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Set country: Peru

I am a world traveler and adventurer. I like to volunteer and help people.

EL Mekkaoui

Set country: Morocco

I am el mekkaoui el houssaine i am 26ans,study and get your baccalaureate and science degrees, from the city of beni mellal in morocco i love travel and tripe and hiking and backpaker , i adore volunteering

Momo Barro

Set country: Senegal

I'm an enthusiastic fun and curious soul. I like travelling and be around new cultures. In fact I love diversity.

Phoebe Nash

Set country: United Kingdom

Hey, We are Phoebe and Dougie! We are a couple looking for workaways to help with our travel bug. Our skill sets are wide and varied ranging from housekeeping to catering to joinery and together find ourselves to be a great little team.

Joanne Piombino

Set country: United States

I work full time at a University staff member, and I'm a mother of two amazing adult daughters. My maternal grandmother came to America from Ireland and my paternal grandmother from Italy. I want to experience the two countries my relatives immigrated from, and this seems like a perfect fit for doing such. I love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. I am responsible and a dependable worker who's a quick learner.

Krishnaa Nair

Set country: India

Hi! I am a recent graduate with a degree in English looking to travel around the world! I can do most jobs, from helping out around the house, to teaching English, to helping you with Internet or digital marketing projects. Travel is a passion of mine and I love meeting new people and taking in new cultures!


Set country: Slovenia

We are two friends Jelena (26) and Ana (27) finishing Faculty of medicine, who realized that we need a gap year. We both have adventurous and curious spirits wanting to learn new skills and trying to help others as much as possible. We believe in connecting and sharing knowledge and ideas. Our interests are more or less quite similar. We're interested in ecology, sustainability, reuse-reduce-recycle mentality. We like to learn new languages and make amateur movies. Ana also likes wandering around taking photos, hitchhiking, camping, organising events and taking swing dance lessons, while Jelena likes travelling on a low budget, psychiatry, new cultrues, reading books, listening to music, arts, sunsets, a good cup of coffee, good company and nature. We are also organized, responsible, cl... Read more

Jan Larsen

Set country: Austria

I am a former university student, now turned full-time traveler. I did three months of backpacking around Europe in the spring and absolutely loved it. This time around I am making my way to Australia... without flying. I would love to try and experience another way of traveling and not just stay at hostels. It would be an amazing experience to get to know locals and feel like you have earned your night’s rest.

Heidi Ashraf

Set country: Egypt

pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Raed J. AlSadi

Set country: Jordan

I'm a multilingual, computer science guru, been working in tourism and hospitality for a long time.

Vincent Walsh

Set country: Ireland

Hi, I'm Vincent, I've already traveled extensively but I still want to see more of the world. My background is in Art and Design. I've also done some web design , photography and editing. I've ten years teaching experience in Japan. Maybe you need someone like me to help you in a project


Set country: Rwanda

My names is uwase claudette ,am a girl and single am in last year of university am waiting for the graduation and I speak both French and English am from in Africa from Rwanda

Vikas Reddy

Set country: India

I am a dental student

Mel Copeland

Set country: United States

My name is Mel! I'm a residential painter. Looking to travel and help others. See and experience different places cultures. Learn and teach. Live a simple happy life enjoying every moment! My partner is Brie! She's interested in plants and learning about gardening. She has the most positive energy like a ball of sunshine and she just wants to see the world meet and help people. See wonderful places!

Brent M Snyder

Set country: Croatia

I am traveling and I love to work and meet new people.

B Ralph Ashmore

Set country: Canada

Hi i am from Canada i am a middle aged male I have travelled to latinamerica, caribbean and parts of Europe

Natália Baima

Set country: Portugal



Set country: United States

Am an avid traveler and learner! Have retired from a successful career in business, and with all the kids grown and gone, want to explore the world.
I have a very positive attitude, enjoy meeting new people, and never shy away from hard work.

I have volunteered for different organizations for over 30 years, and now wish to continue this on a full time basis.

My skills include: Organizational abilities, project coordination, computer skills,( was an accountant) anything that involves household maintenance, gardening, and yes construction as well!
As a life long learner am always open to learning new trades.

I maintain a positive outlook on life, and a healthy sense of humor. I have belonged to another platform similar to this for almost a year, and have thor... Read more


Set country: Kenya

Hello there! I am a 23 year old world explorer und currently studying rehabilitation psycholgy in Germany (which is my home country still). At the moment I'm doing my internship in Nairobi, where I'm working for a cancer support trust to learn more about psycho-oncology. If there is anyone else in Kenya or Nairobi who is keen on exploring the country please let me know! :)

Thamer Mhamdi

Set country: Tunisia

My name is Thamer I have 27 years I live in Tunisia, I work in building, I love volunteering, I love to travel and learn other traditions and cultures, also love to meet new friends

Bennet Martin Junior

Set country: Ghana

I am a youngman of 27yrs and a high school graduate, I'm naturally gentle, caring and inspiring. I love to help people in any possible way just to make them smile.

Irene Venter

Set country: South Africa

Friendly, reliable person

Maria Kuzmina

Set country: Russian Federation

Good day everyone! I'm Maria, I love nature. I have higher pedagogical education. I work more than 10 years as a realtor. I respect other people's interests and interests ... animals, their habitat. Ready to help around the house, in the design of the garden, get along with dogs, cats and other Pets. I want to improve my English. Responsible, with a sense of humor, love to cook and ride a bike. All success and joy!

Alessandro Aventaggiato

Set country: Italy

I was born and I studied in Milan, Italy. After completing my master's degree I went to the Uk because I wanted to challenge myself with a new life experience in order to discover new side of my personality and to grow up outside my comfort zone. I lived and worked for 3 years in a pretty town close to Liverpool, during this time I participated in many international events and I started new activities (like practicing capoeira for about 6 months); I found a new equilibrium in my life, far from home. After 3 years I decided to leave the United Kingdom because I felt it was the moment for undertaking a new adventure. After coming back to Milan for few months I departed for Bratislava. I took the job opportunity I was offered for relocating in central Europe in order to explore the culture... Read more

Nicolás Pinzón Contreras

Set country: Norway

My name is Nicolas Pinzon, I am 21 years old and live in Norway and work here. I was born in Colombia, but I have spent 19 years of my life in Norway. I love travelling, meeting new people, gaining experience by getting outside my own comfort zone. I truly believe that exchanging different ideas and cultures makes us richer as human beings. The travel destination does not really matter.
Also important to mention: I am a huge fan of football (Soccer), running, eating healthy and dogs!

Ogheneochuko Yesioh

Set country: Nigeria

Just a girl who is given to service and wants to see the world. My bags are already packed

Diana Arenas

Set country: Hungary

Hi, I am from Colombia currently studying in Budapest. I would like to help my host in any task where I can be usuful in exchange of accomodation.

Alex Kitral

Set country: United States

Just looking to do some traveling.


Set country: Ethiopia

I am a 22 year old with only 2 courses remaining to get a Bachelor's degree in IT engineering. I love to cook, read paint and I love spending time with children and educating them. I have I've always had a dream of navigating through Latin America. I've also wanted to be an educator and volunteer at some point in my life, and what better time for me to do so, since my classes won't start until early March. I have a little more than basic, self taught Spanish skills as well so I would love to use opportunities like this to better my Spanish.

Katie Skartvedt

Set country: Peru

Hello! We are fun loving English teachers from the US looking to make the world a better place while seeing more of it than we would by staying at home. We enjoy working with children and adults, and we also love being outdoors and working with our hands in other capacities. Looking forward to meeting you!

Sara Lshabab

Set country: Lebanon

Iam Sara and iam a palestinian refugee in Rashedieh camp, Iam 21 years old and Iam very ambitious and hard working, I want to travel and work outside lebanon because life here is very difficult for a refugee.

BK Raja Ramesh Kumar

Set country: India

Love Travelling... Good Indian cook... Perfect in Driving. Love adventure...

Hatem Shaltoot

Set country: Egypt

I am a sales engineer and geologist 37 years of experience and traveled to more than 7 countries and dealt with many and thank God alone

Saleem Ashraf Hunzai

Set country: Pakistan

Hello: I am Saleem Ashraf from Pakistan, managing director of a licensed tour company in Pakistan which provides inbound holidays and vacations. I use to travel abroad once a year to enjoy and satisfy the my interest of traveling and exploring new things. Will be honored to meet new people from around the World.

Lorenzo Magini

Set country: Canada

A Neuroscientist who has finally decided to get out of the lab and see what this beautiful world has to offer.

Daniella Cowden

Set country: South Africa

My boyfriend and I are huge conservation lovers - he studied nature conservation and I studied veterinary nursing. We both want to get involved and give back - especially with the fires in the Amazon at the moment! Are you looking for 2 south africans to join your team? We currently work in a game reserve just outside of the Kruger Park. I am in a management position and work with guests, staff and admin on a daily basis. I was also lucky enough to grow up hand rearing wildlife - and in some cases successfully reintroducing them back into the wild. My boyfriend is a field guide at the same lodge. He teaches guests about wildlife. He has a passion for birds and is currently studying to become a national bird guide and birding specialist. We would be willing to come for over a year ... Read more

Pallavi Tilve

Set country: India

I am working as a Senior manager in the field of supply chain handling procurement and transportation