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Virgile Bellaiche

Hi ! I'm Virgile 22 y-o boy and currently studying art in Strasbourg, France
Most people describe me as very sociable, curious and friendly but I'm fine with shutting up once in a while. Learning keeps me happy and energetic: learning new things, getting new skills, meeting new people, discovering new places... I want to grow as fast as possible !
Love animals as much as homo sapiens, I try to be a creative person, and most foreigners say I have great english skills compare to other french people which is always nice

Ege Omurtay

Hi, I'm Ege,22 years old. As a University student, I would like to evaluate my summer in Europe by traveling and working.I'm an open-minded, funny, easy going person and I assure you I'll help you as much as I can. I am able to speak English fluently as well.


I am a college student from Vermont. I am studying marine biology and ecology at College of the Atlantic in Maine. I am studying abroad next fall and winter to try to learn Spanish. I would love to spend some time getting to know a new area and have an opportunity to start learning a new language! I love to work hard and learn new things!


Hi! We are Manuel and Erika, two Italian friends looking for a cool experience abroad. Manuel : vegetarian, animal and music lover, studies ancient literature and philosophy. 18, fluent in italian and understands english very well, knows french, bass player Erika: studies graphic design and communication, music lover, animal lover, 19, is fluent in italian and english, knows a little bit of spanish. guitarrist and singer


I really enjoy learning new things and gaining experience. I like peaceful life, but sometimes I prefer having adventures. I'd like to help people and be useful.
I've been studying Japanese for a year or so. I'd like to live in Japan for a year and more
I enjoy walking and exploring, I love nature


I am a well rounded individual and if it isn´t a skill of mine now it will be soon because I love to learn. My likes are many and dislikes are few. What I am most passionate about is art, sustainable living, herbalism, human and animal rights, psychology, meditation, outdoor adventures, and cooking. I prefer to do work exchanges that involve teaching, art, being in a garden, being in nature, meditation, yoga, learning about the medicinal properties of plants, permaculture farming, and etc.


Hello! I am traveling with my daughter who just graduated from college.