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I am a young solo female traveller looking for new experiences and meeting new people. I have travelled to various countries in Europe such as Italy, Germany, Norway and spent 3 months travelling Canada. Im a hard working, fun loving individual who always smiles back at life. I enjoy immersing myself in new cultures and just experiencing other ways of life. In my spare time you can 9 times out of 10 catch me with my head in a book! Or writting poetry/spoken word, making music and playing sports.

Elle Gonzales

I'm an Australian female with over 8yrs experience as a teacher of special needs, esl and English and performance teacher from 3yr olds to 18yr olds. I also have 2yrs experience in the childcare industry. I'm an avid traveller with a love for the diversity n wonder of the world. I love discovering and living in different environments,cultures and sensibilities... "feeling for life". Travelling and serving others from different walks of life makes my heart ring. I look forward to experiencing great things with and about you. Eloise (sydney Australia)


Curious. Explorer. I do find great satisfaction in volunteering and helping others, from young children to elderly people. I am fond of new experience, love interacting with people of all ages and recently made my way into teaching. Not a native English speaker being born in Italy, although after completing my studies in Canada and UK, my level of proficiency is high and similar to a native level. I consider this a relevant advantage since it gives me the possibility to share my experience and perspective in learning English.


Love backpacking, hiking and camping. Always trying to travel with low budget

Carlos YomontaƱo Z

I am currently on a mission to learn more about the world and people. I love to travel and learn about different cultures as well as sharing stories from other adventures with others. I have a B.A in Sociology with Psychology from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM USA. My interests include but are not limited to rock climbing, weightlifting, camping, hiking, and dance. I have experience interacting and working with people from different cultures and backgrounds and willing to put in the work.