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Set country: Hong Kong

I am a 37 yo single lady who has been working in Hong Kong for over 14 years. Daily office work has become a mundane routine for me and I don't wish to stay in such a comfort zone forever. Work exchange trip is always something I want to do, which is mainly to experience a different lifestyle in a totally new place.
I have traveled to many place before such as Australia, USA, Cuba, Thailand, Vietnam, and Bali. I have studied and lived in Canada for over 12 years. I am an independent person and very capable of taking care of myself and others. I am sure I can make a good helper for my host and create a great memory for us both.

Aziliz LN

Set country: France

We are two friends travelling together for 6 months trough Southeast Asia and we would like to make of this trip a great learning experience, we would like to share and help on the road. For that, we are ready to volonteer from here and here during 7 to 10 days. We are looking forward to hearing from you !

Megan Daniel

Set country: United States

Hello! My name is Megan, I am 22 years old and recently graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.A. in Psychology & Addiction Studies. I have a passion for traveling the world and experiencing other cultures and can think of no better way of doing so than providing a helping hand for local families and/or farms! I have a Working Holiday Authorization from Ireland and will be moving there in October. I have not yet booked a flight as I am waiting to coordinate with my host for the most convenient accommodation for us both, so arrival dates are flexible! I can't wait to get to know you!


Set country: Bangladesh

Hi, this is Abu Noman Sayem from Bangladesh. I love travelling. I already travelled lot of areas of Bangladesh. Now I'm thinking about travelling abroad. I've a skill on Agriculture and I like to involve with agro sector. So, through travelling I want to share my Agricultural knowledge and also want to learn something.


Set country: Morocco

Okay .

Manon Jarzeniack

Set country: Belgium

Hi everyone ! My name is Manon, I'm 23 and I'm from Belgium. My first language is French. I've already lived abroad (2 years in Ireland as an aupair). I have a degree in primary school teaching and a CAE Cambridge certificate (C1 level in English). Having a well developed wanderlust, I'd like to see more of the world. And right now, learning Spanish is top of my list. I recently found myself interested in tourism and I'd like to develop skills that would move me towards my long term goal of being a tourist guide. I'm currently taking a MOOC in tourism management with the University of Queensland, Australia. (Warning!!! The style of writing in the next paragraph is very formal. She is much more casual and light hearted in her spoken expression. For example, when I proofread this f... Read more

Mouad Gourita Sarejad

Set country: Morocco


Luan Lazarine

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Luan Carlos Lazarine, tenho 23 anos e moro no Brasil. Sou formado em Administração de Empresas e atualmente trabalho como auxiliar de escritório. Por ser novo, percebi nos últimos tempos o valor de se arriscar e vejo a necessidade de ajudar as pessoas e conhecer um pouco das novas culturas. Sou uma pessoa tranquila, esforçado e que não há tempo ruim. Ajudo no que for preciso. Possuo um inglês básico pro intermediário e essa nova experiencia me ajudaria a desenvolver melhor meu inglês.


Set country: French Polynesia

Hello! My name is Maud and I'm 18 years old. I'm a French backpacker girl who wants to meet new people, exchange and discover new places. I am enthusiastic, motivated and reliable. I would be more than glad to help you with everyday tasks in exchange of accommodation and food!

Aïcha Azmi

Set country: Morocco

Adventurous optimistic and ambitious love working in a team spirit and regular and benefit from the most experienced people in life and this is due to growing up in the arms of a strong family solidarity, characterized by patience and tolerance and love beauty of all kinds, and I strongly want to move forward with steady steps and improve my cognitive and psychological life based on the principle of giving and giving Creating a happy and pleasant atmosphere around me based on my balanced mental, spiritual and physical activity.


Set country: Indonesia

I'm indepent women trying to find job abroad

Morgan Landry

Set country: Viet Nam

Hello hello — My name is Morgan. I am from New Orleans in the southern U.S. I have a degree in Conservation Biology and Ecology. My background is in natural resources and education. I’ve also been a server and bartender for many years. Currently, I am travelling around Southeast Asia. I would love to have more of a purpose in these travels! I have energy to help, and that is what I hope I can do for you. My schedule is very flexible, especially after September.


Set country: Germany

Hey, my name is Lennert. I like travelling the world, meeting new people and learn new languages. Because I'm a poor student, I prefer low budget travelling :D I'm keen to help you and hope to get in contact with you!

Laia Gutierrez Tordera

Set country: Spain

My name is Laia and I am from Barcelona. I want to improve my German (and my English too), so I would like to live in a germany style so to practice my German. I am a Biologist and I am more and more involved in ecological and sosteinable projects. I think I can learn a lot from you and I can help you a lot too!

Thomas Wagih N. Gergis

Set country: Egypt

My names is Thomas, 22 Egyptian christian. I love taking care of the others. I'm very simple.. But loving and kinda.. Smart and open minded..

Sanjay Tiwary

Set country: Australia

Sanjay Kumar Tiwary from India.

Helene Josephine Duun Tolstrup

Set country: Denmark

Hello there! I am an open-minded, adventurous, and easy-going Danish gal who recently finished a master's degree in medical anthropology. During my studies, I have visited countries and people around the world and I love to explore different cultures and ways of living. I am committed to doing good wherever I visit, which is the reason for my engagement in various projects in developing countries. When I am not putting a lot of energy into saving the world, I enjoy spending my time in peaceful environments that allow me to recharge and submerge into the creative parts of my mind. I am a complex person living a simple life humble to the people, creatures, and nature of the planet we share.

Mitzi Canlas

Set country: Viet Nam

Hello. I am a traveler looking for places to volunteer at.

Omar Afifi

Set country: Egypt

I love traveling so i have a strong motivation to work hard to Do this..

Jono Ghalmi Ribeiro

Set country: Chile

Hello everyone! I am a young-ish (haha) traveller, former software engineer and photographer/videographer with experience in street and documentary photography. I'm also vlogging (YT: The Utopian Wanderer aka Jono Ghalmi Ribeiro) and blogging ( and I'm currently travelling all of the Americas (South/Central/North) until January/February 2021 (depends on how budget goes). If you have any work related to documenting a project, creating or maintaining a media presence online or offline, I'd definitely be happy to help.

Sailor Gerry Whelzo

Set country: Ireland

Athletic and Arty Irish fella with a lot of experience in many things and a long term goal of exploring many countries to hopefully find one that resonates so strong with me one day and will perhaps become my permanent home. As much as I love Ireland I want to see what else is out there, not just for a holiday or a visit, but live and build a life. So my time spent with you isn't just a long affordable holiday, it is potentially a life changing experience! (and may lead to my immigration!)

Irene Von Dorigotti

Set country: Italy

this is an artist and anthropologist, i wanna make new experience about life


Set country: Spain

I am a person with great work experience.
I started working when I was only 15 years old
As assistant bricklayer, then over the years I learned to painting, electrical repair, a bit of carpentry. I can use chainsaw, strimmer, Electric tools.
.father and grandfather are from farming families, my father always had a garden to be cultivated for the family, and I help him since I was a child, I like the contact with the ground, to see the plants growing and almost a miracle.
I like to cook.
Do not scare the hard work, I'm not a smoker.
I'm serious, precise, careful.
Unfortunately I do not speak English very well.
so for me, and that can go a great and a enjoy to know and improve my English.
I speak French, and Spanish.( mother tongue Italian)
I have a E... Read more


Set country: India

Just an another dude who is travelling around. Law student.

Zai Neb

Set country: Tunisia

Have a bachelor degree in English. Speaks 4 languages : Arabic, French , English and a little bit of Spanish. Very enthusiastic and eager to discover new countries and cultures. Open minded and very respectful.

Casian Ioan Marin

Set country: Romania

I'm trying to become a full time traveler. I enjoy working different jobs and have experience with landscaping, waiting tables, photography and agricultural work. I studied Horticulture in college and have worked in a number of industries. What I do best is interacting with people. I am a very open and social person. Also, English is almost like a first language to me. Since fifth grade I have been writing in English. Mainly short stories and even a short novel at one point. Also, I have two tour guide diplomas and have worked as a guide in Romania and as a bus guide in Montenegro.

Hudson Diego

Set country: Brazil

Hello, I'm Diego. I'm from Brazil. I live in the Northeast of the country, a place known for its beautiful beaches and a very rich culture. I know to dance forró, a dance very well-known in my region. Where I live is a very hot place, every day there is a 36º degree celcius. I have a degree in civil engineering from the Federal Rural Semi-Arid University and I specialize in building engineering. I learn something or task very fast, I am self-taught, very skillful and resourceful. I have experience in marketing, ie purchasing and selling, and also in my area, which is construction and building installations. I am a sincere person, funny and I love to eat. I play guitar, singing, playing soccer, volleyball, drawing and I even write some texts in instagram, to help people, or to reflect ... Read more


Set country: Tunisia

Hello!! Je suis soulayma de la Tunisie, j'ai 25 ans, je suis graphic designe et entreprneur independante a FOREVER living Prouduct. Je suis passionée par les voyage et la découverte, la photography et la cuisine. J'ai voyagée en stage volontaire en algerie en 2018. J'adore les animaux et la nature. Je parle arabe, français et anglais. Mon but dans la vie et d'aider les gens a réaliser leurs rêves et Mon rêve c'est de faire la tour du monde.