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Thato Phasha

Set country: South Africa

I am a young ambitious man. I love travelling and exploring but it can get too expensive for me. I love new experiences and getting to know more about other parts of the world.


Set country: Nigeria

Am adventurous and love to explore, love to learn new things, love to travel and sapiosexual


Set country: Kenya

Hello my name is Lynn and I'm very excited to travel and see different places around the world. I am a frequent volunteer so I have no problem volunteering myself. I also work better when it comes to using my hands and I am enthusiastic about exploring cultures.

Kira Barbie

Set country: United States



Set country: South Africa

We are a 23 year old couple that loves to travel and learn new cultures. We are always up for an adventure.

Anja Steidl

Set country: Austria

Hi! I'm a soon to be 18 year old traveller. Currently I'm in training to be a social worker which means I already have experience in taking care of children. I'm also good at arts and I'm a profesdional weightlifter in my home country. I will do any types of work and I'm looking forward to experience your culture.


Set country: Uganda

I am a kind and loving person who loves keeping time always . I am social and hard working to .

Thu Minh Tran

Set country: United States

Julie Thu Tran. Hello, I am Julie Thu Tran. You can call me Julie. I’m a college student and I go to Edmonds Community College. I am majoring in Hospitality Management and Social Work. If you’re parents looking for someone to take care of your kids ( and pets ) to get out a couple of days a month, occasionally or regularly, I’m your girl!! I am First Aid and CPR certified. I have 2 years of experience babysitting with a variety of ages: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 years old. I love reading kids stories and playing board games. "The best babysitter ever." - is how my last family described me. I am not only a caregiver but also a friend to children. I can do from silent reading to outside activities and will be willing to be there through the ups and downs. I know my role is important and will ha... Read more

Zhansaya Aliyeva

Set country: Kazakhstan

Меня зовут Жансая и я музыкант Причина почему я здесь - я никогда нигде не путешествовала , я всегда стремилась помочь другим какими бы они ни были - я всегда открыта для новых идей и опыта. Заодно попрактиковать языки . Я уверена это сделает меня счастливой ! Вот мои контактные данные: Facebook: Электронная почта: Всегда стремлюсь встретить новых друзей, делиться культурой , опытом и начать нов... Read more

Nana Ama Owusuwaah

Set country: Ghana

I am a free minded person who seeks to change the world through effective communication and understanding individual differences. I possess strong interpersonal skills and integrity. I also love to explore new culture and ideas.

Floramaria Rivers

Set country: New Zealand

Kia Ora and Talofa Lava from the South Pacific, I'm a 27 year old female, who has experience working within hotel management, marketing, reservations and customer care complaints. I have hammerhand skills if necessary and I genuinely enjoy solving problems for people.


Set country: United States

I am a graduate student that works full-time. Looking for and opportunity to make better use of my spare time.

Åñä Thë Ùnknøŵñ

Set country: United States

We would love to travel


Set country: United States

i am a young ambitious women looking to help and explore the world


Set country: Ireland

We are Sorcha and Ayla 29 & 5 :) we enjoy nature, music, dancing, good food and exploring. We love to have a laugh and be creative. For many years we hosted volunteers and now we are ready to offer our help and see the world. :)

Marta Koźma

Set country: Poland

(will describe soon)

Eduardo Gasca

Set country: Germany

Hello! I'm Chris from Düsseldorf Germany I'm traveling around the world since 2014 I just love the feeling of discover new places new people new cultures is just simply something that makes me happy and makes me feel alive to see the world and its nature. I do play Guitar, Bass & Drums. I love music, songwriting,read, cooking and being active. I speak fluent English German and Spanish. Hope to meet you soon even in these challenging times. :)

Chrisbel Ortiz Paulino

Set country: Dominican Republic

Hi! I’m Chrisbel, I’m 26 years old and have an Industrial Organizational Psychology Bachelor’s degree from the Dominican Republic. I love traveling and learning about new cultures and languages. I love art and studied acting professionally in Los Angeles, CA. And I have a great passion for music and singing. I care a lot for the environment and follow a vegan lifestyle and I’m also very spiritual and enjoy doing yoga and meditating.

Deanna Daza

Set country: Hungary

Hello Host!! My name is Diana & I am an ex-pat from the US living in HU at the moment. I use to live in Los Angeles until I got a job in UAE working as a lead trainer for a new American F & B concept opening in UAE. This is where my love for travel & learning about new cultures started. Once my contract was over & having the chance to work with & meet people from all over the world, visit cultural centers & schools I did not want to go back.

Octavio Belarmino Loss

Set country: Brazil

Olá! Meu nome é Octávio, sou brasileiro. Estou procurando por viajar e trabalhar em outras cidades, estados ou países (atualmente moro no RS, em Caxias do Sul). Já trabalhei em fastfood (cozinha e telefone), Restaurantes buffet livre (cozinha, louça, recepção...), comércio, vendas e recepção em eletrônicas, além de ter sido criado no interior trabalhando em chácaras. Além disso, meu primeiro emprego foi como Servente de Pedreiro. Falo Inglês, Portugues e um pouco de espanhol. Atualmente estou cursando Comércio Exterior, mas já fiz três anos de licenciatura em física Muito obrigado! Hi! My name is Octávio, Brazillian. I'm looking for travel and work in other citys/contrys. I have experience with food, reception, commerce and i'm finishing my graduate at In... Read more

Rebecca Lance

Set country: United States

Very hard worker excited at the idea of doing work exchange anywhere and everywhere around the world!

Akash Shinde

Set country: India

Hello I'm Akash.. I'm a simple guy trying to learn about the society... I wish to travel across the world and meet wonderful people and learn about there culture. I'm happy that I found this site, and loved the concept. It not only provides the platform for traveling but at the same time contributing to the society and help the traveler to learn about various different works, skills, etc..


Set country: Italy

I am a 21 year old boy with a cochlear implant, I speak Italian and I am trying to learn English I do not have a lot of experience but I want to be useful and meet new people