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Greetings from an experienced elementary and secondary school teacher from Canada. I’ve taught both children and adults in Thailand, South Korea, and Canada, in all age groups from 6 to 60. I have extensive experience in managing, supervising, and evaluating students in English, math, science, and social studies classes.

In addition to teaching, I have experience in developing curricula and a wide variety of teaching materials, as well as managing other teachers as a First Grade head teacher in a Korean elementary school.

Furthermore, I have extensive international experience, with over fifteen years living and working in the Asia-Pacific region.

I am also certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, in Canada. I look forward to working with new students and t... Read more

Derek Dietz

Set country: United States

I am available 9/1/2019-9/1/2020. I am a trained culinarian that has been working in the hospitality/culinary field for over 15 years (my entire life). For the past year i have been volunteering/working with a disaster relief organization ("All Hands and Hearts") in a base manager role as well as a construction site supervisor in Puerto Rico, Texas, and North Carolina. I am currently in my home-city of Philadelphia on a 1 week break from Hurricane Florence relief efforts in Eastern North Carolina. My Skills include: Cooking/baking/pastry, general hospitality, hotel/restaurant management, typing (65wpm). basic computer/technology, basic construction and roofing, basic Spanish, and overall disaster relief work. (trauma counseling/chainsaw work/ basic home-repair)

Jeremy Bader

Set country: United States

My wife and I are wanting a place to park our camper and work for rent.

Emma van Nieuwkuijk

Set country: Netherlands

I am 23 and just finished my study. I love travelling and being active and am looking to travel while working and connecting with hosts and other travelers.


Set country: United States

Hello, lovely people!! About me: I am a happy-go-lucky individual who loves discovering new places and going on adventures. I am caring, empathetic, and enjoy getting to know people authentically. My hometown is Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US, so I am used to very cold and also warm temperatures! Peru will be my first Workaway experience although I have previously traveled in Asia. I hope to find hosts who would like me to stay for 1 or 2 months because I really want to be able to contribute while learning through new cultural experiences. My interests: Being outdoors helping with gardening and animal care. Hiking in nature and exploring. Learning about horticulture, natural remedies, mindful living, and respect for the environment. Trying new foods and recipes. Doing martial arts. L... Read more

LiAnne Mattheney

Set country: Germany

Hello! My daughter Skylar (she is 19) and I are traveling throughout the world over the next year or two and would love to find volunteer opportunities that allow us to learn something new, meet new people and experience local cultures. I was an accountant by trade, and Sky has completed two years of college, but we are both open to doing whatever is needed.

Giulia Moretti

Set country: Italy

Italian girl, 26 years old. I have a secondary school agricolture diploma and I graduated in medicine.
I would like to work away ( with animals if possible) for 1 month from the middle of September to the middle of October.

Cathryn Martinez

Set country: United States

Just graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration! I love to travel and help people! I have experience in office and babysitting positions. Fast learner and quick to adapt to any situation.

Ahmed Ismael

Set country: Egypt

this is such a great site to meet agood people with anew cultures

Vad Rzha

Set country: Russian Federation

i am fabulously experienced in traveling, volunteering, community living, service providing, teaching, learning, writing, translating/interpreting and more. i visited some half-a-hundred countries. i lived and worked in a half of them. i have a dozen professions, plenty of skills & dexterities. i speak 5-6 languages & understand another dozen of... universal carer & service provider. citizen of the world. be blessed!

Bahri Talay

Set country: Germany

Hello.I am a doctor who is settled down for now in Heidelberg-Germany.Like to travel.Happy cheerful man.I like to met new people and discover cultures and so.I know,that they were so classic sentences but have no idea to say :DI can speak German,Englisch and a bit Spanish.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! I'm from a small city in England, I've just graduated from university with a degree in English Language and Literature and I'm ready to start travelling. I haven't decided exactly where I want to go - I'm looking to see where the wind takes me!

Maja Stamenković

Set country: Serbia

Hello. My name is Maya. I'm 30 years old and I am from Serbia. I have masters degree in french language and literature and I adore languages, teaching, kids, animals. I speak fluently english, french and spanish. I m finding my purpose in helping others and making someone happy. Its all about spreading the love and joy.

Hannah McGee

Set country: United States

From a small town in the USA and just want to experience something new! I'm open to new experiences/jobs! I serve at restaurants currently, so i love meeting new people and lending helpings hands!


Set country: United States

Helloooooo! I guess we will just dive right in and tell ya a little about ourselves. We have always had such a deep rooted love for traveling and experiencing different walks of life so when we heard about HippoHelp it just seemed like it would fit perfectly into our here we are! We are all about hiking, camping, living off the land, healing both spiritually and physically, and basically anything that can help us expand our minds and extend our hearts. Anything that is going to contribute to our positive sense of self and allow us to return that favor is what we are seeking. We have a combined 16 years experience in customer service (bartending, waitressing, retail, managing, etc). Seth is a Jack of all trades but is best with electronics and the like. Raemy is kind of a Jill... Read more

Laura Adams

Set country: Switzerland

I have been living/travelling in Europe for over two years now. I am half-Swiss, so I live with my grandparents near Bern in the winter and travel in other countries when it's warmer :)
I will spend some time in Croatia end of August '19, and wish to travel South-East towards Turkey during September. I am open to travelling anywhere in between those places for the next few months, until November when I return to Switzerland.


Set country: Turkey

Hello! I'm an avid traveller. I have been travelling non stop since 2012. I simply love discovering new cultures and submersing in them as much as possible. I have been teaching english along the way to support myself. So I have plenty of experience teaching teenagers and adults. What else? Oh I usually use couchsurfing a lot while travelling but decided to give this a try for a change and because it might be useful when I want to stay somewhere for a longer period.

Liza Bo Harris

Set country: Nicaragua

I’ve always had this sentiment of feeling a bit lost about who I am/what my future holds. Society is so quick to put you in a box, label’s easy that way for other people to “understand” you. In the end, I am me. Liza Bo (Bo is my middle name and a lot of nicknames derive from it that I love). I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, traveled after college then moved to NYC/Brooklyn for the past 8-years. Right now, my home is in the world, learning spanish. I am an adventurer. A traveler. A vagabond. Student. Yoga Teacher. Goofy. Creative. A Designer. Writer. Adrenaline junkie. Snowboarder. Surfer (or learning to be). I am whole list of other things that would be absurd to type out. At my core...I am just a Human. Being. And there is an infinite number of ways to do that. I am t... Read more

Soefyenne El Boukhari

Set country: Morocco

my name is Soufiane EL BOUKHARI from Morocco and I'm looking forwards to working with you

Ruth Lamicq

Set country: United States

Just another girl looking to explore the world

Letícia Ferreira

Set country: Brazil

It's my first time travelling solo so I'm really excited about it.
If you're looking for a hardwork and proactive guest, I bet I'm a good choice.


Set country: United States

Massage therapist, healer, basic hatha yoga instructor, cook and cleaner, nature photographer, intuitive energy worker.

Amirlan Dorjnamjil

Set country: Spain

Hello, I am a 21 year old recent engineering graduate hoping to travel around Europe while volunteering! I have volunteered in 3 retreat centres and one Erasmus cultural exchange so far and loved every bit of it! I am a huge people and animal lover and I am looking forwards to new experiences! :)


Set country: Tunisia

I'm Arwa Jandoubi
I'm 26 years old i love To travel and discover in other people , tradition,culture...talke other languages ...


Set country: France

Hello there :) I am a Patagonian girl traveling around Europe for the next year, looking forward to learn new skills and develop mines if I have the chance, also excited to get to know new cultures and people. I’m an artist and a “maker”. Movement and nature is life.

Mabrouka El'hamrouni

Set country: Tunisia

Im volunteering alone I love traveming and if theres a chance for exchanging it with work or benevolat why not


Set country: Ireland

I am an Argentinian national travelling around the world. I love meeting new people and knowing about other cultures. I speak Spanish, English and Portuguese and can understand some German, Japanese and French. I enjoy learning very much, so new experiences and tasks out of my comfort zone are very appealing to me. I am a vegetarian and am interested in conscious nutrition, animals and environment care and sustainability. I always look for improvements, on myself and the things I do or see. As I worked in Finance and Accounting, I have great analytical skills but looking to enhance other skills such as hospitality, customer, marketing and commercial, among others.


Set country: United States

My goal is to travel around the world through work exchange. I want to meet new people, make friends, help out, learn new skills and languages, and experience cultures. I realize you are probably looking at my profile to see if I can help with what you need done so please keep reading!

I feel I can help out with most things hosts need done while reaping the reward of learning new things, meeting people and seeing the world. As a mature adult my main objective is to have a mutually satisfying exchange knowing full well that you are giving something in order to get something back, I appreciate that. The following examples are just some of the things I’ve done in the past which maybe explains why work exchange is so appealing to me:

- Planting a coffee farm on the big islan... Read more


Set country: Dominican Republic

Young female, black ethnicity ,recent graduated college student , Non smoker.
Honest, Mature, Professional, Reliable and Hard Working.
Strong work ethic, outstanding personality and a sense of humor.

Diana Berhkholts

Set country: Ukraine

Good morning! My name is Diana, I am a student at the University of Economics in Ukraine (Kyiv), I am 20 years old. I have some blogs in social networks: on Instagram, WordPress and VK. I also promote these publics.. I enjoy studying economics, which I do in my free time (I even have an economic club!). I would like to become a professional economist. I write blog articles on economic / sociological/business topics. I am a calm, communicative person, I would be very happy to help you and join your team! Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Diana Berhkholts


Set country: United Kingdom

Becky Konewko

Set country: United Kingdom

Travelling through LA and looking to help.

Elham Sallam

Set country: Egypt

I am an Egyptian with a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education and I love to participate in volunteer work because of my passion and love to experience traveling to another country, to share cultures, to help others and to learn languages ​​other than Arabic to know the customs and traditions of communities in other countries. To be honest I would like to inform you that I have poliomyelitis in my left leg But I can move but I can not run and I can work and give in any field like childcare because I have three children and I also have experience in administrative work, computer use and work office. I also do the housework better than cleaning and cooking. I also help my children in Homework I am also a good singer and I love entertainment and games So I would like to travel with... Read more


Set country: France

My name is Julia R., I am a 23-year-old French girl. I love travelling and discovering new cultures. Nothing will make more sense to me than working hard to thank my hosts for their hospitality.