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Former college student embarking on a nomad gap-year. Eager to learn about sustainable farming. Hard-working, down-to-earth, team-player.


I'm an engineering student from Bilbao and I’m wiling to go out this summer and have a great time, live new experiences and learn about everything. I think that I’m an easy going girl and very respectful. I have a great sense of humor, although I not very funny. I’m really bad at describing myself.

Bia Lazuli

Hi there. Me and my husband João (John) are going to travel around Europe for a while. We are very interested in music, art, permaculture and alternative ways of living, bioconstruction, yoga, vegetarianism, nature... We are hoping to help people whilst experiencing different cultures, perhaps learning a new language and learning as much as we can.


Couple in their early 20's from Florida. Recently graduated from college looking for a change in culture and our daily routines. Very outgoing and adventurous, hard working, good with children and are open to anything. Business and Psychology degrees.

Suri Kiss

Hi my name is Suri K, Im 23 years old originally from the United States. I'm really excited to travel and meet new people and learn about different cultures! Im a psychology student, on summer break, looking to learn new skills, help wherever i can, and stoked for an adventure ! Im a quick learner, not afraid to get my hands dirty and hope to bring good energy !


Hi, I'm a outgoing girl who dream to travel around the world, I speak English, Chinese,a bit Spanish and Taiwanese. I'm on my way to make my dream come true, and I need your help :) I know it's not gonna be easy, but as my favorite sentence says:you don't need to be good to start something, but you gotta start doing something to be good. Let's share stories and love! Hope I can get a chance to help you!