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Hello! I am a recent graduate from Goldsmiths, University of London, and I am looking to work as an art writer and content creator in Berlin! I'm very friendly and enthusiastic and excited to move to Berlin. I really love meeting new people from different cultures and sharing experiences with them. I have a lot of babysitting experience and can provide references, I am also good at general house maintenance and cleaning - really I'm happy to do anything that's needed.


Hi! I'm a 19 year old french girl who loves travelling. I'm an engineering student. I'm dynamic, willing to help, and I love culture sharing.

Vikash Shah

Helloh everyone ...heard a lot about cultural exchange programmes.its a good to help others and also travel . Although I am not an expert so I shall try my best to do the work least not to disappoint u becoz as of now I don't have much skills but believe me I can learn them pretty waiting to join a new culture...soon


We both filmmakers and illustrators.
We are excited to set soon on our first big trip together to southeast asia!:) We are kind of slow travellers, we like to stay longer in some places and know better the local people. As our everyday life consist mostly of working on the computer and we basicly really tierd of it, we are looking forward to do sth totally different next months:) We both love to be in the nature and we are willing to work at the farms, to learn new skills like building and carpentery especially.

Savannah Trifiro

Federico and I (Savannah) will be traveling around Latin America for several months in the coming year. We have an idea of where we would like to go, but are very flexible with our plans. I am from New York but have lived and worked in Indonesia and Spain the past few years, and Federico is from Italy but recently finished his studies in Germany. We both hold university degrees, and for now simply want to take advantage of our youth to experience new cultures and people and lend a helping hand where we can!