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Hello, My name is Dimitris I am 31 years old, I speak Greek and English and willing to learn new Languages :)
i like to travel, explore and meet new people around the world.
I love food, cooking, outdoor activities, nature, environment, languages share knowledge.
Have lots of working and volunteer experience you can ask me about. (:
(I am not willing to work with toxic or chemicals as I like healthy lifestyle and I am environmental responsible.) See you soon!!

Knut Kongshaug

Hi there! My name is Knut, which means "knot" in Norwegian. For the moment I'm 24 years and live in the capitol of Norway, Oslo. During the day I work at a niche shop selling high-end loudspeakers and a variety of audio products. When the day turns to night I like to be social, either with the good friends I'm living with or friends around the city. Oslo has a lot of exciting stuff to do, however I really like to travel to other places to experience other cultures and meet new friends. From I was a kid my father has worked for the norwegian airline, giving us the opportunity to travel the world for reasonable prices. This has given me a lust I'm brining with me into my life as a grown-up. I hope if you're reading this that you would like to get to know me, despite this being a very ... Read more


I am a world traveling yoga instructor, traveling since 2014. I have backpacked through Europe, Central America, Southeast Asia and North America all through work exchange.


Hey my name's Debbie! I honestly love traveling (more than anything) and meeting new people.
I'm 20 years old and currently living in Germany.


Im a half german-half greek girl with a big love for animals, nature, sport and eating ;) I love go hiking or swimming. I work in a hospital and have an education as naturopaths. I like to learn more about the humans body - massage techniques and Ayurveda :)

Laury Colonia

My name is Laura and I ´m 30 . I come from Spain but I live at the moment in Germany . I am a Spanish girl who loves meet a new people with different Culture. I want to explore the World and help people and improve too my English.