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Laura Kochan

Set country: United States

Please let us introduce ourselves! We are a soon to be retired couple with a lovely home in Colorado. We have raised two beautiful children on 5 acres of fun. At one point we had three horses, a mini-donkey, 2 dogs, three cats, two hamsters and a partridge in a pear tree! Our daughter participated in 4-H with her horse and our son rode dirt bikes in the pasture. Our point – we love animals, know how to take of them and are available to jump into your world. Even if you don’t have animals, we are homeowners ourselves and will treat your home with respect. We have great work ethic and are not afraid of much! Mark and I have carved out a few years to do nothing but travel and see the world. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We truly look forward to ... Read more

Nilza Mell

Set country: Brazil

Divorciada 51 an8s Psicologa Cuidadora infantil

Taieja Cook

Set country: United States

Entrepreneur. Foodie. Plant based diet and I love hiking and farming. Just looking for more adventure and less American life.


Set country: South Africa

We are a South African couple that recently got married , I am 25years of age and he is 26 I am a chef by profession and my husband is a school teacher we love traveling and and learning new cultures and also teaching people about our South African culture we are very well mannered and above all very humble and we would love to explore the world

Linda K

Set country: South Africa

I'm Linda Kevin Mkhumbuza 24 year old Male from South Africa, I'm a former Tourism student student and I love travel


Set country: Canada

City girl meets the world of permaculture, nature, simplicity & sustainable living: which has rocked my world. I would love to live more sustainably, simply, in a community, growing organic food, building a strawbale home, off grid, harvesting rainwater etc. I have been exploring community; travelling & volunteering hands-on with several projects. Following my heart's call and choosing my experiences as they present themselves. Each being a huge gift, stepping stone in the unfolding & awakening of my true self and to be of heart centered service to others. A lover of life and its many mysteries I know the power and the value of a smile.

If I were to describe myself in a few words; amiable -- calm -- dependable -- flexible -- observant -- sincere. I have experience living in a mor... Read more

Iman Nahabwe

Set country: Saudi Arabia

My name is Nahabwe immaculate from UgandaUganda-Africa and 25 years

Marta Saloio

Set country: Portugal

Hey :)

My name is Marta and I'm a 21 years old Portuguese girl.
For all my life, I've said "one day, I would like to volunteer" and since this year is my gap year, I think it is the perfect one to finally have that experience. It means a lot to me to connect with different cultures and to share knowledge, cause I believe that's the best way to grow and to know yourself.
My main goal is to help. I would be really happy to be part of a project and to feel that I can give a part of me and to put my heart into it, so it could be a little better in the end.
I think if we focus on topics such as education, sustainability and promoting peace, the world can be a better place. I would love to work with children, to feel I can bring some happiness to them, to teach them somethin... Read more


Set country: Hungary

Hello, my name is Max and I'm 18 years old guy from Ukraine. I absolutely love traveling the world and spend time with local people. They are amazing and everytime I learn something new from their culture. I believe that happiness is obtained by helping other people. And it is my pleasure if I can provide any help. People I met in USA, Spain, Germany, Hungary and of course my home country Ukraine are good friends of mine. Apart from traveling I also enjoy learning new languages, reading comics and drawing. I don't drink alcohol or smoke, but I don't have any problems with it. All people are different and I respect that. I also like playing with children and oh my god I LOVE CATS hehe. I speak Russian and Ukrainian fluently, because I usually read books in Russian/Ukrainian. I tried read... Read more

Set country: United States

Love to travel and explore the beautiful parts that the world has to offer. I'm currently a Event Coordinator and travel for events for my clients. Love to open up my horizon.


Set country: France

Outgoing openminded world traveler. Lover of nature good people and lurning.


Set country: United States

Young entrepreneur looking to explore different cultures and meet new people. I love to learn new perspectives and try exciting things.

Fortune Umah

Set country: Nigeria

Creative minded individuals with goals and aspirations love to travel the world and have fun enjoy the serene environment and contribute to our community

Barbara Chep

Set country: Kenya

A self starter learner and a fast one.Versatile expertise in many things. Absolutely in love with traveling .


Set country: Tanzania, United Republic of

You only live once

Adriana Galarza

Set country: United States

Will update later


Set country: Ireland

I'm Aodhán and I'm 23 years old (my name is pronounced as Aidan lol). I love to travel, experience new things, meet new people and their cultures. I love animals and would love to have the opportunity to work with any. I'm a very open minded person and don't mind being out of my comfort zone.


Set country: Italy

My name is Stefania, I am 39 years old and I live in a small town near a city called Trento in northern Italy, in the Dolomites area, with my husband Francesco, also 39, and two children born in 2011 and 2013.We are two teachers in an elementary school, we love our job! We intend starting from summer 2021, Covid permitting, to take a period to realize our dream: to travel around Europe with our children. We choose Hippohelp because it is an opportunity to share a little of our life with other people. We believe that living in contact with people from other parts of the world can teach us new habits, lifestyles and enrich our life experience. So, starting from next July for 6 months we will be touring around Europe. the idea is to start from the north, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and then ... Read more


Set country: Poland

Hello! My name is Marta, I'm a graphic designer from Poland. I used to travel a lot but since couple of years I haven't been anywhere abroad and that's why I seek for new experiences and challenges.
Also I'd love to find myself in new surroundings, exploring different cultures and meeting people.

I'm very open minded, easy-going and warm-hearted person, still looking for my place on earth.

Nadia Romans

Set country: United States

My name is Nadia, I’m a 23 year old from the United States looking to start her life over in Germany. I consider myself to be very kind, patient, and always willing to try new things. I’m looking to broaden my horizons and mature a little more.

Samuel Lucht

Set country: Portugal

Hey there! My name is Sammy, 25, from Germany. I'm an easy-going, outcoming human being with a drive to learn, help and grow constantly. I enjoy all kinds of activities and sports and have a passion for other cultures, languages and history. If I can lend you a hand with something, I'm sure we're going to have a good time together!

Caroline Pedersen

Set country: Norway

We are a Norwegian couple, age 23 and 24. We both speak english and Norwegian. We are looking for new experiences with farming, building, gardening etc.


Set country: United States

Thanks for any considering or quick glances at my profile. I am eager to help others and learn of cultures outside of my own. I want to gain meaningful work and volunteer experiences.

Eren Çiçek

Set country: Turkey

I am a math teacher. I teach, write a math book. I have a busy work schedule. I want to quit this program for a while and travel the world. If you want detailed information about me, you can find it on Instagram. @Matematikevi


Set country: Denmark

My name is Sophie, and I'm 18 years old. I live in Denmark and I love to travel. Unfortunately my friends doesn't have the time or money to travel. I would therefore like to work for others in exchange for accommodation because I would like to learn new people and new places. I've worked almost all my life, so I'm a hard worker who enjoys to work and enjoy working with others. I've primarily worked with costumer service, babysitting, café jobs and event planing, because a have an education as an event koordinator. But besides from all of that I'm very creative and love using my hands, both in a garden, with painting and handy man stuff. In my spare time I workout a lot and teach Hip hop for young girls in the ages between 10-15 years old. I love friends and family, and cooking. I'... Read more


Set country: Nigeria

I'm Nathanael Obasi, 24 years old male, and person of colour. I got a great personality with a strong sense of saying what is factual. I'm optimistic but sometimes pessimistic

Lima Babs

Set country: Nigeria

I’m open to new things, I’m passionate about my work, I’m honest, friendly, reliable, an extrovert and ambitious


Set country: South Africa

I am a South African ,am age 31 and I love travelling around to meet new people. I am a hard worker


Set country: Kenya

Am 23 year old, cheerful, prompt and active young lady. With a diploma in international travel and tourism and hospitality..


Set country: United States

Hi I am Tinjia Satterwhite and I'm 19 years old, I want to travel the world and I love helping everyone and making sure they have a smile on their face every day.