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i am from Indonesia. need travel around the world. loved sea

Nina Sophia

Hola, soy una chica de Alemania. Ahora estoy estudiando en España y quería viajar un poco. Me gusta más viajar y ayudar algo para quedarme con otra gente. Soy una chica abierto y casi siempre con una sonrísa en mi cara. Me gusta mucho bailar y hacer deporte o solo relajarme en mi tiempo libre. ;-) Hace 3 años estuve en Nueva Zelandia para viajar y trabajar como ahora.


Hello! I am from Russia, Moscow but I had relatives in Spain that's why I have dual citizenship. I used to horse riding for many years. I like yoga, music, literature, new experience and different people. I am easy going and trying always be genuine. I am interested in the culture of different parts of UK for a long time. I've already been in London and Edinburgh but it was not enough to understand the city. Actually touristic short-term journies are always not enough. It is important for me to do diversified work and not to sit in the same place long time. Additionally, I like to learn and get new skills. I am considering this practice as one more chance to see how varied and interesting is the world and people. And off course I hope to improve my English ;)


My name is Abbey and I'm a Psychology student. I'm looking to learn about the world, new languages, and different cultures.


I'm from Oklahoma, USA. Have been saving up for a couple of years to travel.

Sawyer Green

Hi! I am a spirited soul, bubbly, sociable, and always down to have a good time. I currently reside in Fort Wayne, but plan to move this year at some point down South. I have many ideas of what I want to do with my life going forward, mainly being a professional musician and/or aerial videographer/social media manager. I want to start transitioning out of the 9-5 job lifestyle, and want to help our planet Earth any way that I can. I absolutely LOVE music, and have been playing jazz/funk/blues Trombone for 10 years. I also like experimenting with different effects and guitar pedals, and currently working on several projects in collaboration with other musicians. I love being around positive people, and if you're a musician, let's talk! I'm open to meet up with and talk to others when tim... Read more


Hello. We are Korean newly married couple. We are just in world traveling. We've traveled from Mongolia to south america. We are in Peru now. My wife is little shy but most people who met her first time has feel she is bright. And I have no worry with only curious. :) I like to do something brand new. So if I had a chance to be with you, I truly try to make it happy!

Hassan Aboulfadam

I'm a 21 year old guy from Morroco. Hoping to travel and work in France during some months that I have off In order to know others and make some great memorise and get to know the country better