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Sailor Gerry Whelzo

Set country: Ireland

Athletic and Arty Irish fella with a lot of experience in many things and a long term goal of exploring many countries to hopefully find one that resonates so strong with me one day and will perhaps become my permanent home. As much as I love Ireland I want to see what else is out there, not just for a holiday or a visit, but live and build a life. So my time spent with you isn't just a long affordable holiday, it is potentially a life changing experience! (and may lead to my immigration!)

Shpresa Prishtina

Set country: Albania

Hi my name is Shpresa but my friends and I usually go by Hope since that's what my name means . I'm 19 year old and I love traveling and making new friends my three favorite places which I hope to visit are LA in USA(since I wish to someday be a great actress and singer,I would like to start my career there), Seoul in South Korea (since I'm a K-drama and K-pop fan also for the food and culture) and Tokyo in Japan(since I'm obsessed with Anime , the traditional architecture and the culture)...Well I don't only want to visit these places because for me sky is not the limit but these three are in my bucket list .


Set country: Russian Federation

Hey! We are Julia and Marat. A little bit information about us: Julia. 22 years old. Even I’m a really quite person, maybe an introvert , I’m always happy to keep communication with new people and share my experience too. I’m open minded and tolerant, never cross your line) I have been to China, where I lived more than one year. I have also visited Taiwan and Thailand. I’m in love with Asia and Asian food! Really want to travel in Eroup and help people with their daily routine, by the way. I speak English and Russian. Marat. 26 years old.


Set country: Germany

Hello everybody,

my name is Ina, I'm 26 years old and I am from germany.
At the end of march i will finish my studies at university and would like to work and travel for three months afterwards. I am curious about foreign countries and new cultures. I am open to all types of work, but mostly I like to work with animals because I grew up with dogs and horses and i love nature and wilderness.

Роман Дорофеев

Set country: Russian Federation

Hi there! My name is Roman Dorofeyev, I am a student from Russia. My specialization is law, but I will be happy to change type of activity and broaden my horizons. I am looking for inspiration, new places and nice people who want to change the world in a better way. I hope my professional skills and physical assistance will help your projects develop.

Nadine Love

Set country: United States

Hi I'm a respectful, hard working traveller looking for an exchange in LA

Fleur Elizabeth

Set country: Spain

- I am an Australian woman, who has just started an online health/life coaching business and in the process of writing a book. (

My background.
My mother was a chef and I grew up in a kitchen. I opened my first restaurant at 38, in Singapore. It was called "The Big Sheila". Singapore.
- I have worked in the food industry, creating concepts for PepsiCo and McDonalds in Singapore.
- I spent a year doing a Masters in Brand Design for Food & Wine in Florence Italy and Barcelona. (6 Months in Florence and 6 Months in Barcelona)
- I have been living in Barcelona for 1.5 years, since. Doing 3D Food Printing, and coaching.
- I now need to leave Spain for a while whilst I sort out my Visa.
Therefore I am open to volunteering and ... Read more


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hi , I'm Amir I'm 30 years old. I like to travel and experience new adventures. I think I'm a flexible and handy guy. I'm also good at cleaning. I know how to paint a house. I'm a barber. I also have a bachelor degree in electrical Engineering. I like having fun and I like to laugh a lot. I like music and I'm learning how to play a Guitar. You can watch a video of me in following link:


Set country: Russian Federation

Hi! We are Victoria, Alex and Leo. Victoria: "... a happy mother, a lucky wife, a crazy teacher who is totally in love with life. I'm on sabbatical this year. In January I finished TESOL course to be able to teach English abroad. I intended to work in China, but coronavirus flipped the script. I'm still home, writing, cooking, looking for various trainings which are avaliable in Chita, the town we live in. Playing the guitar has become my new addiction. I started a month ago... poor neighbours....I bet they dream me to set out for a journey as soon as possible:)." Alex: "...a good father, a caring husband, working as a sales representative, madly in love with life. Self-determination is what I'm going through now. I worked as a barber a year ago. It was a good experience, then I decide... Read more


Set country: New Zealand

Hello, This is May Chan has been working at Longley Organic Farm, Tasmania on farming and office management since Jan 2, 2020 as a voluntary worker. I would like to be a volunteer worker in your place from March 12 for two or three months in return for free accommodation and food. I plan to do a graduate diploma course on construction management in New Zealand with enrollment in July then. Hope to heard from you soon. Call me at +642920208945 or email me at Best regards, MayChan

Jacob Tuchyner

Set country: United States

My name is Jake, and I believe that travel and connecting with people is what makes life worthwhile, so having the opportunity to help and connect with people on a personal level all while seeing a new corner of the world seems absolutely incredible. I truly believe experience is the best teacher any of us can hope to learn from, so I try as much as I can to find new and exciting experiences that will grow me as a person. I've always been a driven individual who works hard and enjoys helping others.


Set country: France

Hello! My mame is Sebastian Rocato Del Callejo, I'm mexican, 30 years old and currently living in France (Toulouse) because my sister invited me to help her out. I'm staying with her for a couple of months helping to take care of her daughter (my niece). I would love to travel and live new experiences but I don't have much money to do so, that's why I joined this network, I think is amazing. I'm fascinated by the idea of sharing and exchanging. I'm a Chef and a social communicologist. I am very sociable, I love meeting new people but I can also be a very quiet and peaceful person. One of my favorites hobbys is to practice chinese meditation (qi qong) and I'm very interested in Self enquiry. I love nature, doing outdoor sports like mountain biking, all regarding ecology and learning abou... Read more

Karim Matos

Set country: Portugal

Hi, how are you? My name is Karim Matos, I'm 23 years old, I'm from Manaus Amazonas in Brazil, I'm graduated in Mechatronics Engineering and I'm interested in going to Coimbra this month because in the middle of the year I'll be starting my Masters in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Coimbra, I'm still at process of checking which is the best place to live and I am trying to stabilize myself financially here in Portugal (I am in Lisbon at the moment), getting to know the country, looking for jobs and the like .. I'm staying at the home of a super nice girl from Mexico, I met her through Couchsurfing. However, this hosting has a very short term :( I would like to know if I can get a place in your Hostel, I will help in the best possible way as a Volunteer, I have had ve... Read more

Mouh TheLeader

Set country: Algeria

Hi there hoster.
My name is Mohamed im 26 years old from Algeria,I would like to become a volunteer and try on diferents activities and works,while meeting new people and discover new places.and visiting the area and discover new cultures.
My english is good and I also speak french and arabic so I wont have any problem communicating with the others.I would like to ask about how many hours I will be going to work?
Other than that I wish u have a nice day

Orion Lalor

Set country: New Zealand

I'm 31 years old, my favourite thing to do at the moment is surfing but I love most outdoor activities.


Set country: United States

On a life journey trying to become the best version of myself.

Ahmad Al Ashi

Set country: United Arab Emirates

I am Ahmed Al-Ashi, born in Palestine
I had studied medical engineering and sound engineering in Palestine
i love travel and i like to help people


Set country: France

Dear host!
We are a family of 3.
I'm traveling alone with my kids!
We went to India, Austrialia and Bali this year (2019).
We'd love to restart an new adventure in USA and Canada for the last semester of 2020 (starting in August) and 2021.
About me, I've lived more than 10 years in Montreal, Canada. I have the double citizenship. I am used to live with others as I lived with roommates. I was a jazz singer in Canada. Back in France, I am teaching French Literature.
First, I'd like my kids could experience a bilingual program in NYC in a public school. Then, I'm planning to take them in West Canada, in the country or mountains. And subscribe them in an English school.
We would love to help you in any field.
Animal care, childcare, French lessons...!
We are do... Read more

Juliette Lambert

Set country: Belgium

My name is Juliette. I'm from Belgium. I speak french, english, spanish. I like travelling to meet people, learn about different culture, languages... I have a lot of interest; languages, cooking, agriculture, danse, music, sport, ..

Azev Eden Zemru

Set country: Viet Nam

Hello, I’m Eden. A 23 year old music student, traveling southeast Asia. Fluent english speaker, artist, musician and a certified children’s instructor. Currently in Vietnam.

ζζζ β.λιιι

Set country: Ukraine

Hi! My name is Vitalii. You can call me V. I'm from Ukraine. I love to travel.

Patrizia Ferlini

Set country: South Africa

Hello! I'm Patrizia and I'm a Traveller archi/ chef. I would like to discover the world, the people and myself, but I need the help of everybody!


Set country: Germany

I'm Anika (18) and I want to travel abroad for some time before I will start to study medicine in Austria. Currently I live in Germany (Bremen) and finish my IB Diploma and A-levels. I really feel the need for some new experiences and people in my life and am motivated to help wherever I am needed. I enjoy trying out and mastering new tasks. As I live in a rather rural area, I am very experienced with gardening and physical work.