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Zaki Zeroual

Set country: Morocco

Hello everyone my name is zakaria people call me zaki i like to help who ever want a help in anything i like to do something helpful .. i like animals , soccer , music , movies .. that's all you can talk to me if you need a help .. have a nice day

Luu Palomeque

Set country: Argentina

I’m travel agent in argentina. I have a German working holiday visa and I’m looking for a place for work away during my first months in German and practice the language

Maria Muhammad

Set country: France

Backpacking through Europe looking for amazing opportunities to experience local living and local working!

Čh Rãmì

Set country: Algeria

I just wanna to try something new and help others

Adriana Beach

Set country: Australia

I'm a 23 year old Australian female, I have a diverse work history and plenty of skills to contribute to various environments! I am a vegan chef, photographer, booking agent and events coordinator; I install artwork for large scale outdoor exhibitions and am very handy when it comes to tools, gardening and renovations. I make a great cocktail and run a really fun "disco bootcamp." I have previously owned a vintage store (as a sole trader) and know the importance of having reliable, productive, communicative staff but I think my best asset is my positive attitude and zest for life. If you want a perfect balance of professional meets play, i'm your girl!

Hi Ba

Set country: Tunisia

Hi...I'm not going to travel yet because I still a student but I'm searching for experience to do after I graduate

Sara Matias

Set country: Portugal

Hi guys! My name is Sara and I’m Portuguese. I am that kind of person who can’t say no to an adventure. I am used to backpacking and to travelling arround europe. I love how easelly and cheap it is to go from one place to another nowadays. However, this year I’m looking for a different adventure… I do not want to be a tourist, but living like a local somewhere other than my hometown. I am a positive girl always trying to meet new friends to share adventures with. I always try to watch the sunset and I do not miss a party!

Hope Ugba-Koko

Set country: Nigeria

Teach children and child care. Also with skills in wig making.


Set country: Morocco

My name is MUSTAPHA IHOUM from Morocco, i'm 27 years old.
I do volunteer work with civil society associations, child protection centers and abandoned and marginalized children


Set country: Morocco

Hello! I am eager for opportunities to help and travel. I'd love to teach your child science (computer science,math, physic..) , help out on your farm, or host at your b&b. I am looking for hosts to stay with in-between programs I will be joining for wildlife conservation. I have many skills and I am passionate about making the world a better place! Ideally, I like to spend several weeks to months in a new place in order to get to know & respect the culture/lifestyle. Looking forward to sharing time and growing together!

Rŀ Ďă Mb

Set country: Morocco

Hello, I'm Reda.
I'm ready to help in any field.

Hamza Khan

Set country: Pakistan

Bio-chemist, live in Pakistan lahore and Love to travel and Do work for living and travelling +923028762915 whatsaap number

Alina Shafer

Set country: Russian Federation

навыки садоводства и ухода за животными

Brittany Pruitt

Set country: Australia

My name is Brittany and I love to volunteer, travel the world, meet new people and learn about different cultures and traditions. I've been to 30 countries through my studies and personal travel. I currently live in Australia and plan to travel around the country and in Asia.

Abigail Butler

Set country: United States

I am a young American looking to volunteer and learn about different cultures while traveling. I love animals and being outdoors so I would be happy to work on a farmstay, help with animals, and do some gardening but I can also help out around the house as needed.

Yousef Alshemari

Set country: Kuwait

My name is alshemmari yousef, medical records director at kuwait hospital


Set country: Uganda

Hello there, My Name Is Dennis

I really Believe that am the BEST you will ever have!!!

Natalie Gronskaya

Set country: Ukraine

Hello, everyone! I'm Nathalie and I loooove traveling and help people, so I really want to find a nice place to combine these two things ^^ My education is connected with teaching, languages and theater, but I also worked in markering and administration. I speak Russian, Ukrainian (as native), English (B2-C1), French (B1-B2), would like to learn some Italian, Spanish and Hungarian.

Appiah K. Edward

Set country: Ghana

PERSONAL DATA Name - Edward Korang Appiah Date of Birth - 7th July, 1987 Nationality - Ghanaian Mobile - 0248605149 E-mail address - PROFILE A hardworking and conscientious graduate, who is capable of discharging responsibilities effectively and efficiently within a reputable organization, a versatile and flexible with an ability to motivate others to work to achieve a common target. SKILLS Excellent in accountancy and bookkeeping Highly skilled to keep and maintain records Possess excellent knowledge in P&L, balance sheet, journal and ledger Good organizing and management skills Good analytical skills Good at working with computers and accounting related softwares Accoun... Read more

ILyass Elonsri

Set country: Morocco

Hi I'm here to help others

Camille Larkins

Set country: United States

I am a bartender and writer living in Brooklyn. I love getting to know people, working with my hands, and spending time outdoors. I'm positive and smiley and try to bring a good sense of humor to everything I do!

Brendan Stone

Set country: Mexico

I am from Australia and have lived in western Canada for 2 years. I love travel and have been lucky enough to spend time travelling in Asia, Europe, Canada and a little bit of USA. I am currently in Mexico and aiming to see Central and South American over the next 2 years. In Canada I worked in a small town craft brewery, assisting in the brewing process and running the bar. I also worked for a pharmaceutical cannabis company, wherein I made drugs for clinical trials all over the world. My favourite things about travelling are food and meeting new people. I often am the life of the party/the glue to the group as I enjoy pulling people together and building good vibes!


Set country: Algeria

i mohamaed age 20 i like travel

Btlk Hamza

Set country: Morocco

I’m Hamza, 24years old, student engineer

فيصل رحيمي

Set country: Morocco

I went help Persons

Samih Ilyass

Set country: Ukraine

Hi my name is ilyass samih i’m from morocco , i live in ukraine ,i’m 21 years old and i speak english and russian and french and also arabic , my native language is arabic and i can help anybody here , i like traveling . Peace

Sektani hamza

Set country: Morocco

Salamo alikom !
I’m moroccan traveler 25 years camera man workaway and help others lover
I will be in Istanbul this week for going to rainbow gathering, and i will need hots from 5/10
We can share some food culture and music ( all of art )
~ Love peace <3

Sun Nguyen

Set country: Canada


Welcome to my page and hopefully we can meet each other when the opportunity arise.

My name is Sun.

I have studied Japanese for a few years and I recently got back from my study trip in Japan last September (2018).

Traveling and gaining new insights about life is very valuable to me. Currently staying in Canada doing wwoofing and paid work.

Things I do:

Reading and collecting more knowledge
Volunteering by organizing artsy festivals, setting up art exhibitions
Practice martial arts. Karate and Shorinji
Travel to places to experience and understand energy better.
Paint and draw
Work experiences I had:

Festivals (working at)
Mailing center (driving a lor... Read more


Set country: Canada

Hola, hello, bonjour. My name is Sarah and I'm a 24 year old American woman who travels around and can help out in exchange for housing. Je parle français!! Hablo español, cabrón!