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Thorarinn Thorarinsson

Icelandic family of five touring Europe for a year in a camper van. Parents are 45 and 46 years, children 10,13 and 14. Parents are college educated with a variety of manual and technical skills.

Etienne Benipayo

Hello! My name is Etienne from Manila, Philippines. Starting August 2018, I would be taking a break from working and travel and experience other countries and cultures. I graduated with a degree in Development Studies from the university and recently worked in a corporate social responsibility arm of a bank based in the Philippines. I enjoy landscapes and living life as a local wherever I am in. I can help on tasks such us social media promotion and marketing, agricultural work, cooking tasks, assistance in hostel upkeep and maintenance, photography, and most things I guess I could learn. I'm a pretty chill and laid-back person who takes on whatever comes day-to-day. I can also teach english and filipino languages.

Let me have your email please to send you my resume.

Dandy Wildan

I like challenge and have willing to learn something new, dynamic, highly motivated and confidence for the opportunity I had given. I believe my education & skills fit your requirements, and I am confident my skills would be an asset to your company.

Abby Anderson

Looking for volunteer work for living arrangement exchange. Vegan. Can care for animals, plants, do any job.

Mac Thompson

Pretty simple dude just trying to see the world and live life to the fullest.

Adrian Eppel

I am an Australian looking at exploring more of the world we live in and helping others. I am a filmmaker and photographer by trade but also an overall handyman with many skills. I am open to learning new skills and languages along the way but also happy to bring my filmmaking and photography experience to teach others too if they are interested in exotic and interesting places. I love to travel and have traveled for many years and love to meet new people in new locations.


Both Sundas & I are avid travelers. We love to meet new people and learn about their cultures by completely blending in.

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