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Ashleigh Sivwright

23 year old Australian female

Tania Rostro

Hello! My name is Tania and I am a 21 year old mexican studying abroad in Germany. I am studying in Mexico a bachelor in "Teaching English as a Foreign Language", but I have been studying in the University of Bielfeld (Germany) the past four months. Sadly, my stay will end in July and it will be time to leave my place. Nevertheless, I would love to spend a month in Europe before coming back to Mexico. I am a very friendly, easygoing, talkative, cheerful and hardworking person. I love meeting people from different cultural backgrounds, this is way I really want to get involve in one project, also I am always willing to learn and do new things.

CiarĂ¡n O'Driscoll-Collins

Going travelling soon. Happy to help out for a bed and food!


Hello! I work for myself, supporting clients with Back Office Management tasks. Prior to that I worked in HR and Project Management roles in the US and UK. My transition to remote work provides me the opportunity to travel full time while I explore new cultures and areas. I look to volunteer my time (my remote work is part time) in exchange for meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. In my spare time, I scuba dive, rock climb and read.


We are newly wed husband and wife currently enjoying a nomadic adventure in S.E Asia. We really love to travel and to experience new people and immerse ourselves into culture. There is not one place in the world that we would not want to visit, it is our dream to see the world in it's entirety. We appreciate both the city and the country. We are both creative souls, hardworkers and helpers. We are curious, adventurous and nature lovers. We love children and animals. We really enjoy getting out and exploring! We enjoy working and interacting with others. We are currently doing whatever we can to put off the idea of living a "normal" life. The whole prospect of waking up every morning to go to the same job for the rest of our lives really freaks us out!!! We are excited to lear... Read more