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I'm a recent college graduate who studied linguistics and geography interested in trying out international work-exchange in the interim before I start a position at a natural reserve (and afterwards). I am very much interested in exploring sustainable systems (to put it broadly) including sustainable living practices in particular (and especially regarding food) as well as broader environment-human interactions in both rural and urban contexts. I tend to be easy going, and, although an introvert at heart, I enjoy company and am interested in sharing in others' lives.


I have lived in many places--Florida for much of my life, Durham, NC for a year while I attended the documentary studies program at Duke University, in Edinburgh, Scotland for a year while I studied at the University, in Paris for a summer studying photography, in the Berkshires of Western MA, gorgeous, and yet, too snowy for this FL girl. I now live near San Francisco and love to explore the natural beauty of Northern CA. I have worked in retreat centers for 12 years-- Kripalu Center, Mt. Madonna and Spirit Rock. I am an experienced event manager, volunteer coordinator and office administrator. I love a balance of physical activity and using my creative and mental skills.

Nadia Maalin

I am Nadia, a sociable girl that loves to see the world. I would love to visit India and Sri Lanka and do some local volunteering whilst I am there.

Igor Skvo

I'm Igor, I live in Russia, Siberian region and work as a freelancer at the mobile telecommunication. This autumn I'm going to travel over Spain to see local kind of living to know more about its culture and to practice my spanish. I can help you with anything you need help with and really want to get new skills. I haven't special skills but I learn fast and trying to do all my best to get results. I'm open-minded, reliable, responsible easygoing and love to spend time with people. I like reading books, dance salsa/timba/afro rumba (these styles), travelling.


European (Italy) and American

Shira Weinrauch

I'm from Israel and I'll turn 21 soon. I've recently got out of my mandatory military service in IDF where I served as a network engineer, so I'm traveling as much as I can before starting university in october (physics and biomedical engineering yo [: ).

So far I've only volunteered in a Jewish summer camp in WA as a nature specialist and as a counselor. The camp ends in August and I'm searching for more stuff to do!

I love kids, animals, nature, art, traveling and meeting people from all around the world.
I'm searching for a fun place to stay where I can meet a lot of people and really experience the place I'll in!

So peace y'all and have a great day!

Derek Bentivegna

I am a 41 year old Singer/Songwriter with a Restaurant Management background. I'm interested and open to new experiences can perform many functions, with love and kindness in mind.