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Rockin Robin

I'm a 56 years young cyclist. I'm riding my bicycle around the world because it's beautiful. I love meeting new people and being able to help out when I can. I'm semi-retired from the Outdoor Industry. I love to cook, looking after animals, gardening. I especially love building compost!


I'm a graphic designer from Hawai'i I would love to spend the summer (maybe longer) traveling around Europe and doing culture and language immersion. I have Danish, Czech, and Irish heritage and reconnecting with these cultures is of particular interest to me right now, but I'd also like to travel around some other countries as well. I've been teaching myself Danish, and one of my summer goals is to spend a lot of time chatting in Danish with native speakers. I am an experienced traveler. I have previously studied abroad in both China and Japan, and traveled around East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Iceland. I am a very independent, self-motivated, and hard working person who loves to take on new challenges and learn new things.


Hey! I'm 30 years old and decided to quit my job back in Vancouver Canada in pursuit of following my heart and my desires. I have previously search and heard about and i always wondered about farming and having to work in a farm in a different country, specially in Germany, now that i have the opportunity. I am thinking no further then to look and explore, i am a really good baker also good with cooking, as far as animal care i have had a chance to have a full grown dog for 12 1/2 years and bless to say was a wonderful gift of life, vary caring towards animals, hard working have experience in many many fields.

The reason why I want to work exchange is because I intuitively know that I will become the best version of myself by doing so. Ever since I quit my job I ha... Read more

Mirek Dudek


Hola! (Espanol abajo)

I am a 28 year old who just quit a regular job (update as of march 2018).

A perfectionist to some extent, with love for outdoors, nature, animals, travel. I am from Poland, did my university degrees (geography, transport planning) in the UK, worked in a student travel business, hostel, SEO agency, as well as in Uber. Just bought my one-way ticket to Mexico! Will be arriving to Cancun on 16 March 2018!

I have a few years experience in tourism (back office & customer facing/trip leader) in a hostel / student travel agency / as a guide.
I am interested in everything travel, eco, sustainable, natural, animals.
I enjoy organising meetings, events, tours, hiking trips, etc.
I can be super creative, if I'm not stuck in a boring ... Read more

Candy Gee Oremeng

I am a 34 years old family lady of 3 children (2 boys and a girl) living in Africa, Botswana, Gaborone. I am working as an Accounts Officer for Botswana Government and I am planning to make adventorous and a purposeful vacation around the world more often. I just want to travel the world for cultural exchange, interacting, networking and exploring opportunities. The most countries that i want to start my travelling with is Canada, Australia and New Zealand respectively, and subsequently other countries around the world. I am a very caring, cheerful and loving person who loves kids very much. I am very helpful and passionate individual and also enjoys helping people whether young and old. I am a person who volunteers with elderly people in my community and so I want to extend my volunta... Read more

Hi !

I am Charlotte, a French girl and half Vietnamese from my mother.

I love to travel and to share with people.

I had the great opportunity to be an exchange student during 1 year in Canada (English part), to complete an internship in finance in Belgium and I am currently living in Luxembourg.

I am volunteer, dynamic, optimistic, reliable and organized.

In terms of skills, I am currently working in Finance and I have been private teacher for kids between 12 to 18 years old during 3 years.

I am looking for an opportunity to help during 2 or 3 weeks starting from 15/07/2018.

Do not hesitate to contact me if my profile could suit your ONG needs.

Thank you very much !


Clark Shimeall

Just checking out this service, at the moment

Heather Hebert

Just made my account! Not ready to travel just yet but open to any kind of work and a quick learner for skills and languages. I'm also married, any travels I take alone would be short term, 6-8weeks preferably. Thanks!

Lee Xin Leh

A college student from Malaysia, trying to add some fun into my life while i still have time. Looking forward to know people from different country and experience life!