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Hi, it's so nice to meet you! I'm a Swedish high-school teacher madly in love with the world. Like everyone here, I'm a travel addict and take every chance I get to explore new places and to meet new people. I can't believe how rewarding life is a traveler!


Set country: Brazil

Gosto muito de viajar,conhecer novos lugares,pessoas e culturas diferentes para obter novos conhecimentos e ser um ser humano melhor.

Laila Nogueira Carneiro

Set country: Portugal

Laila Nogueira Carneiro Feminino, 29 anos Em busca de ter novas experiências e conhecer lugares e pessoas novas.

Joana Aperta

Set country: Portugal

Hello! Or Olá I have lived and worked in Spain and in England before and I loved the experience of meeting new people and getting to know the culture. I have experience in hospitality. Both reception/Housekeeping-laundry

Anusha Kulkarni

Set country: India

Hi, I am Anusha Kulkarni. I hail from a place called Hubli, very close to Goa. I am an Interior Designer by profession, however I also love organising events, helping out in managing properties as well as learn new skills and volunteer for different activities!


Set country: Mexico

Hi my name is Catherine and I am from Canada. I've been traveling around Mexico for 10 months and I am now ready to learn about a new place.


Set country: Portugal

Businessman, Entrepreneur and Freelance Editor in English. SEO; websites, content, photos and enhancements. I work and live 6 months a year in the EU/Schengen. I am from Los Angeles, California, USA
Know how to say 'yes!'
Well organized with strong time-management skills
Creative; advertisements and promotions, business consulting
Great communicator with people of various generations and cultures
Excellent time management planner. Advanced knowledge of digital 35mm cameras, video cameras, sound equipment, musical gear (bass player). Lifetime of computer experience and use; Excel, Word Docs, Act! and WordPress. Divorced, Dad of 2 incredible adult daughters both working in USA.
HippoHelp referrals available.

Nicolas Rouviere

Set country: France

I m french, 52 years old, traveler for all my life, lately leaving in chile. I use to work in hiospitality, Tourism agencies, horseback guide, photographer... I speak french, english and to move ...


Set country: United States

Hello my name Is Tyler, I am a 21 year old Male. I am from Minnesota, I am out in California doing a national park tour. Unfortunately my car is in need of major repairs, and won’t be fixed for several weeks. Back in the day I did work for stays at many hostels out along the Appalachian trail. I loved being able to meet new people, and gain insight from their differing perspectives. My timeline is very open to change. I have no obligations, have been known do extended stays if circumstances are suitable.

Simone Eanes

Set country: United States

Hello! I am a single woman in my late 20's looking to work hard in exchange for board and meals. I hope to be in touch soon!


Set country: Algeria

Ready to help, to discover another cultures, live new experiences.


Set country: Brazil

Moro no Sul do Brasil, acredito no poder da colaboração e que viagens realmente transformam pessoas. Sou extrovertida, tenho muita facilidade na convivência social , adaptação a diferentes cenários e na comunicação com pessoas. Apaixonada pela natureza, atividades ao ar livre, trilhas, passeios de barcos, entre outros. Já visitei lugares no Chile como, Santiago, Pucón e San Pedro de Atacama, além de Puerto Iguazú na Argentina. Atualmente estou me dedicando ao Intercâmbio Voluntário, sou Graduada em Comunicação Social e MBA em Gestão de Negócios. Minha experiência profissional é na área Comercial de Vendas e Gestão de Negócios com domínio no processo de relacionamento com pessoas e atendimento ao cliente com atuação nas áreas Bancárias, Adquirência e... Read more


Set country: Brazil

Hi! Leandra and I are childhood friends. Me, Nathalia, I am 21 and Leandra is 23. We would like to have the experience of traveling around the world but also to go to college in France and be welcomed in this country.

Leilani J Salgado

Set country: United States

I have lived in Chicago my whole life and I am looking to get out and explore the world solo for the very first time! My first volunteer experience will be this Nov 2021 at a hostel in San Francisco, Cali working as a content writer for the hostel's blog. If you want to contact me regarding volunteer opportunities/requests please email me at thank you!

Shubham N

Set country: India

Hey, I am shubham

Cecilia Bobba

Set country: Italy

hello everyone! I'm Cecilia, I'm a 22 years old girl from Italy. I would describe myself as a very easy-going person, curious and always ready for new adventures. indeed, as soon as I have some free time, I love travelling and experience new realities. I had the chance to live as an exchange student in Panama for one year during high school: it probably changed my life for the better. from that moment on I discovered my free spirit! I'm not new to the volunteering world. In 2019 I stayed two months in Tanzania, helping as an English teacher in a kindergarten and promoting the NGO I was working with. what more.. I really enjoy working with other people and sharing cultures!

KT Lim

Set country: Malaysia

Hi hosts & fellow travelers, I am KT Lim from Malaysia. I have worked for a global energy company for 30 years and have travelled extensively. I wish to continue my passion for travelling and at the same time, help build a better world. I have been a helper with HelpX since 2019 and have helped farming in Nagano (2 weeks) and Sapporo (1 month) and traditional hotel business in Shirahama (2+ weeks).


Set country: United States

I am a kind and quiet soul yearning to wander, see new places, and meet like-minded people.

Natalia Feres

Set country: Brazil

My name is Natalia. I´m 31 years old. I´m looking to improve my English skills and know some different people and different cultures. Now I work as a mathematics teacher in high school. But I also worked as a production engineer in the textile industry and in a logistic business. I learn things so fast I´m an organized person.


Set country: Algeria

My name is Djamel , I'm 23 years old guy and I live in Algeria . I have master degree in monetary and banking economy , I speak Arabic as a native language , and I speak English fluently as an alternative language with French . I used to work as a chef , server , cashier , animal caregiver and a taxi driver . Plus I'm so eager to learn new things , I'm looking forward to travel and have new experiences to help people and give my best to exchange culture and traditions . Always ready for a new experience !


Set country: Algeria

welcome My name is Abdul Majeed, I love travel and everything related to it. Like roaming and going to the mountains and forests. I also participate in environmental and social associations. I just discovered this wonderful site. I am looking for people with them I can exchange cultures and languages, especially English, which I need in my work as an engineer at the airport. My nature is social and I have good relations with all people, so I quickly integrate with others. I am married and have 3 children. I have visited France, Spain, Turkey and Tunisia. I also invite you to visit Algeria, it is wonderful and you will be surprised by its beauty. I will be your guide you are welcome

Rebeca Gamon

Set country: Brazil

Olá, me chamo Rebeca Gamon, tenho 22 anos e sou brasileira. Ensino xadrez para alunos do ensino fundamental, e aula de artesanato para toda as idades. Me considera uma pessoa carismática, simpática, atenciosa, pró ativa, líder, trabalho bem em grupo, sou calma, animada, criativa e procuro sempre evoluir. Estou sempre disposta a aprender e conhecer novas coisas e gosto de ensinar o que eu sei. Estou em uma gradução de bacharel em fisioterapia. Tenho conhecimentos em Word, Excel, PowerPoint, sistemas escolares, notas fiscais e etc..

Thiago Melo

Set country: Brazil

My name is Thiago Melo, i'm 24 yers old, i'm single, Brazilian, very outgoing, happy and very communicative.
I am a young dreamer looking to learni English, outgoin, willing, brave and being shy was never my hobby!!
i'm looking for new experiences and getting to know different international cultures.
Willing to develop and learn any type of activity to fullfill and fulfill the need for each job assingned to me.
And it will be a pleasure to be part of your culture and get to know the comunity.

Marina Miranda

Set country: Brazil

Olá! Me chamo Marina e estou em busca de novas experiências. Adoro estar em contato com a natureza e os animais (tenho 7 gatinhas). Amo conhecer lugares e culturas, sou entusiasta de coisas novas!
Também estou querendo praticar novas línguas.
Sou bartender e confeiteira, gosto demais de cozinhar e ocupar meu tempo com coisas novas e diferentes.
Quero em breve estar em um lugar lindo, aprendendo coisas novas e me dedicando totalmente a quem precisa de ajuda!


Set country: Bulgaria

Humm...what to say...sometimes is better just to meet the person but okay i'll tell you how i define myself!

I consider myself being fun!I love making jokes and laugh! I'm dynamic and easy going! I love hiking, socializing, meeting other people and discovering new cultures!

I 'm a curious person so i'm always willing to learn : new skills or new languages!

I love eating and therefore cooking!! So count on me for a good meal and a good time!

I can be useful in many things such as building and fixing things !I m good with a shovel, pickaxe etc...a little bit of brickwork! I can lift heavy things .I can do laundry, iron, sew and cook (i think i've already mentioned it ^^ ) !I can also take care of children (as i was a summer camp director/organizer).

Th... Read more


Set country: Slovakia

Hi! My name is Igor and I love hiking, spending time outdoords and to be together with animals. My dream is to travel by foot through Canada, Alaska, Russia and Georgia.

I am calm, tidy, a teemworker, goodworking and I like to have a good laugh. I have been volunteering on different places such as 18 century watermill in Slovakia.

I've also been volunteering and working on different horsefarms with between 16 - 25 horses and other animals. I am taught westernstyle of riding and horsemanship.

If you want any references from earlier hosts or working places, just text me and I will send it to you.

Some of my other interests are: reading books, playing sports - especially basketball! Discover new places, enjoying the silece, having good conversations and j... Read more


Set country: South Africa

My name is Whitney Solomons. I am a 24 year old Public Relations Management graduate. I am passionate about travelling the world and gaining experience through learning about other cultures. I am willing to help hosts in exchange for accommodation and meals.


Set country: Italy

We are Ludovica and Emanuele! We are psychology students, and this year we have decided to embark on this adventure to meet new people and learn a new language. We are adventurous people, with a great desire to know and learn, we love being outdoors and spending time chatting. We grew up in a small Italian town, in contact with the land and animals. We are very curious, and for this we would like to meet people from different cultures to exchange thoughts and reflections on life. Given our penchant for nature, we are willing to engage in outdoor pursuits and also learn to do new jobs. We really like being in contact with people, and we adapt to live in any place, in fact we have made many trips in tents, sleeping in the most disparate places.

José Israel Mencía

Set country: Dominican Republic

Hi there, my name is Israel and I’m looking for new adventures and experiences, I haven't been out of home for too much but i think now is a great moment to discover new places and in the meantime help others.

Zsófia Bányai

Set country: Hungary

Nomad couple with a three-legged small and lovely dog. We have 2-5 daily to cntribute to your projects. We love animals and we love hospitality. Can't wait to experience our first HippoHelp


Set country: Not set

Hello! I am 29 years old. I graduated in Mathematics and I am applying to be a teacher at the moment. I have been a researcher until few months ago.

About me: I love travelling, chatting, cycling (and outdoors in general!), reading, cooking, more or less in this order!

My current travel interests are about Eastern Europe (that I do not know too much, unfortunately!), as well as other Latin countries. One of my medium-term goal is to learn another Latin language (likely Spanish or French) other than my native one, Italian. My previous volunteering experience are about: teaching, homelessness, summer camps (agriculture), taking care of public spaces (parks etc.).

Fernanda Cerqueira

Set country: Brazil

I'm a quiet and very organized person who always loves all the opportunities to learn


Set country: Brazil

Hello! =D My name is Rafael, born and raised in Brazil, but also an Italian citizen. (Yes! I have an Italian passport). In face of this whole pandemic period, everyone, including me, wants to live a full life again (very carefully, of course). That's exactly why I'm here. I'm excited about the idea of volunteering in Europe (especially in Portugal). New experiences are incredibly welcome. Helping people is also a personal goal. I'm an easygoing person, open minded, responsible, reliable, adaptable to situations, respectful, optimistic, prepared for challenges, open for suggestions, always ready to live all kind of learning and experiences. A person willing to live intensely, looking for new paths in life because we only live once. I have many skills to share. Despite having a Bache... Read more