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Pedro Mateus

Set country: Portugal

Hi, we are a couple from Portugal, Joana and Pedro. Joana is currently finishing the master in biomedical engineering, and as for me I've finished almost two years ago and I'm currently working as a software engineer. We want to use our abilities to help and if we can do that while getting to know other cultures it would be perfect.

Phoebe Marsh

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi, I’m phoebe. I’m 20 (nearly 21) years old and from the uk. I’m looking to travel to America and work or volunteer. I’m very work enthusiastic and very ambitious! I have lots of work experience and experience in charity work


Set country: Egypt

My name is Khaled ,23 years , I speak English,arabic and I study German (A2) I think I'm active and organized ..Since I was 18, I have worked in several different jobs, i love to try new things ..i want learn germany so iam here

Chantelle Rossouw

Set country: South Africa

My name is Chantelle and my partner's name is Ben. We are both completing our degrees in Science and would now like to travel and see the world. We enjoy the outdoors and spending time in nature. We both love animals. We are both responsible and hard-working individuals. We're also both pretty good cooks!

Maria Southorn

Set country: Peru

A open minded human seeking to offer help in the form of volunteering. I am currently travelling South America, and have volunteered in Bolivia and Peru doing various jobs from gardening, restaurant service, cooking, and construction. I enjoy a fast paced environment where creativity is welcomed, and challenges are regular.

Kya Huggins

Set country: United States

Hello I'm Kya and I'm in the middle of a gap year before applying to graduate school. I have nothing holding me back in traveling and experiencing new challenges and places which is why I hope I can get the most out of this service. There are many things that I want to see and learn and my goal is too see as much of Europe as I can during this trip. I love learning about cultural differences but more importantly about our similarities - as cliche as that sounds - even the smallest things are fascinating.

I am a hardworking, creative individual with interests specifically in philosophy, sustainability, and hospitality management.

Xint JJ

Set country: Switzerland

Hello! I am new here and looking for accomodation and food in exchange for work in Germany or in a German-speaking region.
About me: I've finished my bachelor degree in Biology and taking a year-long sabbatical. My plan A was to do internships in genetics or computational biology, and since I haven't found opportunities, my plan B is to progress in German -- so here I am!

My goal is to re-gain fluency in German. I've learned it at school, but the studies made me focus on other things and now I've become hesitant and make simple mistakes. Please help me practising :)

In exchange, I would be happy to have some work done for you. I have good-will and once I've gotten myself engaged I do things correctly.

My limit would be 5 hours/day and 5 days/week, but open to... Read more

Enad Alshaar

Set country: Iraq

I am a man from Syria ... I am 25 years old..I am a new member..I reside now in Iraqi Kurdistan ... I work in the field of hairdressing and making some handmade accessories ... I love to travel ... I play music on an oriental instrument .. .Music is sacred b for me ... I am looking to meet people from other cultures and learn new languages ​​and make new friends ..I love exploring ... drawing ... and nature and concert in nature ... I was Farmer when i was in syria ... and i am so excited for this experience ... my english is not good enough but i love learning it ..... and peace

Candice Hernandez

Set country: United Kingdom

We are travelling around Europe to immerse ourselves in new cultures, eat delicious food and meet new people! Being from NZ, we are hard workers and love the outdoors and are pretty good cooks too (if we do say so ourselves). Absolutely cannot wait to learn about the adventure you have in store for us!


Set country: France

Hello Everyone ! My name is Anna and I would be absolutely thrilled to be a volunteer at your place ! To sum up who I am, I can tell you that I am a 28 yrs old woman who believes it's what I do that define me and I live through experiences. Back home I'm a team leader in a leisure center which roughly mean handling schedule, HR, Guest hosting from the 1st call to the invoice and teach from time to time. I do also some maintenance on site ( which, I got to admit, is my favorite !) woodwork, gardening, animal care, waitressing, ... All those things that bring joy to my life. I am a fireman in my little town, I don't drink alcohol and love sport in general As you probably figured it out, I can't stay still, always need to do something, be busy (which coulb be associate at being a work ad... Read more

Sam Dean Russell

Set country: Australia

Hello I'm Dean and I'm 23 and from Northern Ireland originally but currently living in Perth in Western Australia. As of next year I'll be living and working in western canada. I have nothing holding me back in traveling and gaining rewarding experience which is why i hope i can get tge most out of this service


Set country: India

I am Shahbaz 27 years of age from New Delhi working as Team Leader - Business Development in a legal firm. I love travel and explore new and untouched locations, learn their culture.

Emiliana Guerra - Paraná

Set country: Argentina

Hello there! I'm Emiliana from Argentina visiting a little of the southeast of Asia, I have been doing some volunteering in cambodia and Thailand, farm and guest house as well, beautiful experiences,! I love to know people, the places homes, exchange cultures, and music, I'm traveling with my ukelele witch I'm learning!

Laila Rainbow-Ray Keren

Set country: Israel

A unique creature looking for projects ? Preferably around beautiful nature please...


Set country: Italy

Sono un ragazzo siciliano che lavora online questo mi da tanto tempo libero e dato che mi piace viaggiare vorrei cooperare con gli host

Sonja Kampffloh

Set country: Brazil

Hey There,

>> Who are we?
Me (Tobias, 25, trained electrical technican):
a little bit tech Need, a little bit authism, a little bit creative maker and small dreamer. Omny interested in nearly everything, including languages, cultures and crafting.

My wife (Sonja,26, extraordinary hobby chef):
an out of the box thinker without creative limits, when she reaches a certain point of missing progress she gets a bit frustrated and does not stop until she gets satisfied. She's a really good chef and I never stayed hungry with her. She's interestet in cultures too and she is reading a lot. She is interested in herbalism and nature medicine ( no spiritual nonsense, more sience based). Sonja has 8 year's worke experience as a healthcare nurse. So she is better with social th... Read more

Michelle Massad

Set country: Germany

Hello, I. Currently doing a cycling trip through western Europe with my dog. We are looking for a place to volunteer from a month or two so I can learn about agriculture, building, sustainability


Set country: United States

Hello! I’m Henry! I’m a Travel Vlogger, a Foodie, a Web Developer, an Entrepreneur, a life coach, an Investor, and a Photographer. I have a Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering. I do freelance web development for clients. My goal in life is to see the world, make friends in each country, and to learn every there is in life. My number one reason I travel is for the FOOD! Anywhere from spicy, sweet, savory, weird, and unique, I’ll eat them all :D Next reason I travel is the people I meet on my journey. No matter where you’re from, who you are, or what ethnicity you are, everybody has a story. So don’t be shy, pull up a chair and lets chat :D I love volunteering at my local community and animal shelter, especially the animal shelter. I love animals of all kinds and I love to ... Read more

Andrew Kanuhi

Set country: Qatar

Industrious, energetic, fast learning, willing and able.


Set country: Egypt

انثي نشيطه ٤٨ عام احب التنقل والسفر ومعرفه ثقافات الشعوب الاخري ومغرمه ومولعه بالتدريس والتعليم

Aissa Et-tazy

Set country: Morocco

Hi my name is Aissa I am 18 years old I like sports