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Mariana Vasconcelos

We are 2 friendly and outgoing portuguese girls with a passion for travelling and adventure! We speak english, portuguese, spanish, french and a bit of Italian. Mariana has volunteered in Portugal, Colombia, Kosovo, Ecuador... and Catarina has volunteered in Italy, East-Timor and Portugal. We are both certified english teachers, devoted to a sustainable life-style and sharing everything with others.

Ticianne Costa

Brazilian, 27 years old. Graduated in management and crazy about traveling and getting to know
  people. Chef passionate about food, currently living in Italy, and looking forward to the next destination and upcoming discoveries. Addicted to bike rides. I love parties, like a good Brazilian I am and make friends is in my DNA. I believe in the power of the universe, that we are all one. And always seeks to exchange experiences and spiritual connection.


I am a french student and I would like to travel&work with Hippohelp in the aim to discover new places, meet new people, learn english and enjoy.

Vijayakumar GH

Hello all, I am Vijay from India currently working in Frankfurt, Germany. I am familiar in English and learning Deutsch. I came to know about hippo from friend and glad to be part of this community. I love to travel around world and work for food and accommodation.

Daniel Vitchyzna

Hello! What's up, everyone? For the past year and half I've been living a wonderful life in Ukraine where I teach English and write in my spare time. It was a natural idea to move because I fell in love with the rich culture of Eastern Europe! Working with students in a public school in my native California over the years back home, and watching their progress grow, I discovered really enjoy serving in the business of helping others, especially with language. It's been a pleasure been i'm ready for newer and greater things. Stuff that I fancy: Traveling around the world and discovering new cultures, cities, nature and fantastic food, attending Summer music festivals, watching classic Monty Python skits (can understand British humour nearly as much as American humor,) anything "Star War... Read more

Michelle Karl

I'm Michelle, 22 years, studying communication psychology, my hometown is Berlin in Germany :D I'm basically open for every place, also for learning a new language! Just like most people on this site I like to follow the feeling of wanderlust in my soul and travel :) Exploring new places is my passion, I like to meet new people and exchange stories, cultures and learn from each other. Hippohelp seems perfect to meet new peole, pick up new skills and get to know a place and culture in a more realistic way than just by being there as a tourist. I'm willing to work hard and to help a place grow! I collected some information about myself on this profile, but it's by far not all I'm willing to let you know, SO: If there are any questions -> don't hesitate to just ask!! :) I want to tell... Read more

Mozhgan MK

I am Mozhgan, I like to travel around world and know diffrent people and different cultures