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Jen Ranin

Set country: Philippines

Backpacker traveller and i love to experience new culture and places

Eve Soban

Set country: Bulgaria


Habib Marfani

Set country: Pakistan

Hi , this is habib marfani and I am a student doing A levels , I love reading books and I am a public speaker also , love to volunteer .

Maddy Hein

Set country: Guatemala

Hello! My name is Maddy and I'm from Wisconsin in the United States. I own my own digital marketing business as a way to travel and have the freedom I want in life! I specialize in social media marketing, branding, copywriting, website design and more! I'd love to exchange my talents for housing and cultural experience. I also have years of customer service experience and willing to do all kinds of work! I look forward to speaking with my future hosts!

Сардор Джумаев

Set country: China

My name is Sardor


Set country: United States

Hello! My name is Dee. I am from NYC by way of Los Angeles. I just graduated from Columbia University with my Master in Architecture, and have been working as a freelance designer since. I am ready to step away from the studio and the hectic city life, get some fresh air, reconnect with nature, and lend a helping hand while sharing and learning from others. I bring with me a wide array of skills and experience, from building and woodworking, art, computers/tech, online business development, language, caretaking (animals and children), gardening and farming, and working with people. I enjoy cooking, being outdoors, being active, and experiencing new ways of life. Last year I spent a month on an organic farm in Hawaii and it was an amazing experience and opened my eyes to this interestin... Read more


Set country: Tunisia

Hi My name is Jalel young man 27 years old I work in the field of cooking and pastry with experience for more than six years interested and one of my hobbies organized by the environment and help those in need It is a great feeling to help and volunteer as well as I want adventure and discover places and try new

Eren Ercil

Set country: Turkey

I am a tour guide in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages, living in Istanbul, Turkey. I have had experiences working as a volunteer in hostels and accommodation business previously. I am an easy going, helpful and communicative person. Traveling is my passion and meanwhile I would love to be in touch with local community.

Марина Воронкова

Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! My name is Marina. I have already traveled 16 countries. And I dream to visit yet.


Set country: Ukraine

My name is Yulia. I was born in Russia, but raised in Ukraine. All my life I spent in Ukraine. I'm 31. I love travel, nature, delicious food and talented people. I love dancing. I go to the dance classes. And I am a good photographer.

Jessica L Daoodi

Set country: United States

I was a single, working mom who has raised 4 daughters. So I've done everything from cooking, cleaning, laundry, taxi driver, etc and that's just at home. At work, I have 25+ years of strong leadership skills and ability with a proven track record. Working with both inside/outside sales as well as Customer Care, I have learned many skills like strategic planning & implimentation with fortune 100 and 500 companies. I have a Strong background in call center operations and am responsible for the establishment of both quarterly and monthly sales objectives in coordinationwith the clients goals. i have a Proven track record of success. Providing a quarterly Sales Plan and providing regular updates, revisions and modifications to the Plan. I am organized, have time management skills and ... Read more

Ouassas Lahcen

Set country: Morocco

انا اسمي الحسن ابلغ من العمر 33سنة. احب العمل التطوعي الفردي او الجماعي، كما اود استكشاف ثقافات حديدة وتكوين صداقات مميزة.

Madeline Howarth

Set country: Colombia

Hi, I'm Madeline. I'm a 21yr old from Canada who will be backpacking around South America for around 6 months. I'm interested in doing a couple of workaways during my travels to meet new people and connect locally with like-minded individuals! A little about me...I'm a third-year university student studying combined political science and philosophy, I also work as the Front Desk supervisor at a beach hostel during the summers! I love theatre and music (I can act but am an absolutely terrible singer) and I love the outdoors, animals of any and every kind, although dogs are a favorite of mine, and of course traveling is one of my biggest passions. I grew up in a pretty small town on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada where I was surrounded by forest and ocean but not much else. I'm really looki... Read more


Set country: United States

Hi my name is Jamie I'm looking for a place for me and my spouse to stay in exchange for work.

Hwoarang Wulong

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi I'm sporty and like wildlife

Linda Selmani

Set country: Slovakia

Hi everyone! Being on the move for the last five years, it is time for a new destination. I am coming to Australia on 7th December and staying until 1st June. I have been living in a family house since I was little and eventually learned how to take proper care of our house, garden, pool and pets. We used to have some fish, a dog and still have 2 cats although living in a village, we sometimes feel like we have much more of them... well, the more the merrier, no? ;) As far as my work experience is considered, I used to work as a lifeguard, a live-in babysitter and an entertainer in a hotel and can provide references from all of these upon request. At the moment, I have my own business working exclusively from home so that is where I spend most of my days.

Kyle Finch

Set country: United States


My name is Kyle Finch and I am writing to express my interest in traveling abroad and beginning a career as an English ESL teacher based in Vietnam. I hope to use the Hippohelp platform to connect with prospective hosts, collaborators and expats living abroad who offer useful knowledge and tips.

I am a 26 year old American male from Portland, Oregon who is planning to move to Vietnam to pursue teaching English. I am a fluent native English speaker and bilingual Spanish speaker. My educational background includes having studied geology at the University of Oregon from 2012-2016 with related coursework in business and Spanish programs.

I will be completing my TEFL certificate in December 2019 and will be actively looking for jobs soon afterwards as well a... Read more


Set country: Egypt

Hey I'm omar


Set country: United States

I`m new to the wordkpacking experience and I`ve created the profile a couple of months ago.
I`m curently backpacking the States and I would like to spend some time in LA and Las Vegas.

Veronica Cheyne

Set country: United Kingdom

I'm a responsible yet young at heart mature female, I'm hard working and practical. Can do most jobs, physically or mentally challenging. Or mundane. Happy to get along with anything really. I like to have good communication for mutual understanding and happiness. I am hoping to improve my Spanish, I am intermediate level I would say.
I'm trained as a physiotherapist and my last job was working with older people in the community in England. I'm also a trained and experienced massage therapist.
I'm looking for a small friendly and genuine community to get to know and hang out with. I'm not really a small talker, I'm more interested in deeper more meaningful stuff but don't take myself seriously either.
I like being in nature and would like jobs outside as well as in.
In my s... Read more

Irina Silverina

Set country: Russian Federation

Hello! I am Irina, I worked 8,5 years at one place but I decided to change something in my life and i left my work. I am fond of traveling and would like to combine travel and volunteering - to learn new language, to know local traditions and just to see world by eyes of local people. I am openminded and talkative person with good sense of humor, responsible and respectful.


Set country: Nigeria

Hi my real name is Henrietta ,I am a hardworking girl,fun to be with, interesting personality,adventurous etc

Set country: Nigeria

My name is Toba, i love to travel and meet new people, live with them and work, I would like to volunteer and connect with different cultures. I can assist you in your home or office with a wide variety of tasks.

Edmond Stuckey

Set country: Greece

Hi i m in Greece know and can help out in hostel at 18 o clock till you need me i was working 10 years in a five star hotel

Rekha Mutyala

Set country: India

I am an Entrepreneur-designer. I co-founded a Social enterprise that works with grassroot artisans in an effort to revive traditional artforms and help establish fair trade. I love meeting new people and find it very interesting to learn about new cultures.

Marta Saloio

Set country: Portugal

Hey :) My name is Marta and I'm a 21 years old Portuguese girl. For all my life, I've said "one day, I would like to volunteer" and since this year is my gap year, I think it is the perfect one to finally have that experience. It means a lot to me to connect with different cultures and to share knowledge, cause I believe that's the best way to grow and to know yourself. My main goal is to help. I would be really happy to be part of a project and to feel that I can give a part of me and to put my heart into it, so it could be a little better in the end. I think if we focus on topics such as education, sustainability and promoting peace, the world can be a better place. I would love to work with children, to feel I can bring some happiness to them, to teach them something, to learn som... Read more

Almira Sabirzianova

Set country: Russian Federation

im travel and volunteer. Before worked in the hospital and gym My first experience was travel alone in Asia and volunteerong 1 year in Scotland.


Set country: Germany

Hello, I am a native English-speaker with a lot of diverse work experience. In addition to being highly creative, I can assist you in your home or office with a wide variety of tasks (e.g., support for your business needs, administrative support, help with management of a bed & breakfast, managing holiday apartments, general help around the house or office, art projects, manuscripts, house sitting, pet care, housekeeping, help with children (ages 4 - 16), basic English language tutoring, senior care, shopping and general errands).

Availability: Minimum 3 months

I am interested in work exchange in: Germany, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands.

Art Bryanne Ray

Set country: Kenya

I am an 21 year old male kenyan nationality. Highest level of education is high school

Kamatchirajan Jill

Set country: India

Writter in Tamil. Intresting in travel. Willing to develope new skills


Set country: Egypt

My name is Bassem aziz 31 years old from Egypt i love to travel and meet new people live with them and work with them i like to share experience .aim sales trainer in oppo Egypt now and about my experience i had worked store manager in Abo dhabi UAE and shift leader in Vodafone Egypt . My contact number 00201097971223 mobile and whatsaapp


Set country: Morocco

hi, im sophia from morocco i usually travel once or twice a year, i wish i had much more time but unfortunately i cant because of my job. im very optimist person, i like to meet new people, and new places . i hope i can help people while im traveling , it will help me grow up and be a better version of my self.

Mohit Santosh Soni

Set country: India

I'm a graduate in Mechanical Engineering. I love to travel to see more of the world.


Set country: Italy

I am a 41 years old from Italy. I've been living and working with video making and photography around Europe (London, Glasgow, Berlin) UAE and China (Shanghai, Beijing) - I'd like to take some time and reconnect with nature and, eventually, with myself. Would love to help with whatever will keep me active and moving :)

Tigran Aleksanyan

Set country: Slovakia

35 year old man living in Slovakia (citizen of both Slovakia and Armenia)