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Maxim Izzanov

Set country: Egypt

I am Egyptian living now in Cairo . I am 46 years old .. not working .. most of time I work free lance. I can speak English, Arabic and Malay language


Set country: Mexico

I am a very well travelled lady, 37 years old I love the different cultures and ways of life. I have a lot of experience in many jobs including therapies, management, horses, chef, singing, dancing. I am easy going and love to meet people.


Set country: United States

Social Worker, Army Veteran, Youth Mental Health First Aid Responder, Mother of two beautiful children, Grandmother of a vivacious 5 year old, Animal lover, Spiritual, Eager to learn everything this world has to offer

Mario Manzur

Set country: Paraguay

I'm Mario Manzur, From Paraguay, i do a lot of work exchange around the world, doing reception or entertainment based duties. English and Spanish is not a problem for me. Be my international friend! :D

An Bo

Set country: Austria

Hello My name is Angela and I'm 23 years old. I have worked as cashier 3 years, sale assistant and fitness trainer. I want to travel and work.

Patrícia Toledo Marczaukoski

Set country: Brazil

Olá, sou advogada e estou de férias, buscando aproveitar o verão no brasil mesmo.

Patrizia Kls

Set country: Brazil

I am interested in opportunities available to volunteer. As a long-time advocate of the needs and well-being of people and animals, even with limited experience in this position, I intend to help participants in recreational programs and projects and contribute to the planning of strategy sessions and follow events and knowledge more about which areas are in need of help. I can attach my curriculum a posteriori, if they are adding volunteers. With an interest in learning more about these missions, I would be grateful for the opportunity. Thanks for your consideration.


Set country: Brazil

Olá, me chamo Karine, sou de Recife-Pernambuco,BR. Sou formada em técnica de laboratório e flebotomista. Tenho um pé no Turismo, Ecologia e Culinária. Sou leitora de nascimento e gosto de aprender de tudo.


Set country: United States

I have experience managing “workaway” workers at my precious home/work. I was managing an animal sanctuary (all the animals and employees) and lived living off of trade. I have a wise background ranging from Montessori teacher to restaurant manager (with many things in between). I’m an avid outdoors person who loves backpacking, hiking, ANYTHING really having to do with nature. I’m wanting to learn more off the grid methods and live just stillness in the woods or the desert yet can enjoy putting on my designer clothes and having brunch; I just LOVE LIFE in all its forms and people of all walks and attitudes. I’ve lost all my jobs and was evicted due to covid and now looking to do some trade work again to learn new things, share some amazing stories I have from life and maybe ... Read more


Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! My name is Lyubov. I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Currently I'm a university student majoring in foreign linguistics. Growing up I didn't have many opportunities to see the world so now I'm trying to catch up. I'm pretty good at English and just started learning French.


Set country: France

Hey everybody ! I'm finished master's degree in september and I would to improve my english. I've great experience in young education, sailing, scouting, building, general maintenance... and many other skills. I'm looking for a volunter experience in english spoken context, for october 2020 month. I'l already happy to meet you !

جي هان

Set country: Tunisia

Jeune fille 23 years old Licence fondamentale en droit

Ester Vasconcelos

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Ester, tenho 27 anos, sou responsável, pontual e compromissada. Sou pedagoga formada desde 2016. Possuo experiência com trabalho em berçário, infantil e com crianças. Posso desempenhar atividades pedagógicas de acordo com a idade e auxiliar em atividades escolares programadas. Posso também executar atividades de cozinha, buffet, servir mesas e limpeza. Posso desenvolver trabalhos com hortas orgânicas. sou muito flexível, aprendo rápido.

Alisson Pimentel Guedes

Set country: Brazil

Amigavel, disposto a aprender e a ensinar. Troca de experiências.

Itzel Flossa

Set country: Mexico


Mi nombre es Itzel y soy de México y mi novio se llama Tom Inglaterra. Estamos en busca de una oportunidad para hacer voluntariado en México.

Nuestros conocimientos:

Ambos somos dos viajeros apasionados y hemos visitado varios países juntos quedándonos en hostales como huéspedes y como voluntarios.

Nos conocimos en New Zealand donde vivimos ahí por dos años. Durante este tiempo lo dos estuvimos trabajando en la industria hotelera trabajamos para las cadenas, Hilton y Sofitel, donde trabajamos en varios departamentos desde bartender/ supervisor en restaurante hasta gestión de limpieza interna (housekeeping).

Desde ahí, hemos viajado alrededor del
Mundo quedándonos en un rango diferente de lugares y hostales.
Entendemos la impo... Read more

Selene Mexico

Set country: Italy

My name is Selene, I am 29 years old and I am from Mexico. My email adress is and my mobile number from Italy +39 38 090 28 602 Whatsapp +52 6691583694
I love travelling and have been in more than 100 countries :D
I have excellent cooking skills as I am a chef and worked on a cruiseline as a cook, I also travelled a lot so learned many different cuisines and flavors, I will be happy to help in the kitchen!
I as well have lots of experience in customer service, Reception and Administration! Would be lovely to help in a hostel.
I am very tidy and organized and would love to help with the housekeeping.
I am an animal lover, I love all animals and would love to help to take care of them too. I am looking for a close to nature place to stay, I love h... Read more

Naely Ferreira da Cruz

Set country: Brazil

Sou Naely, tenho 17 anos e quero muito aprender um novo indioma e ajudar pessoas, viajar e conhecer novas culturas, ter uma experiência incrível.


Set country: Italy

Hello I’m Alex, italian born in Peschiera, lake Garda.
I spent the last 7 years abroad, working in different cities as a hair stylist, and learning English and Spanish.
In January 2020 I came back to Italy to prepare everything to move to Australia in April, which I obviously didn’t because of the lockdown.
I enjoyed the time here at home and got to see places I’d never seen before, really close to home, and that made me think this is the best moment to see more of Italy.
I wanna try a work exchange because hairdressing is not what I prefer to do in this period where social life is really different from before.
I have experience in interior painting and little works at home, like fixing electric cables or repairing furniture.
I spent a lot of time with my gran... Read more

Robert Paluncic

Set country: Croatia

27 year old Croatian looking forward to learn new things and meet new people. I worked on a cruise ship for 5 years so I am used to other cultures and customs and hard work.

Sella Lumbasi

Set country: Kenya

I a m a Christian lady interested in traveling to mingle with other people and share my skills, knowledge and ideas. I also want to travel for fun and adventure.

Béjaranô Andrea

Set country: France

I am looking to improve my language skills


Set country: Brazil

Hi! I'm Aline, I am brazilian and portuguese. I've lived in Lisbon for 1 year and 3 months in Salamanca, Spain. I've worked as a salesperson, kitchen helper and nanny. I love to know other cultures and to study, to learn. I would like to improve my English and Spanish. I am ready and available to travel and be able to help others while I learn from them.

Lo Teixeira Tavares

Set country: Portugal

Sou Brasileira. Professora prestes a se aposentar, casada, mãe, adoro animais. Morando fora do meu pais, no momento. Tenho interesse em viajar, conhecer diferentes países, sua cultura e a língua local. Marido é aposentado, mas gosta muito de trabalha com madeira. Então seremos os dois a viajar e conhecer lugares e pessoas mundo afora.

Mimi Kelly

Set country: United States

Hi I'm Mimi! I'm almost 25 years old and I am looking to take some time off work to travel around and help out different people. I plan on starting this journey in January of 2021. I am ideally looking for both room and food accommodation.

Alexa Kideys

Set country: United States

Hi there, my name is Alexa! I am from San Diego, California, and attend the University of California, Berkeley. I study Cognitive Science and love anything related to Psychology or the brain! My hobbies include hiking, snorkeling, exercising, skiing, reading, yoga, and surfing (although I'm not very good). In terms of skills, I am very tech-savvy, love to cook, can take care of children/tutor, can garden, and I am capable of learning how to work on farms. This semester is online so I am currently looking to work in exchange for housing and food in Hawaii (in a place that has Wifi access). Hawaii has always been such a special place to me and after visiting so many times, I have realized that I would thoroughly enjoy living there in such a beautiful tropic area in a place where I can tru... Read more

Lilian Brito

Set country: Brazil

Hello! I'm Lilian Brito, I'm 37 years old and I'm Brazilian. I live in a city in Espírito Santo, southeastern Brazil. I am a hardworking woman, I love helping people. I am communicative and humorous, I am also very patient. I like to meet new people, cultures and customs, and I know how to respect their way of thinking differently from me. I am excited about a new adventure that will take me out of my comfort zone. I look forward to meeting you, my new host.


Set country: United Kingdom

I believe that the only possible reason for our being here is to serve in some form or another but that the form is not always readily found or recognized. Hildegard Knef

يوسف الكلهورى

Set country: Iraq

I'm jousif looking forward to developing my skills abroad and build a future

Marija Knezevic Shajahan

Set country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hi everyone, I am currently living in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is also my country of origin, but my wish is to travel all around the world. I've been working on a cruise ship for a while which gave me opportunity to visit some distant countries that I would normally not get a chance to see. However, working on a ship doesn't alow me to explore the country as much as I would like to due to the limited free time. Now I would like to travel by land a little bit and work in exchange for accommodation and food. I'm coming from a country that doesn't have a very high living standards and I didn't manage to save any money for traveling which is the reason why most of the countries I visited I visited hitchhiking. I lived in a tent for a while and I was also sleeping in the parks, beaches a... Read more

Edwin Ramirez

Set country: Colombia

Soy muy respetuoso, entregado a mis labores , ordenado,