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Emma Styles

I am a British photographer and English tutor, looking to volunteer as I travel the world! In exchange for accommodation, I can offer a range of skills; I can help you with marketing and branding through my photography and graphic design skills, I have previous experience of working in a hostel (cleaning and housekeeping) and as a receptionist and in admin work. I can help you to improve your English with my tutoring experience. I am happy to help in the garden or with childcare. I am currently studying French and Italian (currently at a beginner's level). Currently planning to stay in France from the 23rd August until the end of September. I hope to spend October in Italy. Je suis photographe britannique et professeur d'anglais, je cherche à faire du bénévolat alors que je voyage ... Read more

Nurul Fathiha Md S

Energetic, curious and willingness to learn. I am seeking adventures and learning experiences that will expand my thoughts and points of view, and enriches my heart and expand my soul. I hope to be a benefit wheresoever I am called. :) Positive, upbeat and I adore children.


We are teachers that enjoy teaching our little daughter, Mar, about the world while exploring it. We believe that everybody has something to teach us and we have something for everybody.


hello I'm Julia and from Singapore. I'm new to hippohelp but c!nt wait to try new experiences ;D Hope to exchange cultures and make new friends and learn more. I hope to travel to find my purpose in life so hope u can help me accepting my request.


Hi there!

I'm from the UK and am a graduate in Biomedical Sciences and just finished a year as President of my University Students' Union. I'm looking for a new challenge and adventure to gain some general experiences.

I have a whole range of interests, I love any outdoor activities, usually this is football/running/cycling but when I get the chance I like to go trekking.

Tatyanna Egeria Wilkinson

I am a web designer and women's coach. I travel half of the year and have volunteered most of my life. I have a large range of skills to offer. Web design, women's workshops, social media management, etc.


Dedicated nurse who loves traveling too! Currently residing in KSA, loves the job but wants to explore and travel with a cause