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Antoine Nehr

Hi ! My name is Antoine, I’m french, i’m 21 years old, as a lot of you, I like travelling, spending time with other people, sports, music and a lot of other things. I’m travelling around south estern asia and i would like to do work exanges to enrich my trip. I have my own motobike.

Catarina Mendes

Hey! I'm Catarina, I just finished my degree and I'm looking for new experiences :) I like to travel and to meet new people, and their stories! "Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't." Therefore, I'm excited to learn and share exepriences <3

Sofi Hayward

Hola, mi nombre es Sofía, soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina, ahora me encuentro viviendo en Berlín desde hace ya 7 meses, tuve una experiencia hermosa en esta gran ciudad, pude conocer mucha gente, trabajé como guía turística, disfruté de su naturaleza y viví todos los días fascinada de las distintas opciones que hay para hacer. Tengo 29 años y me reconozco como una persona muy curiosa, que le gusta vivir nuevos momentos, conocer nuevos lugares y nuevas personas, una de mis pasiones es viajar, es por eso que recorrí varios países y para mí la mejor manera de entender y apreciar un nuevo lugar es estando con gente que vive allí, en Argentina estuve estudiando por unos años la Licenciatura de Turismo. creo que al realizar una experiencia a través de hippo se pueden aprender nu... Read more


Hi all. I am Yousif a 38 years male. I am quite, creative and nice. I have a very international background. My parents are from Iraq. I was born in Moscow in Russia. I have lived in Algeria and Libya. Since 1997 I live in the Netherlands. I have studied electrical engineering. Got my bachelor and master degree from TU Delft. I was even planning to do PHD but finally chose to work. Currently I am working as an electrical engineer at an international company. We design and produce plane interior and appliances. I do quite a lot of volunteering. I am a volunteer at repair cafe. This is an organization that repairs appliances for free. This is good for the environment and also for the people. I am also building together with some friends a farm robot. It is such a cool project. Check ... Read more


Hi all, My name is Lee. I'm a native English speaker (born in U.K.). I have lived in England, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Australia, New Zealand and Finland. I've been fortunate enough to travel quite a lot since 2001. By boat, air and land. Work, wwoof, workaway, you name it - I've probably done it (or something similar).

Nadia Dohadwala

I am an 18 year old from Singapore, looking for some volunteer opportunities abroad before I go off to college in September 2018