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AbbasAli Sukhad

Set country: India

I am honest and hardworking person want to meet new people

Fay Kelley

Set country: United States



Set country: Bulgaria

Heeeyy. I am really interested about this kind of site here. I love traveling even though I don't go anywhere often. Actually, if I travel I want to visit the places I have always wanted to... I can say I am nice and smiley if I am with nice people. I love the mountains, forests, just the nature and prefer traveling to this kind of areas. Just a fire, group of people, maybe some music w8ill be wonderful adventure for me.. •btw the dates of traveling in my profile are not valuable!!!

Erika Schliemann

Set country: Argentina

I'm a 42 years old teacher. I live in Argentina and am able to speak Spanish, English and German.
I grew up in the amazing Buenos Aires and love traveling. I hold an European passport as well.

Karim Atef

Set country: Egypt

Medical student - addicted to travelling -21 years old -

Saliou Ndiaye

Set country: Senegal

Je suis un homme âgé de 25 ans robuste et libre pour faire n'importe quel travail.

Norma Lee Butler

Set country: France

Single retired woman on holiday. Loves gardening and housekeeping duties

AlZahraa Rafa

Set country: Iraq

Hi I’m Alzahraa I’m very happy to be volunteer and help anyone needs help I have many skills like read and cook

Akånkshâ Singh

Set country: India

Hey I'm Akanksha. I wanted to travel and wanna get paid for my travel. I assure u provide all related details regarding the places with pictures and videos.

Ivexis Castro

Set country: United States

Hi, My name is Ivexis I recently graduated and I want to see the world. I love learning about diferent culture. I would love to have the experience of living in a diferent enviroment and learn a new lenguage.

Abderrahim Kajouj II

Set country: Morocco

Hello, I'm glade to use hippohelp. My name is Abderrahim kajouj living in morocco currently, As well as i'm a university student. I would like to help our sisterhood and brotherhood hosters.


Set country: Lithuania

Hi :) I'm Mehmet 19 years old from Turkey and also Erasmus student in Lithuania currently I really like discover new cities and places exploring new cultures


Set country: Ghana

My name is Willy and from Ghana. A Senior High School graduate with qualifications in Safety. I like travelling a lot and I believe I will be of great help to my host

Rishab Gupta

Set country: India

This is Rishu, 27 years old who likes to travelling to different places and make new friends. I am single and an English teacher by profession. I am very flexible and adaptable. I have profuse knowledge of different fields and I am ready to share it whenever possible.

גאיה דן

Set country: Israel

Hi my name is Gaia i'm 19 years old from Israel currently serving in the military and i have the will and power to do something important for others and to see the world as well after my discharge in few months.

Reilly Hughes

Set country: Indonesia

Solo female traveler looking to develop a deeper understanding of other cultures by connecting with and giving back to local communities.

Ibtihal AkJanna Mentbeh

Set country: Morocco

Hi guys! im ibtty 26 old . my husband amine is 28year we have a lovely daughter we are athletic and positive couple with open minded, we love adventure we have many experience (great cooking Moroccan food healthy life, coach fitness and manager...) we have own house guest with 3 appartement with great reputation on RBNB & BOOKING. we like travelling to help and meet new people and discover more cultures We speak 3 language (French, English, Arabic)


Set country: Algeria

I'm a 20 years old college student i study informatics and i love and play football the most important thing in my life is my familly also i can speak 3 languages nice english and french and my origin laguage arabic i've seen this on my instagram and i would like to do that (help farmers and also for discovering new places new culters and meeting new people)

Dinah Lopez

Set country: Uganda

This is Kazibwe Madinah. I woulf like to help out in teaching English.

Geor Anfuso

Set country: Mexico

Soy Georgina, tenfo 26 años. Soy Argentina. En mi pais trabajo como Administrativa y atencion al publico en Universidad de Buenos Aires. Soy diseñadora de Indumentaria (ropa/moda) de la Universidad de Buenos Aires. Titulo que me.permite moverme en las ramas de la.ilustracion, el arte, el dibujo. Soy community manager. Algunas de mis habilidades son: diseño, ilustracion, pintar, recepcion, atencion al publico, manejo de redes sociales. Estoy aprendiendo ingles.


Set country: France

I am from New Zealand and traveling Europe with my friends, and have a week by myself, which I would like to spend involved in an interesting eco project.

I work in waste minimization, and cofounded the Auckland Library of Tools. I am also building an off grid tiny house on wheels.

Sameh Attia

Set country: Egypt

im artist. i painting. and Frames and glass work. The woodwork decoration. I love animals. Dogs and horses


Set country: United Kingdom

Hello! My name is Apoman from America, currently residing in Toronto,Canada. I'm traveling Europe for the first time with my childhood friend Ananaya. We are heading to Spain and i really want to continue learning Spanish. My goal with workaway is to get to know people,culture through authenticity, and learn more about sustainability. I used to work as a teachers assistant so I love caregiving or any kind of outside hands on task farm work, gardening, picking apples etc. Adventure excites me! My favorite hobbies are painting and hiking.I work as a Makeup-Artist and Ananaya is a Health and Wellness Coach. Kind Regards!

Hashem El Sherif

Set country: Egypt

احب السفر واحب حياه المغامره والتعرف على أشخاص جدد وزياره اماكن جديده

Omar Taferguenit

Set country: Algeria

I am an economics student who holds a bachelor's degree in human resources management science and also has a diploma of Aoun to save data and stores. I am curious to participate in your wonderful position and to participate in the process of assistance in the various fields that are available in your site all this in order to create a cultural exchange and discover nature At the same time, I would like to take a look at the production and management processes in Canada to convey the personal experience of my country, my CV and my ultimate goal to provide maximum assistance to those who need it since it is a humanitarian service. Be practical


Set country: Algeria

Hi everyone, I am Haider, 37 years old. I have many experiences in different fields, I also find that I am good at volunteer groups. Social, responsible, caring. I love to travel for fun and learn about different cultures in the world and help others and make friends. As well as engage in volunteerism and contribute to making this world as good as we can

Larisa Ungureanu

Set country: Romania

I'm a 17 year old girl from giurgiu. I want to help you with whatever you want in exchange of staying in a beautiful area.

Zaki Zeroual

Set country: Morocco

Hello everyone my name is zakaria people call me zaki i like to help who ever want a help in anything i like to do something helpful .. i like animals , soccer , music , movies .. that's all you can talk to me if you need a help .. have a nice day

Luu Palomeque

Set country: Argentina

I’m travel agent in argentina. I have a German working holiday visa and I’m looking for a place for work away during my first months in German and practice the language