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Katarina Slemenik

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I am Katarina, an open-minded, easy-going and proactive 26 years old girl from Slovenia. For me, Slovenia is a beautiful place somewhere in between Alps and Mediterranean sea (ask Google and you’ll know what I mean :)). It is my home country and I love to tell things about it to other people. First step out of my comfort zone was moving from Slovenia to Berlin, Germany where I’ve lived for three years. I wanted the second one to be even bigger and more challenging. And then I said goodbye to 9-5 working routine and started my most excited and unpredictable journey ever. I decided to go travelling with no time limit and no specific plan. Trusting my feelings, being open-minded and following my heart are the only “rules” I want to obey along the way. I would describe myself as ... Read more


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Hi! I am an individual whose interests lie in hospitality, wildlife conservation and environment sustainability. I like making new friends and aspire to be a globetrotter!


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Hi Im Juan, from Uruguay, im 30 and at the moment traveling around Europe, traying to take me out of my comfort zone.
This year I’ve graduated as a Mechanical Engineer, and used to work in a job related. I considered myself as a very responsable person and very hardworking.

Keith Robinson

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Semi retired Canadian couple. Disciplined workers, but not young anymore. Yoshiko is a farm girl, gardener and flower arranger. Keith is a sommelier, limited home handyman, can be very helpful with on-line media, computers.


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I'm Nina, 24 years old, studying molecular biology in Novi Sad.
- I like nature stuff, arts, and different cultures. It's cool get chance to know different people and to share different cultures to others.

Chung-Han Yang

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I am Han from Taiwan. I am a freelance writer, lecturer, journalist, and tour guide. I invite foreign travelers to visit rural schools in Taiwan, arrange non-tourist schedule for them, and I also write their stories to share with the others. Before I start traveling abroad, I have spend two years traveling around my homeland, Taiwan. I tried to collect stories, knowledge, and bit skills from my homeland, and I want to travel around the world by sharing what I know, in the mean time I can also learn from the world. I would like to teach chinese, or cook Taiwanese food, and I would also like to learn other languages or recipes.

Charlotte Mackay

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I'm a warm, social, sporty and enthusiastic person. Personal development is important to me, that's why I graduated four studies. After my last study, I wanted to do something completely different. I still felt like to do something for my personal development, so I decided to travel. Alone. See the world, discover other cultures, meet new people, feeling out myself and all sort of things like that. Just traveling would be nice, but I prefer to combine my world tour with volunteer work. In my country I worked the last six years as a teacher with students from 15-25 years old. Before that job, I worked for three years in a centre for asylum seekers. And before that, I had some after school jobs/part-time jobs, like waitress/barmaid, work in different shops, baby sitting, animatrice on a ... Read more

Lara Wilson

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I am 23 years old and have just graduated from university in Scotland. I'm currently travelling South America with a friend before returning to the UK to start my teacher training. I am a hard working, committed and friendly person, and look forward to contributing to the incredible countries I will be adventuring through.

Kinsah Entu

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I just want to learn to be human!

Hassan elssayed

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Madina Thalberg

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Hi there! I'm Madina. I'm 19. As for now, I'm working as a babysitter. I participate in volunteer work in Red Cross Organization and Jewish Charitable Organization. I'm really into languages. I'm native russian speaker, fluent in english, B1 in finnish, A1 in french and arabic. Also I'm pretty artistic: I love drawing. I'm a calm kind of person, well-organised, fast learning, active and can take initiative.


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Im friendly person who loves challanges and new experiences. I like to try new things in life. Im hard working, like to finish things that i have started. Oh and im very punctual person.

Reuben Tomlinson

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Hi there! I am leaving the rainy United Kingdom after finishing a degree in Glasgow in Neuroscience for the (hopefully) sunnier climates of South America from September 2017 to February 2018. I have participated previously in WWOOFing throughout Europe for four months, working on 6 different types of farms, ranging from collecting chestnuts in France to make Creme de Maron, to guiding donkeys through the mountains, to collecting olives in Spain and distilling perfumes in Portugal. I am interested in learning what farms of Latin America specialise in, and participating and aiding in work wherever and in whichever way I can! Hope to hear from you, Reuben.

Ksenija Brajković

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I am enthusiastic girl who want to have new experience and travel around the world. Originaly I am from Croatia but I live in Dublin and work as nurse as of the moment.


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My name is Alex, I am 22 years old and come from Canada! I am a university student currently finishing my bachelor degree while on an exchange in Germany. My year in Germany will come to an end in August but I am not quite ready to go home! Since being here I have had the opportunity to travel to quite a few countries around Europe and have had such a great time that I would really love to continue my adventure. I don't have much experience with animals but I am very passionate about them. I think it would be a great experience to get to learn about the care of animals and spend some time around them while also helping out and getting to experience a new country/culture at a slower pace from real, daily life.

Caprice Braben

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My names Caprice and I am eager to get on the volunteer ladder.

I have previous experience and qualifications in animal care and management and I am currently working as a receptionist with a years experience.

I also have an interest in childcare and travel so I feel like this is the ideal opportunity for me!

I'm a non smoker and very helpful. I am excited to travel to different destinations and learn from my hosts and immerse myself in numerous cultures. Thanks for your interest in my account and I hope to work with you soon.


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Single Father, born in 1971. Recently repatriated to Greece.


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Hi! My name is Max and I'm a student from Southern California! I'm studying Agricultural Science and I want to join the Peace Corps to help people and do what I love. One day I hope to own my own farm and maybe even host people like me and you. I'm a very laidback, go with the flow kind of person who loves traveling for the people I meet, the art and culture, the food, and the drink! I love life and I absolutely believe in living it to the fullest, I'm always encouraging others to live their dreams and I'm constantly striving to fulfill my own. I think that this world can always be improved even by the smallest of contributions from ordinary people, you don't have to change the world to make your mark.

*I'm finding myself with six months off of school this Spring and I want to s... Read more


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in costruction.. :)

Chad Miller

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I'm a 25 y/o American currently situated in England and looking to get out for a new experience! I have worked therapeutically for the past 4 years, most recently in Hawaii utilizing plants as a tool for nurturing growth in humans. I am finding joy in my travels and learning a lot about myself as I look to grow so that I might better help others.

Rodolfo Vera

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I have always been in love with the English language. As a self-taught I managed to become an English translator and English teacher. I wish to travel in order to improve my conversational skills, plus to experience the different cultures. I intend to be a writer someday. I love Arts, History, Philosophy, Mythology and every kind of creative work. I spend my time watching TV shows, reading books/comic books, plus playing online games. I'm willing to experience a different lifestyle because I'm a focused person. My target is the self-improvement. No pain, no gain!


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I'm graduating from my Masters program in December and I want to see the world before I settle down. My intention is to learn Spanish and find inspiration for a book I'm writing as well as to get an authentic, cultural experience. I write poetry as well. I've worked in marketing for many years so my computer skills are strong and my English level is very high.

K Cason

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I am a certified teacher and artist, and I have done many other things in my life as well; therefore, I have a lot of experience and useful skills to offer: I am credentialed to teach all ages and I have most experience teaching/tutoring English, writing, history and algebra/geometry.

I am fluent in English and Italian, proficient in French (need some practice!), and I am learning Spanish. My goal is to become fluent in both Spanish and French.

People describe me as a very happy and positive person, full of energy. I am a hard worker and always willing to learn. Staying fit and healthy is super important to me, and I do that by practicing yoga, running, swimming, and SUP paddle boarding (plus generally living a clean lifestyle; I do not smoke, drink or do drugs).
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Estelle Gay

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I'm Estelle, I want to discover the world while learning things and meeting new people, discovering and adapting myself to their way of life.


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I'm a Dj and producer of electronic music, I love travels, camping, nature, arts in general, I'm an easy going guy, enthusiast, a bit of a dreamer sometimes; Oh, I'm also the owner of a wonderful female Jack Russell.

Marie Neren

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I am a farmer daughter currently travelling the world!

Lusine Poghosyan

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Morta Navickaite

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Hi! My name is Morta, I come from Lithuania, and I love to experience different cultures.


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I am Ieva. Born and raised in Latvia, travelled in Europe, Middle East and Caucasus, on and off for a couple of years. Last 3 years I spent in my home country working with kids and as a guide in a history museum. Since a couple of months I am on the road again and looking for my dreams and new challenges. I have had great experiences volunteering in Israel and Spain and I look forward to participating in great projects with the hosts of this site.

David Gyurasz

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Interested in health and sport related topics.
Easy-going, friendly, calm personality.

Emily Sproat

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Hello! I'm Emily, and my husband (William) and I are travelling through Europe on bicycle with our dog, Gaia. Where it is permitted, we will be camping, but we would also like to spend some time with locals who need a hand. We'd like to help where we can!


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Early retired would like to travel and have a cultural experience.

Isabella Leung

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I am Bella and I am an actress, drama teacher and of course, a traveller! I am looking forward to the new adventures ahead!
I started volunteering via Hippohelp in September 2017 in a community school in Nepal and now I am addicted to volunteering!

Jonny Hornby

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Hello, my name is Jonny & I'm looking to better my confidence as well as to pick up some more skills in life. My interests are art which include drawing & creating digital pieces, I also am a big fan of cooking with fresh ingredients & sharing my meals with others, as I believe it's a very good way to bond with others.

My skills are a bit of a mixed variety, I'm excellent at problem solving & can often offer solutions to help resolve issues from a multitude of things such as marketing a business to new people to optimising a work method to make it more convenient.

I also have skills in gardening, from pruning of trees to grounds maintenance, also i regularly grow things such as peppers, chillies, courgettes, herbs & even quinoa.

I love to learn more than anythin... Read more

Raja Yousif

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Love having experience from everywhere in the world