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Set country: Yemen

Last name: Moqpel first name yusra The address is Yemen city ​​marib the phone. 00967737969745 Subject: Volunteer work. Language exchange. developing skills. Learn about other cultures and make friends (ma'am, sir), I am currently working (volunteer) in (Al-Saeed Medical Center - Yemen - Marib), I am looking for a farm. family. A hostess can welcome me to host me for a period of (from one month) to (six months or more) from (start date). So it is quite natural that I turn to all the hosts, whose sector of activity perfectly matches my future career aspirations. I will be honored to be able to improve my knowledge by joining their team as an intern. and volunteer Rigorous and versatile, I will be delighted to be able to present my skills gained during ... Read more


Set country: Czech Republic

Hallo, my name is Sandra. I am from Czechia and I am 19. I am studying sociology in Ostrava. I´ve decided to travel and go to Spain. I am really looking forward to it. I am polite, sociable, responsible and always happy to meet new people. I´ve been working as a barist in Ostrava. Also I have expirience from summer camps, vinary and restaurants. That´s me!


Set country: Algeria

Dear host
I start by introducing myself

I am Walid 29', I am a senior technician in refrigeration and air conditioning repair and installation. I now work in agriculture, to tell the truth I am very good at it. handyman in painting...
my wife Feriel, telecommunications engineer, currently director of a travel agency, she likes to cook, cakes and much more sewing

why volunteering ?

A year back we had a neighbor had hosted a group of 11 people (volunteers), they helped him do daily tasks without getting tired, so we decided me and my wife to participate it was an unforgettable experience. We prepared meals together, washing dishes, telling stories was magical and now the time has come for us to expand our prayers, discover new traditions new cultures new fla... Read more


Set country: China

Hello, I am a Russian woman, who has been living in China for 15 years , so I can speak Chinese and also English as well, I also learned German, I like China and my city Shanghai, where I have many friends from all over the world. So I'm open minded and tolerate to the different cultures. I'm very interested in traveling and working with a team, meeting new people, getting new experience and learning new skills. Non smoker

Rachel Schonbaum

Set country: United States

Hi! I'm a recent graduate looking to travel and meet new people / gain new experiences before starting work. I love animals, the outdoors, and almost anything to do with being active and getting to use my hands. I would say I'm a quick learner and can be highly independent.


Set country: United States

Devoted, grounded, emotionally mature and helpful wellness-oriented people-person!


Set country: Spain

Hello, I am Anil from Türkiye, I would love to help you with your farm life and explore the environment. I would prefer places where I can stay at least a few months. Thank you.


Set country: Italy

Hi everyonee! My name is Simona, I'm 21 and its my first time backpacking. I'd be happy to help you! Passionate about music, art, food and travel


Set country: Norway

I am 24 years old girl, who wants to travel and get more experience with agriculture in different countries.


Set country: Algeria

Hur mår du?

I plan to learn permaculture, agriculture (horses, bees, goats...), construction, languages, room service ...etc...

Bis zum nächsten Mal.


Set country: United States

Hi everyone! I’m Micaela, half Chilean half Brazilian. I’m looking for some new experiences and meet new people. I’m kinda tired of the same routine and I’d love to explore more what this beautiful world have to offer. Let’s live a new life!


Set country: Hungary

Hello, my name is Benny. I’m from Hungary and i’m currently looking for a farm hopefully where i could live and help out with anything. I have a lot of experience with animals especially with horses. I consider myself a really positive and passionate guy. I love connecting with nature animals and of course people.


Set country: United States

Hi, I’m Key.
Changes, changes, changes is what life has been for me and I’m learning to embrace it. From the unforeseen, to the unprepared, to feelings of certainty, and now I’m here.

Newness is something I cherish. It’s not only exciting, but it means discovery of myself. You see, I am constantly asking the why, wondering the how, and that means embarking on a sometimes treacherous journey. And even though it is rough at times, I make it out alive: with new strength, new ideas, new sights, and a deeper understanding.

I don’t mean to sound poetic and things, but I guess these are just things that are on my heart.

In the name of discovery, I’ve found that exploring physical places and experiencing the culture tied to it, it’s helped me to learn me, ... Read more

Devid Devid

Set country: Brazil

Busco por conhecimento e cultura de outros países, e também mostrar um pouco do meu valor ajudando as pessoas.

Frank Zav

Set country: Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

Aventurero, bilingue, deseoso de conocer otras culturas e intercambiar conocimientos


Set country: Ireland

Bonjour je m’appelle Hakima .
J’aime l’art la sculpture l’écriture J’aime voyager et j’ai pas mal voyagé actuellement je peux mais déplacer entre un mois et six mois.
après avoir travaillé plus de 25 ans dans le milieu de la mode à mon compte(boutique)
 (accueil écoute conseils vente et discrétion)
en parallèle j’ai fait une reconversion dans l’aide à la personne mobilité réduite j’ai plusieurs permis.
J’ai l’habitude aussi de travailler avec des sites comme Airbnb
 j’ai aussi obtenu un agrément de famille d’accueil (Enfants et ados) j’ai un caractère très sociable dynamique polyvalente
Mon Rêves parler anglais. D'apprendre en total émersions!!
alors si vous avez un besoin Qui pourrait nous rapprocher j’en serais ... Read more


Set country: United States

USMC Vet looking for travel and multicultural experience. Handy man lots of experience in construction. Want to learn farming permaculture organic farming. Just and over all organic way of living.


Set country: United States

Hello! I’m looking for a great opportunity to help out, build skills and experience life! Let’s make everyday count!

Samuel Lopes

Set country: Brazil

Me chamo Samuel, tenho 21 anos, sou de Belém do Pará.


Set country: Spain

Good day , I m from Ukraine , I m very friendly . can help and can do to much , I speak by English .

Henrique de Matos

Set country: Portugal

I am an educated man and very hardworking in my activities, very communicative, with intermediate English but with a lot of effort to learn, I would like an opportunity to work, help, in exchange for housing, at the moment I am in Vila Nova de Gaia and can move if necessary.

Ana Valéria

Set country: Brazil

Brasileira, solteira, 25 anos , cheia de energia e disposição.

richy higgo

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi my name is Richy i am a young 47 and have just started my travelling experiance i have 4 grown up children and now ready for an adventure . i am hard working honest and like to think im easy going and good company ive done many jobs in my life but now want to travel I've also been DJing for 20 years.
I would like to get into yoga this year and also start eating more vegetarian meals and change my lifestyle to promote wellness and a healthier outlook

Cindi Marshall

Set country: Ireland

Married with grown up children. Currently run my own childcare business.


Set country: United States

I'm a nature/animal-loving professor with grown children, so looking to explore the world when I'm not in class. Love meeting new people and learning more about their culture and daily lives.

Juliane DSJ

Set country: Brazil

Hi, my name is Juliane, I'm Brazilian, open minded, who loves to travel and I'm about to start the so dreamed exchange experience. I intend to discover new things about myself while learning about other cultures and places, and of course meet many people along the way. I would like to share my culture and experiences, learn what each host has to offer and help you with your projects as well. I am easy to make friends with, flexible to learn any activity, outgoing and very motivated for this new experience.


Set country: India

Hi, I’m Nipun. I’m from Uttarakhand, I’m a development engineer. At this stage of my life I want to explore more to make me more stronger.


Set country: United States

Hello, my name is Lucia and I’m 19 years old. I’m a very friendly and outgoing person who’s always loved travelling and its my first time backpacking. I’m currently taking a break from university to understand more about myself.


Set country: Italy

My name is Marco, I'm 21 and I'm from Italy. I love to travel and meet new people from different cultures and countries. In the first months of 2022 I've been in Ireland where I had the chance to improve my English and understand I'd like to study and learn some other languages in the future. I'm looking for a place where to live and work even for a short time since I'd love to wide my social and linguistic horizons.

Faisal Hamdan

Set country: Jordan

Faisal hamdan Jordan, Amman

Catherine Winters

Set country: United States

I am a married woman with a husband and children. I am a hard devoted worker and I am a reasonable mature person looking for the right match for employment and housing.

Paulo Henrique Marçal

Set country: Brazil

My name is Paulo. I am 23 years old. I am finishing my Faculty of Mathematics at the University of São Paulo and before joining the Master in Mathematics Education at the same university, I will spend a period of 2 months in Ireland studying English.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! I’m Melissa and I’m currently on a gap year, travelling the world before I start my undergraduate in Psychology at university in September 2023. I’ve always had a passion for travel and I’ve especially loved learning about other people’s cultures through conversation and sharing my own with them. I believe there is something really invaluable about sharing different cultures and traditions and I am excited to continue learning and sharing my knowledge, all whilst exploring a new country! Language and it’s development is a subject I found fascinating in my prior academic study and is definitely something I’d love to see in real life situations.