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Hind Ashraf Youssef

Egyptian, 21. University student. I major in English Literature. I want to travel, explore the world and meet new people.

Hailey Sexton

We are a jack of all trades couple. My name is Hailey and I am great at front end website creation. I am knowledgeable about SEO and SWOT analysis and am also able to make an array of online media like infographics. I also speak Spanish and a little French. Taylor is an excellent organizer and planner. We don't mind getting dirty and doing hard work. We are both great at cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children. We teach English in Thailand and love to teach English to anyone who wants some extra help. We currently live in Thailand and spend our holidays traveling. We love meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and countries. We are fun to be around and love playing games.

Kombo ngome

My name is ngome kombo am school teacher also am doing a part time jobs like urban agriculture,blloging,author of agricultural and entrepreneur atricles on facebook called Ngomeagribusiness.


Hello there, we are an Irish Belgian couple planning to go to Portugal in September. We would love to help you on any task . We would love to relocate in Portugal 1 day so it would be a great experience if could learn more about the area, language, construction,.... we are hard working,flexible and i think good company to be around.

Na Yim

happy hearted person willing to cooperate, engage and sharing.