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Hello There,
Thank you in advance for attention.
I am a woman. I like traveling & volunteering.

Magdalena Jakubczak

Hi there! Im a shortie architecture student based in Lublin, Poland. Im a begginer at traveling alone but I hope to find some amazing oportunities here. Im open for meeting new people and learn new things, I see myself as a Creative one.

Елена Елена

Hello. I'm Elena. I love to travel, nature, animals. I have two children and a cat. I like to meet new people, their culture, nature, cuisine, architecture, customs. I am interested in foreign languages, although I do not know any perfectly, because there is no practice. I would like to visit some European countries this summer. It is desirable that the first country of entry was Italy. I plan to travel alone or with my children (mostly).

I have a lot of experience in different jobs. From washing cars and working in the garden, to the head of the advertising Agency. Now I work as an online store Manager. It is important for me to be able to combine work with travel. I perfectly know how to use a computer and the Internet.

I am honest, serious, responsible, disciplined, org... Read more

Francesco Scudu

Italian student, great cook, athletic and positive attitude. Looking for a free place to stay in exchange for my skills and Joie de vivre!


My name is Aminu Idris, I Love to travel and volunteer my skills to help give something back to the world and learn new skills as I travel


Shrikant Bhadouria I’m from Jaipur Rajasthan India. I like new good things. Now I am living in India