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Tarcísio Filho

Set country: Brazil

Quero te ajudar e conhecer novos lugares.

Danielle Ryndak

Set country: United States

hello I want to travel


Set country: Italy

Ciao sono Diego, Amo tutto quello che riguarda il benessere: Yoga, fitness, natura e in ultimo da buon italiano il buon cibo. Ho lavorato come massaggiatore, informatico e tanti altri lavoretti. Cerco la possibilità di imparare meglio il mio inglese elementare e conoscere posti nuovi. Il mio motto? La vita è meravigliosa, ma se non viaggi non ti meravigli :)

Rocco Giulio Zafarana

Set country: Italy

Hi everyone who is reading! My name is Giulio, I'm 20 years old and I am from Italy. I consider my self an open minded guy, who loves to travel, meet and bond with new people and learn from different cultures. If you're intrested in learning italian language, or you just want to know somenthing about italian culture, I'd be more then happy to share. I am fluent in english and I'm good with Spanish. Don't esitate to contact me!

Flávia Iwata

Set country: Brazil

Hello! My name is Flavia, I am 24 years old, I am from Brazil. I have been working as a Language Teacher, English and Portuguese, for 6 years. + Bachelor degree in Social Sciences + Language Studies student + TEFL/TESOL certification + Experience with kids + English, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese speaker


Set country: France

I want to discover different cultures and societies. As my kids are both growns up, I'm free to do so.
I'm found of my french mother tongue and I love to make people discover how language and society and history and way of thinking are related.
I'm open to meet and help quiet people who want to live in peace and harmony, related to language teaching or not. I would like to help with gardening as I love it so much, to help taking care of animals and potentially to help with developing projects.
I'd rather prefer to be a long term helper. I usually don't plan the duration of my stay, staying somewhere as long as it suits everybody involved. It can be weeks or months.
Right now, I'm in a Workaway spot in the south of France, taking care of the garden. I'm currently looking for ... Read more


Set country: United Kingdom

I’m looking to travel in the coming year but at a cost. I’d be willing to work or volunteer as long as it covers my accommodation. I’m hands on, practical and always willing to learn.


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Civil engineer Travel lover Nature lover Content producer


Set country: Netherlands

EFL teacher TEFL cerified with teaching experience in Thailand is looking for a challenging teaching and spiritual experience in Asia, for example Interests people, cultures, nature, spiritual, eco farming, writing


Set country: Turkey

I did Modern Greek Studies at the university. I gave private lessons. I work as a consultant now.

Elilton Novais Borges

Set country: Brazil

Gostaria de viajar com pouco custo e ajudar em tarefas em troca de hospedagem.

Benedetta Scalzotto

Set country: Italy

I'm a 23 italian girl, i'm studying environmental engineering so i'm very interested in all the work about ecofriendly projects! I also love staying in contact with nature and animals. I hope to meet other beautiful people, visit new places, work hard for something i belive in and also know myself through this experience.

Ayman Hamza

Set country: Egypt

I love travel and I’d like to see more of the world. My favorite part of travel is that bit where a foreign space becomes a familiar place; the moment when suddenly it is no longer just monuments which come to mind, but also peoples’ faces. That is why I prefer to live and work in places, rather than just visiting them (although I do plenty of the latter too).
I’m originally from Egypt, working as a Diving Master Instructor, I have a master degree from PADI ( Professional Association of Diving Instructors) from USA , and 2 diplomas one of them from ISSA ( International Sports Sciences Association ) as a Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Instructor from USA, and other Diploma from UK in physiotherapy and massage arts from London

My other loves include: coffee, pub... Read more

Kristen O'Keefe

Set country: United States

Under construction! I will fill out more of this later.

Marco Antônio

Set country: Brazil

Well, I'm a fifty nine black Brazilian man gratuated in Letters, English. I have been divorced since 2015. I work since my eigth years old. I already worked as a gardner, janitor, clerk, office boy, receptionist, cashier, typist, administrator and English teacher. Then, now that my three sons are grown up, I am searching to be useful to other people.

Andrea Gobbi

Set country: Italy

I'm a fun, friendly, enthusiastic, hard-working Italian guy looking for a great experience


Set country: Germany

I am Friederike (26) from Berlin and I just finished my degree in teaching (Spanish and Economics/Social Studies are my subjects). I am now looking for an opportunity this summer to live and help/work somewhere in Europe. I gained a bit experience in living in a community and wanna boost this experience by staying a bit longer this summer somewhere. I am an open minded person, I lived and worked one year in Colombia (Medellin) and did an Erasmus in Granada. I already worked in several international Teams, as I organised twice a Summer School in Cuba (La Havana) with people from all over Europe and Cuba. I love to learn more about gardening and I have a "green thumb" haha. In addition I wanna personally grow and find a calm place to stay. Next to that I enjoy cooking and love to smile a ... Read more

Sofia Facchetti

Set country: Italy

Hello, my name is Sofia and I am an au pair from Milan, Italy. I love children and , since I am graduated in human science, I worked for a kindergarten and for a primary school during an English camp. I would like to become a “big sister” and see my host kids growing up and, if the family agrees, I would love to convey my interests and passions (such as music). I consider myself a sunny girl, available and problem-solver. I think that travel and get in touch with a family from another country, with another culture promote my personal growth and could improve my English. I want to become an au pair because I love spending time with children and I love meeting people all over the world. I think that when you step outside your comfort zone you understand what you're worth and you fin... Read more


Set country: United States

Businessman, Entrepreneur and Freelance Editor in English and SEO; websites, content, photo enhancements. I work and live 6 months a year in Prague, CZech Republic. I am from Los Angeles, California, USA
Know how to say 'yes!'
Well organized with strong time-management skills
Creative; advertisements and promotions, business consulting
Great communicator with people of various generations and cultures
Excellent time management planner. Advanced knowledge of digital 35mm cameras, video cameras, sound equipment, musical gear. Lifetime of computer experience and use; Excel, Word Docs, Act! and Wordpress and others. Divorced, Dad of 2 incredible adult daughters.
HippoHelp referrals available.

James Dolan

Set country: United States

Biomedical engineering student studying at The College of New Jersey looking for work experience that will allow me to travel. Wanting and willing to learn new skills. Really only available during my summer and winter breaks but I hope to make the most of those times.


Set country: Belgium

Hi! We are a Belgian young couple. We travelled many times in backpack and now, we would love to try something new. Moreover, this year we decided to build our own van to make what we most love : travelling, meeting people, learning new things, discussing and debating various topics, discovering more and more beautiful and simple places, and especially having fun.


Set country: Norway

My name is Annika and I am 19 years old. I am currently residing in Narvik, but am looking to change locations as soon as possible.
I like to work outdoors and appreciate the norwegian nature therefore very much. Working with animals is always a pleasure as I have some on my own back in austria (my dog Diego and my two cats Gloria and Ferdinand)
One reason I decided on traveling to Norway was besides the beautiful landscapes, the sustainable way of living that is presented in the norwegian culture.I believe in fairly and organically produced goods and support this way of living as well in Austria as I am planning to do in Norway.
Also my Grandma says it's great.

Bruna Pessôa

Set country: Brazil

Hi! We are Tarcísio and Bruna, two young Brazilian couples, both 25 years old and traveling soul. We are looking for our first volunteer experience outside of Brazil. We volunteered together for two years in a social project called Cristolândia, in the state of Bahia, where our job was to assist homeless people and drug addicts. Aid in the recovery of drug addicts in the areas of education, clothing and hygiene. In addition to Cristolândia, we were also in the Management and execution of the National Drug Prevention Program - (VIVER) of the National Missions Council of the State of Bahia, working in schools, churches and communities with the presentation of workshops and the implementation of programs drug prevention sites for children, adolescents and young people. Now we want to h... Read more

Zhansaya Aliyeva

Set country: Kazakhstan

Меня зовут Жансая и я музыкант

Вот мои контактные данные:
Электронная почта:

Всегда стремлюсь встретить новых друзей, делиться культурой , опытом и начать новые приключения.

Спасибо, что прочитали мой... Read more

Daisy Flowers

Set country: United States

Hi, my name is Daisy Flowers originally from Texas now in Oklahoma. I have never traveled outside of the US and I am looking forward to it.

Friska Retnaningtyas

Set country: Indonesia


Alysha Beth

Set country: United States

I grew up on a farm where I took care of livestock as well as gardening. From the I became a nursing assistant and took care of people now I’m a mom of a 1 year old daughter and my boyfriend and I would love to help out around the world and immerse ourselves in different cultures I feel like it would be a good way for my daughter to grow up learning different things instead of being in a tiny bubble back home!

Samuel Reyes

Set country: Mexico

I am a mexican traveler, with a lot a hostel receptionist and maintenance working in: Colombia as receptionist, tour guide and cleaning, Germany as tour guide, barman, receptionist, cooking, cleaning, Oman as waiter and tour guide, Georgia as Spanish teacher and tour guide, Albania as tour guide, marketing and cleaning, Serbia as receptionist and tour guide, Hungary as cleaning, farming, tour guide and maintenance, Slovakia as receptionist and cleaning, Croatia as receptionist, tour guide and cleaning, Romania as receptionist, tour guide and cleaning, Kosovo as tour guide, Turkey tour guide, Swiss tour guide, Bosnia and Herzegovina as tour guide, Brazil as tour guide, Taiwan as tour guide, in total until now 28 countries traveled.

Milena Milcheva

Set country: Bulgaria

hi, my name is Milena, i am from Bulgaria. Coming in a package with my dog and cat. I would like to live and help you out with whatever i can and just in return Live freelu and happy. thank you :)

Melinda Bokeli

Set country: Norway

Hi! My name is Melinda, I’m 19 years old (20 in April). I am born and raised in the beautiful country of Norway. I graduated high school fall 2020, and was ready to explore the world! Sadly, because of COVID, I haven’t been able to travel yet. However, hopefully I will soon get to travel. Fingers crossed;) About me: I am a very well behaved person, and treat others with a lot of respect. It’s important to me to be kind to others:) As for hobbies, I of course love to travel. I have always traveled a lot with my mom all over the world. I really loved Thailand and Croatia, but the US will always have a special place in my heart. I also love to be creative. I am always excited about learning new creative skills. It’s important for me to be social, and connect with other people. ... Read more

Anshuo Yu

Set country: Serbia

Good at cooking Love animals Speak Chinese and English

Simon Ch

Set country: India

I have spend three years in Mumbai working in Corporate. Regular Job life means office-comeback-home-sleep next day again same routine. complete four years of work experience. I don't know what I am missing in my life. I was like a free bird till 12 standard of school. after 3 years of graduation started working in corporate this lifestyle has bringing something changes into my life that never made me feel happy accept monthly salary. but this time i wanna visit Mumbai City of dream and explore some places i have not seen before, Hi my name is Shimanta Choudhury (Alice- Simon) 27 years old born and held from NE region of India Assam. Fun loving and sweet guy. belive in respect for individual. my first life rule 'I don't lie' and hate liar. I really passionate about travel but office li... Read more


Set country: United Kingdom

My name is Harry, people call me Donny... It's a long story, I won't bore you with the details. I'll keep this short and sweet, I am planning on hitting the road and travelling.. I don't necessarily have a set plan and I'm working with a budget so staying with people and helping out works extremely well for me. I have worked in various jobs over the years. Customer facing roles to maintenance and building, I think they call it jack of all master of none. So if you have space and I could come and help you in anyway that would be amazing.

Lots of love,


William Davies

Set country: France

Buenos días, Me llamo Will, tengo 20 años, soy del Reino Unido y soy estudiante de filología. Estoy ahora buscando trabajo o trabajo voluntario para pasar la primavera y verano en España! Estoy abierto a cualquier tipo de trabajo! Quiero descubrir la cultura y la gente de otro lugar en España mientras también trabajo para una organización o proyecto que me interesa! Ya he estado dos veces en Tenerife trabajando como Au Pair, y actualmente estoy trabajando en Francia, otra vez como Au Pair. He estado con la misma familia francesa por los últimos 6 meses y lo he pasado muy bien, pero ahora quiero cambiar el rumbo e irme a España para una nueva experiencia! Hablo inglés, español y francés. He trabajado en papeles administrativos; contestando los teléfonos, haciendo el papeleo ... Read more


Set country: United States

Hello,my name is Eddie. Im a chill,down to earth,shy at first person. Im a hard worker and have had different types of work throughout my life. Ive been a delivery driver,maintenance tech,banquet steward,customer service rep,shipping/receiving supervisor and more. I have a passion for helping people and am currently trying to pursue a spiritual(not religious)path. I feel stuck in my life right now and felt this overwhelming joy when I stumbled upon this way of living and traveling. I really hope this is my calling.


Set country: Morocco

Hello guys
My nam's Said,i'm teacher in primery school,i teach arabic languge in small vilage,60 kms from my city.
We want realy to have a good generation,open minded,respectful and helpful that's why we want to do the best for theme.
By languges,we can contact and comunicate and also understund other Poeple from all over the world and chare a life together.
Iwant to be a positive in this world,so i can teach arabic language to anyone,i'm interested about nature, i like to put my hand on the works with cleaning it,i have pation for gardenning wild nature and beaches,i'm profesionel swimming,i'm interested about animals,so i can work in farmer or help animals,i like to put my hand to repare the old building. Me and you,we have energy to do something together for this amazing ... Read more

Carlos Gutierrez

Set country: United States

Looking for work in exchange for a place to stay in a relatively isolated place


Set country: United States

My name is Tytiana and I’m from Roy, Washington in the United States. I’m an individual who loves to help, learn new things and have fun. My main goal is to work while travel and see new things, all at the same time.