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We are an active, open-minded German-Swiss family of 4 (Michael, Jana, Finn (8) and Felia, (2)). Both of us are healthcare professionals and registered ICU nurses and have lived and worked in Switzerland for 15 years. We have enjoyed our time here and met many great people, but now it's time to explore the world with our children. That's why we plan to travel around the world starting in early 2019. Although our travel plans are quite flexible, we plan to start our journey in Central America, with the goal of traveling to the US next, followed by Australia and Asia.

We decided to apply for house-sitting opportunities after researching how best to experience our travel destinations from the perspective of a local. Our goal is to stay in one place for long enough to get a real sens... Read more

Lucy Willett

I am a very practical person who always rises to a challenge. I’m looking to travel South America and really get to know the countries I visit and help out along the way.


Workaway to be the locals, enjoy nature and working Outdoors. Hopefully gain skills

Tillie Quattrone

Hello! My name is Tillie - I am a 20 year old from Vermont, USA, and will be applying for a US-Ireland Working Holiday Visa to begin in late August of 2018. I have been to Scotland and England through theatrical performance opportunities at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, and am very excited to discover what eye-opening cultural opportunities Ireland has to offer! As a single child living with two parents in a rural area, I've always taken opportunities to spend time with other people, eager to meet new people and learn from their experiences and different perspectives. In terms of my qualifications: I have completed primary and secondary curricula, as well as two years of university, and have earned a degree in Liberal Studies. The following paragraphs detail my 2 years of custo... Read more

Janis Horst Bergeron

Canadian on a perpetual journey to discover, learn and connect.


Hi all, I'm Doucene from Algeria and i study at university of sciences ( USTHB ) in Algeria i'm in 1st year, the Arabic language is my native language and i learned English and French ( not good to much in french) and I'm playing football and handball, I have some experiences in volunteering " local volunteering " i was traveling with associations to help many people in the Sahara of Algeria ( Algerian desert ), my dad has a small farm so i know many things about care of sheep and about plants and trees, and now i want to get new experience and meeting with new people from all over the world because there will be cultures exchange and i want to be better ambassador for my country Algeria, i like when there is Active work and funny moments i will be glad if i found some hosts here.

Francis Hendriks

24 male Belgium Love nature, animals, travel, photography, helping people... Love Life !!!


My name is Acacia Lhuillier, I'm a French student of 21 years old. I'm currently studying at the Paris-Dauphine University, in the Accounting, Management Control and Audit Master. I really appreciate travelling and meet new people with other way of life, culture and languages. I'm a joyful and thoughtful person.

Romane Delétoille

My name is Romane Delétoille, I am student in the University of Paris Dauphine, in a Master of Control, Accounting and Auditing. I am french and 21 years old. I really appreciate travelling and meet people with an other way of life, culture and language. I am sportive, sociable, joyful and open-minded.