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Zerish Firdous

Hi, i am Zerish. A 22 year old. I am indian. I have done my bachelor's in forensic science.
Travelling makes me happy and i would love to visit places and make new friends.


We are a semi-retired couple from Florida. I’m an actress and Realtor part time and my husband is retired from software company. We have various skills and abilities to offer and want to travel the world.

Anmol Dhanota

I am Anmol Dhanota 23 M , I am a business man and Financial Advisor by profession, i am traveling solo since i was 16 i have been to many places and i love to explore more.


Dear future host,
My name is Aleksandra, 23 years old, currently live in St.Petersburg, Russia. I'm such a life and culture lover, I would love to build some beautiful connections and improve my English during my stay. So I'm here looking for some lovely people or families that I can stay with and help around for two weeks to one month within the period from July to October 2019 (I'm flexible with the length, it can be arranged base on your demands). I'm always open to learn new skills if needed. I would love to help around and get involved, and I'll respect and appreciate different life styles. I'm flexible with different daily tasks and timetable, we can always find a way to make things just a little bit better! I'm also quite good in cooking, if you love Russian food, I’m here!... Read more

Taieb Ben Ali

my name taieb study in universty mangament and polyvalnt , i live in tunisia,sfax 22 years old


Hi, my name is Mira. I always wanted to travel and do good, fortunately, friend of mine recommended this website to me. I'll be happy to travel and meet people.