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Olivia Gomez

Set country: United States

I'm Olivia, from the Boston area, and I recently graduated from Bates College, in Maine. While I'll be travelling in Europe this fall (back in November), I am interested in doing outdoor/farm work - or really any sort of hands-on work - beginning in January, or else, in the Spring going into the Summer of 2020. I have experience in farming, ranching, and carpentry, and I'm eager to learn more about organic growing practices and the food system. I'm also enthusiastic about animal care, cooking, exploring nature, music, writing/literature, and probably a great number of other things I haven't discovered yet!


Set country: Belgium

Hi! Nice to meet you my name is André I’m a 21 years old student from Brussels currently taking a gap year looking to travel and have cool experiences all around the world. I have many interests, always eager to help and discover new things!

Khushi Singh

Set country: India

I am a fashion designer by profession... I decided to travel and explore and I love to help people. I think I can fill others with hope and the desire to live the life they have always dreamed of.

Freddy Lopez

Set country: Mexico

Hi My name is Alfredo Im native from Jalisco MÉXICO I just found out about Im single very easy going and open minded I love to do voluntary work when i can I would be more then happy To make a defrence and someone s life there is no more satisfaction Then helping others or make A defrence is someone else's life No matter where here at my home town or a round the world Im sure someone or somewhere Needs someone's help with work or Training or to share a experience a meal or wherever I Will be more then happy to do something for you

Adan Dweekat

Set country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Hi, my name is Adan dweekat I’m 21 years old, I’m studying finance and banking in birzeit university, I would like to travel and make new friends and create my own life, also gain access to other people cultures

Romina Italiano

Set country: Mozambique

I am Romina, from Argentina. I am 28 years old and I like travelling!


Set country: Myanmar

Hi May I introduce myself,I'm Aye Set Set Myo.I'm 24 years old.I have graduated from Mandalar Degree College in Mandalay.


Set country: Nigeria

I am a graduate of plant science and biotechnology from Adekunle Ajasin university Akugba Akoko. I had third class


Set country: Algeria

Hello everyone, i'm a mechanical engineer holding a bachlore degree, and i'm also an entrepreneur passionate about new technologies and all aspects of entrepreneurship!

Mauricio Parada Sepulveda

Set country: Ireland

Male, 56, well fit, like farm

Razan Taha

Set country: Jordan

Passionate for traveling and volunteering, would love to be able to combin the two, love to help people around the world with anything and to draw a smile on their faces .

Tabea Milla

Set country: Germany

World traveller, speak English, French and German; Spanish language beginner. Nature, culture, language and book lover. Have been to New Zealand, the US, Australia, all over Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, etc....), a bit of Asia.

Pedro Santos

Set country: Mexico

Hello my name is Pedro I’m from Mexico I do speak English and Spanish i like music,nature, animals

Camila M. Nielsen Yabu

Set country: Costa Rica

Hi! We are a couple from Brazil, Camila and Jiuliano (32 and 30 years) traveling in a motorcycle since february. During this time we helped in some hostels and also in a bear sanctuary in Equador, helping editing some videos. Our spanish is intermediate and I, Camila, intermediate english. We are both hard workers and responsibles, not partiers or smokers and pet friendly.


Set country: Canada

Hello! My name is Pauline, I'm French and I currently live in Montréal, Canada. I really like travelling (I've been to China, Japan, Tunisia) and living abroad (I've lived in England, Belgium and now Canada) because I'm very interested in foreign cultures and meeting new people.

Mamou Ben

Set country: Algeria

I am young I am looking for an experience that will forge me

Kevin Anthony

Set country: United States

Looking to get away for a bit and experience the world. I've warn many different hats in my 30 years, everything from manual labor to construction to cooking and managing.

Szili Dániel

Set country: Hungary

Hi guys. I'm a molecular biologist from Hungary. I like to make intercultural connections to broaden my sight of view in life.


Set country: Philippines

Im an independent and positive lady looking for host family. I always wanted to see the world outside my own country. I am positive to handle every situations in life. I usually do painting, play musical instruments and learn different languages on my spare time. I am interested with different languages, cultures, foods and tradition. I want to explore the world. I am looking forward to meet a very kind and respectful host family who is interested in me.

Biggy Bigmo Nguyen

Set country: Senegal

I'm dreaming about travelling all-around the world.

Lautaro Tedesco

Set country: Philippines

I’m from Argentina, living in Gold Coast, Australia. I try to know about different gastronomic cultures. Really for work for accommodation

Erna Galstian

Set country: Armenia

Hi. My name is Erna , I'm 18years old from Ijevan ,Armenia. My purpose in life is to expose the world to find me and I hope I'll achieve my goals with you.

Pop Sweet

Set country: Singapore

I'm Lina from Singapore. I am exploring the world through this service. Look forward for the adventures.

Keely Janaya Miller

Set country: United States

JUSt started to look for work in usA

Felipe Astorga Buratovich

Set country: Viet Nam

We are Gabriela and Felipe. We are from Chile and we were living for the last year in Melbourne, Australia. Now we are traveling around southeast Asia hoping to experience the local life and exchange culture with travellers and locals. We are a creative couple, we love DIY and we both have a good aesthetic sense. We were painting some murals in Australia and we would love to do that or any other creative jobs here in Asia!

FadyOne Idiothèque

Set country: Belgium

Art, science and new technology lover
Music producer and promotor
Software developer
Travel a lot and love to learn


Set country: Argentina

I'm an outgoing, fun, sociable person. I'm responsible. I'm passionate about cultures and languages. I study Communication in university. I love learning about the world, and about different cultures, foods, values and traditions. I lived in France for 10 months as an exchange student. Now I work as a volunteer in AFS. Joining my local group of AFS volunteers gave me the opportunity to develop many skills, such as how to work in a team and interact with people from different backgrounds. As an AFS volunteer, I am more engaged in my community and I meet people from all over the world. Helping students, teachers and families embark on intercultural learning adventures makes me appreciate the importance of world peace and intercultural understanding.


Set country: Tunisia

Speaking frensh and English

Carlee Portlock

Set country: Australia

I am looking for long term social/animal volunteering where I can have an input not just for a short time. I am fluent in English and can speak basic Spanish.

Soraya Chaalal

Set country: Algeria

iam Soraya Chaalal , 26 years old from Algeria, i want to be backpacker.