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Michele Saladino

Set country: Italy

Hi, We are Michele and Donatella and we love to travel the world.

Nessa Rodriguez

Set country: United States

Hello! My name is Nessa. I’m a single, 23 year old female with no kids looking to travel!


Set country: Spain

Hello,my name is Patrizia and I am Italian. I love to traveling,I think the world is too big to stay still in one place.I am a curious person,I love the sea,animals and nature,having new experiences and learning as much as possible..

Kika Havranová

Set country: Slovakia

Hello, my name is Kristina and i would like to travel when will it be possible, volunteer, help or work, meet new people and learn new skills. I love animals and kids for their energy, freedom and kind hearts and minds, i love to take care of garden and plants and i like to collect herbs and make teas or oils or anything from them. Also i can cook and bake anything. for more info please contact me


Set country: United Kingdom

Hey, what's up? :) Visited 80 countries so far which means I'm not even half-way around the world! Keen to help others with their own projects - whatever they may be - I am always open to new ideas and experiences. Some mantras to live by: There is no greater wealth than good health Less is more Ask and you shall receive After 5 years of travelling / volunteering and working away all around the world I've learned that it's when I am the happiest and therefore I must continue doing it! Favourite places: Wadi Rum, Jordan Keta, Ghana Manaus, Brazil A few favourite things: Languages, passion, mystery, cat's eyes, board games, steam rooms, mountains, silence, nature, currencies, soda water, ginger, carrots, inner work, early evenings, kefir, goosebumps, sunrises, small islands, ancie... Read more

Isabelle Teniski de Oliveira

Set country: Brazil

Olá, me chamo Isabelle Teniski, minha nacionalidade é o Brasil, e quero aprender mais sobre as culturas e línguas exteriores, quero melhorar como indivíduo aprendendo mais sobre outros países, no Brasil aprendi bastante sobre outros países mas atualmente quero vivenciar, aprender suas línguas e convivências.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi! I'm a British student studying Politics at degree level. I would love to go into humanitarian aid work once I've graduated, so would love to get some experience working abroad, and would also like to develop my French. I am a hard-working and committed individual who loves networking, cooking and reading. I love animals and the environment, so would love to stay with a host who is equally passionate about living ethically, preferably with work related to animal care.


Set country: Brazil

Olá, me chamo Marcos Adelino, sou brasileiro, baiano e iraraense. Tenho 27 anos, sou professor de capoeira. Trabalho com o social a mais de doze anos. Tenho experiência com público, sei trabalhar com pessoas. A mais de dez anos trabalho com serviço sociais voluntário e sempre gostei de viajar e conhecer novos lugares. Já estive em quatro estados aqui do Brasil através da capoeira e espero ajudar as pessoas com a capoeira e com meus serviços. Tenho experiência com tratamento de animais, já trabalhei em ordenhas e bezerreiros. Tenho facilidade para aprender e disposição para tentar.


Set country: Spain

I'm interested in learning about other cultures and other languages. Outgoing and friendly. I like mutual collaboration with other people, active and team player.

I am open to questions, so, go ahead!

Amanda santos

Set country: Brazil

Viajantes, amigáveis, em busca de aventuras pelo mundo a fora.


Set country: Spain

Hey, my name is Roman. I love music, spirituality, philosophy, nature, photography and esotericism.
Currently, I'm learning composition and music production, to free my self-expression and spontaneity, and give form to my emotions as I've discovered it's something that fulfills me.
I also love traveling, I like getting to know the personality and atmosphere of each place. It makes me feel free. From the day I was born I've been quite nomadic, moving from Kazakhstan to Ukraine and finally, to Spain.
I speak multiple languages, so that could come in handy!
I'm open to learning new skills, living new experiences and meeting new people.

Æmma Ross

Set country: Denmark

I'm a 19-year-old girl who loves to explore the world. I would like to visit some different countries when I have holidays from my school
I'm very social and you always find me with a big smile.
I'm willing to help with most things

I am very active and I enjoy experiencing nature

Cristine Nunes Pedroso

Set country: Brazil

Hi, you can call me Cris. I love to dance and to study about astrology as such as holistic subjects. I am high school graduated. I've studied abroad in Gold Coast - Australia after that for 6 months. Then I started college but I'm not into it anymore. Searching for new experiences. A enthusiastic soul and caring :)

Fabio Adelino

Set country: Brazil

Local traveller from Brazil, focussing in work in a hostel to support and achieve personal and spiritual growth.

Dean Johnson

Set country: United States

I am excited to begin researching the skills I will need to found a spiritual retreat. Can you teach me how to help strangers live together in peace? Permaculture? A new spiritual perspective? Super adobe construction? Off-grid living? Yoga? I promise to be a diligent student, and bring my own work gloves.


Set country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Name: Wasim Ayed Qarajah
Date of birth: 4/5/1996 Marital status: Single
Email mail: Phone number: 0587310008


Set country: Argentina

My name is Daniel, I am 28 years old, I am Argentine and I also have Italian citizenship. In my country I did a university degree and when I finished I decided to go travel around the world. I lived 2 years in Denmark and tha was a beautifull experience. I am a sports lover, especially football and table tennis. I adore the animals, the cinema and I love meeting people, learning languages and cultures. I am hardworking, honest and with a lot of sense of humor.

Rose Ryan

Set country: United States

Pre retire road trip explorer. Sincere, healthy, positive thinker. Long time commercial certified organic farmer, likes projects, nature, thoughtful conversations.


Set country: Italy

Creative and curious, interested in many things and, due to this, able to do many things… Photographer, meditator, biker, sometimes farmer, very good knowledge of pc and a good deal of software... I like travelling and exploring.get to know other people and over the world and myself


Set country: Sweden

Travelling Family of three.

Sharmin Akhtar

Set country: Bangladesh

i want to travel around the world,

Gracia Christiner Mwamba

Set country: Zambia

Loving and caring


Set country: Ukraine

My name is Vlada,I am 18 years old.
I come from Ukraine,a country in Europe.
I have a desire to explore as much as possible,and help others as much as possible because I think of karma as a perfect boomerang: no matter how hard you throw it, it will always come back to you.

Danny Hodeiertz

Set country: Spain

I am a Basque travel lover and adventurer who works as a tour guide of Bilbao and the whole Basque Country, and as a teacher of Spanish and Basque. I am into last-minute travels and adventures, learning new languages and cultural exchange. I love nature, animals, photography, architecture, astronomy, and cycling. I am a very free-spirited, open-minded, and easy-going person who enjoys interaction with nice similar people, and who loves traveling, adventures, and improvising as much as possible. I have traveled quite a lot and worked abroad several times and I think it is something super rewarding and inspiring that everyone should do to avoid suffering from prejudices and to widen their horizons in all the senses.


Set country: Switzerland

Hello together, my name is Johanna and right now I`m a philosophy, politics and economics student in Lucerne Switzerland. But I've got many interests, for the moment I would like to share where I stand in my life and listen to your stories and your experiences, to get a better way to see this world and what there maybe could be above..


Set country: Rwanda

Knowledgeable veterinary doctor with over four years work experience in serving clients and animals with excellent animal health services and proven track record in veterinary practice management backed by successful career as veterinary practitioner in the areas of veterinary pharmacy, dairy sector, poultry, pig production, aquaculture and fishery, and pet health care.


Set country: United Kingdom

I've been vegan for about 10 years, care deeply for animals and nature and I am only going to work on ethical projects for the rest of my life.

KCee Camm

Set country: South Africa

I love traveling love to be a social butterfly and music is my passion. Business fascinate me and I love life.