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Hi! My name is Belen. I am a Freshman in college right now but I love to travel and wanted to do that instead but my parent were against it. I realize that its my life and I have to do what makes me happy so I will be switching to online schooling instead. Traveling is good for my mental health because I can't stay in a place longer than 2 years without feeling like I'm trapped. Its almost 2 years since I moved to this new city and I'm feeling suffocated here. I have to leave and I want to experience something that not a lot of 18 years olds can experience. I can't stay in this city much longer, I have to leave and find myself. I have to learn new skills.
I may be young but I am energetic and I am willing to do anything and everything. I don't drink or smoke and don't use a lot of ... Read more


I am from KSA and interested in Ayurveda beauty care. I visited Sri lanka two years ago and loved it there , I loved the people and the culture. I’m most interested in opportunities that would allow me to attend a course in Ayurvedic beauty care at the time of my stay with the hosts.
I have mild photosensitivity so I can’t be out in the sun during high noon or for a prolonged period of time.
i like to exchange folktales & traditional recipes.


Hi! My name is Jane. I am currently a final year accounting student in college and i love traveling. I am Chinese from Malaysia and I'm 22 years old. I am young but i am a very independent girl. A girl who are energetic and willing to do anything and everything. I used to travel to China and Korea as student exchange for past two years. I love making new friends from all around the world and know more about their culture. It could be very fun when I know new friends from other part of world as there will be cultural shock! I am open minded and friendly person [easy-going as well :) ] Instead of spend a big amount of money to explore a country, I prefer staying in the local's house and know more about their life and traditions! I like animals and I don't smoke nor drink.


I have graduated from high school after taking A-levels in England, and am currently beginning a gap year before studying Biomedical Science back in Sheffield. As a person, I would describe myself as gentle, curious and a bit of a go-getter. I live life with a smile on my face, enjoy being active and sociable, and I try to be as helpful as possible. I'm fairly neat and tidy and appreciate order around me, but as one of four siblings order and tidiness is not something we come across very often. Growing up, my family moved between England and Norway (amongst other places), so I am used to being thrown in the deep end and having to adapt rapidly to new situations.
i would really like to become fluent in other language and I believe the best way to do this is to completely submerse your... Read more


My name is Ibrahim, I'm a 21 years old student from Morocco and I'm very interested in having the opportunity to live for a while in a completely different environement and culture than what I'm used to, I'll start my third year studying English literature and culture this september, my favorite hobbies are cooking Moroccan dishes, camping, sports in general, reading mostly fiction novels. I'm a very open minded person and I get along with everyone easily and I've already participated in many events regarding volunteering in Morocco, I take my job very seriously especially if someone is hosting me I'll be sure to pay back the favour with doing my tasks correctly.

Roxana Suflet

Hi! I am a 24 year old, just got my Bachelor in Psychology this July. I am a friendly person looking forward to improve new skills and meet new people

Amira Nfissi

hello ! My name is Amira. I am a new graduated person with a diploma in quality control of food products and a master degree in risk management but i feel that i need to learn new things and to explore the real world. I love traveling and discovering new countries. I'm an open person that wants to learn as much as possible about other cultures and i would like to meet new people and make new friends. I'm an organized person and a fast learner that can help with everything the hosts need.