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Jenny Dixon

I love to travel, to see new places and meet lots of interesting people. If you know of an exciting, unique or interesting opportunity, I'd love to hear from you!


I am punctual, dependable and love to jump into projects with both feet. Working in different projects helped me build confidence, and taught me the importance of team spirit. Last semester, I had to collaborate with my fellow students to launch an online business. Despite the fact that I didn’t have any foreknowledge of building a website, my enthusiasm led me to take online courses of web design and development. Further, my team launched an ad campaign on Facebook to raise the brand awareness of our online business. At the end, the number of unique visitors and click-through rate increased tremendously. I realized there was nothing more rewarding than the feeling of accomplishment from completing a challenging project after being pushed the limit of my abilities.

Tanielle Barnard

I am a South African woman.


Hi! I am an individual whose interests lie in hospitality, wildlife conservation and environment sustainability. I like making new friends and aspire to be a globetrotter!


I am Ieva. Born and raised in Latvia, travelled in Europe, Middle East and Caucasus, on and off for a couple of years. Last 3 years I spent in my home country working with kids and as a guide in a history museum. Since a couple of months I am on the road again and looking for my dreams and new challenges. I have had great experiences volunteering in Israel and Spain and I look forward to participating in great projects with the hosts of this site.

Jonny Hornby

Hello, my name is Jonny & I'm looking to better my confidence as well as to pick up some more skills in life. My interests are art which include drawing & creating digital pieces, I also am a big fan of cooking with fresh ingredients & sharing my meals with others, as I believe it's a very good way to bond with others.

My skills are a bit of a mixed variety, I'm excellent at problem solving & can often offer solutions to help resolve issues from a multitude of things such as marketing a business to new people to optimising a work method to make it more convenient.

I also have skills in gardening, from pruning of trees to grounds maintenance, also i regularly grow things such as peppers, chillies, courgettes, herbs & even quinoa.

I love to learn more than anythin... Read more

Cristina Bulbuc

I'm a nursing student from Portugal. This year i dicided to take a break from school and work and travel instead.
I love people, all animals <3 , nature, music and fun! I've always had summer/hollydays/weekend jobs. Like bartending, waiting tables and marketing and being from portugal most of them were with fellow travellers. I've learned a lot from those expiriences and met a lot of amazing people who inspired me to get out there and hopefully inspire someone too.