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Set country: Germany


Julia Zakharova

Set country: Austria

Julia & Markus searching for 2-3 weeks of work/help for an eco project in the south-west of Portugal

Alla Timoshenko

Set country: Ukraine

Nature lover, geographist by profession, creative person with a strong communication skills, smart and freindly. I have an experience in art, event, social and restaurant spheres. Opened for a different culture, inspiration and life live philosophy :)


Set country: Thailand

Hello world, I'm Sophia Zoe from Hamburg, Germany. Currently i'm living in beautiful Thailand. I would love to volunteer at beautiful places in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia or Nepal. Beaches very welcome. But Mountains are fine too, just no big cities please, i prefer to be in nature. Ask me anything, i'm very excited to hear from you!

Mouha Belm

Set country: Algeria

Im belmahdi abderrahmane 18 years old learnerin the national office of education and distance education and a member of the association for the protection of the environment loves to travel and travel because it helps me to gain knowledge and learn cultures i heard about every meeting i attend in the assembly


Set country: Algeria

hi my name is david I am a person who loves to travel and watch different places, languages ​​and cultures


Set country: Estonia

Hello! We are Philippa and Jonny Adamson, newly weds from England travelling around Europe in our campervan! Earlier this year we decided to leave behind our 9-5 lifestyles to enrich ourselves with culture and get more involved in good causes around the continent! We’re currently touring through eastern Europe looking for opportunities in southern Europe over winter 2019/20 to work on different projects and share skills. What we can offer you... - In the life we left behind, Jonny was a Designer, and Philippa was a Buyer meaning we can help with lots of digital stuff such as Graphic/Digital design, social media help, marketing jobs etc etc - As well as the screen based tasks, we’re both very friendly and outgoing... We’re more than happy to speak to people in our native Englis... Read more


Set country: Hong Kong

Down to Earth Man


Set country: India

Hi, I'm S AKHIL RAJ, age 26 from INDIA. I'm currently working as a CSR Executive in Kerala, India. I'm very spiritual and I love travelling. I don't smoke or drink. I fall in love with a good christian girl from Oklahoma,USA. Its a long distance relationship. As like every LDR, Distance is a problem in our relationship too. So its affecting our relationship badly. I prefer some hosts from Oklahoma area, so that i can help them and also meet my girl and her family. Some may feel like I'm crazy. But I love this girl a lot coz she made me into a better guy. So I'm praying to God and trying every ways to get her. So, I'm trying this way too. My Instagram: invincible_yuvi & my facebook: . Please send messages in there. Thank you

Simo Ait Moudn

Set country: Morocco


Simo Lãçhgârøvïc

Set country: Morocco

My name is MOHAMED LACHGAR Age 23 years I have a degree in basic studies Division of Economics and Management my favorite hobby football I love to travel and challenges

Youssef Ben Abd Lah

Set country: Morocco

I will be delighted Ed you are happy in this

Kotryna Jackytė

Set country: Lithuania

A recent university graduate who wants to travel the world rather than settling for a 9 to 5 life.

Kubra Nur

Set country: Turkey

Hello! I am very friendly and open minded! i can help you if you want

Sarang Iyer

Set country: India

I am a 19 year old, enthusiastic traveller, i love traveling and would love to travel around the world some day.

Gato Navarro

Set country: Spain

My name is Sergio. Im Spanish, Im looking for new challenges. Have my own house in Spain but i quit my job a month ago and now Im looking for new experiences.

Ben Zineb

Set country: Switzerland


Andreea Lupu

Set country: Romania

I am a open minded and a joyful person. I am eager to know different cultures, people, personalities, type of country economies, etc etc...anything that comprise living in other country:) I am hard working, I enjoy cleaning, gardening, cooking, connecting with people and I am also eager to learn anything (building, woodwork, painting, animal care, art projects, crafts, etc etc). I also like children, I do not have one of my own, but I do play with the ones of my friends and family. And I looooove dogs:)

Jozz Bllue

Set country: United Arab Emirates

Catching Smiles.


Set country: Albania

Hello, I'm Camille. I'm a bike packer traveler and we are traveling with my boyfriend (Serim) all around the Europe. I'm from Belgium, I'm a professional cook (worked in pâtisseries, restaurants, bakeries) and I also studied philosophy.


Set country: Canada

Hi! My name is Maryam, I love traveling and having fun! I believe that the world is full of great people! I’m trying to have a unique style of life, to experience alot of things and learn alot of all kinds of cultures and languages of the world! I’m 18 and I’ve had accomplished so much that im proud of already.. I Would love to be your next volunteer !

Gypsy 21

Set country: India

Hey there, I've always thought of traveling the world and meeting new people, understands new culture and now that I'm traveling it's a wonderful journey. I hope there's much more to see.

Maram Kh

Set country: Saudi Arabia

Traveling to meet great people and share cultural experience, very good in IT and communication, very friendly welcoming attitude, reliable, hard worker, adaptable for changes. English speaker, 42 Years single lady I am good cooker also


Set country: United States

Hi I’m Kt, I am a very open minded, honest, driven, and compassionate free spirited soul. I enjoy all things to do with nature and being outdoors. I’m very passionate about holistic/healthy living. I have worked in a holistic health food store for 3 years! I have been living in Florida for a year now, but prior to that i was raised and grew up on a beautiful 50 acre farm in Tennessee. I have a wide variety of skills and am willing to help in any way I can. Contact me at 731-415-8869

André Cabrera

Set country: Panama

Interested in cultural exchange, practicing language, acquire new skills and traveling!

Beril Akin

Set country: France

Speaking English, French, Turkish and Spanish, I love yoga, art, painting and swimming.

Phoenix Elie

Set country: Canada

I want to travel the world