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Grinevich Vsevolod

Hi, my name is Vsevolod! I love to travel to interesting places, eat good food and talk to interesting people. First of all, I'm looking for a new experience and language practice. I have basic hospitality skills, such as reception work. Ready to work!


Hi, We are to girls Ida(21years old) and Guro(20 years old) from Norway who orderd a one way ticket to thailand 23.jan and are planing to travel for 1year.
Guro got a education as an hairdresser and have a lot of experience from working in a hairsalon!
I Ida has worked in HM clothing store for 3 years so I have very good experience with customer service. After that i worked for a year at a homecare center with multi handicaped youth, that means that they could not speak, eat, shower or walk by themself.
And now we want to explore the world and find ourself. We have an open mind and want to learn about everything!

Elina Kinnunen

Hello! :) We are a nature loving couple from Oulu, Finland. Elina is a teacher and Joonatan a Sales Director studying psychology atm. We are very curious to know more about different countries and cultures, so, we decided that now is the time to volunteer - sharing our knowledge and giving our help to others! In return we hope to get new experiences, skills and friends around the world. We both are persons who like to be busy with things and we can be quite handy as well. Both of our families have a summer cottage where we have been doing repairing, tinkering and all kinds of cottage related work since our childhood. Now we have our own little garden at home where we grow products. We are trying to make our garden more beautiful every summer. :) We are both social and kind, honest ... Read more

Hassan Al-alawi

Hello !
My name is Hassan Faez Al-Alawi
From Baghdad, Iraq
I'm 19 years old

I study renewable energy engineering/Electromechanical engineering, at the University of Technology in Baghdad.

I love volunteering and traveling too.
So I very much liked the idea of ​​volunteer travel.

I will try to develop this section more after I know about this site

Thank you for reading !


Hey everyone! My name is Sam and I am from America. I’m an avid traveler with a passion for having new adventures and meeting people from all over the world. Here is a little bit about me:

After I graduated from university, I took my first solo trip abroad. It was intended to be a 2-month trip that inadvertently turned into an unplanned year-long backpacking adventure. It was the best experience of my life and I have never looked back. I have been doing long-term travel ever since.

I believe that the best way to travel somewhere is to volunteer. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to meet new and different kinds of people, to learn about their country and culture, and to make a positive impact. Which is what enjoy the most out of traveling!
I have worked in custo... Read more


Here I am in the journey on getting to know more deeply The Motherland and documenting it.
I am passionate on connecting with people and cultures and I know it is an outstanding experience to know my people better.

Katherine Martin

Looking to travel from July 2019.


A perfect volunteers