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Nesrine Aoun

We are a couple we want to live a new advanture


Since my working holiday in Australia in 2015 my desire to travel and experience different cultures, meet new people and see nature around the world has got stronger. As a person I am warm, caring and love to help people and I am a very easy person to be around and I adapted very quickly to the Australian people when I was there as this is the typical outlook of the Australian way of living. During my stay of 13 months over there my accent went from soft English to a deep, broad Australian drawl typical of the country outback and even after being back in the UK for three years it is still quite strong!! I have also visited other countries such as New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, France and Germany. The laid back, easy going and warm Australian outlook was a perfect match to my p... Read more

Charly GomTra

Hello everybody, my name is Carlos and this year I stopped my current job in Spain in an IT company to travel. And my last big trip will be New Zealand.
I would like to try the volunteer way to travel meeting local people and saving resources. I am a hard worker person and very easy going, and I love to discover new cultures or places.
My English is ok, but I would like to improve it during my trip, it is one of my goals.
If you have any question, just ask me ;)

El Hilali

Hello, my name is Hajar el hilali, I love like rural areas and are very much into animals, Animals are the purest beings don't you think?

Clay Brazil

I recently returned from an 8 month trip to the Marianas Islands. A good friend rented me a room on my return and in the last 4 months I've rested and recuperated. I've also put on 25lbs lol. I live in an area, surounded by 1000's of acres of rice, and I am BORED. I found Hippo ( and other sites) and resolved to restart my adventure.

Ashleigh Hatcher

Namaste! I am currently a student taking classes online, and looking to travel, meet interesting people, and engage in lots of personal development. I'd be happy to help with a variety of tasks if you allow me to share your space with you for a time!