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Set country: Netherlands

Mari, 29


Set country: Russian Federation

My name is Ivan. I'm manager in hospitality. Now I take pause in my career's and looking for new duties and skills outside the russia. I'm friendly and experience man. I can working in hotel team. My purpose practice of English language. I like sports and activities on nature.


Set country: Germany

I have always wanted to travel… since I was a little girl. My goal is to become one with the world. Travel the entire world. See it through the eyes of the locals. Share our stories. I hope I leave a little bit of my spirit with each person I meet and I gain a little bit of them. This way we all become one. I love to learn about different cultures. Perhaps that is why I have this fascination with languages. I look forward to many enjoyable and fruitful conversations! I guess I’m doing this backwards! When I was younger, I did all the responsible things like job and mortgage and all that. My happiest time was when I was raising my son. That was the best job I’ve ever had - with utmost gratitude and humility. Now I am ready to embark on my next adventure in life - travel and work... Read more

Lucas e Jady

Set country: Portugal

Hi, we are Lucas and Jady, Brazilian open-minded couple, respectively Master geophysical-geologist and environment engineer student and trainee (almost graduated) We have been sharing enhancing experiences on camping, farm working ( in Jady´s family farm at Araruama, rural area near Rio de Janeiro) where we have prepared the soil and planted banana, mandioca, and corn, with great success without any kind of pesticide. Jady worked SO hard over the last year, as seller of organic products of the Dom Bosco farm (Silva Jardim, Rio de Janeiro) and as a researcher of Embrapa Soil, so we planned to enjoy her vacations together in Portugal and here we are! So excited to spend these weeks working and acquiring new knowledge on eco-farming, bio construction, and other sustainable activities.


Set country: Not set

I am a college student who loves running, reading, and listening to various genres of music. During my first semester of college, I enrolled in a Chinese class. While taking this class, I had the opportunity to meet and interact with people from various countries in Asia. I am taking a year-long trip across various countries in Asia to see the places I heard so much about. My goal is to learn about the cultural differences between the U.S. and the other countries.

Ashvin Sungkur

Set country: Mauritius

Hello, we are a couple from Mauritius and coming to Goa in September 2019. We would like to stay with you guys and help. we love music, nature and adventure.


Set country: India

Name-rajeevraana Smartphone no-9315841500 Address u-1,-16 Budhvihar Delhi phase-1 pincode-110086


Set country: Romania

Geta, my wife and I, Laurentiu, we have a dream. That to do what we were forbidden, and we could not have many years ... to visit Europe, to know people and places in European civilization. We are fit and open to any kind of work to help our hosts. It is a welcome payment for current expenses. Geta knows to take care of flowers and gardens, housekeeping and other household chores. I'm experienced in computers, but I'm happy with anything else.


Set country: United States

Quiet, calm girl who loves to travel and discover new things! I love music, horseback riding, yoga, and swimming. I'm 20 years old and have lived in Florida my whole life and attend college in South Carolina. My wish is to travel during the summer and help out in exchange for cultural immersion, making friends, and new experiences!

Andrew Altinger

Set country: Mexico

Hello! Have been traveling around Mexico since November volunteering and helping locals where possible! I have six months experience running a hostel with only one helper this year aside from other care-taking, hosting, spiritual guidance, and even temazcal experience.


Set country: Russian Federation

I'm travel loving girl who really wants to explore the world. I would like to take part in any kind of work because I'm so interested in getting new experience in different spheres.

Sarah Adams

Set country: Not set

I am a recent college graduate excited to try new things. I am an extremely quick learner with a diverse background.

Alaya Zabre Ferezi

Set country: Mexico

My name is Alaya,I was born in Argentina and I'm mexican too because of my father,who is mexican.
I've been studied and worked in Argentina all of my life.I studied social comunication and worked like journalist and I'm a profesor too ,so I worked in the University and High school. Also I worked in a kindergarden,as a teaxher,because I like children so much. I love aninals,all of them.I have got 2 pets,Olivia my cat and Shakira my dog,nowadays they are living with my family in Argrntina because I'm teavelling,living and working in Mexico

Alejandra Aguayo

Set country: Mexico

Hi Im from México, I have 31 years, i studied psychology, I like to share and learn with people from all over the world, im very friendly , enthusiastic person, with adventurous spirit.

Agustina Vitale

Set country: Mexico

Mi nombre es Agustina, tengo 20 años y estoy cumpliendo mi sueño, viajar, y me encanta en el trayecto ir pasando por hosteles para poder intercambiar mi ayuda de cualquier tipo (además de las tareas de limpieza/orden/decoración me gusta mucho pintar y el arte), soy muy feliz haciéndolo y así además puedo conocer los lugares que me gustan. Soy amable y me adapto fácilmente

Joe Smith

Set country: United States

I am looking for a place to stay, work, and learn for a month or more!

Bouazar Amine

Set country: Morocco

I'am Amine from Morocco exactly in Agadir. 20 years old and I Study at ibn. Option : Economy. I like the Volunteering That's why I 'am here . My Goal also : Make an international network and to improve my skills in English and helping others and to meet a lot of peoples.

Auz Epitome

Set country: United States

Hello! Need a hard worker? A comedic and caring one, you say? Down to earth, and understanding? Well look no further! My name is Auz and I am super adaptable and can live simply. I can preform an array of tasks, and learn quickly, those I cannot. I love animals and babes, I will get in the garden or under the house. I enjoy cleaning more so than the next and I always speak my mind with honesty. I am a great listener and can follow rules. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Have a wonderful day! I'm sorry, I do not have a passport at this time.


Set country: Panama

I´m a very creative man who have ability to decoration, I´ve got a high knowledge in technology apps and operative systems, and very proficient with the capability to learn new languages.


Set country: Canada


My name is Adrian, I'm from Toronto Canada and I'm looking to work abroad starting this November. I have experience in the trades, farming, computer building and repair, administrative duties, cooking, cleaning, teaching sports, hosting events, and much more. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! I speak fluent English, basic Spanish and basic French.

Ali Ramzy

Set country: Turkey

A hippie at heart

Harvinder Singh

Set country: India

My name is Harvinder singh and i am from INDIA.My love and hobby is travelling,playing cricket and other sports,dancing,singing etc.My dream is to get a job in which i get paid for travelling so i hope this platform will help me to achieve my dream.

Erald Pollo

Set country: Albania

38 years . Law school . Seller

Milagros Centeno

Set country: Mexico

Mi name is Milagros, i'm an Argentinian girl. I've been travelling around Mexico for two months and my idea is to stay for a little bit more time. I speak Spanish and English, I've been working as a receptionist and as a waitress. I love to talk with people and learn new things.


Set country: Ghana

My name is Vincent and I love traveling. I did my first degree in marketing I do have so many working experience from loan specialist, credit repair specialist, marketing executive and so on.

I am a nomad so I got the time to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world while volunteering! 
I'm a complete animal lover, that is travel-addicted, and has a serious passion for (eating) food. 
I spend most of my free time sketching in my notebook or exploring the outdoors. I love to cook, and I love children.
I'm very considerate and love working with and meeting people of all ages and backgrounds, having spent the last 7 years working in customer service, and trading the financial market. 
I am very hard worker who always strives to improve no matter wha... Read more


Set country: Japan

A simple person who likes travel

Kamil Waliczek

Set country: Poland

Hey there! I am Kamil, 24 years guy from Poland. I graduated in journalism and...I decided that it is a perfect time to do what I have been waiting for last few years: traveling, learning languages and discovering new cultures. The sense of traveling for me is to feel the vibe of places which I visit. It's about meeting the people who create this vibe. I like to observation, meet, experience. I enjoy visiting hidden cafes, small pubs with live music or just being in places where people have fun while doing something creative. For me, getting lost in the city is the best way to explore. The challenge I give myself for the travel time is writing my first novel! The new location could provide a perfect background for my story. I am interested in travel journalism as well for example rep... Read more


Set country: Syrian Arab Republic

My name is basel...i am a medical student 5th year
( what we have for you if you come to our country)
I live with my family and we work in Agriculture and animal husbandry
We give you food all day if you come to stay with us and give you what you need to live in this period with us
You are not obliged to do anything only you should stay and talking with us and eat and sleep and go in trips and enjoy in fresh air in our wonderful village in other meaning we need to freinds and to know a new people from other countrys..
( what i have if i come to your country )
i have good knowlge in medicine and health i can help give i healthy care and medical aid
I am from rural area so i know how to care the animals and care in lands and gardens

Whatsapp ... Read more

Mostafa Ahmad

Set country: United Arab Emirates

أجيد أكثر من عمل وعندي القدرة علي تحمل المسؤلية

Alexandra Lewyn

Set country: United States

I am a 25 year old American girl living the dream of going to Italy for 3 months

Paula Schwerdt

Set country: Brazil

Hello! I'm a Brazilian girl who's going to Europe in April 2020 and I would love to do some work exchange. I'm planning to stay a little bit in Italy, then France, Spain and Portugal. And maybe Amsterdam, if I have time (and money, haha!). I don't even have to say that I love traveling and meeting new people from different cultures, right? I lived in Sydney, Australia on my own a while ago where I was studying and working, and it was amazing! So it's not gonna be my first experience doing this sort of program abroad :) I'm very responsible, very friendly, and get along with all kinds of people. I work hard, but I also love to have fun. I love music and art. I have a Bachelor's degree in Law, but I'm working as an online English tutor at the moment. That's something I enjoy doing once it... Read more

Iliass Ben Houcine Slassi

Set country: Not set

my name iliass froom morocco live in tangier 1.80 cm and 70 kg
i have visa shengen

Katrin Lucky

Set country: Ukraine

We are young family couple, Kateryna (36) and Igor (38) years old, from Ukraine. We love travel and as we have vacation in September looking for the host. Last 5 years we lived in Dubai, UAE. Both of us were busy in sells. I worked as a merchandiser at goverment company, Dubau Duty Free and my husband worked at Rental car company. Last year we back to Ukraine to settle here, but still wish to explore different countries sometimes. We are very friendly and open mind persons who know how to deal with different people with a respect and in positive way:)


Set country: United States

안녕하세요, 저는 Katie입니다! 스물두 살이에요.
Don't have much travel experience - yet! Hah!
I love studying foreign languages, eating new foods, exercising creative expression, learning and sharing with others, and...SLEEPING! :) zzz....

Hoping to expand myself and my relationship with the world through this platform. Pleased to meet you!

I am primarily seeking hosts that need assistance with creative and collaborative works. I love painting, making music, designing, project planning, photography, photo get the picture. ;)

However, I have plenty of experience in customer service (hotel industry) and would be able to help you in that regard, as well. I'm also proficient with multiple computer systems, able to teach Yoga, help wi... Read more

Dorota Braun

Set country: Poland

Hi, I am a cheerful soul eager to help and learn! I am from Poland but I live and study in Scotland so usually I am in one of them. I study psychology and social anthropology, I am always happy to learn more about cultures, and I care a lot about mental health of others. I speak Polish and English and learn Spanish, I understand basics of Italian. I play the piano, guitar and ukulele, I also love singing! I have experience babysitting, housekeeping, and refurnishing I am trying to be open, cheerful, positive and caring. I love cooking :), I am vegetarian.