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Paul Busse

Howdy! My name is Paul Busse. I currently live in Texas but I have lived in many states and I am originally from Klawock, Alaska. A small fishing village on a remote island in southeast Alaska. I am interested in volunteering in South America, Central America or Europe. I have experience working in hotels, lodges, boats, homes and even remote tents in wilderness areas surrounded by bears. I enjoy nature, working outside, snowboarding, kayaking and pretty much any outdoor activity that involves mountains or the ocean. Except maybe being surrounded by bears.

Melek Senturk

I am on work and holiday visa and would like to see the country by staying with the locals. :)

Andrew Damien

Hello are names are Andrew and Abby. We a a couple from New York currently residing in Charlotte North Carolina. We are planning a trip to California and are looking for someone to stay with when we get there.

Peter Wang

Hi there! My name is Peter. I'm a free spirit and I love to meet ppl from different parts of the world. Currently I'm a lit student in National Taiwan University and my passion includes hiking, teaching, cooking, gardening, reading, diving and more!

Hello I'm an Algerian, my name is Ahmed, I'm 31 older, I'm single ,I like to travel to another place in this world and help people , I love taking a picture with my new friend... I would describe myself as a friendly, open-minded person who loves meeting new people, discovering new cultures and new languages, and learning new skills. I've never volunteered before but I'm really curious to do it!