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Christian Scott

hello everyone, im a creative, mindful, patient and easy-going human that was raised between two cities/cultures; Montreal, QC and Guadalajara, MX. So yes, im trilingual and super eager to get involved in projects related to gardening, bio-agriculture, permaculture, alternative communities and lifestyles, art (music, theathre, mural painting). I just crossed the 30-years-old imaginary line, but still feel full of joy, innoncence and curiosity about pretty much anything in this planet. I thrive in ecosystems that are respectful of everyone elses decisions and lifestyles (and that includes not-being-preachy! an evil often found in alternative communities, with me you can be yourself and communicate your needs directly, no shame!).

Emily Gentili Cerqueira

Hi, I'm Emily and I just graduated in environmental engineering and I want to travel solo for a while working and making new friends..


I'm going to be going on a working holiday to Australia from June this year in the hopes of gaining some perspective and having time to think about what I'd like to do for a career. My hope is to meet good people, make friends, work hard and do something I haven't done before. I'm really looking forward to meeting some interesting people, helping out along the way and learning some valuable new skills. I have an excellent work ethic and I am very willing to help wherever I can. I'm very active and look forward to doing physically demanding work.


French and Slovak, I love travelling and meeting people from different countries and backgrounds. I am usually travelling with Couchsurfing to avoid travelling only like a tourist and be able to exchange with people. Apart from that, I am passionate about the eco-way of living and zero waste thinking. Even if I am currently working in Marketing, in the future, I would love to live on my own farm. :)

Marc Zoega Jørgensen

My name is Marc I just turned 21. I have been travelling for a while and now wish to try my luck with ecological farming. It has always been and idea of mine to learn the natural ways.


I have home stayed on 3 separate farms since the beginning of my gap year, through a similar website called WWOOF. For three months I worked in Spain, and am currently on a coffee farm in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am 18, Japanese-American, and have spent 4 years of my education (1-12) in Japan, and 8 in California and Massachusetts. I am looking to work in a backpacker hostel in exchange for accommodation from the beginning of April through early June. The farm I am currently on also runs a BnB, so I have had a month's experience of helping there, preparing rooms for new guests, and prepping for breakfast and cleaning up afterwards. But more importantly, I am willing to work hard and develop my ability to contribute.


I’m a professional digital marketing manager, yogi and spiritual healer based in Southern California. After 6 years in the industry, I decided to finally take a gap year to travel the states and then the world.