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Babah Christian

Set country: Nigeria

I am a professional accountant from Nigeria. I am 42 years old.


Set country: United Kingdom

HEY, what's up :) Originally from London, UK but I like to get around! Only 80 countries so far which means I'm not even half way. Few things about me? English teacher, DJ, poet, creator, linguist, entrepreneur, student, ex-vegan, explorer, multipotentialite, nutritionist, artist, writer, autodidact, the list keeps on growing... I love communication, connection, languages, passion, mystery, cat's eyes, steam rooms, mountains, silence, nature, currencies, soda water, pilau rice, inner work, early evenings, coconuts, goosebumps, sunrises, islands, ancient history, osho, lower case, white sand, black grapes, provocative art and spontaneity! Always keen to meet old and new friends, share experiences and start new adventures. Open mind, open book. You never know where just a conversati... Read more

Samche Ellen

Set country: Ghana

I'm Samche Ellen A level 300 student University of Ghana Studying social work as a major 19 years Confident,passionate and dedicated

Guto Marinho Vieira

Set country: Brazil

Sou uma pessoa uma certa experiência de vida, pois tenho meus 35 anos de existência. Porém com moradia fixa durante toda jornada, preso aos costumes e cultura local. Mas agora estou em buscando uma troca de experiências, conhecer novas culturas, trabalhos voluntários, desenvolvimento pessoal esse, entre diversas outras coisas que o mundo tem a oferecer.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello it’s Maria , I am from Spain. My passion is traveling all over the world. Having good vibes :D

Annie Denise

Set country: Italy

I'm a woman of 44 years old ,I love travel and in my free time I teach french


Set country: United States

Hello! I'm a 22 y/o American university student from Princeton, New Jersey. I like to travel in between semesters. I like hiking, biking, and camping, as well as cosmopolitan and city life. Most recently, I have traveled to Czechia, Hungary, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain, during one trip, and Israel, Syria, Ethiopia, and Tanzania, during another. Looking forward to making your acquaintance.

Bonyár Katalin

Set country: Hungary

Hallo! Ich bin Katalin aus Ungarn, lerne Deutsch and Englisch und mein Ziel ist meine Sprachkentnisse zu verbessern. :) I am a really joyful and talkative young lady with passion of violin and music. I'm hardworking, I really like to help people or be among animals to take care of them. I have worked in many country, Netherlands, Austria, Ireland but I had always hungarian colleges too and improving my german and english seemed impossible. I would like to reach a fluent level.


Set country: Uganda

Victor Vieira

Set country: Brazil

I'm Victor, 22 years old, born in the USA and raised in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) with my family. I do volunteer works every year and love it. The most remarkable volunteer work that I made was at the Olympic Games at Rio 2016 (As a Nacional Olympic committee assistant of the New Zealand Olympic Team). I can speak English and Portuguese. I love to meet new people and I'm always happy to help. For me, travel is the best way that I could find to understand the value of life and I'm looking forward to my next travel. I have a dream to be in a position that can help people in foreign countries and I'm preparing myself for that

Anjali Ved

Set country: India

Hello, I am Anjali Ved. I am 22 y/o female from India and a BMM Graduate in Advertising and currently an Advertising, Marketing and Operations Manager at an International DMC Representation Company in India. I would describe myself as a nomad by thought and a constant sucker for art, poetry, travelling, creativity, dance & music. I love meeting new people across the globe and making friends and memories with them. Besides, i also know how to cook, clean, paint, a bunch of languages and much more. Traveling to different countries has always been my dream since i was a kid, and to make a difference in this world while doing so, is like a cherry on the top. Meeting new people, exploring the world with them, learning their culture and traditions and making life long memories is all i look f... Read more

Set country: Algeria

I am a quiet girl. I love charity. I love pets. I love all poor and rich people. I can take care of children, the elderly and the disabled. I understand all groups. I want happiness for everyone. This is my number 00213656591772

Lidia Varda

Set country: Italy

Lidia, Italian and 20 years old. Currently studying International Relations in the Netherlands.
Curious, adventurous, willing to learn, lover of nature and animals, good cooking and photographic skills, loves to listen stories and share them.

I feel a restless need to travel and not follow conventional paths that could make me unhappy. The choices are difficult. I would like not to have to choose a path knowing so little about myself and the world, however I felt forced to do so. I want to understand who I am and know more about the vastness that surrounds me. '' if not now, when? '' is a question that I pose to myself perhaps even too much.

ABOUT ME:I love nature more than everything, is the place where I can find peace. I am not a solitary person, and I really believ... Read more

Cls Santos

Set country: Portugal

Meu nome é Carlos, moro no Brasil em São Paulo, sou intrutor de Jiu jitsu e motirista.tenho facilidade de contrubuir de acordo com minhas experiencias aqui no Brasil, tenho experiencia na construçao pra mim mesmo um quarto, reboquei , coloquei luz , pintei, coloquei piso nele, mas lembrando , fiz p mim, nunca trabalhei em obra construindo.instalo internet, tv via satelite, fui auxiliar de enfermagem por 10 anos, experiencia comprovada com registro, trabalhei com funilaria, pintura e mecanica aq tb. Faço a limpeza de minha casa, lavo louças, roupa, comida p mim.


Set country: Czech Republic

Hello my name is Jakub, i am a soon to be 18 year old IT student, i love acquiring new experiences :) My hobbies include adventure, sports, going out with friends and studying interesting subjects. I'm always happy to help with anything.

Anastasiya Scherbina

Set country: Germany

Hi everyone! My name is Anastasiya and I am from Belarus, live in Germany. The whole last year was working in the office and missing a lot gardening and fresh air. Would like to learn something new and to help with farming.


Set country: Not set

Retired College professor, well traveled and well read, not afraid of work or learning new skills!

Krushna Garje

Set country: India

I am Krushna Garje and I love to help people and travel. I am always willing to help everyone in every kind of help. This world is very beautiful and helping each other will make it paradise. God bless us all.


Set country: United States

Hi! I'm 19 and living in the US, but I am pursuing online college and hope to travel and gain as much variety of experience as possible. I am certified and experienced in teaching English, but I am very interested in culture - working in hostels - as well as learning new things. I am considering going into outdoor education, and I am also very interested in helping at horse farms, as I grew up doing this and haven't revisited in a long time.

Joey Perez-Demarco

Set country: United States

am a 26 year Nomadic soul with his dog companion, Phil. We are currently preparing to leave on a "Explore America" trip. I have often traveled across the country but only ever on business. I'm tired and ready to start living life at a slower pace. I want to see the country and immerse myself in the different cultures that are all around me. So, my hobbies lately have included reading writing cooking and exploring caves and forests in Pennsylvania. Until Covid 19 I was a manager for a worldwide food tour company in Philadelphia teaching tourists about the history and food culture of the city. I am currently equipped with a solar generator camping yurt woodburning camping stove with pots pans ect. First aid kit and my car. I want to get together with another workawayer or maybe a couple a... Read more

Kate Savelyeva

Set country: Italy

My name is Ekaterina and I live in Italy, in the city of Milan. I speak three languages: Italian, Russian and English and very willing to learn French! I love nature, hiking and taking care of my plants. Also, I write children's stories and illustrate them (maybe I can be a help on the creative part, too! Like draw a sign to mark carrots, lol). Otherwise, I am easy going and open to help around. In fact, it would be the best thing to occupy my hands and mind to distract from the nonsense that is going on around the world. Looking forward to meeting you!


Set country: United States

Hi, my name is Sofia I would love to travel and see something new I live in the desert, AZ, I love the beach. I cook clean, I’m always open to new things. I would love to learn how to surf or grow plants.

Bethany B Carol

Set country: United Kingdom

I'm an outdoorsy type, potentially with boyfriend in tow, on the hunt for small scale farm experience. I'm vegetarian, love mountaineering, hill running and yoga amongst many other activities and harbour a dream to run my own CSA one day.

Khaled Mohamed

Set country: Egypt

I am Khaled Mohammed living in Egypt I love to travel and get to know other cultures

E'll Hâã Mžâ

Set country: Morocco

I am ready for any business with passion

Ababa Louloulou

Set country: Costa Rica

My name is whatever

Denis Kenjar

Set country: Croatia

Hi, my name is Denis and I am 23 years old. I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and grew up in a small town in central Bosnia, Donji Vakuf. I currently live and work in Croatia, more precisely in Zagreb. As for volunteering, I don't have any special experience, but I can tell you that I love animals, traveling, and that I like meeting new people. In addition, from online "activities" I often watch series and movies, and spend time playing games, which has created many friendships for me. So I met 2 guys from Sabac, Serbia who stayed with me in Donji Vakuf for a few days in the summer of 2019. In terms of motivation and goals, my main goal is sometime in the future to go and help children in Africa. I am constantly working on that goal, and I am sure that one day I will achieve it. He... Read more

Kim Anna

Set country: Russian Federation

My name is Anna, I am from Russia and now study in Germany. I am getting ready to go to university. It is the great opportunity, but I would like to learn more about that world I live in. So I want to take a break and try something new, something that I have never did before. I am sure, that it will be exciting journey and not only helps others, but also let me gain new knowledge and experience.

Niccolò Fanelli

Set country: Italy

Lifeguard, Swimming Teacher, Finance Teacher, Project Manager, Writer, Fool.

Nume Emmanuel timothy

Set country: Uganda

Hello, Nume Emmanuel timothy is my usher, I'm 20 years old, born and living in Uganda, currently looking for college opportunities,I have never moved out of Uganda and would love to explore different cultures,help other people like orphans, I love anything art related like painting, teaching, love dogs,donkeys. I'm Willing to work and live longer in another country

Melodious M Rugare

Set country: South Africa

Hie there, My name is Melody.I am 32 years old female,from Zimbabwe.

Yasser Mostafa

Set country: Egypt

i love all people and iwent help them thats my huminaty

Wesley Mc Donald

Set country: Ireland

hello im wes im single can travel at anytime for any amount of time im currently in kildare can do all types of work eg electrics,plumming,computer skills,cleaning making beds love to meet new people love to travel and love fishing when i get the time