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Mardi Goldsworthy

We are two best friends who have recently completed secondary school in Australia who are excited to travel, gain more independence and have new experiences! We love the outdoors and pride ourselves on being fun, outgoing, hardworking, flexible, motivated and open to doing literally anything!


I am a 30-something Spanish ex-economist turned into traveller already 10 years ago (time flies!!) with a passion for hard physical work, animals (humans included), cycling, camping, Nature and the Universe.

You can see more pictures of me on my (profile/username "Sprintio") and also at (profile/username "helpxer"). Non-smoker, clean, organised and polite, you can ask for references to any of these hosts where I've already volunteered: Linden Retreat (Croatia) - Roof building, horse fencing, milking goats, digging foundations, shaving logs, pressure cleaning roof tiles, gardening. Wilgenhof B&B (Belgium) - Weeding, harvesting, greenhouse maintenance, guest's reception. Obuse (Nagano - Japan) - Gardening, harves... Read more

Jane Greischar

Jane: My partner and I are travelling to Ireland, Wales and England beginning at May 31st. We are hoping to find a volunteer site for the month of June in Ireland, but are open to a place in England as well in July-August. We are both mature(over 60) individuals, hard workers, and responsible individuals. I have experience in raising sheep, have assissted in several construction projects from building a cabin, to redoing the entire interior of our house which was once a Mormon Church. Barb: I have worked in an independent, cooperative pharmacy in Madison Wisconsin in the US for the last 30 years. That means I work with the public and can be quite outgoing. My work has included bookkeeping and being a pharmacy technician. I have practiced the martial art Aikido for more that three ... Read more

Ben Holt

My name is Ben Holt. I am 19 years old. I grew in the San Francisco East Bay, and moved North to Murphys, Ca. when I started High School. I am a musician (been playing guitar for 11 years), and an entrepreneur. I am building an independent production label called Sheep Productions. I am an upbeat and happy person who loves meeting new people who have new experiences to share. I am very clean and follow instruction well. I have managed multiple businesses, so I am used to working in a team environment. I love to cook and would love to contribute in that way as well. Aside, I love reading and striking new conversation topic. I would be making my plans around your availability. I am a minimalist, so I won't be bringing many belongings. I just need a small space to sleep (I am not picky).