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Hello! My name is Cheyenne and I'm 20 years old, a junior in college, and I'm looking to do some traveling next summer while helping hosts abroad! I am looking for something preferably in the city, but I am open to anything. I live alone so I have plenty of simple cleaning skills and I am great with pets! Having two cats of my own but I've lived with dogs, as well. I have a great interested in music, photography, traveling, and art. I am studying to get a BA in music business and a minor in PR. Although I have never been a helper, I've traveled to Ireland beore and absolutely fell in love, and I'm hoping to fall in love with other places, too! Hope to speak to you soon!


I live in Malaysia and I speak a good English. I travel a lot and to many countries. Unfortunately I haven't been to Europe. This is most probably the exchange rate is killing me. So I hope I can have sort of work exchange accommodation to help me in my explorer to Europe. I would be happy to share with you my culture, my life and travel experience with you when we meet. I can cook our local dishes for you too.

Abdelrahman Gomaa

I love travel and helping people


I am a mature American adult who owned a small online business, worked in hospitality, and was a tour guide all over Europe (skiing, canoes, wineries, camping, horse riding, shopping, etc). My skills include: - Hostel customer service - Tour guide - Bartender - Driver - Building/construction (wood & welding) - English teacher - Social Media professional/Computer teacher - Dog & horse trainer. Looking to find a great host where I can volunteer in exchange for meals/lodging - meet some new friends and experience some new cultures.


Nigel Van de Velde, 33yo, male, Belgian Relocating to Slovenia. Whilst trying to find a real job I would like to do some volunteering.


Hi! My name is April and I’m looking for opportunities to invest myself in so that I can continue to grow. I’d like to contribute to a community that sees the bigger picture of treating others kindly. I’ve always loved to help others since I was in kindergarten. I like to engage others that feel left out, mediate between disagreements, and offer a kind ear whether it’s asked for or not. I love to learn and I love to love (: at this time in my life, I feel I need to run towards unfamiliar places and ideas that I fear. I look forward to talking with all of the beautiful people on this platform and thank you for your time!

Max Gn

Hi, I am a 36 yr old Canadian Male living in South Australia. I would like to work and live with a small farmer on a small farm in Australia (I am a Permanent Resident here) in exchange for a daily supply of raw milk, pastured eggs and some kind of grass fed meat for a few hours work per day. I am looking to obtain enough raw milk per day in order to ferment enough for my needs, this and pastured eggs being my main dietary staple and requirement. Ideally the farm will be able to provide this for me in exchange for my helping out around the place for a few hours per day.