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Winifred Banx

Hey! I'am Fred, a vibrant woman in my early 40s ^^ ! 2018??? O_o ! That's time for me to live differently!! Kids are grown up ... let's go ! I've had many carreers so far and I've developped many many skills. If we meet, you'll see that I'm dynamic and funny, to say the least ... I love meeting new people, new cultures, learning about new ways of living. And I'd be more than happy to help and share my experiences with you. Work wise ... well, I can teach for I've been a teacher for a decade. I speak English, French (my native tongue), Spanish and Italian and quite ok and a little of German ... I can help with some building ... I'm quite handy as a matter of fact and a fast learner! I'm fond of art : diy furniture or deco, drawing, painting, photo, etc ...I'm really good with the IT... Read more

Maurice Karrenbrock

Hi I'm a student who wants to discover the world. I'm going to do a hiking journey thru north Italy and Germany. I'm always enthusiastic to help!

Anna Kolesova

Enthusiastic & creative girl that is always ready for travels

Cameron Albert

I am just looking for a way to stay somewhere beautiful for as long as possible

Morgan Hicks

Looking for adventure and experiences, and new cultures!


Motivated 23 yearsold young lady from Tunisia looking for opportunities abroad with the goal of meeting new people, knowing new cultures and discovering new places in order to develop personal and professional skills, in exchange for food and accomodation.


planing to travel all over the Europe. We are full of fun and love music and art. We were sergeant when he was discharged from the service. We study Landscape of Archi. in Seoul, South Korea