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Michael Meier


Mike and Aubrey here! We are a couple from Denver, Colorado in the United States. We are explorers, teachers, and entrepreneurs. We are very excited to get involved with hippohelp! We believe in a sustainable and community driven lifestyle and have the assets to help your cause in a variety of ways! We look forward to meeting you!


Harry and Meighan worked in the US public broadcasting system (PBS) creating projects such as Frontline, Nova and Newton's Apple, before launching their own company, Dawson Media Group. DMG's works focused on nationally distributed documentaries and programs for children, families and adults. Harry is a cinematographer/editor, and Meighan is a writer/producer/web developer.

Harry's cinematic artworks (with artist-director Bill Viola) can be seen in a permanent installation in St. Paul's Cathedral (London), in ongoing visiting exhibits at institutions such as the Tate Modern, MOMA, and the National Portrait Gallery, and currently in a retrospective at the Guggenheim in Bilbao. Harry also worked for10 years in the LA/Hollywood scene and his features include the box-office hit TWILI... Read more


48 yr old male. Looking to volunteer for 3 months or more. Want to "find" myself and I think this will help.

Shannon Marie

I am a college graduate from Philadelphia looking to explore new motivations, inspiration and hands on experience. I have a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Film Production and Screenwriting. However, I'm looking to pursue new trades including carpentry, furniture making, agriculture and animal care. I will be traveling worldwide starting January 2018 throughout Europe and Alaska, Hawaii and eventually to the continent of Asia. I enjoy singing, comic books, exercise, and dogs especially. I'm low maintenance and like hands on jobs. Abilities: Cooking, baking Basic gardening Restaurant service, customer service Barista, third wave coffee making Swimming instruction/coaching Willing to teach English Also if you need to update logos, website graphics, etc. I am fluent in Adobe Illustrator and ... Read more

Mohamed Ebidalla

I'm an ophthalmologist. I'm planning to learn Spanish and I'm ready to help and volunteer in anything l can do just to learn and communicate in Spanish.