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Meredith Terrones

Set country: Mexico

I considered myself a nomad, when ever I go visit a new state a new country I always like to live the full experience. I try to eat local food, get to know the people around, explore all of the state if possible and really live the experience. I usually stay about 2 months or so in that state and I move on when I feel satisfied with my stay. I love volunteering and doing community work, I love to give back to the people that have helped me with my adventures, especially to the communities. I try to be as ecofriendly as much as possible, I even started my own little garden in my house.

Set country: Ghana

Farm work volunteer from Ghana My Name is Mr. Mohamed Kemaludini, the owner of ( MK Capital Farms ) a farm in Ghana. I would like to come and volunteer, and I would like you to host me on your farm, because I want to learn more about farming so that I can improve on my farm work. I am well reliable, organized and able to prioritize my duties well, can also work effectively. I again possess a high sense of self-motivation, and also like to demonstrate the attitude as part of the team. I enjoy human contacts within a service oriental function. I hope you would accept to host me on your farm, and I promise you never regret hosting me. Thank you.


Set country: Italy

I've been surfing the world for about 10years now, andI'd love to keep doing so. I'm a very patient, empathetic,enthusiastic and open minded guy. I love to always try new actviities and discover new cultures and languages.

Adarsh R

Set country: India

I recently quit my marketing job in Bangalore to travel full time.


Set country: Egypt

My name is Mohamed Essam Mohamed. I am 23 years old.I am from Cairo, Egypt.I am a graduate of the Faculty of Management Information Systems for 2018. I volunteered and worked as a supervisor in a special care institution for three years. I love to travel and I love good and I want to know and learn from all human beings and I want to serve all people.


Set country: Portugal

Hey I’m Ajuba, I got bored of education and decided to travel the world at 16-17 I have been traveling around the Caribbean islands for the past year working odd jobs that I could find and living off the little money I made. I was born and raised in England Im 18 now and looking for some odd jobs closer to home. I enjoy surfing, working with animals, outdoor activity’s and practical work.

Sara Gándara

Set country: Argentina

Hace dos años estuve haciendo un voluntariado en granjas ecológicas en Irlanda. Tenía 17 años y fue mi primera experiencia en el extranjero. Desde ese momento supe que mi pasión era viajar. El año pasado estuve en Atenas con la organización SOS Refugiados. Mi trabajo consistía en dar clases de inglés a las niñas y a los niños refugiados, así como acompañarlos en su tiempo libre. Fue una de las primeras oportunidades que tuve de entrar en contacto con gente con un contexto político y cultural tan diferente al mío. He estado también un mes en Islandia haciendo autoestop y acampando, y este verano he estado recogiendo fresas en Dinamarca. Esta última experiencia me ha marcado muchísimo personalmente. Vivíamos en una granja sobre 50 personas, en su mayoría jóvenes. Cad... Read more

Adva Raz

Set country: Australia

We are an Israeli couple on our Honey Moon. We are coming to Australia on 26.8.2019, next Monday and looking for a farm to volunteer with animals. Adva is an Animal Assisted Therapist and Daniel is a handyman

MaNi Kandan

Set country: India

My name is Manikandan from India. My dream is travelling the whole world with salary.i thought this one is a good platform for me


Set country: United States

Sofie Adelaar

Set country: Netherlands

ragesh velayudhan

Set country: Oman


Set country: Taiwan, Province of China

Hayllander Immortal

Set country: Algeria

خولة خليفي

Set country: Tunisia


Set country: Italy

Deanna Roberts Bourgeois

Set country: United States

Volunteer house Ludewa

Set country: Not set


Set country: Not set

Callum Anderson

Set country: Not set

Simon Naessens

Set country: Not set

Manon Boespflug

Set country: Not set


Set country: Not set


Set country: Not set

Charlyne Réhel

Set country: Not set


Set country: Not set

walid mazeghou

Set country: Not set

Myrelle Drummond

Set country: Not set


Set country: Not set

Hamza Bouguerra

Set country: Not set

Ngome Kombo

Set country: Not set