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Anastasia Gentili

Set country: Italy

Hi!I I'm Anastasia, i'm 23 and i live in Italy. I would like to learn about other culture and teach mine to others. I love doing somenthing new, i'm a very entusiatic person. I love animals.


Set country: United States

Hi. I’m Aza. New to this site. Trustworthy, reliable, respectful and easy-going. I love meeting new people, making new connections, and traveling the world. Thanks for considering me for your exchange!


Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm Rachele, I'm 22 and I'm Italian. I was born in Milan, but when I started to study Medicine and Surgery (one year ago) I moved to Rome. I love traveling and knowing new cultures and people. I'm an easy-going person, so I don't need fancy places or 5 stars hotels to make a trip. Since I have to study a lot I can't have time to find a full time job to earn some money and use them to travel. So I hope to find other ways to know other countries and make some experiences around the world :) By the way I worked as a shopping assistant, petsitter and babysitter, and I helped a family in Uk in 2018 with their farm! I also took part of charity associations. Hope to know you soon! Some contacts: Instagram @reeeiceel and Mail:


Set country: Spain

Hi I am Agustin (33yrs) I am from Argentina and I have lived for the past 9 years in Costa Rica after backpacking through South America. I enjoy surfing, spending time with animals, and adventuring. I am currently in Spain and I am looking to volunteer in a space surounded by nature. I am willing and able to do any task that is needed. I am also a quick learner and enjoy meeting new people.

Be Ate

Set country: Germany

Ich möchte neue Länder und Kulturen kennenlernen und dabei in Kontakt mit Einheimischen treten.

Marta Assirati

Set country: Italy

Hi! I’m Marta.
I study psychology in Reggio Emilia (Italy)
I am a dynamic person, kind and ready to learn new things.
I love to travel and meet new people to expand my personal background
I like doing sport! I play beach volley.
I love the sea and the mountains, in the mountains I like walking and climbing in summer and in winter i love ski.
i would like to learn how to surf.
i love animals and i like to take care of their well-being

Harvey Brauer

Set country: Canada

Very active, easy going Canadian. Currently a mailman so enjoy a physical job and working outside.

Audy Mashal

Set country: Israel

My name is audy mashal. I was born and raised in the countryside village called Jabal Mukaber amongst the Jerusalem mountains. As a child, most of the time I was surrounded by big open mountain. I walked in it, I took a nice animal out of it, I sailed over it, I've claimed to the top off it and I fell in love for the first time in it. It's just a small sampling of the existence of these mountains in my childhood that reminds me of home.

Nowadays I can feel at home in a lot of places as I take these mountains along with me in my soul and still feel the child with it's curiosity in me.

I get inspired in my everyday life. When I meet people, when I travel, when I hear a sound or when I see the sunlight falling on the earth a little bit different than the minute before.
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Set country: United States

Hello! I'm Alex, and I have spent the past 2 years with the national service organization AmeriCorps NCCC. This term of intense volunteerism across the United States has awakened a deep appreciation within me for the idea of room and board in exchange for work, as well as a love of travel and meeting new people. I am interested in taking my experiences internationally, and HippoHelp seems like the perfect place to begin doing that in a budget-friendly manner. One does not become rich through volunteer work after all! :)


Set country: Tunisia

Hello, I'm Rania from Tunisia.I'm 21 years old. I'm passionate about helping others, sharing knowledge, languages, and photography. I find joy in helping and learning new things. I like to travel and meet new people with whom we can share knowledge and learn with. I love generating value! So, I have no problem with the project we choose, I can help with gardening,cooking, teaching language and caring for children(and i have a big experience) ...Here's a little bit more about me. I Studied Translation, and have a goal to speak fluent English. I like to be creative such as drawing or painting. I like aesthetics and enjoying leaving my touch on everything that I do!

Peter Bos

Set country: Italy

I am a 25 year-old Aerospace Engineer, with Italian and Dutch nationality. Although having a technical background, learning about cultures and people interests me more than anything. I am passionate about learning new languages, sports (basketball and martial arts), and exploring remote landscapes (mountains and beaches).


Set country: Slovakia

My name`s Laura and I'm 19 years old. I was born in Slovakia- Bratislava and live here ever since. I've just graduated high school and decided to take a gap year-and travel. I see it as a great opportunity not only to get more experienced, know other places, people and their cultures, but hope to also get a better understanding of who I am and what I want to do next.
I have already seen a little part of this world with my family (for which I`m extremely grateful to my parents). And I`m aware that traveling alone is something else. But I want to go beyond my comfort zone, become more independent, be able to rely on myself, have fun, take risks, learn and meet others:) -It`s all cliché I know but true:D
If others were to describe me, they would probably say I am har... Read more

Francesco Cego Lombardi

Set country: Italy

Hello! I'm a 27 years old italian guy. Would like to travel while I finish university (remotely), so I'm down for helping hosts! I would like to manage some apartments/airbnb but I am down to evaluate everything! Feel free to message me or email me lombardifrancesco19944 at gmail dot com

Simone Santos

Set country: Portugal

Sou mãe de um menino de 12 anos e busco novas experiências pra mim e pra ele.

Brent M Snyder

Set country: Croatia

I am traveling and I love to work and meet new people.


Set country: Russian Federation

My dream is to get expirience as social worker with helping people. I am interested in the culture of Peru, now learnig Spanish, and it would be amazing to get this working experience in Peru. I don't have much expirience but ready to learn everything!


Set country: Turkey

Hello My name is Mohamed from Morocco, I am 34 years old, married My wife is named Omaima 26 years old, she is also Moroccan, She is a skilled cook, God gave us a wonderful child on 09-11-2017, His name is Yasser and our days have been brightly lit up since his arrival # God bless all the children of the world # My dear mother died four years ago because of the lack of health services in our country. It was still difficult, especially because I was the only male son of my dear mother, may God have mercy on her. I am social and very helpful, Friendly personality intelligent and ambitious. I owned some talent at a young age. I holds a baccalaureate degree, a diploma in hospitality and an internationally recognized work certificate, as well as individual skills in many areas such as primar... Read more

Nina Simone Newman

Set country: United States

27 year old traveler. Passionate about dance and exercise, eating healthy and spending time outdoors. I work part-time online as a management consultant in a mental health organization. Traveling for a while before I go back to school. It would be lovely to find a place to stay, help and be helped in return. Blessings.

Eva Röben

Set country: Netherlands

Hi, I am a newly graduated veterinary nurse and I would like to volunteer abroad!

Anna Pulli Armellino

Set country: Italy

Hi, I'm Anna Armellino. I'm from Monesiglio, a small village in the Northwest of Italy. I'm an adaptable and responsible student who loves studying languages and learning things about other cultures. I am a flexible regarding working hours and I am a hard working. Since I’ve studied languages for years, I’ve improved my communication skills. I think I'm able to solve problems with colleagues effectively. Indeed, thanks to my good interpersonal skills, I work well in a team. Even though I can build up good working relationships with all colleagues, I tend to be honest, but I know how and when I can express my point of view. I appreciate when people are direct but polite at the same time. I've always helped someone who had some problems at school or in their life, so I’ll definitely... Read more


Set country: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Hello There,Thank you in advance for attention.I am a woman. I like traveling & volunteering.

Atul Yadav

Set country: India

Backpacker Travel enthusiast


Set country: Mexico

My name is Kassandra, I moved to Mexico in June 2022 with my cat Stubbie. Moving here away from everyone gave me time to really think about what I want to do in life and that is one day have my own homestead. I’m looking to learn about how to build houses, take care of animals, grow a massive garden get some knowledge of what really goes into having your own homestead. I’m looking to stay in places that will accept me and my cat and stay for 2-3 months at a time.

Robert Elsmore

Set country: United Kingdom

Hello my name is Robert and I'm from Canada. Have been living in the UK for 7 years now and been from Shetland to Jersey and Guernsey and many places in between. In my early years here I mostly pet sat through trusted housesitters, but for the past few years, I've focused more on hospitality, usually as a night porter or night manager. I've worked in all sorts of industries and can try my hand at most things. I'm friendly, clean, respectful, and have a good eye for detail in my work. Currently just between jobs and waiting for a week-long holiday with my Dad from Canada at the end of this month, so just looking for somewhere to volunteer for a couple of weeks.

Anna Leshchinskiy

Set country: United States


Sarah Newell

Set country: Mexico

Canadian born, living in Mexico for 2 years and ready to move to Italy/Spain. I am interested in contributing to humanitarian, new technology, community, homestead and ecological projects. I have a background in psychology and project management for technology and city planning and building projects. I also have experience with purchasing, owning, managing and leasing properties. I value a balance of simple living and comfort, freedom and commitment, knowledge and application, peace and passion, and above all, the job of joy. I enjoy yoga, all activities in nature, exploring, creating, and connecting with people from all walks of life. I am intuitive, compassionate, kind, giving, resourceful, adaptable and a quick-study for my passions. Ready to love and serve! Sarah-Jane

Eliana Pacheco

Set country: Switzerland

Eu sou uma pessoa muito alegre ,feliz e de bom humor. Gosto de ajudar e cuidar de pessoas. Tenho 42 anos sou Brasileira e gostaria de ir pra casa com uma família amorosa e que goste de cuidar do bem-estar está ums dos outros. Assim iria me sentir em casa e distribuir amor a essa família. Pró-ativa e muito organizada sou de confiança.


Set country: United States

I recently quit a stable engineering job, a career, to travel full time and pursue my personal creative interests. I loved making money but in the end more money wasn't making me any happier and I felt trapped on an unfulfilling path. I don't know how long this will last as I'm currently living off of my savings but I feel more free than I ever have in my life. Free to travel, free to explore, and free to fail. I'm hoping to travel as long as possible, meeting amazing people across the world along the way. I’m very active, always down for spontaneous excursions, and quite handy (let me know if there’s anything you’re needing help with!)


Set country: Australia

Hi there! I'm Thalia and I am 19 years old. I am from Australia and currently live in Sydney. I am looking for a fun opportunity at a farm, preferably one with horses! I used to ride horses every week however had to stop due to a knee injury a few years ago and haven't had an opportunity to get back into it. I however still have a love and passion for horses and would love to experience life on a farm!

Gessica Reis

Set country: Brazil

Hi, I'm Géssica, I'm 32 years old, I'm very expressive, talkative, colorful, enthusiastic, able to dream together "any" little idea, the person with a high laugh, who likes change and who adapts easily to the world, who loves meeting people and their universe, who likes astrology, philosophy and the mysteries of life, this brief clipping speaks a lot about me so my expression in the world is through the ephemeral architecture of scenarios, events and ways of working in collaborative networks , this professional place allows me to be me and so I go in search of conquering the world!