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Sarah Hollywell

Hi I’m a 24 soon to be student (October 2018) studying my masters in Architecture. I’m super interested in different types of sustainable living/building/farming as well as art projects/spaces. Also, I love working with animals big and small, and have both worked and volunteered teaching English/horse riding/outdoor education to children. I love learning and exploring new places.

Jose Antonio Yumar

I'm a Montreal based Artist, i do paintings and sculptures for a living and im currently working in Sound as an engineer. currently travelling through Europe looking for inspiration and meeting new people from different cultures.

Nadja Okruhlicová

I am 22 years old girl from Slovakia, currently finishing my bachelor in Sweden in Design + Change. Beside my passion for making a change through guiding, inspiring and motivating people within my design, I also love to travel, meet new people and understand their culture and of course help my family as much as I can.


Hi, I am Jerni Tania from Indonesia. I am 31 yo. I want to study abroad in Germany, and looking for someone who can give me a free accommodation during my study. And I can help you to do some work.

Samuele Toro

Hi, my name is Samuele, I'm 21. I study Medicine and Surgery at University of Pavia, but I was born in Catania, Sicily. I like to travel and know different culture. Actually I live with two spanish room-mate and i'm studying and pratice Spanish with them. Then i talk in spanish fluently but i should improve my English.

Lucho Calitri

Hello! My name is Luciano! I am a 26 years old architect. I was born and raised in Argentina, and I've been living here all my life. I finished university 3 years ago and have been working in my profession since then. For some time I've felt the sensation that I wanted to give my life a huge turnover. Routine has made me sick and the sense of my life being the same every day became unbearable. I feel there has to be more to this life than what I have and what I know. I am a curious, passionate and nice person. I like working very much and I always put my greatest effort into it. I want to get out of my comfort zone, travel the world, know new places, meet different cultures and fill my heart with the joy of doing new things every day!

Laura Solé Melero

We are Alejandro and Laura, a Spanish couple living in Lisbon (Portugal). We have been living here for 2 years and now, we are looking for a new experience. We are wondering to find a nice city to live and, to start, we would like to be helping a host while we are meeting the country, the people and their culture. We both have participated in international programs, so we have social and linguistic skills, we are open-minded, responsible and hard-workers.

Leah Wilson-Moore

Mother. Lover. Catalyst. Storyteller. Philosopher. I believe innovation is the point where diversity meets creation. I try to remain open so that I can appreciate storytelling in the many manifestations nature and humanity present. Through space and time, I hope my body of work will tell my story… Of love and genuine interest in people… My affinity for music and the spectrum of sound… Of unabashed captivation by food, taste and texture… My deep affection for graphic art, Sacred geometry and illustration… An unwavering fascination with the Internet and web technologies… About my little family: I am married to Jabari (in the pic) and we have a 10 y/o LEGO loving Sun. We are both creatives and entrepreneurs. We believe in family, nation/community building, and sustainable livin... Read more