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Adele Castellaneta

Set country: Italy

I wanna travel and make new experiences!

Abhijeet Patil

Set country: India

Hello guys! I am Abhijeet Patil, a travel enthusiast from Pune, Maharashtra. I am currently studying in NIT Agartala in NorthEast India. When I first came to NorthEast, I was amazed by the beautiful hills, green forests and unexplored natural treasure. However, there was little to no detailed information available about places to visit. That's why I decided to write about my experience as I explore different offbeat places as well as my other fun tours on


Set country: United States

I'm 20 and am wanting to experience more of the world and learn some lessons along the way. This is why Workaway speaks to me. I value visiting a new places and learning about the people, customs, and being taken by random adventures. I am down-to-earth and spend most of my free time outside with friends or by myself. I have traveled a little thus far and have caught the travel bug, I am finding the only cure is to keep going.
I wake up everyday eager to experience a new lifestyle that will align me with my values and goals.
Hope to meet up with you some day!
I love meeting new people and experiencing new ways of life.

Ana Carolina Alves

Set country: Brazil

Somos um casal (Ana e Eder) com muita disposição para ajudar da forma que for necessária e muito interesse para aprender e compartilhar.

Ana é acadêmica de nutrição, com conhecimentos em marketing e mestre reikiana, podendo auxiliar com qualquer um desses conhecimentos caso necessário.

Eder é acadêmico de cinema, e técnico em informatica. Possui bastante conhecimento nas áreas de fotografia e edição, podendo também contribuir conforme necessidade.

Somos vegetarianos e o Eder possui algumas restrições alimentares, mas nada que complique ou impeça nossa estadia.

Somos muito dispostos a ajudar e ficaremos muito gratos em poder compartilhar com você.


Set country: China

I'm Terence and I'm 26 and I'm vaccinated (2 jabs). I'll be travelingto HK from Shanghai and I'm willing to help in any way I can (soft/hard skills), meet interesting people, Provide value, and share experiences.

Jacqui Kelly

Set country: Australia

Hi, Im a strong, physically fit , happy outgoing, honest hard working middle aged Mum. I worked In The Fashion industry as a production manager for over 30 yrs , I am now working part time as an admin officer in a private mental health hospital here in Sydney Australia . I was born in New Zealand and grew up riding horses, plenty of dogs and cats . Needless to say I’m an animal lover ! I have always dreamed of volunteering, in a remote , basic beautiful place caring for animals especially dogs and horses. Many thanks, Jacqui .

Connie Sponheim

Set country: Mexico

Greetings! I am an experienced, mature teacher, nanny, cook, housekeeper, gardener, organizer with skills in animal care, shopping, decorating, computer/office, events and performance. I have visited many countries and helped many families in the home worldwide. I have cared for a 15th Century Manor in the UK, directed a Storyteller in Switzerland, managed B&Bs in Hawaii and Australia and much more. My hobbies are singing, acting, performing, researching, writing and making videos of my travels for YT. I look forward to hearing from you and how I can help your family!

Victor Vinicius

Set country: Brazil

Hello! We are a family of three and our names are Vitória, Victor and our son Angelo. We are Brazilian, we speak Portuguese and we have a basic level in English. In this context, we are looking for new international experiences. Moreover, we are looking for opportunities to work in different domains such as a nanny, helping with the kitchen, or construction, gardener, animal care and/or painting. Furthermore, we don't mind getting tough activities, and we would love to help you! Thank you in advance


Set country: Mexico

Hello! We are Zuza and Hanna, travellers from Poland who met in Mexico and have become great friends. We believe that volunteering can provide an additional value to our journey. We love learning new things and meeting new people and that's why we decided to join this platform. To give you an idea of what type of people we are, we consider ourselves to be outgoing, curious and adventurous people. We like learning new things and exploring new areas. We always enjoy meeting new people and engaging in great conversations. In our free time, you can find us doing something cool outdoors or chilling with a book. When it comes to the skills we can offer, we both are not strangers to general hostel work such as cleaning, check-ins, etc. Hanna has a background in managing social media accoun... Read more

Shan Loughman

Set country: Mexico

Hey! I'm Shannon from New York. I’ve been traveling Mexico since Oct 2021 and am looking to transition that full time travel into some volunteer work! I am traveling with my boyfriend Ozzy. We’ve both volunteered at hostels before, and Ozzy has done farm work as well. We both love backpacking and meeting others while traveling.


Set country: Netherlands

My name is Richard. I'm 39 years of age, but my curiosity about life has kept me traveling through life rather lightly. Just a few attachments and things I own. I hold a master's degree in business and occasionally take on projects to make ends meet, but since 2017 my main focus has been on spirituality – cultivating the ability to let go of conceptual thinking. I get by in society, but I prefer to spend most of my time outside the seriousness most people live by. I'm not very interested in careers, regular family life or politics and media. My interest for self-discovery, letting go of old stories and tension, and spending time playfully with others is relentless though! :-) My main talent is to create an overview, either in a project, writing or life. But I also truly enjoy to ma... Read more

Dircelene de Farias

Set country: Brazil

Olá, eu sou a Dircelene, tenho 39 anos e moro no Brasil - Curitiba Paraná.
Eu sou uma pessoa cuidadosa, carismática, simpática e que ama cuidar de crianças e idosos, estou sempre disposta a aprender e a mostrar as minhas habilidades como cuidadora de idosos e cuidadora de crianças.

Possuo experiência na área e amo o que faço. Estou a procura de um voluntariado para que eu possa conhecer novas culturas e novas experiências profissional na minha área de trabalho e repassar um pouco de conhecimento do Brasil.


Set country: Greece

I'm a 42 y.o. Italian guy. I was born in Ferrara a small city near Bologna in the North East part of Italy. I grew up in a farm and I know many things regarding the cultivation of a vegetable garden and the care of the orchard. I have a degree in astrophysics but I soon decided to change my life. I lived for almost three years in Rome and in 2011 I decided to move in Santorini and I started my business in the wedding industry ( fabiozardifloraldesign on Instagram). In 2019 I decided to come back in Italy and to continue the activity there. Unfortunately the global situation didn't allow me to continue my business. I love cultural exchanges, to discover new places and to learn from other people. My passions are flower and plants cultivation, cooking, reading and listening to music. I hav... Read more

Tracie Beasley

Set country: United States

will complete asap

Matthew Holmes

Set country: Georgia

I love to travel, experience new cultures and ways of doing things. Having lived most of my life in the United States, I am thrilled to have left and now find it my mission to learn as much as I can in each country I visit

Eduardo José

Set country: Brazil

Hello everyone! My name is Eduardo, i live in Brazil, i'm 25 years, and i love got out to travel, i like met news culture, news friends, news places and a lot things thet the world offers us. I speack french, and a little english. i work with eletrics, but I have knowledge of joinery, and I'm very flexible in activities. i hope i can do part in your family.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi I'm Amy! I am a MSc Biology graduate from the UK. My partner and I are currently travelling and working remotely. We hope to one day have our own permaculture farm so we are keen gain some practical experience through volunteer work. We love to travel, learn about new cultures and meet new people

Marco Campagna

Set country: Italy

I'm Marco, 23 years old from Rome. I travelled a lot for vacations with family and friends since i was a child, and to stay with my sister and niece (they live in Sweden), but I think the time for me to live a meaningful experience out of my country has come, leaving the comfort zone, know people with different culture and improve my english, as long as i have the opportunity. I had a similar experience in Italy, when i moved in Milan by myself working for a month and living alone, so now it's the time for the next step.

Paulo Henrique Marçal

Set country: Brazil

My name is Paulo. I am 23 years old. I am finishing my Faculty of Mathematics at the University of São Paulo and before joining the Master in Mathematics Education at the same university, I will spend a period of 2 months in Ireland studying English.

Set country: Mexico

visual artist

Luca Catena

Set country: Italy

Hi, my name is Luca, I born in Italy but I've been working and traveling around the world for the last 8 years. Loved every single second of it, I like challenges, meet people and try local food. I really enjoy help people! Nature and outdoors lover, simple living not looking for luxury or maerialistic life. I'm a free spirit, always with the need to change enviroment around, I can't really stand routine for a long term (so far) hopefully it will end on day :-)

Melodie Prak

Set country: Mexico

Hi there, I’m Melodie! I grew up in Tahiti (French Polynesia) but spent the last 7 years between Canada, France, England, Central America, Mexico and the USA. I can help you with bartending, hosting, activities… I speak French (native), English (very good) and Spanish (good). I’m all about good energy and making everyone feel at home. Excited to possibly become a part of your team!


Set country: United States

Mom of 1 teen from Central KY. Looking for opportunities to help others, and venture in or outside of KY.

Fabrizio Rambaldi

Set country: Italy

My name is Fabrizio and I am from Bologna, in the north of Italy.
I love to travel, trek, learn languages and make new friends from all around the world.
I'm happy to learn new skills and share everything I can with other people.
I like to relax while walking, listening to music, reading or swimming.

Giancarlo Granata

Set country: Italy

I'm 42 years old and I like to meet new people and help them

Christophe Thazard

Set country: Spain

Hi! I am French, I studied piano and voice in Berklee College of music in Boston. My wife is a designer and organizer, very skilled! We are looking for a place until the 14 of January. I have a piano method that will allow you to learn alone after few weeks. I have a baby girl 2 years old who sleep with us.


Set country: Turkey

Hello, world :) Why am I here? Because I believe that the best of people are the most beneficial to people. And for this reason, I want to make new and permanent friends based on the goodness in every corner of the world. Moreover, I'm an industrial engineer. I'm aiming for a career in data science professionally. I have three great passions in this life: reading books, listening to music, and riding a motorcycle ;) Goodbye until we meet...


Set country: United States

Eternal Optimist, Healthy, Happy, Open, Honest, Transparent. Intense communicator, teller of stories, loves to learn and listen, but needs sometime alone to recharge. Does not do drugs. Does not smoke. Does not drink. I believe in Love, The Universe, Mother Nature, The Light- Spirituality- God- Everyone has a different name- I believe in a higher power. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Always Keep your Smile. Stay the Course. And Follow your Heart. Natural Care giver. Passionate Cook. Excellent cleaner, minimizer, and organizer. Loves to hike, workout, and do yoga. Self care above all. I fill my cup first, so I may help fill others. Mindful living. Photographer, Stylist, Painter, Collage Artist, and Writer. Mama to 3, but taking a journey of self discovery this year to conti... Read more


Set country: Germany

Hallo Leute Ich heiße Eren, bin 23 Jahre alt. Komme aus Deutschland (Ulm) Will um bedingt gerne Reisen


Set country: Serbia

Hello, my name is Sanja Laušev. How are you? Let me tell you a short story about myself. I'm 23 years old and coming from the small city Novi Sad, located in the south of Serbia. With this ending year l 've been working on some volunteer projects such as playing with kids, some cultural manifestation in my city, and also a group setting. I'm somebody who loves spending time in nature, playing with animals and kids, helping everyone, and meeting new people and new cultures around the world. Spare time is reserved for making some crochet and knitting projects (hats, shawls, socks), having some basic knowledge in playing the violin, doing some work on the garden, and still learning some courses in the area of becoming a better version of myself. As a persona a little shy, but the moment ... Read more

Luiz Gallo

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Luiz Augusto, sou brasileiro nascido em Belo Horizonte no estado de Minas Gerais. Tenho 52 anos por enquanto falo somente a língua portuguesa, mas pretendo em breve fazer um curso de inglês para melhor me comunicar em outros países da Europa e EUA.

Sailor Gerry Whelzo

Set country: Ireland

Athletic and Arty Irish fella with a lot of experience in many things and a long term goal of exploring many countries to hopefully find one that resonates so strong with me one day and will perhaps become my permanent home. As much as I love Ireland I want to see what else is out there, not just for a holiday or a visit, but live and build a life. So my time spent with you isn't just a long affordable holiday, it is potentially a life changing experience! (and may lead to my immigration!)

Denise Celeste

Set country: Italy

L'estate 2019 ho viaggiato per 90 giorni nella mia terra sarda. La mia anima ha sete di mondo e così eccomi un'altra volta in viaggio però questa volta senza data di rientro. Viaggio in bicicletta e con una tenda. Voglio imparare nuove lingue , conoscere persone e le loro storie, coltivare le mie passioni ed imparare qualsiasi cosa che questo viaggio mi presenterà davanti .


Set country: Singapore

Avid backpacker and has backpack, single, family over 20 years. Backpack on Euro rail, studied and travelled in Australia and USA. Open to help travellers, particularly backpackers. Looking to also host travellers.