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Ethan Crabtree

Hey there! My names Ethan, I’m a 21 year old musician from London. As part of my New Years resolution I’m planning to spend the year exploring the world and meeting awesome people, working my way around as I go. I’d be more than happy to help you!

Antonella Sicuro

Hello, my name is Antonella and I am 25. I come from southern Italy but have been living in Padua, a city near Venice, for 5 years now. I am interested in the offer your website proposes because I think it would be a great way to step out of my comfort zone and the right experience to help me improve my English, which is not very good at the moment. This is why I decided to put myself on the line by leaving my work-gym-study routine back home. I would describe myself as a shy, methodical and really determined person. I had several different jobs in my life and I have worked as food deliverer, warehouse manager, stocktaker, post office secretary and city transport employee. I am now ready to get involved in whatever life has to offer me.

Linda Goncalves

Positive and hardworking, very flexible and happy to help with whatever is needed

Christopher Clayton

I am a university graduate and I recently quit my job at a restaurant so that I can travel the world.

Andrea Ďurošová

Hi, my name is Andrea. I´m 25 years old model from Slovakia. Currently, I stay in Mexico City. I would love to learn new things and relax from the big city for a week or two. I don´t mind to work hard, I love animals and nature. I Like to help in the garden, with animals, in the house with cleaning or some cooking. I also study programming so I might help with that a little bit. I speak German so if someone is interested it would be also nice to practise my German as well. If you are looking for some help at your farm or home let me know, I´m available in March 2018 :)