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Lone Martinsen

My name is Lone Martinsen. I'm a 26 year old Norwegian girl on a working holiday visa in Australia. I`ve been traveling this beautiful country for five months now, and are looking to give something back.

I`m looking to volunteer working with animals. It doesn't matter where in Australia it is. I'm in Sydney at the moment, but I'm happy to move wherever - and I can start immediately.

Rebecca Chung

We two are Chinese girls, now looking for 2 positions about work for accomadations. We will arrive at Sydney on 8.17(flights booked). And we want to stay in Sydney for at least 1 week(totally negotiable). Both of us have a bachelor and we have no problem to help with any jobs needed and we commit to volunteer work for certain hours per week. Also we are very willing to learn anything new if needed. We are open-minded, experienced travelers and also respectful and reliable workers.

We could send you our CVs if you want. And pls feel free to ask if you need some other info else. Hope to hear from you soon!


Hi, it's Denny, a guy from Germany living his dream and exploring the world. I love to meet locals, try local food, learn something new and - that's why I am here! - to help along the way. You can expect a friendly and dependable guy that don't shy away from making his hands dirty : )


I hope to get to know as many different people with as many different life stories as possible, and learn as much as I can from them. Also, I hope I can give something back, and apart from helping with different tasks, hosts can learn something from me, even if it's just some basic romanian words.


24 year old traveler, backpacking, hammocking, swimming, surfing, hiking, and enjoying her time through Central America.