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Muhammed Bayram Babacan

Set country: Turkey

I am a young person trying to learn new people, new dreams and new worlds on this path I set out to learn a language.. My profession is Molecular Biologist. I'm 24 years old. I want the world stuck in a bag.

Green Shereen

Set country: United States

Father, daughter and pet bunnies from Hawaii trying to live a simple, country life while awaiting the building of their tiny house on wheels


Set country: Italy

My name is Carla, I am an Italian young, passionate, creative and patient woman and I’m willing to meet new people, learn new languages and cultures and I love teaching languages to children and teens! I’m creative and I love spending time with kids. I’ve had some babysitting experience and I’ve given private English lessons to both young kids and teenagers. I’m very passionate in what I do and I can’t wait to help you! I will cook some Italian specialties if you like! My English level is advanced as stated by Cambridge. I’m studying Translation and Interpretation at University and my two languages are English and Spanish.


Set country: Germany

Self-realized human open hearted and aiming for new experiences.
Aim: Traveling while helping people with my talents and expertise

Offers: permaculture gardening and farming, market gardening, no-dig gardening, greening the desert, re-greening deserted land, composting, holistic grazing, holisitic management of grassland

teacher, entrepreneur and coach in meditation, guided meditation, yogic realization, coaching, education, vegan cooking, vegan lifestyle, mathematics, business, economics, English, German

Rider, horsemanship, distance riding, horse trekking, horse whisperer

Internet, software installations, office management, organizing and structuring, accounting

Characteristics: mild mannered, kind, eloquent, active, open minded, challenging, cu... Read more


Set country: Ukraine

Hi everyone. My name is Zlata. Im currently 17, but in august i turn 18, until then i dont look for any type of volunteering abroad. Though i am looking forward of doing so, as i want to explore our beautiful planet, meet new amazing people around the globe and get unforgettable memories from doing so :) im a calm person but very positive. I love animals. I have a kitten myself. :) i do speak english, but on a basic level, i wouldnt understand topics like medicine or politics, though i will be very glad if i could learn something new during helping you.

Samantha Strable

Set country: United States

Hello and nice to meet you! I am a US citizen with a diverse background in general ranch work (including experience working with both cattle and sheep), assisting in leading trail rides, working with horses, teaching outdoor programs, youth outdoor education, and maintenance. I am a very hard-working, driven, and friendly with a big goal of working abroad this season in a guest ranch, agricultural, or tourism setting. I am very excited to find the right place! I am happy to provide my resume and a current photo for your review. Many thanks, happy trails,


Set country: Thailand

Hi! My name is Mint from Thailand.

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English Studies Major (international program)

I would like to exchange my language, culture,and explore new worlds.
Willing to take on new challenges and learn new experience abroad.

I have experienced working as a Customer Service Officer,Receptionist,Nanny for Relatives/Students ,Teacher Assistant,Translator for foreigners who stayed in Thailand and assisted foreign customers about their issues/other services.

I enjoy my responsibilities, helping my clients achieve their goals.

I could be part of your life..
Message me on..
WhatsApp : +668 2 188 4429
Line : melissamint
IG :

Shuston Heather

Set country: United States

Hello! My name is Shuston and I grew up on The Big Island in Hilo. My dream is to move back as soon as possible. I came across this platform and thought it would be a great opportunity for me. I’ve cleaned houses for about 9 years and have many other qualifications and skills such as pet sitting/ house sitting and baby sitting. Feel free to message me.

Lessie Joel Manzi

Set country: South Africa

I am a farmer's child and I grew up practicing agriculture, fishing and herding; After my high school studies, I gave myself to learn computer science around which I developed my skills as a cameraman, video editor, computer repairer, computer network maintainer, graphic designer and web designer, and digital marketer.

Alex Collaro

Set country: Italy

I am Alex, I am 23 and I'm from Italy. I speak fluently Italian, English, French and Spanish. I love wine, beers, food, sea, football and tennis.

Maciek Miłoszewski

Set country: Poland

Hi, I'm an 18 year old Polish high school student. I've recently become interested in voluntary work abroad, as I heard that it's a great option to travel at a low cost and also a great way to meet new people and their cultures. Personally, I don't have many hobbies or interests, I usually spend my day either gaming or meeting with my friends. I haven't travelled abroad in a very long time, that's why mostly I reached to Hippohelp to help me go somewhere.

Gloria Capini

Set country: Italy

Salve, mi chiamo Gloria ed ho 22 anni. Mi sto per laureare in Economia e Commercio, ed alle porte della scelta della laurea magistrale sento di dover provare nuove esperienze.


Set country: Denmark

Hi! I am Melissa and I would like to practice my french this summer. I hope to find a nice place where I can be a helping hand while practicing my french:-)

Patricia Granda Pazos

Set country: Mexico

Hola, soy Patricia una ecuatoriana que hace tres años decidió dejar una oficina de producción de marketing y convertir su computadora en un emprendimiento online que me permite viajar, ya son 13 paises y mas de 30 ciudades que me ha permitido conocer este modo de vida, muy agradecida por concer gente nueva y poder compartir experiencias. Ahora Mexico me ha enamorado, llevo 5 meses aqui y aspiro quedarme otros 5 meses mas. Mi último voluntariado lo realice en Playa del Carmen por 4 meses en el hotel botique the green village, muy buenas esperiencias y aprendizaje. Hoy en San Cristobal, contenta por empezar un nuevo voluntariado donde conocer gente, ayudar y compartir. Las fechad disponibles son desde el 23 de junio 2021 y seràn 4 a 5 meses que me quede en la ciudad.

Ava May

Set country: United States

Young couple living in California looking to start our travel life. Jared works in Landscaping, anything from gardening to building retaining walls. I, Ava am a performing artist, wellness coach, and work in costumer service. We have been together for 5 years and are looking to experience more in this world and hopefully give back to each community we visit


Set country: Spain

Hi! We are Carlos and Nuria, two friends and pharmacy students that have just finished the 2nd year at university and want to explore and have a great summer while practicing new languages and exchanging cultural experiences.

We love animals and we have a very open mind, willing to do any work: taking care of animals, helping in a hostel, doing gardening works... etc.


Set country: United Kingdom

I am 19 and currently on my gap year; so far I have travelled to Costa Rica and Ecuador including the Galapagos islands. I am planning to visit Iceland next. From September I will be studying medicine in the UK.

Birgit Luiken

Set country: Germany

Bonjour and hello, I would like to help in the kitchen and household and in the potager. Je suis été agriculteur (Vaches, moutons, chevres), I have more than 22 years of experience in teaching agriculture and some years in teaching German (mostly for refugees) and Swedish. J`ai oublié beaucoup des mots en francais et j´ai envie de rafraîchir. I have a driving license. I don´t smoke and I eat nearly everything. The only thing that I really need during a stay is a really quiet place to sleep. And I am a professionell videomaker. So if you want to get a film of your live or of your project let´s come together! I am 58 years young and I like to stay between 2 and 4 weeks. Greetings from Germany, Birgit Luiken


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Toby and I am on my gap year. I enjoy new experiences and get on with everyone. I am hoping to travel the world and meet interesting people.

José Victor Rodrigues Guimarães

Set country: Brazil

Estou me mudando para Porto Alegre dia 3


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hi My name is Shahrzad My husband Mohammad and I love to travel and work as well as get to know other cultures But unfortunately, because we live in Iran, we are not able to travel and get a visa If you need help indefinitely and you can send invitations, we are ready to help with all your affairs (Construction, gardening, public services, cooking and ...) We do all we can to help, just ask for a place to sleep and your help for get a visa We are young and hopeful. Thanks, we are waiting for your answer. Call us +989013585647

Wesley Mc Donald

Set country: Ireland

hello im wes im single can travel at anytime for any amount of time im currently in kildare can do all types of work eg electrics,plumming,computer skills,cleaning making beds love to meet new people love to travel and love fishing when i get the time


Set country: Kenya

Hallo, I am Ann Kiprop. I am 24 years old. I am a Kenyan. I studied Tourism management in Amboseli institute. I learnt German as a foreign language. I have watched your video in you tube and I have liked the activities that you do.My hobbies are travelling,making new friends, reading nature books and journals adventuring,cooking and discovering new things. I would like to volunteer in Germany,in your organization because I have liked your community. I also like your land,people and history. I hope to receive a positive feedback from you. Thank you. Regards, Ann Kiprop.


Set country: Sweden

I am a woman, 65 years old, and just retired from my work - but I am still going strong and want to help and work with my hands. I have recently, in June, been away for one month volunteering in a monastery in Italy. Helping with gardening, in the guesthouse, renovating furniture etc. It was a very good and nice experience. I travel by car and have my dog, a Labrador, with me.
I have an university education in archeology ethnology history and an other in theology.
I like doing trials and I like new experiences. I am interested in ecological and sustainable productions. I like to meet new people. Yeah that’s a little bit of me.


Set country: Italy

Hello everyone, I'm Emma, I'm 18 and I could say I'm a pretty desperate overthinker. Of course, not in a bad way ( I mean, yes, it also has its negative points) but I must admit that I'm grateful to this particular side of myself as it allows me to always look on the bright side of an experience even when there doesn't seem to be. I absolutely adore travelling as I feel like it really gives you something to benefit from in order to enhance yourself in several ways. There certainely are plenty of things I really enjoy doing but I must say that what really makes me happy is cooking (perhaps while listening to some good music), which is one of the things that brings me great satifaction, learning by studing and experiencing any kind of new things (I guess I'm a little bit of a nerd too), a... Read more

Mohamed Nassar

Set country: Egypt

I am Mohamed, Egyptian, Translator. looking for Travel experience with a respectable host. I am happy and very passionate about nature and wildlife. I am very active in volunteer projects and I am currently looking for new experiences while travelling.


Set country: Brazil

My name is Thaciane. I'm an Administration student. I love travelling and experiencing new cultures. I would like to be able to share my knowledge and skills.


Set country: Turkey

Hi! I am Tutku, it is Turkish name and it means passion in English. I have been playing volleyball and playing guitar since my childhood. I went to the Texas/Houston for a robotics competition, also I went to the Israil and Poland for a seminars. During the robotics and seminars I met with lots of people and learnt their cultures. For the rest of my life, I undertake the mission of getting to know different cultures, improve myself and telling people about my experiences.