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Set country: Italy

Hi! My name is Enrico but everybody calls me Gianni (a nickname born from my surname) and I'm always open to new nicks! I'm from Bologna, Italy, and I travel since I was really young. I want to have my first experience abroad on my own to see how I'll do, to meet new people and to learn stuff (language, culture, skills ect.). I'd also like to find some new projects to work on. I really like sports like beach volley, football, surf (only experienced once but I fell in love). In Italy I trained my dog with my grandad to find truffles in the woods.


Set country: Brazil

High school incomplete because of * COVID-19 * I am studying to finish this year, the 3 * third year of high school, with online classes.

Professional Experience:
Responsible for the Packaging and Storage Sector (SENAI).
Production Assistant. (SENAI)
Technical Support (Basic).
General Services Maintenance (Basic).
Intermediate Informatics (Advanced in progress).
Marketing Staff (Advanced)
Chapeiro / Chapista (ChapaDrinksCoité - self-employed).
Bartender / Drinks (ChapaDrinksCoité - self-employed).
Event Producer (self-employed).
Management services (self-employed).
Visual Communication Services (basic and intermediate).


Set country: Brazil

Hi, I'm Fátima. I Live in a small town in Brazil. I'm 56 and I've been teaching English for 21 years. I'm willing to have new and great experiences abroad.

Valdice Soares Narciso

Set country: Brazil

i am 36 years old and i am cheerful fun and i love to help people. i like to learn new things. I am available to learn about new cultures and new languages.
I like children and people. I have a huge affection for animals. goal of traveling to europe and getting to know the whole culture. I graduated in Technology in radiology and I intend to study other languages. I am very communicative and helpful. I enjoy cooking and doing housework however.

Ane Albuquerque

Set country: Brazil

Me chamo Thiane, tenho 32 anos e gostaria muito de fazer um intercambio, amo ler, escrever, praias, viajar, conhecer pessoas,sou uma pessoa que gosta de ajudar as pessoas e gosto de aprender.

Angélica Jordana

Set country: Brazil

Brazilian, 23 years old, communicative, creative and good with people. I am passionate for animals and nature, now looking for an opportunity to travel offering my energy in return. I am a Business student, with experience at Digital Marketing and Social Media management. Also have experience with holistic therapies, such as Barras de Access and Tarot. As a amateur, I'm now developing my abilities as a cooker, focusing on vegetarian meals. I am fluent in Portuguese, advanced in English and beginner in Spanish.

Gerald Matthews

Set country: United States

61 yr old of mixed decent birthplace Barbados a jack of all and a master of none


Set country: United States

After 2 traumatic life threatening situations since 2019, I vowed to embrace my life! No more cubicles. No more unfulfilling jobs. Most importantly, the freedom to travel and celebrate my healthy happy life!

Sara Polja

Set country: Portugal

Hello. I am currently studying arts. I am very active and I want to engage in projects that mean something to me. I would like to be in the nature for a while but I am also into having a daily social purpose in the city.

Аня Зырянова

Set country: Russian Federation



Set country: Brazil

Gosto de visitar lugares e interagir com pessoas de diferentes culturas. Acredito que a troca de experiências promove sentimentos que guardamos para sempre em nossas vidas.

Sou comunicativos e gosto muito de atividades que nos permitem aprender.

Jamile e Erbíson

Set country: Brazil

Somos um casal proativo e que gosta de ajudar, sempre nos empenhamos em nossas atividades, sejam de trabalho ou de estudo. Ambos temos curso superior, Jamile (Letras Português/Francês - Concluído) e Erbíson (Educação Física - Bacharelado - Cursando). Decidimos que em 2022 faremos um intercâmbio juntos pois acreditamos que isso nos ajudará a crescer pessoal e profissionalmente. Esperamos poder ajudá-los da melhor forma possível e conhecer um pouco mais sobre a cultura e os costumes da sua região. Além disso, gostamos crianças, gostamos de animais e nos damos bem tanto em ambientes rurais quanto urbanos. Somos organizados, responsáveis e estamos ansiosos para fazer o voluntariado! Se tiverem quaisquer dúvidas sobre nós, ficaremos felizes em tirá-las.

Magda Borzyńska

Set country: Greece

Hello! We are Magdalena (from Poland) and Yaroslav (from Ukraine). We are traveling wife and husband :) We're working remote and we are ready for new experience. I - Magdalena - have a 7 years experience in marketing agency. I was working as a moderator and account with international clients on Facebook/Instagram etc. I know a lot about social media and internet marketing. I am also beginner bloger. I love photography, music and traveling. Yaroslav is working as a motion designer (he is making product/business animations in After Effect/Photoshop). He is also an artist (drawing illustration/posters/stickers) and musician (playing on the guitar, writing songs, making music on a computer) - as a hobby. We are artistic souls, travel lovers and we really like work as a duet. Together we can... Read more


Set country: Ghana

My name is Vincent and I love traveling. I did my first degree in marketing I do have so many working experience from loan specialist, credit repair specialist, marketing executive and so on.

I am a nomad so I got the time to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world while volunteering! 
I'm a complete animal lover, that is travel-addicted, and has a serious passion for (eating) food. 
I spend most of my free time sketching in my notebook or exploring the outdoors. I love to cook, and I love children.
I'm very considerate and love working with and meeting people of all ages and backgrounds, having spent the last 7 years working in customer service, and trading the financial market. 
I am very hard worker who always strives to improve no matter wha... Read more

Gudmundur Bjarnason

Set country: Iceland


Set country: Spain

Family of 6 (2 adults and 4 kids: 12, 10, 9, and 4 years old), from South Africa; been in Spain for 3 years now. We are on a Worldschooling adventure, to discover the world and ourselves in the process. We are vegetarians/vegans and believe in a non-violent, simple way of life. We do not smoke or drink alcohol. We love to learn new things and grow every day in our skills and knowledge.


Set country: Nigeria

I am a Pianist, Children teacher, a graphic designer, with little knowledge of coding and robotics. I love to travel see new places, learn new cultures and languages. And don't be surprised, that I'm also good at manual farming practices.


Set country: India

I'm urban sketcher and I'm an architect.

Wilian picetti dos santos

Set country: Brazil

hello my name is willian picetti
I have a degree in automotive mechanics, I work since 2015 with cars and customer service, over the years I took several courses in the area I work, since then I have a dream of traveling abroad and have more experience with the people and i would like to learn english and italian languages.

Samuel Laet Brasil

Set country: Brazil

Meu nome é Samuel,tenho 31 anos sou casado com a Raiza minha esposa,temos uma filha de 3 anos Thalita.Moramos no Brasil sou praticande de esportes,sou atleta de Jiu jitsu,sou um cara bem dinamico adoro tarefas ao ar livre,faço todo tipo de serviços tanto como Braçal ou doméstico,apresar de gistar do serviço domeatico principalmente de cozinhar. E adoraria e sempre sonhei em ir para outro pais ter uma experiência com outras culturas e ajudar outras pessoas.

Victória Karenn

Set country: Brazil

My name is Victória Karenn, I'm 21 years old, I'm Brazilian and I'm looking for new opportunities abroad to add to my resume and my personal life, I want to develop relationships and so I can add the institution/community and the people with whom I will relate.

Ahmed Sassi

Set country: Tunisia

Hello, my name is Ahmed, I am 24 years old, a criminal law student, writer, I love to travel and discover the world, I want to travel to get inspiration to write, as well as to exchange experiences and cultures and help people in various fields

Ivete Barbosa dos Santos

Set country: Brazil

Casal com filho que busca por experiência e acolhimento enquanto aguarda o processo de cidadania italiana ser concluido


Set country: Netherlands

Past time small farmer, on the move, after 15 years of standing still. Travelling around Europe, meeting new people, gathering new experiences and sharing my own. I like good laugh, sincere look directly in eyes, firm handshake. I am new to this world of work exchange. Hopefully, I will fit well.

Ranny Aysha

Set country: Brazil

Viajando pela primeira vez juntos

Luciane Gomes

Set country: Portugal

Experiencia em limpeza de quartos


Set country: Italy

Hello everybody! I'm Daniel and I'm 22. I'm here on Hippohelp because I really want to "escape" and make some new amazing experiences! And of course, work hard! I don't have any particularly skill in manual job, but I'm willing guy and usually I learn as fast as possible. Otherwise, I think I have some "social" skills. I'm a Sunny guy, I really like to have people around and make them feel good. Consider myself as an Idealist, I really believe in a better (or best) future and I want/have to be part of it. Curious for nature, for me is always exciting to increase my knowledge and consciousness. I can't wait to live this new experience with you! Peace!

Pranav Nambiar

Set country: India

21 year old Male. Recently graduated bachelor of Arts in Economics (First Class with Distinction). Aspiring to do Masters and then Phd in economics. Enthusiastic Traveler with a need for perspective about the world and a want of exploring new horizons.

Michael Nicholas Whiteford

Set country: Italy

Good Day Everyone , I'm Michael Nicholas , a man at 35 Years that try to Live his Life in Love , Peace and Freedom and try to spread This around him . I am from Bucharest , Romania , i finished Psychology at Hyperion University in Bucharest , i speak Fluent English , French and Spanish . I may have conversation in German and Italian . I was Vice President of Student Organization in a Politic Party and i activated also in Real Estate Market . In 2015 i started a New Life in UK . There i started also a Career in Hospitality . I Love to Travel , to know new Persons and Cultures , to have a permanent inter cultural exchange . I Love Music , Footbal , Cars , and many Others . I am Elegant , Polite and Good Educated . Most Important i am a Person for what Values like Love , P... Read more


Set country: Nigeria

Hello everyone! I am Emmanuel. I am from Nigeria and I believe we only stop learning in death. It has always been my dream to travel the world, learning more about each unique culture and people I meet during this lifelong adventure while also picking up new skills in every assigned task as a volunteer. I am happy doing all kinds of work, ranging from farm work to animal care to hostel work and maintenance. I'll always be available and be willing to learn if I happen to not have the required knowledge to start off alone. I am highly motivated which is evident in my work output. I seek out honest work and I believe I am fiercely loyal.

Jon Eaton

Set country: Mexico

I’m a creative type who enjoys backpacking and hostel life!


Set country: Algeria

Saidoune Ahmed Lamine, * BAC+4 in Hydraulique High School * Age 27 * best description : intelligent , calme , sportif .

Mercè Moga Minguet

Set country: Spain

My name is Mercè and im 25 years old! Im finishing my master online and im looking for some adventures!


Set country: United States

I am 24 years old and my dream and passon is to work from home and travel the world and help others.

Wanna Khinn

Set country: Brazil

Hi, My name is Wanna, I'm Brazilian,I am willing to deliver results to any activity entrusted to me.

Beth Tope

Set country: United Kingdom

Self-motivated, energetic, curious single ex-Human Resources Executive. I am seeking opportunities where I can add value while gaining new experiencing and meeting great people