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Set country: Hungary

Hi there! We are Toby and Andrea, a musician and a social entrepreneur / coach. We are both adventurous and curious and we love a good laugh! We are on the road this year, backpacking, camping and hitchhiking, and would love to meet people from around the world! :)


Set country: Algeria

Hey I'm Nessa I love traveling I also sing write songs I'm 17 I'll turn 18 the next may 23rd I'm Algerian I speak fluent English and fluent French + Arabic


Set country: Qatar

My name is Mustapha, i'm Tunisian and i live and work in Maldives. Travelling is my passion always, and i've been to many countries around the World in the previous 5 years. I'd like to try new experience through hippohelp, meet new people, make new friends and enjoy helping them. I'm very friendly, honest, open and always available to help. I love nature, animals, electronic music and doing gym and outdoor sports.


Set country: Ukraine

love helping people and bringing joy to their home. My dream is to learn Spanish and understand people better.

Julia Rubleva

Set country: Russian Federation

Hi! My name is Yulia, I am 23 years old, and am a creative and open-minded person who likes nature and art and is willing to learn new things and environment. I can easily find common ground with any type of people and it brings me real joy. My big dream is to be able to travel and help people, that's why I'm here and ready to go :) My hobbies are oil painting and gardening, but my main passion is reading. I am skilled at household chores, teaching, gardening, child and pet care, organization and cleaning, etc. There are many other tasks I am happy to help with as well, but a short training before starting work would be helpful.

Lidia Costa

Set country: Brazil

Amante da natureza e das letras Em busca de novas experiências

Set country: Singapore

Hello, my name is Wei Chao and I'm from Singapore. I'm 25 years old, love travelling and meeting new people. I studied hospitality and tourism management and currently, I am working in the Media Industry. Volunteering Experiences with Hippo Help (June - August 2019): ShelterHostel, Amsterdam (Italy), Le Chataignier - Farm, Hambers (France), Castle Hostel, Genova (Italy)

Tim C Clapp

Set country: United States

56 years old and 5'6 165lbs

Valeria Salas

Set country: Spain

My name is Val. Im 22. Venezuelan and Spanish. As an au pair, moved for 5 months to Switzerland. I expect to keep moving and learning new experiences, keep growing as a person and know more cultures. At 18 started to work as a sales promotor in the International Airport in Madrid. I also volunteered for a year in a hospital until COVID came. I like to travel, not only like a tourist, but working in different environments and learning their ways. Thats how I grow and get perspective about what is important to me. My work has always been about making connections and people. I am also very patient and kind :)


Set country: Spain

Hello! Enthusiastic and diligent, I like to do practical things and improve times and ways of working. Being an industrial engineer, optimization is in my visual field. Quiet, quiet companion, also fun, I love nature and contemplate the world. My english is in progress. Affiliated to the music, bikes, cars and art.


Set country: United States

Just dreaming, no set travel plans. Will fill out more later.

Sanjana Sharma

Set country: India

Sunil , I like to travel and experience different culture and social values , a helping hand , living moments

Gabriella Araujo

Set country: Brazil

Somos duas mulheres com planos e projetos de nos desenvolvermos como pessoas, estamos abertas pra conhecer pessoas, locais, histórias, queremos conhecer novos projetos, meios de vida e descobrir o que ainda não conhecemos. Gabriella, 28 anos, formada em Negócios Internacionais, Brasileira que atualmente trabalha com Financeiro, sonhadora, meiga e ansiosa pra conhecer seu novo local de vida. Joice, 32 anos, formada em Odontologia, Brasileira que trabalha como cirurgiã dentista, Otimista, alegre, focada e com objetivo de conhecer o mundo.

Pasquale Mancini

Set country: Italy

hello I am pasquale I have 26 and I am graduating in motor sciences and I am missing two years, I am doing the degree online and in the meantime I would like to know new places. My parents are American and I know English well and I have done many jobs in my life, I am an energetic and enterprising guy.

Isaias Junior

Set country: Brazil

Hi, I'm Brazilian, student, entrepreneur, communicative and I'm always willing to learn and help.

Марина Дорошенко

Set country: Belarus

Привет! Мы семья из Беларуси: муж жена и двое детей (дочь 12 лет и сын 2 года) Я профессиональный фотограф, снимаю семьи и свадьбы, муж строитель. Мы хотели бы иметь возможность путешествовать, изучать иностранные языки и обмениваться знаниями и культурой

Arman Grigoryan

Set country: Russian Federation

Learning French


Set country: United States

I dropped out of high school and finished my GED, so I would be able to travel more. I love helping others, emerging myself into new cultures, and especially working with kids. I also am intrigued by sustainable living and would love to learn more about that. Peace and love <3


Set country: United States

My name is Olivia I am 20 years old and I enjoy traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new things. I believe everyday is a gift and I want to be able to experience the Beaty of this world we live in. I have worked in the customer service field for 4 years and have gained many skills. I am open minded to learn many more.


Set country: Poland

Hi :) My name is Evelina, right now I am located in Poland, but I will be free from mid of January till the end of February, therefore I am searching for some opportunities to explore new cultures. Originally from Kazakhstan, I am studying Education (Master's degree), consider myself as a responsible and creative person. I will be very thrilled and excited if I can help you thank you :)

Elyssa Venerable

Set country: United States

I am a curious female anthropologist who loves to study culture! I'm interested in a work exchange program in hopes to better understand a culture and or subculture better! I am young and determined, see you around!


Set country: United States

I am a Spanish-American person eager to see the world! I am bilingual, and ready to work. My hobbies include cooking, sculpture, roller skating, and weight lifting.

Johnson Leah

Set country: Indonesia

Clinical Therapist looking to come back home to the UK from Bali, 49 years old female Responsible Reliable and dedicated, Why volunteering , well because I want to now start experiencing various areas and locals , so i can fully feel out my home country, Looking to broaden my horizons and meet new people and share skills and learn some new ones


Set country: Brazil

Olá, somos um casal de 37 anos, sem filhos, que tem somente um cachorro de porte pequeno da raça shitzu. Estamos juntos a 9 anos e moramos juntos a 7 anos. Eu me chamo Denis e minha esposa Andréia e nosso cachorrinho Charli.
Queremos muito conhecer outros países, outras culturas, aprender coisas novas, outras línguas, outras pessoas e fazer novos amigos. Somos apaixonados e queremos muito sair do Brasil e quem sabe criar raízes em outro país que nos queiram receber.
Nós falamos português. Eu Denis falo e entendo o básico de inglês e espanhol. Minha esposa somente português.
Somos muito extrovertidos, felizes, adoramos trabalhar, seja onde for. Queremos muito ajudar no que puder.
Adoramos pessoas e animais.
Somos um casal muito religioso com muita fé.
N... Read more

Kelly Alvares

Set country: Brazil

my name is Kelly, I'm 34 years old, I'm Brazilian, I have a degree in Accounting and I would really like to learn about new cultures through exchange, I'm single, I don't have children, I'm focused on what I want, I respect all kinds of people, and I love animals. I am available to start traveling, from March 2022, it will be a pleasure to help you.

Laura Seebi

Set country: Malta

Hi I am Laura 30 years old from Germany. Living in Malta currently and I am looking to help others and travel again, learn about different cultures.

Yosef Jehasi

Set country: Bulgaria

hey there! my name is Yosef, born in Israel in 1995.
Nature, sea, mountains. I want to feel them all, there is only one chance for life!

my main skills are including:
- constructions; since I was around 16 I was familiar with civil work sites. plastering, power tools, concrete slabs and demos.

- hospitality; as I started to travel I found myself surrounded by hospitalities jobs including reception rules, cleaning & bedding.

- cooking; always loved good food! when I start to travel I taught myself plenty of cool recipes and bakeries!
Also jumped in professional kitchens, in beginning at volunteering rules and even in small restaurant in Byron Bay, Aussie.

out of professional dealing: I love arts! those come in digital forms at the moment. I love so... Read more

Stephany Santos

Set country: Brazil

Viajante iniciante, à expectativa por experiências e aprendizados. Tenho 21 anos, sou formada em Marketing Digital e pretendo começar uma pós em Escrita Criativa. Além de escrever, sou dançarina e amante das artes em geral. Tenho experiência de 1 ano como voluntária numa ONG de animais.

Yasmin Freitas

Set country: Brazil


Outi Kinnunen

Set country: Spain

Hola! Looking to help out some good free spirited people. I am originally from Finland and now traveling in Spain. My main forte is cooking but I can turn my hands at most things; gardening, wood chopping baby sitting, basic building & yoga instructing. Main thing is to have good atmosphere and being close to nature. I am availably immediately and happy tell more about myself! I don't have much of a time restriction at the moment.


Set country: Serbia



Set country: United States

I’m Samantha :) Currently unattached living in Phoenix Arizona. I eat mainly plant based. I live by faith and love, and to serve others. I’m an artist at heart and am pursuing my art career in many ways. Free spirit. Deep thinker/analyzer. Eager to learn and grow