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Set country: Namibia

My name is Joshua Hadula and I am writing to express my interest in traveling abroad and beginning a career as an African teacher or Human resource administrator. I hope to use the Hippohelp platform to connect with prospective hosts, collaborators and expats living abroad who offer useful knowledge and tips. I am a 27 year old African male from Namibia, Oregon who is planning to move to Amsterdam to pursue teaching African History and English. I am a fluent in English speaker and bilingual Afrikaans speaker. My educational background includes having studied Bachelor in Human Resource Management at the Namibian University of Science and Technology from 2013-2016 with related coursework in business and Afrikaans programs. I will love to see the world in a different perspective.

Ahmed Adel

Set country: Egypt

I'm Ahmed from Egypt. I like travelling and I hope to exchange cultures with foriegners.

Charrise Bonheur

Set country: United States

Im a musician and creative who enjoys traveling and making a positive impact.


Set country: Indonesia

Hi, I am farida mei rahmawati. i live in indonesian and i want to learn new culture or learn something new. I graduated on economy majority and working as administrator (full time) and waitress as a part time.


Set country: Malaysia

Hello, my name is Arjan Singh and I’m a father of 2 teenagers. Wife is also an avid traveller however she will join me in the near future once our 2 boys are pretty much on their own. I'm a retired master mariner with accomplished managerial and problem-solving skills. Travelled to many countries around the world during my sailing days although must admit the trips in a foreign land was always short due to brief port stays. No hangup in doing labour intensive tasks and being a mariner we are quite well known for "jack of all trades master of none" skills. Looking to share experience and also seeking new life experience. Life is all about making a positive difference..........


Set country: Morocco

Hey there,I'm sanaa, a 28 yo newly graduated doctor. I'm taking some time off work & trying to focus on passing my OET exam in Turkey on December 2019. So while I'll be there,I'd like to travel & discover the country...that's the reason why I'm on this site ; would love to meet new friends.

Jaki Gregoire

Set country: Canada

Hello! My name is Jaki, and I have recently completed a 7 month trip around Asia and New Zealand. I travelled around NZ for two months in a camper van, and am now looking to return for the rest of my working holiday visa and find some work and a place to stay in the Golden Bay (it was one of my favourite spots in the country and I can't wait to meet the locals do some more exploring!). I'm very eager to learn new skills, but I also have a family history of urban permaculture, as well as a degree in English Literature and a minor in French. I have severals years experience teaching and tutoring both subjects, if this can be of use. My hobbies are: singing, playing the ukulele, hiking, soccer, and baking. Cheers!


Set country: United States

Hello! : ) I am relocating to Austin; I work independently "from home" (in a mobile way) with WIFI and can schedule work & chores around my revenue creation. I will be commuting to Austin sometimes for in-person Reiki appointments and to play guitar & sing my original songs. I like the idea of being in service to a local family or individual as I become familiar with the Austin area, in order to transition into my own living space in Austin within a set period of time, which may be approximately 3 months or sooner (probably not to exceed 6 months). I'd welcome getting to know & assist a nice local family or individual while I become acclimated to Austin : ) My homestate is Michigan, but I've lived and worked all over the country & lived in Dallas from 2015-2018; I went home to Michiga... Read more

Nabil Entifi

Set country: Morocco

Oh wonderful spirits. I am a fan of discovering the customs and cultures of the world by offering different destinations to meet people from all over the world.   I am an open minded person who can acquire new skills very quickly. I love learning and communicating with other souls.   My passion includes caring for animals, love cooking, gardening, ready for hard work and interacting with others.   I still explore myself and the world, and travel gives me the opportunity to learn a lot of valuable lessons. I want a chance to learn and enjoy the beauty of the world while helping people who need it.

Sinai Shaul

Set country: India

Taken the year off to travel, meet new people and experience the world. Love an adventure

Kapil Singh

Set country: India

Yuliya Kuzmenko

Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! My name is Yuliya, 27. Last 2 years I have spent in travels - Europe, latin america, some Africa and Asia. Right now I am looking for getaway from russian winter and as I am preparing for GMAT (exam to enter MBA) I need quiet place where I will have spare time to drill my study. I am open for sure for communication and social exchange as well as I will definitely be devoted to the work at your place. I am ready to start from now till the end of November. Destination is not so important, though warm seaside places are preferable :) the most important is good vibes!

Arlen Cristina Castillo Sanchez

Set country: Korea, Republic of

Mexican 23 y/o Art & Design Bachelor


Set country: Taiwan, Province of China

My name is Margon and I am a 38 year old woman. I grew up at a dairy farm and I studied tropical agriculture in the Netherlands.

I have worked for more than 10 in an office and I didn’t like the job. In 2017 I made a decision to do something else. I moved to China to work there as an English and Art teacher. I worked in Shenzhen, China for 2 years. Then in 2019 I decided to do something different, to go back to my roots and to do voluntary work on farms.

My hobbies are traveling, hiking, bicycling and being creative Please, don’t ask me to be a nanny. I am not interested in being a nanny, I am not good with children.


Set country: Argentina

I'm a freelance writer, passionate about traveling, languages, deep-diving into new cultures and music. I'm looking to be a volunteer in eco-friendly places in which I have the chance to learn things like Permaculture, Agriculture, Sustainability and Cultural background. I'm also working on a site that will feature this experiences, so we can raise the voice, together, about self-sustainbility and a more conscious relationship with the environment.

Sara Marei

Set country: Egypt

After working 20 years in HR, I have studied life coaching and hypnotherapy and feel the need to share all my knowledge and experience beside gaining new skills by giving help to whoever needs it and travel the world and collect wisdom and enlightenment.. My driving quote is (if I am not growing, I am dying)

Renzo DF

Set country: Uruguay

Muchas veces soy un inquieto viajero, un scout en busca de aventuras. Otras veces soy un programador web o un voluntario. Viajo porque puedo ser todos a la vez. Mi destino es la cultura y los corazones de latinoamérica, allá hasta donde llegue. Llevo poco porque necesito poco y estoy dispuesto a aprender lo que estés dispuesto a enseñar.¨ "Buscar mi felicidad en la felicidad de los otros, mi dignidad en la dignidad de los que me rodean, ser libre en la libertad de los otros, tal es todo mi credo, la aspiración de toda mi vida."

Leticia Asseru Rachel

Set country: Congo, the Democratic Republic of the

Am a young and simple lady looking for opportunities to make change in my life and also change the world by exploiting my skills

Tom Bartlett

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi!, I'm Tom. With 10 years in the British Army and 5 years working in the media industry, I have a wealth of experience and skills. Wether it's getting stuck in to a hard task in the cold and rain, or helping you learn some software or manage your social media, I'm your guy. I used to travel a lot with my military career, from Canada to the Middle East. Afterwards I moved to London, and worked in a creative studio for a few years but something was missing. I made the decision to move to the French Alps for winter, and since then I haven't stopped. My latest adventure was working in Nicaragua for a surf camp. I get along with everyone, and that's one of my favourite things about travelling; the people. I have a driving license for most vehicles, mechanical engineering qualificatio... Read more

Kyra Greif

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi there! I am a 21-year-old girl from Canada, living and working in the UK on a working holiday visa until October of 2020. Currently I am living and working on the Isles of Scilly as a Receptionist at St Mary's Hall Hotel. I love it here and plan on returning next season, beginning in March. For the winter, however, I'm looking to explore more of the UK, and I would love to meet some new and lovely people as well! I am extremely conscientious and a hard worker. Being helpful in whatever way I can be is of highest importance to me, and I will look for ways to be of assistance. I am very optimistic and personable, and take pride in my customer service and hospitality skills. On a personal level, I can be a little shy and reserved at first when out of work (and not in my receptionist/h... Read more

Isabelle Nejad

Set country: Germany

German Travelling look for some fun charity work :)

Christophe Huart

Set country: France

Hello, I'm Christophe, originally born in France, I fall in love with Balkans and traveling. Then, I used to travel as often as I can.
I currently work as a freelance on website creation, SEO and digital marketing... I also use to create, organise and guide some tours in Romania, Slovenia and Balkanic peninsula. I would be glad to give you a hand with your projects.
I was also a cyclist and I already dealt with children and tourists Mountain bike camps in the fabulous Gorges du Verdon.
I speak fluently French, English and Romanian. I can also speak Romanitalian (but my understanding in Italian is better lol). I can also pick up a few words or basics in a few languages. I am also always interested in discovering new cultures, learning new languages and meeting new people, then f... Read more

Okba jaouedi

Set country: Tunisia

I am from tunisia, my old is 41 years, i am fireman I like travel for help people and volontary work


Set country: Algeria

Name: anouar first name : abd lkoui age : 24 Educational level : master degree in economic bancaire Length: 1.85 cm the weight :78 klg

Sara Varanasi

Set country: Italy

I'm Sara, a traveler from Italy. Intrerested in Nature, Photography, Yoga and Vegetarian Food. I travel with my boyfriend Philip from Sweden. We are really calm people who like to hike and stay in the wild. I'm a good cook and Philip is an amazing English teacher. We love animals and we are really good with children.

Adeyemi Emmanuel

Set country: India

I am Adeyemi Emmanuel, Nigerian. Nurse by profession, And I'll love to work abroad.

Maxi Silberglit

Set country: Germany

Hello, I am Maxim and come from Germany. As a postgratuate student i had studied Economics and Linguistics at a German and British University. I had also worked for several companies related to Finance, Mechanical Engineering and Air carriage. I would describe my personality as open minded, considerate and ambitious. during the course of my career i proved myself to be adaptable. It wasn't easy, but i learned how to cope with big changes and how to solve problems before they are about to escalate. Another good part of my personality is that i like to listen carefully to other people in order to find the best suitable solutions.

流尾 真名

Set country: Japan

I am Mana. A 31 year old a Japanese girl living in NewZealand. I am super optimistic, cheerful and open-mineded person.I love to travel and discover new cultures. Meeting local people is always the best part of my trip!

Marina Peckinpaugh

Set country: Canada

Energetic, hard working, detail oriented, finisher, goal achiever, team player

Sarinee Kelly

Set country: United States

Hello, My name is Sarinee Kelly and my fiancé’s name is Jonathan. We are looking to travel the world volunteering as I call this my personal dream. I am CNA here in the states (certified nursing assistant) and Jonathan works at Lowe’s Hardware. We are looking forward to meeting all of you.

Karen Espinoza

Set country: United States

I am a communication graduate at a university in Mexico. I am passionate about travel, writing, adventure and exploring new cultures and helping with what I am able to do. Education I studied at one of the best public universities in Puebla, I obtained a 4-year degree in communication, in which I mixed basic communication skills with projects for social development. Work Experience As part of my career, I practiced professionally in a Mexican hotel in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, creating digital content and doing some writing for internal communication in the company. Travel Experience I have visited several states around the United States, as part of my goal of learning the English language and being part of the American culture. I have been, usually for pleasure and adventure, in San F... Read more


Set country: Hong Kong

I’m Eric from Spain. I will be hiking the Appalachian Trail this winter and would love to do some Wooffing along the way. Two years ago I was in Australia experiencing the way of life there as a farmer and the experience was awesome. My lasts adventures include paddling Tasmania on a kayak, climbing Mont Fuji, hiking 1000 km of the Tokai Nature trail in Japan and climbing all the highest peaks in Taiwan. I can speak Chinese as I’ve been living in Asia for more than a decade.

Hamzeh Moh Hanandeh

Set country: Jordan

Getting to know people. We learn cultures. Evolution of the English language. improve myself .

Luciana Bacci

Set country: United Kingdom

I'm a very friendly, down to earth and chilled out person. I enjoy new experiences and learning from other people. I'm also a spiritual person, vegan, nature lover, tin whistle player.

Angie Aranibar

Set country: Peru

University student in the last semester of the Tourism & Hospitality career at the San Martin de Porres University in Lima. Experienced in customer service at THE SAGAMORE RESORT in New York for the Work&Travel program. Specialized in Hospitality management at USMP and English methodology at ICPNA.

Mina Samir

Set country: Egypt

Hi !! I'm here to seek new adventures, meet people and broaden my horizons :) Each time I travel, I am learning new things, about the place, the people, the world, and also me, and this feels so great !!! I travelled mostly like a tourist, in predefined areas, but sometimes I felt like I didn't have experienced the real thing. Now that I finally have plenty of time until November 2019, I want to use it by discovering how other people live and work and take pleasure from life

Sailor Gerry Whelzo

Set country: Ireland

Athletic and Arty Irish fella with a lot of experience in many things and a long term goal of exploring many countries to hopefully find one that resonates so strong with me one day and will perhaps become my permanent home. As much as I love Ireland I want to see what else is out there, not just for a holiday or a visit, but live and build a life. So my time spent with you isn't just a long affordable holiday, it is potentially a life changing experience! (and may lead to my immigration!)


Set country: Viet Nam

Hello, I'm Lillian from Vietnam. I was born 1996. I am currently an R&D Staff at an English Language School where I meet many foreign teachers and volunteers. My major is Accounting but I realized it was not my passion. Instead of working with numbers everyday, I prefer to work with active young people, improve my English skills and experience the cultures of the world. During my time with Unike, I follow the studying progress of students (about their attitude, behavior and how students interact with their teachers etc) to remind students and help them to improve during their studying time in our center. I help foreign teachers who are working here get acquainted with Vietnamese life and culture. I can adapt to other cultures because I'm surrounded by foreigners and my English skills im... Read more


Set country: Saudi Arabia

Hi. My name is Muhammed, and Saudi Arabia has been my home for the past 26 years. I like reading books and listening to music, especially when they're made by someone else.

Ever since I was a kid it's been a dream of mine to go on an adventure, to see the locals, to eat good food, and to find myself in it all. It was made so that I can't move on unless I do. This will be my medicine.
I don't belong in front of this laptop. Been pushing it back for so long, but not anymore.