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Achref Magri

Set country: Tunisia

I am Achref from Tunisia , I like to travel and try new activities , and I like to volunteer with my skills

Kelvin Gyekye

Set country: Liberia

I am a entrepreneur with advance in online networking, and have more experience in Computer skill. I’m 31 year old with an African background

Lucas Marques Graciano

Set country: Brazil

Estudante de medicina veterinária querendo experiências incríveis de trabalho


Set country: Norway

Im a 25 year old girl from Norway. Ive always loved to travel and experience the world, different cultures, different nature and of course meet new people. So i think to work in another country for a longer period of time is one of the best ways to get to know the culture and a place even more. I love animals and would be a dream come true to work with animals. I also have a lot of experience with service and customers. I would say that i speak English fluently, and im open to learn new languages, especially French, Italian, German or Dutch.


Set country: Spain

Hello! I am a Costa Rican woman who is currently living in Spain. I love to travel and dream of knowing the world, soaking up different cultures and people. I really enjoy photography, macramé, yoga, the sea and nature. I want to learn new and diverse things, and I find that the best way to do it is traveling, sharing with others. Hola! Soy una mujer costarricense que se encuentra ahora mismo viviendo en España. Amo viajar y sueño con conocer el mundo, empaparme de diferentes culturas y personas. Disfruto mucho de la fotografía, el macramé, el yoga, el mar y la naturaleza. Quiero aprender cosas nuevas y diversas, y encuentro que la mejor forma de hacerlo es viajando, compartiendo con las demás personas.

Evelyn Eberl

Set country: Austria

I am an enthusiastic student with many years of experience in childcare, hospitality and a bachelor degree in international wine business. This summer I am looking for an exciting opportunity abroad to learn new things, imporve my spanish language skills and make valuable memories.


Set country: Japan

Your next superstar

Kostya Konstantinov

Set country: Canada

Hey there, My name is Konstantine. I am 27 years old. I am a Computer Science student at York University in Toronto. I was born in Ukraine and moved to Canada in 2013. Since then I haven't travelled at all, and I am very hungry for it right now. I'd love to experience new culture, meet new people, and make lots of friends along the way

Sourendra Kumar Das

Set country: India

I am a backpacker.

Cynthia Potu

Set country: Germany

Ciao lovely people :). This is Cynthia. Nice that you found my profile.
Iam a young and cheerful girl from Indonesia who is currently studying Master Degree in Germany.
Iam doing my Master Internship in Adidas HQ for product planning and management.
It's always been my dream to travel the world even when I come from small city in Indonesia called Manado, I still dream big to pursue my education and see the world :)
I went to Italy last year to Cinque Terre, Rome and Pisa and honestly I fall in love with Italy. Italy just reminded me a lot like my hometown with its friendly and lovely people, greogeous sunset and sunrise, amazing beach, delicious food and it's definitely a piece of heaven in Europe.
I threw not only 3 times coin but 4 times coin in Trevi Fountain just to... Read more

Forrest Ziebell

Set country: United States

I'm a 19 year old student from a small town in the United States. Currently, I attend college at the University of Wisconsin and am studying dietetics. In the summer of 2021, I wish to work in a Spanish speaking country to improve my knowledge of the language and culture. Speaking Spanish fluently is a goal of mine, and I have been learning for 8 years. I have experience working in a retail setting as well as on a farm. I am more than happy to learn new skills too. My plan is to stay in a Spanish speaking country from June 2021 until mid August 2021.


Set country: United States

I’m an easygoing, globally-minded consultant looking to take a break from corporate America and explore the world. I’m hoping to use this platform for a more simple life - at least for a bit - that gives me the chance to reflect, forge new bonds, and see more of the world :)


Set country: Italy

Hello readers! My name is Amor originally from Philipphines and i'm staying in Milan.I love to travel, eat and explore new things, and experience ideas. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have some question's. Ciao

Ria Ma

Set country: Germany

Hey! My name is Maria. After working for a couple of years for the same company I decided to need traveling around again and meet some nice people, places and culures. I am an easy going, sympatic and open-minded person nearly interested in every thing. I like to learn about history and food from differnet countrys. I spend lot of time with listening to music and visiting concerts. Also I love to be in the nature for some hikes. Due to my job as Pharmaceutical Technician I have experience in the contact with customers and enjoy helping them patiently with their questions and problems. Moreover, I am very interested in history and the conservation of culture and artwork. Therefore, I love spending time in museums not only in Germany but also in different countries during my many travel... Read more

Immanuel Bassey

Set country: Germany

I am Bassey Effiom Bassey, a bsc holder in computer Engineering. I speak English fluently and a bit of German. I have experience of packaging work and installation.


Set country: Yemen

I am Osama from Yemen, I am about 18 years old. High school finished last year. I love to draw and practice my hobby, magic tricks.

Valeria Rodrigues

Set country: Brazil

We are a couple looking for a new experience in Italy


Set country: Spain

Hello! I'm Marc, I have just graduated from High School and after spending 13 years studying at a British school I want to travel to faraway places and get acquainted with new people from all over the world before starting university. I have always been fascinated by Physics, computers and electronics and I have an ability to think logically and learn new concepts fast. Nevertheless I still like manual work as I find it is very satisfactory to take a step back after doing hard work and contemplating your achievement.

Stephanie Zanko

Set country: Poland

Loving horses dogs loving animals

Błã Ňķø

Set country: Morocco

I am Youssef from Morocco. I am 24, I am still studying and want to continue my studies in another country and help people protesting

Agustin Diaz

Set country: Poland

I am looking for a travel partner to start an adventure helping others and getting to know new cultures and amazing places the World has to offer! Insta: agusdiaz93

Ariel Lisboa Lopes

Set country: Brazil

Brasileiros, Sergipanos!

Set country: Egypt

i live work

Niki Whitmore

Set country: United States

Looking for energy exchange program where I can be of service while furthering my schooling goals in a co-op type situation.

Nichole Whitten

Set country: United States

I'm Nichole, 21, and my best friend Erinn is 22. We have had a whirlwind of plans change this year and decided that we would start our travelling sooner than we thought. So here we are! We would like to travel out of country once the borders open up but for now we are hopping through states. Looking to travel to new places, meet new people, learn about other cultures, and gain a better perspective on life.
We are quick learners and are always up for a new challenge. Very outgoing personalities and love exchanging stories with others. Looking forward to meeting you! Check out our travel blog :)

Erinn Freeman

Set country: United States

Hi! My name is Erinn and I am traveling with my best friend Nichole. We both are willing to working and want to learn new things.

Carlos Eduardo Nogarolli Gatti

Set country: Brazil

Hello! i looking for LONG DATE accommodation to go through a process of recognition of Italian citizenship by blood, and for that I look for accommodation in the north of Italy, in the Bolzano region. I definitely work hard from the beginning of the morning until the beginning of the night in almost all my days, so I think I would be able to make an exchange that I consider fair between my workforce for accommodation, while I await the recognition of citizenship by the city.


Set country: Nigeria

My name is Gbenga Adeyemi I was a store keeper in Mathias Primary School Igede Ekiti.I also spent 10 years as Farm Manager at POGA Farms Igede Ekiti Ekiti State Nigeria.I am experienced in farm equipment operation and repair.I love cows and I am experienced with piggery as well.I want to learn more about farming and how it is been done elsewhere.I love farm life and love to cook good African dishes.I like to learn other cultures and meet other farmers from around the world.i like adventures.