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Greetings! I'm a 25-year old male from the Chicago suburbs looking to do a little traveling while I'm young and single. I have always been dubbed as a hard worker and obtained my undergraduate and master's degrees from the University of Iowa. Most recently, I have worked for a large hospital system as a wellness technician and for a small gym as a personal trainer. I have managed to save up some money and am seeking new cultural experiences abroad.


Hello everyone, I am a student living in Prague, Czech republic, and I would like to visit with my boyfriend Adam as much of Europe as possible. We are easygoing people who like to laugh and meet new people. But when its time to work, we will do as much as we can to help. We travel by car/motorbike or we take plane. First we would like to visit mountains in Austria, then Scandinavia and later Spain (especially north, Santiago de Compostela etc). We look forward seeing you! :)

Tim Swain

I'm a touring cyclists and have been travelling for the last 6 months. I started in November from the UK and have cycled through France, spent 3 months cycling 5 Caminos in Spain, 6 weeks in Morocco, 10 days cycling across Italy from Savona to Trieste, 3 weeks in Slovenia, 2 weeks in Hungary, 2 weeks in Serbia, and am currently in Greece sort of island hopping. I decided to start travelling for a few reasons, first of all I was made redundant from my job as a civil servant for the last 15 years due to the government changing and privatising the department. Then Brexit happened, and my best friend on 15 years died (my dog called Stig) so I sold everything I owned and am using this money and from my redundancy to travel with. I only heard of these work exchange places from a guy I met ... Read more

Eric Nicolas Schneider

later, testing for now

Adriana Furtado

We are a couple starting a world tour on a motorcycle! :D see our trip here >> We are looking for any place we can sleep (we have a tent) and also work or help. Looking forward to meeting great people to chat, or just any amazing host that will be happy to know about what and why we do this. One thing is important to know about us, due to the motorcycle we cannot promise what day we will be arriving... I am sorry, but please understand due to weather conditions, and more unpredictable things on the road... so we want to make that clear in case we will be arriving later (but always will let you know!) we have a website that says where we are >> If you are flexible with dates and have a room for tidy, clean, funny and an adventurous coup... Read more