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I am a well rounded individual and if it isn´t a skill of mine now it will be soon because I love to learn. My likes are many and dislikes are few. What I am most passionate about is art, sustainable living, herbalism, human and animal rights, psychology, meditation, outdoor adventures, and cooking. I prefer to do work exchanges that involve teaching, art, being in a garden, being in nature, meditation, yoga, learning about the medicinal properties of plants, permaculture farming, and etc.


Hello! I am traveling with my daughter who just graduated from college.


I'm an engineer by profession and passionate about exploring curiosities. I'm fluent in english, have already traveled to about 25 distinct places (and counting) and now looking to meet with locals instead of other hostellers.


Hi :) I'm Jonathan, originally from Singapore, now a university student in the UK. I would like to see and experience the world, through the learning language and meeting people.

I love learning languages as it gives a door for me to enter into other's lives and glimpse their culture. I know English at native level, Japanese and Chinese at advanced level, and Russian and German at intermediate level, and a little of French, Spanish and Arabic, roughly in that order of proficiency.

I want to volunteer in order to do something useful and learn from others. I come with an open heart and readiness to serve :)


Hello, we are Hannah & Rich, thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about us! Currently, Hannah and I live together in Sydney, Australia. We are saving our hard earned pennies with the plan of travelling through South America for 6 months+ in July 2018. We're not restricted by time, mainly budget, so we'd love to network and use sites such as Hippohelp, not only to extend our travels for as long as possible, but to truly get in under the skin of the countries we're visiting. We wish to learn new languages, connect with great people and not only make friends but long term connections with families and people we have the grateful opportunity to stay or work with. We plan to make this our trip of a life-time, by blazing a trail of dust from our travel bags and leaving the... Read more


Hi! I’m Chris and I am a 22-year-old college student living in Wisconsin, United States of America. I love meeting new people, and I plan to travel and teach English after graduating. It is always fun getting to share my culture with others, but also learn about theirs. I love exploring with my friends, and going to nearby events. Last year I taught an English course for a university in Taiwan, and I am currently a tutor for international students at the college I attend.