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Juan Martín Belvedere

Set country: Mexico

Hola, mí nombre es Juan y estoy en México hace dos meses. Llegué de Buenos Aires directo a Cancún y estuve un mes allí haciendo voluntariado en la recepción y preparado de desayuno del hostel Orquídeas. Ahora me encuentro en Bacalar, también haciendo voluntariado en recepción y tareas generales. Mí idea es ir para el lado del pacífico y la primera parada sería San Cristóbal, por tres/cuatro semanas.

Yousf Samy

Set country: Egypt

My name is Youssef Sami and I am a student I have 20 years and I love to help others


Set country: Netherlands

Hi, I'm Ron Dekker.

I love spending time outdoors, listening to music, and talking as well as learning from others. My great passion is design as it allows us to think about and therefore improve the world around us.

By travelling I hope to meet new people and learn along the way.

Hannah Birkbeck

Set country: United Kingdom

Hello, I am travelling in my self converted campervan with my long term partner, Tom. We are both avid DIYers, woodworkers and love being outside. We are open minded to considering most types of work and always give it 100%. We have no time limit as to how long we will be spending in Europe and can be flexible with dates. We are looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing life in other countries.


Set country: Germany

My name is Mark and I am an open-minded, humorous, sympathetic, spontaneous, pragmatic, and reliable guy from Germany, always curious and keen to learn something new. At the moment my main interests are photography, sustainability, environmental protection & awareness, renewable energies, climate change and nonviolent communication (NVC). I would love to learn more about organic farming, permaculture and aquaponics. During the last 12 month I travelled South East Asia and I would be glad to become involved in some sustainable volunteering projects in the upcoming months.


Set country: United States

I am Karan from India, currently residing in USA. I am a passionate traveler always looking for opportunities to explore new places and meet new people. I have traveled extensively across Europe ,India, Nepal, UAE, South Africa, Thailand, Kazakhstan. As a traveler I would like to contribute as much as possible to my hosts with my skills. Looking forward to some epic journeys

Shenari Avalos

Set country: France

Hey!! My name is Shenari, Im from Mexico. I am the kind of enthusiastic and outgoing people that likes to try new things. I am a creative and responsible person, I love the outdoors, the beach, animals, and many more things. I would love to travel around the world and to know a lot of places, cultures and lovely people, and I think that volunteering is the only way i can achieve that without lots of money. I have some experience in the hospitality area, cause I used to work in a hostel (mainly in Front Desk). And I spent 6 months volunteering in a social project supporting disabled people in the UK, hoping to do some more in another countries before going home. :)

Charly Brawn

Set country: Mexico

Hola me llamo Carlos Gerardo, tengo 35 años, soy de la Cd de Oaxaca, despues de mucho tiempo por fin he tomado la decisión de viajar haciendo voluntariado. Me fascina conocer lugares, naturaleza, cultura, clima y gente de todo el mundo. Me considero una persona ordenada, responsable, acostumbrada a trabajar, aprender y aportar.

France Mago

Set country: Philippines

Willing to do volunteers and share the happiness in every individual while ofc travelling places.

Wilhelm Wilkie

Set country: South Africa

Strong and energetic

Emma Vidarsson

Set country: Sweden

Hi, I'm Emma, a 20 year old girl from Sweden. I've grown up on a farm and now I'm taking a year off before studying, a year which I would like to fill with volunteer work. I am very social and interested in learning new things, that's a thing I think is important while doing something like this.

Florencia Mesias

Set country: Mexico

Licenciatura en administración hotelera Licenciatura en administración de empresas de turismo Habló español,inglés y portugués

Lu Gómez

Set country: Mexico

Mi nombre es Lucila. Soy Argentina, viajando por México desde Abril. Estudié Hoteleria y luego Turismo. Trabajé siempre en el rubro de la hospitalidad, el cual me encanta.

Γιάννης Κοπανάς

Set country: Greece

I am Yiannis

Varun Mehra

Set country: India

I have been doing marketing and advertising ever since I was in college back in 2011, I have a professional working experience of both B2C and B2B marketing, combined total of 5 years. I have scaled a digital marketing agency from 0 to 20 lakhs per annum revenue. I am a born stargazer with above average skills in landscape and astrophotography. Wouldn't you want a volunteer that can also help you grow your business and scale your presence on the web. And possibly, organise stargazing nights where I teach the guests astrophotography on clear nights.


Set country: United States

I am 45 years old

Vikram Gehlot

Set country: India

Hey! This is Vikram I know Indian History very well I'm married I have a 6yre old boy baby I work in Internet company how can I help you.

Austin Varghese Sunil

Set country: India

We’re two National level athletes who are teaching people to stay healthy and eat better. We have degrees in Sports Science, Nutrition and Personal training from University of Delhi and American College of Sports Medicine.

Theo Heymann

Set country: United Kingdom


Aaron Sharma

Set country: India

I am taking a break from the rat race to travel and explore while I work in exchange of stay, accomodation, experience, learning something new, helping communities, animals, underprivileged and some money to keep me going as long as I possibly can. I have been a banker for a long time. And since I quit in 2009 I've worked three years as a photographer assisting a few cinematographers, set up kitchens and managed a few too. Worked as a chef in one. Worked as a tour guide leading mountaineering expeditions. Worked as a freelance landscaper for a project. There is more to the list which I will save for later.

Mertcan Bat

Set country: Turkey

It is Mertcan, from Turkey and 26.. I am eager to go any country to work. I mentioned about all the skills of myself below. Besides I'm a social,friendly and a kind person as much as I can :)

Navneet Kumar Jamwal

Set country: India


Meagan Iannarino

Set country: United States

Aaron and Meagan

Kumar Gaurav

Set country: India

Hi, My name is Kumar and I work as a customer support representative for a US based company. The benefit of my job is that I can work from any part of the world, I just need to have my laptop and internet connectivity. I want to take the advantage of the freedom to work from anywhere on the planet to travel the world. I also have skills in Digital Marketing and have worked as a consultant for my friends to establish online businesses. My main motive to travel the world is for food and culture.

Sami Le

Set country: Denmark

I'm a young guy looking to travel to Vietnam to learn the language and experience the culture.


Set country: Germany

Hey everybody, I'm Anna, graduated last autumn from university and taking my time for travelling at the moment. I decided that I want to travel through Europe and started in Spain by hiking the french Camino de Santiago. Next I would love to get know other southern european countries, such as Portugal, Southern Italy and Greece. I want to start in Portugal, because it's nearest from Tenerife, where I'm gonna be soon. Because I'm really interested into sustainible, self-sufficient alternative lifestyles, I would love to combine travelling with learning about alternative life models. Everything about permaculture, renewable resources, sustainable housebuilding etc. is super interesting for me!

Missipssa Mameri

Set country: Algeria

I am Algerian I am 23 years old, graduated in accounting, my name is missipssa , I had my driving license in 2016, I am looking for a job abroad


Set country: Singapore

I love dogs! I grew up with many dogs and, now that I’m in Singapore, I miss getting to play and hang out with the little fluffs. I’m hoping to find work in dog walking, dog care, and dog loving.

Ahmed Aribi

Set country: Tunisia

i am a 17 teenager i like sports espiceally football and mouatin bikes MTB XC i am looking for a good experience in 2020 summer inchallah

Syrine Gargouri

Set country: Tunisia

hi my name is syrine , i'm a student in agriculture engineering.
i love dogs