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Gessica Reis

Set country: Brazil

Hi, I'm Géssica, I'm 32 years old, I'm very expressive, talkative, colorful, enthusiastic, able to dream together "any" little idea, the person with a high laugh, who likes change and who adapts easily to the world, who loves meeting people and their universe, who likes astrology, philosophy and the mysteries of life, this brief clipping speaks a lot about me so my expression in the world is through the ephemeral architecture of scenarios, events and ways of working in collaborative networks , this professional place allows me to be me and so I go in search of conquering the world!

Carolina Campos

Set country: Brazil

Hello there! I'm Carolina, 23, brazilian. I'm moving to Italy to study architecture (2022/23) at IUAV in Venice, starting October 3rd but I must arrive earlier in September 29th to finish my application. My student visa is in process and allows me to work 20 hours per week. So, for me would be very interesting to stay for free while I help with the duties and also study at college.

Junior Almeiida

Set country: Brazil

Tenho 29 anos , disposição para qualquer tipo de trabalho e estou querendo fazer um tipo de intercâmbio para aprender um pouco de inglês ( meu inglês é básico)


Set country: United States

Hello! I am a 20-something traveler looking to see the world--I love travelling and experiencing new cultures. I have experience in animal from everything including cats and dogs to horses and goats to lions and giraffes (worked as a keeper for a bit!). I've also helped out with maintenance projects (cement pouring, pool cleaning, weedwacking, etc) and am eager to improve my skillset. I look forward to meeting you!


Set country: Qatar

hello:) my name is Josleen ram from lebanon but I do live in qatar, Sam a nature lover I used to have my own small farm when I was back in my country but unfortunately I had to lose it when I moved here , Sam yogini and I do meditation as well I have knowledge about farming and animal care :)


Set country: Italy

Hii, I’m Seugena, but everyone just calls me Seu. I’m albanian but I’ve been living in Italy since I was a kid. I’m a very sunny girl, and a dynamic person who always like to be active and to help. I like to work, I think I can do a little bit of everything. I quickly adapt to various situations. I love children, and I spent a lot of time with them not only because I have 5 little cousins who always want to stay in my house, but also because I do volunteer activity that involved them. I’m a very creative person who enjoys reading, writing, painting and baking. I really like nature and also animals, here in Italy i have only a cat. I believe, I have a lot to share, and also I’m very curious and I want to know much about the culture of every country. I am also quite sport... Read more

Alexandre Martins Montebelo

Set country: Brazil

Estou há um mês na estrada e em busca de conhecer sempre gente nova e novos lugares, venho de Campinas, interior de São Paulo, e trago bastante conhecimento de tecnologia e também de psicologia.

Ignacio Palmes

Set country: Mexico

Ignacio 31 años. Ciclista, escalador, buzo. Busco ser proactivo y responsable. Viajo para conocer.


Set country: United States

We are a married couple who love traveling and adventure. In a unique time of life where we're old enough to be empty nesters but young enough to fully enjoy the time with one another. Lots of life experience to contribute but a passion to discover more. After RVing across America, Jeeping through Mexico, backpacking around the world and getting a taste of boat life, we're super excited to see what's next! We have lots of life and professional skills we are happy to share and use to help others and aren't afraid of hard work or new things. We are more than happy to answer any questions or give more info, as we consider ourselves a pretty open book!


Set country: Germany

I am Diya, originally from China a.d currently pursuing MA study in Europe. I believe that traveling ten thousand miles is as important as (or even more important than) reading ten thousand books. After traveling to many places inside and outside of China, personally I think deep engagement with local people and culture is far more meaningful than pure sightseeing. Therefore, I wish to get to know more people, understand better diversities and common values among us via hippohelp platform : )


Set country: United States

Hello my name is Veronica! I’m from Los Angeles,CA. I’m looking for a host to help volunteer and learn about Hawaii

Tata Shalamberidze

Set country: Canada

A researcher practised in Western sciences and in love with an Eastern philosophy. Finally decided to quit the work not serving my interests any more and eager to explore the world, help people in need and be the part of a more conscious community worldwide.

Daniel Stiven Valle

Set country: Colombia

My name is Daniel, i'm 21 and i would like to improve my english and know new countrys and people on the way. I am public accountant so im good with the number and know about sales

Chirag Kambale

Set country: Italy

I am an Exchange student looking for accommodation in Muenster, Germany. I'll be in Muenster from 31st August 2023 to 31st March 2023 and I urgently need a place to stay during my study at the University of Muenster. Currently, I'm doing my master's in Security and Human Rights. I'm using this platform due to financial constraints in my quest for education. I'm also willing to assist in daily household chores like cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc. Assistance in any form is appreciated.

Axel Bridey

Set country: France

Je m'appelle Axel, j'ai 20 ans. Je suis actuellement étudiant en BTS et à côté de mes études je suis pompier volontaire. Je fais du sport et je ne fume pas. J'aime découvrir de nouvelles choses à travers mes expériences. J'aimerai améliorer mon niveau de langue en anglais.


Set country: United States

One dude looking for an adventure in helping someone in a new land.

Oskar Maniglia

Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm Oskar. I am a 19 year old boy who would like to explode the world and learn from others.

Salah Oudjana

Set country: Algeria



Set country: Germany

Hi, My name's Volodia. Like to travel and discover new thing and people, culture


Set country: United Kingdom

I am a traveller looking for cultural experience and to lend my support to people who need assistance in English,cooking, music,gardening and other projects. I have been a chef,driver, labourer, gardener as well as other things.I like learning new things and meeting other people.

Charlie Batten

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Charlie. I used to be a construction labourer and have volunteered at a couple of places with woof. I always enjoy traveling to new places and meeting new people, and I'm keen to work hard and learn new things.

I'd like to make memories wherever I go.

Whilst volunteering I have been lucky enough to do a variety of things, some of it might be useful to you;
I have helped out with horses, bees, sheep, and off-grid earth-bag construction. I have done some dry stone walling, made apple juice, used a lathe and painted rooms. But I'm not good at painting. I can do the other things ok.


Set country: Turkey

Hi! My name is Başak. I’m a graphic designer. I have over 14 years of experience working in the advertising industry. I'm currently working as a senior art director at Wunderman Thompson about 2 years. I have been passionate about design since I was a kid. I loved the cartoons in the newspapers and I was draw them at home. When I was in middle school my parents and teachers noticed that. So they let me improve in this area. Why because I love being ability create something from nothing. So I graduated from fine arts high school and fine arts university. Now I want to work in Europe. But first I want to improve my English. And also I loves meeting new people and sharing stories. So I'm want to spend time in Europe meeting locals and learning new skills. I'm so excited to this.


Set country: Italy

Honest, simple guy who loves agriculture, sports (especially soccer, mountaineering, skiing, beach volley, martial arts). Actually, I'm studying my last year of University (Agriculture in Bologna).

Nils Neumeister

Set country: Germany

For me traveling means getting to know the local people, their culture, their live and their view of the world. Cause I just graduated from high school, I can now jump at the chance to do just that. Hi there! I'm Nils, 18 years old, grown up on a family farm in Saxony, Germany. What I'm like: On the one hand, I enjoy just relaxing, drinking an Earl Grey or reading a book. And on the other hand I find it awesome to be extremly activ , doing sports or realizing projects. For example, renovating old houses, designing and building my own furniture, like my desk, or creating a sports room in the barn with my buddys. I would describe myself as a an open minded, extroverted and friendly person who loves to meet and talk to new people and get to know their point of view about the world. On my ... Read more