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ZouhaƮr Nir

je m'appelle ZOUHAIR , j'ai 22ans je suis marocain


My name is Kacper. I was working in corporation and I hated it. I want do something else, something what I will enjoyed it. I love nature and animals. I want do something for animals and people,and knows other cultures. Also how you see I need improved my English language it can be a good opportunity. I living in little village and I am not afraid of hard work. I love skiing, riding on bike, like fishing and mountain tours.

Daniele Jones

Hello potential hoster!
My name is Daniele. I am italian, 27 years old, currently living in Paris working at Disneyland Paris and looking for an host in Spain on July.

I am a new user here, I friend told me about this opportunity to work&travel, but sure this is not my first time travelling or working abroad!
I am passionate in cultures and languages, I speak italian, english, french and I am beginner in spanish. My currently goal would be improving spanish so that's why I am looking for an host in Spain.
As I said I am an employee Disney so I'm gonna have 3 weeks of holidays in July ( 9/07 to 29/07). Wish I could have more days!
For other info about me let's get in touch!! looking forward to meeting you guys who wanna help me learning your language!!

Cassandre Bassoli

Hello ! I'm Cassandre. I'm a student in languages (Chinese and English) and also in marketing. I'm from France. I'm used to be a horse rider but today I'm rather taking take of horses and not ride them. I really love meet people from all around the world, learn about their culture, from their knowledges and share moments with them just to enjoy life ! I've already been in Germany 4 years ago as groom in a stud farm. I also have some experience in the restaurant industry.


Hello! My name is Bridget. I graduated from university in the arts and psychology. I live a holistic, creative, eco conscious lifestyle. My dislikes are few and and my interests are many. I am a passionate individual who is a woman of many hobbies, skills, and above all a passion to continue to learn. My hobbies and skills are one of the same which range from guiding others in a yoga practice to building raised garden beds. My experience ranges from working in various types of gardens to painting murals. My biggest motivation in travels is to learn new skills, about different cultures, how to live self sustainably, permaculture, and about everything else that is soul enriching. My future goal is to live self sustainably within a community with occasional bouts of travel.

Carlotta Gamba

Hello everyone! I'd like to learn a new way of living the time and moving into space; I'd like to share my spare time and make it available to others and I want to convert "consumption" to "production" and "industriousness" ! My name is Carlotta, I'm a young architect from Mila, Italy.


I am Belgian

Helma Rodrigues

Hey there, I'm a Brazilian girl who loves to travel. I'm in Europe for three months (arrived in May), so I would love to have the experience of know places as locals, as much as possible:-) I'm looking to help with kids, farms , hostel , etc, pretty much everything.