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Hi! We are a couple and are curently travelling/backpacking through central and south America. My girlfriend Jolisa is from Brasil. I, Richard, am from Belgium.

Veronika Yu-mi Kudláčková

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I am 22years old girl from Czech Republic. Currently finishing my APdegree in Denmark - specialization Service and Tourism management. I am very positive person who loves to travel and meet new people. I have been working as an aupair in 3 different countries, so I can definately say I am respecful to other cultures. Though this website I would love to find some nice place for volunteering so I could learn new things, challenge myself and help as much as I can. Looking forward to hearing from you.

lea and paul and luk

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we are a couple lea and paul with our 3,5 years old son luk. we are from germany munich and travel for 1-2 years (from europe to asia). always on the way with our bus. interesting in other cultures, countries, art, history and we love the nature. like to join this project hippohelper because this is the best way to get in touch with other people and learn about other cultures and people. at the moment we are in georgia on the black sea we are looking forward to meet you

Jola Pieniak

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I´ve just graduated and now would like to spend a few months in Spain.


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Hello! My name is Con and I am a 24 years old guy, looking for new experiences! Happy to help in any way I can! I live in Australia, but would love to travel somewhere exotic like Asia or Africa!


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Greetings! I'm a 25-year old male from the Chicago suburbs looking to do a little traveling while I'm young and single. I have always been dubbed as a hard worker and obtained my undergraduate and master's degrees from the University of Iowa. Most recently, I have worked for a large hospital system as a wellness technician and for a small gym as a personal trainer. I have managed to save up some money and am seeking new cultural experiences abroad.

Doyz Kok

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Love travelling and want to travel and volunteer to help people around.

Lisa Pouncey

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Mature female teacher seeking work exchange for summer months (June, July). I have previously done international volunteer work with an organization in Costa Rica. I prefer longer stays when possible (several weeks or more). I am flexible and adaptable.

Moretti Nicola

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Hi, I'm a 34 year old Italian guy, I live in a town called Deruta, the city of ceramics and I'm unemployed. I volunteer in an association that distributes food to poor people, I'm studying agriculture on my uncle's organic farm. I would love to visit Tenerife and have a life experience. I am also passionate about bio technology.

Jed William Beadle

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I am Jedediah, 28, farmer getting ready to travel Europe.

Andrea Pucci

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We are Anna and Andrea, storytellers who decided to go on a journey around the world to find changemakers, people who in different places change the world for better. We travel since September 2015 describing experiences of changemakers, popularize their achievements, and look for an answer to the questions: Who are the changemakers? What do they have in common? What is it needed to change the world? During our journey we had several experiences with volunteering. More information:, fb: Exchange the world

Linsey DeLuca

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I have always had the dream to travel the world and in August of 2016 I left my career behind and began to explore the world. I have been traveling in Panama, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua but have previously traveled to several other countries including Mexico, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Germany, France, Switzerland. I am looking forward to seeing as much of the world as I can. *"She dreamed improbable dreams, followed her heart, and created her own little fairytale."*


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Hello! We are Stefano and Laura. We're looking for a quiet place to share authentic life in contact with good people, nature and animals. We follow the permaculture philosophy and we love synergistic gardening. We are Yoga practitioners and Shiatsu therapists. Ciao! Siamo Stefano e Laura, in viaggio verso la riscoperta di una vita autentica, a contatto con persone genuine, la natura e gli animali. Ci dedichiamo all'orticoltura sinergica e seguiamo la filosofia della permacultura. Pratichiamo Yoga e Shiatsu.


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My name is Rory, and I'll do whatever I can to help!


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My name is ella and I am an artist and musician from newcastle NSW, Australia. I am currently 17 years old with plans to travel after finishing my school study. I am fascinated by the world and eager to gain new skills through new experiences and through meeting new people! I have some experience in hospitality work as a waitress and am also more than willing to do any maintenance that involves grounds keeping work or work around the house! I have an independant, strong work ethic but also a fairly relaxed calm personality. I am deeply interested in learning about different cultures, individuals, ways of life and experiencing them first hand and see this as an opportunity to expand my own soul. I am looking to work with open minded, compassionate people :)

Khaopun Pawansa

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Hello ! I'm Khaopun. I'm fluently in english. I want to travel in foreing country and i love to gardening.

Estefania Martin Morin

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Hello, looking to travel while working. Physical (gardening, build fences, painting, animals, dog walking, etc) work preferred. I speak english, spanish and a bit (tiny bit!) of german and french :-)

Mackenzie Primack

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Working with my hands brings me joy, along cooking, spending time with children, being outdoors and doing anything that requires my artistic mind to work a bit harder. I am clean, calm, organized, quick to learn and a hard worker. Currently Located in Anderson Valley, Northern California.

Michael Meier

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Mike and Aubrey here! We are a couple from Denver, Colorado in the United States. We are explorers, teachers, and entrepreneurs. We are very excited to get involved with hippohelp! We believe in a sustainable and community driven lifestyle and have the assets to help your cause in a variety of ways! We look forward to meeting you!

Benjamin Robinet

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I'm a 27 guy who like to meet new people and new fields. Also, I like to live in community and to work with my hands. I already have experiences in workcamps and workaways abroad. Everytime it was good experiences so I want to continue !

Enrico della Volpe

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My name is Enrico and I'm from Verona, in the north of Italy. I'm finishing my studies in psychology by the end of 2017, and I want to use those months after my degree to travel abroad and learn something new. I'm sure it's something I need: living in a totally different place, speaking an another language, discovering a new way of life. It's something that really helps you grow up. If you have any question about me, just ask me :) My mail:

Jason Watkins

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I am groot.

Meaghann Murmur

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Adventurer seeking a lifestyle change, and a new place to call home!!! Hi, my name is Meaghann. Canadian girl born and raised interested in traveling the Mediterranean, with the goal of setting up a home and business there one day. I am looking to meet locals who have interests in restaurant/bars, earthen construction, farming, biomimicry, sustainability, permaculture and more! Very open minded, friendly, creative and hard-working. Can't wait to meet you!


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My name is Daniele
I'm Italian and I live between Milan and Verona
I'm a contemporary artist.
I travel a lot for my job and often help people who host me.
I am a polite, precise and independent person who fits in different situations.
I travel often alone but I like to stay with people and learn about new cultures and countries.
Traveling is an inspiration for my artist work.


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We are Bea and Pablo, a young couple from Madrid, Spain. We are 23 years old met each other in college almost five years ago. We both are bachelor's degree in Criminology and after four exhausting years of sutdying, right now we are looking forward to live different experiences to get to know our world and its different people. We both think that travelling is the best way to open your mind, to get to know the real world. We know very little about other cultures and styles of life and that's something we have to fix. We are very disciplined in our jobs and responsible for everything that depends on us, that's why we think we could adapt to any job. We are also easygoing and we love to have fun anywhere we go, trying new places, new gastronomy and new music! We’re both fluent in En... Read more

Chris Thom

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Former helicopter pilot and indy record label boss will work for food and accoms. From Scotland, pushing 40, single, keen explorer, lover of ancient history, animals, sci-fi, films, music, aviation, photography.


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Hello! I am a extremely hardworking environmentally oriented nature lover. I am a long distance runner currently in Birmingham on study abroad, from Canada. Give me a task and I will not stop until I am done. I have extensive experience working with children in remote wilderness settings. I would love to learn more about permaculture, farming, ecotourism, and all the world has to offer.

Lizz Gill

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Hard working, fun loving solo traveler planning a backpacking trip through Europe, Middle East, and Asia!