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Hi World, my name is Ismet, I'm 28, I was born in Bosnia but I grew up in Pordenone, a little town close to Venice. I graduated in Business Management in Trieste and I worked for almost 3 years as Marketing Manager for Microsoft in Milano. I'm taking a sabatical period and I'd like to meet new poeple, make new friends and learn german or spanish.

I speak Bosnian, Italian and English; I can teach all of them. I like gardening and farming. Like soccer, skiing, and spending quality time with nice and interesting people.


Hello! We are Paul and Felicia from Germany, both 18 years old. Before we go to university, we want to travel to learn new things, meet other people and improve our english. At the moment we are staying with a family in California and help around the house and at the mini farm in the garden.

Dale Evenden

Gday, We are an easy going married couple who are taking a year off before starting a family. We love the outdoors, animals and live a simple lifestyle. We love travelling and even met on a plane; Delia used to work as flight attendant. We enjoy meeting new people and learning from other cultures; we have learnt a lot from each other. We both enjoy cooking. Dale is from Australia and Delia is from Peru. I (Dale, 31) am an IT Professional. I enjoy working around home renovating and gardening. I also enjoy fixing things in the garage. I consider myself a Handyman. I am currently learning Spanish. I (Delia, 30) am a Psychologist. I work in a school with children and teenagers with behavior issues. I have worked abroad in customer service and as a flight attendant. I am a really adaptabl... Read more

Morta Navickaite

Hi! My name is Morta, I come from Lithuania, and I love to experience different cultures.