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Alena Kováříková

We are family of 4, czech ukrainian couple and children 1 and 4 years old. We plan to go travell to Sicily for October and we would like to see some nice places of local life, we live in small community in CR, so it would be nice to see how is the community life on Sicily..

ELalaoui Abdellah

i am a man who love to traveling and help other ,i am too a good cooker and funny have a sense of humour and also i have the ability to fix thing (machine or electrical thing ...) and create new thing from basic materia

William Guiot

Hello! My name is William and Im a really easy going guy. I left my job back home producing vaccines in a lab. I have been traveling/volunteering for 3 years already in so many different countries, Hippohelp is just one more platform out of so many. Currently building a minigolf in Berri (SA). Have been in Aus for almost 2 years. Heading to NZ on dec! I can speak fluent spanish, french and English. Hard worker who loves to learn constantly new skills, right now I’m learning lots about landscaping, fencing, concreting, using heavy machinery and all sorts of small odd jobs. Volunteer jobs done before: gardening, painting, building, restoration, fencing, teaching, , feeding animals, selling art work,... I prefer vegetarian dishes if it’s possible but I can be quite flexible. Not ... Read more

Alex Robinson

My name is Alex, I'm a 24 year old English resident looking to move far outside my comfort zone. For the last two years I have worked in Digital Media, spending my daytimes in a cold, metal building waiting for the clock to reach 5:30, sitting in front of an computer screen, selling products to the young and impressionable that they don’t need. I decided to leave that way life. I have always been enamoured by nature, I spent my childhood in tree, parks and forests. I have helped many friends and older family members with their gardens and love to opportunity to do so. While working in London I made a lot of Italian friends, living with a doctor from Ventimiglia and a radiologist from Altamura and hearing their stories, looking at their pictures of home, I decided I have to ingratia... Read more

Federica Spinelli

I am Federica, 30 years old otalian living in London.