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Hello! My name is AdriƔn Gausach, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Spain.
I finished university a few months ago and now I want to travel and explore new and different countries and cultures helping and offering value in what I can!
I'm hard working, I learn fast and I'm very outgoing.
I hope to meet you soon!


We recently left our jobs in the nonprofit sector to consult for projects we care about. We wanted to spend a year in New Zealand learning and building upon our sustainable-lifestyle skills. We are in our thirties, love being active outdoors, and want to experience the beauty of New Zealand. We are politically and socially progressive, and would like to work with people who share our values. Professionally, between us we do web development, IT, finance and administration, community building, program evaluation, event planning, volunteer management, and a bunch more. We are resourceful, creative, organized, and have good attention to detail. We bring several years of urban farming experience. We recently took a home renovation course and are keen to have more hands on experience. We ar... Read more

Louise Mlb

Im travelling around the world with my boyfriend since 1 year. We would love to meet new people, learn new things and leave new adventures.


Hi ,I'm dalel ,I'm 20 years old from Tunisia ( a small country in north Africa ) I live in a very beautiful city called nabeul I live with my family .my mum is a teacher ,my dad is an electronic engineer ,my brother attend to university and my 2 little sisters study at school .we are an amazing family we support always each other .I get last year my high school diploma then I started learning New language's my dream is to enter aviation world and to be one day a pilot or an aircraft engineer .i speak Arabic as a mother language and also I can speak French, English and a little Deutsch.I have a lot of hobbies ,practicing sports ,listening to classic music, learning languages,visiting museums , walking for a long distances ,reading books ,traveling, writing poems. My favourites colours ar... Read more