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Name:Lucas Bigilimana Ndakize
Birth :03/07/1995
Country :Tanzania
Religion :Christian

Kelvin Voon

I am Malaysian who lives in Kuching, Sarawak. I am an engineering student. I can speak Mandarins, English, Malay, Hokkien and Hakka. I had ever worked as a promoter,office boy,tuition teacher and cashier. I am looking forward to experience different jobs too. Prefer rural area or island in Malaysia.


Hi to all the wonderful hosts out there in the world! My name is Laurence and I looking for any kind of work, anywhere in the world starting (perhaps) October onwards. I am originally from the UK and currently living in Taiwan teaching English to Kindergarten and teenagers.


I am excited to meet with locals help with projects, and share culture! I have experience volunteering with charity work (food pantry, soup kitchens, baby sitting, and assisting the elderly), clerical work, language practice, and tutoring children and adults. Some years ago, I also had training to help victims of sexual assault and general crimes. I am a fast learner and passionate about kindness in action. I am really looking forward to making life changing connections with hosts! -Bria-


Hi! We are Camila Coelho and Mateo Rivero, we´re 24 years old and lifelong travelers. We both studied industrial design in Colombia so we are plenty of ideas and love to make them work! We are very positive and energetic persons ready to help if we know something and ready to learn if we don´t.
We love animals and have always been very close to them as with farm environments. We come from a country full of biodiversity so we love to explore nature, take care of animals and breath fresh air outside the cities


I am Abdo, an Egyptian living in Hungary. I am currently studying engineering and working so I can travel. I love to meet interesting people and get outside my comfort zone.

Jon Deva

I'll fill this out if I decide to use this site.