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Mulan Sukrisno

Hey there! My name is Mulan and I'm an Indonesian student studying at the University of Sydney. Recently I've decided to take a semester off from all that studying and to explore the ways I can give back to the community, and it doesn't hurt that I get to travel while I'm at it. I'm passionate about people (I study Sociology) and love getting to discover and immerse myself in different cultures. Did I mention I'm a big fan of animals too? Although I've paused my official studies, I'm always up to learning something new. I'm fully aware that everyone knows something I don't; and for this I truly value the opportunity to be able to interact and share some of those experiences with people. It's with my utmost pleasure to help you out in whatever way I can :)

Audra Bauer

My name is Audra and my husband Raymond and I are excited to travel and explore the world. He is a chef and I am a Baker. I have experience in construction as well as 15 years experience in health care. We have a lot to offer the world and cannot wait to learn and help and serve others. We are hardworking, reliable, energetic and friendly. We can't wait to meet you, who ever you might be!


We are two friends, Rachel and Katarina from Ithaca, NY. We are physically fit and enthusiastic to take on any task! Additionally, the both of us are artistic and get along very well with people and animals. We will take on every day with a positive and mature attitude and are always eager to learn new skills and languages.

Marion Bachelart

I am looking for a place to go and work with my boyfriend. We are fluent in English, both speak portuguese and I also speak French. We could stay for few weeks, preferably working in a farm (and with horses as I've been doing horse-riding for 15 years).

Gynkho Kjkj

My name is Federica and I' m a swiss girl born in 1988, i'm a freelancer journalisst with a good knowledge of wordpress, blogging and SEO and social media strategies. Every summer i used to work with children in a residential camp, i also did a lot of baby sitting during university and high school. I love travel and i'm a fast learner My boyfriend he's and experienced landscaper gardener, it's more than 10 years he's managing his hown buisiness. In is life he travelled a lot, especially to south america.

Kayla Constance Raniero

Musician and recent college graduate with a degree in Communication Studies (Entrepreneurship Concentration) looking to travel through California. Great at vegan baking, extensive theater experience, very comfortable with public speaking, quick learner, flexible, with lots of experience in event planning/coordination, retail, and customer service.

João Amaro

Hi!! My name is João Amaro, I am a 21-year-old chemical engineering and materials science student from Brazil currently studying in Belgium. I am a responsible, open-minded, fast learner person (a bit workaholic), that loves having meaningful conversations and making good friends around the globe. Besides, I find some manual labour quite therapeutic (it gives me free space in my mind to think and keeps me moving). After a tough year, full of sleepless nights (as a good engineering student), my exams have finally finished. Now, I would like to enjoy my holidays (from July to September 2018) pursuing some of my passions: learning about new cultures, their languages, meeting their people and challenging myself! Currently, I speak: English (my everyday language in university), French ... Read more