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Set country: Indonesia

My name is Christian Adi. My son lives in Indonesia. My hobbies are traveling, I like children, because I think children are cute, cute, and still pure, I'm currently in an open relationship, and I want to go around the world. .

Hitesh Kumar

Set country: India

Hi I am an hard working lad from India ,I am 19 years old and a special corner in my heart for animals ,I too have gained few skills like - business communication , teaching ,Ms Excel I want to be a global citizen and wishes to gain some global knowledge


Set country: United Kingdom

I’m just a laid back girl who is always looking for the next adventure. I love to see and experience other cultures through meeting locals, trying local food and visiting ‘hidden gems’. I’m particularly interested in learning new skills and I hope this platform will provide me this opportunity. I am becoming increasingly environmentally conscious in terms of minimising plastic and waste on our planet and would also love to work on eco/sustainability projects to learn more.

Mandy Borremans

Set country: Viet Nam

We’re a Dutch couple on a long travel. We have some extra time in Vietnam, and would like to use that time to do some work. Preferably something environmental, but anything is welcome.

Kristina Gildejeva

Set country: Latvia

My name is Kristina. I am 29. I used to work with media and social media (just resigned :D ) . Also I am a freelance translator with the BBC Monitoring. However, I would like to travel more, and the most important !!! I want to explore Asia. I am looking for a place, where I can explore Buddhism and help the Buddhist community. I read books about it, studied at the University, went to Dalai Lama teachings, but I want to have a real life experience. I can teach English/Russian/History/Religions (I am Maser of History and Bachelor of Theology). But in general I am ready to help as much as I can!

Wendy Davison

Set country: United Kingdom

Hi, We are Wendy and Tim. We love travelling and meeting new people. We are responsible and hardworking.

Mohanad Natsheh

Set country: Israel

I'm a 25-year old doctor, living in Jerusalem israel


Set country: United States

Hi! My name is Yusi and I would really like to travel around the world to have new experiences, meet new people, learn the language / culture, and make unforgettable memories! I speak Spanish and English fluently and conversational Korean. My first stop will be South Korea! I'm super excited and can't wait to learn more about this beautiful country.

Felipe JL

Set country: Spain

I am friendly and energetic focus on self- development. My life-style is based on health, adventure and learning.

Josh Booker

Set country: United States

Hi my name is Joshua.

Gee Gee

Set country: Saudi Arabia

Starting from coming mid of Oct 2019 onwards, I have about four to six weeks annual planned vacation and would like to spend it with your team in order to improve my English language skills in addition to learning and experiencing new aspects of tasks & duties.


Set country: Egypt

My name is Hesain, I'm 24 and i'm passionate about getting to know new people and new cultures, as well as I love volunteering very much and helping others
I never care about religion, color or race
I just seek to make my life something of value, and I hope to achieve it
if i put you as a favourite you can call me because i'm not a premium user, Call me on What's app or Viber +201224158895
Or my gmail
Or visit my Facebook account with the same phone number .


Set country: Indonesia

Hi. My name Rahmat and I am 20 years old hard worker looking to help in any way I can. I hope to learn as much as possible and expand my skill set while helping to make life easier for others. I'm particularly interested in learning anything

Amelia Howerter

Set country: United States

25 female, young professional currently living in Denver, CO and working as a Front Desk Supervisor at a luxury hotel owned by Marriott. Looking for work exchanges 4+ weeks long. Open to any and all jobs. Would prefer to work with animals and have a few days off to explore a new country!

Josiah Ashlan Kelly

Set country: United States

Good with hands. Respectful attitude. Good with God. Willingness to learn and take orders.

Khaled Ach

Set country: Algeria



Set country: United States

Currently in San Diego California, USA. I'm looking to meet new people from around the globe. Very* handy in the kitchen, but I can build using power tools and do electrical soldering. I have a green thumb for gardening and I don't mind getting dirty.


Set country: Germany