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Hello, my name is Maryana. Im 18 years old. I'm from Ukraine. i`m looking for volunteer in summer. I like to work with kids , i do this in my town now. I would like to have some volunteer experience but i don`t have yet. i`m a kind of afraid about trip like this. (prefer the most covered and safe program)


Hello dear all ! I'm a cheerful,easygoing,open minded bookwarm who LOVES meeting new people,lending a helping hand and discovering new cultures.

Maria Ferrer Isern

Hey everyone :) This is Marc and Maria, a couple from Spain who is traveling around the world for a year. Starting 6 month in India and South Asia and ending in Central America (there we will work in a project of our hospital). What is moving us to make this trip is the opportunity to travel around the world working and learning from different people and cultures. We want to be useful; to give where there is need to receive. We want to share our knowledge and abilities and, consequently, grow and learn. Right now we are in India but we will leave in 20 days, our next destination is Philippines and we will love to work in any project related with EDUCATION/ SPORTS or HEALTH! We can also work in any other fields. At this exact moment we are volunteering in a free school in Goa and we a... Read more

Kevin Ryan

Hello my name is Kevin Ryan I'm 19 from Ireland I speak fluent English and a small bit of French I'm studying film in university college cork and I'm looking to some volunteer work around the world


Hello, my name is Simon, I´m 24 and from Germany, Munich. My last Journey was through Israel and from their a few weeks trough eastern Europe. My english was good enough to communicate, but I want to improve it, so I can talk more fluent and with a better grammar. If you have any questoins, please feel free to ask me anything.

Sevilay Kucuksu

I am an English teacher and I am in love with traveling. I am interested in environment and love animals so if there is any field that I can help I and travel I would be very happy.

Gisela Schenk

I proudly present Team Mogli: Manu and Gisela with our two little boys Mogli and Quique.