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Amine North

Set country: Algeria

Hello I am am 25 years old 1,90cm 91kg am nice and very understanding and easy to communicate with. I have a master degree a very good electrician a good handy man

Om mohammed

Set country: Bahrain

Dear Traveler, Dear Guest, Dear my sooner friend, Welcome to my profile. Welcome to my life. This is me , people knows me as "om mohammed", the name of my elder son . I am an open minded , flexible, smart , energetic , and charming person ,always ready to explore new experiences , extraordinary caring person , good listener but engageable , quiet but social and always eager to help others . Generally, I have always a smile face in all situations. My Rule in Life is “Be cool and Relax”. I work as a university professor teaching some courses in my academic field, this doesn’t mean that I am a Serious person all the time, no, no, no, on the contrary I have a Sense of humor mixed with my seriously personality. I am a responsible mother and wife, I and my Husband has a family of so... Read more

Lorenzo Saleri

Set country: Italy

Hello, My name is Lorenzo, I'm 27 and I live in Brescia, in Italy. I graduated in accounting and computer programming and i've been working for 5 years in a metal trading company; but now, I'm not looking for a new job opportunity, I'm just looking for new life experiences. I love traveling, visit new places, meet new people and learn about new cultures. I want to improve my english and I'm sure these experiences will make me grow personally and professionally.

Max Geers

Set country: Viet Nam

Hello! My name is Max Geers and I come from USA. My background has primarily been in the technology industry where I helped small businesses setup their first website. I have basic skills with html css and JavaScript. I also can help run social media accounts ect. For the last 4 years I have worked for a non profit company in California that specializes in helping former addicts start a new life. My primary role was the program director and also to help cook the nightly meals. I will be traveling for the next year and I hope to bring my skills to help others!

Lieth N. Abuyousif

Set country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Leo ,23 years old palestinian medical student , living abroad in the land of pharaohs Egypt, working in a hospital, a nomad traveler as well.. i am into packbacking, solo traveling.
lived in the US ,
very social, into learning new languages and about the different cultures, history interests me
i like riding horses, swimming and football
Music and dancing
open-minded, creative people willing to do any kind of help such as cleaning, guest hospitality, gardening, building work.

Vander Cabral

Set country: Brazil

Hi! I am a 27 years old musician from Rio de Janeiro. Currently, I am planning a long term travel starting from my homeland. I can teach/play music; i can speak/teach english, so i hope to use that knowledge to have something to share along the way. So i got here, on Hippo Help to connect with institutes looking for willing people to make it happen.


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi, I am new to HippoHelp so I look forward in meeting new people and forming new memories! I am based in London. I first arrived in the city to study psychology at university in 2007 and I have been staying there since then.

I work at a charity, focussing on assisting homeless individuals to secure employment to move on with their lives. With my social care experiences, I'm keen on continuing to guide people to improve their lives and prepare them for challenges.

I enjoy travelling and I am always looking for new experiences. Last year, I travelled to Nepal to teach English in a primary school. I have gained invaluable experience during this assignment and I intend to capitalise on what I have learnt. I would be much interested in any further teaching opportunities.
... Read more


Set country: Argentina

Easy-going non-smoker open-minded through lots of travelling around the world, I enjoy to learn day after day, I try to live life in the present moment and I enjoy meeting people from all over the world.

Michael Taknějak

Set country: Switzerland

I love sunsets, fresh air, warm and swimming and bike.
I am swimming coach and lifeguard.
Some gardening experiences and wealfare animals.
I prefer vegetarianism and ethicaly mind.
Interresting for utilize renewable energy.
I have experience as kids and adults carer also presently employed as nanny and housekkeper

Mehdi Mido

Set country: Morocco

Hello,  I'm Mehdi from Morocco 24 years old , i’m a certified kitesurfing instructor level 1  IKO . And I also have experience as a photographer.   I used to have two jobs at the same time. Serious at work, good contact with customers and painstaking, i've always loved pushing the boundaries of creativity and inspiring other people.  I like to help poeple, and learn new thinks,

Natália França

Set country: Canada

I am Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, but I live in São Paulo, I am passionate about life and to travel. I have two academic backgrounds ( Bachelor and post-graduation) but none of them gave me the experiences that life gives me every day. I am in a process of evolution and discovery about myself every day. For over 8 years, I have been working with Commercial and Market Intelligence , help in strategic decisions of the company. But now, I'm not looking for a new job opportunity, I'm just looking for new life experiences. My last trip in Brazil was to Teresópolis, it is a small city in Rio de Janeiro. It is a quiet town, with peace, fresh air and mountains, I went with my mom, it was incredible. But now, I have been traveling for Canada, I am Montreal. I am changing work to f... Read more

Daphne Jaramillo

Set country: Mexico

Mexican traveler & visual artist, currently in Mexico but based in Germany. I love art, drawing, painting taking pictures and tattooing.

Richard Allen

Set country: Nicaragua

I'll let you know when I figure out what to write here

Florence Morin-Martel

Set country: Indonesia

Hi there ! I'm a Canadian traveller on a world trip with my boyfriend Guillaume. We want to do wwoofing/hippohelp in almost all the countries that we are going to. The two of us are really curious and want to learn more about other cultures, languages and recipes. We're also traveling to learn more about permaculture and sustainable living. We have experience in agriculture and customer service, but we wish to learn more skills. We love cooking, trekking, reading, writing and doing yoga.


Set country: Guatemala

Pues, soy profesora de yoga y terapias alternativas, viajo desde Argentina, por unos meses. Con ganas de conocer gente y compartir experiencias nuevas.

Padmini Helen Miriam James

Set country: Spain

Hello I'm a "mature" travelling lady! For a living, I currently work as an English teacher and I love it. However, I have many strings to my bow... Personal Assistant /secretary, event organiser, marketing/promotions, excellent cook (international), TV production management, child care and nurturing, light gardening, reception/front desk, superb telephone skills - to name a few. I'm an outgoing, friendly person who interacts well with others, fairly widely travelled, flexible and open to new challenges and experiences


Set country: Italy

Currently on a long, explorative Eurotrip and willing to help with:
- home/bnb/hostel/boat help
- reception & tourist information
- website creation, design, customization or update
- social media content creation
- photographic services
- flyers & promotional graphic artwork
- art projects
- house painting
- de-cluttering
- housesitting
- boatsitting
- petsitting
- animal care

Very interested in learning or assisting with:
- any type of artistry/craftwork
- Pottery
- Ceramics
- Glasswork
- Metalsmithing
- Sculpting
- Woodwork
- Carpentry
- Visual Arts
- Butter, Cheese, Yoghurt making
- Edible Plants and Herbs
- Tree Planting
- Fruit Picking
- Fruit & Vegetable Pickling/Preservation
- Beekeeping Read more

Cheke Iseini

Set country: United States

Hi there, I am a 22 year old passionate female, who loves to travel, explore, and be in service to others.

Cherilyn Cheow

Set country: Singapore

I come from a tiny island country called Singapore! I love travelling, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures & exploring different places. I love the nature more than the cities. I mean who doesn't, it's such a healing & wonderful place to be in.
I am very easy going, open minded & free spirited as well!

Nguyễn Thị Thảo Hương

Set country: United States

Hello. My name is Huong. I was an international student at the University of South Florida and have recently graduated. Before going back to my country, I would love to explore more about American culture as well as attractions

Sason Moshe

Set country: Portugal

im a traveler,from israel,find portugal ass a peacfull place,and plan to stay in portugal for a while,


Set country: United States

I am a photographer traveling around the world. I love experiencing new cultures, foods and ideas. I hope to meet many of you and share stories over home cooked meals. Don’t be shy, say hello.

Antoine Germain

Set country: Australia

Hi! We are Lisa and Antoine, a French couple in WHV visa. We want to travel, discover a new culture and meet new people in Australia. We would be happy to come to your home to help you, get to know each other and have a good time.

Jen Ranin

Set country: Philippines

Backpacker traveller and i love to experience new culture and places