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i'm 26 years of age i am from Namibia in Africa i am the nicest person you can come across i like playing laughing and just enjoying life


Registered nurse studying traditional medicine online traveling with my world-schooled son Rowan. We are basically continuous slow travellers and love life and all of it's mysteries.

Paulo Guilherme Maier Dittrich

Hi there! My name is Paulo, I am a 25 years old student and New Business Consultant at a IT company.

Brandon O'Neill

I would love the opportunity to farm especially with olive in the Mediterranean region. Please contact me if you are involved with olives and I would love an opportunity to work with you on your farm. I am kind, polite, confident, have a sense of humor, love to talk, and am not shy. I am very respectful and will not cause trouble and will gladly accept new experiences. I am easy going and gets along with everyone and love to be surrounded by people. I do have a good work ethic and will accomplish all task happily and to the best of my ability. I am an English first language speaker and will be happy to help hosts with practicing English if they will in turn help me practice the local language until fluency. I have graduated with a BSc in agriculture.