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Timothy Bowness

Hi I'm a traveller, looking to volunteer during my trips and adding the local dimension to my trip.

Piero DE Franciscis

Healthy italian man aged 51! Graduate in law, i am available for simple handy works or for administration

Andrew Suarez

Student, Eager to learn in a Worldly sense, non religious spiritual, fascinated with the occult and supernatural, Future Author and Spiritual Healer

Oana Marascu Klein

I have been working on my own for 11 years as a german/english teacher for children and adults.

Julius Greifenberg

I'm Julius, 20 years old, coming from Germany. I like working with people and animals, looking forward to do some volunteer work in Asia.


Hello, we are a small german family, Thomas (38), Jitka (35) and Gonzo (4), writing to you to get in touch with you and your way of living. For around 6 years we´ve been dreaming of joining a community and to find a place where a more sustainable and self-reliant life is possible. In June 2017 we leaped into action and left everything behind (job, home, family, friends) and started travelling through Europe in an old RV. Our actual plan is to visit organic farms and eco-villages that could meet our ideas and goals of a holistic, resource-orientated community to participate and learn as well as to get a realistic feeling if this is the life we want to live with our son. Thomas is able to offer six hours of work, but because we have a little kid Jitka can not definitely promise a... Read more