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Caroline J Mikouchi

Hi im interested in working in exchange for food and accommodations. im planning to backpack through SE Asia.

Alicia Andreas

I am open minded,adventurous and always happy to help. I am from Namibia and ready to relocate anywhere, any time.


I love helping people who need help anywhere in the world.

So FiƩnne

My name is Sofien i'am an English major and i'm willing to volunteer and go through new experiences. As a person i'm quiet and reliable when being in charge.

Eduson Ndieze

Open minded and loving and enthusiastic hard working gentleman ,always making everyone around him happy.


I would love to traveling and meeting lovely people around the world to learn cultures

Anne Toyoda

Hi there! I'm an experienced traveler looking to help. Back in the States I got tired of the regular 9-5 routine and got a one-way ticket to Europe. So far I've enjoyed it so much that I don't think I ever want to go back home. Ever since I got my passport I've been making traveling my top priority. My last big trip was in Southeast Asia teaching English as a foreign language to Thai students in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I want to receive a job that makes me feel fulfilled. I want to work in a different country to start new and give back to this world that has given me so much already.