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Set country: Canada

Hola, hello, bonjour. My name is Sarah and I'm a 24 year old American woman who travels around and can help out in exchange for housing. Je parle français!! Hablo español, cabrón!

Azzam Atiq

Set country: Saudi Arabia

I waan help and see the wold bye doing a works

Larbi Gouzal

Set country: Morocco

-I love traveling and volunteering. -Fast learner. -I like to live new experiences and adventures.and help people in their projects to develop them.

Ahmed Alyazidi

Set country: Qatar

My name is Ahmed I love cleanliness and hopefully there will be a green globe future

Daniela Echeverria

Set country: Ecuador

My name is Daniela I’m from Ecuador I would like to travel and make volunteering, love nature, animals


Set country: Canada

Hello! I'm a fun-loving, adventurous, energetic Canadian looking to work abroad. I have hospitality experience which includes: working as a front desk attendant at a small inn and working as a kitchen aide/server at a golf course. I spent the last 7 years working in customer service for a financial institution. I also have volunteer experience teaching English and facilitating children's camps. I have had many cross-cultural experiences abroad which include working as an au pair in Spain and volunteering with children in Uganda. I also have my TEFL certification. I am excited to start this next chapter in my life and look forward to meeting you!

Omar Almokhaied

Set country: Saudi Arabia

أنا اسمي عمر طولي ١٩٣ وزن ٨٥ احب سفر وتعلم ثقافات جديده

Ibraheem Alzabn

Set country: Jordan

tall : 184
Weight: 84
Skin: Brown
short black hair I hope ، and I like to travel to help and learn about other cultures

Salman Ali Al Jabr

Set country: Saudi Arabia

Hey, I am Salman!
I am 31 yearo old guy. I am from Qatif, KSA and i am a father of a little girl, Maryam whos 15 monthe old. An old Volleyball player but still loving it.


Set country: Iraq

احب العمل ومساعدة الاخرين شي استمتع به

Ghayth Aleed Al Balawnah

Set country: Jordan

I hope ، and I like to travel to help and learn about other cultures

Yossef Abd Elkrem

Set country: Egypt


Bhumika Singh

Set country: India

Hi, i am bhumika. And i am a finance proffesional. I love to visit places and learn about their cultures

Jessica van Twuiver

Set country: Netherlands

I'm a Dutch/kiwi woman who grew up in The Netherlands. Traveling the world for over 2,5 years, I really do have the so called 'Travel Bug'. I am known to be a very open hearted, friendly person. Calm yet full of energy. I love to share stories and have deep conversations. I am a digital nomad doing Graphic design online, Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese abdominal massages) and giving workshops in the area's of self development, awareness and connection. I love a lot of things and always learning a new skill. Very passionate about self development so there will be always a book I need to read or workshops and trainings I want to do. Love going to Latin Dance and Tantra/yoga festivals. I'm trying to live an ethical/sustainable lifestyle and inspire others to do the same. Having a more plant b... Read more

Omar Berrada

Set country: Morocco

I love traveling


Set country: India

Two Indian Ladies that to think out of the box!


Set country: Spain

Nice to meet you! My name is Camila, I'm 29 years old, I'm from Brasil, but living in Tarragona, Spain. I moved from Brasil with my boyfriend to live in another culture, meet new people and really live the life. I always loved to travel, have been in Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey, Japan, France and I want to know as more than I can of the world. Love to have good conversations that makes me forget that the phones exist, learn about different cultures and learn new skills and jobs. Hope to see you soon!


Set country: Indonesia

My name is Christian Adi. My son lives in Indonesia. My hobbies are traveling, I like children, because I think children are cute, cute, and still pure, I'm currently in an open relationship, and I want to go around the world. .

Hitesh Kumar

Set country: India

Hi I am an hard working lad from India ,I am 19 years old and a special corner in my heart for animals ,I too have gained few skills like - business communication , teaching ,Ms Excel I want to be a global citizen and wishes to gain some global knowledge


Set country: United Kingdom

I’m just a laid back girl who is always looking for the next adventure. I love to see and experience other cultures through meeting locals, trying local food and visiting ‘hidden gems’. I’m particularly interested in learning new skills and I hope this platform will provide me this opportunity. I am becoming increasingly environmentally conscious in terms of minimising plastic and waste on our planet and would also love to work on eco/sustainability projects to learn more.

Mandy Borremans

Set country: Viet Nam

We’re a Dutch couple on a long travel. We have some extra time in Vietnam, and would like to use that time to do some work. Preferably something environmental, but anything is welcome.