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Chevalier Kevin

Hey everyone! I've been traveling around the world for 10 years now. I love music, cinema, writing and art in general.

Melissa Wilson

Looking for work ...any type...skilled in many different trades...willing and ready to learn anything


29 years old from Tunisia , I'm Animateur/Formateur Occasionnel... seeking to leave a positive impact on the world , want to travel to prove my existence and find who i am , seeking to discover new ways of life and trying to leave as much help as possible i don't mind offering my time and my work to get to know new people and new cultures ...
My activities & experience .. : • Since the summer of 2015, I have been working as a volunteer in an association
cultural missions, helping needy schools and children, by providing them with
different keys allowing them to discover artistic, cinematographic,
playful, or the work of animator.
• At the beginning of August 2016, I had the opportunity to come to France, with some members
Mash'hed, as part of an intercultural exch... Read more