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Laila Rainbow-Ray Keren

Set country: Israel

A unique creature looking for projects ? Preferably around beautiful nature please...


Set country: Italy

Sono un ragazzo siciliano che lavora online questo mi da tanto tempo libero e dato che mi piace viaggiare vorrei cooperare con gli host

Sonja Kampffloh

Set country: Brazil

Hey There,

>> Who are we?
Me (Tobias, 25, trained electrical technican):
a little bit tech Need, a little bit authism, a little bit creative maker and small dreamer. Omny interested in nearly everything, including languages, cultures and crafting.

My wife (Sonja,26, extraordinary hobby chef):
an out of the box thinker without creative limits, when she reaches a certain point of missing progress she gets a bit frustrated and does not stop until she gets satisfied. She's a really good chef and I never stayed hungry with her. She's interestet in cultures too and she is reading a lot. She is interested in herbalism and nature medicine ( no spiritual nonsense, more sience based). Sonja has 8 year's worke experience as a healthcare nurse. So she is better with social th... Read more

Michelle Massad

Set country: Germany

Hello, I. Currently doing a cycling trip through western Europe with my dog. We are looking for a place to volunteer from a month or two so I can learn about agriculture, building, sustainability


Set country: United States

Hello! I’m Henry! I’m a Travel Vlogger, a Foodie, a Web Developer, an Entrepreneur, a life coach, an Investor, and a Photographer. I have a Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering. I do freelance web development for clients. My goal in life is to see the world, make friends in each country, and to learn every there is in life. My number one reason I travel is for the FOOD! Anywhere from spicy, sweet, savory, weird, and unique, I’ll eat them all :D Next reason I travel is the people I meet on my journey. No matter where you’re from, who you are, or what ethnicity you are, everybody has a story. So don’t be shy, pull up a chair and lets chat :D I love volunteering at my local community and animal shelter, especially the animal shelter. I love animals of all kinds and I love to ... Read more

Andrew Kanuhi

Set country: Qatar

Industrious, energetic, fast learning, willing and able.


Set country: Egypt

انثي نشيطه ٤٨ عام احب التنقل والسفر ومعرفه ثقافات الشعوب الاخري ومغرمه ومولعه بالتدريس والتعليم

Aissa Et-tazy

Set country: Morocco

Hi my name is Aissa I am 18 years old I like sports

Johanna Mentani

Set country: Italy

My name is Johanna, I am from a small town not far from Milano, Italy. I study biotechnology and I plan to graduate in February 2020. After that, since I am also a student of Russian, I would like to spend some time (up to 6 months, depending on the task/area) in a place where I can improve my Russian skills and learn about the local culture, and in exchange I am willing to help with tasks such as childcare, teaching English and/or Italian, cleaning and so on.


Set country: Mexico

We are Ludo & Cecilia, a Mexican couple (29 & 25 yo) based in Mexico City who want to travel the world, make new friends and immerse ourselves in the places we visit! We are very friendly, love making jokes, art and cooking. Eventually, we'd like to move outside of Mexico, but nowadays we are freelances and travel bloggers (we are just starting!) Ludo has a YouTube channel focused on music production while I (Cecilia speaking) study finances and manage our travel blog.

Julia Nilsson

Set country: Sweden

Hi! I'm an occasional digital nomad from Sweden. I love travelling and have a job that allows me to choose my own hours and location. My preferred way of seeing the world however is to stay for a longer period of time in one place and really get to know it and the people there. Up for new experiences, adventures and friends, and not afraid of hard work!

Joseph Kelly

Set country: China

I am a student studying Chinese from Oxford, England. I study at the University of Edinburgh. I am currently on a year abroad in Dalian China. I am keen to experience culture and identity first hand by living and working for local communities. I am suited for all kinds of work and am a quick learner.

Nurul Ellia

Set country: Malaysia

A journalist with 3 years experience branching into freelancing, and keen to experience life outside of national borders. I'm fluent in English, very friendly, and looking for an adventure.

Yassine Ouni

Set country: Tunisia

Hey my name is yassine I'm 20 years old I enjoy helping peoples


Set country: United Kingdom

Hi!! I'm Bettina from Argentina, traveling around europe. I'm a painter and graphic designer, you can check a videocurriculum I did many years back or my deviant: I'm most interested in charity work, artistic projects, computer help, but any kind of work in a nice friendly environment would be more than welcome. Important to say that I love animals and I'm very pleasant with child care or elderly care. Holis!! Soy de argentina, viajando por europa. Es mi primera incursion en este tipos de voluntariados. Estoy buscando nuevas experiencias, soy bastante activa fisicamente, y siempre tratando de aprender cosas nuevas y utiles. Me interan proyectos de caridad, artisticos o ecologicos mayormente. No tendria ningun in... Read more

Gasia Papazyan

Set country: Portugal

Hello everybody. I am gasia. From Turkey-Istanbul. Armenian. Living in Portugal more than 2 years. Originally i was dancer, Am dancer still in different forms i believe. Currently, i am working in surf lodge. I have work experiences in some different fields and i need more, more to learn, help, more to experience. I am willing to learn and practice gardening, sustainability, self-sufficiency, farming, agriculture, maintenance, building, eco life etc. Sincerely, i am good learner(:. Greetings*

Ahmed Abdelkhalek

Set country: Turkey

Hello, I'm Ahmed, 26 years old, pharmacist, Egyptian and loving travelling and volunteering

Nabil khalioui

Set country: Morocco

Hello! I'm Nabil from Morocco, I'm 21 years old. I'm a sophister and I really like travelling to new places that's why i applied here as a traveller to visit new countries and know more about other cultures. I am so friendly, helpful and unique person as all my American friends say. I really would love to be hosted to help and meet many people in the world.

Fayiz Laaribi

Set country: Tunisia

Fayiz laaribi 23 years old i holds a teacher in Physical Education and an Aerobic Specialist

Lee Olson

Set country: United States

Museum Exhibitions Specialist inbetween jobs; designer, fabricator, installer of art & artifacts. Builder & rennovator..I am in the business of making places look good.

Simohamed Oùrbia

Set country: Morocco

- OURBIA Mohamed 22 years old - hold a baccalaureate and a technical diploma specialized in computer network - atlithec - Sense of responsibility and initiative, - Team spirit.


Set country: United States

I am an 18 year old German guy who just finished school. I want to travel in the US, meet new people and collect tons of memories and experiences.


Set country: Morocco

Je m'appelle Said Abidy j'ai 24 ans je suis célibataire j'habite à rabat Maroc

Maria Plianthou

Set country: Greece

we are a couple that we live in greece , main greece very close to mount olympus we ve got fields of organic apples and we love the farmers life we would like to go somewhere the months that we do not have job with the fields to have different experiences of this type of life we love nature animals and plants

Ephraim Nyirongo

Set country: Zambia

Open minded, integrity, fun and amazing personality

Draine Kame-h

Set country: Germany

hello ! I'm Darren, Canadian traveller I'm currently going through Europe and looking for places to work to learn some skills help and meet great people I already can't wait to hear from you have a nice experience and wish you all the greatest love :)

Giulia Orlandini

Set country: Italy

I'm an italian girl that would like try New experiences and i Think this is a beautifull way to do it. Discover new country know new peoples and improve my english this is what i'd like to do