before the end of the year, I can't be away more than 3 months. I've already been a volunteer in France during 8 months.

Sandeep Kumar

Set country: India

I am Sandeep working in IT firm as Consultant. Want to explore world while exploring the local culture.

Matt Robinson

Set country: New Zealand

Kiwi Teacher traveling over summer.

Chiara Cocci

Set country: Italy

IF I SENT YOU A FRIEND REQUEST WRITE ME BECAUSE I CAN'T :) Hi! I'm Chiara, I'm 22 years old and I study Cinema and Plastic Arts. I travelled all my life, my mother is czech and my father is italian and that's why I always felt that my citizenship is worldly. I've been in Poland and France for Erasmus and I will go to live in Barcelona for another Erasmus in October! I've visited mostly all Europe and Morocco, and I would like to use any opportunity to travel again, and that's why I'm here! I have a week available and I want to have a great experience somewhere in the world!


Set country: France

I'm visiting Korea for three months from late August to late November. I'm planning to go to Busan and Seoul. I hope I'll meet a lot of new friends during my journey! I'll be glad to share my travel experiences and my culture with my hosts!

Mohamed Abdullah

Set country: Egypt

I'm moo, from Cairo, I'm 23 years old, and I love getting to know new cultures, especially Europeans. All I want is just a WiFi network


Set country: United States

Hello. I am 38 from Los Angeles. I have worked in film production and decided to leave that behind and travel the world in 2020 but then Covid happened. Since then my last job was for a Humanitarian Aid non-profit and helped with the covid-reponse in Los Angeles, California. Now I am back on the backpacker's trail and I am looking for volunteer opportunities while I travel and learn about different cultures.


Set country: Brazil

Sou bem tranquila, gosto de conversar, alegre, tenho o intuito de ajudar no que for melhor e de comum acordo Sou designer e dançarina/ professora. Tenho várias habilidades e vontade de aprender sempre msos

João Gaborges

Set country: Brazil

I'm a brazilian musician, singer-songwritter and she is a argentinian artist

Jools McC

Set country: United Kingdom

Hello, I'm Jools, just another antipodean who came over here umpteen years ago to check things out, and decided to stay. I've been doing work exchanges through another site for about four years now, and have met and worked with some interesting characters. It's been a great way to visit and explore parts of the UK I might not usually visit, and the people have shared thoughts, ideas and inspiration that have influenced my journey in some way or another.

I enjoy being active and creative in some way or another, so working on renovation projects or similar would be ideal, although my hobbies and interests are quite eclectic, so I'm open to any interesting offers - admin or hospitality experience would also be welcome. Mostly, I'm looking for hosts who get the 'work exchange' ethos... Read more


Set country: India

I am working as a Travel Advisor at , Indulge in handling booking from all over the world , Helping clients to modify their booking etc I had also volunteered in I love kasol hostel as a community head and Guest management , I had made wow experience for all the guest I had encountered and got a memorizing feedback I am a solo traveller and A Travel guide too, I Have taken the guest for trekking, Sightseeing , Places like katgla , Kasol, Manikaran, Chalal, Malana, Tosh , Grahan , Thunja, Tulga, pulga, etc I am a dedicated person and make sure I deliver my work on time and be consistent throughout, GOOD in communication skills and connecting people easily.


Set country: Canada

I am a healthy, physically fit, 60 year old male interested in travel, adventure and volunteering. As a Helpx member since 2018, I've enjoyed several exchanges with hosts in my province. I am now ready to branch out and am hoping to do exchanges within Canada.


Set country: Morocco

My name's Yasser I'm from Morocco my age 21 years
I work in computer networks and install surveillance cameras
I want to have an experience outside my country I love raising animals like cats and dogs and farm animals and I love taking care of children I love children We can exchange culture and experience
I am in good health and do not have any allergies, I have great energy and enthusiasm I want to see the world I am a nice person open to all other cultures I can also host you in the charming city of Marrakech with its beauty

Maya Stephani

Set country: Belgium

I am a very big animal and nature lover. I am not completly sure yet what I want to study, so I'm taking a gap year to travel and work. I'm very openminded and not scared of getting my hands dirty.

Mykaelle Cristina

Set country: Brazil

Hi everyone, my name is Mykaelle, but everyone calls me Myka. I am 27 years old, Brazilian and I have a degree in materials physics and I have a master of science in physics as well. I am a good-humored, polite, friendly, easy-going person, and I have a great genuine desire to help people in many ways. I think we here, on this planet, to help people and evolve as people. This is the meaning of life for me. I love science, sunsets, children, animals, and nature (beaches, waterfalls, etc). In my free time, I like to paint, read, and observe the sky through my telescope. I also like to go out and spend time with my family and friends. I would like to have an abroad experience to improve my English and Spanish skills besides learning and developing new hard and soft skills and languages. W... Read more


Set country: Germany

Hello there! I’m Alicia, 23 years old, from Germany. Currently I’m studying English and Spanish at teachers degree. After school I did an voluntary work year in Brasil, so I know Portuguese too! I love to travel and meet new people around the world. I’m searching for cultural/ language exchange and a great time together! :) As I am working and studying in Germany, my availability is limited…


Set country: United Kingdom

Hiya! I am a newly graduated 23 year old who is itching to get away, and become immersed both working and living in a new place, soaking up the culture, learning new skills, problem solving daily. I love meeting anyone and everyone, being able to learn new things from people is so inspiring! I love cooking, and hosting dinner parties where people can really be sociable and share their warmth and stories. I also love dancing and music.

Bryan Brumley

Set country: United States

Just looking to get out of Texas! Offer my landscaping and photography skills. I have been a professional drone pilot form 7 years

Set country: Italy

Hi, my name is Davide and I'm Italian exactly from Sardinia. I'm a dog lover, I literally go crazy about it and I see that it's mutual. I graduated as an agricultural technician expert and worked as a gardener. I also have several experiences with exotic animals such as reptiles, parrots, corals and fish. I also made pizzas. I got the qualification of barber. I would also like to perfect my Spanish and English.

Hola, me llamo Davide y soy italiano. Soy un amante de los perros, literalmente me vuelvo loco por ello y veo que es mutuo. Me gradué como experto técnico agrícola y trabajé como jardinero. También tengo diferentes experiencias con animales exóticos como reptiles, loros, corales y peces. También hice pizzas. Obtuve la cualificación de barbero. También me gustarí... Read more