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My name is Tony. I am 35 and originally from the United Kingdom. After graduating from university (archaeology and prehistory), I've basically been travelling around Europe and volunteering in various countries. I also keep a website where I catalogue and write about my travel experiences (well...who doesn't these days!). In the very near future I intend to launch my mission to travel to and volunteer in every country in the world.


I am a civil engineer with more than 18 years of experience in construction, road and bridge construction projects and with a high level of management and work in difficult conditions and crisis management.


After postponing my big adventure around the globe for far too long, I've finally left the comfort of Denmark where I've been living for about 12 years. Ideally I'll keep backpacking for as long as I can pull it off with my very limited funds. Since I've always supported myself, I had numerous jobs during collage and afterwards. Before graduating, I worked with everything from industrial cleaning, restaurants, boat building, call center phone operator and even been a cycling tour guide in Copenhagen. This gave me a fairly extensive work experience and perspective. After my BA, and during my Master Degree I've started working as a software developer and by now I have 3+ years of experience at various companies within the field, my specialty being front-end development (and mobile, in bet... Read more


Veterinarian looking to travel and meet more lovely people!