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Alice et Audrey

Hi Hosts, we are two french friends who are traveling around the world for 11 months. We want to share experiences with local people in each country we visit to exchange culture and learn about local practices. We are motivated to help you as much as we can with our good mood. In France, we work as a pharmacist and a geotechnical engineer. We love nature and animals.


I am a professional Copywriter with 5+ years of experience in researching, proofing, and copywriting. I have a BA in Advertising, so I have a lot of experience with both marketing and advertising, and some experience with graphic design. I will be traveling in April 2019, and I am looking to volunteer my professional skills in exchange for a place to sleep and several meals. I also have some experience in gardening--I had a small vegetable garden I tended for about a year--so I would also be open to doing something more hands-on like that. I also have experience with animals, since my parents owned a kennel that I worked at for about 10 years. Other than that, I enjoy writing, reading, cooking, baking, and collecting vintage cookbooks and yearbooks.

May Shalaby

Hey there! My name is May and I am planning on traveling with my sister for 1 or 2 months to Southeast Asia. We have always loved backpacking around the world and meeting new people. We are from Egypt but have lived in Europe, USA and Asia in the past few years. We speak English, German, Arabic, Spanish and also some basic French if necessary.
We are both positive, energetic people who like to try out and experience new things the entire time.

Adriana Lemos

Hi there! My name is Adriana, I’m from Porto and I am currently looking for an experience of learning and cultural exchange in the United Kingdom! I’ve been working in hotels and restaurants since my teenage years, so you may want to use that experience to your advantage in whatever business you are running. However, I’m more than happy to help you with anything you need from house maintenance to dog walking.

Emilia Butrym

Hello, I’m Emilia, I’m from Poland and 25 years old. I’m here for new experience and some fun adventures!

Keni Teh

Hello!! My name is Ke Ni, I am from Singapore ^^ I am newly graduated last year, and I want to explore the world. I can help out with cleaning, reception, designing or social media (I am a designer portfolio: I would like to meet new people from everywhere and hear their stories!!

Mar G. Soto

Ciao a tutti. Sono Marcia di Argentina. Scusatemi se il mio italiano non è perfetto. Voglio perferzionarlo! Ti racconto un po' come è stata la mia vitta. Ho cresciuto in una piccola città. Dopo, sono andata alla università nella capitale del paese, Buenos Aires. Ho studiato scienza politica. Nel 2017, ho cominciato un viaggio che ancora non è finito. Sono stata in Oceania e Asia. Nel 2018, mi sono transferita alla Germania con la idea di conoscere Europa. Dopo cuasi un anno vivendo qui, voglio spendere alcuni mesi nell’Italia. Principalmente, perche voglio parlare l’italino. L’ho studiato molti anni fa, como dieci per essere precisi. Credo che imparare lingue è divertente e importante per capire agli altri e la sua cultura. Credo anche che è la conoscenza di una lin... Read more


Hi ther
My name is Ahmed. From iraq 37 years I want to help any famly or company or farm by work hands or stand with
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Thank you